Living Light

Stirring The Deep



As creators, we are the writers of our life’s story. Our programming language (ethereal pen) is our inner vision comprised of thought energy, which our mind projects upon the screen of reality, creating a living narrative.

Every moment has a backstory that tells how that moment came to be. Backstories wrap each present moment in a story of time that connect it to the past and future. They are the mechanism by which a timeless mind creates coherency in an illusionary world of time and space.

The past doesn’t exist but as a story within our mind, so the cause to our present moments isn’t a non-existent past, but the frequency of our thought energy (thoughts and the energetic structures they create). Our thought energy charges our reality with certain qualities (i.e., gratitude or complaining) and then our mind constructs a story of time reflecting those qualities connecting the past and future. Therefore, backstories are dynamically created moment to moment according to the present energy we are extending into reality. As a result, our life can change in a moment in desirable and undesirable ways. It’s also why when we energetically hold onto past grievances some things never seem to change.

When we are unaware of how we create, backstories hide our mind’s creative prowess and power. The past appears to hold the cause to our present experience, so that we don’t recognize it’s the present energy we are extending into reality that creatively effects reality. When the effect is mis-named as the cause, the true cause of how reality is created remains unknown. This misunderstanding of the true cause to the present moment entraps us in a world of suffering we unknowingly create, while blinding us to our ability to create a reality of peace and joy.

Our inner vision is a perceiving/receiving as well as a projective mechanism of the mind. According to our accepted source of truth, whether it is the outer appearance world or Truth’s Living Voice (Spirit of Truth), our inner vision is correspondingly darkened (asleep) or illuminated (awake). Depending on the source, our inner vision energetically projects darkness or Light through the mind, which creates our present moment and its supporting backstories.

When our inner eye is closed, the mind sleeps. Without the Light of Truth, the sleeping mind’s individualized judgments based on the outer reality (relative truth) stand in the place of Truth. False judgments are based on past interpretations of experiences, which become the personalized meaning we give to things, and our accepted truth. Because judgments are based on the past, the past appears to be the cause to our present, therefore hiding the true cause, thought energy. When our judgments are the substance of our thoughts, then our inner vision is full of darkness (lack of Truth).

Without the light of Truth, the only way the sleeping mind can create is according to its judgments. These judgments, full of corrupted and erroneous thoughts, project an energetic field of disharmony. As a result, the mind creates backstories which support disharmony, and we experience conflict, suffering, and harm.

When we turn to Truth’s Living Voice, the Spirit of Truth, as our source of Truth, our inner eye begins to open. As Truth illuminates our inner vision, divine thoughts replace false judgments. Our subjective judgments become irrelevant and nullified because the Truth is clearly seen and known.

As our mind becomes an open gate to the Divine Mind so that it receives divine, revelatory thought, backstories are created by the Divine Mind in oneness with our awakened individualized mind. As our reality is energized with divine qualities, the backstories reflect these qualities so that we experience peace, joy, and perfect provision.

Understanding how the narrative of our life is written allows our mind to consciously create according to the ever-present Truth and no longer according to past judgments. As our inner vision is illuminated with Truth, the backstories enfolding the present reflect the most desirable and unexpected outcomes, creating a landscape of miracles.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body (reality) also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.” ~ Luke 11:34


Seven Sacred Truths

As awakening dreamers, we witness the Light of Life dawning into reality. As we witness the Light, we know we are shining the Light.

Once our mind matures into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind so that it is able to receive Its divine thought, Truth goes forth like the shining of a lamp and Its Light is reflected in our reality.

There are seven mental constructs that prepare (mature) our mind to be a Living Gate so it can convey the holiness and timeless perfection of Truth. As these constructs converge in a harmonious integration within our mind, they create an eternally open door through which Truth flows allowing its Divine Radiance to be expressed in reality, so that we become the Light of the world. The harmonizing effect of these seven constructs is reflected in the seven musical notes and their illuminating presence is represented in the seven colors of the rainbow.

As our awareness increases in these seven constructs, our mind goes through a profound metamorphosis, which enables it to convey Truth’s holy and harmonious qualities into reality. Through this metamorphosis we transition from a counterfeit truth to Divine Truth. When we hold the counterfeit truth as true, the Truth is unknown. As the Truth becomes known, the counterfeit is made obsolete as it is clearly seen as a slumbering mind’s illusion. As a result, the mind is prepared to receive Divine thought, creating an inner feeling world of harmony, gratitude and peace that are outwardly experienced as healing miracles.

