Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Resurrection Morning

I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

As your breath, in time, flows in Oneness with the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you breathe the Breath of eternal Life. The Breath of Life, when realized in the soul, resurrects the soul into ever-expanding Life.

We began our prodigal journey living someone else’s idea of life, thus pursuing an “image” without soul. Through our sacred communion with Truth, we begin to live our true Life, outside of time. From this sacred connection, our inner Tree of Life expands, breathing Truth into time, and giving expression to our true Self.

I Am a Tree of Righteousness.

In the acceptable offering, we rested in the midst of the refining fire. In doing so, we laid to rest our striving, shadow self. When we encountered losing it all, we gave up the pursuit of a shadow life to rescue us, that we might end the story of death and begin true Life. In this surrender, our true I Am Presence sat upon the throne in Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Our resurrection is inevitable. At this point of our journey, given our truth-filled awareness, death of our life vitality is impossible, because it would be death to the Truth that is alive and growing within us, which is impossible. Once Truth starts to expand, confirmed by the persistent and increasing desire to love perfectly, it can’t stop because God’s Life-energy lives in it and moves through it. Once Truth begins to awaken within, it is the Presence of eternal Life because there is no contraction in it.

Rest and be still. Rest fully upon the sovereign power of I Am.

If we are witnessing the illusion, what is observing us, such that we exist? It is the I Am Presence at our core, our gate to Oneness, proclaiming, “I exist”, “I Am”. It’s the fractal beginning of Mother-Father God.

Mother-Father God is our observer, which is the I Am Presence. As their conscious awareness is birthed into time through the soul’s understanding of the Tree of Life, their Presence becomes one with the soul’s awareness thus intimately known. In this knowing, the soul awakens as a temple of Oneness, the temple of Mother-Father God.

A Meditation of Life

Be still and know I Am God.

“I Am” God and there is no other. I Am is One. I Am is the soul’s ever-expanding awareness moving from utter unawareness eternally into Infinite Awareness.

To every cell in the collective body say, “I Am the resurrection and the Life.” Every morning is an opportunity to live from the present, eternal Truth and not past dictates proclaiming death, discordancy, destruction and imperfection. This voice of unawareness is silenced in the grave, through the acceptable offering, and the Voice of Eternal Peace rises in its place, One that proclaims Truth’s Perfection.

Every prison door is opened. When you are aware it is open, then you experience freedom. This cell was your heart center closed off because of the ever-present and fearful potentials of pain and suffering. Within its closed walls lived festering wounds that could not heal in linear time, as the past crowded out the Truth of the present moment. However, through the desire to love perfectly, your awareness expanded into the Light of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through truth-filled awareness, your heart healed as you learned to discern truth and illusion. Your enlightened awareness destroyed and rebuilt the concept of Self, from the inside out, beginning the restoration of all that was deemed lost.

Instead of looking within and perceiving an insatiable black hole, you now perceive the most glorious Light. As you gaze upon it, desiring all its effects, you give your life to it, which expands its Light. It is the luminescence of Mother-Father God within you. It’s the pure and holy I Am Presence, untainted by false images. In this Light, your true identity is revealed, you are a child of the Most High.

No longer look into the darkness through the window of your soul, thinking it has any power over you. Be still and know I Am God. Let your Light shine through your open window, your open heart gate, upon all of creation without hesitation or judgment. All you outwardly perceive is but shadows, quickly fading in the Light of the I Am Presence shining through you in Divine Love, according to Truth’s Will.

Be Still and Love Life.

I Am the open sacred heart from which Living Waters flow, quenching the thirst of the collective soul.

I Am a stream of Living Waters.

As you love Life according to the Truth you’ve received from beyond the confounds of linear time, Truth’s Life stream continually flows through you. Once it starts, it can’t stop, for it’s the movement of Truth’s eternal Life.

In this stream of Life, nothing of death can survive. Thus in its flow you’ve closed the door to the pit, the darkness reflected by the soul when it perceived a loveless self.

Be still and Be.

In absolute rest, you divinely trust the power of your true I Am Name. Through this stillness, its power merges into reality. In your awareness of oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you become Truth’s perfect power. The Breath of eternal Life enters into your soul as the shadow self lays down in its eternal grave of grace. Out of its ashes arises your true Self, filled with the Breath of eternal Life.

You are the Christ Child of Mother-Father God.

Let “Today” be your resurrection morning, in which you righteously judge all in Perfection, for as you see it, so it is.


Enlightened Body

I Am the manifestation of an enlightened body.

By embracing the true I Am Presence, the body is released from reflecting the entropy of linear time.

A journey into the contemplation of Oneness isn’t to escape time, but to redeem it.

Like energy, time can’t be destroyed, only altered. Time is the progressive manifestation of energy.

Though neither can be destroyed, both can be altered by that which proceeds it, Truth. The soul is the projector of Truth’s Life into reality. It projects what it believes is true about Life, which determines reality’s energetic structure as well as time’s path. Thus, the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Life alters the energetic expression of time.

