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Stirring The Deep


“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls;”

~ Psalm 42:7

The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels (because they create enlightenment). 

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

This blog reflects my journey of an increasing awareness of Truth. My path led me beyond organized religion, erroneous belief systems, separation, limitations, weaknesses, and the darkness of unawareness, and into oneness, immortal love, strength and the light of Truth. We each have our own path according to our individuality and purpose, but our destinations are unified in Truth, immortal Love, and our eternal Oneness. This is my path.

What you experience in this blog is my journey of seeking the Supreme Eternal Spirit of the Divine, whose name is above all names, and yet in the intimacy I’ve known I call my heavenly Father for this Spirit perfectly reflects characteristics this role portrays in my life, though I know this Spirit is far beyond this title. Though this blog started April 2008, my journey began in July 2001 catapulted by a desire to know. Know what? I wasn’t totally sure, but this is where I began.

My journey of seeking and learning is exposed upon these pages. What I share are insights and revelations from my personal journey, but the words written are directed by a will and spirit beyond my own. Thus what I write, I write by grace.

The Spirit of Truth comes to each one of us in a way we can receive and as we grow that communion evolves and transforms. We each have our paths to walk. Yet, we must all seek deep within for that is where we commune with the Spirit who created all, and is beyond this Creation. How He reveals Himself to us is an individual endeavor as we are all unique creations expressing His complexity and beauty. But when we are truly of this Supreme Spirit our lives reflect His nature, thus deeply connecting us as if one.

I’ve come to a point where in all things I am seeking the perfection of love. To experience the true Creator is to experience the purest of love founded in Truth. Thus my journey has led me to be this love.

Seeking is like a fire that brings beauty and splendor to your life. It removes all that hinders and clouds your vision, so you can see an eternal love that always existed for you and waited to be a conscious part of you.

I bear no labels, for I find them limiting and unexpressive of my journey. I believe in the purest of love and truth and it is these I seek in whatever medium.

Thanks for stopping by.


May 2013

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I can’t wait to learn more about God’s work in your life, your book and your ministry. I have been inspeired by your writings and your web-site.
    Looking forward to our lunch together.
    Big Hugs,

    • Hi Rachel,
      I appreciate that you took time to set up this Blog. I shared some of your info today with my sister who, in 2010, expressed a true desire to know JESUS in SCRIPTURE so I sent her your comments on the “fear of God”, “hating evil” and “wisdom”. I also included my own comments saying that it didn’t sound like you learned any fear from your own dad, rather from the world’s competitive and abusive tendencies when you received the “D” in chemistry. It sounds like you had Adam & Eve’s experience of knowing GOD the Father with your own father, before their fatal error of listening to Satan. Their decision to heed Satan over remembering what their Father GOD had said brought death to them as well as to the rest of the world following after them. They were afraid immediately, which they had never known before, when they decided together to listen to Satan. Thankfully, JESUS restores our original innocent relationship with GOD the Father, so we don’t hide from HIM, rather, immediately talk to HIM when we realize we’ve gotten a “C” or “F” in one of life’s choices because we didn’t study & didn’t KNOW or we did KNOW and willfully chose to disregard HIS TRUTH. HE can “fix” the problem when we talk to HIM, then others won’t follow the same path.

      • Hi Wendy – thank you for sharing your thoughts . . . A wonderful point of how Jesus restores our original innocent relationship with God. How true that is – and that relationship is the depth and truth of the gospel – it is the Kindgom of God in our lives – because He is King in our lives – and when He is it changes everything that once was death into beauty and life. I’ll be praying for your sister as she seeks out this relationship.

    • Father Paul I think we are a long way away from the possibility of Baroness Warsi, or one of her co-religionists beiomcng P.M. But which would you prefer a Muslim P.M. or an atheist P.M. having a say in the appointment of bishops of the Established Church? Had Mr. Kinnock won any of the General Elections that he fought the latter would have become a reality. I understand that the Deputy Prime Minister is also an avowed atheist, as indeed is the present Leader of the Labour Party. That good Presbyterian and son of the manse Gordon Brown required the Church authorities to submit to him but a single name when considering the filling of vacant sees, I’m not sure if the present incumbent a practising Anglican has reverted back to a two name requirement, which was agreed when Jim Callaghan was P.M.?Compared with his Great-great Grandfather (Edward VII) the present heir to the throne is a paragon of virtue, although I do take your point and always include the Prayer for the Queen’s Majesty at Evensong long may she reign. As to any done deal over the title Defender of (the) Faith including support from George Carey; Carey himself writes in his autobiography (Know the Truth age 383) Personally I did not share the view that this was somehow a defining statement by the Prince. I saw it more as an off-the-cuff remark about his desire to foster spirituality. The former Archbishop then goes on to say that he also has difficulty with the title defender of the faith if it only means that the monarch protects the vested interests of the CofE; before concluding by saying The most I would say in criticism of Prince Charles statement is that it could have been expressed better. But that is forgivable in the light of his great concern for spirituality as opposed to the coldness of materialism and secularism. That doesn’t sound much to me like a done deal !Were we to be Disestablished then surely the coldness of materialism and secularism would increase its icy grip upon out nation.

      • Nah dawg!

      • Also the Holy Spirit is the comforter that is given to any true believer and follower, that is the only Spirit we are supposed to have accompanying us. Not strange voices being evil to some one

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Your writing is encouraging and enlightening.

    I have added you to my blogroll.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Thanks Marianne!

    • Hello Rachel, I would have appreciate if you were more transparent and honest with your own beliefs, so that I and others who want to follow the Holy Bible, won’t follow the unbiblical doctrines you promote. For clarity it would be kind of you, to state clearly that you believe in the doctrine of Universalism because you think everyone will be saved, Spiritualism because you think after your brother died, that you spoke with him, when in fact that was a fallen angels if what you experienced was real, that you believe in islamic mysticism of Sufism.

      That you ban people who try to follow the Holy Bible, who may have some quirks that they need to improve on, yet you allow them and their beliefs to be slandered and ridiculed on your blog, if you really follow enlightenment you would be just in your responds but clearly from experienced from you and your friends, you are not.

      The person you ban who was just trying to help you and your friends

      • Oh and that you promote Panantheism

      • openness

        People have a tendecy to DEGRADE the world, to give value to a book. the trule HOLY BIBLE is all bibles combined that is FOR ALL THE PEOPLE(eternal brothers). we hold to NO LABELS, as labels are twisted and reshaped within every individual(still living the langauge of man rather than the eternal)..

        man is speration, eternal is unity

        I met a person who has voices that degrade the self, and the voices teaches that person NOT TO TRUST THE WORLD(even as a christian).

        what i told that person is that they have a GIFT. but within that gift, is a LOW VIBRATION(need to make the spirit work WITH that person instead of against)…

        the VOICES t hemselves IS A GIFT as it comes from spirit(connected to ALL THAT IS)..
        the problem is that within the LOW VIBRATIONS(as they placed trust in christinatity(another label reshaped by humanity)). they are unaware of the VIBRATIONS that flow through the WHOLEWORLD(spirit to flesh as we are all part of ONE BODY).

        Heaven and earth take up the same space. the difference is the vibration(outside of time).
        even as oppeness disagrees with that which goes against his own religion, we are still all saying t he same thing(yet disagreeing with eachother)(keeps all of us imprissioned within that low vibrations).

        once they take the time to CHERRISH THE WORLD(the person with bad voices) in every moment of their lives, and all the people in the world becomes a gift instead of a curse to self, then that person will start to GIVE(the true spiritual christ shared in us all), instead of the low vibrations(the satan within us all), that person now contains LOVE in all..

        LOVE is the smallest element that is within EVERY ELEMENT.

        as long as u follow t he holy bibe in any religion(missing the point of it all together), then nothing will every change. you will die without experiencing heaven all together(as every christian to this day has done)..

        you cant be part of something that does not involved every person on earth.
        you have to love all in order to bring out the christ within yourself)(ourself).

        there is NO PERSON NAME CHRIST, christ is a spiritial aspect of self(in everyone), which binds us all together.
        it is within the beliefs of a religion in which we turn the BOOK into something it is not.

        no person is more or less important than another. we are all of highest honors, and even within the deceptions of religions, even you would agree when worded in a certain way.

        there is no NEGATIVE on this site, and we are all growing together..

      • Hello Antihacker101 I don’t know where or how you came to believe what you do, but there is some things you said that only comes from the Holy Bible. The word Christ, that is actually a title and it means Anointed One, the One who is the King of kings and LORD of lords, Who is like GOD who would come incarnate to this earth, to sacrifice Himself in order to pay for our debt of sins. The time when The Anointed One would come and be cut off, is given in the Holy Bible Daniel chapter 9 and verse 26, just for the record that is what the word Messiah refers too and if you don’t believe in the historical existence of the only True Christ then a quick YouTube or Google search about that question will yield extra Biblical accounts of the historicity.

        For the record the word eternal means always existing never not existing, that is the Only True GOD, everything else is created and Christianity is not my religion, I just want to follow it.

        If you would like to know more about the Holy Bible, I would recommend and online Bible Study called Landmarks of Prophecy by Amazing Facts Ministry, it is online and completely free. If you want to know the Gospel which means the good news, I would recommend searching on YouTube for Ray Comfort sharing the Gospel.

      • As for the voices AntiHacker101, this is a Pastor called Neil T Anderson, he has done videos talking about people who experienced said voices and other things, “beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves, you will know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:15-20, those voices you write about song like they are intelligent enough to know good from evil, and choose to be evil to a person, I won’t call that a gift.

      • In the Holy Bible John 14:16 mentions was I texted.

      • The Holy Spirit is the only Spirit a person is suppose to have accompanying them, which is given to any true believer and follower, not a strange voice that is saying evil things or misleading people. John 14:16

  4. Rachel,
    What you are saying is inspiring but I cannot help but wonder, if God is leading and teaching you, has he led and taught others?
    If so, are their thoughts legitimate or are the only legitimate thoughts my own?
    What about the earliest traditions of the Apostolic Fathers? Those who knew Christ. Do the teachings they have for us matter?
    In short, is it arrogant and prideful for me to discount the contributions of others because I feel constrained by them?

  5. Mike,

    Thanks so much for stopping by . . . you lost me a bit. . . Either way, I think we benefit greatly from the teachings of others especially the Apostles. I think contributions of others expand our understanding in various ways, but we are to test everything against the Word of God. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that is the source of truth. I believe that God through His Spirit and the Word is our utmost teacher – the one we put first in our lives as THE Teacher which all else follows.

    Make sense? First God then others – not either or.


    • i know the date of these blogs. and i know your growth and NEW UNDERSTANDINGS. but since we are all connected. i like to add for new readers.
      the answer above from MIKEBritton is that you cant see god WITHOUT everyone else. each time the word god is shown the bible, EVERY PERSON ON EARTH is part of that label.

      the situation trying to be portrayed in the original intent is that, as man, we live in seperation. and we turn against ourselves, but through god(the eternal), each MAN is just a tiny element in which god flows through which makes each person a part of self(through god). to put god first is to see GOD IN ALL. but to live in sepertation, you are giving to t he natural individual instead of ALL COMBINED as ONE SPIRIT(we are all part of ONE BODY).

  6. Rachel, just stumbled upon your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts (on both blogs) and will visit again! Your subject matter is undeniably complex and your writing sincere and heartfelt. I can truly identify with your desire to empower others to build personal relationships with God/Christ – that is a personal passion of mine as well. I’m sure I can learn a lot from you and your true emotion regarding the subject, however, I would like to point out one thing that I personally cannot align with. That being your use of masculine terms (he/him) to describe God. I believe it detracts from what seems to be your overarching theme of empowering women to seek and find God. Women who have truly suffered (because of men) will find it difficult to build a relationship with God when described with such descriptors. As a heterosexual/white/living in the South man – I say what very few of us do – God transcends gender!

    Thank you for the time!

    Randy H.

    • Thanks so much for coming by and your encouraging words. As for the gender of God – I don’t believe God is a gender because he is spirit. But I use the masculine because that is what his Word uses. I believe he designed this world including the genders to illustrate truths and teach us about Him. The genders were his design and he carries the masculine side in his instruction for various reasons. But I see your point. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Wow!! That’s what I’m talking about being all God saved us to be through his power working in us,bringing about changes in his way & time. And being in that deep close relationship is what our Saviour desires for us,what a Mighty God we serve and love! I would sure love to read your book I know it’s filled with wonderful insight.
    Still Standing by God’s Grace

  8. Rachel,

    Thanks for your feedback on my blog! It’s late and I need to get to be getting to bed, but I look forward to getting to know more about you (and learn more) from your blog!

  9. Hey man thanks for the great post. Look forward to reading more!

  10. Hi Rachel,

    I found your wonderful blog while doing a Google search on why we do things we don’t want”. I look forward to reading more of your posts. By the way, how is the book coming? God bless and keep posting!

  11. Dear Rachel,
    Your video gave me great peace and deeper conviction of my own experience with the church system…may the Holy Spirit continue to guide and strenghten you.


    • Donna,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And I return that blessing to you. May we continue to seek that still small voice in our life and follow it.

  12. Rachel;
    You are right on target, from my experience
    there are so many -isms and hobby horses in the “churches” that it makes attending an institutional “church” a frustrating, even depressing experience.
    Jesus warned us that false prophets would deceive many in the end times. Well, with so many “ministers” persuasively selling their own opinions as gospel, how in the world do you know what’s right.
    Of course the answer is to get with the Lord and to stick to Him through thick and thin. Seek Him, spend time with Him, He will not lead us astray. Besides, it’s all about Him, it’s definitely not about them or us.
    I am often frustrated by people who seem to think that the enemy has more power over us than the Lord Jesus, my question to them is who do they think is Lord? If Jesus is Lord then can we trust Him to lead us, and keep us, and teach us? Scripture indicates that that is precisely what He is capable of and what He in fact does, if we let Him, every minute of the day.
    So thank you for being another voice (in the wilderness?) for what the Scriptures say we should be doing, relying on Him, hearing Him, walking with Him, living in Him. It is the message I am trying to spread too.

    God bless you my sister,


  13. Just found your blog tonight and have been encouraged by your posts (and your tweets :)) I especially liked your “Mountain Top Reflections” – a good reminder of how much trust we place in ourselves, our jobs, etc. and take for granted how He alone is the true Provider.

    I’ll be back often – blessings to you !

    • Hi Joe,

      Glad you found me! I visited your blog as well – and I also will be back often. 😉 Always a blessing to find insightful and encouraging bloggers.

  14. Rachel,
    For some reason, I was not able to find your site from the comments you have made on mine, but was able through another one you commented on. (Francis Drake) Glad to have found you. We share a similar passion.

    • Hi Mike,

      That is strange why it didn’t link back to me but glad you found me! And it does seem we share a similar passion. It is so encouraging to meet others out there that do. More and more people are coming to the understanding we share – it is a matter of time and us sharing when the opportunity presents itself. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts on the “Bigger than Me” blog. Rachel

  15. when will your book be available??

    i just discovered your blog (by a comment you did on, and i really appreciate what i read on your blog.

    totally agree with this formulation:”My source of truth is Living Word, the Bible, taught to me by the Spirit. ” having read the same Bible, men have done tons of different denominations. how can that be ?? … we desperatly need the guidance of the Spirit of God

    “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” John 16:13

    • Hi – Thanks so much for stopping by. As for my book I’m ready for the editing stage . . . so hopefully not too long 😉 And yes, how we need to learn to trust and follow the Spirit and not man. Rachel

  16. Sign me up for a copy when it is available!!

  17. Your blog is amazing Rachel , you write really well. And its very encouraging. i would love to read your book whenever it comes out.

  18. Hi Rachel,

    I found your blog through a comment you made on a post over on “Truth Matters.”

    I’ve started reading some of your posts and find them very helpful and encouraging! Since our enemy, the devil, is the father of all lies, we all need to be constantly seeking truth and exhorting each other to do so. Glad to find someone who agrees and is writing to help us do just that.

    “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. ”

    Grace to you, sister!

  19. GDay Rachel… Greetings from Australia… I came across your site on my mate Ian Vincent’s blog. I appreciate your emphasis on an on-going spirit led relationship with the Lord…

    I have a mate in NZ who has been living and teaching on this for years… He is Roy Waldrom and has a site at where all his teaching material and testimony are available.

    I have a blog on here as well at

    Should you want to drop a line my email is
    I also have a facebook page.

    Wishing you every blessing on your walk for this new year!
    martin horrigan
    Warrnambool, Victoria Australia

  20. Amen sister. Keep seeking. You will find. What a glorious and precious Saviour we have. What a comforter and teacher He has sent us. Grow in Him and abide in Him. God bless you sister.

    Love in Jesus and only by His blood,

  21. Hey,

    I recently stumbled on your blog. Thus far, I resonate with many of your views. It is good to know that there are believers who want to accentuate the ‘essentials’ of the faith, and concern themselves with building a true relationship with God, that extends well beyond the strictors of the modern day church.

    • Hi Daniel – Sorry it took me awhile to reply – I’ve been out of town. I find blogs are a great way to encounter others who are like-minded. Glad you found me!

  22. Rachel, I do encourage (Recommend) ALL Christians Pray, and diligently seek the bridegroom King Jesus Christ.

    I have removed myself from all the ways of the World, and it’s drama etc. as shared in (1 John 2:15-17) I have been basically living in my Prayer room, as I walk with God.

    The Bride of Christ has great passion, and Love for King Jesus Christ, and desires to have special time with the Lord in prayer. Now is the time to diligently seek the bridegroom King Jesus Christ.

    Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh! Watch. Matthew 25:10

    King Jesus Christ of Nazareth is LORD.

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. And much agreed – now is the time to seek Him. Seek Him and live . . . Amos 5:4

  23. Just found your blog and enjoyed your piece on the “True Church” I spent 20 yrs in Ministry….first as a missionary overseas, then as a pastors wife. Then it all blew up 15yrs ago. I have never felt comfortable in a “Church” again, but continued to search for it (as I do have very fond memories of the early days of my faith) when we were young and excited about God and could not wait to be together…..I have so many old dear friends back from that time. We have all scattered in various ways, but most are still very committed to the Lord still. We have no Church home. I read the book “So you don’t want to go to church anymore” and felt so freed up from all that…..however I do miss the larger gathering together of the saints….not the churchy stuff, not the building, not the judgments, but the fellowship…..of more than just my couple of friends. I wish I could find a group of people like the one’s in the book. Your piece on the church is exactly how I feel and really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Keep writing. Barb

    • Barb – sorry it took me SO long to response – but I just now saw your comment – some how it was hiding from me on the wordpress dashboard! I’m so glad you stopped by and commented!

      God knows our needs. There was a very long time after I left the Church System that I went with very little fellowship – and God used that time to build a solid foundation in Him. I learned He is truly all I need and He can supply every need. Now He has brought into my life many who I fellowship with here and there. It isn’t about structure, programs, or formal meetings. It is about being real, true and authentic. And I’m far more blessed now that I ever was before. We need to trust Him that He will care for us and give us exactly what we need when we need it in the form that is best for us. Keep up the faith. He loves you more than you know and He is the Good Shepherd.


    • The church is God’s idea. She is the bride of Christ. The Bible says ” Do not forsake the gathering together of the saints.” I agree there are problems in the church but Jesus never prescribed leaving the Church. Look at his response to the Churches mentioned in the second and third chapters of Revelation. He never advised believers to leave the church although he pointed out specific problems in the church. Ask the Holy Spirit whether the decision you made to leave the church is from Him or its the devil leading you. How can Jesus who said “On this rock will I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” advice you
      to leave the church. Beware lest you give heed to doctrines of devils.

      • If I may offer what I have learned thus far about some things you mentioned …

        The Christ (The Spirit of God, of which Jesus was consciously and fully one with, thus Jesus “Christ”) builds HIS church (those who are anointed with or awakened to the Christ Spirit within them (a spirit of divine truth and divine love) through revelation of the Truth to our spirits from within … as Peter came to this understanding. He didn’t learn it from one outside of him, but by revelation from the Spirit of God the Father from within, the same spirit that was in Jesus. This inward revelation is how the true “Church” is manifested. This inward revelation is the only way our soul can come to know and own the Truth so that we are a part of it. We may resonate with what someone says, but until it is revealed from within in we don’t comprehend the fullness of Truth. When we learn by revelation by the Spirit from within, it is a solid foundation which nothing can overcome because it is Truth, thus a rock. No matter how great the lies, illusions or deceptions that surround us (gates of hell), nothing can shake the foundation that the Spirit of God establishes within our soul for it is Truth – the light is always more powerful than the darkness, so much so that in the light, the darkness is as nothing.

        Matthew 16:16-18 “And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

        Stepping into a building or being a member of an organization, etc doesn’t make one a part of Christ thus the body (substance) of the Spirit of Christ … it is an inner work of awakening the soul to the oneness it has always possessed with the Spirit of God. Therefore, our awakening is coming to this belief of oneness. Truth is what it is. God is sovereign always. As our awareness grows into Truth we come to see what has always been, it is because of our blindness that we didn’t perceive and acted contrary to what is.

        When we awaken to the Christ within, then we also realize our connectedness through the same Spirit to all others who have awakened and eventually to all as all are a part of the Spirit of God. We experience the progression and the manifestation of this oneness, but in Truth we are already one. It is just that some are asleep to who are they are and the One they are a part of and others are awakening to this Truth, but we are all one. Death (separation) will one day not exist in our conscious awareness … this is the the great victory. (1 Corn 15:25-28)

        In the Spirit of Christ we come to realize that all are our eternal brothers and sisters .. there are no divisions, no separations in eternal life – this bond of oneness, love and truth is the true body of the Living Christ, the Spirit of God that flows through and connects us all. Those of this spirit are His “church” that Jesus was referencing.

        If someone resonates with a certain external group … then there is a purpose for it. If one leaves, it is also purposeful. Groups connect because they hold similar belief systems. As we grow in Truth by revelation of the Spirit, we expand beyond once held beliefs. If we aren’t expanding then we aren’t listening to the Spirit from within. We are all born into darkness and if we are moving into the light, it means our understanding is aligning to truth. Though our beliefs vary with others, and we may leave certain groups because our growth requires it, we are all eternal brothers and sisters – of which one day the Spirit of God working within us all will manifest.

        It brings great maturity and growth of Spirit when we begin to see the Truth of these things. When we begin to desire to lose our separate “self” and all forms of separation so that the Spirit of God may flow through us in the perfect expressions of pure love to everyone always, and when we see our connectedness to all because God is all and in all because all is his creation and he is sovereign then we are beginning to find our true home as a part of the bodily expression (substance) of the Spirit of God.

  24. Just ran across your blog. Looking forward to reading more of it.

  25. Hello Rachel,
    My name is Eden and I am the (sort of) editor of Idylls For the King, a new Christian literary blog/journal. I would like to invite you to have a look at the site.I don’t know if you would be interested in or write this sort of thing, but If you would ever like to submit poetry, fiction, or song lyrics you have written, please just send me an email and I will make you a contributer. Blessings,

    • Hi Eden, Thanks for the invite, I’ll check it out.

      • Dear Father Tomlinson,As I read your comment I was glddeaned to know that you have experienced as a result of your move to the Ordinariate what my wife and I experienced almost one year ago in becoming Catholic as individuals in the U.S. (Seattle area). We had left the Episcopal Church, I in September 2008 and my wife following Easter 2009, and begun the journey having no realistic prospect of either an Anglican Use or Ordinariate parish physically accessible to us. Nevertheless, you experienced a sense of peace and of coming home which we experienced at its fullest when we were received and confirmed at Pentecost last year. And, having followed events through your blog over the past year, I had included you and your parishioners in my prayers, that you would have the same sort of experience of being welcomed home that we had experienced. It is good to know that God answers prayers. Welcome home and Deo gratias!Pax et bonum,Keith T pferBothell, Washington, USA

  26. Hi Rachel, I just tonight saw some of your videos I don’t know to much about you but have gotten to know you through some of the content of your blog. I trust that you are sincere and I also believe that your position has probably brought some hurt by friends/church people. I don’t want to communicate any thing hurtful but feel that I must say something perhaps sharpen you a bit.

    I want to encourage you to reconsider biblically your response and judgement of church that is structured. You have missed a lot of scripture with going on a feeling of leaving a public gathering of believers. Some of the questions I wonder about I’ve voiced not for you to neccesarily answer but to show me, there no way we can personalize and privatize – the Body of Christ.

    Who are the deacons that serve the tables in what you are doing, what leaders have you appointed to leadership roles in the ministry of feeding the poor, ministering to the widow, the orphan, those in jail, those in other parts of the world. How are you function in missions programs around the world, making difference there and not just at home? What does accountability look like for you, if people say no to you are they just not friends now and cut off. How do you bring accountability with sin and a response to the commands of Matt 18 reconcilation or process of discipline mentioned in God’s word? Where are the apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists equipping you and your family to be joined together… each doing their part. How do the function of the gifts of the Spirit work with God’s order mentioned in I Cor. 12 and 14 operate when I’m not even apart of body where there is order, leadership, teaching, worship, praise, and fellowship. What kind of witness and gospel invitation is given at funerals, wedding, baptism, child dedications, ect. when you lead a non-church structure life? What church are you apart of in the end time churches mentioned in Revelation – there are 7 churches all of which are gathered locally together and there are overcomers in all of them.

    Some things to think about – the Apostle Paul didn’t start his own thing but joined in with the other apostles and brought debate and structure to what church would look like and be through the leading of Holy Spirit. This was the message that continued throughout the land everyone was apart of the same message, same structure of church, same mission, ect. Once a church was established they built upon the foundation of Jesus but with biblical mandates.

    You cannot love the Head without loving the Body, and I love the diversity of the Body of Christ that functions within the parameters of God’s word. I do find your message very misleading and possibly damaging to dissillusioned believers that are looking to personalize their walk to live out only their comfort level. This message sounds very luke warm to me. Don’t you want to be challenged, rebuked, taught, corrected, trained, equipped ect. all of which sounds pretty structured?

    2 Tim 3:16-17
    16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,
    17 so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

    Rachel, I hope you the best but the best is found in God’s truth. You didn’t have to break off fellowship with the church you were at, as long as they were a John 3:16 gospel church… I hope that you can see the importance of being connected to local body that functions as a body and not a few body parts thinking they have all that they need. You need the Body of Christ locally gathered functioning as God’s word declares it functioning.

    Acts 2:44-47
    44 All the believers were together and had everything in common.
    45 Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.
    46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,
    47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

    What do you think?


    • Hi Clayton – I truly appreciate your comment … and the care that you expressed. This is a challenging topic indeed …. I once believed as you have shared in your comment, but since I started abiding, reading and meditating on the Word daily – that changed. It isn’t simply a feeling which can be misleading. It was the prompting of the Holy Spirit along with the Word of God. Not sure what you’ve read and haven’t but I attached some further links at the end of this comment, also I have a category “Outside the Church System” – this is a loaded topic.

      My love for others especially for the lost sheep has only grown by God’s grace. That is my passion for this blog and all else that I do. I want people to experience the depth of relationship with God grounded on truth and spirit. To be truly united to Him in truth, His Word.

      I start deeply seeking God 10 years ago .. seeking to really know Him. To know Him beyond my filters and current perspectives … 3 years into it, what I was reading and learning wasn’t coinciding with what was happening in the churches. In time, I left as I felt it was God’s will. It was difficult because I grew up in the institution – but I had to honor what God was confirming to me in His Word, things I’ve written about on my blog. Once I left, my eyes started to open so much more. My walk has deepened in ways I never imagined. The Word has become alive in my life on many levels.

      As for fellowship, the magnificence and perfection of true and real fellowship has amazed me. I’ve never been in a more true fellowship with others as I am now. The body isn’t about an institution, it is beyond that. Often those who have those gifts you mentioned don’t carry the formal labels. They aren’t appointed by man but by God. And God provides. He provides the body as we need it. He is so powerful. The true body is attracted to each other. It’s amazing. Accountability can come from others, but true accountability comes from the Holy Spirit. We can hide our lives from others and many do … but you can’t hide from the Holy Spirit. He is the best accountability partner I’ve ever had. People dismiss this … but they don’t understand this power and connection of a true relationship with God. It is very real. It changes everything. Further, the Holy Spirit is an incredible teacher .. He teaches in a way no human can. He writes the truths on your heart. My own life is my testimony. I’ve simply followed where God has led, and the journey is proof to the perfection of His perfect will.

      Jesus didn’t come to the system. He didn’t preach setting up a physical institutional system. He talked about the kingdom of God, a place made without hands, whose authority is God, whose head is Christ. Look at His teachings … what He demonstrated. It wasn’t about a system.

      I know this is a tough issue … I know people can perceive it as offensive … but that is what the truth does. If I felt the Word was saying that the system was going to be reworked … then that would be my focus. But I don’t feel that is what it says. I believe it says there will be a new Jerusalem that comes down from heaven .. a temple made without hands … this is what is eternal and real and incorruptible. I believe that is what is being prepared and ushered in … thus why the change from the current system.

      Hope this helps explains a bit more.

      Unhealthy vs. Healthy Fellowship

      Babylon the Great

      Leaving the Sanctuary Verses

      • very well writen by clayton, but in it all was mans structure and programe, sounds good, but its like god in a box!! it reminds me of the old keith green song where he says i dont care how big ya steeple is or how many buses ya got,,,, do you love your wife???? Daniel never bowed to the false system of worship and his acountability was god himself,!!! have you heard steve mcveys book, grace walk, or grace rules? or seen his blogg, 101 lies taught in church, interesting stuff,!!

    • That is correct! Amen!

  27. Hi Rachel, it’s me again, I didn’t think you would actually respond back thank you!

    In my honest opinion verses your opinion, I think your understanding of the book of Revelation is really off the wall a bit, sorry! I’m trying to understand your understanding, and it’s getting further off the map for me. Really this understanding is the thrust of what I believe has gotten you on the road your on.

    You must be rendering or understanding or believing that we are living in the 1000 year reign of Christ, that all the judgements of have taken place the church has been raptured and we are now left to fend for the faith on our own??? The church of the NT was birthed on Pentecost and is present without spot on wrinkle through the blood of Jesus. It’s the blood and the work of Jesus that makes the church righteous before God, nothing else.

    Your response to me before was, “Jesus didn’t come to the system. He didn’t preach setting up a physical institutional system. He talked about the kingdom of God, a place made without hands, whose authority is God, whose head is Christ. Look at His teachings … what He demonstrated. It wasn’t about a system.”

    I’m not following this “system” terminology maybe. Are you saying church? Whether you like it or not your establishing a system too.

    Jesus did established a New Covenant, a new wine skin, called the church – which was a new promise through Jesus Christ which was established and set up by the Holy Spirit coming to those that call on the name of the Lord, which none of this could of been done without Him going to the cross and shedding His blood. I don’t think you disagree with that so far but you are teaching the church age ended and it’s over… that’s a real bad teaching Rachel!

    If we want to see what Jesus acually said about the church let’s see His own words, which are very different from yours.

    Matt 16:18-19
    18 And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.
    19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

    The church is being built, it is not dead, it is not Babylon, it has not ended, it is not corrupt, it is not a system, it is the church – which is people who have called on the name of Jesus to be saved – amen! The church is only thing on this earth that has a promise to never be overcome.

    Jesus was committed to and had a habit (custom) of going to the synagogue (Father’s House).

    Heb 10:25
    Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another– and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
    – the word encourage is a greek word ‘parakaleo’ which is two words mean draw alongside and call. It paints the picture of team coming together to encourage their lives. How is that a bad thing, when Jesus did it and set the church up through the Holy Spirit to continue to do it but with the power of the Holy Spirit which makes those gathers even more powerful. That’s a good thing Rachel!

    Acts 17:2-3
    2 As his custom was, Paul went into the synagogue, and on three Sabbath days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures,
    3 explaining and proving that the Christ had to suffer and rise from the dead. “This Jesus I am proclaiming to you is the Christ,” he said.
    – Apostle Paul also had a habit of gathering together.

    Matthew 16:18-19 shows us for something to be built there has to structure and the Bible is full of the plans that God has set for His church. We must submit (the church) to Christ, and that means listen to His word which speaks of love and promise of the church.

    Come on Rachel read it, this sounds great and it’s not what you are saying about the church. This is the church!
    Eph 5:23-30
    23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.
    24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.
    25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her
    26 to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,
    27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.
    28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.
    29 After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church–
    30 for we are members of his body. (NIV)

    When I read some of you articles on end times, they sound a little similair to the Mormon ideas of Joseph Smith coming to America, without any regard to scripture fulfillment. It sound similair to the Muslim revelation that had an experience and wanted to start their own thing seperate from the Jewish roots and Christianity.

    Your comments on, “judgement starts with the house of God” is exactly what I feel you are doing, but God loves the church and is using the church, the body of Christ to reach the world.

    You have used this verse; 1 Pet 4:17 For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

    – now serious look at these verse and go up a few verses, what is Peter talking about. He is talking about persecutions of the world against the people of God (the church). We will get persecuted and insulted as the house of God. Rachel you are fulfilling that scrupture by teaching and telling people to leave the church, that the church is fallen, that the church is Babylon, and whatever else you are saying.

    I love the church, because Jesus loves the church and died for it even before he birthed a New Covenant one on the day of Pentecost.

    Can we be honest what kind of church denominations were you from? What happened to make you against God’s church? Maybe that will help me in understanding where you are coming from and why this path you are on is so confusing, and destructive to God’s church that will NEVER be overcome because Jesus is building it!! I want to be a part of what Jesus is building and what he died for and what he sent His Holy Spirit for and what he was even committed to and had a habit of going to. He was perfect yet He still went. I want to ask you for forgiveness of whatever has been done and said by members of the church. I’m very sorry. Rachel you need the church, and the church loves you.

    Ps 92:13
    planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God.

    Sincerily in Christ,


    • Hi Clayton, perhaps part of the problem is terminology – because I agree with certain things you are saying …

      For me and when I write …. True church = body of Christ = those who come in truth to God by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Those who abide in His truth and follow God wherever He leads. They are united together in one spirit.

      Church system = the man-made institution, full of man’s teachings and doctrines mixed in with God’s, ordinances, rules. It’s a business. It contains of those of God and those not, though I believe the true church is separating itself from the system as the end draws near.

      I see these as two different things. I think you see them as the same?

      So, I agree with you that the true church is the body of Christ. This Church is built by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, as Peter came to know Jesus as the Christ not by man but by revelation of the Holy Spirit .. that is how the true church is built.

      However, what you see in scripture and today is a man-made system that has connected/overlapped itself with the true church. … how much more so now? This man-made system/institution is what I’m referring to … not the true body of Christ. I see them as separate – though some think them as one. To me it is obvious they are not.

      From the parable in Matthew 13 of the wheat and tares .. we know that they are mixed together and allowed to grow together for a time, then at some point they are separated out. From what I see and what I read I believe we are in that time of separation. The true church still is very connected … they always will be.

      Not going to a church building doesn’t mean you are forsaking the true body of Christ. The true body isn’t defined by a building. It’s defined by the souls that are truly a part of Christ – where God is the head. True believers don’t forsake … they love the true church, even those not aware of God’s love yet.

      From my experience and observation, this separation is guided by the Holy Spirit, just as someone coming to really know Christ as Lord is– it isn’t by the persuasion of a person. People either “see” or don’t. We each have to put God first, seek Him with all our heart, soul and mind and follow where He leads. No doubt people differ on what that looks like – but that too is a part of His plan.

    • That is correct, Clayton! Yesss!

    • I totally agree with you Clayton. I think our sister is lost. I once wrote a comment quoting some of the scriptures you quoted

  28. Well said Rachel,

    It often challenging to express why the change from the norm to something that is different. I don’t see where in scripture that what we have today is actually in the bible? Can you imagine Paul or Peter running a ministry or church like we have today back then? I just don’t see it. But it still doesn’t make it wrong to have that style of church.

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Yep still growing and learning! I think in this country our example of church is far different from other countries. I have read and listened to missionaries that have experienced and witnessed a different and more real church. Biggest confusion is the word “church” we have turned it into a place than a people. They say first time use of the word ekklesia to referred as a christian meeting place was written around AD 190 by Clement of Alexandria. It also has been said that he was the first person to use the phrase “go to church” Before that it was used to refer a people called out.


    • Hi Mike – interesting … that’s been my experience as well – churches varing in different countries… churches can take on many forms and using the same word for all of it is confusing.

  30. Yes, I do see Paul and Peter a huge support and attached to a local church. It’s pretty easy to see that as a majority of the NT shows that. They were encouraging local churches, because they helped establish and plant them.

    Yes, the ‘church’ means called out ones. To be called out you have to be in though! You have to have a home base from which you are called out from.

    The followers of Christ had two mandates – a commitment to a local church body and a commitment to reaching out to spread the gospel. This is the biblical way and truth that we need to follow to be effective for God. Our ways, are not His ways so the whole issue of church needs to be Biblically based. Until we’re in heaven, the church will be.
    Acts 2:46
    Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,

    The account of the wheat and tares in Matthew 13 – the tares are the sinners not the church people that believe in local churches. I hope you agree with that. There will be a day for judgement and the sinners (tares) will be revealed to be judged and the wheat (church) will be shown. There is a lot of things to happen until then. This is again a big end times teaching where we looking at Rev. 6 and 14 being fulfilled. This big gathering is eternal judgement which means tares going to the lake of fire and the wheat going to heaven where all the OT saints and all the NT saints are gathered all together. You can’t apply this to now, as it is prophetic! In no way does this apply to the church as it wasn’t even birthed yet.

    This is my concern; the church ceases to become spiritual when it becomes self seeking. There must never be a focus of developing our own lives and leaving others to their own. We are not hear to develop our own ideas and our own spiritual retreat. We must be a collective Body in local areas building His Body, for the glory of God. Our teaching must build not tear down. We need to encourage and be overcomers in our local churches. The problem and reason for people seperating from local churches and do their own thing is that they have become self sufficient primarily because of materialism! Rich people love doing there own thing because they have money.

    Nothing has changed; Jesus is building His church… and the church will continue to grow as local churches being equipped and sent out to reach more people.


    • Hi Clayton – God loves you, God loves me. He loves His children. He desires all to have a relationship with Him, a real relationship that is personal and built on truth. He desires to abide in unity with each one in truth and love. We often give lip service to this will of His and not our lives. Let’s stir one another in this relationship we are each to nuture. When we each focus on that relationship with HIm, then all will follow as it should. Many get so distracted with other things … and neglect this foundational truth and will of God. He is to be our first love. If our energies are governed toward this desire of God and especially encouraging others to develop this relationship, as no one can do it for them, then the rest of this stuff will play out as it should.


  31. Well, quite a discussion here! The core issue, it seems to me, is to have a personal, living, spirit-led, daily relationship with Jesus. This comes by spending time with Him and in the Word. Fronting up to a building at 10;00 a.m. Sunday or 7;00p.m wed. house meeting is not the same thing. There are may different religious [denominational] clubs, each with their rules, requirements, agendas, etc..If relationship is defined as allegiance the “system” [of whatever stripe] then that misses the point. The meeting together of the saints is spiritual-believers drawn in to fellowship by the Holy Spirit… it is organic, living and relational.

    • Hi Martin – much agreed that is the core issue, and to be our focus. If we attend to our relationship the rest follows. Thanks for your comment, and it’s good to hear from you 🙂 Hope you’ve been well.

      • Rachel.. good to hear from you.. you might find some material of interest on Roy Waldrom’s Facebook page.. he’s been putting up some good observations. We chat skype–daily.

        Good to see you are soldiering on with the blog and these issues…
        blessings…will keep following the””conversation””


      • Hi Martin, thanks – I’ll check it out. 🙂

  32. Thanks Rachel and Martin,

    My thoughts also, but I also see that our relationship with God will cause me to love the church even more. Church is like a family, you take the good you take the bad because they are family you stay committed to loving them and being family. Not because you agree with everything, not because they are perfect, not because it’s all your way. No, you stay as a family to them because they are family. The church is the same! May we never bash, slam, slander, talk down the family of God. We need to be in relationship with the family of God.

    We all have systems, whether we will admit it or not. By nature we are systematic, if you don’t agree tell me your protocol in the morning… see what I mean. Our spiritual lives are no different, there are things we do that could probably be canned as a system because of the repetiion in which we do it.

    Jesus was committed to going to a building, it was custom, a habit. It wasn’t that hot in those days either… lots of problems but he went to speak truth in love. Paul was also committed to building a new movement of churches but he also continued to help the old temple in seeing the good news of Jesus. If Jesus was ok with it, why wouldn’t I? We have a responsibility to people also!

    As soon as you become a house church or a believer that has left the church… or say a person that is committed to going to a church ‘building’ you all have a system.

    So the system isn’t the issue it’s the love you have for the family and how you speak of the family is very important because it’s the family of God. Its the blood of Jesus running through His church, so I guess I get a little uptight about telling people to leave the church building because that ‘system’ has ended.

    We need to love God so much and out of that love we love His Bride the church!

    Martin I agree with what you are saying but would add the church is also focused and not a whim and prayer. There is goal, there is a vision, there is a plan, there is so much more to the church than a coffee time, a personal retreat, friendships, ect. There must be a concerted effort of God’s people to reach the lost at every cost! God has entrusted the church to reach the lost through the power of the Holy Spirit. We must go!!

    I love God so much and I want to see him glorified through my life. I can’t live out things my way but His way. I believe my flesh says do what you want to commit to the family of God but I know the word of God and the Holy Spirit are so clear in pointing me to His church that gathers without invitaion to come. Jesus is building a glorious church, with the people that love Him, love His people and are reaching the lost.


    • Hi Clayton –

      This analogy came to me … I hope it helps clarify.

      Kids love candy stores and fast food. The market appeals to them and it simply tastes good. IF that was their only diet, they may stay alive, but the damage done is extensive in many ways. It leads failing health, obesity, low self-esteem, cognitive deterioration, many and various illnesses, and weaknesses to a plethora of diseases. On this diet, they come to the point where they are so malnourished their bodies starve nutritionally and death knocks at the door. They may be getting want they want in the moment, but it isn’t for their best.

      When a child wants a Twinkie – it seems loving to give him what he wants. It makes him happy, and he loves you for it, which also feels good. Is this love? Everyone seems happy, joyful and thankful.

      To not give them the junk food they desire, but to give them the healthy food they need is much better, though they might not like it at the moment. However in the end, they will understand why you did and that you were truly caring for their soul. Is this love? Now when all the parents are handing out Twinkies it gets much harder to not do the same. It even starts to seem like not such a bad idea. What’s the big deal? The power of groupthink is at play. At acceptance of Twinkies, everyone partakes without much thought to the ramifications. Even the parents join in. And when everyone is sick, they don’t see the illness – because it creeps on gradually, other things are blamed – they can’t see it is their diet that is killing them. They are looking to each other for what a bill of health looks like – so they remain blinded.

      Some are realizing the churches are the candy store and fast food restaurants. It’s instant delights that feel good in the moment – even the “stern words of truth” spoken now and then by the pastor and the few scriptures read that are wrapped in opinions, stories and interpretations make all the rest seem okay like tomatoes and lettuce on a greasy hamburger layered with mayonnaise. When you realize that churches, though they seem good on the outside, are actually harmful to your spiritual health and they don’t offer just candy, but are the candy store, you go find some nourishing food.

      Churches are offering seeking souls a buffet of things that feel good at the moment of consumption but don’t do much for them. In fact, if that is their diet, it can and does destroy them on the inside out – thus harder to detect to the undiscerning eye. There are so many examples of this .. but I’ll take what is the main one in my opinion.

      We were instructed to make disciples of the nations … Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, God saves. Only God can resurrect a dead life. But we are to teach those awaking from their sleep to learn from Christ, the Word. That they need to eat of the bread of heaven, for this is life. Because those who learn FROM GOD truly turn to Christ. John 6:45 It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught by God.’ Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me. But instead what happens far too often.. Jesus said, Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves Matthew 23:15

      The first fellowship we are to have is to be with God. He is the FIRST love. When we nurture that fellowship with God … then we can have true fellowship with others – whatever level we are at. Otherwise we are sitting/feasting with demons or those holding doctrines of demons. 1 Timothy 1:4 Sounds powerful… but if people don’t fellowship with God and have that individual relationship, who truly is their God?

      This individual seeking under the tutelage of Christ isn’t found in the lives of most church goers.

      In the Bible (esp. books of the prophets) you learn and when you look around you see the institutional church as a whole hinders this discipleship (the bread of life) because it sets people up to be dependent on humans, not God. Isaiah 29:13 It greatly hinders them from seeking due to the many wayward doctrines and teachings, structure and misplaced praise. The church is presented and structured to have people learn from people, to trust in their words and their interpretations of words, not learn from God. The church leads people to be disciples of other people instead of Christ. They are eating Twinkie’s instead of vegetables.

      You can test this ill-placed feasting by asking the majority of church goers: Who is your teacher? Where did you learn about God? How much time they spend in the Bible one-on-one with God learning from the Holy Spirit who was given to you for this purpose? Look at what/who they trust? See who they truly fear? See who they obey, really? (the multitude of denominations should give you a big hint here) See who they refer to in terms of what they have been learning. See who they truly follow? It’s other people, not God. 2 Timothy 4:3, 2 Thessalonians 2:10

      Now you may have to listen in-between words … they often speak one thing and do another. The self-deception runs deep. But if you listen and observe you will see their true trust.