Our mind shifts from:

  1. Relative Truth to Absolute Truth
  2. Time to Timelessness
  3. Striving of Self-will to Emergence of Divine Will
  4. Judgment to Divine Forgiveness
  5. A Temporal Body of Lack to a Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  6. Creature to Creator
  7. Separation to Oneness

Transitioning out of a counterfeit truth which derived from a darkened mental space void of the Light of Truth, takes diligent and persistent attuning to the Spirit of Truth, Truth’s living voice. The mind bound in relative truth’s distortions can only receive the Truth drip by drip, like oil filling a lamp, because of the counterfeit truth it possesses in Truth’s place. When we believe something is our truth, we’ve assigned it the characteristic of immutability, thus to alter our truth is a methodical and diligent process. It’s only through our continual communion with the Spirit of Truth, who intimately knows our vast web of interlocking lies, that we break free from the illusions we exalted as true.

As our awareness increases, these overlapping and interconnected mental constructs reveal our true SELF, so that we come to understand who we are and how we create. Once our mind accepts the ever-present nature of these seven sacred constructs, then Truth flows through us, transforming reality by bringing forth the Light; which is the Righteous Reign of Absolute Goodness.

These seven constructs are deep and layered and their light fills the volume of this entire blog. Led by the Spirit of Truth, we ascend the primordial staircase and our awareness expands drip by drip until our mind is able to convey Truth. Our cumulative understanding transforms our mind into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind. Divine harmony and Divine love (Truth’s reflections) energize our lifestream, creating the highest good for all. The Divine Truth beyond us, flows through us, and into reality which reflects the Light of Life back to us. In this we witness ALL is ONE.

By shining the Truth into reality, the mind becomes a co-creator of miracles as the Living Light infuses the darkness with infinite intelligence and enfolding divine love bringing reflections of timeless perfection where shadows of death once dwelt. The ultimate miracle being the birth of our true SELF’s expression into reality.

And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps. ~ Zechariah 4:2


Transitioning Time

When our source of truth is absolute Truth, every present moment is the effect of Truth. Our perception of time changes, initiating a metamorphosis of the self into ever-increasing expressions of Truth’s timeless perfection.

Like a seed in the soil, we are being sown to be an ever-expanding expression of the Mighty I AM Presence of God. During this embryonic state, our mind is prepared to be a Living Gate to the Divine Mind, so that Truth flows into our awareness, governing reality in a perfection far beyond the capability of an individualized mind and imbuing it with increasing divine radiance.

This embryonic state of consciousness (dream) provides a contrast between light (divine nature of Truth) and darkness (relative truth, which lacks divine qualities). Through this contrast we come to comprehend who we are as a Living Gate, a state of being that enables us to perfectly express the SELF of God. Being aware of our true SELF is essential to being our true SELF. What we are conscious of being (our self-awareness) we create, therefore being aware of our true SELF is a creative mechanism of LIFE. Once our self-awareness matures, we arise as life-giving spirits in oneness with the Mighty I AM, so that this Holy Presence is expressed into reality.

As a Living Gate we possess an individualized mind, yet are one with the Divine Mind. Being a fractal of the Divine Mind allows us to experience ever-increasing joy, delight and fascination with LIFE. It gives us an ever-increasing experience of our creative power. It provides the incredible experience of ever-increasing growth, harmony, abundance and beauty. Being finite, yet ever-expanding into the infinite, gives us an experience of eternity that doesn’t stay the same, but continually grows richer in the radiance of divine attributes.

So, we are sown in contrast to our true Self, that we may become intimately aware that we are Living Gates, being one with the Mighty I AM Presence. We were sown in corruption, dishonor and weakness that we might be raised (awakened) in incorruption, glory, and power. We were sown in the experience of a temporal body (false self) that we might eternally experience the limitless nature of a life-giving spirit (true SELF).

To provide the needed contrast, the false self image within the dream reflects the opposite of the true SELF. Initially, outer appearances in the dream are believed to be real and therefore accepted as our source of truth, causing us to believe we ARE the false self we outwardly perceive. This unholy belief shapes our relative truth because it accepts that past appearances are the cause of our present experience. This false interpretation corrupts the awareness of our self.

In this belief-system, our mind harbors thoughts which manifest a limited and finite outer reflection, the likeness of a seed. With the cause of everything dwelling in the past, time is perceived as extending the past into the present. Defined by these limited perceptions, the mind clothes itself with a temporal, finite body of weakness and decay, so that the body reflects the mind’s concept of itself in time. Believing it is housed within a finite body, the mind’s creative potential is therefore bound to the limitations of the body.

During our spiritual awakening, our source of Truth shifts from the outer reality to the Spirit of Truth flowing through our inner gate. The contrast between the outer reality of the false self and our growing inner awareness of our true SELF intensifies. The contrast provides fertile ground by which the Spirit of Truth reveals our true likeness as a Living Gate for the Mighty I AM, so that we might be this gate. Our awareness of being the Mighty I AM’s Living Gate is the only way in which ever-expanding perfection is created and experienced.