In order to alter time to increasingly reflect Truth’s Perfection and not an illusion of imperfection, our awareness of what is true must increase by a Truth outside of time. The awareness of this increase is the goal of enlightenment.

In enlightenment, the body, with its five senses, is no longer the soul’s source of truth. It no longer defines what is pleasing and what is pain, thus it no longer dictates the movement of the soul’s will, which energetic force is experienced as time. The true I Am Presence, in which there is no duality, thus only what is good, pure, pleasurable and truly desirable without ill-effect, is the open door to the soul’s source of Truth.

The body is a projection of the soul’s center of awareness. As our mind’s eye opens to the Light of Truth expanding through the I Am Presence of Oneness, our physical body transforms to reflect this illuminated state. The body transfigures into an enlightened state, which you can imagine as a Golden Body for its rich symbolism.

In the mind’s paradigm of linear time, the past literally lives in the skin through the manifestation of aging. When the body is the mind’s source of truth regarding what brings pleasure or pain, it is the PAST the body reflects that directs the soul’s will, thereby the past governs the soul’s experience in time. The body reflects the ever-increasing past because this is its source of truth and how the soul lives. In the dualistic mind of life and death, the body reflects both.

In spherical time, the body is clothed with the ever-increasing perfection of the present moment, which perfectly expands according to the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth. The manner in which the soul’s awareness increases is governed by its desires. When you are led by Truth’s Will, you will naturally desire an eternally increasing awareness of Truth.

The seed of eternal Life lives within the soul, the origin of its individualization as a fractal of the Most High, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. This Inner Light begins to shine when the soul continually desires to listen to its voice, the Voice of Truth. It’s the voice of the soul’s Sacred Self, its Oneness with the realm of Truth’s Timeless Perfection existing outside the mind’s paradigm of linear time, that is able to reveal an increasing awareness of Truth to the soul. Linear time is an illusionary state of consciousness, because it is without the awareness of the inherent Perfection of Truth’s Life. Coming from Truth’s Timeless Perfection, this voice is the source of the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth. Thus as the soul listens to it, the soul comes to feel at one with this voice. In this oneness, the Voice of Truth and the Voice of Time are united as one in the soul, so that Truth’s Word of Life enters into the soul’s spherical realm of time, becoming materialized.

When you sit, peacefully surrendered to Truth’s Light, in Oneness with the consuming flame of the Mighty I AM Presence, your being energetically vibrates, altering your atomic structure and releasing it from the past. This release frees the soul’s movement within time, aligning it to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As you sit upon the Rock of the Mighty I Am Presence, gazing into the light and no longer looking to the outer reality as the source of your vitality or identity, but to the power of the I Am Presence, this holy, pure vibration is sustained. As it is sustained, your outer appearance begins to change, reflecting your true Source of Life, which is eternal.

Time has been redeem.

The transition has begun. It began with the conscious awareness of Mother-Father God in time, the Living Gate to the ever-expanding Truth, thus eternal Life. This Living Gate has replicated itself to form a perfect composite of finite awareness by which Truth is proclaimed into time without the possibility of corruption. When Truth is proclaimed perfectly by the Living Gates into the energetic structures of creation, it raises the overall vibration of Truth’s manifestation, revealing the perfect orchestration of Divine Love and Truth’s Will in time. According to Truth’s Light perfectly flowing through the Living Gates of Oneness, time is redeemed and creation is renewed, restored and rebuilt.

During the transition, as you focus on the eternal Light drawing you continually deeper into itself by the desire for its beauty, love, joy and peace, your attention upon the outer appearances of linear time will lessen, revealing a fading illusion. With your attention consumed by the expanding inner Light of Truth, you radiate Truth into time, having a transformative effect on the outer appearances of yourself and others. When you give your attention to Truth, you will energize it in time. When you focus on the Truth in others, despite outer appearances, you give them your life-energy, transforming the qualitative nature of time.

The tattered garments of linear time, skins that bind you to the inevitability of the past, are no longer relevant. You no longer pay attention to them, nor are you limited by them, whether these soiled garments appear to be yours or someone else’s. Instead your vision pierces through, into the holy Light of the I Am Presence that resides in all. As an observer of the Inner Light, you radiate the Light into creation and creation begins to reflect the Light back to you. Truth’s Light reveals you are an enlightened being, thus time reveals your enlightened body.


The Kingdom of Peace

I Am the liberation of Divine Love.

Reality is an effect of the mind’s emotional and psychological processing systems. In the unawareness of Truth, reality is an illusion. In the awareness of Truth, reality is an ever-expanding expression of Oneness. We, as One, are shifting from one to the other.