      The churches starve souls. There is a famine in the land for a lack of the Word. Amos 8:11 You see the starving souls everywhere. I’m constantly talking to them … people who have been in the church system for years. It brings them in offering them the kingdom of God … but another person can’t give us the kingdom, only when we go diligently walking the narrow path ourselves – the one that few find and walk. Matthew 7:13-14 All people can do is point to the path but we must walk it. But the reality is churches step in the place of where God should be – offering to fill the void and need – one they can’t do it, and two they weren’t meant to do it. People stop truly seeking the face of God and that leads to spiritual death and decay.

      Some say, at least the Twinkies are better than nothing.. but it’s not better when the healthy lavish garden is abundantly available – it’s just people have been mislead about it’s existence and availability. And yes it isn’t the instant gratification (there’s a whole other analogy in that aspect)

      Look at most in the churches, ask the church goers about their time and where it is spent? It will reveal their God. And God isn’t the church. They are two separate entities. Yes, He loves His people. And those abiding in Him do as well. But the love of God coincides with truth, and what is truly good for us. People need to be awakened and stirred because they are starving as they are. But as long as the “authorities”, the pastors and leaders who they trust, say all is good (saying peace, peace) even when there is not – that is what their followers will believe. It is a death trap to many souls.

      So is this love? Or is pulling them out of the candy stores and fast food shops and leading them to the garden of vegetables and every healthy food? Sure, they have withdrawal and want to go back to the candy and fast food – it tastes good and is instant … but we know where that leads.

      But here it gets even more serious … God is very serious. He loves His people. He won’t let the starvation continue on as it has forever. The cries of those souls are coming up to His ears. Thus He is sending out the Word about the true feast – the one He gives. Ezekiel 34 The truth is leaving the churches more and more every day. Most have not sought God, so it is going down the path of that choosing – lies, deception, which is the heart of Satan’s game play. Ephesians 5:11

      Lamentations 2:7 The Lord has spurned His altar, He has abandoned His sanctuary; He has given up the walls of her palaces Into the hand of the enemy. They have made a noise in the house of the LORD As on the day of a set feast.

      The prophets speak volumes of what is happening. Many think because of what they’ve been taught by others that their words don’t apply to them. All applies to us. We need to examine all of our lives by the Word of God.

      What is love? What is the most loving thing to do? But more important, what does God ask us to do? His love is perfect. We have to trust His leading, and it is clear He is leading those desiring the bread of heaven out of the candy stores and fast food chains.

    • my responce to all what has been said concerning assembling your selves together in the meeting house is if anyone has that true love of god in his heart and soul he or she she would never ever leave the regular church system unless forced out like excomunicated by the heads in authority of the place amen

  33. Clayton, I agree it is His work in us by the Holy Spirit that the world needs to see in believers. We are his workmanship, not our own. As Jesus is building the church, it’s his job to shape the living stones- us. Our desire should be to reflect Christ in us. It is to that the world would respond. Regards and Blessings..

  34. Rachel I don’t agree, obviously with what you are saying. Your message can be divisive, destructive and contrary to what God has declared in His word.

    Thank you for you analogy I’m sorry you feel that way and think those things.

    The church I see and I’m a part of is held together by the Holy Spirit to help transform people to His potential. I love being part of what Jesus is building by His Holy Spirit.

    I’m not the one declaring a destructive message on the internet, but you have chosen to do this and it’s so loaded with untruths, fear, threats, guilt, condemnation that it’s hard to believe you are saying such things about His church. Your not talking about buildings and systems but people in buildings. You are talking about people living out what they believe is the will of God for their lives. I want to believe your intent isn’t to be like this but you clearly are not building but continue to tear down people in the church that go to a building.

    You interpret scriptures from the OT and then say they are talking about the NT church or context. Then in NT scriptures you refer to worldly, ungodly things as the church. I’m sorry your premise leads you to speak against the church. It would do you well to build instead of tear down.

    There’s a world that needs to hear the gospel, that Jesus loves them and can save them from their sins, death and the devil.

    You quote this scripture in reference to the church… wow, unbelievable.
    Eph 5:11
    Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

    Rachel your gospel is you won’t go to heaven if you go to a building that comes together as the church… that’s what I’m hearing you say. That is so shallow and void of God’s truth. It is the righteousness of Jesus that gets me into heaven, not some man made idea of a candy store.

    The whole NT is speaking to a church that gathers together on a mission to fulfill the great commission. I want to be what the words shows us to be!!!

    Acts 2:46-47
    46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,
    47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.


    • Hi Clayton … not sure you are understanding at all what I’m saying by your comments, so it doesn’t make sense to keep going back and forth when their is no understanding.

      May we love others in all truth and sincerity. May we be rightly united to God as He calls us to. May we always put His Word above all others. And may our lives truly glorify Him.

      • Rachel,

        Many just cannot grasp the true meaning of “church” and cannot distinguish between the true and the false. Much is said in scripture about both. The women in Refelations represent the church. One of the women produced the man child or the elect, one rode upon a beast (system of government of man). So here we have two women, one able to produce mature sons and another which produced people who looked outwardly like sons ( the five wise and the five foolish). Both looked alike, dressed alike, spoke alike and the foolish even had spiritual gifts of tongues and healing and prophecy. Many of the five wise and five foolish passed through the same systems as the other. Some came out (“come out of her my people and be not partakers of “her” sins and so some stayed and some came out.

        The false system is dominated by the spirit of man which takes the things of God and turns them into their own selfish method of attracting people unto themselves. When people cannot distinguish between good fruit and bad and it’s source they can never see and discern between false prophets and good prophets for often times their words are indistinguishable. Now even the five foolish was surprised that they were rejected for they actually thought they were ministers of God…they were in the “building” so to speak, they were organized, they had their structure of bishops, overseers, and gifts which they used to convert others to “their way” of thinking, thinking they were perpetuating the kingdom but were only building their own numbers and agenda. These five foolish actually thought they were right and would ridicule the five wise just as they do today.

        A person must be given “eyes” to see the true kingdom and what it is and where it comes from. Many of these who have been given spiritual eyes to see must see all things spiritual as the foolish could not.

        One way to be know by one’s fruit is if one is always taking the gifts of God and using them to increase congregational numbers thinking this type of gain is godliness when in most cases the foolish have only made a proselyte out of someone bringing them out of falseness into another situation just as bad or worse.

        We must therefore seek the true church which Christ explains cannot come by observation with the carnal eye. Brick and mortar certainly can be observed by the natural eye and so many are still fooled and teach as the five foolish in our day…” and more so” than ever.” Denominations by the tens of thousands of the foolish blind leading the blind”. Now we are not to condemn the people that are imprisoned by the systems but the systems themselves which dominate the people by whatever label they may wear. So let those of us who the veil has been lifted from,… to see the true church (one here and one there that have came out) is made up of living stones where the church resides in their heart (the wise) and no one can see this church by observing it for it is spirit and can only be seen and observed by the spirit. One does not have to go to to an observed church ( by the nTural eye) to worship in spirit and in truth….however when one “sees” and participates in the true they are free to go anywhere whether it is a building called a church, a home assembly or a tree in the middle of a pasture to meet and share the word ( spirit) of God with another.

        To an enlightened one, no one is excluded from Heaven by their affiliation with the true or the false for all are on a journey from falseness to trueness, from the natural to the spiritual. So…we pray for all, whether blind or not. The true church condemns no one to being lost but prays for all to see and if God does not permit one to Ge elevated to the 100 fold way of being and thinking…. all is still well in the end for all will be separated into one of three folds or orders…some 30, some 60, and some 100. None are lost, no not one, just different rewards for their level of understanding and obedience to it.

        So we do not condemn the blind, we pray that all may see all that God permits them to see… and whatever sight God allows another…we thank God…for it and pray Gods will to be done for others and whatever order and class God permits to us all. We accept all in whatever order God has them in…and pray that they move up if it is Gods will. If it is not Gods will we accept this also. We must get over thinking we must all see alike and there is only one reward. We see according to our own calling, therefore we should not condemn, argue and debate another according to what they understand. I will say it is always the carnal man and mind condemning the spirit because it is the carnal man that is always looking for fault (five foolish) in others to put them beneath their own version of the truth for they see as Eve does, from the fruit of knowledge and not of love ( the tree of life…Christ attitude).

        There is much to say about church progression, from the natural to the spiritual, and there is even more to say and understand on how church us to be conducted. When we keep the true church floors swept and clean, our foundation in Christ, we sweep it clean from condemnation and instead build on the truth, the love of God for all, in all, until we all come all we can be, in Him.

        Whatever “church” one is in, be serious about seeking the love of God in all things, leaving and foresaking wanting to be recognized (ego) and admired (pride of life) in what we say and do. The “most “blind, as the five foolish, are in the outward church made with hands, conversely the wise see wherever the natural body is, it is the condition of the heart which makes one wise and true.

        The plan of God is all conclusive, it is the order which separates our understanding of the kingdom and its order. Not all have the same order and calling therefore we all a are given to our abilities…given us in Christ. God lives all in their order given them,we are to do the same. “Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus.” It is all inclusive.”

        Regards to all


    • Hi, Clayton! You are very right, clear and correct. I’d like to have a 1-st, maybe brief, conversation with you. I’m hoping to connect with me through skype: m.raynov (or Mitko i Mariela Raynovi). I’ll wait. Strive boldly!

    • Clayton, I agree with you to disagree with Rachel about her view of church. Church isn’t perfect nevertheless is God’s church. As long as it’s gathering of authentic, born again believers to worship and obey God as a collective body ,it’s a church even though the organization of it may not perfect. I attend church weekly. I don’t agree all with how things are run . if we stay away from church for a long time we’re not connected to the body n we become easy prey to scheme of the evil one . watch out !

      • The “church” in the time Christ walked upon the earth and where it had grown to from its origination of being founded…it had finally become very “dominated” by man. Man had taken the things of God and taught the people to look at themselves , the priest, and to pursuance people to love them instead of teaching the people to look to God.

        The ritual in and around the temple became something to be “admired” in and of itself instead of the priest teaching what they stood for. The outward was all they knew and understood. This is why Christ scolded the Saducees and Pharisees…they were so enamored with the praises of men the could not see, when Christ came, that the “church” was moved from the outward to the inward temple. “Know you not that you are the temple of God.”

        And so it remains today, that the church was made an inward “building” of lively stones in which we are, with Christ at the head or “chief corner stone.”

        Since Christ the true church is not one that one can see by observation because it is in the individual heart. No one can observe God’s true church because these are made up of people who have been raised up in spirit to see that that does not come by observation. You can see a denominal church building with the natural eye but you cannot see the true church (s) because they are within a person’s very being and they walk in their temples 24/7.

        The ritual of the buildings ended with Christ just as He explained in the New Testament. Having said all this, nothing is to be condemned from our perspective and heart. We are born condemned already to vanity and we are to grow out of our fallen state. So those of us who have passed through the rituals and symbols and have learned from the natural, we now see a much more enlighten way, and that is keeping our temples clean within our hearts. We are to keep our temple swept clean of thinking that buildings, rituals, symbols and types are spiritual things when they are only an explanation of the true.

        We all must learn to live in the spirit, to be kind to those who would take the “type” and not understand there is an “antitype”, the true meaning. To argue about meanings of words and debated another condescendingly shows that one has no understanding of the scripture at all. This is because all the law and prophets (rituals, building and sayings) hang on the two great commandments and these are about loving God and your fellow man in the same manner.

        If one’s “knowledge” does not teach one to love, they have studied in vein for their knowledge has produced no fruit, for we will not be known by our knowledge of the fruit but the fruit itself. We respect (love) another while we discuss with this particular other the things that interest us…and them. If our intention is to prove another wrong (even if they are) with an attitude of variance then we have missed the whole point and have defiled our temple. To discuss with love and respect and wait for the Lord to open the eyes of another…we do so with patience.

        So there is a lot to be said about the church and where it is…when we know it is within we do not use the excuse that it is off out there somewhere waiting for a one hour visit on Sunday. Those who worship in the true temple do so 24/7 with no arguement and no excuses of ” I went to church on Sunday” leaving room to err on Monday.

        So…. Some food for thought for those who don’t understand the spiritual place of the church. It is my opinion ( for what it’s worth) is that the one who is being accused of being wrong is actually the one who is correct in the explanation of the false and true church. Look within.

        Much peace and enlightenment to you.

      • amen danny soon

  35. Isn’t it sad that in any small town there will be on one corner “The church of….” and on another corner , “The first reformed church of the….”” and on a third corner ” The Holy church of….” etc etc.
    There are sincere people who would be attending all three venues at the appointed time on any given Sunday, each of whom believing they are doing what they understand to be the Lord’s will for them.
    Perhaps the question is what is being worshiped- ? the particular religious franchise or the Lord of the Church? The true Church is a spiritual entity which the Lord is building by his Holy Spirit. It is not a brick and mortar enterprise. True worship is is in Spirit and Truth….

  36. On the other side, just a true… isn’t is sad that there people in that same town sitting in their wood and brick homes because they can’t worship with those in the wood and brick buildings because they are better and more arrived in the spirituality to need to walk with them…

    The question always is what is being worshipped. In some of those places they are worshipping wrong things and in others they are fulfilling what God set up in His Word – a large gathering of the saints and a small gathering in homes. Both of these are needed, not one or the other, but both. I good with home gatherings, life groups, cell groups, whatever you want to call them. Jesus had his 12 but he also made it a custom to gather at His Father house. The disciples in the book of Acts also continued this, Father’s House, and house gatherings.

    We cannont fulfill the big picture of God’s plan by by sitting in your home as a soloist. Another eample; think about the generosity of the Macedonia churches in the NT they were known for the generosity for building the Kingdom. These were not soloist having home meetings but these were churches united in corporate vision for the Kingdom of God. Their heart was to, “share in this service to the saints.” Verse 5 kinda speaks why they did it!

    2 Cor 8:1-5
    1 And now, brothers, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches.
    2 Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.
    3 For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own,
    4 they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints.
    5 And they did not do as we expected, but they gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God’s will.

    When we pull apart the army of God into little home gatherings we diminish the strength of the bodies gifts, visions, resources, finances, ect. We must work together. The Holy Spirit unites in spirit, so why and how can we ever think the same Holy Spirit is going to pull us apart into smaller soloist, individualized faith groups. I can’t do a lot things, but I can through supporting others by teaching, praying, financing, sending short missions teams, equipping, ect.

    I have never worshipped a brand of Christianity and don’t believe a majority of Christians do either. I have however seen many people try to live out a indiviualized Christianity, which really is a contrast of truth in what Jesus showed us to do.

    Matthew 26:42
    He went away a second time and prayed, “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”

    – sounds like another account of Jesus showing us that we need to think about others over our will.

    I’ll say it again; the church that gatherings in buildings fulfills the will of God together because each does it’s part.

    Eph 4:11-16
    11 It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers,
    12 to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up
    13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.
    14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.
    15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.
    16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. (NIV)


  37. John 4:19-24

    19 The woman said to Him, Sir, I see and understand that You are a prophet.

    20 Our forefathers worshiped on this mountain, but you [Jews] say that Jerusalem is the place where it is necessary and proper to worship.

    21 Jesus said to her, Woman, believe Me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither [merely] in this mountain nor [merely] in Jerusalem.

    22 You [Samaritans] do not know what you are worshiping [you worship what you do not comprehend]. We do know what we are worshiping [we worship what we have knowledge of and understand], for [after all] salvation comes from [among] the Jews.

    23 A time will come, however, indeed it is already here, when the true (genuine) worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth (reality); for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshipers.

    24 God is a Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality).

    This passage illustrates what Jesus told the woman in regard to places of worship, as distinct from the nature and quality of worship. It is, essentially, an issue of relationship, not an address.

  38. Relationship with God and relationship with His church cannot be seperated. You have to love the church because Jesus died for it and sent the Holy Spirit and birthed the church. The address is where they gather in His name to fulfill His purposes. No gathering, no equipping – very simple. Eph. 4 is very clear on the purpose of the church.

    When the Apostle Paul gave His life to the Jesus He immediately was brought in relationship with an address of the church. He wasn’t left to go home and discover His own revelation or to do whatever he wanted to do with this revelation. No, Paul joined in and built together what God was already building and doing. The whole Bible is filled with people that followed God in the same way, including Jesus himself…

    This is not what is being said here on this blog. Why is it ok in the name of relationship to cut off relationships with people that believe in the church and why then promote this division and segregation of God’s people? The message given that I read is that those in the church (address) are lost and going to hell because God is done with it… that is not a message of relationship…

    People need a connection point, a place of encouragement, worship, gifts of the spirit, prayer, discipleship, mentoring, vision for the world, ect. You will not get that on your own and by promoting a message of individualized faith. The body of Christ is not one and is not divided but the true body of Christ gathers together to hear from God and accomplishes His truth through the body of Christ because the Head is the body is Jesus who calls the shots.

    Jesus established the church, eqiupped it, empowered it and continues to breath life through His church. Every where I go around the world I find the church of Jesus Christ commited to the commission of building, sacrificing their lives for the purpose of reaching the lost at all costs.

    • Hi Clayton — again, to not be in a local church building doesn’t mean that you aren’t a part of the true body of Christ, love that body and engage it deeply and in meaningful ways. It isn’t isolation by any means. Most church goers have been taught that fellowship = part of local church. That isn’t the case. Fellowship is gathering of believers anywhere anytime. Just last night my husband and I were talking about true fellowship. Often those in the church talk about the lack of true fellowship – it is a thin and superficial connection. Just because you are in a church doesn’t mean you have fellowship. True fellowship is something you engage in regardless of a church building. There are multiple verses about unhealthy fellowship. We are to honor God’s Word in all senses … so if healthy fellowship isn’t in the church – then it is somewhere else – God will provide; He is very powerful – but most don’t trust Him to provide but instead trust the church. The true church is the true believers and body of Christ that isn’t defined by walls.

      Much of what you say, sounds like you trust in the church system … verses God. It is the Holy Spirit that equips, God isn’t limited to a building to build His true church. The church systems are what create the massive divisions … look at all the denominations. If everyone came under the tutelage of Christ (as we are instructed – to make disciples of Christ) and not man, as they do in the church structure today, then they would be more united. The Spirit connects us … it is amazing to see how God connects the true body of believers – and it’s a powerful unity. The Holy Spirit teaches us … others can confirm and enhance, but the Spirit teaches us. 1 John 2:27 Our trust is to be in God, not humans. God provides every need. God is powerful. God is God. Many look to the church to provide when they should be looking to God. The Rock is God. Our fortress, trust on which we stand. When you really examine much of what you say, your dependency seems to be on the church – and not giving God the power? 2 Tim. 3:5

      Further, I haven’t said those going to church will go to hell. I don’t believe in the hell as most churches preach today for one. But two, I think God is far more merciful with His flock, as history shows, that has been lead astray by false doctrine. But that doesn’t mean they won’t suffer judgment and the consequences of following man instead of God. We reap what we sow. Though we often don’t reap the extent of it, this is God’s mercy.

      Clayton, look at what the church had become when Jesus came to earth? Look at how He spoke to the Pharisees … do you not think the church could become corrupted again? Don’t you think God could do something new again at Jesus’ second coming as He did at His first? He will. The Bible speaks of the New Jerusalem. e are seeing the preparations for that. God set that up that structure that became corrupt – but then man’s doctrines took over making it something it was never intended to be.

      We have to closely study all the Word and what it says about the times we are in now … we need to put our faith in God’s plans and not our own. We need to look to His Word for the truth. We need to trust in Him and His provision. The prophets speak of what will become of the House of God … and when you look around you see their prophecies coming true. It’s hard. My prayers go out to all … that all would come and seek God in truth and spirit and not know Him falsely because of misleading doctrines.

      Many resisted Paul’s words because it was so different from their traditions. God was doing a new thing. They clung to the old. May we not be bound by our traditions and not follow where God is leading us today.

      Church, no church, the focus should be on each one of us cultivating a relationship with God – then we will be able to hear His counsel and guidance. We are to be planted in the good soil, His truth, learning from Him by His Holy Spirit as He has instructed us. If we do, then we will follow where He leads which is according to His plans, not ours.

  39. Might one suggest that fellowship is relational rather than institutional. The church is a spiritual entity; believers are the living stones… Paul writes that “we are His workmanship…”
    In His mercy and grace ,Father God by his Holy Spirit, molds and shapes believers to conform to the character of Christ. Our decision is to be willing to enter the process. Sometimes we, as individual stones need to be chipped to remove the rough edges [attitudes, grudges, resentments etc]. The process may not be comfortable, but the end result will be brilliant. If only we could get it clear that it is the Lord’s construction project and not ours! May we be willing to be shaped and have our thinking renewed by the Word and the Spirit…

    • Hi Martin, love what you said here Martin. How true, it is God’s work and not ours. We so often want to take control, though we really can’t, to make ourselves feel like we are moving forward and doing something. But God is the Creator. Interesting, you comment strongly points to my blog post for this Monday. 🙂 Also, like how you phrased fellowship as relational rather than institutional. And may we all remember the most important fellowship and the one often neglected is with our Lord each morning.

    • My beloved failmy in India my name is Pierina and my husband is Philip, we belong to the failmy of Kingdom Ministries Bendigo.Oh how i rejoice within me that the nation of India has been captured by our God and that He has chosen you dear Pearson and Suganthy to be one of the firstfruits of Gods kingdom in India.I am grateful and joyfully read your email and watched the video through the internet. What a wonderful way to see failmy abroad.The Sovereign Lord has truly shown His justice and righteousness to the nation of India that His Glory may be shown forth. INDIA DOES BELONG TO JESUS.Our Love and blessings to you dear failmy ‘And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.’ (2 Corinthians 9:8) Philip and Pierina

  40. Clayton how can a building being made of living stones? Doesn’t make sense. To be living stone is us in the spirit. A building is made up of bricks and mortar.

    “having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, CHRIST JESUS Himself being the CORNER STONE, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a temple in the LORD, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of GOD in THE SPIRIT.”

    How can a building grow, not including a building campaign? it can’t but a body of people can, through and on Jesus the Messiah. You are hung up on the term church, you are held onto a physical meeting place, no one here is denying that this is wrong if someone decides to go to a building on Sundays for worship. If someone decides to stay home and fellowship in a different way how is that wrong? You have to remember much of what Christianity teaches is not biblical. There is no solid evidence and proof to why everything in the “church” or Christianity is done the way it is. The last thing I think Jesus said was go make disciples…but we got more busy into building pretty little churches, as Leonard Ravenhill would say, they ended up turning the church into a corporation.

    You mentioned earlier that people who choose not to go to the traditional church think they are more spiritual. How can you say something like that when there are countless denominations that are blatantly doing that? The sheer fact of having another denomination just proves that they feel more “spiritual” because there doctrines are more biblical than the other. Not sure what your denomination is but you are doing the same thing, you are claiming we are doing by being more “spiritual.” why don’t you all meet with other churches and break bread together if you are so against that?

    How do you feel about those who who can’t meet in gathering or “church”? Because of the area they are in? What about some of the elderly who can’t go to a building on Sunday? What about the homeless man or even the ex convict. Case in point an old friend who runs a Prison ministry was trying to find a local church to plug in a couple of ex convicts who surrender there life to Jesus, meet with the “pastor” to talk to him about them going there, the pastor declined because of there past. Not sure what it was, but nevertheless they were turned away, guess there was no room at the inn! Many churches have gotten into there own world,there own style and comfortable with there own demographic area that anything outside of that is questionable. Read John 9. The man born blind, here this man was born blind, questioned and questioned, his parents were questioned. What did they do…NOTHING, they were more concerned about being in the Synaque and afraid of the Jews(sounds like church authority to me) the didn’t want to get thrown out. The son however was thrown out, and Jesus met him outside of the their system. “Jesus heard that they had put him out and finding him, He said “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” Don’t misunderstand me I am not saying that you can’t meet the Lord Jesus outside of the “church” and all are lost and miss guided who go to a traditional church, I just think this chapter is a good example of what others held to the only way back then to worship and hear from God. Shows that God is SPIRIT and must worship Him in Spirit. John 4:24

    “Anything that you love more than you love Jesus Christ is an idol. Don’t care what it is. I’m embarrassed to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ tonight, which is totally radically different from the New Testament, so impoverished, so blind, so powerless.”

    “I’ve come to this conclusion: there is a move of God in America today but not amongst the unsaved. It’s amongst the redeemed who are determined by the grace of God to be part of the bride and to be part of the bride you’ve to be divorced from everything in the world.”

    “Whisper in my ear that Satan has moved you up. He says you’re getting to be dangerous to his kingdom. He says you’re spoiling his plans, you’re thwarting his purposes, you’re pulling down his strongholds. We’re not pulling things out, we’re building pretty little churches and little rooms for people to sit around. If Jesus came back, He wouldn’t cleanse the temple. He would cleanse the pulpit.”
    *** Leonard Ravenhill, prophet of his time.


  41. John 2:19-22

    19 Jesus answered them, Destroy (undo) this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.

    20 Then the Jews replied, It took forty-six years to build this temple (sanctuary), and will You raise it up in three days?

    21 But He had spoken of the temple which was His body.

    22 When therefore He had risen from the dead, His disciples remembered that He said this. And so they believed and trusted and relied on the Scripture and the word (message) Jesus had spoken. [Ps 16:10.]

    Here, a great illustration by the Lord in respect of what is being built… stone and bricks or that which is built on Christ-the cornerstone of the church– it’s all relational..
    1 Peter 2:6-7

    6 For thus it stands in Scripture: Behold, I am laying in Zion a chosen ( honored),
    precious chief Cornerstone, and he who believes in Him [who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Him] shall never be disappointed or put to shame. [Isa 28:16.]

    7 To you then who believe (who adhere to, trust in, and rely on Him) is the preciousness; but for those who disbelieve [it is true], The [very] Stone which the builders rejected has become the main Cornerstone, [Ps 118:22.]

    Our true foundation is in Christ… what a gift…!

  42. I trust God and His word that declares an internal and external working of the church. What God does in side of us must come out of us for His glory. The church has an invisibile reality but must also have a external reality. The world looks to the external to see God, the physical church is so needed to display His glory in this world.

    Now the no’s;
    – no I don’t trust man over God, and by that I believe God to build His Church both physically and spiritually. Rachel your message to me sounds like a trust man more than trust God bc you are trecking your own thing and not what God has established and we are to building upon. Who are we, He is the builder we are to fulfill and build on it.
    – no I don’t trust all churches, just like you would trust any gathering in a home that says they are spiritually minded towards God… does it sound like I’m the kind of person that wouldn’t speak to something wrong in the church… I don’t think so…
    – no I don’t feel anyone is more spiritual, however I do believe people are being mislead and not following God’s will to build a church with leadership, accountability, equipping, sending, reach their community and world all from a physical gathering of the people of God.
    – no I don’t believe those that gather in a building are all saved – some are some aren’t

    Rachel you have said this about the church which stands out contrary to what I believe is truth found in God’s word;

    “It contains of those of God and those not, though I believe the true church is separating itself from the system as the end draws near.”
    – this statement is a not found anywhere in God’s word but I believe it shows that you are destructive of what God is building.

    “However, what you see in scripture and today is a man-made system that has connected/overlapped itself with the true church. … how much more so now?”
    – Rachel I see that you don’t believe in what the scripture speaks about the church which I do believe in 100%. God’s word is the only way.

    “From my experience and observation, this separation is guided by the Holy Spirit, just as someone coming to really know Christ as Lord is– it isn’t by the persuasion of a person.”
    – the same Holy Spirit that birthed the church on the day of Pentecost is now aborted it, that’s not the Holy Spirit.

    “This individual seeking under the tutelage of Christ isn’t found in the lives of most church goers.”
    – wow, how do you know that prehaps that judgement statement is at the core of what needs to change in your heart towards the church that gathers.

    “The church is presented and structured to have people learn from people, to trust in their words and their interpretations of words, not learn from God. The church leads people to be disciples of other people instead of Christ.”
    – part of discipleship is training and not only by words but by lifestyle. Jesus give this example as he trained His 12. Kind of sounds like the Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Cor 3:2-3
    You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody.
    You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

    “The churches starve souls.”

    – again wow… a general judgement on all of which their are true followers of God

    “The truth is leaving the churches more and more every day. Most have not sought God, so it is going down the path of that choosing – lies, deception, which is the heart of Satan’s game play.”

    – again a message of leaving the church is given. If Satan were to have a message would he be telling people to leave the church and become more individual… I think he would.

    “Further, I haven’t said those going to church will go to hell.”

    – that’s good, then because some of them are going to heaven AMEN!

    “I don’t believe in the hell as most churches preach today for one. ”
    – ok what’s this about? you don’t believe in hell… you’ll have to elaborate on this one please.

    – Rachel what’s your doctrine, scripture is not against doctrine I want to hear your doctrinal statement after hearing that you don’t believe in hell I’m confused where that came from… PLEASE TELL ME YOUR DOCTRINE!

    “I think God is far more merciful with His flock, as history shows, that has been lead astray by false doctrine. But that doesn’t mean they won’t suffer judgment and the consequences of following man instead of God. ”

    – I believe you are saying the church that gathers will be judged for gathering. Ahhh, what’s going on here?

    “Clayton, look at what the church had become when Jesus came to earth? Look at how He spoke to the Pharisees … do you not think the church could become corrupted again? Don’t you think God could do something new again at Jesus’ second coming as He did at His first? He will. The Bible speaks of the New Jerusalem. e are seeing the preparations for that. God set that up that structure that became corrupt – but then man’s doctrines took over making it something it was never intended to be. ”

    – Rachel the local church that I’m a part of is incredible. We gather with churches from lost of denomination once a year. There is co-operation in evangelism efforts, prayer and ministries. All these churches believe in and preach Jesus as the only way to the Father. They all teach if you call upon the name of the Lord you will be saved. The global church in our world is growing at unprecedented numbers. More people are being won to the Lord today than ever before. Is there bad, yep but where God moves so does Satan… Take a look at when Jesus ministered there was some bad things going on, yet He kept building… Yes, one day there will be new Jerusalem but lots has to take place including the changing our flesh to a new ‘tent’.


    In reference to John 4, what an amazing word God has given us. This scripture is really speaks to the reality of a inner working of the Holy Spirit of which I am so thankful for. It also shows us that the reality of the Holy Spirit coming would mean that this New Covenant was open to all that would call upon His name, despite ethic background and location. This scripture speaks of the invisible global church, internal working of God in our lives. What we need to be careful with is trying to make say something it doesn’t. Does the rest of scripture ignore the physical church, no. The apostles were apart of building a church with leadership/accountability, ect. – to the will of God. That message is found in a majority of the New Testament.

    For example Paul says this and then speaks of the qualifications needed for and elder.
    Titus 1:5
    The reason I left you in Crete was that you might straighten out what was left unfinished and appoint elders in every town, as I directed you.


    Thanks Mike for your comments. Not sure you are getting what I’m saying. Of course I believe in the internal working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I believe in both a spiritual and physically building of the church. There has to be a way to appropriate spiritually what is happening in our lives. It’s kind of like water baptism. I get water baptised not to be saved but to show that I am. The baptism doesn’t save me it just shows my commitment to God’s command to be baptised and publicly declare my commitment to Jesus Christ. When the church gathers together it doesn’t save them it just shows that they are committed to Jesus because of what He has done internally. I wear a wedding ring for the same purposes. The wedding ring is a symbol of my commitment but in no way does it make me married. Are all that gathered saved, probably not. Are all that don’t gather saved, probably not. When ‘christian’ choose to no gather with other church people to fulfill the call of God for them, the community and world then I do challenge them as to following God’s will or their own will. There’s nothing in my flesh to gather with a local church, it purely a spiritual commitment and testimony of my commitment and love for Jesus. I’m not saved because I attent a local church, no I attend a local church because I am saved.

    When ‘christians’ reject gathering together in a group sense to resource their giftings, talents, time, for the work of God it doesn’t communicate a physical commitment of an internal working of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Why? Because it’s not biblical, it’s not based on the truth of God’s word and what it does is weaken their ability to affect and reach the world through joint efforts of the local church. Tell me what you can do by yourself and I’ll tell you what I can through the joint efforts of the local church I’m apart of. My efforts alone might be similar to you, but when joined with a group I become part of something powerful for God.

    Denominations don’t bother me. What we doing on this site can be called defering denominations bc we don’t all agree with everthing that we are talking about. In our city we work with all the church here. Some more than others. We gather all together once a year for worship, prayer and word. We do joint evangelistic efforts. We gather in different location reaching different kinds of people in our city. Our local church reaches different people that the other ones reach, that’s not bad. When there is difference in personalities, intellect, emotional expression ect. people have to go where they feel connected. There are certain people that you connect with bc of similar connection points, what’s wrong with that? There are some church I would dry out in but man there are people in those church flourishing…

    I believe you have to connect at any level you can. If you live in a city with 20 churches find one that is fulfilling the great commission and go for it. If your elderly and can’t get out of the home do something to bring the church in your home. The NT church always found a way to gather locally despite persecution or any other hinderance. There are churches that gather in heavy persecution areas, and they do whatever it takes to meet together and joint together in their efforts to win the lost. That’s happening in persecution while in North America people are finding ways to get out of gathering and join together in efforts to win the lost bc they would rather keeping looking inside their lives to become better. It’s time we starting looking outside and reaching the harvest that is ready.

    The story you talk about is sad, and things happen like that probably more than we want to know. Personally speaking, we don’t have to ask to come to a local church, they should of went. There are probably people in the church that would of embraced those individuals and if not there’s another church down that street that would of.

    Mike, I know there’s problems in the church, that’s because there’s problems in peoples lives. Hey, there were problems in Jesus day and the Bible says he came ‘in the fullness of time’ – the perfect time. It was a bad time, the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, Roman rule ect. but it was a perfect time. Jesus was a perfect leader, mentor, example, totally truthful, fully God, fully man but guess what every disciple deserted him at the cross, one of the disciples took money to betray Him… If Jesus couldn’t lead people to perfect neither can we. Jesus knew all of that was there and all of that would happen and He still went through it all because it was the Father’s will… I don’t know if Jesus was embarassed of the disciples, the Pharisees, ect of His day but what I do know is that He didn’t desert them. He stayed connected, prayed, blessed, went to teach even at the synagogue, reached the lost, discipled a team of 12, the list could go on and on… The love of Jesus was displayed by connection not by disconnection. If we truley love people (which can only come from God’s love in us) then we need to build every bridge we can to include and gather as many as we can to reach the lost at every cost. Anyone and everyone could come to Jesus and feel exceptance and grace but they better get ready because truth would be next because God wants to save them… With the Holy Spirit we can stay connected and make a difference.

    I can sit back and judge the church and those that gather in together and say lots of bad things about it but at the end of the day I can’t deny that Jesus said He was going to build the church and the apostles took that message a formed structures of leadership, church plants, ect. Was it spiritual yes, was it physically to yes. Only what is happening in the internal can be seen physically. Is it perfect, no but neither was the work that Jesus built even though He was perfect.

    The Kingdom of God is here and we need to show the world what God has done in our lives. We need to build and not tear. We need to follow the letters found in God’s word that show us structure and not just a caotic, individualized faith and at the end of the day we need to ask ourselves – are we reaching the lost…? If not you need to change what you are doing because it’s not working… and it’s for sure off track to what God has called us to.

    I don’t gather in a local church because I’m better or more spiritual. I gather in a local church because I’m not spiritual enough to know it all and need other voices that are perhaps younger in the faith, older in the faith, leaders, kids, youth, ect. I’m not capable of staying on track a single member of God’s family, but I need the whole body. I’m not capable of doing all things. I can only do part of the work but together with others the job is going to get down in our city.

    Ephesians 4:16
    From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

    • Hi Clayton,
      I want to begin by thanking you for the sustained position on your side of the conversation. I have been a follower of Rachel’s blog for the better part of this year, but have not spent as much time on a conversation like I have on this one, thanks to you.
      On the other hand I have tried to think why I have been kind of pulled to both sides of the conversation and I have concluded that both sides are committed to the truth. I have been in the institutional church for many years, but have always sensed some void in my pursuit of God even after faithfully listening to sermons every Sunday and even being involved in Christian ministry work. This led me to a personal search of the knowledge of God, as in seeking Him individually where I’d commit extended times of prayer and study of the His God. one of the effects of this has been an increased discomfort with the institutional church which eventually led to leaving the church organization I had been a part of for over 10 years last year. At that time, I thought it was just an issue of finding another church organization that I would be comfortable with, but since then I have come to find out that God was leading me to find Him outside organized religion and experience the Church (head and body) more organically.
      As I have followed the conversation, two scriptures have come to my mind and I want to share them:

      Phil 3:15 Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

      1Cor 11:16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.

      There is a place for both individual part and corporate body of Christ a.k.a house of God in relating with Him. the stones are shaped individually so that they can fit well and function withing the complete house.
      I have appreciated what Rachel is doing over the short period I have interacted with her material mainly because she points people to God, towards building a relationship with their Father by spending time with Him in His word with the Teacher, the Holy Spirit. The nature of the new covenant is that we have an indwelling teacher, one needs only yield to Him:

      Jer 31 :33But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

      34And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more. ”

      What I am trying to say is that there are some truths that only God Himself through the indwelling teacher, the Holy Spirit shall reveal to the individual believer. If my experience is anything to go by, I have grown so much more in the love of God in the last less than an year year than I have in the many years subscribing to the denominational institutions. granted there are many things I learnt over the years intellectually, but that is nothing compared by the knowledge written by God himself in my heart over the last couple of years.
      I hope my sharing will help you trust God to reveal to you what position to take on the issues that seem contentious.


  43. Hi Rachel
    Came across your site by ” accident ” :), searching the web, looking for more guidance on hearing the Holy Spirit, day to day….I have heard Him speak to me on occasion, but desire clarity when hearing His voice….I guess what I am trying to express is my desire to commune and hear Him 24/7….I did watch your video on this which was very helpful….when not engaged in contemplative prayer, how can we hear him throughout our day? Do you have thoughts on this? Blessings to you, I love your site!

    • Hi Pamela – learning to listen is such an important part of our walk – as God is our wonderful counselor and guide and His ways are not our ways.

      Continue to develop a relationship with God by spending time with Him each day in His Word and in prayer … as you do the awareness of His presence and ways will grow in your life as well as discernment to His voice. You will begin to hear Him more throughout the day. Also, take time during the day to stop, pray and refocus on Him. It’s a journey – but as we continue to make Him our first love, our ears will become more and more attuned to His voice. Don’t force it, hearing is the result of a growing relationship with God based in truth. Abide in Truth and trust He will speak so that you will hear. Just create the space in your life to be still to hear.

  44. Hello sister Rachel, I write you this hour gratful for the revelation the Lord has given you. Your video on you leaving the church hits home because I am going through something bery similar. On October 26 2011 I was 4 years in the Lord, I was 2 years in a pentecostal church where I learned much, good and bad. Its been 2 years that we left because things got bad with the leadership, which many had left before, and many after we did. These past 2 years the Lord has shown me so much and has changed me in such a way, its hard to recognize who I was. The thing is that I’ve looked for a church to fellowship and worship the Lord with others, but as arrogant as it might sound, there is a lot of error in most churches today. I’ve been to some where it seems are just dead, and to some where it seems demon spirits manifest. Praise the Lord for your videos because The Lord has used them to show me things and shown me I’m not alone. Sister, one thing I must warn you about, and I hope you get this message, in some vids you mention to read a version closest to the original language. I used the NKJV for the last 4 years but have found it is actually perverted. (whats wrong with the NKJV) Under the impression it was a modernized KJV, I chose it above the NLT, NIV, and so forth. The ESV, NASB are also bad because they change important words. You can look this up as well. (new age bible versions) There are many sites and vids on utube as well. (KJV vs NIV) As hard as it might seem to start new and learn new words with the KJV, its for a very important reason; I want the truth, I want Gods word. Some KJV are also tainted however, like the Zondervan publishers, which has ties to the Satanic bible, Thomas Nelson which has the NKJV, and the NIV does more than change words, they remove them. If you look it up as well, there is a lesbian and an athiest who also worked on the NIV! I found many who suggest getting a good KJV from Local Church Bible Publishers. They look very well made and they have wide margine and a Note Takers bible with half the page blank and half with scripture for alot of note taking, I remember hearing you say about wanting more space on your bible for notes. Well I’m sure you have much to do so thats it, but know you had part in blessing my life, and I will get deeper with my God and Father. The Lord bless you and keep you, that His grace and mercy abide with you, and He bring you to deeper revelation of who He is, and give you His peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen.

    • Hi Juan, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this … I’ve done some research into this … I’ve seen the differences, crazy how the words get manipulated. What publisher of the KJV do you use?

      I agree this is so important, but even more is trusting the Holy Spirit to teach us … I trust God to show me the truth even in the Bible. If we seek and are faithful to seek from Him and no one else, He gives us the hidden manna .. the Truth that only comes by His Spirit, yet is confirmed by the Bible. 1 John 2:27. THis is why the Holy Spirit is so important in our lives .. all the corruption.

      I’ll be praying for you and your journey into God’s Truth, it is tremendous to begin to walk in His promises.

  45. Dear Rachel,
    I am a newbie Christian who has just come across this site. I find it amazing I love it. I think Rachel you are just truly amazing and you really do have some great followers. I am hoping I learn a great deal from you and the knowledge and love deep in your heart. I am open to everything you have to say and have to offer. I am 36 and have only just discovered God through a dear Christian friend who prayed for nearly four years that I would make the Journey. So all I know at the moment is God works in amazing ways. I have so much yet to learn and I am only in my 9th Week of Alpha course. I will add though although I came from a very extreme atheist background, I think I always knew something or someone was always there I just realized it was God.

    • Hi Alison, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the journey you are embarking upon,and it is a journey. I’m not familiar with the Alpha course?? I look forward to checking out your blog … and if you would like someone to walk along side with you, I would be happy to. You can check out more about it under the mentoring tab. 🙂

  46. without wanting to cause any offense the ‘alpha course’ is run by mainstream christianity mainly under the false teaching of church of England and other ‘protestant ‘demonations that all in some form or other follow and adhere to the unbiblical doctrines and unScritural teachings of the unholy roman church,….and sadly many who truly want to learn the Truth about Our Father and His Son wont or dont search for,..and find that path that has only one course and Only One Teacher…..but as you say Rachel,those on the course, wont lead or follow, but more than happy to walk along side with any brother or sister and share any or all lil pearls of wisdom they need .

    • Hi Brian, thanks for sharing as I wasn’t familiar, but pretty much anything coming out of main stream Christianity and the church system is tainted in these days as we approach the end. We’ve been warned over and over in the Word of this. We’ve been given who we need to know God, Himself in the Holy Spirit. And as others encourage us along – it is a powerful defense.

  47. Rachel, Hello from Tyler Texas. I can’t say I stumbled accross your website, but can tell you speak the wisdom of the Father by the indwelling Holy Spirit. I believe I have watched the majority of your video’s… amazing depth. May God touch you in more exciting and rich ways. Rick Kerr

  48. Greetings Rachel, I’m not sure about main stream church, what I am sure about is we are here on this site by the grace of God, and saved by that same grace through faith lest any man should boast. To Glorify God? Yes and to learn to live lives pleasing unto him.
    Love is greater than knowledge. May we learn what true experiential Christianity is. The life of the Spirit, the leading of the Spirit, being led by the Spirit, the word of Christ richly dwelling in our heart oh so fuel”s the Holy Spirit to move in our life’s as we yield. A closing comment scripture verse for thought. Romans 12:9…
    Be devoted to one another in brotherly love, give preference to one another in honor, contribute to the needs of the saints, be fervent in prayer bless and curse not. Acts 2:42 my heart yearns for the Kingdom of God to be manifested in our hearts and life’s. It’s our life God is after personally and our love collectively and our passion for lost souls and willingness to make disciples by giving others our time when led and needed as Jesus modeled for us. It does require a laid down life of and may we learn to love each other with sincere hearts, have a passion for lost souls. With the depths of Gods love for us that he has made every provision for our life’s it’s a blessing that He has revealed to us His holy ways. As they grow in us they are by know means burdensome. Wow we are His friends. His Sons and Daughters children of the king heirs with the Father and Co heirs with the Son. May learn to manifest His Kingdom in our life’s and those around us. Have a blessed night and thank you for sharing from your life in Christ. A blessing truly. Encouragement to you and Glory to God!!!

  49. Hi Rachel, ran into one of your short videos that was posted on, I linked over to your site after that. I have been a born again chrisian since 9-10-88. My walk however has recently changed in ways only described as miraculous! You are so right! He is waking up his beloved bride! When I listen to your short videos, the holy spirit is a witness to the truths you speak. There is a beautiful utube video that is simply stated and little over 11min. It’s called “A vision of the bride of christ” “As received by Anita September 12,2011” Please check it out. The cover is a picture of white roses with purple font. Hope you find the right one. If not, I can always send the link. It perfectly encompasses what is going on right now within the hearts and minds of true believers. Check it out, its so annointed. I know it will bless you. I praise Jesus for bringing your website across my path (as I hunger for his righteousness) I look forward to your fellowship through your website. I have returned to my first love! Teresa

    • Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for sharing … the images of the bride were beautiful and stunning … told so much. But I wonder … is He returning first in us? Is that the rapture … for we are the temple to hold the spirit of God. Many are expecting someone in the sky … at least at first … what if He comes within us as the scriptures also talk about?