As our source of Truth shifts from the external to the Eternal it commences a profound metamorphosis within the mind. Opened to Truth’s illumination, the mind takes on the qualities and nature of the Light of Life, like a seed starting to grow. Every moment becomes Truth’s effect, and time is perceived as reflecting eternal harmonious growth. This renewed perception of time liberates the mind from creating according to the limitations of the past.

The mind’s concept of its individualized self transitions from a temporal body bound by its relative truth to a life-giving spirit expressing Truth’s timeless perfection. Its self-awareness continually expands as a spirit who is unlimited by physical form and governs reality in oneness with the Mighty I AM. As a Living Gate, corruption becomes impossible, and the self’s expression grows increasingly more radiant, dissolving the temporal limitations of the false self. The mortal has put on immortality.

This shift in our source of truth and its effect on our perception of time is essential to awakening into the awareness of our true SELF. The light of this awareness initiates our metamorphosis into a life-giving spirit, reflecting the holiness of our Creator.

Arising as Living Gates, we infuse reality with Truth’s immortal lifestream, which creates an ever-expanding divine reflection of Truth’s timeless perfection.

So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:42-46


Altering Appearances

As we awaken to Truth, we perceive our inherent power to alter the outer reality of appearances, leading to the vibrant Reality of true Life.

Life is the movement of energy created between cause (source) and effect (reflection). This movement creates our lifestream that energizes our bodily form and reality, manifesting its appearance.

What our mind accepts as the source of its truth becomes the cause for its reality. Therefore, our source of truth determines the nature and quality of our lifestream. When the source of truth is based on perception of the outer reality, the limitations we perceive ultimately create bitter waters in our lifestream that manifest a reality of suffering. When our source is the Truth, we become sovereign over all outer appearances and peaceful waters of Life flow into our sphere of reality.

When the outer reality is our source of truth, we limit the mind to create according to our faulty perceptions of outer appearances. In this limited state of mind, we perceive time as the past extending into the future, so that the past becomes an irreversible cause to our present experience. This darkened perception creatively binds us to the past so that what was created in the past will be what it is until it decays or is physically manipulated by outer force. As time passes our present grows more and more limiting as past causes and their effects take more and more real estate in our present experiences.

These faulty perceptions vastly limit the belief-system by which we operate. We continually confine and constrain the energy of our lifestream, creating static, lifeless reflections that may have “life” for a time, but then die. This isn’t Truth’s glorious reflection, but an illusion of a sleeping mind whose source is its own perception of outer appearances.

In this belief-system, the only way to alter these static appearances is by physical manipulation, force or effort. Any change comes from the outer strength our self-will can obtain, which is limited by the perceived strength of other self-wills. When our source of truth is the outer reality, our mind is unaware and disregards the presence of absolute Truth, thus the Divine Will, which functions to extend Truth into creation. In disregarding the Divine Will, the self is limited to create according to its perceived outer strength.

These arbitrary limitations based on our perceptions of outer appearances become the “laws” that govern our reality. And as creators, what we accept as true into our mind, we experience outwardly so that these limitations are sensationally experienced as “real”. These “laws” dismiss our creative power to alter the energetic structure of reality through our mind’s engagement of absolute Truth, thus we are given over to experiencing and serving increasingly debase forms. Because thoughts that rest on false perception create illusions, our mind creates distorted shadows of the self and its reality. Like a thick veil, these illusions block the movement of the Living Light of Truth through our mind and into our lifestream.

All outer appearances are energetic reflections of what our mind accepts as true, thus they change when our source of truth shifts. Effects of the past aren’t static or fixed but dynamic as they are only energetic reflections. Nothing is permanent but the perfection of Truth. Thus, when our mind is freed from illusions, we perceive the ever-present Truth and its inherent perfection.

As our source of truth shifts from outer appearances to absolute Truth, we begin to engage our power to alter appearances. When the ever-present Truth is our source of truth (cause), the past is irrelevant. Instead, Truth dictates what we experience. Our perception of time shifts so that each moment harmoniously supports and builds upon the previous one, leading to eternal harmonious growth, Life.

Thoughts that rest on Truth create a divine Reality. As we awaken, we no longer fix our attention on the perceived strength of outer forms, but on our inherent power to alter appearances through our oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of God. In this, we become one with Truth’s inherent perfection and harmony, thus one with the Divine Will. All other self-wills become powerless regardless of their appearance of outer strength, thus without harmful effect in our sphere of reality. In this oneness, the energy moving through our lifestream is infused with Truth’s ever-expanding nature of eternal growth (LIFE), altering static and decaying appearances to eternally living expressions.