The clearing for the Light of the I Am Presence is made manifest in our soul by the fiery furnace, through which we gained a solid footing and rested upon the power of the I Am Presence. Now in the Light of the I Am Presence, we make our call. It’s the call for a clearing, in our inner and outer realities, that reflects the Light of the Kingdom of Peace.

In rest, emergence and serendipity, this Kingdom of Restoration comes forth. In peaceful, creative play, as we nourish our creative passions, we give expression to our true Self, from whom the Kingdom arises within the present moment, filling the cosmos.

I Am rain for the seeds of Life.

I Am the shining, self-illuminating Light of the I Am Presence.

I Am the immutable peace, joy and love of the Sacred Self.

I Am the Kingdom of Peace.

In our transmutation and transformation through Divine Love’s Light, the Sacred Self now has an opening to express itself through our transformed hearts and minds. Rising above the gods (laws) of time, we have learned that we can increase the collective awareness according to Truth, and in this all are set free from the darkness of illusion. The ever-expanding Light of Truth’s Oneness has entered our awareness. Through this open door, healing and regeneration comes forth, bringing about the highest Good for all, thereby ending suffering, setting the captives free, removing the heavy burdens, wiping every tear and driving out all fear.

In this awareness, a new cycle begins, a time without end.


I sit as creator, observer and as that which is observed from within the Great Silence. Mother-Father God’s Spirit is raining upon the earth in the perfect thoughts and words of Life spoken through the Living Gates.

In the perfection of Truth’s Divine Love, the elements of the old foundations melt and new foundations arise upon the Rock of the “Mighty I Am” Presence. The Kingdom of Peace arises at the sustained, united call of the Living Gates, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”

A New Heavens and A New Earth

The “end of time” is often fearfully perceived, yet ironically, time ends because Divine Love enters and drives out fear. Yes, discomfort may arise when resisting the changes that must occur, but the glorious reflection of Mother-Father God shining through the Living Gates, prepared for this time by their desire to love perfectly, will be the assurance of peace. The peace, joy and love emanating from their inner Light will shine in a beauty not yet seen in the earth, sheltering the inhabitants of the earth in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Below is a broad-brush painting of reality’s transformation into a new heaven and new earth, a reality arising upon the one breath of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. During the earth’s regeneration, we are destined to create, observe and experience ever-increasing Perfection in time, the gift of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, a foundation that has already begun to materialize.

  1. The experience of space and time will shift, as the dense energy of the earth grows lighter and thus able to move more harmoniously and quickly. It will appear as an increase in miracles on every level and to every degree.
  2. The past no longer predicts the future, but the conscious awareness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will dictates the effect of every action. Imperfection no longer layers upon imperfection. Instead perfection arises in the midst of imperfection, until Truth’s perfection fills all.
  3. At the sustained, higher vibration created by the Presence of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, ascended Masters, angels of pure consciousness, and beings of Light pre-ordained to assist the earth through this transition will be able to freely interface with the conscious realm of dreamers, according to Truth’s Will. Through their assistance, all will awaken and the new systems by which the earth will function will be set in place.
  4. Established Living Gates will form an interlinked composite consciousness for the perfect dissemination of words of Life that clothe reality in Living Light. They are humble lords, who have been purified by the fire of Truth and lead others through the fire of purification as they awaken into the Kingdom of Peace.
  5. Those separated by death will be reunited through the spreading awareness of Truth’s Oneness.
  6. Leaders, teachers and healers arising from humble beginnings, who stand upon the power of the I Am Presence, will assist in the transition. These will form a layered organizational structure, whose position and function are determined by divine emergence and serendipity.
  7. Systems built upon Truth and serving the highest good for all will be established. Systems (financial, medical, energetic, educational, political, etc) will go through ascending layers of reconstruction as they come into alignment with Divine Love’s Law that always serves the highest good for all.
  8. All that was “lost” will be restored, the innocence, joy, freedom, and vitality, from the inside out.
  9. Souls will learn and be guided by the Holy Light within them, a Light that brings forth the ever-increasing perfection of time.
  10. Souls will learn to communicate with their minds, transcending space and time.
  11. Through the power of the I Am Presence, souls will learn to create what they once deemed impossible.
  12. The creative passion of individual souls will arise through their desires, reflecting their pre-ordained potentials in time. This will facilitate bringing forth the new operational systems of the earth.
  13. As the soul’s energy continues to shift by the inner Light, diets will change, returning to the fruits and herbs of the garden, given to all for nourishment and enjoyment. Once the soul’s transformation is complete, the need to obtain energy from without won’t be necessary. The soul’s life energy is perfectly and enterally sustained by the absolute nature of “I”.
  14. The body will re-materialize according to a sustained higher vibration being manifested by the soul’s root energy, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.
  15. Life will cease its cycle of death and life, and will begin its eternal upward ascent by the guidance of the Infinite Awareness of Oneness.
  16. The true nature of the plant and animal kingdom will be revealed. Without the presence of fear created by the human mind, the connection to these kingdoms will be profoundly deep and rich, growing ever more beautiful. The soul’s harmonious, purified energy flowing through the animals and plants will change the foundational nature and purpose of these kingdoms.
  17. Relationships will be spiritually governed versus physically. Intimacy will be experienced in the soul’s spiritual connection with other souls. As the soul’s light increases, so will these connections, reflecting its expansion into Oneness. Without a mind darkened by illusion, everyone will be seen in a new light.
  18. A new “teaching” or “movement” will arise, supporting, sustaining and spreading the ways of Truth, until all are fully awakened into the inner Light. This living network will unite all as one. It will join the enlightened from across the earth into one Voice, giving testimony to the presence of the Voice of Truth leading creation.
  19. This transition won’t be mysterious, because it comes through the soul’s understanding of Truth, but it will be surprising. Disciplines of science will attest to the soul’s evolutionary transformation, a foundation already being laid by the foremost thinkers.