  50. Hi again Rachel, I sent the link to “Vision of the bride of Christ” to Much easier that trying to find by name. Enjoy:)

  51. Hi, thanks for your reply! As I listen to your video’s and read your replys to others’ comments back n forth, there there is so much knowledge being shared. I am absorbing like a sponge and I recognize fully the truth when I hear it! (Thanks to the holy spirit). I work a full time job but every waking moment I have,I am in the word listening and searching. Please address in full what you are referring to in regards to what the scriptures say about coming within us rather than the sky. I would love to understand further. Yes we are the temple of the holy spirit and I am not my own. Also, are you possibly under the impression the body of true believers will go through the 7 year tribulation? If you have a video already prepared with your beliefs, let me know. I can view that too, and then ask questions. Thanks! You are serving God for sure!

    • Hi Teresa, I will be doing more videos on this very thing as God directs. I believe that the true believers … will be protected during this time but that they will be here. I’ve spoken about that some in my videos in regards to the rest that I talk about … but I’ll go in further detail — hopefully this week God willing.

  52. last comment as anonymous is “Schempre”…you probably figured that out! Oops new to blogging! not smooth yet 🙂

  53. Rachel,

    Greetings in Yeshua’s Holy Name!!! I “noticed” your site on here and said I had to ask for your prayers. I am a minister myself, but God has began “opening” my eyes in ways like never before! The Holy Spirit has given me a ” Levitical – Prophetic Revival Series ” that has already had great results in a local jail! It’s kind of scary though… I must admit!!!

    This series has me looking powerfully at Mystery Babylon The Great, and it has me saying that the modern day Church World is her!!! I love the church greatly, and it get’s me so angry to know how the Church was so “forcefully” uprooted from it’s “Judeo – Christian” soil and teachings, and then placed into “Babylonian” soil and teachings!!! I have felt the strong calling to take this before Churches that will allow me to do this, exposing what Constantine had done and how it’s caused us to “mutate” into something that we were not supposed to be! We teach false teachings, celebrate Babylonian – based holidays in a “Christian” cover!

    This has to be exposed… and in “dreams and visions” I’ve “recently” began receiving… I have “seen” myself being used to take this message to the Church and help her to “Come Out Of Her My People”!!! You are the first person I saw “may” have a similar view to me on this, and if you would like… feel free to write me back with your views on this particular thing. May God Bless You in all you say and do! Have a great day!

    Sincerely Written,


  54. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can find it over at

  55. hi rachel i am so glad to have found you, i am so inspired by your insight. About a year or more ago i was enjoying the word when all of a sudden i just started laughing and saying out loud that He was going to save us all, but as quick as that happened my wonderful wife said that that is not correct. She has been in church for 25 years after accepting christ as savior aafter a pretty rough time in her life. It was shortly after we were married. Why i am writing is I have come back to the truth of salvation of all mankind and have had such a peace it is hard to explain. Soon after this 2 doves landed within 5 feet of me and sat there for quite some time at least 5 minutes and i am wondering if there is any significance to that other than Father showing His love for me I know in leviticus it talks about 2doves for offerings for offerings

  56. hi rachel i am so glad to have found you, i am so inspired by your insight. About a year or more ago i was enjoying the word when all of a sudden i just started laughing and saying out loud that He was going to save us all, but as quick as that happened my wonderful wife said that that is not correct. She has been in church for 25 years after accepting christ as savior aafter a pretty rough time in her life. It was shortly after we were married. Why i am writing is I have come back to the truth of salvation of all mankind and have had such a peace it is hard to explain. Soon after this 2 doves landed within 5 feet of me and sat there for quite some time at least 5 minutes and i am wondering if there is any significance to that other than Father showing His love for me I know in leviticus it talks about 2doves for offerings .I have been in love with the Lord going on5 or more years now and am consumed with knowi
    ng Him better every day all day. I am so blessed

    • Hi Dave, I’m so thankful that God is opening your eyes to this truth .. and as you embrace what He is telling you .. you will receive more. God of the religion of Christianity (versus true Christianity) is a false God … because He is full of false images and lies. When we start to wake up to parts and listen … God will reveal the extent of the lies to us.

      I love the point about the doves …

      Keep seeking, there is an amazing love, transformation, glory, freedom and power that comes when you start abiding in truth.


  57. Rachel, You deactivated your Facebook account!

  58. Thanks for letting god use you. Your teaching are spirit-led. I tryed commenting you YouTube but forgotten my password. To tell you thanks & keep doing what u doing. We need people to teach spirit-fill message.

    • Hi Alex, there is nothing more glorious than growing into the presence of God, which means we grow in truth and love. I’m simply sharing what I’m witnessing happening .. these are critical days for each soul and my prayer is that many will be seeking God in truth and spirit.

  59. I just have to tell you how you played a part in a blessing that I received today. About a half an hour ago I said a prayer asking God to let me feel His love for me. I have allowed myself to become a slacker, and I realize that I was not going to God for help with this issue as much as I should be because I do not have a true understanding of what godly love is. Nevertheless, I did a google search and came upon your article “KNOW God’s Love”. It really was a nice read, but because my heart is not always open to His love, it all just sounded like familiar words to me….

    Now, you sited Luke 11:9 in your article and I am not familiar with it, so I decided to look up that scripture in my bible. As I flip through my bible, I noticed that one of the page corners was folded down by accident and looked like it had been for some time. I pulled the corner of the page back up and preceded to flip to the book of Luke. But then I decided to look to see what was on that flipped down page. Can you believe it, the page that was folded down was Matthew 27, the story of the crucifixion. What greater way for God to remind me of His love than leading me to the story that demonstrates just how great his love truly is? I cannot think of one. I feel so convicted, and blessed that through you I was led to that reminder. God bless you.


    • Hi Ashley — Knowing the love of God is something many people struggle with because of the corruption of love in this fallen world and the mulitude of false images around God created by religion that create a hypocritical love and call what is good evil and evil good.

      There is no greater pursuit than the true love of God and it is an individual journey for there is nothing of this world to compare it to. Pray to know His love in truth. Spend time each day learning from God … seeking to be taught by Him and listening to Him guide you in your spirit. He will reveal Himself to you; if you ask and seek.

      I’m praying for your journey into the deepest, purest love one can know.


  60. Wow Rachel you are a truly inspiring spirit. I feel God has guided me to find you so I can develop my relationship with ‘him’ in a deeper and deeper way. I resonate deeply with with your truths. Thank you for taking the time to share what you have learnt on your journey. I feel very blessed to have found you. Love Letitia

  61. Hi Rachel. Led to this site by a friend, Listened and read for 3 months. Now. A shift from an observer to a absorber. One can never stop learning. Especially from others.

    • Llew … thanks for sharing your progress with me .. it brings great delight for to absorb His truth and for it to become a part of us is the narrow path to eternal life.

  62. Hi Rachel. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  63. Good afternoon, Rachel,

    Re listening to the Holy Spiirt, what Bible to you suggest?

    Thank you, and God bless you and your ministry,

    Jack Haines

    • Hi Jack .. it isn’t so much the Bible but the Holy Spirit giving you the interpretation of it and not man. That being said some versions are loaded down with man’s interpretations .. so I suggest KJV, NKJV. Truly trust the Creator, our eternal Father, who is able to teach you and show you Himself and use those words as a testimony to what you are learning of Him; and reveal more of who He is through them.

  64. Dear Rachel, my name is Arthur Curtis Lockridge from norcross ga. I viewed some of ur videos and I WAS IMPRESSED TO write you. i am not saved or born again but i thought i was for 27 years. 36 months ago Jesus Christ ask me if i was ready to die. without hesitating i said yes yes yes then Jesus said to me this is what i want you to do.Do What Jesus Did D W J D…I said I will.the first thing i want you to do is give your corrupt flesh to satan and tell him that i stripped him of all his power and your spirit and soul belong to me. satan has to obey God. iT IS WRITTEN. I GAVE MY FLESH TO SATAN IN JOHN 13/26-27. i oedered Judas to turn me over to the religous jews and crucify me so i could be raised in 3 days. my own flesh could not enter my own kingdom. I came that i might save your soul but i didnot save one ounce of your corrupt flesh. you will have to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. well i did what Jesus said 36 months ago and he open up my understanding on all scriptures. He said that the kjv 1611 bible is the closest version to my truth. but no man or bible verson drew me to the truth only God drew my spirit to his spirit. it would take me a few years to tell you how God has brought me true peace and love. Jesus said that i was the only one that could save my soul. I didnot save ur soul but i showed you how to save your own soul a greater work than I ever did saith christ. D W J D quickly.ilove your spirit and soul and i hate ur flesh . Jesus said he would never make the choice for me. I must choose to lose this life before i die. i have a spiritual body being held captive inside of my natural flesh body that God gave to satan in Ge:3:14.. my body was made from dust and satan will devour my flesh just as he did the flesh of Jesus. there is only one body that satan did not get and that was moses/enoch. and they will come back as the two witnesses and satan will get their flesh at that time. when you read exodus realize that your spirit is Israel and your flesh is Egypt and see what God did to get Israel free from Egypt. oh well i could go on for years but just a couple of things Jesus told me. Judas Iscariot is with me in heaven so is lots wife they both chose to lose this life in this perverse world ti preserve eternal life with God. If you love this l(if)e you will lose it but if you will lose this li(f)e for my sake you will save or preserve or find the life i intended for you before i put Adams spirit in bondage to his own flesh/dust.this was to give Adam a free-will to choose between evil flesh and good spirit. God concluded all in unbelief that he MIGHT have mercy on all. God sent a strong delusion un to all to be(lie)ve a lie. The big lie is that you are born again and you are saved. Salvation and being born again can only happen after you choose to lose this life before your flesh dies. pray for me that i will endure until God takes my breath away. the last breath of Gods saints is one leaving this body an exhale or exiting hell. this lump of dirt is not the temple of God but the body on the inside of this body is the temple of God. I can see ur flesh but i cant see ur spirit. save what God gave you and give satan what God gave him. very simple but only a remnant will be(lie)ve the real truth. there is no church in this world preaching this gospel. only christ the real christ not the counterfeit jesus behind every pull pit pulling the sheep into their pit. let the real true God bless you today..

    • Hi Arthur, some very interesting thoughts here .. in what you have learned and how. It’s always interesting to see how God communicates concepts to each of us. You’ve expressed a lot of deep concepts .. some things to reflect upon. You’ve made some points that I try to share with others to combat the lies from religion about what salvation truly is. And as I trust God to open the eyes and ears of the souls at the right time .. it is great to see others “seeing” these truths.

      May you continue to grow in all grace and knowledge.


      • Dear Rachel, I know now U R seeking the T-ru-T-H because U did not call me a hairy tick regarding the points God had revealed to me. My family and church have disowned me and now I am Isolated by my self with my three friends. The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. What a group to be isolated with. Very few believe the truth. If U R interested I will write U a letter and give U scriptural proof of the truth that God has drawn my spirit to. One truth that U need to know is that God does not have mercy, grace or favor for flesh. He spared Not his own son, but delivered him up for us all…..God is a Spirit and He hates all flesh….even his own flesh…..his own spirit and soul were in bondage to his flesh which Jesus gave to satan in john 13:26/27….the entire bible is a story about God transforming the first Adam that did not have a free will to choose whether or not to obey God. Transform him into the second Adam/Jesus that would have a free-will to choose between evil flesh and good spirit. This was not an easy task even for the Son of God. He said the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. I love your spirit and soul Rachel. You have God in ur name. Ray is a beam of light from heaven and the C is for U to see God.H is God. God put an H in Abram to make him Abraham…He put H in Sarai to make her they could have a child at 99 and 90 years old. The EL in Reachel is as U know is God. Thank you again for understanding the Truth….Arthur d
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • Hi Arthur,

        First of all what you did with Rachel .. beautiful! … thanks for sharing.

        Two, there is a great separation happening in the hearts of people as the true God they serve is being made evident, and yes most don’t truly know the true Heavenly Father. But for those who do .. what a blessing to give the light of understanding to others.

        As for the flesh … some deep thoughts there as you know. Here are some thoughts …

        The flesh refers to the corrupted will of mankind and what it creates .. versus the actual physical creation. God loves His creation .. hates the corruption. Jesus had no corruption. The Father didn’t slay Him, man did. But Jesus gave up His life because in that act, he entered death so that He could save us from death by entering us and thus redeeming us. Which is very different than an angry god slaying his son in our place .. that is not the true picture but one born out of corrupted doctrine of the church system.

        Yes. The flesh, all that comes from a corrupted mind, the Father hates because it destroys His creation, His children. This is why through that amazing plan of salvation .. He gives us a part of His mind to reign in us for eternity .. and when you know Him this is your utmost desire to be a part of Him.


  65. Hi Rachel
    I was wondering if you would know how god would direct us into our destiny as far as where I am best suited to help this world career wise. My life has been in a constant state of change with so many awarenesses from god and I am left with my reasons for doing my work or even desire to do the work were false and crumbled . For the first time in my life I feel gods love, joy etc and my wife and I have grown by leaps and bounds in this tumultuous time but we seem left without clear direction as to our path forward and where best to serve.

    • Hi David — great question and I just put up a video on my youtube channel that talks about it … “Reshaping the Mind to Abundant Life”

      Seek the things of the spirit; peace, loving kindness, gentleness, honor …, and seek God’s wisdom each morning in these things for what is happening in your life. God will direct your steps. Focus on learning and living in the characteristics of the spirit .. and God will establish your life, thus purpose, in the physical.


  66. Hi Rachel, EW here. May I add to David’s question & your statement? Your response is part of the, “go into the hiways & hedges and compell them to come!” This day & time is very difficult for anyone that does not hold the Spirit of the Lord. Everyone that sees the “TRUE” Spirit of the Lord in another person is at least interested, which is, giving the testimony of Jesus, which is, so very desperately needed.

  67. Hi Rachel
    I spoke with someone today that pointed out that although I seem uncertain with my current occupation that I seem to have exhibited alot of pride in my different accomplishments in the past and that maybe its just my current anxieties that are confusing me. I wonder though, if I am feeling proud of my accomplishments if I am not just looking to satisfy my need for approval. When I don’t get the reaction or if I don’t meet my standard on a particular job I feel unplugged. When I talk about all that God has done in my life and the difference he has made in my life I seem to be charged up without any response. Just the expression and the love and gratitude that God has given me in my life so far excites me beyond belief. I sometimes feel like a preacher as I go on and on about the changes he has made in my life and the thought of being able to pass this on to other people. I was really lost and have made many dramatic changes in my life with god so far. Most people seem to think that I should just carry on with what I am doing now but I feel restless and feel as If I have so many other talents to offer. Your feedback would be appreciated. Your video’s seem to be exactly where I am in life everytime I watch.

    • Hi David,

      The spirit of God guides directs your actual steps as He is your wonderful counselor. All the expectations about what your life is to look like and the actual physical things we do we are to leave up to His handiwork. Don’t worry about them in other words; but focus on the things of the spirit (peace, harmony, kindness, mercy, love, joy, honor, righteousness). For His paths never lead where we expect .. so it’s best to let go and let Him direct .. which He will do by at least two things:

      1. Your steps are directed as you seek to walk in His wisdom. We are to seek His wisdom as to what creates peace, loving kindness, mercy, holiness .. etc in our lives and the lives around us. Matthew 6:33 Not worrying about the actual physical events and things .. but the wisdom that makes those events reflect His nature.

      2. As we focus on the things of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23) … and come fully committed to letting God direct our steps where they may lead (letting go of pre-defined physical expectations of our future), then we are malleable for Him to move us as He desires .. which He’ll do by directing you by your desires. Once you come to a point of wanting only a life of infused with His loving kindness, then you can trust your desires in the day to day for this is how God guides you. Psalm 37:4, Psalm 62:5

      God operates very different from this world. This world is about what we do, setting physical goals, very focused on the appearance of outward appearances. God works from within out. As you become a part of His nature by communing with Him each day and learning of His wisdom that manifests His spirit, then your path grows up around you. You walk down one hallway headed toward a desire of your heart to find other doors along the way.

      Make Sense?


  68. It makes perfect sense Rachel thanx. I can move forward in this way, I’ll keep you posted. When I ask to do his will and surrender to that, I ask that I be his voice and let him guide me and speak his words and it is funny how I seem to go through my day speaking differently with some than others, wondering why and then later seeing that events seem to unfold that have got to be a result from his words spoken through me in my life. Life feels like a mystery unravelling. Wow, to cool.

  69. My God, we had been laying around worried sick feeling sorry for ourselves etc for being so far in debt and now with God in our lives and the knowing that when we are connected to him and in faith with him we are grateful for all we have learned from the experience of getting into this situation but we are giddy with joy and laughter and find that the price of this debt is small and all but worth it in all that we have learned and that it has given us in our lives and relationship. I thank God for directing me to your site Rachel as it is a part of this amazing journey that my wife and I are on. We follow you and your teachings as well as others that God miraculously puts in front of us. I watch for the face of the messenger, does it match with the messege. You teach peace and love and wisdom and you exude these qualities and that is plain for the eye to see. I know the truth when I see it. Thank you so much.

  70. “Perfect love casts out fear” The scripture along with 1Cor Ch.13 is how i began my life in the way.. I sought out every aspect of love both secular and scripural, read countless books troughout the ages of writings, studied poetry and the art of making love to a woman.. (came to mastery)Learned to fly and sing, i travelled around the World, went racing, wrestled angels, wrestled God, practiced, tested, prodded and fought.. I cried out to God countless times in defence of people for the craftiness and level of deception used on us by the fallen one. Only now, have i come to the gate where i can see the error of the Love in the World. I am at the end of the World, out of everything, at the end of everything where is also the begginning; The first commandment; I stand in awe and amazement at the grandure and the enormity of His love and mercy…speechless.

    • Hi Sonne – the love this mankind’s wisdom understands is covered in lies, fears, false images including the understanding of the love of God. Once you realize you don’t understand love .. and start seeking to know it from the true source, the Creator and our heavenly Father, He begins to teach you what it is .. and it is nothing as the world presents it because pure love is found in pure truth. This is such an important realization for people to come to .. even to know the true God.

      • Pure love!? then it cannot be about words.. This is outside the operating system of the world of commerce;

  71. Rachel, I have watch many of your videos and to my amazement I have only heard truth. God has revealed the same truths to me through the holy Spirit. I believe that I’m one of the chosen because of the truths that I’ve received. I’m not stating this because of pride or ego. It’s just the only thing that makes since. There are many other reasons I wish I could share them with you. I was watching one of your videos when a thought came to me, you remind me of John the baptist preparing the way for Christ. I’m posting this comment in hopes that you could help me with something. Although God the Father has given me many wonderful revelations and shown me wonderful things to come I feel like I’m stuck and haven’t moved forward for the last 2 or so years. I was thinking it may have something to do with the injustice within my own household. Maybe I’m right where I should be at this time or I could be standing in my own way of receiving. If the the Holy Spirit moves you to respond I would be grateful.

    • Hi Samantha …

      The truths of God are now pushing into our reality, our day to day, in a way they never have before as Christ spirit is being joined to ours. This means that obedience to the leading/prompting of God’s spirit of wisdom in us is paramount .. for this is how truth becomes our truth in our reality. If there is “disobedience” in your life then that will block you from moving forward with God, the spirit of wisdom, until you move in obedience in that area, as truth builds. So once your are moving into obedience in the one area, God will show you the next, and so on. In the process you and your life transforms to be totally align, ruled and governed by His spirit forming in you. So whatever area God is showing you in your life that isn’t honoring to Him, His spirit in you, or to others you have to start seeking God’s wisdom on how He wants you to proceed to move into honor .. for living in honor is living in love and truth. Because you mentioned your household .. there is probably some act or words to speak that the spirit of truth within you is calling you to do. Seek the next step.

  72. Hello Rachel
    I am glad l came across your site. My name is Leonah from Zimbabwe, Africa. I am a mum of two in a very complicated marriage where my husband has another wife. I am very lonely most of the times as he doesn’t sleep at my house but the first wife’s. My kids long for their dad always, he doesn’t come home everyday. I have decided to leave this hurtful relationship and start my life afresh but lm concerned about my kids as they love their dad so much. I was thinking though looking back that the only way to move forward and live a good life with joy and peace is when l am in Christ and He in me. I wanted to understand what seeking the kingdom of God meant and entailed and so l logged onto the internet and cam across this site. I have read quite a number of your sharings here and have really made sense and inspired me. At the moment lm so lost, dont know what to do with my life but what l know though is that with God l will be fine.

    Please help me on how l can start my life with God and build that good relationship with Him. I have a lot of questions that l would like God to answer pertaining my life.

    • Hi Leonah, You are courageous for seeking a honoring relationship; may you find a deep honor for yourself and others. As you learn the truest of love and honor, in that love your children will be blessed. God is your perfect counselor .. He knows all your situations and what they entail and best how to guide you through them. Take it one day at a time. Spend time each morning in communion with God; writing, reflecting, listening. You meet God deep within your spirit; He speaks to us from a pure conscience within us. It is our promise if we seek we will find. If your desire is for the true Creator who is pure love to govern your life .. He will fulfill this desire. Let go of your expectations and let Him establish each step … Listen and follow the promptings of your heart that honor all. Don’t worry about all that lays ahead, focus only on the present and seek the wisdom that creates peace and pure love in your life. You are greatly loved by the heavenly Father .. never doubt this love, but put your trust in it; learn to trust it. He will guide you perfectly. My prayers are with you and your family.

  73. thank you very much Rachel, l will follow that. may the good Lord richly bless you and continue annointing you as you show and bring the world to His LOVE and Grace. Thank you again for your prayers.

  74. Rachel, I am Gregg Provenza’s mother. I apologize for his hurtfull ways. He’s hurting others with those videos. I want him to stop! However, he needs God’s help. Those who don’t understand scripture fall right into his hands. It saddens me so very much.We have no contact with him. He hates us as he hates most everyone. Difficult events led him to this horrible place. This is truly spiritual warfare. We’ve had many people pray for him. He wasn’t always like this. I can’t look at his videos. That CAN”T be my son I think. But it is! You may email me if you wish. I am a born again believer. I love the Lord. I just recently got a computer after being without one several years. Today was the first time I came across your website. A spirit of discernment is something I often have asked the Lord for. Your Ministry seems like the real thing. Gregg could do so much good if he wasn’t such a mess. He has always been a hard worker and puts his all into everything he does.Unfortunately, right now he doesn’t know WHAT he’s doing. The enemy steps in if the door is open. Please pray that he’ll release my son in Jesus name! We will continue to pray as well. Thank You

    • Hi Velma, every one of us needs God’s mercy every moment … for even when we try to do good we can end up hurting others. Thus we are all the same. This is why we need God to own our mind and establish every thought and every word; for words are very powerful. When you realize this need to be covered in God’s mercy you are exceedingly grateful for the mercy God gives so abundantly. We are all on our path trying to do the best we can. We help each other with the awareness that we all need God to take over our lives in every breath.

  75. Rachel, I want to add something to my comment that I believe is vital to our Christian walk. Hebrews 10:24-25 Let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works……Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. The body of christ needs to come together. We need to support one another, pray together, worship together. We also need to support missions, feed the poor etc. We have ministries to support single mothers and many other groups. Bible study, sunday school and VBS. Vacation Bible school is wonderful for our children. When we seperate ourselves into small groups it’s too easy to start making our own rules. Trust me, I know someone who fell into that and regrets leaving the church. As the body of Christ we need to be accountable to one another. It was on my heart to share this with you. In His Love, Velma Provenza

    • Hi Velma, I appreciate your care … I don’t believe in organized religion as it is an establishment of mankind and not of God. Thus by the structure itself, people telling you who God is, people end up serving images of who God is presented to be and desires of them .. instead of seeking to truly know God as their perfect Father and following His lead from within themselves.

      The outward nature of organized religion creates false images; thus why Jesus gave of His spirit, so we could know truth and live from within out. The outward nature of organized religion is of the old, before Christ, and neglects the newness of how we are to be now. Thus, trust in various areas of people’s lives often goes to the organization instead of God. Jesus came not to establish organized religion – He never spoke of it except against it – but to show us how God is love and mercy and that He is to penetrate every aspect of our lives, thus every relationship.

      In this I’ve found the most beautiful relations. What God desires is love in truth .. and He has lead me in paths that have created more and more love in my life, thus true connections that I never knew was possible. When you draw near to God, who is love, you long to give and receive love full of truth … thus you love more, not less.

      God leads you perfectly in your life according to His purposes, which you find are perfect and absolutely fulfilling in your life. Many follow a religion of Christianity .. but to be a follower of Christ, the Word of God, in your life is what creates TRUE love, peace, and power. It is a very different reality. When you are a seeker of truth, the Word of God, God is your teacher and guide .. and will never let you go astray for He is faithful.

  76. I took the time to read all of Clayton’s remarks and I must respond again. Clayton you have amazing insight. God has blessed you with a true spirit of discernment. The devil comes to steal, kill , and destroy as God’s word tells us. To break down the unity and fellowship in our churches would delight him. There’s strength in number and he knows that. There will be (and already is) much deception in these last days.Many will seek thier own agenda to elevate themselves, but call it Christianity. As I believe you said Clayton, self seeking. Christ is the only one we must elevate. Matthew 24:24 tells us that if possible even the most elect will be deceived. Pray for discernment believers. If we truly surrender ourselves to Him He will show us the way. Not our way, but His. God bless you Clayton. You made my day.

  77. Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School, saving people, that is based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It teaches elevation of one’s moral character. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. Good people are being tortured, raped, killed, force-fed, deprived of sleep and have organs harvested from simply because their spiritual belief. Millions practitioners were killed by the evil CCP.


  78. Hi Rachael. I just want to say, thank you for your videos. They have been a means of relief and guidance in a time of great confusion and loss of hope and direction. I wish I were experiencing the fullness of peace you are now experiencing. It seems after last year I was flowing in Gods peace but fell badly after one act of disobedience and my whole life fell apart. It was devastating but through it all God has strengthened me and I have held unto His promises to guide me through. I have been struggling in a pit where the enemy had me in a corner and was refusing to allow me out. It was such a struggle to come out but I persevered with the Lord on my side and much praise and worship. I am now just about to emerge into my destiny but am lacking a few things. I have always loved the Lord and He knows what I need. I just want to be free to walk in the fullness of His truth and many things have come against me to stop me from doing so. God told me two years ago that “His banner over me is love”. I have been severely trialed and tested in the area of love and have experienced the enemy in my own home, poisoning my family members and me having to pray in tongues to release God’s warrior angels to fight on their behalf. I feel like a battle worn soldier just seeking some respite in the Lord. Having to forgive those who have stabbed me in my back and live in my own home is one of the most difficult things to do. I am unsure if the Lord requires me to love those who are purposefully doing not only me harm but my family harm as this is the situation I find myself in. A very difficult dilemma. I have found myself completely battle worn and seeking God’s love to pull me through. All I want is to be with the Lord. He knows it. It’s as if I cannot spend good enough quiet time with Him without being interrupted or feeling a dark presence in the house when I try to. I know that when I emerge from this place I will have many things to share because that is all I wish to do. Share God’s love and embrace it for all that He and I desire. I want back all the enemy has stolen from me and trust me He’s stolen the Lord. All I can say is I want to feel like I am in a safe and comfortable environment when I am seeking the Lord. I’m not perfect, I’ve been disobedient but the enemy has attacked both my health and my finances. I am literally counting on one thing only. His love, and my faith in it.
    Thank You, you’ve helped me in ways you could never imagine. God Bless You xx

    • Hi,

      Psalm 91:9-10 Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;

      Keep seeking to know the heavenly Father’s pure love .. it isn’t like this world; it isn’t what is expressed in religion. It is far beyond that .. and we must seek beyond these things as well. It has no hypocrisy. It requires honor to all. His counsel will move you out of harm and into peace. It isn’t His desire that we suffer so … when we walk in His ways it creates peace … may His counsel be clear to you. May you have the courage to act as He leads. My prayers are with you.


  79. For privacy reasons, can you please remove all my comments from your blog.

    Thank you.

  80. Hello Rachel – refreshing to see a young, educated woman speak so meaningfully and lovingly of the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Just found this today – Will Stir the Deep more soon! 🙂

  81. Rachel,
    i am flabergasted about finding this blog spot.i absolutely adore it.I have been looking for a site like this.However i assume you have so many members i wasn’t sure you answered everyone’s comments.I would be so happy to see if you were able to i figured i would take a shot.I have been walking with Christ for almost i want to say 8 maybe 7 years.I was brought up a catholic,however converted when i married my second husband.I believe it was when my husband and i met with the pastor who married us.My husband already knew the truth,
    however the pastor asked my that typical question (if you were to die tonite)But then i answered with that typical secular answer (yes because i am a good person)Until the pastor set me straight about the blood atonement of Jesus Christ and right there i believed it and i remember being thankful to have been set straight and remembering that i knew it was truth.I believe that had to be the moment of my conversion.But then i didn’t realize or frankly didn’t realize i had become a new creation and born again right then i didn’t or hadn’t reallu learned of regeneration yet.
    but anyway it’s been 8 years now,my husband has since then basically is not walking with Christ as close i believe as i am.he is so very lazy and admits it and won’t bother making himseklf go to church and here where we live i did so i found a church i really love my husband won’t go to it cause we have musical praise and worchip.frankly it’s just an excuse with him.he admits he has so much sin his life he doubts his own salvation.
    If i can would you say some prayers for my son and his wife need prayer bad to.they were both brought up catholic,and i have many times tried to talk to them about the word,and they want no part of God.
    so also if you have a few minutes to yourself would yo say a prayer for them.
    anyway Rachel i thank you for this site sooooooooooo much.
    i do hope i see a reply from you.

    much love in Christ

    • Hi Trish … a living relationship with the Heavenly Father is our greatest treasure … when we hold on to redundant, ritualistic activities it hinders that relationship from expanding and growing and we start to feel that blockage in our lives; like we can’t seem to move forward. Pray about letting go of all pre-defined notions of what your relationship with God looks like that are formed by the church system and seek for God to show you how He desires your relationship to grow in spirit and in truth. Let your life become His living temple and not some preset organization. Many prayers for you and your family on your journey.


  82. Dear Rachel,
    I came across your blog and desire some additional thoughts as to your current stance against organized worship….as the NT chronicles Paul’s work of setting up the different churches….it describes many gifts given unto the church to be manifested by those who were recepients of those gifts….if, in fact, it is the Father’s will for us not to assemble ourselves together why is there so much instruction from our Father in how to properly structure and participate in the local church body?
    Thanks, and God Bless
    Bro. Clinton

    • Hi Clinton,

      We are entering into a new age .. an age in which righteousness reigns, a time of great purity. It’s also the time when we are transitioning into the living temple in which the spirit of God dwells in His fullness.

      Our relationship with God is living and always growing. The new wineskins we are to wear, which are a purified spirit and reality that are completely governed and created by God Himself, are ones that can contain His spirit .. this means they are ever expanding, thus our lives, which God Himself is crafting according to our purpose and personality, are ever changing and expanding. To hold onto static, redundant ways that come from organized religion inhibits that growth. When you read the teachings of Jesus … this is what you learn. Paul spoke of the community of believers not organized religion, these two are very different. One operates by the character of God, the other by religious protocol, traditions, and habits.

      As I have sought over the years, I understand that being in organized religion is a part of some people’s journey in seeking truth. It was in mine. But it presents MANY problems and stumbling blocks to one seeking truth and perfect love. In its pre-defined structures, habits, and ways of how to relate to God are contrary to the living, expanding, breathing spirit of God. It bounds God to preconceived images, thus creating a multitude of false images around Him, thus why all the different religions, nil spiritual growth and a decaying society. You can’t know God, who is an eternal spirit, from the outside. It is a knowing from experiencing His spirit personally. The very nature of having pre-defined ways of organized religion puts a soul within those parameters instead of God creating an ever growing reality that fully honors Him in every element allowing a spirit to mature and grow. Organized religion creates non-expandable wine skins or reality that can’t contain His spirit because people are following a pre-defined connection to God instead of allowing God to create what He wills out of their reality, which is to be His. I think it is very important for people to seek God to establish their relationship with Him and not someone else for them or tradition. Traditions are comfortable but can be very binding.

      May we all seek to be the living temple allowing God to create our lives as He wills so all will be in harmony. We have to give up our reality thus all our life expression to Him and let Him fully govern us and not external organizations established by people.

  83. Greetings brethren,, well, I do not think you can explain away The word of God it is infallible,, Ephesians 4 The body of Christ,, Church Gov’t .. Gifts to the church are not passing. ( 5 fold Ministry)! We are not allowing the Holy Spirit to administrate. Jesus did not always preach behind a pulpit,, it was more the exception than the rule.:) direction application,, is way off. Love is the goal of our instruction Paul spoke. Christ crucified ,, Relationship with Christ through prayer, the Word , worship, and service.. Be ambassador’s that we have been called. All are at different places Regarding maturity. We talk talk talk knowledge knowledge knowledge,, love love love we need to do faith working through love ,, love is greater than knowledge, knowledge puffeth up man… Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15:58 KJV). Romans 12:9 let not your love ne hypocrisy,, be devoted to one another love,, give preference to one another In honor , contribute to the needs of the saints etc… Relationships love the Lord, Love one another, reach out to the lost,,, meet in homes,, relate love, assemble there is a place for it . witness unless u do not care that people are going to hell. It is not rocker science.. Study to show yourself approved. You will be sanctified in the truth. Christ formed in You. Love and move in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in truth ( the Word) Our ability is from the Holy Spirit who empowers and guides if we will yield humility ,, prayer the word and love love love . The Lord will call your name when at His coming and will say we’ll done good and faithful one. We must not preach non association. We must be light and examples in this our as in every hour as we await the Lord’s return. In His Love

  84. Well Rachel, you have certainly come a long way in a short amount of time. God is certainly working and giving you revelation. It warms my heart to see the spirit in god’s children. I noticed in your dialogue with certain individuals above a confusion of terminology and what you say vs. what is understood. When our Father dealt with me it was on a very personal level that words hardly can describe. It’s hard to express and teach others unless you stand in His presence. We live and lived so long seeing afar off with the knowledge, understanding many of the mysteries, types symbols but not feeling the connection. This is how it is in our spiritual youth. When, by obedience to the Spirit within we grow, we see and hear by the still small voice that is away from the noise of the institutions and outward religion (Babylon) that we pass through. God does bring us out and through this Babylonian system without but more importantly that which is within.

    I would like to interject something here that may help your readers that we must understand and I’ll try to be clear without a lot of wordiness. The law. the old testament was an outward expression filled with rituals, types, symbols, mysteries and they were in type, not in reality. The old law and testament was a picture, an explanation of the true, our Father, the spirit, and our Lord, our Christ. All sacrifices were outward, the temple was outward, the journeys were outward. The conquering of Canaan (the promised land) was outward. Everything was in an outward expression hidden in types and shadows. At the coming of our Lord at the event of the cross and the rending of the veil in the temple thus signifying a way into the Holy of Holies, everything moved into the true temple not made with hands and that is you and I and every other child of God on this planet. The beast that were sacrificed on the outward alters now become the alter with our very being where we “acknowledge our sin” by laying it on our inward alter before God and letting His consuming fire burn the beast within until it is no longer. This is the inward journey depicted by the outward journey in the old testament. The new testament is not that book we read, but we become the new epistle (book) read of all those who are given spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to understand.

    We will gain little by knowledge, understanding the mysteries, or reciting word and verse. It is by becoming the spiritual word ourselves, like our firstborn Brother, our Christ. Religion is what was under the old law, it was external. Many still desire to be under the old method of the law by going to a particular building on a particular day at a particular time listening to a particular person. This is not to be looked at negatively and shunned for babes and young people in the Lord must learn from the tree of knowledge of “good” and evil. What we deem good is not necessarily going to promote growth for the type of good comes from the wrong tree. Our thoughts and ideas of what is good usually leads only to debate and argument which we should not indulge in, in a condescending way. We must be patient, kind and long-suffering with those who are growing up, the same as we. When we see that “all things” are designed by our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ we see no evil. Evil is but a tool for good. Can we forgive unless we’ve been wronged. Can we overcome unless evil is put before us to love in spite of all the evil in the world? All things work together for those who love God, our Father. There is one throne in the Holiest of Holies (mercy seat) and the dragon, the serpent, the carnal mind must be overcome so that the Christ (anointing) in us must rule. When this overcoming process is complete we will stand in His likeness and we will say only what we hear our Father say and do only those things we see our Father do, the same as the Firstborn.

    For those who want to still be under the law just remember there is nothing outside of ourselves that can hinder. God is with with the Christ (the two cherubim’s in the Holiest of Holies) and we are the true temple and we are those clouds who will rain upon the earth to bring forth that seed of Christ in others (the fields of the world) so to speak. I personally do not have any condeming nature toward any who does not see as I for I was once an infant myself (spiritually as naturally). Remember, God said “let us make man in our image (character( and tho He will until every knee shall bow and “everyone” is returned to the kingdom from which we came. Some with a double portion as the firstborn son’s of the old testament.

    Rachel, I see you see what I’m saying. We must be kind to all irregardless of one’s own stature, calling or order. It is a pleasant experience to share the life of Christ with love and no feeling of variance even though we may not see things all alike. Love trumps knowledge for if we have the Father’s love we have fulfilled all knowledge. If our knowledge does not change our character we in vain wrest the scriptures. We will all return to the Father, let us see this potential in others and love them until the morning star arises in their hearts.

    If Love is our goal which is God then we will not be given to knowledge for knowledge sake nor will we have any desire to be recognized for that which we know. We must leave the tree of knowledge of good and evil and return to only the Tree of Life, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Rachael this is a word of encouragement, not intended to dispute at all. If God is moulding us in His likeness then we, as He will love all, saint and sinner until we see all complete. What a wonderful revelation.

    In Christ


  85. Rachel, in my comment above it was made after reading only a little of this blog page and a couple of minutes of a video. I thought I would reinforce what you were saying and as I was leaving this area of the web, I listened to one of your messages on the understanding of the scripture and how it is written in layers. You are correct in that all scripture is present tense and not a history lesson or a future lesson in Revelations. All scripture pertains to you in the moment, not tomorrow, not yesterday. The whole book is a spiritual book to those who have grown to understand it in the spirit for it reveals nothing but the love of God through His Firstborn. I encourage you in the way you are teaching and in your patience with those who are coming along. Once one sees the book is us as John was instructed to eat the book, we must also, and we must become the book. We become as christ in His fulness and we should not think it robbery to become like the Father for this is His whole purpose. It’s simply about becoming as He is. It should not be looked at as some impossible feat to become as he is for that was the mistake of 10 of the 12 spies that spied out Canaan. Joshua and Caleb came back and said that they could take the land ( our ites within) for they knew they could not do it themselves but that god would go before and give them the victory. Many read the scriptures in unbelief and say as the weak children of Israel, “Its just to hard, to big for us.” Well yes it is but we must realize we must stand still and let God give us the victories, the subduing of all the 7 nations within that must be driven out little by little until David ( christ the king) conquers the last high place in our hearts where the true temple is being built of the lively stones in which we are.

    You are certainly teaching in the spirit realm and I can add little to what I see you are teaching. All I can say is that the word must become spirit in us and we stand as a Son, whatever gender, as the Firstborn. Not all will see this teaching nor are they required to for as Jesus spoke in parables so that they may “not” understand it is not for all to overcome as in the spiritual 144k, the sons, etc. All will not govern and rule so they will not be processed to do so but all must bow the knee to the Anointed, which is Christ.

    I meant to just write you a short note about my first note and let you know I understand you understand the spirit of the letter more than I first thought. I encourage all to listen to Rachael for she is a kindred spirit for she promotes the love of God in a spiritual way, rightly dividing the letter from the spirit as a two edged sword which rightly divides the spirit and word. If we vary a “little” in knowledge we see the greater good and that is that we all will definitely come to the fullness of Christ, however each in His own order.

    God Bless


  86. In Galatians it talks of factions, parties and divisions among the church. Also the temple was done away with so that Christ could come into our hearts where the church is. The factions, parties and divisions are what those who sought preeminence were guilty of. This division is separating one from another by doctrines, creeds and opinions. Parties are those who separate themselves into groups (denominations) just like political parties and cut off others who are not like them and like stays with like, excluding those of a different view. Factions are splits within opposing one another when a forgiving spirit should be shown instead of a feeling of superiority. It is not the building or the absence of the building, it is of the heart and including all in God’s plan as does the Father. We are all on the path and should one not see what i see, he will in time, therefore we pray for all regardless of where they are in this journey. We cannot open or close the mind of another, although we can share where we are and what God has given us. We leave it at that. Jesus did not run after those who did not or could not see, for it was not there time. Some will never understand the high calling in Christ Jesus. If there were only Kings with no one to guide and rule, only priest with no one to mediate for it would not be according to god’s plan. As in a natural government there are those who rule and those who are ruled. The processing of the 100 fold is different from the 30 and 60 fold. There is no need to try to teach those God does not intend at this time to be taught of the high calling in Christ jesus. Salvation is a given, the placement in salvation is the different rewards that puzzles many. Many times in scripture it is talking about a calling and not salvation itself. Paul talked about the possibility of losing the high calling, not salvation. We were born into this world saved as it is not a question of works of our own but the workmanship of the Father through Christ in us. The purpose is for us to be schooled in our calling during this life long process, it is not to compare and condemn others. We were born into condemnation at birth and from that point on it is God and the Son to bring us out of this condemnation or the curse. The curse placed us in a condition of reconciliation, a place of coming home, regenerated. Nothing can be re-anything unless it existed before. The argument of buildings is a mute point for the beast of division is a spirit of the heart, a feeling of division, faction, and parties. Paul made comment that after his departure many would raise up to take the place of Christ and it was a spirit of antichrist. Anything that takes the place of Christ is the antichrist and it is found in us, in the carnal mind.

    I understand where people like Clayton is coming from and also Rachel. Rachel has left the division, factions, and the party spirit. Clayton sees the people as separate from the system. As Paul we must understand it is the “preeminence” in man that wants to rule over that is the factious one. This pertains to a mans heart regardless of where he happens to be at the moment.

    I see it simply that if you are in Christ all you meet, see, and fellowship with are God’s children and we should not look at one another by partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In other words we don’t get to decide who is good and who is bad. By eating of the Tree of Life, we see only Christ in others, although we may be observing some as babes, some as young men and some as mature adults, we see only as the Father sees His children.

    The carnal mind regardless of where he is sitting or not sitting at the moment is the enemy. His attitude is as one of the Nicolaitians. We are not to be of anyone, except Christ. Nico in the greek means to rule over, laitian comes from the word laity. The soul, the woman, the preeminence in man should not rule over another for God is our King.

    I will close in saying there are callings and folds in which we are all called into. The overcomers will be given the crown and this crown will be the mature mind of Christ. It will then be the job of these “overcomes” to bring all the earth to completion, all God’s children. In God’s order and time. Let us be patient with all, praying for all will come to the glory (mind and substance) of the Father.

    Religion is outward in ritual (the law), Christ is inward in substance in spirit.

    To truly see we must partake of like mindedness. In obeying we will grow to the full stature.


  87. Sorry for the typo’s. My shift key does not always capitalize. Proof, proof, proof read before hitting that send button.

  88. This is where I am in my journey too! only much older at 70, I’m still healthy and love my God with my whole heart & trust him with my life, my families lives, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I long for that deeper continual presence of the Lord and communion with him. I am eager to hear your report after your time of seclusion.

  89. Hi Rachel,

    I follow you YouTube videos and have for some time. I know you deleted many of the old ones. I was a little bummed because it seemed like when I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on in my walk your videos providing the knowledge and wisdom. Would you consider making them available for me if I give you my user name?

    • Hi, what topics specifically did you find helpful ?… perhaps I can speak on them from my current understanding. I removed the old videos as I transitioned into a much deeper place of our Father’s love and truth that altered my perspective, thus how I presented his truth … a perspective that was more honoring as it was more in line with his love.

      • I would love if you would speak on relationships/marriages. For me and many others that I know God is causing a great separation as we journey closer towards HIM and HIS divine love. Lies that we once believed as truth are being exposed. It causes many to question and let go of beliefs we once held and instead trade them for HIS WILL for our lives. There are not many that speak on this, but I have learned this to be a greater truth than holding on to things you believe to be God because of what you have been taught or what we have in our carnal minds interpreted biblically. You’ve spoken on this in the past in older blogs and also videos, I would be grateful if you would share your new perspective if you are led to do so. Thank you.

      • Hi Christy, thanks for your input. Marriages and relationships make up the fabric of our lives .. an all important area to explore. We’ll see where it goes.

  90. Hi Rachel,

    I have been watching some of your videos which have some important truths. I have called myself a Christian for many years although I’ve never been completely surrender to the Lord. I’ve wanted to be, but certain sins in my life seem to always come back up from time to time. I have prayed and sought Grace and help to overcome these sins but I still haven’t got complete victory. Many years ago I became a Christian and I believe I was born again. I say I believe I was born again because my eyes were open to see the need to die to self and I had that strong desire to follow Jesus. I did start to see changes in my life but sadly I never really broke out of that selfishness that was deep rooted. Some have told me that I deal with condemnation and guilt a lot and that’s what holds me back but I also know a Christian should be transformed into Jesus image. It seems like I have to force myself to be a better person instead of just seeing my heart changed. About two or three years ago I received the revelation of the importance of God’s love and how his love transforms us. I received this revelation and understood it but it still has not really changed me at least not very much. It still seems like things in this world really have an influence on me, more than they should. I can’t even purchase anything without feeling guilty or feeling like I’m just still a part of this world. I keep battling with that feeling that I have gone too far because I’ve known of Jesus , I’ve known the truth for so long yet have continued to battle with sins and have not given things up. I know that life in Christ should not be this way, it should not be so difficult. My fear is that I’m getting older, but I am not bearing fruit at least not that I can clearly see. I became a Christian when I was 17. By the time you’re in your 30s and 40s, you should be starting to really bear fruit and see that transformed life. I know that we should be patient and that it can be a long process but at the same time I also don’t see the blessings of God in my life. I’m not talking about material blessings but spiritual blessings. I see things like my family getting sick despite prayer, the fact that I don’t seem to be able to lead people to the Lord, things like that. Sometimes I think my mind is my own worst enemy but I can’t seem to get past that even with prayer. I just want to be able to let go of the things of this world including any sin and follow Jesus! The Lord bless you!