Absolute Truth is the only true cause of creation, all else are vain imaginings. The belief that there are opposing forces is nothing but a dream that fades when our mind shifts its source of truth from the external to the Eternal.

When we awaken to our true SELF, our mind is released from the arbitrary limitations we placed upon it, so that it expresses its creative freedom and limitless potential. Instead of being bound and limited to a shadowland of past appearances, our mind resides as an open door to the Divine Mind’s perfect orchestration, and reality returns to Truth’s expression. Creation is given back into the hands of its Creator, the Mighty I Am Presence of God. As a result, this Life-giving spirit energizes our lifestream, bringing forth the eternal gifts of LIFE.

Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. For “He has put all things under His feet.” But when He says “all things are put under Him,” it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.‘ ~ 1 Corinthians 15:24-28



We are in the world, and the world is in us. Like a night dream, reality is contained within our mind because we are its creator, and yet through our bodily form we experience reality. As a creator, we are the gatekeeper of our mind, determining what is accepted into our mind. As a part of creation, we receive the effects of what we allow in.

As the mind’s gatekeeper, we hold a position of sovereignty as we determine what enters our mind. What we accept as true enters in, what we dismiss as false is cast out. And, what we accept into our mind we add to the collective consciousness, impacting reality’s energetic blueprint, thus the condition of reality. Because the mind is a transducer between the uncreated and created, what we accept as true our mind manifests into our feeling world which in turn creates appearances and experiences in the outer reality. We govern reality, then experience the effects of our governance.

During our spiritual awakening, our position as a gatekeeper plays a pivotal role. Our awakening occurs as our source of truth shifts from the outer reality of appearances to the Divine Mind. In this shift, we no longer accept illusions of outer appearances as true but only the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth. What we accept as our source of truth, we become one with, so that it dictates our self’s expressions and what we experience. Therefore, this shift from illusion to Truth frees the self (and its reality), from the governance of a darkened mind to the Divine Mind, which transforms the self into its inherent perfection.

The sleeping mind is simply unaware of its true SELF. In this darkened state, all it perceives is its bodily form and the reality that form dwells in, so it formulates a concept of self based on its perception of these outer appearances, and these perceptions become its source of truth.

Through this false self’s outer perceptions it assigns arbitrary meaning to appearances based on its personal interpretations derived from past experiences. To the slumbering mind, these perceptions are its truth. Thus, each sleeping mind possesses its own, relative truth derived from its made-up meaning of things. These erroneous perceptions lead to a separate self-will, which creates conflict with other sleeping minds, manifesting a reality of destruction and death.

When these highly individualized perceptions define what is true, absolute Truth is kept out of our mind, creating a world of darkness within and without. Our body’s senses are established as interpreters of what is true, thus how we, as the gatekeeper, determine what we accept into our mind. When outer appearances are our source of truth, we believe our outer reality is the cause to everything. This belief-system blinds us to reality’s true cause, our mind, so that we are held captive to continually experience undesirable appearances.

Our spiritual journey into Truth leads us to the inner place of eternal Light where we are one with the Divine Mind, the Source of absolute Truth. As we sit in this place of revelation and reason with the Spirit of Truth, our awareness of Truth increases, which is beyond and therefore unaffected by the world of physical perception.

As Truth illuminates our mind, we come to know our true SELF, the expressed SELF of God. The erroneous perceptions of our self as limited to a bodily form are replaced with the Truth of the limitless nature of our true SELF. In this conscious connection of oneness with the SELF of God, our true SELF begins to govern our bodily form and our sphere of reality according to its inherent perfection.

As our awareness expands with increasing Light, we are able to discern Truth from perception. As a gatekeeper, we no longer allow erroneous perceptions based on appearances to be accepted into our mind as true, but only the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth. Because the appearance world is no longer our source of truth, it’s no longer the perceived cause to our experiential reality. Instead the Divine Mind is our Source of Truth, thus our Perfect Cause, so that our experience as a part of creation becomes its Perfect Effect.

During this transition from illusion to Truth, as gatekeepers it’s our sacred duty and eternal gift to accept only the Light of Truth within our mind and dismiss illusions based on faulty perceptions. In this position, we become creators of Truth’s expressions and receivers of its Perfect Effects.

The Divine Mind creates every moment in timeless Truth through us, so that it is our gift to give and receive. In oneness with the Divine Mind, we are an open door through which Living Light touches all of creation, creating eternal harmonious growth. As a part of creation, we experience this eternal expansion through ever-increasing divine reflections.

Choose Your Freedom


Living Cosmic Record

As we spiritually awaken out of the illusion and into Truth, the cosmic record is renewed, going back to the beginning of time, when the illusion began.