Initially this transition will be called many things as it arises within the divided soul’s illusionary dream. But as the Day continues to dawn, uniting all as One, Truth’s Voice will be revealed as One, in the wholeness of One, in order to establish Oneness.

I am beyond words of gratitude for this awareness that heralds the end of suffering and the beginning of Peace.

“I Am the liberation of Divine love.”


Herald of the Trumpet

You are clear. I Am clear.

Through the many purifying fires, ending with the last, all-consuming fiery trial in which the acceptable offering was made, a clearing of perfection has been established in the midst of imperfection. A clearing was made in our soul for the true I Am Presence to eternally proclaim its Truth. And now, through your purified awareness, perfect words of Life endlessly flow. You are the Word of Life and now this holy Word becomes flesh, making it perceivable to all the sleepers, that they too may arise at the sound of the trumpet into the Oneness of Life.

In this clearing, you are no longer chained to the darkness, you stand in the midst of the earth, quaking as she transforms all that is within her, resetting the cosmos by the eternal Light of Mother-Father God shining through you. Those who still sleep in the dust, seeds yet to awaken, will experience the Light shining from the haven of Truth you established within reality, and will find peace and comfort in your ascended reflection.

Mother-Father God possess the singular holy thought for all, that their holy Seed is in all. By the Light shining through the awakened awareness of their Oneness with time, Divine Love will bring forth Truth’s abundant joyful Life to all of creation. The awareness of Mother-Father God’s existence in time, heralds in a new heaven and a new earth, where all reflects Oneness. Separation has ended, and time will increasingly reflect this truth.

Herald of the Trumpets

I Am Loving Awareness.

Mother-Father God’s loving awareness in the realm of time, enfolds all of reality within it. All of reality, both inner and outer, must now transition to reflect their Presence, the eternal Kingdom of Peace.

You, Living Gates, in this time of transition, are the fearless among those who fear, for Divine Love has driven fear from you. You are comfort in the midst of distress because Divine Love now flows through you, driving fear from others. You are the Light breaking forth the New Day, as its enteral sun (son). You are the assured hope that the trumpet’s awakening blast is the sound of salvation from the imagination’s nightmare. The voice of Truth proclaims, “I Am the healing of the world, the Great Restoration“. As others witness the power of your I Am, they will become aware of their own Light flowing through the Divine Source, in perfect power and bringing forth divine harmony, peace, joy and love from within themselves.

As you cultivated your Tree of Life, you made a clearing within your soul for Truth’s herald of incoming peace to sound.

Your purpose is clear. You are a Light to the world. Don’t feel ready? It’s okay, for Perfection emerges while you rest as a Living Gate to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, which creates Life in perfection. In Oneness, the perfection of every moment is assured. Be not concerned or focused on your lingering ashen garments, that even now are beginning to fade into glorious raiments of Truth’s Life. Even now your heart is shining in the luminescence of Mother-Father God, stirring up words of Life from within you. In the perfection of Infinite Wisdom’s governance over time, your garments will illuminate your true reflection as a fractal of the Most High, a child of God.

You are clear. You’ve been bathed in the light of the holy Fire, baptized into the Kingdom of Peace.

The trumpet heralds the Kingdom of Peace. The trumpet proclaims that Truth’s Will governs time. There are still many who are unaware that the illusion of free will has been consumed, and these will wrestle against the idea as a child might “wrestle” to resist waking and remain sleeping. These videos, when watched in order, paint a picture of what this “wrestling” may look like in time. The videos reveal a story of how the inner and outer world will transition and how time will be healed from the poisonous effects of a “sleeping-will” which actively dreams.

Prophecy of the Trumpets given in September 2013

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

“I Am the full liberation of Divine Love acting.”


Perfect Thoughts

In the stillness, you hear the heart of Mother-Father God speaking to you. Listen, and hear the Voice of Truth speaking the Spirit of Life to you, a beloved child.