    • Hi Michael,

      This ended up being quite a long response … but I hope it speaks to you in depths only the spirit can transcend.

      You are a beloved son of our Father. And to see your desire to be of his likeness and no longer a reflection of a “man of the dust” (of our natural birth state) reveals that you are upon your transformative journey into his likeness, a turning point in our journey that many of us long for.

      “Born-again” as is taught, expressed, and understood, in my opinion, is misleading, vague and its true meaning lost in the hubbub of evangelism. It’s communicated as something instant and thus change is assumed to follow quickly and immediately. Like you said, we come to a point that we are aware of our need to be transformed by our Creator .. but that is just the beginning of a long soul journey … at least in my experience.

      Everything we see of our Creator is about growth … and likewise our soul grows into his likeness. Even a child in a womb up to birth is a process of growth and development, which this analogy among others can shed a lot of understanding of our soul’s growth. And we each have our unique journey that is filled with a myriad of experiential lessons in which our souls grow that prepare us to come into his likeness. Thus, we can’t compare our path to another or even to our own expectations, because we don’t actually know what it entails until we get there.

      Our Father is our Creator, it is he who fashions our souls. But because he is love and is fashioning us in love, we must willingly choose in love, not fear, to submit to his loving molding hands. Sometimes, this in itself takes awhile to understand. For we don’t start out understanding his love, as our understanding has been tainted by our experiences in this world. But when we start to become aware and grow in this love by seeking to know him in truth, then we start to see small changes that were before “impossible” happening within ourselves. Holding onto false images, and “fixed” beliefs can get in the way of our progress into love. His love leads us where we haven’t been before in our understanding, so we have to be willing to go where it leads us that then takes us into new depths of understanding.

      Thus because he is the creator and we are not, our part because it is about love, is to desire his workmanship in us. For he won’t force himself upon us because love doesn’t force itself. In an exchange of love, there is only a willingness and “free” choice on both sides or it isn’t love. So though we may say we want him to change us, when he approaches an area, our fears, lusts, guilt, pride, etc actually say no, not there. So he waits, he never leaves, and continues to work in gentle ways that move us closer to him. This is the long-suffering element of his love .. for being love, he longs to be fully united to us, but it takes time for our desires to come in line with his, so he can do his work. But he will finish what he started. You are his son and always will be and he is the perfect Father of love and will create you in his reflection. But because of the nature of love, it is a very different process and path than we initially assume.

      His love is the most desirable possession and thus all his workings in us and in our lives .. and not ones of loss, lack, or anything undesirable. If we believe these are traits about his love, we’ve yet to understand his love. With him we only lose what brought into our lives what we didn’t want. This requires us to move past false images of who our Father is and get to know him as he truly is.

      So we may not let him mold some areas, so he works in others. And as we see the perfection of his ways, we relinquished those areas that we once kept from him because of fear, or for whatever reason, and he continues his work in us.

      All we do is desire. We can’t change ourselves, as you know. Yet, this isn’t insignificant, but rather very significant. For desire is the genesis of creative power … and as our innermost desires sincerely come into line with his, which comes from growing in the awareness of his truth/love, they are a catapult to the fulfillment of our desires by his hand.

      You are not alone in your struggle. The more I see of his love the more I want it to consume me … as I see what my own corruption creates. He has delivered me from so many habits of thought, attributes, etc that caused a lot of pain, yet until the fullness of our oneness with him, aspects of our corruption lingers .. for we are bound to a corrupted consciousness until we are clothed with immortality. I believe this is what you feel too. There are deep things in my soul that I long to be changed by him …and knowing his love and it never fails, I know that hope won’t fail .. and neither will it for you.

      Though his truth and love change our perceptions that can alter much of who we are, until we have his consciousness, which is:
      – to be truly “born again” (because having a new consciousness totally changes us) and no longer growing in the darkness of the womb but one with our Father
      – to be clothed with immortality, incorruption, his likeness
      – to have his very essence of perfection, governing us in every breath

      … we will experience the effects of our corrupted consciousness. Gaining his consciousness is our resurrection. It’s our oneness with him.

      But we continue on … seeking to know our Father as he is. To know him for ourselves. To follow his promptings in our heart that lead us closer to all we desire, for love is a collection of beautiful promises – fulfilled.


  91. Do you mind if I quote a few of yoyr articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage?
    My blog is in the exact same area oof interest as yours and my users
    would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information yyou provide here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you. Cheers!

    • Hi, sure ..what is your blog? I would love to check it out?

      • Blast from Past!!!!!!
        Hey Rachel. It is both remarkable and strange to find you in this manner. I was googling spiritual warfare artwork and managed to stumble upon your videos. I recognized your face or at least I thought I did. Down the rabbit hole I plunged and here is your blog. It is you! …. And you have been busy writing…. A lot!

        See now I am traveling backwards mentally to the “Q”. Fast-forward to Breckenridge and some wonderful powdery snow, a few misfit friends and your charismatic husband-to-be, Mr. Bill. I think he was working at New Horizons at the time or perhaps selling …. well I’ll let that one go. I will always remember the story he told in such an animated manner, of having a snowball fight with Michael Jordan at UNC.

        Well if you haven’t discovered who this is as of yet, I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with: Schmsam Schmunderwood. How is that for a not so subtle codec?

        Listen, it is great to see you on-fire for God. I read a few of your blog posts and I must say that you have passion.

        I agree with, (forgive my over-simplification) your desire to seek Christ and nurture a growth of love for others. It is what we are commanded to do. We are also commanded to go and make disciples. You are on the right track.

        Every Wednesday at lunch I meet with 4 or 5 other men from my church and we pose thought provoking and “jagged” Biblically based questions. I love the discussions that follow and how they lead us to meditate on God’s Word and His nature. The question today was as follows: In Genesis 6, prior to the flood, it mentions that sin nature and evil permeated mans thoughts and intentions. It goes on to say that God was “sorrowful” that He created mankind. Knowing that God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, and that time (relative to our Creator’s perfect understanding) is not limited to our human understanding, why would God create us if He knew later He would be grieved by our sin in such a way… to the point where he destroyed an estimated 5 to 10 Billion people, saving only 8. (Noah and his family).

        Ok, that was today’s question. We try to veer away from speculation and subsequently back up our answers with Scripture.

        Also what does it mean by God was “Sorry or Sorrowful”?

        Enough of that. I thought you might enjoy this.

        Hey email me sometime. I would love to shoot some pics of my wife and family and uhummmm grandkids to you. Yes I said grandkids. I’m a SamPAW!!!! Hahahaaaa.

        Tell Bill I said hello and I hope to hear from you soon. I love that guy. He was always so funny.

      • HI! It is so good to hear from you!! I’ll send you a personal email.

  92. I saw your youtube video that spoke of where we were before we were born ,This is something I’ve wondered about. and I was wondering how you came to your conclusions .
    Then today I saw other videos you made and other religions were mentioned from india or china in the title, and I wondered if this was the source. The bible does not speak directly on this subject I don’t believe, but it does of God knowing Esau and Jacob in the womb, before either had done any good or evil, and this always made me wonder.
    What you say about this does sound plausible, but I guess it makes for even more questions also. Such as why Esau was hated even from the womb.
    The male and female soulmate aspect is also very interesting. Again, the bible makes no mention of this but says if we want to marry, it is to be only in the Lord. Interesting though. I think Ive met mine only in my dreams.

    Are you living in Colorado?

    I used to live in Aspen, and then in Denver.

    Take care, and hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Robert, Since 2001 I’ve been sitting each morning seeking to learn what is the truth from the Spirit of Truth. So even if I hear another, the Spirit of Truth’s voice has the final say; including above my own. He teaches starting where we are at and not our end state for truth builds. I’m not well versed various religions, so I won’t understand what you are referencing in regards to these other religions. It’s been me trusting God to teach me. However, and interestingly, I’ve noticed those with a pure desire to seek after truth or divine love learn very similar things no matter what their background.

      I use the term soulmate, which suggests a singularity of desire in two people that unites them on every level and this isn’t in the Bible directly. But references to the unity of male and female as in Mark 10:9, Genesis 1:27 The Bible references many things, and as we learn from the Spirit of Truth, we learn more about those things in greater detail. This concept has a lot to do with my journey, so I learn a lot about it. But to capture every detail of truth in a book, it would be a very very big book. God is infinite and there are an infinite number of ways his truth can be expressed. I believe we will always be growing in understanding. The Spirit of Truth is given to teach us ALL things. However much we want to learn, and it is always according to our purpose, which is God’s purpose for us. He teaches us so perfectly according to all that we need to know in alignment with our purpose that varies for everyone.

  93. Peace

    I will like to share these short videos, which I use to watch over many times, when I was younger in the faith… before I found thy graceful, individual expression of the Love of the only true God, fruits of the spirit in thee… of the no greater love. I align my thoughts, to seeing this Journey of yours beloved sister of the LORD, as a witnessing as well.

    Feed my sheep:


    Good Shepherd:

    “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”- John 15:2

    Not a complain, just a thought… I always enjoy editing my comments, when needed.. so I could have no typos =)

  94. I’ll like to share, that for a past time, at time i share scripture on atheist sites, blogs and YouTube videos.

    This is by far my favorite scripture to share on those sites:

    Psalm 14:1-7King James Version (KJV)

    14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    2 The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

    3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

    4 Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.

    5 There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

    6 Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is his refuge.

    7 Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the Lord bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad.

    They have been times, when I feel this scripture could be seen as a way to try and make some one angry, and I don’t like to do that… but then I remember that an atheist worldview, can’t even justify how their is absolute morality… so I’ve come to peace with my concern.

    • Here are just some of my reflections in general about this area:

      I haven’t spoken in detail with many atheists. So this is a great assumption, but I think people claim this belief system because it’s hard to rectify all the suffering and pain in this world. I think it is how they deal with their own pain. How can you believe in a God of love and yet see the absence of love?

      To be loved is one of our greatest desires. Of course it has been corrupted on a multitude of levels and in a myriad of expressions, but it is a deep hunger in our soul. This is to lead us to seek what we are to learn in this shadow of death where we experience a soul state that is driven by it’s own self-directed consciousness thus absent of divine love. Our father’s love is always with us, but it is outside of us in a sense. But God is using this all for our good, as I mentioned in my recent post. We are souls in formation … not done yet. This journey teaches us many things.

      So from their very limited few of our existence all they can see is the shadow of death. So from a certain view .. they are “right”, we are living in a reality that is absent of our ability as humans to give this kind of love. We are experiencing a reality as if we are in control, but of course God is in control of this temporary soul state that is for our learning purposes. Our natural love can be beautiful, but it is self-generated, thus very limited and very easily corrupted by our limited understanding. But when we take time to seek beyond ourselves, we begin to learn their is a much higher purpose to everything.

      It’s hard to “see” rightly with a self-governed consciousness. Thus we are to have great mercy on all including ourselves, but to help one another in love as we feel prompted. We are asked to always speak from a place of love and not proving ourselves right, or pride, or making them believe as we do today. We each have our own journey. So to help another is to help them from where they are at, versus trying to make the conform to our journey. You seem to have a helping heart. May you be blessed with the wisdom, love, grace, patience, and humility that giving in such a way requires. I know it isn’t always easy. This too is for our instruction in the ways of love.

  95. Peace and Honor

    Good Samaritan sing along song:

    My hands are the LORD’S hands, without me how can
    His work be done. I would reach were He would reach
    Loving kindness in my touch, I’ll be His healing hands
    To everyone My feet are the LORD’S feet, without me
    How can He walk with the poor, I will go where He would
    Go… Blessings others I do, For Him I’ll walk where
    I never walked before Help me LORD, let me give to my
    Neighbor What You would give, if You were here.
    Help me LORD Let me live, so my neighbor will always
    know you are near. My mouth is the LORD’S mouth, with out
    me how can His Voice be heard, I will say what He would say,
    Speaking love and life each day and everyone who is near,
    will hear His Word.

    YouTube video:

  96. Peace and Life

    With respect, I will like to share some of what I experience recently.

    I had went out today, to spread the Gospel message of the three angels. And I must have asked probably 30-40 people if they would like to know this Gospel… and during my hours of doing this. Only one young man was willing to hear… blessed is that young man to have chosen to hear the Truth.
    I has shared with him, also what Babylon the great is and the mark of the beast is. I had also gave to him the book Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White. A messenger of God.

    Respectably, I was reading through a variety of Ellen G. White writings, and I couldn’t help but notice.. that her writings has similarity to the things I have seen you write and heard you shared.

    The quotation on the book Education is one of such, in the profile I had read that you believe education is all manner of our being (paraphrase).. and that is the same thing she says, and she is a messenger of God, given many visions from the LORD Jesus Christ. I will be honored to share some quotes in the near future that shows this.

    Respectably, I share this Bible song:
    Psalm 84 Song “How Lovely is Your Tabernacle:

    • This recent experience reminds me of this scripture:

      “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

      38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

      39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

      It is sad… so many will be lost because of their own lust.

      • Dear Reach-El, I just viewed ur video on Oneness with God and You stated that we can maintain our Individuality in Oneness with God. You have erred in under(S)(T)andin(G). Before we choose to commit flesh suicide as Christ did we all are UNDER satans power but after we Do What Jesus Did and kill the enemy of our soul our own wicked flesh. Then we are IN Gods power. UNDER(S)(T)ANDIN(G) the T in the middle of understanding is the cross and the cross is the TRUTH. The other 12 letters are the 12 disciples. Jesus is the chief cornerstone of the foundation of the Church he is building in heaven on this rock. We all have the mind of Christ and his faith If we will follow him unto death of our enemy. Our evil flesh is the enemy. If we will not commit flesh suicide we will be committing spiritual suicide. I know you believe that our physical body is the temple of God but U R wrong. We have a spiritual body inside our physical body . The spiritual is not made by hands but our flesh body was made by the hands of God to give us a choice between evil flesh and good spirit. Acts 17:24 God does not dwell in temples made by hands. I cor: 15:36 thou fool, that which thou sowest , is not Quickened, except it DIE: corrupt flesh must die via suicide before incorrupt spirit and soul can be born again. Jesus showed us the true way to God through his flesh suucide. If Christ had not obeyed God he would have committed spiritual suicide. It is common sense to Do What Jesus Did. No flesh and blood can inherit heaven. Judas iscarariot is with Christ today because he obeyed Christ. John 13: 26/27.. Jesus said if you do what I command you to do I will call you friend. Jesus called Judas friend when he brought the church folk to crucify him. Mt:26:50. Every human being has a choice between flesh suicide and spiritual suicide. Abstain from all fleshly lusts that war against the soul. For all flesh is as grass and God breathes on grass and it dies per Gods perfect will. God kills(flesh) and makes alive (souls). Dt: 32:39. He killed the son of man and raised up the Son of God.. This is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH..

      • As they had their pasture, they became satisfied, And being satisfied, their heart became proud; Therefore they forgot Me. 7So I will be like a lion to them; Like a leopard I will lie in wait by the wayside. 8I will encounter them like a bear robbed of her cubs, And I will tear open their chests; There I will also devour them like a lioness, As a wild beast would tear them.

  97. Hi Rachel,
    very interesting read and personal experience you have there. Do you think it’s possible for us to be friends and discuss further only in the Words/Truth?

    • “There are no coincidences in life. What person that wandered in and out of your life was there for some purpose, even if they caused you harm. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense the short periods of time we get with people, or the outcomes from their choices. However, if you turn it over to God he promises that you will see the big picture in the hereafter. Nothing is too small to be a mistake.”
      ― Shannon L. Alder

      Reading this message, I don’t reckon this message as appropriate to my values. The Bible tell us to chose friends wisely. Moreover I sense your comments are glibness. The information you provided are vague and it’s well known that they are people who try to lure others so they can have their way with them. .. one example is “Miranda Barbour, a now 19 year-old female currently awaiting awaiting trial on charges that she and her husband Elytte “celebrated” their 3-week anniversary by murdering a man they lured into a car through an ad placed on Craigslist.”

      Hmm… I hope you seek after GOD with all your heart, for the end is near.

  98. Rachel I just stumbled onto your article today on stirring the deep I believe it was called. Well I am 23 and had chills, warm feelings and Gods goodness lighting my eyes as I read your words. I am in the stage where I feel like everything about me is divinly shifting by Gods hands. I am and am living exactly what you have laid out. I shared the article on facebook and told my non christian friends to read it and Rachel I believe this message of yours is a huge one that churches so miss out on sharing. Its as if some churches keep their congregation asleep in the. So many christians dont even know for themselves what you are talking about and thats unfortunate. Anyways I would love to share so much more with you as I feel we are connected as brother and sister united by our Father. Please email me or let me know your facebook url or look up mine through my name haha I really would love to keep in contact. Bless you and the work God is doing through you. This work of yours is a blessing to those in need of truth.

    • Hi Brandon, Thanks for your comment. We recognize the Spirit of Truth’s (the Holy Spirit, that is of our eternal Father and Creator) teachings in another, when we are personally attuned to his teachings. We recognize his “voice” underneath what their words are trying to explain. In terms of religion, it’s my belief that no one can take the place of the Spirit of Truth in our spiritual journey. In organized religions people can often get dependent on the religion structure, dogma, rituals, or the teachers of that religion versus the Spirit of Truth. And to your point, when they do their deep soulful learning is greatly diminished. The organized religion, thus way of thinking and relating to God, takes the place of the Spirit of Truth, who should be guiding each one of us in all things, thus people get misguided, and/or become stagnate. I think it is so important for each one of us to personally engage the Spirit of Truth, and be careful of putting in replacements. He speaks to us right into our soul. In this comes a clarity of understanding. Others can be used as a part of our instruction, but I believe he is to our foremost teacher. Some have only known the way of religion and have never personally encountered the Spirit in this way. I think it is good to share that there is another way.

      I’m not on Facebook, just here. Much peace to you.

      • Hi Rachel, it will really be great to have you come to our Open Bible Session to have a hear and give us some feedbacks?
        We are having a short one perhaps will be running for 1.5-2 weeks. Do you think you will be interested to join?

      • Hi James, Thanks for the invitation, but I’m already overcommitted. But for curiosity sake, what is your process for these Open Sessions?

      • Morning Rachel. Glad to hear back from you. We are actually open as the name suggests. We have people from different denominations and even different religions.

        We come together to only look at the Bible how God writes it. There is no external resources use and referring only from the Bible itself because we can never understand God’s way the way we want as Is 55:8-9 states.

        The sessions usually run for 1-2 hours and the topic is usually build on top of each other. Current one will only be running for 1-2 weeks. but we normally have longer ones if time allows.

      • Hi James, Sounds interesting. Perhaps at a later time when time provides I’ll be able to join in on one. Thanks for sharing.

      • No worries. Please let me know when you are free and able to join in on one

      • We (the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit of Truth and me) have survived 68 months out of churchanity. I don’t tithe because I give all to God daily as yall do. Church folk teach that we can be born again and saved while living in these corruptible flesh bodies that satan owns by Gods perfect will and love. Please refer to 1st peter 1:23-25. Seeing(understanding) ye have purified your souls (no flesh can be pure) in obeying the TRUTH through the Spirit (not through the flesh) unto unfeigned love of the brethren (who have laid down their flesh lives for Christ), see that ye love one another with a pure h(ear)t fervently: 23: Being born again (from above spiritually ) not of corruptible seed, (while alive in this wicked flesh body) but of incorruptible , by the word of God. (Jesus Christ in me the hope of glory) which liveth and abideth for ever. (no flesh can live forever) 24: for all flesh is as grass , and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth , and the flower thereof falleth away: ( please understand truth. The flower is a blossom a bud that will spring forth at the death of our flesh. It is our spiritual body where our spirit and soul live. The spiritual body is captive in bondage insidebof our corrupt flesh body made by God from dirt/dust. And given to satan to devour. Ge: 3:14. He: 9:27 says it is appointed man once to die and after this comes judgement. Therefore we will not know where we will spend eternity until we choose to Do What Jesus Did and kill the enemy of our soul , our own wicked flesh is the enemy. Jesus had a choice whether to obey God and drink from the cup of death and when he obeyed he committed flesh suicide. If he had not obeyed God he would have committed spiritual suicide. We all have the same choice Christ had. He did not save our soul but he showed us by example how to be born again and how to receive salvation in heaven not here on this present evil world. I am no born again and I am not saved yet. But I am working out my own salvation with fear and trembling. Salvation in latin means save the TRUTH. Jesus christ is the Truth, the way and the spiritual life. D W J D . I still love your spirit and soul but me an God hate ur flesh. You are still reaching for God (Reach-el) not quite there (YET). True love from Arthur Curtis Lockridge sr.
        Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      • Hmm… I replied to people, Brandon and James… I find them to be morally questionable, I my self won’t desire contact with them, but that is of course solely my values. My values were cross when I read James first comment, as well as the vagueness of his others and Brandon is and agent of the devil (I google him)… hopefully they find rest in Christ. I learnt that evil angels manifest them selves to people who either walk closes to GOD or those who walk furthest from GOD. I learn that from Ernie Knoll… hmmm some thing of my own beliefs. On the questions you asked me, I’ve been thinking about them and how I will convey them… I will be answering them soon 🙂

      • I know, from my experience and what I have learnt… when it comes to manipulative people, lies and manipulation goes hand in hand. I’ve come to the realization that manipulation really is satanic deceptive reasoning and part of their evil way of life. Praise GOD for salvation.

    • I’m going to pray that GOD humbles you or kills you… for your ways are of the devils. Your words are nothing but dead men bones, and fill with flatteries and deceit of a vipers tongue… though I will not go into it. For I know your kind like the dirt that market the ground. Offensive and insulting whoremungers, having nothing but pride and like your father the devil.. masquerade as an angel of light, manipulative fools.

      ‘God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.
      He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers: Bashan languisheth, and Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon languisheth.
      The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein.
      Who can stand before his indignation? and who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him.”

      “So I will be like a lion to them; Like a leopard I will lie in wait by the wayside. I will encounter them like a bear robbed of her cubs, And I will tear open their chests; There I will also devour them like a lioness, As a wild beast would tear them.”

      • I dont know what you based your judgement on (dont even know if you google-d the right person) but you (who changed your id or dont even use your real name just to make that comments) are more than welcomed to join our sessions too if you find me questionable. I have nothing to hide. Anyone is welcomed to join.

      • And you can bring a group of friends or cops too if you scared of “being lured into a car through an ad placed on Craigslist and murdered”:)

      • I don’t tolerate such jesting, because its amoral sarcasm. And I’m sure you will agree you don’t know many things. I won’t be responding back because of your mannerism in these messages. It really validates what I said. Take care and I hope you give up on being unscrupulous and seek after GOD Almighty before you it is to late.

        So repent of your sins or burn in hell stranger.

      • Ok, sorry about that. I’m just angered by how you judge people based on your own standards/values.

        But the invitation is sincere

      • Hi Jedi,

        Go back and read what you wrote as if someone else wrote this to you. And tell me what it feels like to your spirit … where is the love, compassion, mercy or grace. You don’t have to agree with others, but to speak with vindictiveness, judgment, and condemnation is altogether something else. It’s doing the very thing that you judge them for. The words you speak reveals not their hearts, but your own. This is true with all we say. You condemn the wickedness in others and yet don’t seem to see your own fallenness?? Thus you judge others harshly and in doing so bring this judgment not onto them, but onto yourself, and it comes when and how you don’t expect. Matthew 7:2 I say this opening only to help you see that you may not fall into this dynamic. That you may instead seek to be gentle to all.

        2 Tim 2:4 And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,

        Titus 3:2 To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men.

        Matthew 15:11 “Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”

        If you can “hear” what I’m saying I believe it will only help you on your journey. But truly I don’t appreciate these kind of comments on my blog.

      • I’ve appeared as self righteous? As a young lamb speaking with the mouth of a lion? Hmm… I will show my heart, with this saying: A wife and husband have a daughter… and during thier joyous time a man appears, he befriends the family, even offers to baby sit… And in the insuring days the details of his true motives are made clear. The wife and husband wonder how did they not see the signs of the insuring fate. Even the evil person admits he only got close to the family so he could get close to the young one. I’m sure you know they are many real examples of this and others.

        How can I be gentel to the wolves that desire to devour the sheeps? Gentel to the lion that prowls the encampment of the innocent or look pass the men like bull ants, inconsequential in scope yet thier bite is that of a bullet. Have I look pass your prudence or escaped the rebuke? The Spirit bades me to stay and harkon, for where is the love and the compassion,or grace and mercy? These words ye spoke to me… Are they not like harpons to my soul and ankas on my heart?

        How can I escape such truth… For it was those attribute of GOD that gave me my first love.

        I’ve seen your ways, and I know they are wise and I have heard your heart and see that it is kind… I will cherish this chastisement, even thou it has changed my heart. For I am a man of sensitive morals and I do become indignant… I wish this world was innocent, yet we know they are two kinds of Spirits that work in this dark world, until the brightness of His glory comes. For i was once in tje tents of evil, in the counsel of evil men, whom words were for the distortion of truth and whom motives and ploys were of devil, masquarding as beings of light, yet like the devil thier actions and words showed thier true side.
        I have no more to say… I hope this shows my heart.

      • “Even thou has change my heart” I was referring to my countenance there… not my mind. Because even though I do cherish this chastisement, it hasn’t changed my heart. Though I can see… I could have conveyed more benignly.

        I write this to clarify.

      • Why do you think I can’t hear what you are saying?

      • If I re read what I said, it won’t make sense because it isn’t for me. If you searched Brandon name on Google… You would see why I wrote the way i did to him…

  99. Hi Rachel, I have something amazing to share with you that I think will bring you joy as it did me, but it is personal and one of my “pearls” that I don’t want to share with everyone 🙂 Is there a way that I can get in touch directly with you, perhaps by email? Thank you for your bravery in speaking the truth about God in this world of deception. You are a true answer to my prayer today. Love in Christ, Carmen

  100. HI Rachel,I sent you a prayer and my love in Christ Jesus.hope all is well!

  101. Rachel,
    I was listening to your blog on forgiveness and I am still really struggling with it. My now ex-wife did something so bad and because of that I haven’t been able to see my five-year-old daughter in 19 months. I go through through ups and downs but could really use some help. Thank you

    • Hi Billy,

      I hope this helps … What I’ve been learning is that everything that comes into our lives is reflecting something that is going on deep inside us and the situation comes into our lives to teach us. If we are humble to learn and not blame then we do learn and grow and the situation begins to change.

      I find my interactions and relationships reflect my deep beliefs; especially in a marriage dynamic (a marriage is a refined and detailed mirror to our soul). We are energy and the energy we put out is the energy that comes back to us. Our reality will reflect the truth of what we feel or believe – thus my greatest suggestion I can offer is to learn of divine love and desire to give that from the depths of your soul regardless of what another gives – for what you give to another you also give to yourself. And as all is energy, everything is in a constant state of change depending on our state of consciousness. So once we begin to shift to desire to be an outlet of a divine love and bring our thoughts into alignment to this love, then our situations begin to shift slowly. Nothing is instant … as our beliefs can be deeply ingrained, but as we begin to desire to abide in a space of sincere love toward all then everything begins to methodically shift. My loving thoughts and prayers are with you on this journey. Be patient and be as you desire others to be from the thoughts outward.

      • Also what helps the outpouring of this love to others, especially when it may feel difficult, is to realize that all is of God’s creation as we love all of creation we love him. For others, this means to love the truth of who they are as a divine being created by God by seeing past the lies they are living in the realm of their false-self. To see that God is a part of all is to see in truth and in this truth of understanding a higher love is able to move through us.

  102. Rachel, good day to you. With many crashed computers and the passing of life as we know it… I found you again. I used to follow you when you were doing videos and ALWAYS found them dramatically insightful. I see that the blog is no different… you are growing and changing and sharing the love of God with others (FANTASTIC). I seen that a book was mentioned in the blogs. Do you have a date on publishing? At any rate may you continue to love God and love others! Rick Kerr

    • Hi Rick, Nice to hear from you. Back in 2006 I started writing what I thought to be a book, but it ended up being the Spirit’s training ground for me to teach me how to express spiritual concepts through writing and speaking (as they are both closely related). Believe it or not, but I wasn’t inclined to express myself through words – so writing was something that needed to be developed. Through the process my purpose grew and changed and I discovered that a more dynamic outlet as this blog and my videos were a better fit for my content and my purpose. Much of the content that was originally my book I put up on Blog Talk Radio.

      So anyway, here I am. 🙂 Glad you found me again.

  103. It seems I went through something very similar. I stopped going to church last year. And although I don’t agree with a lot of things that go on, and have had encounter after encounter with the Lord, I still have to honor scripture. All of it. I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you but I’ve watch your YT and found this site. God bless you.

    • Hi, I’m grateful you found me … and may the Spirit encourage you and confirm through by journey what you are experiencing in your own. Organized religion is a starting place for many of us, but as we grow in the spirit, the Spirit of Truth working within us leads us out of its limiting boundaries that we may continue to grow. May the Spirit within become a rich fountain of life filling you with the true living waters.

  104. I agree with you but I am not comfortable with your use of Supreme Spirit. Why not call Him the Holy Spirit if it is Him you are referring to?

    • Hi Elvis, Thanks for your comments. Throughout my journey, which this blog documents and shares, my relationship and understanding of our Creator and God has grown and deepen. Throughout my writings you’ll see I use different words to describe who he is to me like the Supreme Spirit which denotes to me that He is the Spirit above all and in truth the only one true Spirit. He is sovereign and always will be. He is the Holy Spirit that resides with us; that calls me to be holy as he is holy – thus one with him. Through my deepening relationship with him he has become the most incredible Father to me on various levels … He is everything and contains all things. To me he possess the name above all names, which is above our knowing as there is no limit to our connection or knowing of him. Call him what you are comfort with … it reflects where you are on your journey. As as you continue to grow in truth and love – your understanding will deepen which will deepen your current understanding of him as the Holy Spirit and new descriptions that are reflective of your relationship will emerge. You’ll also come to understand why others call him as they do. Truth unites us to God and one another. Lack of awareness separates us.

  105. Hi Rachel, I can’t figure out how to email you on here. I tend to be a bit slow on occasions. I hope you are well. I am gathering a list of emails from people in our class of 1992 for an upcoming reunion. If you could email me your email address I would appreciate it.

  106. Hello Rachel,
    I am so grateful for having come across your site on YouTube. I am learning so much and really Love your passion and how you always speak from your heart! I wanted to ask you what Your feelings were about tithing or if you have a video that you have done that I haven’t seen regarding it. Thank you again for everything you are doing. Much Love & Light your way!


    • Hi Tony – so glad you find the videos helpful.

      In terms of anything we do or take part in, we are to desire to do it in divine love (the love that flows through us from our Source/Creator/Father/God to others). Without this divine love as our foundation, we actually do nothing because what we do is finite and without true life in it.

      Tithing, like most aspects of organized religion, can be a stepping stone as we move out of the illusions of darkness and into the truth of the Light. Among other things, this act of tithing can aid us in learning about letting go, acting in trust, and giving and receiving in divine love. As we progress along our path, we let go of the protocols and structures of organized religion, like tithing, and begin to walk solely by the internal leading of the Spirit which enables us to one day walk fully as one in the Spirit. Learning to follow the Spirit’s promptings in regards to giving is a powerful way to learn to hear and follow his Voice.

      In following the Spirit’s leading in the area of giving, we learn to give what and to whom according to what the Spirit impresses upon us, thus he can use us in a myriad of ways. And in following his leading many blessings occur in an intimate way between us and others. It’s a very powerful dynamic that isn’t experienced in tithing alone. Not that tithing or giving to others outside of tithing are mutually exclusive. But what is important to gain is learning to follow the Spirit from within and not dictates from without. I hope this makes sense.

      • Rachel,
        Thank you so much for taking the time and responding back to me. The beautiful way you explain and express your thoughts I find to be quite amazing. After reading it through a few times I was able to to understand and receive a greater perspective of thought. I am so glad that I was able to find this blog, there is so much beautiful information and expression here that I am grateful for. I was wondering if you could also recommend a bible to me. I know there are so many versions out there. I was hoping there is maybe a version that is a little easier to understand and could explain the verses. I have been studying and reading A Course In Miracles for the past three years and have taken the one year course but want to keep learning and expanding more and more. I thank you again for your kindness, information, and for being such a Beautiful Soul.

        Lot’s of Love and Light your way,

      • Tony,

        A Course in Miracles is an incredible book – truly inspired and in a certain sense more straightforward than the Bible, though to truly grasp what it is saying requires a deep network of concepts of truth.

        Like the Course in Miracles that is published in different versions in which some are closer to the original text and some are more interpretative based on the translators’ understandings, so it is with the Bible. Among the Bibles I’ve read over the years, the one I resonated with the most was the New King James Version (NKJ). Other versions, like the NIV, seemed more interpretative versus staying close to the original text. Of course, all have all been altered in various ways, which is inherent in the act of translation. BUT this isn’t a huge concern for we all have the Spirit of Truth to guide us into all Truth. So, in reading the Bible, as any text, the most important part of reading is fully trusting the Spirit of Truth (the Christ within) to teach you the meaning of what is stated. If you ask him to teach you, trust him to teach you (which takes patience), and ask to see what you need to see in what you are learning, you will be guided perfectly along a path that aligns you more and more with Truth. And because you’ve journeyed through the Course in Miracles, I’m sure you are familiar with listening and hearing the Spirit’s voice.

        The Bible is written in parables within parables. Many verses carry different meanings, interpretations, and layers of understanding. This is why there is so much debate and disagreement about the Bible, BUT because it is written this way, it allows the Spirit to show you many things through it. The Bible like everything in our reality is a tool that the Spirit uses to grow our awareness of Truth. If you are feeling led to read it, then there is something there for you – and as you remain open-minded – you’ll learn what you didn’t expect. I hope this is helpful.

      • Rachel,
        Thank you again for your guidance and profound insight of ideas. They have really helped me to see things in different ways and help me tremendously on my ongoing journey of seeking Devine truth and Love. I also wanted to thank you for having your videos on YouTube they are amazing and truly uplifting. I am not sure if you happen to have a book out, but if you do please let me know, I would love to have one. You shine brighter than any star.

        Much Love & Light,

      • I’m so grateful to the Spirit for the help you have experienced, because it is the Spirit in you and me that brings true awareness. As for the book, I suppose you never know how the Spirit will compel and lead us. Much peace and love to you.

  107. I like what Rachel says about giving according to need for this best describes God’s attitude.

    If I add just a thought about tithing; giving 10% of your income is not taught in the scriptures. If you were a tradesman, merchant, or in any other profession besides farming, you were exempt. And the…only 10% of the Produce was put into storehouses for the priest, widows and orphans. This was so people could eat such as the priest as they did not farm, so they had to be provided for, and the women and children who may have lost husbands and fathers in battle, among other reasons. There were other reasons, however no one was to pay money for tithing. It has only been taught because the blind ask for it and the other blind people give it. The scriptures are very clear on tithing.

    However, I would like to say that outside of the tithe being taught erroneously, if we have a giving nature as God would have us to have…we will give when there is a need and whether it is 10, 50 or whatever, we will give up to what we can and what is needed. God’s kindness and giving is not given in percentages, He gives us all we need…and we are expected to give accordingly.

  108. Hello Rachel, I understood you are writing a book? If yes, any idea when it will be available? Keep sharing the love sister…you are AMAZING!

  109. Hi Rachel,

    I am the seeker of Truth and I believe you. I wonder if you ever read Swedenborg’s materials. He revealed the TRUTH in details and if you’re enlighten as you said you are, then it makes sense everything you said ring true to his words. I am not here to judge but seeking enlighten. Knowing is not enough, one must apply and I am trying to apply. I believe that I have knowledge of the TRUTH but have not applied them.

    I agreed that the church institution is not the true embodiment of Christ. There are people that teaches Bible and believe in its literally meaning and not the spiritual meaning behind it. They have forgotten that there are spiritual components behind the Words. It is no difference than people believing and worshiping statues today. People have lost their way. For example, if you tell them the church is the “body” or “the body of the living temple,” they do not know what it mean. They translate “church” as a physical place that they have to be there to seek enlightenment and did not know that the church is within themselves and was always there. The Book of Revelation are written full of symbols but they do not understand them and translate its literal meaning and teaching people its false beliefs. For example, the 4 horsemen, they do not understand what each of them represent. They do not know that they represents the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire and how these manifest in our life and that apocalypse are wars within ourselves to purified these elements. These are our carnal-self that we must conquered to open up and allow God’s Love flow into us. When we speak of fire and light, they do not understand that the fire is Love and light is Wisdom. So therefore, when he said I am the light of the world and I am in the Father as the Father in me, they do not understand it because they do not understand the spiritual meaning behind it. If you study nature, is not light in the fire as the fire in the light? And one cannot exist without the other? Is not warm correspond to love and growth and light correspond to wisdom and allow you to see? Does not the seed need to be planted into the soil for the plant to grow? Is not the love and heat from the sun that cause it to grow? And the wisdom of water and air that cause it to manifest? And so is our soul planted with a seed and manifested into mind and body. That anything manifested and created is dead and so is this body and physical world and sun? Is it not an illusion world? So is our carnal love? Which is loving self and loving the world instead of loving the Lord or loving the neighbors. Is not everything manifested from that Love? Love manifested into Wisdom? Love correspond to our Will and what we like to do and Wisdom correspond to our mind and what we discern and see? Is not the physical world a manifestation of those TWO? Why do you think your brain is divided into half and that you have two eyes, ears, hands, feet? Why do you think you have a heart and lung? Everything is created in duality which correspond to LOVE and WISDOM which is GOD ITSELF! Love cannot exist without Wisdom and so is Wisdom without Love. And so is your body without a soul.

    But the church do not recognize the things I spoke of and yet they believe in the father, the son and the holy spirit. How can you believe something you cannot see? How can you believe something you do no recognize? How can the father, the son and holy spirit are ONE? They do not have an interpretation except a belief which have no explanation. Believing in something that cannot be explained is not TRUTH. It is like believing the soul exist but does not know how it work. Without spiritual understanding, the teaching is falsified because it is taking the Words in its literal meaning. And similarly if you encountered people that give you a hard time about your work, it is because they could not see the Light. There is a cloud in front of them and that there is no light shining through them. Therefore, if you reveal the TRUTH to them, they do not understand it because there is no light that allow them to see it. This is why Jesus simply walk away or ignore them when he encountered certain individuals during his journeys through various cities and towns. Because he know, it is pointless to tell them anything since there is a cloud in front of them. And it is only they that can clear that cloud…by looking WITHIN. It is the temple of the living God, not some type of physical institution that you have to attend.

    • No, I haven’t read Swedenborg. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and you address such a significant understanding that we come to when we are diligently seeking for Truth … Perceiving the unbreakable union of divine love and wisdom is very powerful. It is the Light that exposes lies and replaces them with Truth. This Light continues to grow stronger as we honor it and follow it along our soul journey. Many of us start out in organized religion, but if we are diligent in seeking Truth and/or knowing divine love from the Spirit within, we are led beyond their inherent limitations and structures, which keep us from moving into deeper understandings of Truth and divine love. We move into an awareness of unity, where their are no divisions, but oneness.

  110. Rachel, Blessings to you in Jesus’ name! I am writing a book about personal encounters with God. Would you like to share something in that book? So far I have collected about 27927 words from 6 different authors. Just thought I’d ask.

  111. Young Lady

    Your writing is clear and strong. That’s good, right and Divine.
    Strong, soft, mature,angelic, of spiritual clarity.

    Your voice is a comfort to those of a wander. They need your ministry.
    You’ll do fine. You have a Divine discernment. Gds love. A glowing soul.

    To gather myself in the Spirit, I wrote for10 yrs by hand, first draft. lol.
    What a wonderful decade of dancing with the Spirit of Gd.
    In a way I miss it. Very deep, very serious now.

    Although, you are the first I’ve met with that much enlightenment. I thought I was alone.
    I am very impressed and of yearning to read all your Writs of Gd. Let you touch my soul,lol.

    We shall meet someday, Pen a Divine dance together. I am sure of that.
    God bless young lady. You are not alone. Always remember that.

  112. The very word “Gospel” means the “fulness of God’s LOVE” — the very awe and wonder of His love and the glory of its outpouring! This great “spell of God’s wonder” includes the vibrations of His power which are released through that glory generated within the souls of men as they become enlightened by the unfolding knowledge and understanding of His precepts of Eternal Truth.


  114. Rachel,

    you have been deceived and are deceiving others with another doctrine. In this about section you speak of the Heavenly Father as ” The Supreme Eternal Spirit Divine”, and claim “A spirit” greater than you as guiding you. You don’t speak of Jesus Christ, and don’t even mention Holy Spirit, but refer to “a spirit.”

    The Father sent His only Begotten Son to Atone for sins of mankind, and He glorified His Son as the Son glorified Him ( John 12)

    The Spirit that Jesus promised would come is the Holy Spirit to which Jesus said,” He shall glorify Me for He shall receive of mine, and He shall show it on to you.” (John 16:14)

    Therefore, when the Holy Spirit moves upon those who are Born Again, they will speak and glorify Jesus Christ, bringing honour to Him and His name. There will be no round about way of speaking of God without mentioning Christ. Those who speak of God in a round about way, a mystical, spiritualized way are speaking of another, and by another spirit.

    Those who speak of another Jesus are under a curse:

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that you have received, let him be accursed.
    (Galatians 1:8-10)

    We are living in the last days to which the Bible warns that many will follow after seducing spirits:

    Now the Holy Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils (1Timothy 4:1)

    In this about section you write:

    “Seeking is like a fire that brings beauty and splendor to your life. It removes all that hinders and clouds your vision, so you can see an eternal love that always existed for you and waited to be a conscious part of you.”

    Seeking eternal love through any other means but through repentance and faith in Christ, seeking it any other way but through the cross of Christ, rejects Christ. This is mysticism, and completely unbiblical. You speak of Eternal love as if it’s God having “existed for us and waited to be a conscious part of us”, the God of this world, (satan) is the one who is waiting to be a conscious part of them who reject Christ, the LOVE of the Truth.

    The Living God does not not do this, He saves man by repentance and faith, they are Born Again by the Holy Spirit, and Christ is their life. They receive the Holy Spirit and walk in the newness of life, walk in the Spirit not in the flesh.

    Lastly you quote at the beginning of this section from a man named Hazrat Inayat Khan,

    Who was the founder of the Sufi Order in the West in 1914 (London) and teacher of Universal Sufism. (Wikipedia) which is mysticism within Islam. (Wikipedia)

    Rachel, REPENT. You are not to follow after anything but Jesus Christ who died and rose 3 days later from the dead that you would be called out from this evil world to Himself. This is satanic teachings that will lead you away from Christ and to hell. Please turn from this, you are not to talk to the dead for that is necromancy, anf is an abomination to the Living God. call on Jesus Christ in truth and forsake these lies and teaching these lies.



  117. We all have a past, present and future. Many are born into many different countries, cultures and religions. We are a product of our background…until God opens our hearts and minds to His will and to His ways. The disciples that even walked with Christ could not “see” until the spirit of God was poured into their being on the day of Pentecost thus allowing them to see spiritually…and they grew in spirit from that day forward.

    We also as a result grow from our past influences, blindness, and infancy in God. Yet we grow from where we were and are to that destinated end in Him…and as God wills and pulls back the veil of flesh that has kept us blind, we will see as one as we reach the pinnacle of life…for life and the way Issa broad as a pyramid at the base but narrows as we reach the summit. Some may start on opposite sides of life as on a pyramid but it is God who brings us to a oneness in Him when we reach the pinnacle of life.

    We should therefore conduct ourselves in a way that transcends all knowledge, allegories and mysteries for it is the love and likeness of God that all things in the scriptures describe. If we have the love of God for all others and fulfill the one great commandment we thus fulfill all things. So, we all have an idea of doctrine and knowledge “about” things but not all have the love of God which is the substance of things the scriptures can only describe…so to be of a spiritual substance is better than to only know…for knowledge may lead you to the knowledge of God but it is only His very spirit which can give you His likeness.

    So…as we grow, we grow in the love of God, not in the knowledge of Him only. When we see a love of God in a person that is for all others and is patient, kind, forgiving and tolerant toward others, we see in them a priority that God sees. As God beings us up and through our ignorance of His way, forgiving us of our inadequatcies, He expects the same from us. One who has love has no boundaries as God requires, while one who judges according to another’s knowledge has not the love of God for their love can go only as far as they can see things in the natural knowledge of things. When we truly love we take no offense in the errors of others, however we are to teach and explain things as they are in the “I Am” and not how we “know” them.

    As we come to understand the plan of God, we then can only see and love as He loves. The plan includes us “all.” And it is all the end for in God the end do justify the means of our suffering. It is ony for a little while before we will all see things alike and together. This is by His design.

  118. Sorry for the typos

  119. i.e.

    The difference between knowledge, doctrine and God’s love is that one is knowing about something and the other is simply coming into being. We must come to be as He is and to not only know that He exist by an outward observation. We must become and come to the place where we think, speak and do because of who we are and not by some external rule and doctrine. To be as He is, is to fulfill all of the law…in the spirit of the law.