The cosmic record is an energetic code comprised of all human thoughts, words, emotions, and experiences that shape reality. Written upon the collective consciousness, it orchestrates the cellular structure/substance of creation. It anchors the past in our mind/body reality so that the past defines the present. Unless altered, the energetic blueprint of the past replicates its likeness generation to generation.

In the space/time continuum, the past determines the present. As we awaken out of the illusion of our sleeping mind, for the present to reflect the Truth, our perception of the past needs to reflect the Truth. Therefore, the cosmic record that energetically binds the past to the present needs to be renewed. This seemingly impossible feat is possible because the cosmic record was written by the erroneous perception of a darkened mind, unaware of the true SELF. It’s a record of an illusionary dream and not the Truth, therefore it can be altered, changing all of time.

Being comprised of energy, the energetic code of the cosmic records are maintained by our beliefs. When our true Identity is revealed which completely alters our beliefs, the records dynamically change to reflect the Truth.

Truth is. It is the only REAL. Thoughts apart from Truth make up dreams. In a world of dreams, truth is relative because whatever the mind can image and believe, it can project upon the screen of its mind. As a result a dreaming mind unaware of truth creates a counterfeit truth, establishing a false image of the self. This counterfeit truth is the content of the cosmic record held in our memory and cellular structure that create continual death and decay.

Beyond the illusion of this false record is the cosmic record of our true SELF, which reflects absolute Truth. It is written from Truth’s perspective based upon our true SELF, whose story is one of eternal harmonious growth and true Life. As our eyes open to the Truth that always was, is and will be, the records of time dynamically change to reflect our enlightened awareness.

As our true story illuminates our awakening mind, it sets us free from the past as we once perceived it. Knowing our true SELF, changes every perception we ever held of our self, others, God and creation. As the past, based on faulty judgments, is illuminated with the awareness of our true SELF and its essential, embryonic journey, it becomes clear that all we once believed (our relative truth) was based on a darkened, erroneous perception, thus we let it go.

As the pages of time are perceived in the Holy Light of Life, the perfection of our true SELF is revealed along with all the eternal gifts inherent in its being. As every thought is enfolded in Living Light, the true record is written upon creation.

In this illuminated vision, gratitude infuses every memory completely changing the energetic vibration of the past, which brings every thought into energetic harmony with the Truth inherent in the present moment. This heightened vibratory state prepares our mind to convey divine thoughts into creation.

As we receive divine thought, Truth is established in reality, and the true cosmic record is written upon the fabric of creation through divine emergence. Emergence brings forth Truth’s expressions, which dissolve the dream and create reflections of eternity, the REAL, transforming and regenerating Creation to reflect its inherent perfection.

When we rest in Divine Emergence, the Divine Will flows (unhindered by a separate self-will) through us according to Truth. Emergence is a state of being in which we reside in divine humility as an open door to the Divine mind. In this oneness, our individualized self expresses Truth’s perfection. As a child of God, emergence is a state of surprise and delight. As the Self of God, it’s our eternal harmonious growth. As a creator within the Creator, it’s our power to create Divine Harmony for all. Through emergence, Truth’s living energy is expressed through us as Divine Love, an expression comprised of all the divine attributes.

In recognizing the present moment’s inherent perfection, energetic waves of gratitude fill every present moment, elevating the overall energetic vibration of our mind to a living frequency in which we connect to the Life Stream of divine thought. As divine thoughts fill our consciousness, they rewrite the cellular structure of reality establishing the true cosmic record upon the fabric of creation, transitioning reality from the illusion of death to Truth’s Timeless Perfection.


Gratitude’s Gift

Giving gratitude stills emotional whirlwinds. It harnesses our emotional energy and returns it to a state of equilibrium, ultimately leading to Divine Harmony in our outer reality.

Harmony, energetic equilibrium, is Truth’s reflection. It’s the inherent state of the present moment. Conversely, the chaotic energy of disharmony occurs when we accept a lie in place of the Truth. When we perceive disharmony and complain (a form of attack), we’ve accepted the lie as true, and in doing so we create an emotional whirlwind. Because what we give we receive, when we complain we charge our reality with disruptive energy and create more discordant situations in future present moments, giving us more to complain about.

Gratitude breaks the cycle of complaining that fuels disharmony in our reality. In giving gratitude, we focus our attention on reflections of harmony, turning our mind to Truth. Truth is ever-present, therefore regardless of what we are going through or feeling, there is always something to be grateful for, and in doing so we begin to alter our emotional landscape, which changes reality’s landscape.