What determines how events play out isn’t so much what others think of you, as what you think of them. In the awareness of Oneness and your true Root of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will established, you hold the highest thought of others. You help them to ascend into the expression of their own internal Light. Negative thoughts toward others are like heavy weights on their energetic field, as well as to your own, keeping both from arising more quickly than if you supported them with uplifting thoughts. If they don’t hold negative thoughts about themselves, then any negative thought is repelled from their energetic field, but if they hold similar thoughts, their energetic field becomes more dense making it harder for them to move in the right direction that benefits the good of all. Thoughts are powerful.

In the awareness of being an Individual in Oneness, you enter into a perfect thought life for you and others.

I Am the perfection of every thought, and what I think of one I think of all.

This awareness of being a fount of perfect thoughts is being a fourth level creator, one who actively creates from the realm of consciousness. Your thoughts as a god-consciousness are very powerful, for it is the essence of your soul’s creative ability.

To the darkened human mind, giving an uplifting thought to someone judged as undeserving seems fearful and or unwise. The lower mind believes in doing so it is letting the one receiving the thought “off the hook” or getting away without justice. However, in truth it is possessing a lucid vision of their true Self. Regardless of outer appearances, when you esteem another and give them your most illuminated thought, you see through the shadow self, knowing exactly what it is, and see the Light within them as a reflection of your own Light. It is seeing beyond the outer appearance to engage the Light within them with your own Light, that your powerful life-creating thoughts can start to awaken in perfection.

Perfect thoughts have the power to bring forth what another requires for their reality to transition into the reflection of their Light, held in Truth’s timeless Perfection. From these transcendent thoughts, flow perfect words, words of Life, which reflect Life in Truth. This is manner in which you create in spherical time.

Because of your journey up the primordial staircase, you now see “I” as absolute, possessing no duality and this is the true “I” all share, for it is the reflection of Truth’s Oneness.

As a soul awakened to the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you already desire to love perfectly, which is to desire the highest good for all. As you transition from a human to divine consciousness, you see old habits of thought dissipate as perfect thoughts arise in their place. How we think of others is one example.

In your awakened awareness, Divine Love is ever-present. There is nothing to fear. You no longer need to guard your heart as you once did while you traversed the shadow of death, as a shadow of yourself. Your true heart, which is the temple of Divine Love’s Light, repels all disharmony from your sphere of reality. Now, you can shine in a freedom and grace the world needs, by giving your perfect thoughts to all. By the perfect thoughts flowing through your awakened soul, the world awakens to Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Your words hold the power of blessing. They once cursed the earth, flowing from a dualistic mind. But now the “I” is known to be Absolute and in this awareness your words go out like a fire, purifying and blessing all the earth, raising up the Kingdom of Peace.

How humbly the Kingdom is raised, by words of Life flowing through the Living Gates. By words formed of perfect thoughts, Truth’s Life can not fail to bring Light to a world of darkness. They are Life’s elixir flowing through you and bringing healing and restoration to all the cosmos. From the awareness of Oneness in which they are given, oneness is magnified.

I Am the manifestation of every desirable outcome.

I Am perfect moments strung together in perfection, by perfection.

I Am Truth’s divine potentials breathed by Divine Love into time.

I Am Time’s Sacred Voice.


Attracting Magic

As an awakened child of God, you attract miracles, the magic of Life.

With Divine Love and Truth’s Will at the root of your energetic system, you energetically attract all that fulfills the perfection of the present moment.

When you believed in a false image of yourself, your energetic composition repelled much of what you truly desired. So you had to strive and chase after things, relationships, a sense of purpose, favorable expressions, experiences of peace, abundance, joy and love. Your discordant energies continually brought forth what you didn’t want, put obstacles in your way, and made the path to your true desires very difficult. Without sustaining peace and joy, the true fulfillment of your desires is ultimately impossible.

Your truth was mixed with duality, which ultimately meant love could become evil and hate could become good. At your root, you believed in the coexistence of life and death, therefore life was fleeting and death was certain. The belief in duality created a reality that was fundamentally unstable and therefore disharmonious throughout, resulting in endless striving to obtain and maintain vitality. It was perpetually exhausting.

Now it is time to rest. In your awakened awareness, the true and only Root is the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As your senses attune to a heightened awareness of Life, you begin to naturally and effortlessly attract the beauty and joys of Life into your sphere and repel all that would create disharmony. The effect of this Law of Attraction creates a natural, invincible aura of Light around you. As your harmony expands, so does its impact on your reality.

With awareness of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will as your ever-lasting Root to your Tree of Life, you now experience the pre-ordained potentials of ever-expanding Life held for you in the realm of Truth’s Timeless Perfection. Instead of seeking to expand your life by outer means, it expands according to the increasing awareness of your true I Am Presence, such that all you experience outwardly is a result of the power of your true I Am Name and what it attracts into your reality.