  120. If we say that we can understand God’s plan for the salvation of all right on into eternity…how can we but know that negative things that come to us in our life and in the life of others is but for our ultimate good? If “all” means all as some of us believe that it does, none being lost in the end…does not this tell us that all the things that happen to us in the means of time justifies each and every end of us all, in all things? In other words we must believe that when God set out to create us in His likeness and image, it was to be through a process of having to be blinded to His wonderful plan for the rest of eternity as we already existed in it before being born into this human existence. If we had not been blinded, we couldn’t be disciplined to accept His greater (double portion as in Job) gift of the freedoms to be granted us.

    It’s like having a child that you have always told of a great inheritance that they will one day be granted to them by you. If you told them it was an already done deal and all they had to do was to wait out the duration of the time and that there were no consequences of losing anything for any disobedient behavior, little could be accomplished because of the little respect they would have for you. If we knew we would be “rewarded” anyway…why comply? Discipline is administered to bring us to a place to where we prove our loyalty, faith and love to a higher cause than to just ourselves, thus the different orders we will fall into, the thirty, sixty and one hundred. The one hundred being the order of government, the the thirty and sixty are to be the governed.

    So…it is by learning through our suffering, obedience to His will, it is then that we learn to keep our bodies under subjection against sin and error. Children learn many things through fear of losing something if they do not behave. Therefore, we being temporarily blinded to God’s good and gracious end for us we can then be disciplined and trusted to help construct the expansion of the universe(s) according to “His” will.

  121. Hey Rachel,

    I watched your video aboyt how to seek God, which came into my inbox when I really wanted to know how, and your method really worked for me! However, I have heard some rumors that I’d like to clear up about you talking to the dead. First of all, if you have lost anyone I am so, so sorry for your loss. But I do know that our Lord condemns communication with the dead, it is witchcraft, and uf thus is going on then you need to repent. I want to restore you in love, because you are my sister in Christ.


  122. Reply to Mike Hunt,

    What do you mean, “nah”?

  123. Father God, I pray today, this day, for Rachael. Father, in Heaven, I pray that you would begin to shake Rachel by the power of the Holy Ghost, through Jesus, Lord, that the fire of the Holy Spirit would come and bring a divine shaking. Father, let her begin to shake and tremble under the power of God, that when she drinks a cup of coffee, her husband would even begin to say, sweetheart, what’s wrong, and Rachel would begin to say “I don’t know” I can no longer hold still. Are you ill, sweetheart,? “Dear God I don’t know, but I am trembling”. And then God when she goes to the market place, that she would begin to tremble and shake, and the fire of God falling, where she cannot control. that God might visit in this hour to reveal the Son, to her, Father let there be an end to these spirits of blindness of the enemy and the darkness of chains, and the lying spirits be deposed this day. I am speaking of the Love of Jesus to destroy the works of darkness, and deception. Let there be no end day and night if by dreams Lord, to bring her unto to you. Let there be a rebuke and a pulling down of spiritual entity, that would try to capture her seeking of the truth, of God. The fire of God to burn day and night in this time of visitation of God against Gnostic lies of the enemies of God. Let shaking, and shaking and shaking fall from heaven to bring the true gates of God’s love to her doorstep, that she might not hold still until finding you, and ending the path of mysticism, find God’s true Spirit.

  124. This year we will taking off the old, repenting from habits that have not served us well, changing our thought patterns from negative, judgmental, faithless, unforgiving thoughts to higher thoughts of faith, hope and love! First, we need to recognize these rehearsed patterns in our life in order to change them. We cannot repent from something we refuse to recognize as a lower existence, that is not beneficial. The Holy Spirit is here to work with us as we humble ourselves, once Jesus is inside our heart.

  125. Truth is who God is…when we try to define love we grapple for the truth of its meaning …when we try to define it we do it an injustice…when we become what “is” we then…know it’s meaning. Without actual love we try to define it with words and labels of “religion”. Peace, love and forgiveness is a substance we have to come to know and possess before we understand it. Having this lack we should not accuse another..or ourselves because we know that is what we “shall” become.

    This is the purpose of life… it is to experience (for a time) what we do not have so that when we come to have it..we will know and understand the difference of self ego…and love. When we can look at another…any other…and know they exist in a love equal with that of ourselves…we have arrived in the presence of the kingdom…where only a presence of “one”ness dwells.

    This life is an experience that personifies all that is good..therefore it is all good.

  126. When we look at our own ego, that “is” our own ego. All that is good comes only from God, in a world where there ‘is’ no oneness. There is only one that is for us, and that, is God. Only God, personifies good. Love can only be described in words, and deeds, and the labels are created by God. Peace love, and forgiveness, are an attitude extending from Life: the Life of God, but Faith is a substance.
    When we put our Faith in the Savior Jesus we are free to be ourselves, and what we become, is hidden in him. This frees us from the idea, that we cannot perceive or judge, because our judgment is just.

  127. We are “all” here in preparation of good things to come. Whatever we experience of both good and evil, it will lead us to an appreciation of the One of God. Nothing is to our detriment and when we can see that the end justifies the means…we wait patiently for our love to come in the fullness of our being. It is all good.

    • No man can come unto the Father, or to the One of God except through, submission to Jesus Christ. Jesus said, It is ‘Not All Good’. Have you received Jesus, as your Savior, and personal Lord? Jesus has One gospel that brings us to the Father, through him only? Have you accepted salvation? You must be in Jesus to be in preparation.

  128. One or Oneness

    • Disambiguation pages are used as a process of resolving conflicts in article titles that occur when a single term can be associated with more than one topic, making that term likely to be the natural title for more than one article. In other words, disambiguations are paths leading to different articles which could, in principle, have the same title.
      For example, the word “Mercury” can refer to several different things, including an element, a planet, and a Roman god. Since only one word can have the generic name “Mercury”, unambiguous article titles are used for each of these topics: Mercury (element), Mercury (planet), Mercury (mythology). There must then be a way to direct the reader to the correct specific article when the ambiguous word “Mercury” is referenced by linking, or searching; this is what is known as disambiguation.
      The term “One” then, itself presupposes the idea of an “ambiguity”, because the very need to define “Oneness” implies that an explanation is needed to describe the brokenness of all material, non material, and spiritual substance. That is to say, Oneness implies brokenness. To solve this problem God needed a plan to remove man from this ordeal. That plan involve One Man, the One Man Jesus Christ, who invites us into the plan of God. It is only this plan that provides a platform, to resolve brokenness. Without God’s Word, and Jesus Christ, you remain in ambiguity.

  129. where is rachel ?

  130. If a person simply says “God is Love” another can argue this point in the negative I suppose by also asking what the meaning of the word is, “is”?

  131. Oneness in reference to God is a biblical reference to His sovereignty. When one is a student of the scriptures one need not ask about what reference a word is making to the subject matter when the noun is right next to it. Oneness of what? God.

  132. So, you are referring to what Jesus, said about oneness? About how He said, I and the Father are one? And about how he warned about false Prophet’s claiming to know the scriptures?

  133. I made no reference about false prophets, just the love and oneness of God. But since you addressed the subject I would say a false profit would be one of saracasm, fault finding, and negativity. The wise prophesies toward love, while the unwise and foolish are void of this love…for they are always looking to divide, ridicule and blame others of the faults they themselves are bound in. The wise…in love reaches across all boundaries being positive about God whereas scoffers tend to see only the devil in all things. (Messengers of darkness posing as angels of light. ) Such as the religious “priest” of Jesus’ day could not see His goodness at all because of their own blindness of what love truly is. The priest, had the law and could speak eloquently “about” it, so they could dress the part, speak the part and act the part… yet they were only full of the outward word of the law. They were far from the love of God, whereas the deciples learned from the indwelling spirit…within themselves (the true temple) that it was more to “be” love than to stand afar as did the priest and act as though they knew something about the love of God in their self righteousness and yet their “righteousness” put the Son of God to death. They are as many are today…who know not from whereof they speak as they think they will be heard for their many words and accusations against others as did their fathers of the Pharisees before them. Christ made it plain to the priest that although they spoke lofty and eloquent words and looked the part they were nothing more than the product of their father, the devil.

    So let our words define from whom we receive our spirit…for a person is known by their fruit…not from their words. Love knows the difference…scoffing does not.

  134. Are you saying that you have Received Jesus as your Lord and Savior? And you know you are redeemed from sin?

  135. How could God be leading these false Prophets to Himself, if you feel so strongly that God has rejected them? I don’t see God’s oneness there. You claimed that God was leading them to Himself, so why do you hate them? Doesn’t make sense.

  136. hello, this is antihacker101, long time no see. i want to make something clear. i think we all understand what it means when we say that we must trust spirit, and not man, but because religion exists, some may interper that the wrong way.
    Without realizing it, some say that to not trust man is to only trust in a book. but this is one of those deceptions. to trust in spirit is to trust in ALL MEN… no matter if someone plays out a bad person or a good person, each and EVERY PERSON is whom we need to listen to in order to see SPIRIT(in all things).(each person reflect spirit(heart in self)..
    what im saying in short is that to trust in spirit and not man, is to trust in everyone(listening to your heart). EVERYONE plays out something that we have within our OWN HEART. so to OPPOSE another person is to oppose some part of your own heart. you cannot be one with spirit while rejecting every person(dont misplace person as MAN). man refers to EVERY INDIVIDUAL rather than EACH indivudal.. the TRUE MANIFEST of god(actually god in the bible is called THE ETERNAL(life itself) is all around us. so to reject the senses of the flesh, but to pay attention to spirit is to understand that spirit is all around us and in all things.
    so if someone comes up to you and does something you dont like, then there is a part of your own heart that the world is showing us. and to love god is to listen to every aspect of your own heart(where god/eternal connects to each individual).
    and dont think of man of people, but think of man as ALL OF US combined.

    • So, all you are saying here, is you believe in “your own, mind”, but you don’t believe in, nor do you ‘understand’ ‘who God is’. You, do not believe the testimony that “God” gave, Of Himself. You only believe in the mind science of “anti-religion”, which ‘to you’ justifies what you want to believe. You have opposed “God”, and the “person of God”. So, you too, oppose, and have created a religion of your own, which basically is referred to in the Bible, as an idol. You idolize your own thoughts, so there is no one to oppose you. You oppose yourself. Any honest dialogue, would include opposition, because this is how wisdom is found. And wisdom leads to truth.

    • Yes it’s been awhile, good to share with you, a blessing.

      I see what you are saying and would like to comment on what I see and believe you will agree with, at least in the spirit in which it is given. My take, perspective and observation of the law and religion is one of legalism vs. grace. Spiritualism of the heart, legalism of the law and “religion” of any sort is a mixture of the two. When the scriptures spoke of having and wearing a garment and that it could not be of a mixed material, it was speaking of this mixture of being carnally minded and of being spiritually minded…of law and grace. The old law addressed sin in the observance of “outwardly” performances and rituals to be performed until a new and better way came along…through faith…and of grace in Christ.

      One was an “outward” observation” which could not complete the person and one was an internal obedience to the spirit…of God, which does complete the person..without observation as to ritual. The legalist in the time of Christ being on this earth were the most “religious” people of the time. They had an understanding of the law and how to perform the outward procedures of the law, however as Christ pointed out they did not know how to interpret the law and apply it inwardly. The law was given, not as a way to righteousness, but as it is recorded it was implemented to “remind” Israel of their breaking of God’s covenant. It was given to them “UNTIL” the faith given to Abraham was also given to people in the form of the Pentecostal experience of an dwelling spirit that could complete people in the likeness and character of God as spoken of in the Genesis prophecy.

      The law, being not the spirit, could not give life, as it only could come directly through the gift of God…by the spirit. The differences in the misunderstanding of law and spirit and the transition from the one to the other is where there is argument over what the term “religion” means and is. It can mean different things to different people. Religion in it’s most innocent term from a babe in Christ is a pure thought of all things good and right in God. Where the meaning changes for some is when the legalist have dominated the secular realm of God for so long that in our day as in Christ day it is much the same. It was the legalist Pharisees and priest that were supposed to accept Christ at His coming with a new and inward temple way, the outward temple being destroyed, however they chose to remain in their legalist realm in “their religion” and put the inward way of Christ to death, not only physically but spiritually as well. The religion of these legalistic was death to the spirit…and the true unwritten Word, which is Christ within. The we were an outward observable people but we know the kingdom does not come by outward observation, neither in a building nor in a specific religion.

      So one’s legalism or spiritualism defines their religion of whatever sort it is. Legalism is not of the heart as one who is being led of the spirit is. To be led of and on into Christ is a matter of the heart…where condemnation has no power as it does under the law. There is a demand of justice under the penalty of law where there is forgiveness in grace in the spirit that covers all sin. Under the law adultery was punishable by death while under grace it is forgiven until grace has brought one by a compassion to forgive unto obtaining the likeness of God. (Remember Israel was only given the law and not any nation around them. Where there is no law there is no trespass, so as the scriptures teach.) The gentiles of Ephesians and the other cities on Paul’s route had not the law and were disciples of Christ without any written order or law to go by, old or new…they were under grace by faith in it. Their past was one of sexual vice, multiple God worshipers, child sacrifice, etc…yet they were not brought under “the law” but unto grace. Paul taught that although they kept making mistakes from their prior life without Christ, they would remain under grace until Christ was fully developed in their heart. God’s Grace, not the law was sufficient for their growth.

      Grace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness of all sin is given until grace has had time to do its work it’s redemption of our lost soul. The law required justice. We should welcome that we are under grace by compassion instead of legal, religious law for if we were still under the law the population of the earth would be “0” if justice was to be our reward.

      Religion is how we view God and from where God has brought us in our understanding of the difference between law and grace. Are we of the religion of the mindset of the legalist Pharisees or are we under the spirit of grace in Christ? The mind bound by the legalistic law is more of a condemning and judgmental one toward people because they want “justice” and for people to be condemned by the law. And since grace cannot be obtained through the law, people who are legalist can not comprehend the difference between law and grace. Law condemns, grace forgives.

      If we are under grace then we are not under the law of any religion for all religions have their own traditions of men which is a law unto themselves. There are thousands of religions with varying traditions and interpretations of the law. However God has included all of these under His “one” grace until we are all free from man’s individual, traditional interpretation of a law that cannot give life. The law of sin condemns, while grace sets us free from the law and sin so we can progress in freedom from the penalty of sin under the law. Grace forgives our sins until the sin is crucified and dead within us. Love cast out fear and sin. God is a consuming fire…and He will consume all of the legalism, “false” religion and sin within us, leaving the purity of His love and likeness.

      The law was given only as a reminder of our sin…until grace came in Christ to deliver us from our sin…through grace, which is forgiveness “7×70” which is without end…until grace has done its final work, the likeness of our Father being established within. Definition of words take on a different meanings as we progress on our path in our reconciliation back to our Father. It is therefore imperative to be of a mind in which grace abounds while discussing the things of the law…or of the spirit…depending on where one stands.

      God bless.

      • Yes, you are correct. There are two nuances of the subject that often cause people to view others, as religious. And they may very well be religious. One though is not religious in that sense and that is “following the Word”. God’s Word is alive and active, and is apart of Himself. Therefore, when we follow the Word of God, as it is written, we are following Jesus and this includes doctrine. That type of accusation against following a teaching, is error and has nothing to do with religion, many want to call religious because it is activity, and it is doctrine. Jesus said, unless you abide in my Word “live within it’s bounds” you have no Life (i.e. Spirit) within you. So this is, Living in the Spirit and it is ~a Word, The Word of Jesus. Abiding in the Word is not a religion, it is the Life of God himself. Many view all spiritual teaching as religious activity. This is a deeper subject along the same lines, but rules, and teachings of obedience, require more than religions, because you are “willingly~ laying down”, your own will to follow, the Teachings of the Kingdom. Self denial for a higher purpose, and calling. Along these lines, people have become confused about the Hope of a higher way of life, and this has many times been used as an accusation, against, people as legalistic, or will say, they are unknowledgeable, when in fact, the exact opposite is true.

      • i want to share what “word” is also. most think word is refering to the bible, but it is not. word is PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION. every event on earth that affects many people is called WORD(2 way communication within spirit(THE ETERNAL ITSELF)). word is not in a book, it is not made of ink. word of god shows us our own HEART UPON THE WORLD(global event). if you dont live in christ , you live in death. dont think of christ as in a person that you must idle, instead think of christ as a connection that every person has within them(spiritually(laws will never change)).
        what makes the HUMAN HEART human, is the same laws that bind us to eachother within the spirit of the HUMAN HEART.
        sin is seperation as we tend to create war with one another in thinking. to accept the sin that you see in others and upon the world is to set the sin free in ourselves(we want to be good, even the satan within us). sometimes we tend to overthink. that if someone does something bad, then we are still good, and that other person is bad. but if one person has bad in them, then we all do.
        the god within us is a force that binds us all to eachother.
        to love christ is to live in death, but to love every person as though they are christ is to forgive, to love, to cherrish , and not turn against eachother in the HOUSE(eternal spirit of life).. sorry if i am writing to much here, but i do have much knowledge to give, and i dont want to be suppressed by todays interperations of religons. it only sets limits on us all..

      • also sonny, you got it. religon back t hen is not what we make it today. religon was a means of working together to satisfy the eternal spirit as when we do, we satisify our own needs( through eachothers(the god is us all)). to condem the world and to condemn others is to condemn god and christ…
        the confusion of god is that we tend to think it is the focus point, and what most call god is what i call the eternal(LIFE ITSELF).
        god is not nothing that is seperated from everyone on earth including the earth itself. and to see evil in others is to create evil in god.

        each PERSON is a manifest of SELF(eternal). and to be agains the world or against another person is to be agains christ and god.
        when i say we must set christ aside, i mean we must set todays interpertations aside and allow our consiousnes to grow(god within.

        i see great strenght in you sonny as i have always done. you and racheal get it, but when it comes to masiah(he is doing as i expect), he as many others unintentially keep people in death as he lives in death(maybe he is just misinterpered). but if i see him in death, then i know through the eternal, that there is death in me. so my goal is to wake him as that is how i wake myself. to love others(both g ood and bad) is t o love god, but to condem each person or their mind or heart is to fight against that of which we seek the most…
        and we have a habbit of doing that. in short, a false prophet in todays world is called a preacher.
        each preacher will unintentnally keep people in death(not focusing on LIVING the eternal knowledge). even t hen, it may seem that i condemn them, but i am not. i see life in them(creative aspect of self)….
        take care all

  137. i may need to add one more note that hasnt yet been addressed. every aspect of every belief(deeply beyond our own words) play out. a prophet isnt someone who lived a long time ago and is now dead(called ancestors), but within their own timelines, each PROPHET is a CREATOR. and while each PROPHET creates, it is our own EXISTANCE which is on the other side of those manifest of every prophet. in the ETERNAL, all of time is happening all at once. 2000 years ago and 2000 years into the future is ONE EVENT(HOLY).
    each prophet within their own timelines are ALIVE and WELL. they do not yet know they died(DNA), as we not yet know we died. as each PROPHET creates and we are the manifest, what we do now radiates back 2000 years into the past. this is where REMEMBERANCE comes in. each act that we do now is the manifest and STRENGHT of each and every prophet.
    when it comes to the terms above in other disucssions, people are just playing out their religions(all of them are false).
    none of the ideas that i see relating to a prophet are aligned with the original context and are void. the important thing about PROPHETS are the RESULTS of the GLOBAL EVENTS that you see on earth(we are the world) right NOW…..
    when a prophet creates, and our world shows a mess, then there is something troubling even within the hearts of every prophet.
    a true prophet can connect to every other prophet(they have eternal knowledge). and to this day, we are still playing out the MANIFEST of those prophets. what we do now is important, because it gives strenght to every prophet. and when we give strenght back to every prophet through our own actions, we ENHANCE even our own hearts(as we share in the ETERNAL HEART).. the world shows us the connections that bind the past/present/future together. this is where heart comes in, and how BELIEFS radiate to global events.
    the only positive thing about religion is the CREATIVITY involved in TRYING TO INTERPER(even as we failed miserably).. and in order to bring out our own strenghts and abilitys as a prophet, we must never SUPPRESS creative energy as each time we do, we place limits on our own hearts..

  138. As I understand, the term ‘religion’, means a quest to find, God. In order to walk a pathway toward that goal, you would have to investigate, why a quest for God, is something ‘you oppose’. Here, in this instance you have become your own antagonist, and lost track of definitions. Honesty is about determination to be humble, in dialogue. If you have a pre determined set of rules for a discussion or quest for knowledge, you would certainly do an injustice to yourself in a quest to find God. So, defining religion, as something lesser, than your own scrutinizing of facts, is a very weak proposition. It is definitely a mistrust, of great historical records, of which you would seem to be an advocate. Remember, God can speak for himself, without agreement on your part. Him, being the creator, and you his creation lends itself to looking to Him, for all justifications of truth.

  139. again, there is nothing that i oppose. eventually, we all have to come into terms of the original context. as long as we try to satisfiy someone elses ideas of what god is, we all will continue to lose this battle. i have a deeper understanding of what god is. but god is not the focus point of any bible on earth. once we misinterper any part of the bible, all of it gets blown out of whack. i dont have a need for a quests of god, all god is in the original context is a doorway betwen the HUMAN WORLD and the ETERNAL WORLD. the outcome is THE WHOLE WORLD…. i am not here to satisify a belief, that is a quesst for a PREACHER(false prophet)…
    what you call god, in the bible is called ETERNAL(the real god). what im doing is breaking down the data, and trying to show you what is really being said. i understand the eternal knowledge, and it is nothing that any religion comes even close too..

    and again, truth is what BINDS US ALL TOGETHER. if i lose this battle, then so do you. yet t here is NO BATTLE. that is only for preachers. and followers of death. i dont say that to spite or to be right or follow any ideas that hold religion to a limiting view.
    we all have to break out of our religions so we can truly understand what is being said.

    even as i speak my words, you can twist them in some way to downsize what i am saying, and all that will do is make it where everyone of the world will stay in death. i am here to wake you out of death. i dont have a need to search for truth(in your terms), or follow any religion. i fully understand the GIFT in which the world is(the KINGDOM)…
    i already assume that you massiah would downsize the knowledge in which i share, but all your doing is preventing yourself from finding that of which you seek.

    if i win, then you win, and if you win, then i win, if i was to say that i am right, and you to wrong, then i lose, and you lose, but if we share our ideas, and allow the consiousnes that flows through us to take hold, we both win together(in truth)..
    there is no need to define truth because truth JUST IS…
    and there is no need to find knowledge, cause it automatically flows through us, as WE ARE THE WORLD>..

    when it comes to christ, all christ is is an alignment(cross) of all PEOPLE on earth sharing in ONE SPIRIT..
    a KING is not in one person ruling the earth, but a spirit(in HEART) that of which is inside ALL OF US..(no one opposes eachother).
    if i was to see GOODNESS in you, then through the spirit of god(all people), i bring out the best in you. and if you were to see goodness in me, then you bring out the goodness in yourself(we share in HUMAN and ETERNAL heart). its much to complex for a back and forth conversation as you will just live in death(opposition). all your doing is opposing the world and everyone in it.
    you cant do that if you want to bring christ or allah, or johova, or mohamad, or morman, ect. ect, ect..
    there is something we all seek, but your on the wrong path masaih. i say that with respect, try to understand that, try to shift your consiousness and understand a bit toward everyone else. as long as you see me satisfying my own mind, then that shows me that you are trapped in yours(i say this as a warning of faith)…

  140. also i know that all religions are false, a false prophet in todays world is called a preacher. preachers unintentionally hold people to death(death in my terms may not be death in your terms). i did the work in which your trying to do. and im showing you the results. im giving you that of which you seek, and each of us is a part of something bigger. i KNOW(in eternal knowledge) that religion is not even what we think it is. it is a LABEL for a certain part of our existance, such as politics, or even money. it is just a MAN’s view through the human senses to identify some form or idea that each and every person(in their own way) can communicate with eachother even within their own differences. i would ask everyone to set religon aside, and try to read the bible without trying to satisfy beliefs(from the mind). what i do is go by heart(Eternal AND MAN). the words are only a transferance of my ideas and your ideas as everyone will shape and shift the meanings around. yet even through all of this, there is a LANGAUGE that cannot be shifted or changed. that langauge is the ETERNAL langauge. what i was trying to show you(and everyone), is that a prophet uses t he HOLY SPIRIT(time and space and the LIFE t hat is the consiousnes that binds us together) in order to manifest. there is a GIFT OF GOD(eternal) that each of us is part of. everyone has the ability t o be a prophet, but you cannot be a prophet while satisfying religion. you can only be a prophet by LIVING your heart and knowing the world shows you your own heart. when you do this, you will see many cooincidences in the world that is you(binds us all as ONE(HOLY).. you will wake up to that of which you seek(nothing of which any religion can teach).

    the reason i know this knowledge is cause i live it. and it is amazing. there is MUCH MORE TO LIFE…

    • Whatever life your living, you certainly have created a way to prevent people from sharing Love with you, and from communication. You’ve used the words prophet, people, religions, God:~ to create a wall around yourself. God is an open door. It’s what I love about Him.

      • my world is of amazment. i grown out of the human nature , and lives within the eternal nature. because of it, i have nothing but greatness in my life. i see god in all things(collective I AM). there is a magical sense within the world(why people seek god: yet misinterper). what we create in the world, always comes back to the source. the same ideas you share to shut down any new ideas is the same reason t hat i claim that religion is bad(and so does the bibles). in those same terms, you can see how a preacher is a false prophet. they seperate themselves from christ and god(as they seperate themselves from the world). it does not mean they are bad. it means they live in death… and to come out of death is to see christ in all things(holy). there cannot be HOLY if you see negative within my words, and there cannot be holy if i see negative in your words.

        my goal is to connect with you, so that frequency(love) of god can sprout through the world(through us)(spirit to flesh).
        in no way do i hate god, or in no way do i see god the same way you do. if you want to understand, then you got to step out of your human individual self, and step into the collective. there and only there will you have access to god, and even christ in all…

        not in religon terms, but in human and eternal nature terms(natural eternal LAWs)

  141. We are living in a time when God is reaching out to people such as yourself. I do not know, and you never shared how you came to hate God, or if it is as, you said, the hate is “just in you” because you interacted with the hate that is in so many other people. But I know God loves you and not sure if you have overlooked or contemplated the facts of where you came from or how you thought you came to be here, but hopefully it will or must come into your thoughts at some point, and you never shared how you did look, at one point in your life, to find God, but somehow stopped in the process to a blank final religion, so you have gone from one religion to another. So, God simply says look to Him for Love, because this is the event that he is after For you. I think all the things you mentioned about yourself are again another religion you have found, or created, and yes it is time to start the process to find the Love That is only, in God, and put an end to the search, but it can only come by asking. I think you will find true love to be “a” much greater antidote than all the psychological meandering you have been contemplating. At some point in your search, for God, you only found religion, and did not find God. But one day you must find Him, and Him find you. I only ask that you no longer hide from me and others, because you have learned to fear, and build the walls of resentment. I don’t know what the resentment is about, but it will no longer be your clothing.

    • So, this ‘magical sense’ that is in the world. Where do you think that came from? And Where do you think people came from? ‘That’ subject is where “God” begins, not ‘in your head’. Ok, no one is shutting down, your ideas. What someone is trying to do is understand what you are saying. For instance, death. I would have to assume that you and ‘eye’ are alive, or we wouldn’t be talking to one another. So, as most normal human beings would be communicating, someone, who is dead would be in the grave. By using allegorical terms in Your conversation, it doesn’t mean the other person isn’t as intelligent as you are or as Alive as you are. It means you haven’t shared your Code with them. Speaking in Coded language that only You understand, does not make you any more Alive than someone else, and it certainly doesn’t mean they are trying to shut you down, and it certainly doesn’t make someone God. If you have some “take” of the world metaphysically, in your head, that does not, suggest or in any way “lead to” the conclusion that you are God. If you think the world is tied together “metaphysically”, Ok, but that is not God. (god) is a different subject. In your code when you say (god) that means (you). So, just say, ~ “I think I created the universe”~ and then you can leave the god out. You think (you) are god is what I am hearing, if I am hearing you correctly, and without (God), you are correct, then (you) are your own (god). So I am not trying to shut down your thoughts, I am at agreement with you. And atheists have been around for eons. Your not in a mystical select group, with higher understanding, you have just created a code for your own viewpoints. So just own that, but don’t say that other people cannot understand you, because, they can when you use words for what they mean. Death? You know, no one here is speaking death, to you, that’s an interpretation in your head. And no one here is “interpreting” the Bible. The Bible is a historical book, that Children can understand. You don’t interpret it, you read it.

  142. God is “all” and in “all” without exception. God created all in His sovereignty through Christ and it was a good and positive experience. The experiences of life in which Christ created, He came and participated in this fallen world Himself. He was tempted in all points as we are. When we come to understand that when we come to maturing into the mind of Christ (let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus) we will see as God sees and come to understand there is no negativity in God and even evil itself serves as an instructure of that which is good. Being subjected to evil as was Job produced in Him a new understanding and after going through much “hell” so to speak he realized the goodness of God in the evil he was being exposed to. When we let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus we will se as both He and the Father sees….and we will see no evil as an end in itself but a means to an end in Christ. We are taught by the scriptures and… the spirit… that evil has a purpose to teach, to correct and to bring us to perfection, a matured state of mind.

    Then we can say and see with clarity that all things work together for those who love God. This is because we have came to the maturity of seeing Christ is all things and that all things are created for good…and that includes all things…evil included. A lot of evil happened to Job at the instruction of God to Satan..however Job admitted after his bout with evil was over God put him through the evil to learn good.
    Therefore we see God as good and only good and all he permits us to experience is within His love for us. It is impossible to love God or anyone when we believe they do not have our best in their intentions when we feel,the pains of this life. I know and understand a God of love, therefore I can love as God loves without boundaries or conditions…for if we have them we cannot truly love…but only say the words. There are many a religious way of man’s making on this earth, however there is a grace that God gives to all without conditions that will remain until we all stand in His likeness.

    When the love of God comes into our hearts in a meaningful way we will see “all” as we see God Himself. This will be an all inclusive love knowing that those who disagree with us in the now are to eventually stand with us one day in the presence of God just as with those who agree with us. We will learn that Grace covers all, both the just and unjust. It is a wonderful and amazing thing to understand that the one sheep that was found and added back to the 99 made 100%. Love and hate cannot coexist. When one believes in a religion that does not understand the true meaning of Hades, Sheol, and Gehenna they are locked into a love with boundaries. If we cut the one off from being a part of the whole 100% we damn ourselves until we are the “one” that is found and our eyes are opened to then be a part of the whole, the “all.”

    When we see all as one and one as in the all it is only then that we can truly love as God loves. If there can be no partiality with God there can therefore be no partiality with us. It is not an us vs them, it is I AM as they are, one in God. As in Adam all died, so as, in Christ all will be made alive…however each man in his own order. When we see that “every” knee will bow to the will of God as God we will understand that the 99 +1 leaves none lost…no. It one. Then when we see another who may be directly opposed to us in any way, we can say with love as Christ….forgive them Father for they know not what they do. We will know for a fact that God will bring them also to their knees to them rise up in a new way and obedience to Him. We will all rise in oneness..without exception. To believe anything else is not of love but a heart and mind of division. To be divided we are separated from the love of God. When we see a lack of understanding in others we will also understand it is a temporary thing and that God will develop them as He has done for us. To enter into the world of oneness is light eternal flowing through our very being…when we see all as God sees all we see a creation undivided.

    To see love in all things as God created all things, we become Love with no barriers or boundaries. We are one with God, Christ, and all others…as we are completed in our order.

    God makes no mistakes…and you nor I am not a mistake..from the beginning.

  143. No we do not see All as we see God himself. We see, what God shows us, and in line with His Word.. Whether it be of Him or Not. If it is Not of Him, the Holy Spirit reveals. We do not see All, as we see God.
    God is Holly and undefiled. Thou shalt have No god’s before Me. Seeing All, as you see God is a new age guru teaching from the enemy of the soul

  144. I think I quoted straight from the Bible if you will look closely. I think the scriptures are fairly accurate depending on which translation one may use of the hundreds out there. It is good to look at different ones as they all are flawed since the original Hebrew and Greek no longer exist. However, if we love our neighbor as ourself we will have fulfilled the law…and the literal translation will be fulfilled in the spirit.

    The spiritual word does not come through the letter, it comes directly from our Father…if we will be still and listen. Hell was not taught in the Old Testament by the Levite’s and priest. It was introduced around the forth century A.D. Hell as mainstream teaches it is really the “new age” concept for the teaching of eternal torment was introduced as a way of control. It was not taught under the law or by the church during the time of Christ. Hades and shoel sim0le means the grave.

    However, we believe in literal things until God reveals the symbol, which leads to higher spiritual truths. To gain greater truths we must give up factions, parties, and divisions which keep the word of God in its infancy and elementary form. We must not belittle those who can only see things naturally for these love less because they see some others as those who see as God sees, see all as oneself, although in a different order and a different time for their redemption.

    There is no condemnation for any in those who love all, Saint or sinner as does the Father. There is no greater freedom than to be free from traditions of men.

    Love to “all” alike

  145. You quoted straight from the Bible on the first part of the sentence, and then added your own statement to the second half of the sentence. It is only the second half I commented on. And I quoted directly from you, if you will look closely. The only people that don’t believe in Hell, are the ones who are there. Even the Buddists, and Hindu’s believe in Hell, and no serious person would take their own will concerning it over what the Bible teaches. You are obviously a poor student of history, because the Lord even took Paul Bunyan their, and showed hell too him, and yes the Bible explicitly teaches Hell throughout. One should never try to re write the Bible, but you should begin to take you salvation in serious manner because it is not a laughing matter. You could die and be there. Not saying you would, but you should believe the Lord Jesus, rather than risk your eternity, on a lie. I think the Lords warning should be enough, not solely mine. If you don’t believe my saying about, it get The book, A Divine Revelation of Hell, by Betty Baxter, she lives near my home. The Lord took her in visions, to Hell to warn people like to wake up. So, there are many witnesses to warn the lost.

    • Hell was misinterpreted from Shoel and Hades over 100 hundred times in the 1611 King James. It is now down to thirteen in the revised editions. It was not I who made the mistakes but religious traditionalist translators who didn’t know hell from a hole in the ground. I do, as many others who have the fortitude to open up their minds to enter truths than to believe what someone wrote in error…and yes it was in error in the Bible you worship. God may enlighten your mind if you would consider having a little respect for others. Bible translations are full of errors and if you would read and study before you so foolishly act like you know something you haven’t a clue about someone may listen to you…however as it stands you have a tract record of zero. Kindness even trumps ignorance, so if you had a little kindness in dealing with others you wouldn’t have to be so concerned about your rudeness and ignorance.

      You really honestly think you know truth…truth is not knowledge, and the knowledge you have is so marred in hate and tradition you open your mouth only to prove the fool you reeally are. I’m not mad or angry by being so direct, however I’m giving myself the liberty to call a fool a fool, just like my lord and savior called the legalist of his day. You haven’t a clue…you think your righteous? You are. However self righteous is the wrong kind of righteous. Love covers a multitude of sins. Try it for a change. Only a person full of hate could believe in the hell that you do. You think people deserve justice? Why don’t you spend a little time learning of the beatitudes and how to acquire them? So far you haven’t shown on this site one thing of God’s love, you show self, ego and self righteousness. You only find fault. I had to think a moment on what would Jesus do in answering you after so much time in trying to reason with you…and when I thought of the many times Jesus confronted the “religious” of His day…I thought I would take this same liberty to put a legalistic know it all in the light he deserves. Mishai, you do not speak with any kindness of Christ and if you are not of Christ even though you say the words, your fruit of your lips give you away. I think you do not follow Christ at all. Your so like many nominal Christians of today, you go to a particular building, on a particular day and listen to a particular person teach you hateful absurdities that you believe.. and your words reveal your heart..and it is not of Christ.

      Search the scriptures using love and the beatitudes as a guide instead of the judgemental works of the may be surprised.

      God bless you.

      • Thank you for your Holiness. May those who worship you, continue to kiss your Ring. I don’t happen to be one of them. When you can speak “TO All”, “TO ALL MEN”, your interactions would be more interesting, and your historical knowledge, could be challenged as such. I apologize for offending your Holiness. I didn’t realize how your freedom had been constructed as a Temple. When people are conversing with you, you should warn them to wear sandals, and bow their heads before you, as they enter near Your Holiness. They could post a sign over your head reading “Don’t Offend The Great Buddha”. Be careful near the “The Great IdoL” lest you offend his genteel nature. “May He Bless You”, and “Sprinkle Water” on You, if you come before him, come before him as a Child, that He May he bless you. and how you present yourself before him will cause him to be charmed. ” To All Others, Stand Uprightly, and Speak the Truth Without Intimidation” To, those who worship Sonny, may you receive Sonny’s Mark, on your head. To all others, may you have freedom of discussion, “IN YOUR TEMPLES”. Bring me wine from your Temples, that I might be Drunk on Sonny’s blood, and please his fair nature. Let Sonny decide who pleases the Temple.

  146. “A Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary K. Baxter You can listen to her story on line.

    • She is so much a literalist and has not a clue that the middle of the earth where hell exist is in the middle of the earth in which is our earthly body. Mishai, until you can see that everything is within, spiritually speaking and hell as heaven is a spiritual thing. Heaven nor hell has no geographical place for God is all and in all. Do you not know the kingdom of heaven is within you? If heaven can be within someone is it such a stretch of the imagination to see where one can also exist…in hell?

      Open up your mind to the spirit and you will see things in the spirit within yourself. . Heaven is within us if we follow Christ just as hell is within us if we do not follow Him. If you truly worship Christ you see heaven within yourself where He and you exist as one. If you see a condition of hell within and speak it as you do, hell abides in you. What abides in you is where your existence is…in heaven or in hell. What comes out through the tongue reveals what exist within a person…heaven or hell. I believe you need to focus on a heaven,y existence “within” and be redeemed from the hell in which you now exist. It’s your choice.

      Sorry to be so direct, however you need someone to tell you something your not getting.

      • So, if she’s a Literalist, that makes you a Fictionist. Did you learn these things from the Watchtower and the Jehovah’s Witness, or from the Pope? They both agree with you. I’m going to stick with Jesus, the Lord of Glory, and give praise to his name. I cannot praise your words. I can only praise His. Thanks for criticizing me and Jesus. We/re one.

    • Mishai, your quiet welcome. I am who I am and I hope you learn some better Christlike ways of expressing yourself. Sorry I offended you, however it needed to be said.

      • The offense is your own. None taken by me. Your response was merely humorous to me so I responded as such. I couldn’t take it seriously. I can take very little of what you say seriously because of that type of hypocrisy.

  147. I’ve read from one of the comment in stirringinthedeep youtube channel that Rachel committed suicide. Is this true?

    • Tom – it is absolutely NOT true … the only part that is “dying” in me is the only part that was never truly alive the ego – which is very Good. I know its been a long time since I’ve posted or done a video … I’ve been going into a place beyond words and what my simple words can’t express right now. The sharing of my journey has always been a spirit-led one for me … and I’m in a place of stillness without so I can go deeper within. We’ll see what emerges from this journey.

      peace to you always


  148. …And God said, ‘This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and the eternal life of man.’ Since that is God’s work and His glory, it is also ours, for it would be impossible for Him to accomplish it without our co-operation. We must understand life and its purpose. We must comprehend our place in the great scheme of things. We must fully comprehend the great drama of the ages that has preceded our advent into this world, to take our place upon the stage of existence, and to fulfill our parts with honor. We must understand also the things that are coming on the earth, and the things that will continue to come until Righteousness is sent to rule. How can we act well our part upon the stage of life unless we understand the great plan of life? And life was meant to be eternal progress, not drab, deadly, dull, unprogressive existence.”

  149. The following is from James Allen’s little book, “AS A MAN THINKETH.” “Man is made or unmade by himself, in the armoury of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself; he also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. By the right choice and true application of thought, man ascends to Divine Perfection; by the abuse and wrong application of thought, he descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes are all the grades of character, and man is their Maker and Master.”

    “As a being of Power, Intelligence and LOVE, and the lord of his own thought, man holds the key to every situation, and contains within himself that transforming and regenerative agency by which he may make himself into what he wills.” (Ibid).

    As one develops and perfects that Celestial Song of Praise and Gratitude and Love he naturally becomes clothed in Light. These are the vibrations of Light. There is no darkness in them. There could not possibly be. And as one sends out these singing vibrations from the center of his soul he clothes himself in Light. He acquires a body free from sorrow or affliction or pain. He will, by continually holding himself in the radiance of those three master color vibrations of pure spirit, become a living part of the Celestial symphony. Those glorious jewels of radiant perfection, those divine treasures held within or laid up in his own divine kingdom of heaven, become his own and all the interest and power possible to generate and increase.

    Clothed in the inner radiance of these heavenly attributes the physical body becomes transmuted and exalted and one is automatically “Born of the Spirit. He becomes a translated being of beautiful perfection. This is the OVERCOMING that is required in order to fulfill the dynamic PROMISES OF Almighty God. This is the OVERCOMING REQUIRED TO DO THE WORKS WHICH Christ did and then go on TO THE GREATER WORKS!” This is the glorified Path that exalts one into complete equality and heirship with Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. And the Path is easy and most desirable and the road is sure.

    It is a Highway of exalting splendor, a Path of Purification of the heart, without bigotry or stress or striving or condemning. It is a Highway of exquisite, increasing joy and dynamic glory! It is the Path to Godhood.

    And it is no longer a secret, hidden path, though few find it, simply because they look for it outside themselves. This Path is the Inner, transparent, gold-paved Highway of inner, jeweled perfection. And it is now opened wide that all who so desire may enter, and “THE WAY IS SO SIMPLE A FOOL NEED NOT ERR THEREIN — though the wicked can never cross over!” even as Isaiah testified.

    But anyone who travels this Path overcomes all his self-developed, or inherent wickedness and becomes a radiant being clothed in Light and exalted in the radiance of his own heavenly treasures of perfection — a divine son of God!

    Thus, this transition from mortality into immortality can be speedy or slow, according to one’s power to believe and according to the intensity of his desiring. It is possible to transmute the physical body slowly, cell by cell. Or it is possible to so hold oneself in the vibrations of singing effulgence, refusing to let the darkness of evil take over, that one can transform himself into a divine being very rapidly. Take on the vibrations of praise and love and gratitude and it is possible to pass very speedily into the realms beyond mortality.

    • In the end, it is good for all. There is no created barrier to us being made in the likeness of our Father. If one of us fails, it is God who fails…and He is not a failure…so you with me will be redeemed in the likeness of our Father. When we see that “all” means all we have but to wait until all are complete in “Him.” Our end is as secure as was our beginning. We with patience and contentment wait for our reconciliation. It is a wonderful feeling to know that all we know are complete in Him. It gives me great peace to know that you are as I Am. We are all one. I wish people could leave their religion and accept Christ without factions, divisions and parties. Religion separates, those in Christ are one.

      Hope you guys are doing well.

      • How could religion separate, if All are One? Hypocrite. Why would you Wish, if all are being brought to one. If all were being brought to One, by God, it would be any of your business to Wish anything. You are a hypocrite and a liar. And you are of the Devil. That is what needs to be said, Repent of you lying and get Saved, in the Lord Jesus. That’s what needs to be said. Your words, and doctrine, don’t even make sense. Come out of “the crazy”, and find the true God, who loves you and speaks truth. If you are in the likeness of the Father, God would be insane. Repent of your lies.

  150. in the end, it is super good, if we are in the” will of divine love” (absolutely) remember we have free will to choose his plan of perfection and exaltaion…if our patience is in his faith its a divine process in operation amen and amen..let your light so shine that others wiil be so inspired for the Greatest Goodness …HALLELUJAH..

  151. He who puts his hand in the fire must suffer the burning until such time as it has worked itself out, and neither curses nor prayers can avail to alter it.
    And precisely the same law governs the realm of mind. Hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, lust, covetousness, all these are fires which bum, and whoever even so much as touches them must suffer the torments of burning.
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    No photo description available…..<3

  152. The following books which she copyrighted and published are well known. Any other works accredited to her name, but not published by Annalee, should be ignored:

    “Ye Are Gods”

    “To God The Glory”

    “Temple of God”

    “Secrets of Eternity”

    “Celestial Song of Creation”

    “Man Triumphant”

    “Beyond Mortal Boundaries”

    “The Book of Books”

    Annalee assisted Christine Mercie in writing the little book, “Sons of God” which is also always to be included in the collection of Annalee Skarin’s writings.

    The Holy Ghost has revealed to me the truth – not flesh and blood. You do not have to believe that the Holy Ghost revealed anything to me, however. It is up to YOU to pray and ask God for yourself. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Trust the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK!

    My reasons for believing Annalee’s writings are inspired include documented church history in the periodicals called, Times and Seasons, The Evening and Morning Star and scriptures from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine & Covenants (many evidences from these sources are quoted again and again throughout Annalee’s published books).

  153. They, (religious hypocrites) said Christ was from the devil also…however He knew something they didn’t? The carnal nature is not one with Christ as is the Spirit of Christ. In our infancy in Christ we still have a carnal mind as Christ admonished Peter for lack of understanding. After the spirit was given to Peter at Pentecost, he understood what Christ taught him as he followed Him in his ministry. As we grow in. Horst and away from self (ego) we then start to become one in Christ. It’s just like adolescent children, they “know it alll until Christ is developed in them. As we become one we leave the division caused by the carnal mind, the devil so to speak. It is a growing process from division taught in religious circles to the one mind and spirit of Christ.