Giving gratitude energetically charges our reality with harmonious frequencies, changing its energetic field from disharmony to harmony, manifesting peaceful resolutions. In addition, gratitude multiplies harmonious expressions in our reality, because what we give we receive. So, as we continue to charge our reality with gratitude, we create peaceful future moments. This makes gratitude an ever-present, potent power in our life.

An eternal state of gratitude manifests Divine Harmony, Truth’s reflection. When gratitude is our state of being, we are a peacemaker, through which Divine Harmony is manifested. As creators within the Creator, we are the transducer of the uncreated Truth into the created reality. In order for Truth, which is beyond us, to be expressed through us, our will (the mechanism of our being that directs thought energy into expression), is matured into an extension of the Divine Will, through which Truth is expressed in all its perfection. We become a peacemaker when we lay down our separate self-will, and become an open door to the Divine Will.

In the realm of eternity, a separate self-will doesn’t exist because it suggests there can be something other than Truth. Therefore, we reside in an embryonic state as our will matures into its full stature as one with the Divine Will, in which we can convey Truth into reality. Until then, we stay enfolded in a womb of an altered state of consciousness, a dream.

Through this dream, we witness the effects of a separate self-will, which is essential in the maturation of our perfect, god-like will. We learn a separate self-will is the progenitor of vast limitation and destruction. With a separate self-will, the self functions in separation from Truth so that it operates with an extremely limited awareness darkened by lies. In its great blindness, the self formulates its own concepts of “truth” based on erroneous individualized judgments derived from a limited and incomplete perspective, which it believes is true.

As the self seeks to fulfill its desires through this faulty operating system, it misuses its will and constructs a reality of increasing limitation and destruction. In response to its endless mis-creations, it piles up erroneous judgments that end up imprisoning itself and reality, the opposite of what it believed would happen with a “free-will” for its own use. It creates an illusion of death, the opposite of eternal harmonious growth. Truth and its Divine Harmony remain unexpressed as it can’t be expressed through a mind willing a “counterfeit” truth.

As we begin to spiritually awaken through increasing awareness, our separate self-will, which kept us in a state of disharmony (thus spiritual sleep), is uprooted from our mind, and the perfect governance of Truth, the Divine Will, begins to take root. Through this transition, Truth’s vanguard, gratitude, becomes the conscious act of laying down our self-will, so the Divine Will of Truth is expressed.

As the Divine Will is rooted in our inner being, it establishes Perfect Cause and Perfect Effect in our sphere of reality, which no discord can penetrate. As a result, gratitude becomes an inherent state of our being, so that we continually charge reality with its harmonious frequencies manifesting Divine Harmony’s expression, which includes all the divine attributes, in our outer reality. We become peacemakers.

Through our state of being, Truth shines Divine Harmony into reality, creating true Life and establishing victory over all likeness of death.

“Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.” ~ Philippians 2:14-15

Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.” ~ Matthew 5:9

Meditation of Gratitude


Emotional Freedom

Being a life-giving spirit means our true SELF governs our emotional landscape.

Emotions are the experience of the energetic vibrations that emanate from our beliefs. They are the sensational, active expression of the creative power inherent in our state of being. Whether outwardly expressed or suppressed, emotions reveal what we believe is true, which our reality reflects in endless ways, expected and unexpected. These energetic vibrations shape the structure and substance of reality so that our emotional landscape determines reality’s landscape.

When our state of being is under the governance of a false self, we experience a myriad of emotional whirlwinds. Moments of peace and joy are continually hijacked with disharmonious emotions because the false self exists upon a framework of separation, so true Peace is impossible. The false self is upheld by a framework of erroneous beliefs. For example, the beliefs in helplessness, individualized wills (which is the genesis of fear), and false judgments of ourselves as something other than what God created us to be are ever-present instigators of turbulent emotions, which wreak havoc inwardly and outwardly. As it is within, so it is without.

Through the awareness of our true SELF, our emotional/feeling world begins to be governed by Truth, which is One with the Mighty I Am Presence of God. The true SELF is established upon absolute Truth that resonates in a perpetual state of equilibrium, manifesting changeless Divine Harmony and Peace. As we receive Truth from the Spirit of Truth, our beliefs transform in accordance with our true SELF. Beliefs such as we are powerful in oneness, only the Will of Divine Love exists, and we are the timeless perfection God created us to be, replace our prior beliefs. When we give our belief to the Truth received from the Spirit of Truth, our true SELF governs our state of being and Divine Love fills our emotional landscape, which we experience as peace, joy, contentment, abundance, generosity, gratitude, purity, invincibility, and freedom.