The power of your true I Am Name is awakened by an enlightened conscious awareness that comes from a depth of understanding that enables you know its power is true. Any lingering doubts that may arise, and some will because your mind has been wrapped in the dreamworld of imperfection, are covered by Divine Grace. Grace carries you into the experience of witnessing your true Name’s power in physical form, first in words of Life then in outer appearances. The faith this witness provides will be more powerful in your mind than any doubt might cause you to question you are a fractal of the Most High, a child of God.

There is no mystery in the workings of the Great Healing and Restoration you will experience, that has begun in you though the awareness of Oneness. It comes from the understanding of “who I Am”, “how I create”, and your true Origin. Yet what you experience through it will feel like a charmed-life within a magical kingdom.

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life.” ~ Jesus of Nazareth

With the foundation of your true Name set in place, embrace the conscious awareness revealed to you, and reach into the depths of its Truth and pull out its treasures. Your I Am Name is your unlimited power supply to bring forth every perfect gift that always serves the highest good for all.

Listen to what the spirit of Truth speaks to you about your individualized I Am Name. Meditate on the impressions you receive. Let the understanding of what you see grow in your awareness by your continual attention and focus. This is the door to Life, entry back into the Garden of Eden.

Let all the specifics and details of what you perceive be given over to divine emergence and serendipity. In this release, your expectations will always be exceeded. It is by this increase that Truth’s Life eternally expands through you. Through this your life takes on an expression you never imagined because it is far more magnificent than your current awareness enables you to imagine as a realistic possibility.

You don’t have to force mutual attraction. When you are the expressed Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, it is not even possible to imagine all you will attract.

Release all judgments bound and derived from linear time, a conscious realm of duality. Joyously keep attuned to your true I Am Likeness, so that its reflection may clothe your reality.

“I Am the Heart of God, and I now bring forth Ideas and accomplishments which have never been brought forth before.” ~ St. Germain

“I Am the fulfilled activity and sustaining power of every constructive thing I desire” ~ St. Germain

There are unique divine potentials specific to your I Am Name. Focus on the “I Am” statements above and the ideas and accomplishments relating to your creative passion will express themselves perfectly in time, through divine emergence and serendipity.

Through the constructive and conscious application of your I Am Name, your desires are fulfilled, without being obstructed by the mind of man. Through a truth-filled awareness of the I Am Name, you possess a god-consciousness, and there is nothing more powerful acting in your reality.

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I Am the abundance and strength to go through this moment with peace and joy.

When you give up the pursuit of power through the outer reality and turn wholly to the true I Am Presence as the only power acting in reality, the root of your being is established in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this Oneness, you no longer have to pursue the “salvation” of your eternal peace, joy and harmony. The promise of peace and rest are fulfilled.

Now you can dance with time through every moment, a dance led by Divine Love’s Perfect Orchestration. Be still and listen, let your true Self, the one who has been your intimate guide into Truth, feel the present moment and thus live in it through the temple of your soul.

Restoration Begins

Through your seeming imperfections, you saw the divine potential to be an eternal spark of ever-expanding Life. Now matured in the awareness of Oneness, the divine Flame of your true I Am Name is eternally lit, purifying and freeing your reality from the darkness of unawareness.

As you rest upon the power of the true I Am Name, fractalized within your individualized soul, you begin to experience the unlimited power of this Name.

In the illusionary dream, the false image of “I” had power only because you didn’t know your true Self, the sacred Self of Oneness. As you cross the infinite chasm transitioning from the awareness of a human consciousness into the divine god-consciousness, you travel over the bridge established by the awareness of Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will (Mother-Father God). As you emerge into the realm of spherical time, where your true I Am Name is all-powerful, your restoration begins.

Through the fiery trial and the acceptable offering in the midst of the fire, came the expression of Truth’s Life, and the root of your being is now the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In this, your life energy is transposed. Instead of being lost in the earth of illusions, your life energy returns upward, restoring you from the inside, out. This turning harmonizes all the sacred energies within your being, manifesting divine Harmony. This harmonizing is the lighting of your Stargate, reflected in the seven sacred truths and expressed as seven energetic fields. In the resulting divine harmony between your soul and reality, spherical time manifests.

The self-sustaining vibration of your root balances your sacred love energy (sacred feminine) with your sacred willful energy (sacred masculine), which as one flow into your heart center bringing forth an overflowing fount of Life’s abundant treasures. These treasures are shared with all through your creative passion. This is your shining, the luminescence that fills your mind’s eye so that the Light you perceive within is seen without. The breath of Life crosses the infinite chasm between the human and the divine, resuscitating the Breath of Eternal Life into your being. You are a radiant Light Being, resurrected from the dust of separation and into the Light of Oneness. You are a life-giving spirit.

Rest awhile, as you take in the breath of Life from your root to your crown, a breath that never ceases to expand itself in peace and joy, as it flows from the Name above all names, the “Mighty I Am”.