    When in Revelations it says to come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins. Her is the church, true or false. God was instructing His people to come out of the false religions into His true church. You can observe an outward church and the kingdom does not come by observation as the scriptures teach. However that temple in which we are is not observable by the outward eye. When we comment we need to understand that there is a transition from the carnal to the spiritual, from a divided church to one of oneness.

    To grow from division into oneness we must persevere until the full image of Christ appears within us. You won’t see Him coming in any cloud in the sky however you will see Him coming in those spiritual clouds unseen by the natural eye. We need to understand things in the context in which the spirit teaches. The carnal mind with religious attachments of doctrine will not see until the scales of tradition are removed from their eyes. Our words are our fruit and we reveal who we are by our love or our condemnation of others.

    Reprove a friend in Christ he will love you, reprove a fool and he will turn and rend you with absurdities. We know who we follow, our words and speech toward others reveal who we are.

  154. “LIVE the laws and you will KNOW!” So said Christ. And no one can possibly KNOW anything unless he himself experiences it. To hear about things and conditions, or of God may become part of one’s beliefs, but never becomes a part of his own actual KNOWLEDGE until he experiences it for himself.

    Yes, “LIVE that First and Great Commandment and you will KNOW!” And “you will need none to teach you for God Himself will be your teacher!” And to LIVE it does not mean to merely nod one’s head over it in an inactive affirmation or casual acceptance of the idea. To fulfill it requires that every cell and fibre and atom of one’s being be imbued with it. Only then does it become a part of one’s own experience, hence his KNOWLEDGE.

  155. It must be remembered always, NO ONE PERSON HAS A MONOPOLY UPON TRUTH! Truth will be revealed to anyone who will seek for it or ask for it! Truth belongs to God — and is awaiting the discovery of every individual on the earth who will only “ask and seek and knock!” “FOR EVERYONE WHO ASKS RECEIVES! AND HE WHO SEEKS FINDS! AND UNTO HIM WHO KNOCKS IT SHALL BE OPENED!” This is the most perfect assurance anyone can possibly have on this earth that his search TO KNOW (for himself) will not be in vain.

    • So true.

      God is Love and Love is truth…and He will set us free from our own inadequacies. There is no monopoly on Love/ truth outside of God, this is true…so we must grow to Him and we will for we are His workmanship and we are a work that will not fail. If any one of us fails this makes God a failure for He created us before the world was and predestined us to His finished work. Our God is successful in His endeavors. When we see God as He is, we will see all complete in Him as We are called in our order. Be as kind to one another as is possible…

  156. No matter how bad one may disagree, scoff, or belittle another, we must see their end in Christ and treat them as they store already complete in Him. Even when Christ was angry with the merchants in the temple and whipped them and turned over their money tables, this too, was an act of kindness. He loved His creation even in their sins and misdeeds and although to the outside observer, he may have been seen as in error, Christ knew that He had to speak what He had to speak and do what He had to do regardless of how things may look to the “outside” observer.

    What God, through Christ has to do, He will do to bring us to Himself, in our order in His time. God will not fail to redeem not one. This is His promise to us. God took the rituals away with the outward buildings, candle sticks, etc, etc as He has replaced the symbol with the true. When God sent Titus in A.D. 70 to tear down the outward temple He had already transferred outward worship with an inward worship in the inward temple in which we are.

    Outward show is of this world while an inward peace is being one in spirit with our Lord and Savior. We have to leave the outward display of pomp and pride found in buildings where the flesh praises one another with ego and pride using lofty words of self aggrandizement…and listen to that still small voice of love..for all…saint and sinner alike.

  157. In God’s will is held only your own perfection. And as you learn the pure obedience, through your sufferings and disappointments, you will be enfolded in the glory of your own advancement and your own complete fulfilment. Then nothing that is adverse or evil will have the power to remain permanently against you. In this law all disasters are transmuted into blessings. Beyond the dismays and disappointments of misfortune is the power of transmutation. But you are the one who must put this ineffable power to use. You must be-live and so fulfill its promises.

    “All things work together for good to them that love God.”

    • Your are so right , there is nothing that we do not experience that is not in the full control of God’s sovereignty. We have but to understand the book of Job to see the love and sovereignty of God in the good and evil that Job experienced. We are Job in every sense of the word as we must learn to see that Satan Himself takes his instruction from God in all the good and evil that happens to us. Notice that Job was not tested by Satan but at the expressed will of God and not one bit beyond what God directed Satan to do. Satan was not the instigator of any of it, God was. After Jobs testing and belittlement by His “friends” God returned him to not only what Job had before but a double portion. Was Satan instrumental in the blessing of Job and was Satan used by God to bring Job to the greater gift of life? Job was rewarded according to his faith and obedience through his testing..just as we also will be. There is no exception. God rules in heaven and in hell just as Job experienced both at the direction of God. Can we not see that even in the hell Job was experiencing by the hand of Satan used against him..he was blessed because of his having had this evil experience?

      “All things work together for those who love God.” As Job knew the love of God would prevail through his testing and trials we must be of the same faith and understanding that God will not forsake us wherever and whatever “He” leads us. It is for our ultimate good. No one or anything including the powerless Satan has sovereignty over God’s will, for God’s will, will prevail until every knee bows to the will of Himself.

      The key word here is “All”. It’s a powerful word if only people would stop to consider it is “all” loving and encompassing. It denotes God’s sovereignty over “all” things; good and evil, Jew or Greek, bond or free. He is God of the just…and the unjust. Wherever we have made our bed, in heaven or in hell, He is there, and when God is ready to turn us toward Himself, we will most assuredly turn. “All” things will be redeemed to the perfection it once was as imperfection is but a temporary dream and illusion.

      The gates of “Sheol” cannot prevail against God’s will for the last enemy to be destroyed is death itself. The death of death can only leave that which is reality and that is life with God. When God told Adam and Eve they would die if they ate of the tree of good and evil, they most certainly did die, however they did not go down to Sheol, the grave, as some think of death. Adam went on to live for over nine hundred years and he was dead…in trespasses and sins. And just as he, we will rise with Christ in the resurrection..within.

      Death is disobedience to God, death is the attitude and senses of the flesh while we walk in our death experience as did Adam and Eve for their duration of this earthly journey…to see death one must understand the allegory of what death really is. We actually are the walking dead…while we are both spirit and soul separated by the death of the soul in Adam. When our soul returns to the spirit from death as did Eve to Adam, we will be one again and the death that separated us upon this earth will rule no more. As we died with the first Adam, we will rise in resurrection to the second Adam… in Christ.

      As in Adam “all” died, so as in Christ this same “all” will be made alive…however “each” person in their own order. (Emphasis mine.) When we get beyond the mystery of the symbols of death we will see “all” alike…in the risen Christ, in all people ..within.

      It is a wonderful blessing to see our fellow man in their future perfect tense. Again, God is “all” and in “all” to the glory of Himself. In His likeness we will resurrect unto life from this death of the carnal minded ways of man. Put another way, death is the evil ways of man dictated by the fleshy desires of the five senses…while life is taking on the mind of Christ which is participating in the beatitudes and forgiveness of all sin against oneself. When we are asked to choose this day whom we will serve, we have a choice to make. Our tongue is a gate which can be opened or closed to the will of God. Do we choose to open this gate from the hell within…or from heaven within? Do we speak evil while attaching God’s name to our traditions and doctrines of men or do we speak the language of Christ where love has no boundaries? It is a most precious gift to be released from the traditions and doctrines of men…and live peaceably toward all men.


  158. Sonny, once you make the decision to ask Jesus into your heart, that will be the day that your life will change for the good. Once you have repented of sin, God will make a change in your heart through the Holy Spirit, and you will no longer be under the sway of satan, and you will no longer be under his dominion or sway. The Lord Jesus will then begin to teach you scripture, and through the Holy Ghost will Hemake plain, the simple truths of Gods word. You will no longer be a flesh man controlled by satan, and deceived by his influence, and God will remove and break that bondage off of you. You will no longer ever open your mouth by the gates of hell as you have done, but will be able to speak God’s Word and understand it and you will no longer fear Hell. Allow God to cleanse you by verbal confession and acceptance of the cross, and you will find the freedom, from the terrible influence of satan. Once the outward man is broken man’s spirit abides continuously in the Presence of God. We must recognize two very different ways of help, before us. First “there is a way that seemeth right unto a man”, in which help is received from the outside, by external doctrines and expositions making their appeal to the mind. But God’s way is from the outer temple of the flesh, to the inward way of the spirit. When you enter into repentance, gone will be the grip of satan, and you will be a free man, to walk in freedom of the Spirit.

    • Mishai,

      Do you realize you have ridiculed everyone on here if you will go back and look. Anti tried having conversation with you as have many others…and all you can do is condescend. The note you just left me is as to others. You would do well to listen to it as though you wrote it to yourself.

      Why is it you can only ridicule?

      Seriously, try to find some kindness in yourself…

      • On the contrary it was you who ridiculed There was no ridicule in my comments. You have ridiculed, religion, the mainstream Church, comments in the Bible. I was having to speak through all that. Try separating “you” from what you “believe”. This is the area where ,you become confused. When speaking to your beliefs, one is not commenting on “you”. Beliefs, and personhood are two different things. This is an important spiritual understanding for you to grasp because it has caused you to falsely accuse me, And Others. In addition, you are not the scrutinizer of my emotions, and you falsely misread them. Take a more objective view, of your feelings, because your feelings are wrong. According to your viewpoints you are more guilty of this error than I would be. You comments are about Truth supposedly, that’s how you format them. Who is determining your truths. That’s what your own subject matter is about, and you are the preacher of it. Get a grip on what your about, and stop intimidating others, from speaking. Intimidate yourself. Get out of your emotions, no one is ridiculing you, and nothing I said is ridicule, it was a response to your supposed ridicule. Get over yourself, and learn to speak. Learn to put value on words, not emotions. You are allowing emotions about your supposed Christhood, to dictate, what other people, may need to say to you. I don’t even know if you know Christ, because, you don’t follow his teachings, so your comments about Christhood, are meaningless. The Christhood you claim, is just your own Holiness, and you are not Holy. There is nothing Holy about you. God is Holy. Let him be the judge of Holiness. You judge what your words mean, and learn to communicated without the illusions of your own Sainthood. I am not claiming Sainthood, your are.

      • i told you earlier about spiritual egos dont inspire me at all…only the living word of god and the activation of its reality in our lives…and trust me i can easily discern when a person is just saying spiritual crap to puff up his worthless ego..have a blessed saturday with my all of my love ❤

      • To trust your ego is a different story. Then certainly, we cant trust you, with the story?

  159. Oh, the glory and the wonder of the Truths of God! And the mercy of His unfolding is as limitless as eternity and as boundless as man’s capacity to test and to prove all things.

    “It is given to abide in you: the record of heaven; the COMFORTER; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which QUICKENETH all things, which MAKETH ALIVE all things; that which KNOWETH all things, and hath ALL POWER”.

    It is definitely true that the Divine, Holy Comforter is given to abide in man, along with all the foregoing, dynamic powers of heaven. For “all that the Father has is yours.”

    The very abode of that Divine Comforter, or Holy Helper is in the subconscious mind where all facts and knowledge are stored.

    As one purifies the abode or realm of that Powerful, Divine Assistant he cleanses his subconscious mind and renovates it. Then this Holy Helper, or Holy Ghost, as the scriptures call it, can function in Its dynamic fulness. “It will bring all things past to your remembrance.” It will assist you in achieving any assignment or glorify any accomplishment. It will bring culture and refinement and perfection into your life. It is impossible for anyone to master any skill or art without the help of this Divine Helper. It alone can bring mastery or proficiency or perfection into any achievement from the playing of a musical instrument to the driving of a car or the manipulation of any piece of office equipment or the operating of any piece of machinery.

    It is the Divine, Holy Helper that takes care of the inner functioning of the physical body. And when It is crowded out of Its abode by the evils of desolate, bitter memories and life’s corroding stench of self-pity, dislikes, hates or bitterness the body begins to age and to sicken — and to die. It is also within the power of this Divine, Holy Helper to QUICKEN and to renew or TO MAKE ALIVE the physical body. This Holy Spirit, this Divine Helper will lend its full cooperation, if only one is aware of Its willingness to assist and permits It to do so. This is Its purpose and the power of Its functioning. Only man must acknowledge It and accept of Its assistance. It must be consciously included in all one’s undertakings and projects and even in the ordinary tasks of daily living if one’s life is to go smoothly and be always under perfect control….HALLELUJAH..

  160. In order for us to move into the likeness of God we must be willing to forsake all others and be forsaken by all others. Then…we move and have our being with the “one” … in oneness with the Father…then as others take on this mind which was also in Christ Jesus, the corporate man starts to develop from the individual man. As each of us comes to Christ in our individual order of calling we then and only then can enjoy the peace of the other that is for all…as we are called according to”His” purpose…for us.

    We cannot become as Christ and take on the mind of Christ by being menpleasers and speaking only to be accepted by the flesh; desiring praise and adulation. Our friends and friendship will grow in Christ as we see only Christ and good in all things and circumstances. We should only be concerned about being accepted by our Father and as others do the same…then we can become one.

    God said His way was simple…and to simply love without conditions and boundaries is not a burden in Christ. Anxiety and stress comes from trying to separate people into right and wrong categories of those who deserve hell vs those who deserve heaven. When we “see” the first Adam and the second Adam as one moving from the natural realm to the spiritual realm…we can then see that as in the fall of Adam all fell with Him as all rise with the second Adam…Christ our lord…and savior.


  161. Ego is an interesting subject. It has perplexed the soul since it was created. The spirit within of God, void of the influence of the soul is spiritual. It is only the soul which has an ego and as we learn of the influences of the five senses on the soul, we learn of the disobedience of the soul to the spirit. When our veil is rent so that the soul will again be swallowed up by the spirit as in the allegory of the temple veil, the soul will mind the spirit instead of the flesh.

    While the soul (woman) is not allowed to speak in church, the matured spirit is. This is not speaking of fleshly gender, it is speaking of the man (spirit) and the woman (soul) which is within each of us. Ego likes to pretend it is holy by using only words to prove itself while the spirit has no will of its own…the spirit within rejects the ego while pointing all to Christ. The spirit is humble in that it loves without conditions while the flesh is arrogant and unloving and seeks praise from the knowledge of men. Knowledge is good, however the substance of God’s love is above all mysteries, allegories, and knowledge. These will cease to be as says the scriptures, yet love will remain…

    There can be much ego in much knowledge, however love surpasses knowledge. We can see who can “see” these things without a word being spoken, yet it may be a little harder to discern in absence. When we see the end of a person, the means are but the path of progression to being redeemed back to the Father.

    Ego is giving up self for selflessness. Selflessness is wanting the greatest love for another as you would want for yourself…if fact you would open the door for them to go in before you…

  162. it never about trusting ego. its about knowing in the soul if the connection is of GOD..that says everything all the time even if spiritual egos are really retards incorporated ..lmao

  163. i will leave you bozos with this ..Yes, “LIVE that First and Great Commandment and you will KNOW!” And “you will need none to teach you for God Himself will be your teacher!” And to LIVE it does not mean to merely nod one’s head over it in an inactive affirmation or casual acceptance of the idea. To fulfill it requires that every cell and fibre and atom of one’s being be imbued with it. Only then does it become a part of one’s own experience, hence his KNOWLEDGE…<3


  165. We can read numerous books by others, etc, etc, and even the Bible itself…and yet it is the spirit that will lead us to God through the redemptive process of His love…and nothing else. Knowledge, words, and the use of them can describe our true growth in God if one has eyes to see. Harsh words should be reserved for those who are in need of correction..and these are those who really, hide behind a lot of good sounding words and phrases even if they are copied from another…. When we attempt to use words to describe this growth in God it is a difficult thing to do as God is not found in words, any words no matter how correct sounding that they may be. You can say the word God or “love”in every breath yet your heart can be far from Him.

    It is the spirit which leads one to God and there is none other. It is not hard to see if one is offended that others are not praising their words and wanting others to follow in like agreement, however we will never be made as one using merely words, it is by the spirit we are made one. For example, two groups of people can speak the identical same message, go to the same “church” dress the same, have many spiritual gifts, and pray to God several times a day and yet their heart can be far from God. This is the Bible story of the five wise and the five foolish. What was the difference in them? It was the intent behind the words and why the words were said in the first place. To the undiscerning spirit within, nothing is different however the true seeker of God will need no man to teach them for their secret intent is to follow God and not man.

    We can share our words here on this blog, or elsewhere and each time we open our mouth or share a written word, we must ask ourself what is our true intent…is it to win over someone else by words or have a love and respect for the other is spite of the eloquent and lofty sounding words? It is when people get upset that they believe they are losing the battle of the written word that causes them to abandon their agenda of not winning others over to be adjulated by words…they want to pack up their toys and leave so to speak…and this is ok too, for they end up revealing themselves for who they really are. Many have came and went on this site also because they were not the center of attention or was allured by the physical beauty of its author and left only because it was evident this author rejected the subtle but evident use of their words. They would leave out of frustration with disgruntled words which revealed their true nature and intent….only to return later with even more great swelling “words” that didn’t work again either.

    Yes, just because someone speaks the words of another and attaches their own greatness to these words are soon found out, not by their correct sounding words, but by their true spirit which finally comes through. Discernment is a good thing if used wisely, we all have it, it’s how we use it and in spite of the faults of another do we use it to prove or disprove another? Do we artfully give encouragement or do we compare ourselves to this other and condemn them? What is our intent? What choice of words do we use? This tells us if we are of the five wise or of the five foolish. Words will never reveal one’s true intent…however the spirit of God will reveal all things to those whose true intention is for the other, Bond or free, male or female.

    Godly discernment keeps words and the spirit rightly divided just as it should do…and when words are given to only offend they reveal….what fruit is of the tree for a bad tree cannot give forth good fruit as a good tree cannot give forth bad fruit. We should choose our words carefully as they will reveal our true nature…Words written or spoken are sometimes hard to speak as the spirit gives us direction, however we do..or should do our best. Sometimes we fail, yet we keep going toward the goal which is not found in word but in deed.

    Knowledge is usually given before the spirit and it takes time for the conversion from the knowledge of a thing to the spirit to take place. Wiith discernment although we may see error, we with patience should hope to facilitate the growth from just knowledge to spirit….without condemnation. Few this side of the grave will accomplish this agape love because they cannot discern it from the Eros or philia type of love. We must give up the lesser loves as we pass through each until we reach the love which will cover all sin whether it is seen in ourselves or in another. We do not grow from condemnation to condemnation by looking for faults but from overcoming our faults by the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. This hupigher way cannot be achieved by words alone.

    • As long as you are not in reconciliation with a false spirit yes. But we do not live in a spiritual holy bubble, and no one is called upon by the Lord, to be reconciled in sin, or to be in alignment with subjects that go against his Word. These subjects entail more that just perfection of spirit which can only be found in Jesus Christ.

  166. we can speak volumes of words and our life in truth have not a shread of fruit to bear witness of what we represent …FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD….TO GOD BE THE GLORY…AMEN.

  167. from the great Herbert Spencer, a true thinker: “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation before investigation.”

    Another jewel of truth comes from the Rev. Arthur Ford:

    “From the cowardice that fears new truth,

    From the laziness that accepts half truths,

    From the arrogance that knows all truth,

    O Lord, deliver us!”

    “A Thirst for knowledge is just as important as the acquisition and the application of knowledge.” (J.O. Brisbin. — Business Fundamental World. 12-68)

    Only those searching souls who are “hungering and thirsting after righteousness” are truly prepared to KNOW TRUTH. “KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE.” It is then that the half truths, the partial truths and the untruths become inadequate. To KNOW the TRUTH one must “HUNGER AND THIRST” after a complete knowledge of God, not just be willing to verify what he has already accepted or espoused. Only the full truth can appease the awakened hungering of the soul — which TRUTH IS PERFECTION! “For those whose eyes become single to the glory of God will be filled with Light and there will be no darkness in them, and THEY WILL COMPREHEND ALL THINGS!” In other words, “THEY WILL KNOW THE TRUTH!” These are the ones whose eyes are truly single to the glory of God and are not upon their own imagined importance or on half-truths — or perhaps untruths…

    • So your faith is in Jesus Christ? Is that where you are finding your knowledge? This is where you are seeking truth?

    • It’s not about a thirst for knowledge, or being enamored of your personal conduct It/s about a relationship with Jesus, and about who He is. Simply looking To, Jesus. It’s not about Personal Righteousness born of knowledge, or conduct.

  168. Yes, Truth is found more in a substance of a quiet spirit than trying to prove anything in the substance of a multitude of words. In patience we grow from words of knowledge to the substance of His likeness. As we pray for God’s forgiveness, leniency and grace toward ourselves, it only becomes a reality as we grant this same kindness and a forgiving spirit toward others.

    You are correct it is one thing to know and as I said prior, knowledge comes first, however we must go on unto perfection leaving the dead letter of the word behind as we become the living word in Christ. Our words to one another can be good if the intent is good, otherwise….

  169. Thirst must come from a desire to simply love above wanting to be heard…even if the truth is spoken…again it’s the intent. Our intention cannot be to be known but to know Him in the spirit of the word. All things we do and think must be with an innocent request for a simple love amongst ourselves.

  170. Both of you keep searching. You haven’t gotten there yet but you will find the truth in Jesus. Soul perfection can only be found in Him, not solely by trying to perfect yourself in holiness.

  171. And thousands down the ages and thousands today have searched or are searching the scriptures, thinking that in them they will find eternal life, while they ignore Christ completely with His continual outpouring, personal information and loving direction for the constant emergencies of life. It is in that personal contact with God, as one opens up his soul to be “taught of God” that all power lies. The great power to do the works which Christ did is not contained in the scriptures but in the living contact with God. And those who hold their minds continually within the pages of the Bible will become word-bound in their thinking and their lives will become as dried and brittle as parchment. It is these who have failed to go to Christ, in a love of devotion that will reveal the TRUTH and go beyond the dead letter of the law, that remain in their dead, orthodoxed conformity of unprogressiveness.

    • One cannot contact Jesus Christ without His Eternal Word, for that is written in Heaven and is the Heart of God. One cannot serve or find God, without the Words of Jesus, because the Spirit of God on earth will only bear record of the red Letters of Jesus Christ. You will not even know who God is without the Words of Jesus Christ, because that is the teaching of Jesus, and He said, ” Except you Abide in Me and My Word you Have No Life (from God) in You. No, that is a deception you are following. Please make note that your words cannot take precedence over God’s Word. God’s Word IS All That Matters.

    • Ditto. Exactly.

    • I couldn’t have said it better.

    • I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Very well said. So true.

  172. Two points I would like you to consider ~ 1) The very comment that you made about the letter of the law, comes from a bible scripture (a word from Gog ). In the Bible. So you were using this verse as a ‘”living Word”, to quote from and make your point from. So, that which you were doing is the complete opposite of the function you were trying to say was dead. You yourself were making the Word alive.

    point 2) ~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Romans 7:6 (

    But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.

    This verse you were quoting, is not referring to all the Words, sentences and scriptures in the Bible.
    This verse is saying that the Law had a penalty. The penalty was death, (because of sin). We had to serve (i.e.) “obey” the law, but that obedience, could only lead to death. Through Jesus Christ, death on the Cross, death was fulfilled as a sacrifice for us, so we do not any longer serve a dead letter (the ten commandments), and we no longer have to suffer it’s penalty, of the law of sin and death and finally a penalty of hell. Now we can serve God in newness of spirit, because believers in Jesus are made alive and delivered from death, through Jesus Cross, and sacrifice for us. Now we serve the Word of God, and Jesus, and the Law of God, through “Choice”, which is choice through “Newness of Life”.

    This verse is Not Saying that the Words of Jesus, and the Apostles, in the Letters in the New Testament are dead. It is saying the exact opposite. These Words ARE, the Words, of “Newness of Life”, brought forth in the New Creation Man, and honored by the Holy Spirit.

  173. Mishai
    March 24, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Two points I would like you to consider ~ 1) The very comment that you made about the letter of the law, comes from a bible scripture (a word from God ). In the Bible. So you were using this verse as a ‘”living Word”, to quote from and to make your point from. So, that which you were doing is the complete opposite of the function you were trying to say was dead. You yourself were making the Word alive.

    point 2) ~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Romans 7:6 (

    But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.

    This verse you were quoting, is not referring to all the Words, sentences and scriptures in the Bible.
    This verse is saying that the Law had a penalty. The penalty was death, (because of sin). We had to serve (i.e.) “obey” the law, but that obedience, could only lead to death. Through Jesus Christ, death on the Cross, death was fulfilled as a sacrifice for us, so we do not any longer serve a dead letter (the ten commandments), and we no longer have to suffer it’s penalty, of the law of sin and death and finally a penalty of hell. Now we can serve God in newness of spirit, because believers in Jesus are made alive and delivered from death, through Jesus Cross, and sacrifice for us. Now we serve the Word of God, and Jesus, and the Law of God, through “Choice”, which is choice through “Newness of Life”.

    This verse is Not Saying that the Words of Jesus, and the Apostles, in the Letters in the New Testament are dead. It is saying the exact opposite. These Words ARE, the Words, of “Newness of Life”, brought forth in the New Creation Man, and honored by the Holy Spirit.

  174. The power of God is as great today as it was when He said, “Let there be light, and there was light!” It is as great now as it was in the days of Moses when dust turned to lice, ashes to boils and the Red Sea divided at the word of a man inspired by God. His power is as great today as it was in the days of Christ when the lepers were healed, the blind made to see, the lame to walk, and in the dynamic words that have rung down the ages, “Lazarus, come forth!” The power of God did not die with the Apostles of Jesus Christ. It is still waiting to be brought forth in the heart of any man who will only open his soul to receive it, and his mind to understand.

    • That power only comes From the Holy Spirit, Through the Word. The Power of God, came through the Word, Saying. Everything you just quoted, could not have been spoken by you without The Word. It all came to you because the Word of God is there. Your comments are quotations relating to the Word given.

  175. We must have knowledge for direction however we are to go on unto perfection in the spirit. We must come to understand where knowing ends and spirit begins. We read by knowledge we should love our neighbor as ourself however having the knowledge of it does not make us loving and spiritual. By receiving the spirit of Christ directly from God is how we are able to become in His likeness. It’s like the saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Knowledge can lead us to know about Christ but it is the spirit which gives us His spirit to drink. Many refuse to drink as they are happy only to expound on what they “know.” We must fulfill what is written about, called knowledge, by the thing itself…God’s likeness and character. There is as much difference between knowing (knowledge) about something and being something.

    Remember that this is the only difference between the five wise and five foolish…one knew to do and the other did.

    • The Word of God, is not just knowledge. The Word of God, is the Creative POWER of God. It is more than knowledge, it is FOOD. You take it in and it becomes POWER. That is the mystery. Not just knowledge. You can only understand what I just said, by reading the word and understanding IT. Your, not going to come to know where knowing ends and spirit begins, because they are the same thing. Loving your neighbor as yourself, is an activity. You will be in His likeness, when you become born again, then you learn. Don’t turn things around backwards. You lead yourself to water, and make yourself drink. The Word is the Water. and the Bible says this. By the Water of the Word.

  176. Having knowledge of being able to have good things is wonderful to have. It is better to have the thing or only the knowledge of the thing? Knowledge is good but with all your getting, get understanding.

    • Edit….

      Having knowledge of being able to have good things is wonderful to have. Is it better to have the thing or only the knowledge of the thing? Knowledge is good but with all your getting, get understanding of the difference.

  177. Sorry about the repeats???

  178. sonny mishai in on a totaly religious level of understanding the gospel of Christ…he “cannot hear” the higher truths of the spirit in his mind and heart… its (impossible) at this time…so plz leave him be… and just love and pray for his soul thats all . GOD BLESS ❤

  179. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering; for he that waverth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

    James Chapter 1, verses 5-7,..IT IS THAT SIMPLE ITS ALWAYS BEEN..

  180. How do we know for certain what is the truth? How do we know what devices are the cunning forces of darkness? For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (Romans Chapter 8, verse 6) If we are carnally minded, we might search for solid earthly proof, or let all of our belief hang on the opinions and proofs that others provide for us. And there are many different stories to be told about whether Annalee Skarin was really translated or not. Some will believe what their mortal eyes see and their physical ears hear. And some will decide that there is no way that such an event as her translation ever occured and therefore reject all that she wrote which was written in fire and tears for the benefit of all mankind. And some believe she was translated without ever questioning whether it could be an untrue story. It is our God-given right to question – to ask God himself for the answers! We should never just take someone’s word without asking THE WORD.

    • Amos,

      I had a dear friend that was probably thirty years my senior and he shared with me audible conversations he had with God. Some of my other good friends in the faith believed him and some didn’t. I took the attitude with my friends…what if he did and what if he didn’t? What is that have to do with what we as individuals need to do? So whether someone such as Annalee Skarin was translated..or not…it will have not have any bearing on the faith of another. Their experience is theirs, and ours are ours. I often tell people read what you want, follow who you want, however when we mature, we follow only God through Christ.

      I follow no man, however I share with others as they share with me some very good knowledge and perspectives. We may learn something another may voice and vise versa, however it is God who opens up our understanding. I have a good understanding of the different callings of God however I rarely get into the depth of each openly on blogs such as this. I understand what it takes to be in the Sonship, the 144, the bride of Christ, etc., many names of the same thing. I would hope that one day I may achieve the high calling in Christ Jesus, however I have also learned not to claim something by title, that we can only claim by being matured into that calling. I know our salvation is sure, however if we are not careful pride in claiming something before it’s time of revelation in our hearts can be a pride before it’s fall.

      The high calling in Christ Jesus will come by being obedient to all that we know to do…rather than what we only know. When writing and sharing as we do on here, there are some things left better unsaid, for each has its place. I really know it’s not a “ position” we should seek for if we seek “the way” the position will take care of itself. As far as reproving someone this is also something I have very rarely done. I know we each will come to the maturity in Christ in our order of His timing so I am not really worried about the scoffers and stone throwers, for they too will bow their knee to Christ in time. I usually leave others to their beliefs and to their demeaning way of presenting themselves but there do come times when it is appropriate. It’s touchy with an audience, yet I know when I do my love does not change in the least for the least of these… because if not for the grace of God…there go I.

      We will each have our bumps and bruises along the way and most will come by those who put doctrine and beliefs over the beatitudes. I accept everyone just where they are, however I am secure enough and I know why I speak what I do and how I speak it. Perfect? No, but in condemnation, not at all because it is impossible to condemn a person to a place where you believe doesn’t exist. And when one believes as in Adam all died so as in Christ all shall be made alive but every man in his own order,” it is but a short time before all will stand before our Father innocent of all past charges…our year of “Jubilee.”

      It may surprise many but I do not study for the sake of knowledge itself. If a person studies for any other reason than to further one’s growth in Christ I believe our studies are in vein. If all the law and prophets hang on the one great commandment then they must all be saying the same thing. This I have found to be so for myself…and I leave others to believe for themselves. I spend much of my time reading and studying and I read as you, many things by others. I read those who agree with me and I read things I’m. It in agreement with. We should be able to read anything and listening to anyone if we know no one can take any truth from us for we are not of those who search the scriptures thinking in them we will find life. The spirit comes by spirit, not by the letter and although the letter has its place, it is that personally spirit to spirit dialogue we have with our Father which grows and gives the increase.

      How do we know what is the Truth? Truth is kindness, mercy, grace, compassion, etc., the beatitudes and anything outside of God’s likeness comes under the category of knowledge and not substance. This is a hard subject to discuss with many especially with those who are still trying to find their way in searching the scriptures..thinking they will find life in them. There are few that have read and studied…as much as I have and the Lord has granted me my share of the understanding of the types and shadows, the allegories and many of the mysteries that many clamour to know. And yet I do not count these things of great value as do many and this is because I have came to see through it all, although it is good to know things, it is yet better to be the thing that only the scriptures can reveal as being obtainable.

      For me it is really a humbling experience to be shown these great truths because I know Imhave yet to measure up the truth that only knowledge can reveal. Types and shadows in the scriptures are not the true, yet they outline the true…it is knowledge. I know that for myself I would like to possess what the knowledge of the shadow can only describe. Knowledge cannot give life, it can describe it but the letter has no power. Many think by understanding the written word this is somehow a spiritual awakening. Knowing about something can make one feel really great and they think because they know the sons of
      God exist they will be one…however until we walk the last step in the spirit we cannot claim it by knowing about it…we must become obedient to forsaking all carnal things..

      I know you understand most of all I have said, because we see similar things. We should not worry about what we don’t know..or what the other doesn’t know…for there is a higher way that comes by walking and not talking. Exchanging words on a blog leaves out much of what a conversation is really about because we get lost in trying to explain a lot of the unexplainable because I’m not sure that some things can be explained to another…I know this from experience because, again, you have to be in a place or in a certain condition to get it…and until another is there with you there is a “language” barrier. However no matter the difference in knowledge we can have what is above knowledge that all the scriptures hang on…and that is a genuine love and respect for others regardless of their beliefs. We should be able to sit with any of any religion, atheist or agnostic and have the same peace and respect for them as your best friend.

      There is a consummation of all knowledge in the statement as you have done unto the least of these you have done it unto me…I think an atheist would quialty for one of the least of these…however you know what the synagogue of Satan is and I think you also know many atheist are better off than in one of these “Satanic” places. However all these being least, we are to show the same grace, kindness and compassion as our Lord. What makes a Sonship message and calling, as you are aware is in the obedience of a beatifude and not just the knowledge of it.

      I know I’m singing to the choir so to speak. I just wanted to take the extra time to explain there is a time for all things as in Ecclesiastes and we don’t all get the same message at the same time. Yet we try our best.


      • That’s the reason why God sent his messengers, to preach the truth without favor to men, then there is no need before God, to worry about these things. Obey God, not what men think about you. Follow Jesus Word, not demons teachings. Many men do not know God and are demonically inspired. Hearing devils. If you want, God, you will have what He sends in truth. without favor to men. God is a good God, but there is no shadow of truth in Him. Go to God’s Word and learn from Him.



  183. If we desire to be spiritualy minded, we could choose to follow the simple intructions given by Jesus Christ through Annalee in the book, “To God The Glory” which follow:

    And so that you may be left without excuse I now give you the three tests by which you may know the truth of my (Jesus Christ) Words.

    First: ask of me, with a sincere heart, whether this is of God or not, and He will reveal the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost. And thus you may know the truth of all things. But be careful that after such witness is borne to you and testifies to your soul, and brings peace to your heart, by the power of the Holy Ghost, lest you return to your doubting, and thus be found to sin against this Divine Witness, even the Holy Ghost, which sin cannot be forgiven.

    Second: Live the teachings and you will KNOW whether they be of God, or whether they be of man.

    Third: This is the test that cannot fail, nor can a fool err therein, nor be deceived, for it is as plain to discern as it is to discern the light of noonday from the darkness of night. “Anything that enticeth a man to serve and love God, and to pray, IS OF GOD.”

    So be it, for I have spoken. Let none mock my words for they are true and faithful.

    Yea, I am Jesus Christ, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, the great Amen.

    • A fool already has erred therein. You.?? So, if we need your agreement to test this, that wouldn’t be right. If you don’t believe any of the Sayings and warnings of Jesus and the Apostles, you certainly wouldn’t want to believe a demon spirit named, Analee.??? Analee, How about “Demonlee”?? God has given us witness in the Eternal Word, of Jesus. Leave Analee, and turn to Him.

  184. “I am not here with you right now to speak with big words as this will not help those who have a limited vocabulary. I want everyone to understand what I am going to tell you for it is also a part of them that they remember. Whatever happens in life, it isn’t something permanent; instances, thoughts, emotions, all pass and continue on in another dimension as the new birth of a new instance or a new thought or a new emotion enters your consciousness. I do not teach something which is not known by the inner self for all is connected to the one truth of love…GOD BLESS YOU ALL..<3

    • Then why Does the Bible Say to Repent of Your Sins.??? There is the one Truth of Love, but the Bible teaches that there is also, the one truth of sin. If you want people to understand, then we need more than a testimony from your mind, teaching us. We need it to match God’s written, Word, given by the Holy Spirit to the Disciples of Christ, or we will not believe it. No, we cannot understand, “your sayings”, because they are yours and yours alone. Not from God. Don’t need satans ideas. No thank you. Bless you,. I pray God will reveal His truth, to you. It’s in Jesus.

  185. Learn to talk to God, not at Him. Learn to glory in the sacred, divine privilege of so sacred an opportunity. Let your love flow out. Let your requests be added after your thanks and gratitude and praise have been expressed in every increasing wonder and joy in the privilege of living on this wonderful earth. And as you rejoice and give thanks your happiness will grow and increase to match your blessings. Learn to look forward to those moments you spend with Him and you will begin to know that He hears and approves of you.

    It is so much easier to PROVE that God does live and that he does hear and answers prayers than it is to disprove Him, for He is truly a rewarder of all who DILIGENTLY seek Him!

    Those who seek only to disprove that God does not exist are only proving that they have not made any effort to really reach Him. And they are actually closing the great door into His presence against themselves. And in so doing they have lost the purpose and the meaning and the unspeakable joy of existence. God is not in the least affected by any individual’s actions or resentments or evils — but man himself is the loser, the releaser of the boundless ills that are gathering, according to the unfulfilled laws of righteousness. Not that God is going to punish man. Man creates his own punishments and releases them as he brings them to pass.

    And this fact must be stated and magnified. No one has ever DISPROVED that there is a God, except to those who have never sought to KNOW for themselves. For His invitation has stood down the timeless ages of existence: “Seek me early and you shall find me!” Or “Seek me diligently and you shall KNOW me!”

    While these UNBELIEVING ONES have failed to make the least effort to KNOW THE TRUTH, there are thousands upon thousands who have proved, in their lives, the great reality of a True and Living God and who KNOW of His mercies and His powers because they have become daily more aware of His blessings as they have been multiplied unto them.

    This is the day of which Daniel spoke, when he stated: “Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

    “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand.”

    Then in Daniel 12:3-4 is revealed the exact time of the fulfilling of this scripture. “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.

    “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: MANY SHALL RUN TO AND FRO, AND KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED!” This is the day when they are “running to and fro” to the extent that great freeways have cobwebbed the nation with their lanes of traffic.

    This is “the time of the end” and it is the time when God has declared that he will do His strange work, “That all men will be left without excuse” (for not knowing) — and then it will be too late to graduate from this earth plane with honors. In THIS DAY it will be an unholy condition to be “A drop-out” when every atom and leaf and bird and cloud and blade of grass testifies continually of the Great Creator of all that is — and the man who fails finds he has no part in it. Such will fulfill Daniel’s words, revealed in chapter 12:2, thus: “Some will stand forth to receive everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.”

    • No one here, has said that Jesus doesn’t answer prayers, or that they were trying to disprove Him. We said just the opposite. None of your sayings here, contradict anything I said, All these statements are based on the Bible, and you were saying you do not put confidence in it. ????? So, you are saying two exact opposites, Either you believe God’s Word’s or you don’t???? You say they are stale, then you quote large volumes from them… Go, one way or the other, but no one is saying ‘Here’, that Jesus doesn’t answer prayer.. I have no idea where you came to assume that.? I was not in any way saying he doesn’t answer prayer, but prayer is based on the Promises in His Word. What He has promised. John said, if we ask anything in His will, He heareth us.. So Again, “That is from God’s Living Word”.

  186. Introduction to A RIVER GREAT AND BROAD: The Complete Works of Annalee Skarin and Commentary to YE ARE GODS by Reborn R. S. Whitefield.

    A RIVER GREAT AND BROAD, The Complete Works of Annalee Skarin and Commentary of “Ye Are Gods” was brought to pass by the grace of God and the discovery that all of Annalee’s published books with the exception of “Ye Are Gods” are now under public domain. I have read Annalee’s books numerous times, and had to re-purchase them after losing them during a move. To my astonishment and disappointment people were charging extraordinary fees for the books that Annalee, herself, never accrued any royalties for. Aghast at this injustice to those who desire to read her books but could not afford them, I set off on a journey of typing and editing these beloved books in order to make them available to all.

    The title to this compilation of Annalee Skarin’s published writings comes from Ode 6 of the Odes of Solomon 7- 17, which Annalee said referred to her books: “For there went forth a stream and became a river great and broad; For it flooded and broke up everything and it brought (water) to the Temple; And the restrainers of the children of men were not able to restrain it, nor the arts of those whose business it is to restrain waters; For it spread over the face of the whole earth, and filled everything: and all the thirsty upon earth were given to drink of it; And thirst was relieved and quenched: for from the Most High the draught was given. Blessed then are the ministers of that draught who are entrusted with that water. They have assuaged the dry lips, and the will that had fainted they have raised up; And souls that were near departing they have caught back from death: And limbs that had fallen they straightened and set up: They gave strength for their feebleness and light to their eyes: For everyone knew them in the Lord, and they lived by the water of life forever. Hallelujah.”

    • Annalee, could be a demonic spirit, in fact is guaranteed to be. Ok what is the Temple? (nonsenses), and also, the “restrainers of the children of men”? How about, the liars, of the “daughters of men”, could that be possible, as well, that Annalee might be a liar? How would you know? Don’t place your faith in a fiction.?? Jesus loves you himself. Leave her (demon) I pray. That is my prayer for you. I care for your soul. Think about this, why would restrainers of the children of men, try to restrain waters? Doesn’t make sense. There are no ones whose business is to restrain waters. I dare say, you have no idea “what she is talking about”. and no one else does. Jesus loves you. I do know that.

  187. Within the soul of man is the gift of poise, which is divine majesty. Within the soul of man is the power to rule over every condition or vicissitude. Anyone who fulfills the law of his own being will release the full outflowing power of God right within himself and then “all things will be subjected unto him, both in heaven and on earth; the Light and the Life; the Spirit and the Power.” He will be filled with Light and comprehend all things. Such a one becomes a sacred channel through which the healing powers of God’s almighty love flow out to renew in the fulness of life more abundant, joy more exquisite and knowledge more complete. Within this sacred jewel is the power to accomplish every noble task, to fulfill every worthy assignment and to bring forth every righteous desire. Within the soul of man is the power to KNOW and to walk with God. Within this sacred power of the soul is held the gift of Life Eternal, “For it is given to abide in you the record of heaven; the Comforter, the peaceable things of immortal glory; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things and hath all power.”

    • If one part of these sayings is wrong. My guess would be that the Whole box of Cards will Collapse. You have one saying here, (amongst many) where you have stated ” He (whoever that he is we don’t know?) will be filled with Light and comprehend all things. Ok, at that point your mind should be able to tell you and for you to comprehend, that there is no way “you” personally could know that or expect to know that because no one knows what all things “are”, and to say you would comprehend “all things”, should be enough of a red flag, for you to know that Satan, is deceiving you into ” his belief system”, claiming you will be god.. You won’t be, you can be assured of that. Secondly, why would you trust “these words” if you can’t trust God’s Word. Not a good idea to be in this scenario you have predicted, because it is demonically inspired. Praying for your waking to a better idea. There is no law of your own being? Where did that come from. So, a lot of unfulfilled and broken ends here that make no sense. Who is going to verify, that these statements are true, Only Satan, a liar, that Jesus warned against. Words not from the Father of lights here. Praying Jesus will show you the truth.

      • “Live the Teachings and You Will Know”

        “Yes, he that repenteth and exerciseth FAITH and bringeth forth good works, and prayeth continually without ceasing unto such is given to know the mysteries of God; yea, unto such it shall be given to reveal things which never have been revealed; yea, and it shall be given unto such to bring thousands of souls to repentance.” This glorious Promise was revealed centuries ago and it still stands in all the power of everlasting fulfilling and eternal PROMISE.

      • hello all 🙂
        i want to add something in which creates seperation. the intent is to fix the death. and keep the flow(water) of life within the spirit of ALL MEN(i see many here waking out of death and am proud of you all). i know this is a touchy subject(even though it doesnt have to be). the subject is about lucifer/satan/devil.

        i know that WE were taught to fight against, to disconnect from. but there is a MUCH CLEARER understanding in which we all need to understand.
        in order to not give satan any power(in religon terms) is to love satan unconditionally as satan is the GREATEST TEST of our own faith.
        to love satan(in all people) is to give strenght in christ. but to fight against satan is to reject christ. (law of opposing forces).

        the purpose is to ADJUST our frequency within our own identity to ALIGN(CROSS) with the eternal(prophets) frequency(LIFE ITSELF)(highest love). LOVE is something that you are, it isnt something that one person has more or less of.

        some may see this confusing when i say this but i do know the final outcome(eternal knowledge). christ and satan(in spirit) is in all of us.(opposing forces)(one and the same force)
        if you reject satan/lucifer/devil, then in no way can you be one with christ. but to even LOVE satan again is how you give life to(in) christ(see christ in everyone)).. this also goes for all other names. each name requires all other names. that means you cant be one with christ if you reject johova, morman/allah, mohamad, ect…. each name is an ETERNAL LAW(within us all)

        people may do bad things, and we tend to judge them and condemn them. but even those people are only playing out the LOVE in which is in all of our hearts(shared in eternal).. the universe plays out EVERY POSSIBILILY of our own heart(human AND eternal).

        let me try to give a real sample… lets take an event right now.

        lets say for example that overseas, we see terrorist… they cut of heads and fingers.. as we in our own country and as one body tend to condemn terrorist, those same terrorist are only playing out that of which we created in them(cant escape our own hearts).
        the whole universe(and the consiousness we call eternal) plays out every aspect of ourselves.

        in order to get rid of terrorist, we have to SEE within our own minds and hearts, that even those people playing out those acts should also be seen as god’s children(as no one person is more or less important than another)..
        when we see christ even in terrorist, the whole universe LISTENS, and plays out the LOVE that we create(in our own hearts).

        so to LOVE everyone equal is the way that we rid terrorist(satan within). to blow up terrorist only shows that we are the terrrorist that we reject in others. hope that makes sense or at least starts a conversation..

        when a preacher condemns a terrorist and catorgorizes people, it is that same ENERGY in which t he world plays out(stuck in a loop).