Again, who we believe we are, reality reflects back to us. The present moment is inherently perfect because Truth is ever-present. It is the energetic chaos of false belief stemming from the false self that defiles the present moment. The mind shifts when we no longer accept a false self and instead give our belief to the Self revealed in Truth. Our true SELF’s being creates ever-lasting abundance, peace, vitality and joy. Therefore, Peace (and the other divine attributes) is created through an emotional state of being peace, which shapes the outer reality according to our inner being.

As we awaken to Truth, we experience mixed emotional states as emotions arise according to our true SELF as well as emotions generated by the residual false self. During this metamorphic stage, the Spirit of Truth instructs us to stop looking outwardly, and using reflections of the false self to tell us who we are and what is true, and instead look into the inner sacred looking glass that reflects the true SELF. Through this conscious shift in attention, our emotions cease to be disrupted by disharmony in the outer reality and our mind is given the opportunity to embrace our true Reflection. As long as the outer reality, which reflects a false image, defines who we are and what is true, we stay trapped in the illusionary self’s emotional landscape and corresponding reality.

As we look through the eyes of Truth, we see the illusion for what it is. By looking beyond the illusion to our inherent Peace, our emotional balance returns to a state of equilibrium. We no longer fuel reality with discordant energy, and it transforms into harmonious reflections of our true SELF.

Every discordant feeling presents an opportunity to return our mind to Truth and release the illusion a little bit more. As our emotional world harmonizes to Truth, creation engages in its inherent regenerative properties, returning to its true state of perfection.

As Truth increasingly governs our emotional world, we are set free from the emotional chaos of the false self, leading our mind/body reality to green pastures of abundance and vitality, and the still waters of serenity and harmony, which ultimately creates a reality where there is ever-present Peace and Joy.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. ~ Psalm 23:1-3


Victory Through Being


All is created through our self and nothing exists that isn’t created through us. This is our god-like power.

A fundamental law of creation is who we believe ourselves to be, right now, we energetically project outward, creating reality. The energetic frequency contained within the attributes we believe we possess charge reality, shaping substance in endless variations of forms, appearances, and experiences. This power inherent in our state of being is our god-like power. Whatever we believe ourselves to be we create.

When we believe ourselves to be what we are not, we are spiritually asleep. In this sleep, through a dreamworld we experience a likeness of our god-like power in which we create a reality according to our beliefs. Because a sleeping soul believes they are opposite of their true attributes as defined by Truth; it believes it is powerless. Ironically, in our inherent god-like power we create an illusion of being powerless. As long as we hold this faulty belief, we remain spiritually asleep, represented by a state of death and a dream of suffering.

As we come to know and accept our true SELF, our god-like power shifts to manifest our transformed belief, giving “life” to our true expression as the SELF of God. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, we go through a metamorphic transformation from a sleeping to a waking state, from mortal to immortality, from corruption to incorruption, from death to a life of eternal growth.

In our inherent god-like power, we possess this metamorphic potential now, in this lifetime prior to passing through death’s wide gate. Understanding this ever-present potential is essential, because if physical death remains our accepted belief, then we remain spiritually asleep or in a conscious state of awakening, but never fully awake. We enter into this dream to awaken, not individually but as one, the only way we can truly awaken.

Realizing we awaken as one united SELF is a key understanding to our individual awakening. If we don’t transform in this lifetime from mortality to immortality, Truth has no witness upon the earth, and the earth remains a consciousness realm of sleeping souls. Because we are all united as fractals of the expressed SELF of God, if some sleep, then our true united SELF remains unexpressed. The true SELF is only expressed in Oneness, because God is One. Therefore, we desire to use our god-like power to express our true SELF in the midst of the illusion, giving witness to the Truth, so this reality can awaken and transform into the Kingdom of Heaven, ending the sleep of death for all of Creation. This means we put on immortality in the midst of mortality (as reflected in Jesus’ transfiguration).

Our ultimate victory is the end of physical death, because now Truth’s reflection, in which there is no death, is witnessed in the earth. Our victory entails going through a metamorphic transformation (transfiguration) from mortal to immortality in this earth life. So we persist up the primordial steps of Truth, reasoning with the Spirit of Truth, while holding this vision of victory as possible within a lifetime. We push through the inner battles as our mind struggles to loosen its belief in death and the illusion of hell it created, and give its god-like power to the REALITY of our true SELF in which there is no likeness of death, that death may end.

Creation’s freedom comes through the expressed being of our true SELF. Awakening to this understanding is the purpose of this blog. In oneness, every revelation we receive and share is for the spiritual awakening of all. To transform this dream of suffering (hell) and awaken all into the Reality of Eternal Peace (heaven) is the only way ALL of Creation is set free. True freedom encompasses the peace of ALL. If one dies and leaves suffering behind, true Peace has not been attainted. Since death perpetuates continual suffering, it stands in the way of true Peace. Therefore, the belief in death must be defeated.