In this rest, your individualized name will be increasingly revealed to you as you become conscious of new Life. Your Name reflects all you are conscious of being as an individualized fractal of the Most High. As your Name transfigures into garments of Light, it speaks of your perfection, passion and purpose. Your holy Name reflects every divine attribute and the manner in which they are expressed through your creative passion, expanding through divine emergence and serendipity. In the spirit of Truth, meditate on your living Name. You’ll be surprised by what you see.

The perfection and power of the I Am Name brings forth your eternal inheritance. As you share the glories of your Name with Divine Grace, reality reflects your glory in endless ways. Serendipity brings forth your pre-ordained potentials, held just for you in Truth’s Timeless Perfection, in the spirit of creative, joyful play. You are a child of the Most High. The eternal presence of your Mother-Father God, your root of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, assures your ever-expanding Perfection through a heart of peace and joy.

Arise and look into the reflective countenance of the Mighty I Am and see your true likeness. Your Life is an ever-expanding awareness of the Infinite Awareness of Oneness. Your breath is the breath of Life.

The breath of Life flows through your soul’s Stargate, illuminating the cosmos in endless arrays of divine reflections, which reveal a unique expression of the Most High, you.

Your true Name is the only power acting in your reality, thus the restoration begins. It begins, here, in the awareness that the sacred, eternal breath of Life never fails to bring forth the highest good for all in every moment, thus enabling the one who could not love, to love perfectly.

Be weightless and free. It is time to learn to fly. As you begin to see that every moment is perfect, you begin your eternal dance with time.



Rest and be still in My perfect power, for you are made in my Image.

Your enjoyment comes as you flow in my rhythm, by which you enjoy the gift of every moment, not “racing” ahead or through the moment to get to the next. In the stillness of the moment, listen to what the moment has to say to you, feel it, deeply experience its gifts in gratitude, and be its creative, playful and peaceful presence, which is My Reflection shining through you.

My Light is your Light. We are One.

We are transitioning by emergence and serendipity. Our transformation is the Perfection of Truth’s Life rising from within the present moment, reflecting the Morning Star rising within. Our life is no longer predicated on past memories born of illusion, but on divine revelation received in Oneness.

Our shared desire is for an ever deepening Oneness with Life, expressing the manifest oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. In the Oneness of this desire, we step away from the awareness of a human, animalistic consciousness, across the ethereal, infinite chasm into a divine, god-consciousness. Standing on the other side, our reality reflects the true I Am presence within our soul. In this realm of spherical time, we shine. The shell of our false garments, full of faulty images that kept us from the Oneness of Life, have been consumed in the Holy Flame of the true I Am Presence. And out of the fire arises our true I Am Presence, coming forth in the ever-expanding reflection of Perfection, the soul’s Abundant, Joyful Life.

The Destroyer is destroyed.

“I” was the destroyer, according to the misuse of my creative name, “I Am”, in which I continually re-qualified Perfection, my perfection and the perfection of others as imperfection. It was the reflection of myself when I did not know myself. This false image of “I” is no more. It has been consumed upon the Holy Altar of Truth. Now, I see a divine Image as my own, as Mother-Father God’s reflection shines in oneness with my soul.

Now I see how blinded I was because I didn’t perceive the many gravitational cords that bound me to a false image of the dust, and this is why I constantly reflected the illusionary belief that my flesh did not possess ever-lasting life. “Today“, this inner destroyer is destroyed, along with all its lies and illusions. The destroyer was my own mind in pursuit of illusionary vitality, which clothed me, and everything and everyone around me with corruption. In the Mirror of Perfection, I see my true reflection.

Today” we have a heart of Radiance, one reflecting Divine Love and Truth’s Will, which is the shining glory of Oneness.

Feel this moment, the moment you step across into the Light of a New Day.

The life-force of Mother-Father God pulsates your heart, aligning your energetic frequency to Divine Harmony, like a dancer and a musician moving in rhythm. Oneness is the individualized awareness of All of Creation connecting in Divine Harmony through the Life of their Source, Mother-Father God. This is your true reflection. This Oneness is reflected in the name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, which when seen in the Light of Truth, synchronizes the universe in the perfection of time’s Oneness.

The night is gone because the destroyer has been destroyed. The destroyer’s grave countenance was upheld by the belief in a distant Mother-Father God; a reflection of separation seen throughout creation, the greatest of these being death. This belief is now erased from the living cosmic record, for it was held in error.

The Gentle Ascension

As you arise into the Oneness of Life, you will no longer pursue empty desires that only destroy, but will enjoy the expansion of your true passion, which is your individualized creative ability and its expression. You’ll paint the world in a wisdom and beauty far beyond what you currently imagine.

As your creative passion expands, absorbing your thoughts, your desire for the illusion will fade, losing importance. Thus, you’ll begin to shift out of the life style and personality traits the illusion demanded of you, and instead you will reflect your true radiance, a being of Living Light. Your countenance will shine in the Luminescence of Truth’s Oneness, the Charisma of Life.