  189. Make no mistake, however, this site is testifying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. It is a Christian site that accepts the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon contains the fullnes of the gospel in these latter days – and the Book of Mormon confirms that the Bible is true. Both books are scripture. Also, remember the body of Christ is comprised of many different members: head, hands, feet, etc. The body of Christ is not one isolated person. Ask, seek and knock as to how you can be a part of Christ’s body while continuing to read Annalee Skarin’s books. Approach all these things in prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, and He will reveal the truth to you.

    • Yes, you accept the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but you don’t follow what Jesus Taught. Jesus said, that many will come in the Last Days, saying “I Am Christ”, namely Annalee SKarin. There is nothing to approach. Jesus said if a demon approaches you, go not after them. No one needs Annalee Skarin to reveal who God is or, who Jesus is, Jesus revealed Himself. You do not need a mediator between you and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ “is” the mediator. Turn away from it, and follow Jesus.
      Jesus is the third person of a triune God. He is not a teacher, to be followed by another teacher. He IS the teacher. And He is God.

  190. Puff The Magic Dragon

    Puff, the Magic Dragon (Satan)
    lived by the Sea,
    And frolicked in the autumn mist,
    in a land called Annalee,
    Little, wandering Amos,
    And Teresa Roberson,
    didn’t believe that Christ is
    the one true God, so they Made one
    Of Their Own.~~
    Puff the Magic Dragon (Satan)
    lived by the sea,
    and tried to wash Amos, and his
    life away, but Mishai prayed
    to bring him home.
    Amos turned to Jesus,
    how happy he became,
    and Teresa, was even happier
    because Amos, believed on
    Jesus Name,
    Puff, the Magic Dragon,
    lived by the Sea, and,
    became sick in the dirty mist,
    In a Land Called Annalee!

  191. Many times, Annalee paraphrased scripture and simply put them in quotes but did not include a reference. And so I also included footnotes for those scriptures as often as possible.

    Before the first chapter in her book, “Ye Are Gods”, there is an Editor’s Note which states:

    Soon after publishing the first edition of this remarkable book the author, Annalee Skarin, according to Affidavits in our files, underwent a physical change known as “translation,” such as did Enoch of Biblical days.

    Her book proclaims that Annalee is a translated being, while the Internet proclaims that she is dead and buried. What should one believe? Was Annalee a liar about being translated? I have chosen to believe that she was translated and the reports of her death are false. “WHY?” I can hear people exclaiming in alarm. These might be people who have never prayed, asked GOD, and listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as to whether Annalee’s writings are true or not – nor have they ever read all of her books. Instead they have trusted in the arm of flesh and a few internet sites that depict Annalee as delving into the shadowy hallways of darkness. I am a witness that there is no darkness in Annalee Skarin’s published books, as she simply teaches the life and commandments of Jesus Christ and invites and entices all to follow and serve and love Christ, and pray to HIM……

  192. The Holy Ghost has revealed to me the truth – not flesh and blood. You do not have to believe that the Holy Ghost revealed anything to me, however. It is up to YOU to pray and ask God for yourself. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Trust the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK!

    My reasons for believing Annalee’s writings are inspired include documented church history in the periodicals called, Times and Seasons, The Evening and Morning Star and scriptures from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine & Covenants (many evidences from these sources are quoted again and again throughout Annalee’s published books).

  193. Prayer itself and the divine invitation to pray is an eternal gift offered by God to man. In distress and misery or dismay or in hardships or troubles of any kind man is invited to go to God — and to “talk to Him as one man talks to another!” And since God is All-Powerful, beyond any potentate or Ruler or King or Magistrate upon the earth it is a wonderful experience and indeed a privilege to be invited into His Presence to talk over one’s difficulties, problems or overwhelming disasters. In such a process there will be the instantaneous help of the Holy Comforter, which establishes the quiet and peace necessary for the vibrations and powers of God to begin their unfolding, their healing and their straightening out of all errors and mistakes.

  194. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5). Most of us accept this as applying to those of former times, but we must remember always that no passage of scripture is of any private interpretation. In the original Greek text, it reads thus: “If any of you are destitute of wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and censures not, and it shall be given him, but let him ask in faith, not hesitating.” — etc. This translation makes it clear that all the humble, those who do not pretend to know everything, can come to God and receive wisdom liberally. Wisdom is offered to all just for the asking — wisdom to fill one’s destiny — wisdom to live honorably — wisdom to help make a whole world better just because that person lived in it and lived up to his highest destiny by receiving divine wisdom. “And with all thy learning, get wisdom.”

    • I agree completely , and it is wisdom used correctly to go beyond the letter to understand Corinthians 1:13 and to put all things and gifts in order. Wisdom is good and this is said rightly and therefore Love is the end of wisdom. Solomon asked for wisdom and was granted wisdom such as no person had before of after him…because He asked with the right attitude.

      Yet, in all of Solomon’s wisdom he failed greatly in not applying it fairly and equitably to all alike, it was because of Solomon’s partiality toward his own…that the kingdom became divided. He could be very ruthless with the other tribes through greater taxation’s on other tribes so he could show more “political” favor to his own, thus they rebelled and became separate. Solomon built alters for his foreign wives (against Fods will) that some even used for human sacrifice. Solomon did not use his great wisdom to promote the ways of God. It was like knowledge to him…he knew..but didn’t do.

      Wisdom is a gift and we can possess it like no other, as Solomon, but we can fail most miserably with wisdom even if it equaled Solomon’s. Wisdom is like knowledge, it is a tool and gift…”if” it used to its intended purpose and it is most clearly explained in the above referenced chapter.

      With all thy getting get understanding to apply all the gifts including wisdom and knowledge of how to arrive at the destination. Wisdom is to know the difference as understanding is to know how to apply it…to get to the purpose of them both…1 Corinthians 13 can’t be stated and made any clearer than the purpose of wisdom and knowledge.

      When we ask to be made into His likeness….this is the end of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. When all the gifts of the in part listed in Corinthians have done their work properly we will stand before our creator in wholeness and holiness…equipped with the love and likeness of God for all alike…

      It’s like all the law and prophets are made so clear in one simple chapter of the book. It should be read over and over again until we understand intelligence in any form of any gift is far inferior to the himbleness of love.

      It is all good.

  195. Law…and… grace and the difference.

    1 Corinthians 1-13

    If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And if I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profiteth me nothing. Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not its own, is not provoked, taketh not account of evil; rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth with the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall be done away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child: now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known. But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
    1 Corinthians 13:1-13 –

    When one often speaks of knowledge as being of a lesser thing as compared to the thing itself…as I do…I am always referencing this wonderful chapter in the book of Corinthians. Having a doctrine, going to a building and calling it “the church,” wearing labels, following other people, debating one’s knowledge , etc. as the above chapter points out and is alluding to; that all the law and prophets hang on the simple concept to love all…regardless…of their doctrine, gifts, sacrifices of offerings and knowledge “about” things, etc. “All” these in part things are but the scaffolding used in constructing the “temple,” however it is not the outward temple that is being built but the inward temple of our being. I am often accosted for saying knowledge is not the end of the thing…and it is not as important as the end of all things ( which knowledge can only describe) which is God’s likeness and character, His love. Knowledge is like a vehicle to get you somewhere…and once we are there, it is no longer needed. No one is saying knowledge is not important, it is…but to debate and argue over whose knowledge and doctrine is more correct in anger and mean spirit ness is silly and childish as the above chapter explains and I am in agreement with. If we argue and debate our knowledge and it is not discussed to bring us to His
    likeness, why discuss anything at all?

    When it is all said and done, many of us will have a lot of egg on our faces for attacking one another over gifts and doctrines when they really don’t matter as much as we think they do. When Paul made the statement that circumcision or uncircumcision of the law is not an issue of self righteousness in the flesh…it is the spirit and righteousness of the heart that matters. His main purpose in saying this was not to teach doctrines of the law but only Christ and Him crucified. This particular passage about crucifixion is not addressing the literal crucifixion of Christ as some see it, it is the cross of the Christian life against the cross and the opposition of the carnal nature…within. This is the same as the circumcision of the heart…it is one and the same thing. So let us see our “old man” of the carnal nature being crucified with the lust of the flesh and the pride of life ( as in “knowing” better than another about a knowledge of a subject) and when it is crucified, we are dead to the carnal nature in Christ…meaning we have overcome death of self and have came alive in the spirit of Christ.

    If a person has been fully developed in the gospel of their end being found in the character in the love in Christ, they have fulfilled all things…that really matter. If a person has mastered and has come to the conclusion of God’s likeness…all is finished. A variance in a doctrinal view is not going to change the meaning of the more meaningful substance of God and in God…His Likeness….His character….that we are asked to possess above all earthly things. The high calling in Christ Jesus is not found in any aspect of one’s doctrinal vices..except the “doctrine” of Christ…which in reality has nothing to do with do’s and don’ts of the law. This is because agape love is the fulfillment of the law…and when one stands in this love they will stand in the presence and character of God.

    There is an Eros (physical) and a philia (brotherly) type of love and although there is a brotherly love we should all have and desire, we must go beyond loving those of our own families, beliefs, doctrines and knowledge. God’s love, loves in spite of any boundary one may want to place on another by a doctrinal belief or in ones knowledge being different from another. Agape love is the view God has for His creation, from His perspective and if we are to surpass our own limited love and possess His, we must see things as He sees them…and love “all” people alike, saint and sinner, those who reject us just as in the same manner as those who rejected Christ.

    As God looks on His creation and sees His redemptive plan for all people, we also must see this from His perspective and look on the entirety of all and all things in the same light. We must come to see His plan as He does because if we don’t, we can’t be truthful in saying we understand the end of all people…when we don’t. This is because we become confused over what heaven and hell really means…and where they exist. Does it not say to let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus? Is He not our pattern and example to go by?

    There is a time to speak and a there is a time to be quiet, there is a time to teach and a time to reprove ungodliness. There is a time for all things, however many do not have enough love in their heart to rightly divide the word of God and separate their arrogance of the letter from the grace in the spirit. Grace is the forgiveness that is continually with us as we grow in Christ..until we reach the perfection which is only found when Love ( God’s character) is completed within us. As the above chapter confirms, God’s likeness is His love for all of mankind, it’s not in the knowledge and doctrines we beat one another up over. We reveal ourselves to what mind we have by what we defend or judge others by. There is a place that we cross over (our Jordan) to where we start to obtain the promised land of God…it is a condition of the land in which we are. We are promised a possession within this temple in “which we are”…and we should conduct ourselves in a way to keep this temple clean. Sure, we fail and have to continually reclean what we have already cleansed. This is covered by God by His grace and forgiveness…so the only difference in the just and the unjust is that the just gets up from making their mistakes and goes on while the unjust give up and fall back to taking a lesser order.

    Let us put things in proper order and perspective and then we can discuss things where love and respect covers all things…”all” things. Then we will think like we are asked to, by letting this mind be in us which was also in our Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Our words, tone and respect or disrespect comes from our heart, and we are known by our fruit. The tongue is used in both ways, to maim and to give life…let us choose rightly…and respectfully.

    The written law points out all wrongs while the “law” of grace forgives all wrongs. Which are we to be the messenger of, condemnation or grace? One is of the old, one is of the New Testament. We are under grace, we are no longer prisoners of the law. We are free to grow… in grace.

    If anyone has a boundary to their love in Christ for others..they are under the condemnation of the law…and they have not the love of Christ “yet” fully developed in them. When we see the plan of God including all men, we can then see God as He is as the “I Am.” We will “all” then be in Him as He is.

    To conclude when we see the real meaning of love as expalined in 1 Corinthians 13, all we thought that was important to prove by these lesser things …is to be counted as loss to gain the more important thing that all these things point to…love for “all” others.


    It is most assuredly true that “All things work together for Good to them that love God.” (Rom. 8:28).

    To fulfill this scripture and prove one’s love, is quite different from quoting it in words, then denying its truth by brooding over all the evils and misfortunes you have been subjected to. Neither can it be fulfilled by those who weep in self-pity, nor whimper in dismay, over every trivial discomfort.

    This scripture can be proved and fulfilled when it is put to the full test. It has to reach beyond words and superficial, sanctimonious self-righteousness. It has to reach beyond the services that one renders in the lime-light of the temple pinnacle to be seen of men.

    This love for God that is required, is not something that can be proved in declarations nor even in spell-binding sermons uttered from the “housetops.” Love is a power that must go out from the heart. It must be felt and comprehended as it is released in vibrations of glorious, singing aliveness.

    To prove this scripture it is necessary to love God with a devotion that exceeds the little, mortal self. This love requires that one trust God implicitly. This deep, wondrous, living love provides one with the willingness to go through any testing, any vicissitude, any difficulty, no matter how seemingly impossible, with an inner song of love and praise — and gratitude.


    Not at all.

    • So true…the key word here is “all.” It would be hard to trust and love a person if you did not think they had your best interest at heart. To believe that someone would lock you away forever for a lot less of an error than the person who was responsible for millions of deaths however they were spared by asking for forgiveness can only lead to a greater mistrust of what that person really is all about.

      But learning and trusting that “all” things of God is to teach, reprove and correct each of us to come to know Him as He is…in His likeness. And your correct as 1corinthians 13 also states we can have all knowledge and be able to expound its very virtues but if the end game is not to become and teach the reason for it, we speak in vein.

      As good as the gift of knowledge is…it pales in comparison to what it is pointing us all toward. As good as God has been to us to show us many wonderful things and their meaning in the scriptures…it is very humbling to look inside oneself and see that all these gifts, of knowledge, the mysteries, etc, etc, has no benefit whatsoever if we do not apply them to get to what they are pointing to…and that is a love and respect that one cannot teach another with only words…

      We don’t need a lot of knowledge to fulfill God’s destiny for us. If we have not love we have nothing. If we make our worth in knowledge we are poor and blind and naked of the truth. I search the scriptures because I came to understand that knowledge is a defense as taught to us. Peter, sent to the Jews, used the knowledge of the law to bring people out of their misunderstanding that the law was their savior. It was and is not. Paul taught the pagan gentiles who had not the law from a different perspective, that we are saved by faith in grace…without the law of words only.

      They both were teaching how to be accepted in God’s eyes according to faith, yet knowledge was used in two entirely different methods to bring each to Christ. The end game was the understanding that being Jew or gentile didn’t matter or from what background of atheism, paganism or under God’s previous law.

      Whatever and wherever we come from, it doesn’t matter, or what we know or don’t know, it is that we must understand that “all” things lead us to Christ, the food the bad and the ugly. Just as you say.

  197. When one can make every breath a prayer of praise and glory and rejoicing, he will find he truly abides in Christ — then it will be that “he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

  198. Every attribute that God the Father possess is also possessed in an embryo state by every child of earth. Every son and daughter of God when told of the gifts that should follow those who truly believe, are commanded to desire to prophesy. Paul said that he would to God that all men could prophesy. And the promise is given that the Spirit of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, and our sons and our daughters shall prophesy. No one having the power of God upon him will be silent, or inactive — the very power demands activity that will continually glorify Him — that His name might be made known and magnified upon the earth.

  199. The day has come when every individual must rise from the slumber of passivity, from the orthodox complaisancy of the accepted rules and regulations of life, and reaching out, pioneer into new fields of spiritual progress — yea, new, unexplored realms of the spirit. The greatest mystery of life must be explored — Life itself. The why of it — the how of it — the glory of it — the breath-taking, unspeakable majesty and power of it. Man must learn the dignity of living — of being. He must begin to comprehend his purpose, and the sublime power of it.

    Beside this quest, the quest for a man’s soul and the power of it, and the discovery of his own true pattern of life, locked deep within himself, the atomic research will stand dwarfed and insignificant. The importance of bombers, army-tanks, battleships, submarines, ultrasonics; yea, all things on earth will shrink in comparison. In this search man will discover himself the sublime creation, and the pattern of his own divine fulfillment. He will stand undismayed before a universe of unutterable light and glory. He will know his place and walk therein in majesty for he will learn these words given centuries and centuries ago: “Therefore it is given to abide in you; the record of heaven; the Comforter; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things, and hath all power, according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice and judgment.”5 And he will know that these great glories locked in his own soul are his to bring forth and to use.

    He will “know the truth — and the truth will make him free,” as he takes hold of it and lives by it. We are truly stepping into a new age — an age of light, pure and brilliant, in which we will leave all retrogressive ideas and darkness behind. Oh, man, stand with me upon the very threshold of light and view its rising splendor — and know that you, yourself are the door into it.

  200. The Gifts and the Fruits of the Spirit

    The Gifts of the Spirit
    I Cor. 12:8-11

    I. Word of Wisdom

    II. Knowledge

    III. Faith

    IV. Gift of Healing

    V. Miracles

    VI. Discerning of Spirits

    VII. Diverse Tongues

    VIII. Interpretation of tongues.

    These gifts are also enumerated in I Cor. 13, including the ability to speak with the tongues of men and of ANGELS, the power to move mountains, raise the dead, give all that one has to feed the poor and even his body to be burned — yet without the divine love these gifts are worthless, and in vain.

    The Fruits of the Spirit
    Gal. 5:23

    I. Love

    II. Joy

    III. Peace

    IV. Longsuffering

    V. Gentleness

    VI. Goodness

    VII. Faith

    VIII. Meekness (humility)

    IX. Temperance — “Against such there is no law!”

    Anyone who has the Fruits of the Spirit made manifest in his life needs no other witness. The approval of God is stamped upon him for such a one would have perfected the unspeakable power of the First and Great Commandment of Eternal LOVE.

    Without the divine gift of love bearing witness of the GIFTS they are but sounding brass and clanging cymbals. It is to these, the outward demonstrators, that Christ will say when they demand that He acknowledge them and their works as they proclaim, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? And in your name cast out devils? And in your name do many wonderful works?” Then comes Christ’s answer, direct and without apology: “Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

    “Iniquity” is from an old Anglo-Saxon phrase, meaning “lack of inner quiet” or contact with God. It is a condition of emotional disturbance or abandonment or an hysterical display of UNSEEMLINESS. In this condition the contact with God and His power is impossible. “The Peace that Passeth Understanding” is unknown. “Be still and KNOW that I am God!” Only in that inner stillness is this accomplished. Only through that deep, inner quiet or Peace does God operate. Only through that majestic, divine holiness can anyone contact or use the POWERS of God, or rather, permit God to do the works of accomplishment. And since these uncontrolled, emotional, immature ones are working entirely through their own displaced abandonment, without any contact with God, they are working in “iniquity”

  201. Yes, it is simple.

    • In God’s will is held only your own perfection. And as you learn the pure obedience, through your sufferings and disappointments, you will be enfolded in the glory of your own advancement and your own complete fulfilment. Then nothing that is adverse or evil will have the power to remain permanently against you. In this law all disasters are transmuted into blessings. Beyond the dismays and disappointments of misfortune is the power of transmutation. But you are the one who must put this ineffable power to use. You must be-live and so fulfill its promises.

      “All things work together for good to them that love God.”

      Love, when fully expressed, holds no fears, no resentments, no self-pitying sorrow. Love holds within its divine essence the power to transmute or exalt any condition, regardless of what it is. And when one is filled with this exalted love, there is no evil that can stand in adversity against him. The evil is converted and transformed into good as its powers are utilized and turned into dynamic strength.

      “All things work together for good to them that love God.”

      “All things” means every adverse condition, every loss, every seeming tragedy or set-back, every failure and disappointment as well as every joy. As one proves his love by giving praise to God, instead of smoldering resentments and muttered condemnations, every condition will be worked out for a blessing to him for his own divine fulfilment. As one believes in the law, to the extent that he fulfills it, he soon learns of its unspeakable, dynamic powers. He KNOWS the truth of the promise and becomes free from the old bondage of misfortunes. His very knowledge of their truth is power unlimited.

      • God created “all” things for our good. What we see as evil…is but a means to an end. We have to be disciplined, trained and corrected in the ways of God to be able to accept life and life more abundantly..than we had before. If good is God!s outcome for us all, then the end does justify the means…

        There is no good and evil in the plan for our detriment…only for good.

  202. The teachings of Jesus Christ contain a true science of life. They are perfect in every detail and mark plainly the pathway of eternal power. His most impractical sounding teachings turn into a revelation of glory when applied under the direction of that living “Light of Christ within.”

    Few of true integrity and high devotion have fully caught the divine vision of the words, “Labour not for the meat that perisheth.” Therefore few have accepted or attempted to follow Him in all things, or become “true followers of His Son, Jesus Christ.” But only by living His teachings to the very “letter” can their great dynamic power be known and used.

    Most of our modern world ignores completely His instructions to labor not for the food that perishes. His words are scoffed at by the critics, considered impractical by the learned and the wise, explained away by the religious leaders when challenged by them, and used as an excuse for shiftless laziness by those too indolent to work. “The Lord will provide,” defends the slothful man, who folding his hands, evades physical responsibility of any kind.

    The great vision of a higher way of life has yet to be visioned and then proved practical by the noble and great ones as the only true pattern of life. And no one taking upon himself this pattern can be slothful for one moment. His every thought, every word and every act must be allied with power. He must learn to follow that divine Light of Christ within, by overcoming the self, and be willing to serve God with a greater intensity than he could possibly put into any job, position, business enterprise or any physical labor on this earth. This way is truly not for the slothful, lazy individual, for this is the path of selfless devotion which demands a constant awareness, an ever-watchful alertness of soul and heart, an untiring, burning desire, a vision of utter glory that weaves it into tangible reality for the glory of God and the benefit of man.

    The following is from the original Greek Text of Matt. 6:24:

    “No one is able two lords to serve; either the one he will hate, and the other he will love; or one he will cling to, and the other he will slight. Not are you able to serve God and mammon.” Mammon is the personification of worldly wealth.

    “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal;

    “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal.

    “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Matt. 6:18-21).

    To most individuals this means something entirely different than Christ intended it to mean. It does not mean to plod miserably through a dreary life of suffering and poverty in the hope of a great reward in some far-off heaven. It means literally to open your heart to that divine kingdom of heaven that is within you. Fill that kingdom with your desires, with love, mercy, compassion, unselfish service and loving devotion to the Most High God. These treasures will cleanse and purify the soul, right here on earth, and thus one may enter and abide in that true kingdom of heaven, walking in majesty and power, doing the very works that Christ did….

  203. When the multitude asked how they could have the power to do the works that He did, namely, feed five thousand with practically nothing and a prayer of sure knowing, the answer was:

    “This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.”

    And if one truly believes on Jesus Christ then he must believe in the power of His name. One must also believe on every word He has spoken, and every word that He may speak through that divine “Light of Christ” that has been given to abide in every individual who has come into the world. If one does not live by every word that has proceeded out of His mouth then he has failed — consequently is walking in his own strength — and if in his own strength then he is walking in darkness.

    Then comes the glorious invitation from the Son of God: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” This invitation is to every man, woman and child upon this earth. If you are serving the world, laboring with all your strength to make a living, or are laboring to get gain, or great wealth, or for any other purpose than to glorify God, you may go to Christ and find rest. Yea, you may turn to that Light of Christ within and be directed into the divine, glorious reality of His nearness and power, which is described as follows: “Which rest is the fullness of my glory.”1 (D. & C. 84:24). Could any promise be greater?

    Yea, “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provisions for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.” (Rom. 13:14).

    The Lord’s Prayer also contains the truth of this higher law: “Give us this day our daily bread . . . ” By trusting implicitly in the power of God faith becomes knowing, and one becomes wholly obedient to the voice of the Father, as he permits God to direct him in all things, until he himself emerges into that power. As one learns to follow that divine voice he drops his fears, his worries, his grudges and confusion. He lives a higher law than that followed by the multitude. He no longer labors for the food that perishes but will receive sufficient for his needs, whatever they are — yea, more than enough, “For there will not be room enough to receive.” He will no longer work to acquire large bank accounts, great stores of wealth that can be destroyed in an instant’s flash, or be left behind by death. One who has wealth depends for his strength upon that wealth and neglects those greater treasures locked within his own soul. But he who trusts in the power of God for his strength will accumulate a wealth that is far beyond anything that mortal mind has yet contemplated. His wealth will be that peace that passeth understanding, the power of God in action in every move of his life, the power to still the storms, to walk above trials and temptations, the power to live in majesty and eternal light, freed from darkness, fears, confusion and wrath……

  204. i do believe in” the book of Mormon” and I know joseph smith was a prophet of God__ i was born Mormon.. but I AM NOW A Spiritual Realized Woman of GOD♥ The Holy Ghost has revealed to me the truth – not flesh and blood. You do not have to believe that the Holy Ghost revealed anything to me, however. It is up to YOU to pray and ask God for yourself. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Trust the Holy Spirit of Almighty God. ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK!

  205. Anti:

    “As in Adam all died, so as, in Christ all shall be made alive, but each man in his own order” To answer your statement does this leave anyone out? Satan dwells in the carnal mind of man…which is a place of death..and the death of death will be the end of Satan…within us. God, Satan, heaven and hell is all within. The Bible from cover to cover is a natural book which describes the spiritual which is from above. Above and below as other natural sayings in the Bible have spiritual counter parts. A natural thinking person may see above and below in natural terms of geography, however to a spiritual person, it is a condition of the person..above being as in Christ and below being in the carnal realm…of the devil or Satan.

    Let me say this as clearly as I can and those who can grasp it, it will awaken you to a new world and a new life. “Everything” in the Bible that is described as events happening without, in the natural world must have a counter part in the spiritual world. This is the way God designed and created this natural realm, it was a replica of what already is as all of created creation explains what already was, is and will be…and everything in the spiritual world happens in the spirit…”within oneself.” We are a permanent spirit with a temporary body of the natural man.

    For example, when the children of Isarael left Egypt going to the promised land, we read that this was a long arduous journey with rebellion, discontent and a bit of anarchy going on. This journey that was in the natural is a present journey of the soul in spiritual terms. David and Goliath, a battle of those of the spirit battling those of the flesh…within.

    There is nothing in the Bible that is not an inward happening or a place or a “kind” of person, both good and evil. Truth runs deep, and the deep is not of this world, it is of the spirit world. God, Satan, heaven and hell are all things we experience “in” the world in which we are. “Know ye not that the kingdom of Heaven is within you” is the beginning of the total understanding of where everything exist…within oneself…in the spiritual kingdom.

    This perhaps is not the place for this however it is for those who see all things spiritual, having left the explanation of the natural in the natural. So, in Job when Satan said he was walking up and down in the earth where do you think he was talking about? As in the natural so it is in the spiritual…and all spiritual things exist in the Kingdom of Heaven…within. This is a great mystery, if not the greatest…if it contains all that Christ is…

    How can the Father, the Son, and us be in the same place in mind and spirit unless we agree? And where is this place? Again it is in heaven(ly) places…in you and in me… among all and all things for all things are of one.

    Anti, you touch on some truths…that are unimaginable to the carnal mind, as we once were, but a new life in Christ where all things are spiritual…are what they…and …we..should be. However having said all Amos and I touched on and am in agreement with as on the points made in 1 Corinthians 13…all things of importance is summed up in the phrase…to love others as yourself…and this love will have no boundaries or conditions to it…for if your love does have boundaries it is not a matured love… it one of God. It is an Eros or at eat a philia love.
    However an immature child is tomorrow’s matured man of God…each in our own order of course.
    Long story short, we will all stand in the likeness and character of God. This was His promise before we were born and had done neither good nor evil.

    God is good..and will not forsake not one. It is truly a blessing to see one God, with one plan to bring “all” to His will, His way, and to His likeness. I don’t know who the first person that I will see tomorrow when I leave home, saint or sinner, however I know He is as I am..and will be.

    If people can get past judgement in having dialogue, and be respectful regardless…much can be shared. If one doesn’t get be it…cannot we still get along? It is my belief that one does not truly have love, if it is bound by having to be in agreement on all points. From the way you present yourself, I think we are in agreement on what is more important.

    No we don’t see things in all points alike…and this is ok, if we can see beyond doctrinal issues as being paramount.

  206. The very word “Gospel” means the “fulness of God’s LOVE” — the very awe and wonder of His love and the glory of its outpouring! This great “spell of God’s wonder” includes the vibrations of His power which are released through that glory generated within the souls of men as they become enlightened by the unfolding knowledge and understanding of His precepts of Eternal Truth.

    This glorious “Gospel” of Jesus Christ therefore is not just a message of words, printed in the scripture or otherwise. It is the penetrating of that Spirit of Almighty God into the center of a man’s soul to awaken love and praise and thanksgiving within his heart. It is the FEELING of the glory of TRUTH, not just the HEARING of it. It is the breathtaking “SPELL” of the power of God being released into the human soul of those who permit their hearts to be opened to that love and in turn send it out under divine control and supreme majesty.

    “The letter (or written word) killeth. But the Spirit, giveth LIFE!” — “EVEN LIFE MORE ABUNDANT!” Which, in its fulness, is “LIFE ETERNAL!” This “life more abundant” is developed and brought forth as one learns to LIVE pure and holy, with a spirit so contrite and humble it can continually receive more truth, “until it is glorified in TRUTH and KNOWETH ALL THINGS!” And in this development one naturally grows into the powers of “LIFE ETERNAL” so that “he need never die!” This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the message He came to give. This is the Promise that awaits those who LIVE the laws He gave. This is the “God-spell” that fulfills every Promise. It contains the very fulness of the Gospel of the Kingdom that is not in WORD — but in POWER. It is contained in man’s fulfilling Christ’s commandments and in the vibrating KNOWLEDGE of the UNBREAKABLE COVENANT which they contain. “BE YE DOERS OF THE WORD, NOT HEARERS ONLY, THUS DECEIVING YOUR OWN SELVES.”

    “If ye do as I say, then am I bound; but if you do not as I say then you have no promise!” With each and every PROMISE is the unbreakable WORD of God. In every PROMISE there is contained the unbreakable Covenant of its fulfilling if man will only live up to his part of the COVENANT. Every PROMISE contains this irrevocable Covenant of God contained within its fulfilling. Each Covenant or PROMISE is eternal, unbreakable and everlasting. Each PROMISE or COVENANT is new to every individual who takes it upon himself to LIVE by the PROMISE IT CONTAINS. Each PROMISE stands forever in the eternal, dynamic POWER OF GOD’S eternal COVENANT of fulfilment to all who will only LIVE THE LAWS pertaining to it. “THEN IS GOD BOUND!” AND THE FULFILLING IS SURE!

    EVERY PROMISE IS A COVENANT, Unbreakable, eternal!

    A Covenant is a sacred, binding contract between two or more. No PROMISE or COVENANT could possibly apply just to one individual. And it is binding upon both parties. In this case, God and man. Therefore HIS PROMISES belong to us! They were HIS to give and ours to fulfill! And the rewards of their fulfilling is OURS!

  207. “There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven, before the foundations of the world, upon which every blessing is predicated; and if we receive any blessing (or promise) from God it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” Or put it this way: “There is a COVENANT IRREVOCABLE DECREED IN HEAVEN, (upon which all blessings are predicated) and if we receive any blessing from God it is by OBEDIENCE TO THE COVENANT or LAW or PROMISE upon which it is predicated. Thus stands the eternal word of God. And it cannot fail! Neither can it return unto Him unfulfilled or void!”

    In every PROMISE is contained the power of God’s eternal COVENANT of fulfilment, if man will only LIVE the laws pertaining to it.

    Take any of God’s dynamic PROMISES, select your own, and LIVE it! And as you fulfill any one of those glorious PROMISES you will naturally grow into the perfection of LOVE. And no matter which Promise or law you select to live by you will discover that in perfecting yourself in its fulfilling you will have perfected LOVE and then you will discover that every PROMISE leads to the same end — PERFECTION and Eternal Life!

    Below I shall list just a few of His special PROMISES: “If your eyes be single to my glory your whole bodies shall be filled with Light and there shall be no darkness in you. And that body which is filled with Light shall comprehend all things * * * and I will unveil my face unto him!”

    “Turn unto me in every thought!” is having eyes single to His glory.

    “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and you will have fulfilled all the laws and the Commandments!” And you “WILL RECEIVE EVERY PROMISE EVER GIVEN!”

    “He who is thankful in all things SHALL BE MADE GLORIOUS!”

    “Cast darkness (negation, doubting, fear and lust) from among you and you shall be ordained of God and all things will be subject unto you, both in heaven and on earth; the life and the Light; the Spirit and the Power * * *” etc.

    “The nearer man approaches perfection the clearer are his views and the greater his enjoyments until he overcomes the evils of his life and loses every desire for sin and like the ancients arrives at the point where he is wrapped in the power and glory of his MAKER and is caught up to dwell with Him!”


    These are just a few of the PROMISES of Almighty God! Yet they each lead to that same dynamic ending of being “BORN OF THE SPIRIT!”

    Therefore this glorious “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is not just a message of words, printed in the scripture, or otherwise. It is the penetration of Truth and the Spirit of Almighty God into the center of a man’s soul to awaken LOVE and PRAISE and THANKSGIVING within his heart. It is the FEELING of the glory of TRUTH, not just the HEARING OF IT. IT IS THE ACTUAL KNOWING OF TRUTH! It leads to the KNOWING OF GOD, WHICH IS LIFE ETERNAL! And this alone is the fulness of TRUTH — or the PROMISES or of the COVENANT!

    “The letter (or written word) killeth. But the Spirit giveth LIFE” — even “LIFE MORE ABUNDANT!”, which leads one on to “LIFE ETERNAL!” And this gift of Eternal Life does not include death, or any of life’s flaws and failings, for these are overcome by obedience, which most of us learn through such suffering.

    As one becomes “A doer of the word, not just a hearer only, not having deceived himself,” he will receive the fulness of God’s Promises and the Covenants which they contain.

    • This is so well said..and true. Our compassion, instead of judgement should rule our direction. A quiet, yet loving and respectful disposition in dialogue is easy to be entertained. It’s a “knowing” beyond words. Yet in sharing we use words to the best of our ability..and distance and absence can hinder our intentended intention. Those who are on a quest to know Him as He is is not pursuaded by words because the letter of the word is a weariness to the spirit of those who seek His likeness in truth. There is not a lot to say and nothing to prove when a person is honest about communicating with God first as people with the mindset of the five foolish had the “war” of words so to speak, as the honest intent to be genuine in their heart was overruled in wanting to be heard for their much speaking.

      Again, this is good.

  208. This Spirit that has been in man from the beginning and is plainly manifest is the voice of conscience that whispers out of the “midst” of him. Those who reject this voice are under condemnation for they follow not the light of its guiding, and groping in darkness fail to fulfill their full pattern of life.

    I once asked a group of young people what repentance is. A very beautiful young woman answered, “It is that wormy feeling you get when you do something you shouldn’t.”

    I think that is one of the most complete answers ever given in one sentence. Repentance is truly a wormy feeling, but it is beautiful with all its “worminess,” when understood, for it is the only true guide to life. By giving ear to that Spirit of Christ, in hearing its rebukes, then letting its fires purge out the results of the mistakes committed, leaving the slate clean, and the pattern of life close to the touch. This voice is the only true guide to perfect living. That is why no one can possibly live the life of another — and no two lives have the same pattern — the same mission and destiny. Each person must get the vision and the courage to live his life as he sees it, regardless of what “the neighbors say,” or what anyone says. He must be directed from “within” to meet his highest destiny. This voice of conscience is not always disapproving, or a rebuking voice. It is also that loving voice of approval — that divine voice within us — the voice of God. It contains our true pattern of life, revealed to us day by day, moment by moment as we live by it. This voice will as surely lift a man from mediocrity as it will lift the plant from the seed. It alone can bring the full flower of fulfillment into the life of each individual. No person was ever born without it. None are so lowly, none so insignificant, so devoid of gifts and talents so friendless and alone that they cannot fill a perfect pattern of their individual existence if they will learn to contact that “Still, Small voice within.” This voice is the true Word of God that will lead to the life abundant, perfect and free.

    Only as one learns to live by this infallible guide can he possibly live true to himself, or true to God. This voice is the “Spirit of Truth” speaking within him. It never flatters. It never condemns without cause. It is the one true, unfailing, all-knowing, dependable friend.

    • If any of that was true, Jesus, would not have rebuked people in the Bible. It’s interesting, that “You” know this voice, but you don’t trust anyone else on planet Earth.? But ‘they’ are all following their own voice. Definition of craziness. Crazy with a capital C. Sorry.

  209. The complete pattern of your life in all its divine power of fulfillment is contained as completely within that all-knowing center as the pattern of the flower is within the seed. Only you have contact with your pattern of life — only you can keep that contact open. No one can do that for you. Neither can you do it for another. Each individual must learn to live true to his own pattern in order to truly reach his magnificent dignity of complete fulfillment.

    If you wish to give advice, to comfort, to help — then teach those whom you contact, or who come to you for help, how to find God — teach them how to listen to that voice within their own souls. That is the greatest service you can possibly render anyone. Teach them how to “be still” and know God…

    • So, how are you going to know if you are hearing satan’s voice, or God’s voice?,,, You will need the Word of Jesus, and the Bible, for a roadmap, or you could hear anything. And have proven you are hearing anything. Any voice you hear is God????? Think again.

  210. Christ never once spoke of death, nor did he ever prepare man to go in thereat. He warned of that “Broad open way that leads to destruction.” He also spoke of it as the pathway of corruption, which is death. But never did Christ utter one single statement to glorify death or to prepare man to accept it, however, he did say “LET THE DEAD BURY THEIR DEAD!”
    Death was and is our awesome adversary as Lucifer uses it against us to thwart us from achieving the glory of our divine destinies.

    • Christ never once spoke of death? Not true at all? So I am thinking you are beside yourself? Out of it. Non cognizant? How can I say that politely? Just, simply a false, statement, that makes me wonder if you are in a right frame of mind? There is no one I have ever met that glorifies death? So, that is an “imaginary fear” you have of death?? Or, a “real fear” you have of death? One or the other must be true, but Just wondering, if you are understanding your own fears and proclivities you are projecting here? It sounds like these are “your personal problems”, not those of mankind???

  211. THERE SHALL BE NO MORE DEATH! Death can and will be conquered for it is man’s last great enemy to be vanquished and annihilated.
    Death is truly man’s greatest of all enemies. It has been so from the beginning of time.
    Death can and will be banished from the earth forever —- not just forestalled in a stupid, delaying, agonizing, slowed-down progress of make-believe. It can be conquered. Longevity is but a frail and fake imitation, a sham, stupid forgery of the Life Eternal! Death is the lazy man’s way out. It has been an escape hatch from illnesses, difficulties, and responsibilities. It has always been the “back-door” entrance into the other world,without honor or credits or glory. It is the servant’s entrance into the world beyond. It is the way of the groveling failures, the wicked, the indifferent and those who fail to rise up in the power of the great victory which is theirs to achieve. It is also the pathway of the proud and the self-righteous who struggle to reach God to assert their personal claims of glory and demand their imagined rewards.

    • Please let someone know what you are talking about here. The abstractions are quite flamboyant, but I cannot make any sense, out of how you have achieved something about death, as if you were not subject to the same, that any other person would be. It has always been a ‘back door” entrance, Into the other world? Ramblings but no sense about any one particular subject here, Seems to be meaningless??? Again? Are you suggesting you and your patrons are “too good to die”, so much better than others?? Ok that’s your trip, but it isn’t applicable to other mortals or humans. I assume you are flying off in a flying saucer?? Let us know Longevity is a Sham??? what does that mean. Seriously, get a handle on your explanations, because I think your death is as immanent as any ones. Just ramblings?????

  212. The great plan of salvation is a theme which ought to occupy our strict attention, and be regarded as one of heaven’s best gifts to mankind. No consideration whatever ought to deter us from showing ourselves approved in the sight of God, according to His divine requirement. Men not unfrequently forget that they are dependent upon heaven for every blessing which they are permitted to enjoy, and that for every opportunity granted them they are to give an account.You know, brethren, that when the Master in the Savior’s parable of the stewards called his servants before him he gave them several talents to improve on while he should tarry abroad for a little season, and at the end of it He will call each to render an account; and where the five talents were bestowed, ten will be required; and he that has made no improvement will be cast out as an unprofitable servant, while the faithful will enjoy everlasting honors. Therefore we earnestly implore the grace of our Father to rest upon you, through Jesus Christ His Son, that you may not faint in the hour of temptation, nor be overcome in the time of persecution.”

    • That is a doctrine of Works.. Jesus did not preach a doctrine of Works for Salvation. Salvation is by Grace alone. You have no scripture to back your claims.

  213. Anything which causes a man to take pride in the little mortal “self” is self-righteous and is empty and barren of all good. In the beginning of his endeavor, one could give all that he possessed to the poor and his body to be burned and yet, without the great Christ-like, selfless love, it would be vain and worthless. Any service to God that is lifted in pride to the exaltation of that little mortal, personal “self” is unacceptable. And so it is always this little “self” which blocks a man’s way, unless it is overcome. No man is truly humble who exults in his position or his works or his own lofty seat upon the church pinnacle. No matter what his works are, as long as he is doing them to be seen of men and takes pride in the “self” or in his works, he is flaunting only the shabby, defiled garments of self-righteousness. He is only filling the seat of a Pharisee who loves his long robe and the greetings in public places and the highest seat of honor at every feast.

  214. Your comments in the Post “just prior” to this post , are the exact thesis, of following one’s personal “self”. In that Post, everything you stated is exactly the paradigm and pathway, that is built from personal, assessment and personal works stemming from “self”.. Get a grip on the exact polarity and complete anti thesis’s that you are proclaiming. In one post you preach, self works for self salvation, in another you proclaim them to be worthless and evil. Rely on Scripture alone, and you will not be caught in such a predicament.
    Christ Jesus, spoke, plainly and without confusion, that Salvation is by Grace through him, not through men’s actions.

  215. Repentance is not to say “I’m sorry,” it is a change of heart brought on by the guilt of sin. We are to change or repent from the way we were tomthe way we will be. When we truly have “repented” to its fullest it is the same as saying we have no more vanity to repent of. Let compassion, kindness and repentance guide us into that very likeness of our ?Father which is in heaven….within our Spitit, soul and body. It is a way of peace where we see no evil in another to condemn one for…for we see their potential as we see our own…and the love we “will” have will be that same love as our Father.

    • And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.

  216. So, it shall be that…when Christ has cast out Satan…the kingdom will not be divided against itself. Jesus…will stand with God as one…and we…with…Them.

    God is good and He will being us to His great love of oneness…with no division….for the “ways” of death will no longer be a remembrance. This is love obtained.

    • The kingdom of God is not divided against itself… Satan’s kingdom, the kingdom of darkness is divided against itself. Love, has already been obtained. God is reaching out to those, who are divided, to bring them in, undivided. One has to decide if they want the Kingdom, of God. Or to be delivered. These things are now, not future tense. Every kingdom divided against itself shall fall. That is satann’s kingdom.
      God has never been divided and never will be.

  217. Unless one prepares himself to truly be taught of God in a continual feeding of the soul, he will become but an empty piece of driftwood… unalive and impotent, though he may believe that he is actually sitting on the throne with God.

  218. turn unto the Lord with all thy heart, and ask of Him without doubting, and thou shalt know the mercy of the Lord; how that he will not forsake thee, but will fulfill the request of thy soul.

    “For God is not as men, mindful of the injuries he has received; but he forgets injuries, and has compassion upon his creatures.

    “Wherefore purify thy heart from all the views of this present world; and observe the commands I have before delivered unto thee from God; and thou shalt receive whatsoever good things thou shalt ask, and nothing shall be wanting unto thee of thy petitions; if thou shalt ask the Lord without doubting.

    “But they that are not such, shall obtain none of these things which they ask. For they that are full of faith ask all things with confidence, and receive from the Lord, because they ask without doubting — but he that doubts will hardly live unto God, except he repents.

    “Wherefore purify thy heart from doubting, and put on faith; and trust in God; and thou shalt receive all that thou shalt ask. But and if thou shouldst chance to ask somewhat and not (immediately) receive it, yet do not therefore doubt, because thou hast not presently (immediately) received the petition of thy soul.

    “For it may be thou shalt not presently (immediately) receive it for thy trial, or else for some sin which thou knowest not. But do not thou leave off to ask, and then thou shalt receive. Else if thou shalt cease to ask, thou must complain of thyself, and not of God, that he has not given unto thee what thou didst desire.

    “Consider therefore this doubting, how cruel and pernicious it is; and how it utterly roots out many from the faith, who were very faithful and firm. For this doubting is the daughter of the Devil; and deals very wickedly with the servants of God.

    “Despise it therefore, and thou shalt rule over it on every occasion. Put on a firm and powerful faith, FOR FAITH PROMISES ALL THINGS, AND PERFECTS ALL THINGS. But doubting will not believe, that it shall obtain anything, by all that it can do.

    “Thou seest therefore, says he, how faith cometh from above, from God, and has great power. But doubting is an earthly spirit, and proceedeth from the Devil, and has not strength.