This vision of victory is the vision of our true SELF (the Christ). To a mind darkened by belief in the false self, this purpose seems fantastical and out of reach because its “truth” proclaims death is real. The Spirit of Truth calls us to awaken out of the belief in death and into the knowledge of Life.

All illusions must end, likewise the illusion of death. We will awaken, so that the seed becomes the majestic tree. The linchpin is who we believe ourselves to be. What we believe, we give our god-like power to. If we believe we are destined to die, death remains. If we believe in the true nature of our being, then life will bloom. We can’t believe in both, for belief in one negates the other. Truth can’t oppose itself; it is not both life and death.

As a creator what we are conscious of being, we create, this is the Law of Creation. In the knowledge that our mind accepts what it believes, we seek to know and accept our true SELF, that we may give freedom to ALL of Creation. 

So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”  ~ 1 Corinthians 15:54


Holy Flame


The Prayer of Light ignites the eternal Holy Flame, the Spirit of God within our true SELF. This sovereign Spirit consumes everything not of our true Likeness in our mind/body reality, making way for creation’s true Reflection, as the expressed Self of God.

Given in the understanding of who we are and how we create, sending the Prayer of Light to ALL signifies the completion of Divine Forgiveness, opening the door to the purifying Holy Flame of God within us. As an open door, our true power as creative beings in oneness with the Creator is made known as the Holy Flame’s Radiant Truth consumes all our mis-creations, ultimately freeing creation from the darkness we laid upon it.

As creators and not mere creatures, we are the cause of our reality. Like a mirror, reality reflects our state of mind, so that whatever we believe, reality reflects back to us. Reality is not the cause of itself, of itself it is neutral. Thus to change reality’s reflection from discord to Peace, our state of mind must change.

With a mind darkened from a lack of Truth, we laid a multitude of erroneous judgments and false attributes upon our selves and reality, hiding their inherent perfection. Believing we were separate from our Creator and unaware of our true nature and power as a creator within the Creator, we perceived ourselves helpless to the forces of the outer reality. By accepting the false attribute of helplessness, we created a destructive cycle within us, which reality reflected back to us. A belief in helplessness generated fear, leading to responses of attack/defense. Unaware we were its creator and reflecting what we energetically gave to it, reality barraged us and others with all kinds of attacks, deepening our belief in helplessness, which in turn increased our own attacks/defenses.

As we awaken, we become aware of the inherent Power in our true SELF and that we aren’t helpless by any means. In this understanding, we begin to take back the power we unknowingly gave reality and end the destructive cycle. As we reclaim our true Power, divine forgiveness is complete, which ignites the Holy Flame, the consuming Spirit of God, within us.

Divine forgiveness is the awakening of our inner vision from darkness to Light as our awareness returns to the true SELF. It’s the transition from a belief in helplessness to infinite Power, as we recognize we are one with the Source of Power. In this awareness, we release the world from ALL the distortions we heavily laid upon it because of the false attribute of helplessness we mistakenly accepted as true. Without a belief in helplessness, there is no more fear and without fear there is no more attack/defense. Without attack, there is no need for forgiveness, therefore it’s complete. As our true power replaces a sense of helplessness, the divine love it radiates drives out all fear. Instead of destructive creators with an alien will belonging to a false self, we are peace-makers reflecting the One Divine Will.

With Divine forgiveness complete, we become an open door to the Divine Mind. As an open door, we rest in divine emergence in perfect oneness with the Divine Will, the only way our true power is experienced. In the stillness of being One with the Mighty I Am Presence, knowing there is no greater power, we no longer rely on outer forces to try to bend reality to our will, as we did in a state of helplessness. By resting in divine emergence, the Divine Will is free to express Itself according to its Infinite Intelligence, which knows the eternal ripple effect of every act. It works throughout creation according to a perfection far beyond our current awareness for the highest good of all, using our individualized mind as a gateway for its expression.

As our mind returns to its fractal nature in oneness with the Divine Mind, we extend the Spirit of God like a consuming fire into reality. This Holy Flame consumes our mis-creations because they aren’t of Truth/Divine Love, renewing reality through the invincible Peace of Divine Harmony. It doesn’t matter how little or great the distortions, the Holy Flame consumes them all. Reality transitions from the chaotic energy of attack/defense that created destruction and decay into the harmonic energy of Peace that creates youthful vibrancy. The “effects of time” are removed, and reality reveals its timeless perfection.

In being still and knowing the All-Mighty Power within our true SELF, the Prayer of Light ignites the Holy Flame. Because we are conscious of being one with the power of God and no longer helpless, reality changes to reflect this renewed awareness.

“For our God is a consuming fire.” ~ Hebrews 12:29

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7