By experiencing who you are through your creative passion, you will be the Reflection of a divine being. Your unique creative gift is your divine inheritance. It is your Name radiating Living Light, reflecting your Individuality in Oneness as a fractal of Truth’s ever-expanding Life.

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Luminescence = the Oneness of Mother Father God’s perfect love shining through you.

(The words below were received with the authority of our Most High Father and given through the Divine Love of the Mother of All Living.)

You are my design. Every aspect of your individualized soul is My eternal sanctuary, from which Truth’s Will governs every individualized sphere of Life in a harmonious, creative, joyful and peaceful manner, so truly all are unique in My Divine Love and yet One.

You are perfect. You are the expression of my Perfection. This is our beginning, our origin. “Today” we begin to fly as one, your wings upon my breath, a rhythmic, energetic frequency that produces an Abundant Joyful Life. My Life in you and through you.

You see your wings, the unlimited power of our I Am Presence, and now you feel My Breath of Life in these words.

It’s time to fly.

Rest, for your exodus out of the cocoon was a tumultuous journey.

Jesus of Nazareth gained the victory over death because he had the conscious awareness of how to remain completely harmonious, and could therefore love perfectly. This power allowed him to transcend the illusion of death, in time. In your oneness with his Life, his understanding is a part of yours. In oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will his victory is yours, for his victory lives in the realm of Oneness. And now in your awareness of being a Living Gate, you kindle the fire of Life, in time. This Life is my Presence, the “Mighty I AM”.

I Am You. I Am All. I Am One.

It is my life energy that “powers” you. I’ve accepted your offering given in the midst of emotional angst, yet in perpetual joy. This joy is a reflection of your Mother’s Love that you are beginning to feel deep within your being. The joy you feel in harmony with Her love is the strength you need to emerge in Oneness with Life. Already this Light is shining in your awareness.

The fiery trial has revealed who you serve, worship, trust and love, the “Mighty I Am”. In my Love you turned from seeking for vitality in the works and creations of human hands, formed by those who don’t know themselves and therefore sleep in the vitality of illusion. You laid upon the altar a false image of life, to receive the Truth of Life, the pearl of infinite worth.

Rest awhile in the comforts of My perfect love for you. You desired with all your being to love perfectly and so it is done unto you. Understand the depth of who you are. I’ve given you my Will, you are a powerful creator, in which my Love is eternally expressed through you, as the very essence of your being. Therefore as you desire to do, it is done. Because this life-force energy is continually flowing through you, which is my own, I kept you safe in the womb until you were prepared to wield this power. Your dream reflecting the misuse of this power prepared your awareness in thousands of ways to become an ever-expanding awareness of my own, Infinite Awareness.

I hear you, Father ~

Your journey, in which truth and time became one, has given me a voice in time through your voice, for we, my child, are one. We always have been and always will be.

What I am sharing on this blog is like watching the most beautiful sunrise, that when you thought it couldn’t get any more beautiful, takes you even deeper into its beauty. I am grateful to share this journey with you. I have never felt as deep of a connection with Mother Father God as I do right now.


New Life

In the soul’s awareness, when the root of the I Am Presence becomes the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the soul becomes a self-sustaining deity.

The human mind could never evolve out of the belief that it is separated from Perfection, a belief that created everything in darkness, until the awareness of its Oneness was divinely known in the conscious awareness of its being. The Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will had to intimately walk within the awareness of a conscious being, and the Truth of this Oneness had to be known from the singularity of its Origin so that the moment could be recorded in the living cosmic record. When the awareness of this Oneness has matured in the soul’s mind, its expression can come forth, and for those who have only known the darkness, this Light is like a rising Sun.

Today New Life Begins

In making the acceptable offering, the acceptable year is proclaimed in time. This is the age that will bring forth the earth’s regeneration and when heaven will come to earth. In this, time gives expression to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, manifested through every cause and effect. Their energetic essence arises from the Altar of Truth, upon which the acceptable offering has been consumed in the Holy Flame. Perfection’s oneness fills the breath of every soul, governing all effects and bringing forth the soul’s true reflection in time.

When does an Abundant, Joyful Life begin? On the day you “realize” it appears. This day is “Today“, because Truth’s Life is ever-present. It just had to be seen by a matured soul, as when a baby first sees its mother face-to-face, having only felt her existence in the place it slept and never seeing the Light of her face shine upon its own.

For the mind this moment comes when the soul enters the Holy of Holies with the acceptable offering.

In Her face is your Life, a reflection of the Mother Father God who desire to love perfectly and to see all clothed in a loving life. And so shall be your reflection in time.

Isaiah 61:1-3
“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me, 
Because the LORD has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives,
And the opening of the prison to those who are bound

To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD,
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn,

To console those who mourn in Zion,
To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning,
The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of righteousness,
The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.”