    “Do thou therefore keep the virtue of faith, and depart from doubting, in which is no virtue, and thou shalt live unto God. And all shall live unto God, as many as shall do these things.” (II Hermas, chapter 9).

    This record of Hermas agrees perfectly with the teachings of the Savior of the world wherein he taught by parable that continued asking is necessary — not just once, not for a week, not for a year — but if the thing is worth having, then one must continue to petition God until by the development of faith the gift can be completed. Even God cannot perform any great works except through the faith of man. Christ could do no great works in Nazareth because of the unbelief of the people. Continued asking, in itself, develops faith. Faith grows with the petition.

  219. The proceeding scripture should be burned into the heart and mind of every human being, for just to believe is doing not one whit better than the devils are doing. Grace only comes after one has hungered and thirsted after knowledge, then with all his soul sought, with an open mind, to appease that hunger and thirst by continued study, opening his mind and soul to the divine direction of the Almighty, toward truth, not just one passage, not one narrowed, bigoted belief, but ALL truth — which is the growing from grace to grace, then having done all he may be sure that the grace of God will not fail him, and he will be led into all truth.

    This advancing, or growing from grace to grace, or purification is never an instantaneous achievement. It has to be reached by preparation.

    “We consider that God has created man with a mind capable of instruction, and a faculty which may be enlarged in proportion to the heed and diligence given to the light communicated from heaven to the intellect; and that the nearer man approaches perfection the clearer are his views, and the greater his enjoyments, till he has overcome the evils of his life and lost every desire for sin; and like the ancients, arrives at the point of faith where he is wrapped in the power and glory of his Maker and is caught up to dwell with Him. But we consider that this is a station at which no man ever arrived in a moment; he must have been instructed in the laws and government of that kingdom by proper degrees, until his mind is capable in some measure of comprehending the propriety, justice, equality, and consistency of the same.”6 (Joseph Smith, the American Prophet).

  220. In the writings of the New Testament we find a collection of letters written by the disciples to the people who were being taught in the ways of the New covenant. These were letters of how one should practice this new way in Christ and of ways that one should not practice. Among these letters that were written to the different churches we find people who were splitting off into factious parties within the “one” new church being found and built upon the principles of grace in the faith of Jesus Christ. This new faith was one of all being in unity as in understanding we are all one in Christ…and those who are not one…separate themselves into separatist off shoots. These are tares among the “one” harvest of wheat.

    However as Paul, Peter, Apollos and the other disciples began to teach out in the world and at the different churches including the seven listed in Revelations, it became apparent that people wanted to split into parties, factions and divisions within the newly freed and established church. They wanted to break away into groups and separate themselves as to whom they were getting their teaching from, or had received their teaching from.

    1 Corinthians 3:4
    For when one of you says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere men?
    1 Corinthians 4:6
    Brothers, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written. Then you will not take pride in one man over another.

    People were then doing exactly what people have done since these Bible letters and teachings and have broken now into thousands of factions, parties, and divisions. We now call this faction and divisive spirit by different names of denominations…and as they then said we follow this man’s teaching or that man’s teaching, we now say we follow this faction or that faction…or…this man’s writings or that man’s writings, this minister or that one. This is following after the carnal mind…which is apart from the mind of Christ.

    This ought not to be so for we do great harm in teaching the gospel by making it one of disunity by saying we do not teach the harmony in Christ but only the “harmony” found in this church as opposed to this other church…or the writings of this person over this other person. Teaching in this fashion is wrong now in our day just as it was wrong then in Paul’s day. This is why Paul spoke and taught this fundamental truth to all he taught and that was, we are not to put jealousies and disputes between us according to believing after this prophet or another prophet, or this writer over another. If we preach and teach we follow one man over another we have separated ourselves from the one true Christ and have made ourselves of none effect to the truth. We may read all things from all people, and we may garner some great truths from whatever we read…but any truth we receive is not of any private interpretation. Any truth one may teach and as another may grasp this truth, they both have received it from the same source…which is from God.

    As we read things from different people and different religions, those of us who are enlightened to the true ways of Christ are of the same mind as Paul taught, we are not to be of this religion or this “other” religion, this person or another person…for we are “all” one in Christ. The silliness and divisive mindedness of people who cut themselves off from others over any teaching that is not of the one true gospel is lost of the one true way. When one is called out of the systems of man, the factions, divisions, and parties (we call by many different thousands of names) we stand alone in Christ as individuals…”until”…we are all made one by one into the corporate man of God through Christ. We leave the factions and systems of the false man made church and are then remade into a member of the new church which no man can geographically point to and say, I am of this church. This is because the Kingdom of God is within us and the growth of and in this temple does not come by outward observation.

    Again, we must understand we become one in Him as we are brought out of the divisive systems of men and are retrained and redeemed into the oneness of the Christ. Christ is a way that Jesus followed, thus making Him Christ Jesus or the anointed Jesus. We also have been anointed with this same anointing and we will continue to be “as” we leave the separatist attitude of the natural world. We are to be in the world but not of it. To follow any one denominational church, group, faction, cult, or any other one “human” over another reveals that this person has not yet matured grasped the understanding of what Paul was trying to teach. He was saying that even though you have received your teaching from Paul, Apollos or any other person, we are not to cut ourselves off from the greater way of being one in Christ and squabbling over who one has received the message from and their importance over another.

    Matthew Henry Commentary
    “1:10-16 In the great things of religion be of one mind; and where there is not unity of sentiment, still let there be union of affection. Agreement in the greater things should extinguish divisions about the lesser. There will be perfect union in heaven, and the nearer we approach it on earth, the nearer we come to perfection. Paul and Apollos both were faithful ministers of Jesus Christ, and helpers of their faith and joy; but those disposed to be contentious, broke into parties. So liable are the best things to be corrupted, and the gospel and its institutions made engines of discord and contention. Satan has always endeavoured to stir up strife among Christians, as one of his chief devices against the gospel. The apostle left it to other ministers to baptize, while he preached the gospel, as a more useful work.” End quote

    So, let us concentrate on the greater unity that are found in the beatitudes in Christ and not be divided by the lesser things causing division. When one practices compassion, mercy, and forgiveness for all in dealing with “all”, these do not separate themselves from the love of God for all people. Those who are divisive in nature even using good doctrines and knowledge that would have you to “come follow me” or my minister, preacher, teacher or prophet is a confusing teaching to the masses. This should not be. We can read from whatever source and person we want and respect the person’s attainment in Christ but to single anyone out and follow them…we have cut ourselves off from the true church as did the people Paul was correcting for,such immaturity.

    We follow the revelation of Jesus Christ “within” our true temple in the spirit where there is no division of the false “temple” that is “without” in the world of man. Man can be given the ability to teach truths…however “truth” does not divide, it makes us one in Christ. In the hearts of these one true people of God nothing can persuade them that they are to close their hearts to others because of the other’s differences in different doctrines which causes a divisive attitude among people…and the lack of being seen as one. The higher calling of oneness does not teach the lower teaching of being factious as from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…which tree is a loftiness of spirit thinking one is above another and separates God’s plan and people into two parts of good and evil.

    We were told we could eat of the tree of life all we wanted but we were not permitted to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. One tree sees and teaches the oneness of His plan while the other teaches a false narrative of following after the divisive nature and teachings of the flesh…calling the divisive teachings of darkness light. Whether another follows or does not follow the one true way and has “all” the gifts…what is that to us…we each are to follow Christ…and Him only until we reach the likeness of His Father…and ours. Then we are one in Them.

    We thank God for these truths of seeing God’s plan as one..without division.

  221. Yes, the One sentence that throws the whole commentary “off” though, and makes it ‘not after “Jesus teaching”, and heretical in nature, is in the statement {{{ “truth does not divide”}}. lll That is exactly the opposite, of what Christ taught.. Christ taught, and the whole main point of His Teaching is ~~ Truth Does Divide. Jesus said ” I came Not to bring Peace, but a Sword “.. And ” I will separate, the goats from the Sheep “.
    So, You Do Need someone to come in and wake you up and point out to you, what division is about, because a “man of God”, or a Prophet ‘is, there’ to come in, and point out, to You, that these Unity, statements are what is coming from Man. God did not say, Nor did Jesus say, that You are to put Unity over Truth. Truth separates from error, and from lies..and from Lies of Unity. Satan is the Unity one World Religion system. Not Jesus. So yes, you are proving that having a man come in, and point out these errors is important, because through the whole subject you were following until you came to this “Unity” nonsense. and is off from Christ Jesus. Jesus does not teach inherent unity. He teaches Unity of Faith, not this Unity that belittles leadership in the Church. This is proven by the 5 fold ministry, of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, and Pastor, and Teacher, which are The ministry Ascension Gifts.
    So, no, this “ultimate Unity without Leadership’, is from satan. These errors show that you need your teachers, and to suggest otherwise, is not from God. We have no right to say we get all knowledge from God personally, because God show’s here, and even by your error, that leadership is important.

  222. If one can discern the context something is said in it makes total sense or from which perspective one is using to explain something. Ones who are in truth together, are not divided in love itself, this is my point. Of course in seeking the truth, truth will separate us from evil. When all are in truth, evil cannot separate us “any longer”. This is so fundamental it should not require explanation….

    You have to be able to know from what perspective one is talking about. There is division in the world which truth will separate one from in following Christ however once in Christ we are as one and not divided. In God’s truth there is no division for there is only one likeness and love of God. There is no division on this side of truth. Truth will separate fact from fiction, this is correct, but in truth itself, it has no good and evil side to it. I hope this clears up my “heretical” commentary. It pays to study and contemplate the article as a whole to understand the context. There is good and evil in the world and it is so easy for the natural to understand the spiritual. It’s all about context. My message is clear and needs no correction, just an understanding of perspective and meaning. Hope this helps.

    Like I said before one should ask to have something cleared up maybe in a more respectful tone and manner than to jump to conclusions and be one who is the accuser of his brethren, again a conceptual view only the mature can comprehend. However, in Christ, we know what decency is and we know when to reprove bad manners and disrespect. It is usually best not to engage with such persistent immaturity, however we pray even these. Difference in doctrine and knowledge should be tolerated and respected, however condescending and an evident bad nature is to be rebuked. This should only be done by those who are secure in Christ and knows the difference between debate and argument from correction and reproof. Ones who possess a greater love for his fellow man discerns intent…and how something is said….

    In Christ

  223. From the higher realms it is surprising to note that the sinner and the over-inflated minister on the exalted pinnacle of the church may be equally engulfed in the darkness of “self”. In fact, the minister, or he who professes to be the most enlightened, may be even more engulfed in that darkness than the other. The weakness of hypocrisy, the inflated, deceptive works of the religious acclaimants may be as great as or even greater than the transgression of the sinners. Both are a lack of understanding of that divine, holy Light of Christ. The difference is that one professes to have all knowledge, though he has it not and is without power, while the other may inwardly realize he is only a failure, a sinner, or however else he may feel about himself.

  224. The righteous are all those, who through their developed power to believe, contact that Christ Light within and begin to bring it forth in their own lives until they become filled with It, and Its power. “For My Kingdom is not in word, but in power,” saith God. It is the time when all those who only profess such divine contact with the powers of God, yet preach their empty sermons of words or live their mediocre, unexalted lives devoid of His Light and His power, will be instantly recognized. Often the shame of such, with their empty hands and their vacant souls, will be greater than the shame of those who realize they are lacking and sinners. The sinners make no such false claim upon righteousness, hence there is no hypocrisy in them. But whether a man is a professed sinner or a falsely professed saint, he will be recognized for what he is. His light and his darkness will both be plainly discernible.

  225. Christ condemned no sinner that he came into contact with nor did He apply the law to them, the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, etc,. He only had harsh words for the priest, the Pharisees and the other religious ones in authority for their hypocrisy. Hypocrisy, self righteousness, feelings of superiority and arrogancy towards others in one’s self is a different “sin” from an inward weakness of the flesh as when one fails. Hypocrisy has to have an element of condemnation in the attitude for it to be hypocrisy. One can be a thief and say one should not steal and go out and steal himself without being a hypocrite. By being at fault and knowing it and admitting he is wrong along with others doing the same thing is not being a hypocrite. Admission of guilt in oneself or recognizing this same flaw in another and admitting it without condemnation is different.

    To understand the hypocrisy of the Pharisees helps us to rightly understand the word. When one says that one should not steal and condemns, passes judgement and ridicules others for also stealing….and they themselves steal, this is a hypocrite. Again, to admit wrong doing and acknowledge it, whether in yourself or in another can be an acceptable acknowledgement for Christ says to acknowledge our sins and he will take them from us. You have to realize and discern a sin to deal with it, however it is “how” we deal with it that is either acceptable or unacceptable to God. Again, it is a matter of perspective and the intent behind the words and actions of either encouragement or rebuke that makes a word spoken a sin or not. Two different people can say the exact same words to another and one can be accepted by God and the other rebuked and reproved. One who can reprove another with compassion and with an attempt to establish right conduct in another, God is totally acceptable to this guidance as in the case of Paul’s approach to people. However another person, whether a so called teacher, preacher, or “prophet” can give the exact same admonishment and be held accountable for being a “hypocrite” because of the false condition and superior attitude of his heart.

    We have to come to that place to know of that authentic place with God which is found within. There is a fine line between righteousness and self righteousness and love and condemnation. If we study the written word for any other reason than desiring correction, reproof and redemption for ourself, one studies in vein. There is no other acceptable attitude to have. A simple desire to understand what love is and be willing to sacrifice whatever for it’s possession is the key to all understanding of the scriptures. To desire to just know and understand the scriptures and the mysteries will not unlock their truest meaning to you. Your desire to know must have the element of love ( of the agape type) for others just as for yourself for the clarity of the scriptures to come through clearly. To desire to know something just so you can argue and debate it with others is of sin. We want to be found in God’s likeness one day and for this to happen we also have to desire the same exact thing for the other, any other. All scripture is given to accomplish God’s will in each of us. Again to desire to know for the sake of intellect or wanting to be seen as intellectual is seen as in standing with the five foolish…in sin.

    Solomon was granted great wisdom because his intentions and purpose for asking was acceptable to God. God knows our heart and what is our true intent for asking…for anything. We may can fool others with our falsity and with our abundance of words but God knows the heart of man..He created it and it’s desires, whether good or bad. God will do what is necessary for our change to come for we do not know what to ask for to bring about our change. We may need a reproof of a kind we can’t understand, it may be an affliction or a failure to be allowed in our life which we would not ourselves order or welcome. However, whatever it is, we can rest assured it is brought our way and is administered by God for our good out of love. One has to but read and understand the book of Job to understand that “All things work together for good for those who love God.” Job knew God, and accepted the evil that was allowed upon his person with a knowing God would bring him through it only for his good. When Job’s testing and trials were over with and Job passed his testing, he was rewarded with a double portion. We are as Job and what happened to Job and is recorded, is for our benefit to know God is in full and complete control… even in the giving of orders to Satan to do such and such to Job. One hair was not touched on Job’s person without God’s approval. So it is in our life.

    Let us desire knowledge but with all our getting, desire understanding to rightly apply it to our life…to the perfecting of our souls.

    It is all good.

  226. I have profited greatly from Rachel’s writings and the dialogue in the comments – each of you contribute greatly in my pursuit of maturity.

    Thank you.


    “Walk with me” has been the invitation to all the noble and great ones since time began.

    If an ordinary individual were told that if he or she prepared himself or herself diligently there would be a welcoming invitation extended to enter the presence of the kings and rulers of the earth, such would accept that invitation with great gladness. No amount of effort would daunt such an individual or keep him from fulfilling all the necessary requirements.

    Yet few are willing to make the least preparation to enter the Presence of the Divine Ruler of the Universe, the Great Creator of all. And to God, no individual is just “ordinary”. To God every soul is a child fashioned from the very substance of His own divine Being, created with infinite love and designed to fulfill a great and noble destiny.

    God’s holy invitations, reaching across the ages, have been to all and have stood for always. They are but awaiting man’s acceptance of them.

    “Come unto me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

    “How often would I have gathered you, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings; and ye would not.”

    “Seek me early and ye shall find me.” Or, if you have failed to seek Him early, this invitation remains, “Seek me diligently, and ye shall find me,” . . . . . “For all who seek find.” . . . . . “Turn unto me and I will turn unto you!”

    Most who have professed making such a search have failed to find God because they have sought only to find some church that would appease their inner hunger to actually know Him. In such substitution they have been given a dried crust instead of the divine manna, the bread of life and have not realized the bleak deficiency of those lifeless crumbs.

    “This is Life Eternal, to KNOW Thee, the only true and living God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”

    Do you know God? Or do you only know ABOUT Him? Do you know Jesus Christ? Or do you only believe that He is the Son of God who gave His life for the sins of the world?

    To know God is something quite different than just knowing about Him. Thus to place one’s loyalty in some church, no matter how great the devotion and sincerity, no matter how much truth that church contains, is not knowing God. Adherence to some church may not be an adherence to God at all.

    Only by seeking diligently to KNOW God can the great promises be fulfilled. God alone must be reverenced, adored and given one’s humble allegiance. If you can seek Him best through some church, if you can render your complete devotion to him through certain creeds, then do so. But never let it be the church you worship, nor its prestige you pay homage to. Never permit any man or religion to come between God and you.

    “Seek Him diligently and you will find Him.” Never be satisfied with anything less than the complete fulfilling of this promise.

    Now, let us consider the divine invitation, “Walk with me!”

  228. Have you ever tried to walk with Him? To walk with Him requires only that you get in step with the love and rhythm of the Universe. It is becoming in tune with all that is pure and beautiful and glorious. It is but lifting your vision to the height of His glory as the negatives and darkness are left behind. As your eyes become single to His glory, you will have to begin to take on that glory as you become filled with Light and comprehend all things. This is how one can actually KNOW God. This is how one begins to walk with Him.


    “Every man should live because upon his shoulders rests a divine responsibility.” We should live with courage and without complaint, Annalee tells us. When Job began his rant to the Lord loathing the day he was born, God told him to stop complaining and reminded him of pre-existence with God. Annalee reminds us that the prophet Jeremiah was ordained even before he was in his mother’s womb. Abraham was chosen before he was born; and Christ, though he came to earth in the meridian of time – was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world!

    Your body houses your spirit that pre-existed. The body united with the spirit of man – is the soul of man. Therefore, there must be a resurrection for “souls” who experience death. That resurrection involves the restoration of man’s spirit and body in perfectness. That resurrection is a merciful “saving of souls” only made possible by the blood of Jesus Christ.

    As we contemplate our hope in the resurrection, we must seek to remember the divine contact within ourselves. That divine contact was placed in us so that we may escape the gloom and darkness that tries to enfold us even in this earthly plane. The divine contact was placed in us so that we can unfold our own pattern of existence for the glory of God. Never lose your contact with the divine! When life’s burdens seem unbearable, and you feel your prayers are too weak to be heard even by the nearest bug on the wall, let alone God Almighty – overcome the burdens by lifting up your heart and being thankful! Find something, anything, to thank Him for and soon your divine contact will flow in rhythm with the divine. “If there is no joy in you – if that song of ecstasy does not sing in your soul, you have lost contact with your own pattern of existence”,

  230. So few understand the Two Great, and all-inclusive, Commandments: “Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy mind, and with all thy strength — and, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” This first commandment has been taken up elsewhere in this work, so we will go on to the second, to clothe it in its full robe of shimmering glory.

    Learn to love. Let love vibrate from your hands. Let your fingertips sing with it. Let every little fibre of your being magnify it and your soul perfect it. Let love pour out from you and as it does it will heal and bless and enlighten all those whom you contact, either in thought, or by actual meeting. Never let anger rage in your heart. Never hold grudges. Forget injuries instantly. Never let discord cling to you. Never cling to discord.

    Along with this great love comes the perfect gift and privilege of forgiving. It is beautiful beyond expression, for in it is contained the very glory of God. Read carefully the Sermon on the Mount which is contained in the fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Mathew. At the end of chapter five is given the admonition to love your enemies, to pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you — in other words, think love, speak love, give love, and live love — and be willing always to go the second mile — that you might be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Yea, be the servant willingly, with deep, eternal love, and as sure as you live you will become one of the great and noble of the earth.

  231. You will glory in the divine knowledge, that you too, can forgive sins that they stand not before God. You too, can share in the work of the Savior, in that you too, can begin to do the works and take upon you the sins and mistakes of the world, that they might be blotted out, that the love and light and the power of God might begin to flow through you to bless and heal and enlighten. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and even greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12). His greatest work was the healing power of His compassion and mercy — His forgiving tenderness. In order to have the perfect power to heal and bless He had to have the power in His own heart to forgive, which was always used in connection with the healing, for more often He said, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” than “be thou whole.”

  232. Please don’t label me, for I am as “you”, or as you will be…one day…for we shall share the very same love…as one in Christ.

  233. This special calling of each individual is not found through outward display. It isn’t found through make-believe or bluffing or pretending. It is only found through great desire, understanding and deep humility. Sometimes it is only found through heartbreak and tears. “This is the sacrifice henceforth that I will require of thee, even a contrite spirit and a broken heart.”7 In the deepest agony of longing of the soul one is always closest to God, if it is not brought on by great transgression. It is when one’s heart is broken and his soul burdened with tears that he will most readily find God. The soil of one’s soul may need to be watered with tears to make it fertile. The “broken heart” according to the New Testament Apocrypha is given as “Cleft or open heart”, meaning a heart that has opened to instruction, that is prepared to receive.

  234. God desires a people who can pioneer in physical, scientific and spiritual fields. He desires mankind not only to understand the purpose of their existence, but to courageously cast out all fear — to march with their faces to the light, unwaveringly and uncomplainingly. He desires that they learn to humble themselves in great and mighty prayer that they might be a great people. No man is greater than his power to humble himself. He desires a people who can exercise faith to accomplish the things beyond human power.

    “And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even a hundred-fold, yea, more.”3

    • Yea, What Are The Things of This Earth?? When those Are added, to You, then we can Applaud you. Jesus Said, ” A Man’s Life Consisteth not of the Abundance of The Things He Possesseth”. And “He that Saveth his life, Shall Loose It”.. Not sure what God your following,????? Who is Your God? What’s his Name???

  235. If there is no joy in you — if that song of ecstasy does not sing in your soul, you have lost contact with your own pattern of existence, and light vanishes and gloom and darkness will continue to enfold you. As you live true to the pattern of yourself, that deep, inner self, you will unfold as perfect, as joyous, as naturally beautiful as the tree will reach its full measure of fulfillment. No one can keep you from reaching your highest destiny if you will follow your own true pattern of life. No one can live your life for you, for only you hold the key to your own pattern of sublime glorious, complete fulfillment.

    Such is the destiny written in the soul of every man who comes to earth. None are without it, that completely, individual highway of full expression and glorious achievement.

    • Even Sadness would be preferable to Delusion. At least in sorrow, there is Wisdom, said Solomon, but if your true pattern of self is real, it certainly wouldn’t require a temptress to follow, it, or it would be corrupt. The Holy Spirit is the Agent, and Person, of The Godhead we must follow, Not, our Pattern of Fulfillment. God is a living Savior, and Leader, through His Spirit.

  236. There is a glorious pattern for every man’s life, an individual, perfect pattern. No two people are alike, not anymore than any two plants are identical. They may be the same species, yet they are vastly different. No two leaves are alike — no two snowstorms — no two sets of fingerprints. No two lives are alike, yet each life holds a divine pattern of unfoldment, a great and holy destiny, rich in achievement and honor. When life becomes bitter and impossible, when all conditions are sordid and ugly, and living itself is a dreary burden, it is because the contact with the divine has been lost.

    • Thank you for filling us in. Certainly it would take a genius to point this out. We need You to tell us people are all different???? Get a grip. Get off the Messiah Complex, and become real with yourself.

  237. This world in the near future is to be trod by holy men and wise — we of the present day, who can grasp the glory of our possibilities, will be among the leaders of a new dispensation on the earth. we will know that the power of love is greater than the power of hate and that glory and achievement is meant for every human soul. we will become great in power and majesty, helping to redeem a broken-down world of fearful men who have groveled in blindness and despair. You great ones of the future, power and dominion and glory will be yours forever and ever. You will first learn to rule yourselves, then by the power of God, you will be able to go forth in wisdom and love to counsel cities and nations and men. You will walk as no others have walked on this humble, tear-stained earth, except The One, for you will become like Him, Sons of God.

    • The World is already inhabited by Holy men walking with a Holy God, but you have rejected the Church, and the Leadership, and Judged His Work, useless.. Your words are powerless, because they are not backed by the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God has not given authority, to an outcast, or a judge. But to His Church.

      • its absolute bullshit…

      • a church isnt of physical value. a church is a gathering (in spirit) as we all share in the father(eternal to flesh)(every man on earth: as spirit:one). the AUTHORITY refers to the physical manifestations as the world shows us our own heart(through god).
        dont think of god as an entity as we must ask permission. but through the eternal knowledge, know that god is a way of explaining the connection of how the world is made(from all humans and all eternal beings(as ONE BODY(HOLY)).. (the intent is to manifest: through every person as eternal beings)
        there is much more being said than as even mesiah is misinterperting…

        (human heart)ALL MEN created equal ALL MEN AS ONE BODY(i am not a man but WE ARE ETERNAL:one with father)

        the problem with mesiah is that he is convinced that we are man. but it takes ALL OF US to be holy. to love eachother as YOU ARE THAT LOVE(the god in all things).. LOVE(i am)

      • Ok, there is no reference for your thoughts here. I have no idea of their origin. I could as easily believe a man on the street and his ideas, if he needed to be in an asylum.. Who is to believe your thoughts because they cannot be verified? They have no source. It would be just as valid to believe a commentary about your thoughts on butterflies, as it is to believe your thoughts here on this because they have no point of reference from reality.
        I mean I could just begin caterwolling and saying a bunch of things about any thing that is supposedly spiritual, about how we are all waterfalls, and our water should never be stopped, and anyone that throws a Paper towel in the water, is condemning anyone that wants to swim there, and the trees are all one and they are holy. You know your thoughts have no reference point of Origin.
        Ok God on the other hand, told you the Truth of how we came to be here, and what happened in the world in the book of Genesis. But your ideas are somehow more reliable than God’s communication from and Of Himself.
        It doesn’t work from inside your Mind Out. God warned of how this leads to destruction. You must trust Him.

  238. THE DOOR

    The Book “Ye Are Gods” reveals the highway of Light as it points the way to the very door of heaven. It also states plainly that no man can take another through that door. This is true. But for those who believe in the great and mighty promises of God and seek to LIVE the higher laws, by following the exact path Christ marked, He will help to open that door. That door which must, at last, be opened is the Christ door.

    After one has learned of the great heart-center, by beginning to love with all his heart, the seals from his heart will be removed. And as it is opened wide to this love, the altar fires within one’s own being will be comprehended and he will know that he is the temple of the Living God. He will learn that the sea of glass, or font of molten gold is Spirit, and that it too is contained right within himself. And he will learn to begin to use those inner powers in humble, adoring gratitude.

    It is when one has learned also of the powers of the mind and has begun, in some measure, to use this divine instrument of thought correctly, that he will realize he is divinely fashioned and has a great and marvelous destiny to fulfill. It is then that he will become aware of a great door — and he will know that it is the “Christ door”.

    The triple signal required for opening that door (or veil) is that each individual, of himself, must have “asked and sought and knocked.”

    That door is closed when one first becomes aware of it. But he will understand the words: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in and sup (feast) with him, and he with me.”

    That door is the most important door in the temple of God. That door is the Christ door. It is the door that by-passes death. It is the front door into the higher realms.

    Since the beginning of mortality Christ has stood on the other side of that door, calling. It has been His voice, echoing through one’s soul that man has tried to silence, or escape by increased outside interests, dissipations or vain and wasted squandering of his thought energies.

    As one approaches this door he realizes that even the door itself is made of Light. It is as though it were, in some manner, translucent. Light seems to almost melt through it as one reaches it, seeking to follow that Voice of Christ as it leads one on to the final revelation of glory.

    One is led to this door by learning to listen to His Voice of love and promise. And His Voice is only heard by learning to “Be Still and knowing that I Am God”. When all outside thoughts and disturbances are silenced one truly hears His Voice. And as one learns to listen he will begin to comprehend the marvel and the wonder of that divine Voice which contains the very laws of his own being and is so filled with promise and glory it is impossible not to desire to follow it. It is almost like the voice of eternity calling one home, or inviting one to leave the rock-hewn path of sorrows and trials and heartbreaks and enter into the glory contained within the realms of eternal Light.

    • Jesus said ” I Am The Door”, and No Man Cometh Unto the Father But By Me”. the Bible says ” Your Righteousness is As Filthy Rags”. Man must repent of Sin, and believe on Jesus as the True God.

      • i am the door means ETERNAL LOVE. I AM isnt about christ. but about the I AM that is the spirit that makes us whom we are(both spirit(holy), and as FLESH(the world shows us our spiritual heart(in real time))…
        i am the door isnt about christ. it is about peace in all mankind…
        the filthy rags is a condmentation of others as you are not even doing christs works in your own misinterpertations. i will defend anyone whom is growing, and i will wipe the sins of those who condemn others as that how i live in spirit and give both man and eternal value to ALL…

      • So, no one is to question you. You are the Savior of mankind?? Wipe away the idea, of your own condemnation. Who is condemning you? No one. I am the door isn’t about Christ?? Who told you that? Ok, to question your statement means someone is condemning You?? To condemn means to finally sentence. No one can finally sentence anyone but themselves. To question the origins of your statements, is a perfectly legitimate, communication. If you feel condemned, that’s coming from yourself. Filthy rags is not a condemnation of others, it is a statement about “sin” from the Bible. Again, the condemnation, is, you are condemning yourself. The Bible teaches that condemnation was in the world from the beginning. So, you are relabeling the term to call it condemnation of others. No one can condemn someone that doesn’t already deserve it. So, that is symantics. If you cannot believe my statements, and take them face value, and you cannot believe Jesus statements and take them face value, and you cannot believe the Bible’s statements and take them face value, then you simply do not trust other people. And that means that “You” are condemning them because you cannot accept them for speaking straight to you. If you don’t trust people and their word meanings as legitimate communication, then you are condemning them. That is merely a fear tactic, and the fault is your own, because you cannot hear. If you can hear others as legitimate, in their communication, then you can drop the idea of condemnation. All of that is on your side of the equation. It’s a fear of condemnation, it’s not anyone condemning you. Its a way for you to control conversation, because you lack honesty about the subject matter.

  239. As one begins to get a glimpse of the marvel and the wonder and perfection of God’s plan, he will desire God’s will to be accomplished and fulfilled more than anything else for he will know that only God’s will is perfect. Only God’s plan is gloriously divine. One will then realize that to be an instrument in the hands of the Almighty, he must keep himself in tune with that vibration of loving praise and singing gratitude that has at last become a very part of himself. That divine Vibration must become the rhythm of his own being as he is prepared to take his place in the perfected pattern of creation.

    With love out-pouring one will kneel before that door, that great Christ door, and he will know that Christ IS the Way which man was asked to accept. He will then prove his belief by fulfilling the last principles of righteousness. It is then one actually becomes that Vibration of love and praise and thanksgiving. He takes upon himself that Vibration — or Name. Then, he will not only have the power to do the works which Christ did — but will be able to go on and do the greater works.

    The path Christ marked is the path right within man. It is the Way of Truth. It is the path of Light. This way leads to the great Christ door — the door of the resurrection. This divine Way has nothing to do with creeds and outside forms and rituals which but cleanse the outside of the cup. Churches were established to reveal this Inner Way but all have failed. The churches have all become obstructions to the True Way as they have blocked it, unknowingly and unintentionally. Their fund-raising campaigns, social activities and outside works and numerous meetings only cleanse the outside of the cup. Their very effort is to keep all of one’s faculties focused on the outside. It is the allegiance to the leaders and outward forms that is required by membership.

    The Way of Christ is not contained in any outward organization. It is the Way that is contained right within man himself. It is the Way of Light, even the Light of Christ which is given to abide in every man who cometh into the world. This is the Way in which a man may walk and not fail for it is illuminated by His Presence, even by the Light of Him Who marked the Way. It is the path of glory! The Way of peace! The road of power! And it leads to His door, the great Christ door!

    That Christ door is the only direct entrance into His Kingdom, the kingdom that is not of this world — the kingdom within. As one fulfills the command to “Purify thyself, even as He is pure”, he will eventually have to reach that door. It is impossible to keep going and not get there. This point of attainment is impossible not to reach by those who continue to love God with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength and who continue to abide in that love.

    As one reaches that great Christ door he will know the reality behind the Savior’s words, “I am the resurrection and the Life. And he who believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

    Yes. Do you believe it?

    If you will but follow His Voice to that door– and open that door you will not only believe, you will know…..

    • If these sayings were true, then God is not a good “keeper” of those who are His, and is a bereft God, ignorant of His creations,, No, God made man to enjoy earth, and other people and activities. You cannot attain to anything outside of Christ, and it is through the Holy Spirit that we achieve His (God’s) plans. It has never been our responsibility to run the World, but God’s Church is His Bride and only He can judge it. You should never Judge God’s Church and how well they are doing for that is only God’s Job. The judgment is upon you, and yourself alone, for criticizing the Work of God, in the Church, for God works with man, not against Man. No, in this case you are the one who has failed, and mocked those who believe. Jesus said, touch not Mine Anointed and Do My Prophet’s NO harm.

      • again, when you condemn man, then you are doing all prophets harm. again, we are on the other side all the manifests of ALL PROPHETS(in all of time:past/present/future).

        as a prophet prophesizes, he only takes a few seconds as he knows he(they/we) are manifesting. while setting a prayer in motion(prophesizes) only takes a few seconds, we sense those few seconds as many many lifetimes(being lived right now).

        those few seconds of manifesting is what we experience today. and NOTE AGAIN, that everyone on this earth(threw our ETERNAL SELF:ones with the father) to us seems to be a whole lifetime from our own birth to our own death(as each individual)..
        when we see through our father(the eternal spirit), we know each person is an extension of our greater self as each person is a GIFT FROM OUR OWN HEART.
        religions hijack the main contexts of each name and has turned them into something that t hey are not. and as we grow into the eternal, each preacher will find themselves alone as man(living in death).. i know they mean well, but t hey are doing more harm than good. and for the ones who can see, they will agree and understand beyond how a religon teaches the words.
        my g oal is to AWAKEN ALL(into the original context) as that is how i serve the father(in both our terms)…

      • For Below

        when we see through our father(the eternal spirit), we know each person is an extension of our greater self as each person is a GIFT FROM OUR OWN HEART.
        religions hijack the main contexts of each name and has turned them into something that t hey are not. and as we grow into the eternal, each preacher will find themselves alone as man(living in death).. i know they mean well, but t hey are doing more harm than good. and for the ones who can see, they will agree and understand beyond how a religon teaches the words.
        my g oal is to AWAKEN ALL(into the original context) as that is how i serve the father(in both our terms)…

        Where do you get the Idea, that these are Religions?
        Religions Highjack the names?? That is an assumption.
        Why do you think you understand Names, better than someone else??
        So where does your goal come from??
        If men are erroneous, why aren’t you just as vulnerable??
        So we need to know what your concern is with others?
        You are a Messiah?? The savior??

  240. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

    “Every branch in me that beareth no fruit he taketh away: and every branch that bearest fruit, he purgeth it that it may bring forth more fruit.

    “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine, no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

    “I am the vine, ye are the branches; He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing.

    “If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

    “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit, so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 15:1-2, 4-5, 7-8).

    Though these are the most important sayings of Christ’s life few have ever given them a thought, or if they have it is with the idea that they are not to be taken literally any more than the Sermon on the Mount is to be taken at its full value. Thousands insist that they believe the Bible, that they believe the teachings of Jesus Christ, yet they deny the true fact of these teachings, or worse still, ignore them completely. These teachings can no more be explained away and ignored than can the Life of the Master. And the command is, “Thou shalt live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God!” “If you love me, you will keep my words.” To keep His words means to live by them — or at least to keep them alive in the chambers of “inner knowing” until they are perfectly comprehended. “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally, and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering . . .” etc.

    It is time that those who profess to be Christians, and followers of the Son of God stop running away from issues which they do not comprehend. Every word spoken by Jesus Christ is a direct guide to true living, and no one is living true to the pattern He set unless he lives by every word that proceedeth forth from His mouth. Of course faith is necessary because He taught it, and because without it a life is a vain and useless thing. Of course repentance is necessary — and repentance means a “right-about-face”, or a complete changing of one’s life. This can only come as one learns to understand the true teachings and turns from the old, dead way of living to the way of Life. Repentance does not belong just to the sinner. It belongs just as much to those who have only lived on half-truths and ignored, or denied the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course Christ taught that authority was necessary, but authority in the hands of a man who denies the power thereof, or who cannot use that power is vain. How can anyone claim to believe in Christ and to be a follower of Him, yet deny or ignore anything He taught as a part of the way of life? No wonder the works of Christ are dead — no wonder there are none who have ever done the greater works that were promised to those who believe. Modern Christianity is a shivering skeleton of dead works clothed with the glorious word “Christianity.”

    • Few have ever given them A thought??? When were you born? Many have given these sayings a thought? When you are living “In Christ’s teachings” the credit goes only to Him, and the Glory of God only goes to the Father as the Holy Ghost lives it in You. NO, we should never take God’s glory for His work in our lives, to ourselves, It is not by our efforts but through the Holy Spirit.

  241. Man has never accepted the dynamic challenge to LIVE CHRIST’S teaching. Man has only weakly affirmed his inactive endorsement of those teachings as a fullness of acceptance. And many think they are proving their belief by going forth and hammering others with their interpretations as they send forth their haranguements in discordant, sanctimonious self-righteousness. Yet Christ’s actual teachings have never been acknowledged as a Way of Life and of fulfillment or an everlasting privilege of stupendous accomplishment, crowned with every reward contained in every Promise ever given since time began.

    That First and Great Commandment, when LIVED contains the breathtaking fulfillment of every PROMISE God ever gave, plus all perfection and all power. Within it is held forever the fulfilling of the LOVE which brings into one’s life a complete knowledge of the things which Eyes have never seen, nor ears heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man — those unspeakable glories, which God has PREPARED FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM — and prove it by their living of that law pertaining to it.

    This fulfilling is not something which can be boasted about, shouted about in worldly sermons or declarations, nor is it fulfilled by a silent nod of approval. This commandment must be LIVED! This requires an exerted effort of constant desire and application until the very cells of the body and brain and heart sing together in a glory of joyous response at the slightest suggestion or thought of God, or of His blessings. It is as that LOVE is developed that it will finally take over in every cell and fibre and tissue that one “Transforms his carnal flesh to flesh divine without descending through the gates of death!” Even as Enoch of old accomplished.

    It is as one, like Enoch, “transforms the carnal flesh to flesh divine, without descending through the gates of death,” that he arrays himself in the white raiment of eternal glory and is truly “Born of the Spirit!” And the shame of his mortal nakedness, whatever its cause, will be OVERCOME and one will be clothed in Light and will “COMPREHEND ALL THINGS.” he will be robed in Light and Love and eternal, everlasting power. And this is the glory of it!

    And this is God’s plan! And it has always been His plan! And this is the Way Christ traveled. It is the Path He mapped for all mankind to follow if so be they wished to rise above dreary mortality and its consequent evils and dismays and vicissitudes.

    • There are Billions of People who have chosen to follow the dynamic teaching of following Christ. and to live His teaching?? I think what your saying is you want to in sin, and do not believe you Need Jesus as Lord. No, there are Billions of People who follow Christ/s Dynamic teachings. Your statement is crazy. It is unintelligent. No one is assigned to your critique. They are free to follow Jesus. Your not the Judge.

  242. I wonder why the Bible, then says, that “you must take up your Cross and follow me”.. And that~ “if we suffer with Him, we will partake of Him. ” It also says, “believe not every spirit, but try the spirits”. Man has never accepted the dynamic to live Christ’s teaching??? Says Who?/ Like when were you born????
    No, these are not the teachings of Jesus you are bringing, but your ideas and projections. Stay with what Jesus taught… ?? That would be good.

    • you are so full of shit lmao

      • Now we are seeing the real you, that claims to have a righteous attitude. You cannot communicate, nor can your words be examined with God’s Word. You have no way to no what someone is full of, because you have no way to communicate with others. You simply make claims, and they are spurious. Your motives are lost to the World. No one can believe anything you say, because they are philosophy, and not from God. Whoever gave you the preeminence over the Church of God?? If that were so, then Jesus would have allowed you to take his place. No, you have no reason to Criticize the Church, whether they are in error or not because, the assumptions you make would have to apply to anyone, and everyone who sees through the lies, you preach. No if you were for real, you could communicate with the people you claim to know more than and not just spew out, ideas. You have no ability to communicate. If you were for real, your ideas would resonate, with people who follow Christ, but they don’t. No communicative ability in you. Just an empty dialogue.

    • to take up your cross is about aligning with the ETERNAL(we are eternal beings before we are man). follow me, means to LOVE ALL… when we fight against that of whom we disagree with, then we are also fighting against christ(peace in all mankind). each of us has the answers in which we all seek, but we have to listen to one another in order to listen to spirit(again, we are NOT MAN)…. the bible isnt about christ teachings, instead, christ is an adjetive that means “peace in ALL MANKIND”. there is no teachings of christ as there is no teaching of any other name. but EACH NAME is important for ALL OF US, as it requires ALL NAMES in order to align(CROSS) with the ETERNAL SELF(we are all ONE(HOLY))(one in LOVE(spirit to flesh))(the WHOLE WORLD is the living flesh and we are the elements of the spirit). you cant seperate yourself and say man is bad without going against what you seek. it requires ALL OF US(in all names) to be ONE WITH THE HIGHEST LOVE(to manifiest GLOBAL EVENTS)..
      as long as you use christ teachings in order to condemn anyone elses words or mind or heart, then you are going against christ in everyone’s terms.

      the way that you can tell if your on the right track is that everything within this world around you will fall in place like magic. you will SENSE the spirit in real time as your own I AM(in all names) is on the other side of god(eternal father)..
      note also. the FATHER refers to the HOLY SPIRIT aka ETERNAL. the spirit can be seen through all events of the world as the world plays out our own HEART(eternal and human)..
      you must love ALL MANKIND in order to be one with christ. but to use christ as an anchor to deny everyone else is going against the same fabric in which you seek.

      • to take up your cross is about aligning with the ETERNAL(we are eternal beings before we are man). follow me, means to LOVE ALL… when we fight against that of whom we disagree with, then we are also fighting against christ(peace in all mankind).

        Ok. Explain to me where this thought comes from?? What religion? Who told you to believe this??

        You are saying the Holy Spirit can be seen through all events??
        Who told you that?? And what do you mean, by All Events.??

        What the devil involved in??
        Where do you think your thoughts come from??

        Without a reference to the Origins of your statements, you could believe anything??
        Where do you derive your thoughts and beliefs from?
        Are you a theorist? What are you basing your life on, and your statements?
        Are these from Buddha?? A fat statue??

  243. i do believe JESUS wants us to know him in “spirit and truth”and not the dead letter version of the holy writ???

    • There is Bo dead letter of the Holy writ. Jesus said, “Heaven and Earth will Pass away, but my Words will never pass away So that’s a Living Writ. It’s dead to You , because you cannot understand what your reading or choose not to obey it. If one is following Jesus, he is dead to the Law, but fulfills it by obeying the laws of Jesus.

      • brother you truly need to live the teachings ,and stop being a cartoon christian with no power and real love..REMEMBER THE GLORY OF GOD IS JESUS CHRIST AND THATS MERRY CHRISTMAS FOREVER..AMEN..

      • No one can prove to you anything. You claim to know the needs of everyone. Your comment is hypocritical.


    It is most assuredly true that “All things work together for Good to them that love God.” (Rom. 8:28).

    To fulfill this scripture and prove one’s love, is quite different from quoting it in words, then denying its truth by brooding over all the evils and misfortunes you have been subjected to. Neither can it be fulfilled by those who weep in self-pity, nor whimper in dismay, over every trivial discomfort.

    This scripture can be proved and fulfilled when it is put to the full test. It has to reach beyond words and superficial, sanctimonious self-righteousness. It has to reach beyond the services that one renders in the lime-light of the temple pinnacle to be seen of men.

    This love for God that is required, is not something that can be proved in declarations nor even in spell-binding sermons uttered from the “housetops.” Love is a power that must go out from the heart. It must be felt and comprehended as it is released in vibrations of glorious, singing aliveness.

    To prove this scripture it is necessary to love God with a devotion that exceeds the little, mortal self. This love requires that one trust God implicitly. This deep, wondrous, living love provides one with the willingness to go through any testing, any vicissitude, any difficulty, no matter how seemingly impossible, with an inner song of love and praise — and gratitude.


    Not at all.

    If you really do love God, then it is quite easy to accept seeming afflictions in His Name, and praise and worship Him with increased power while doing so. As one faces and accepts his problems and set-backs in this manner, even the most dire tragedies are transformed into blessings.

    • The problem is you don’t know God. Jesus, is God. His word is Living,. Repent of sin, and receive Him. Then obey the Word, and walk in it. God isn’t calling you to critique the Church of the Living God, but you are free and welcome to join it. Otherwise, you are welcome to be examined as a liar. and a fraud.

  245. Those who will not accept God’s divine pruning or submit themselves to disciplinary training will find that they can never become disciples of Light. A disciple is one who begins to discipline himself. Those who discipline themselves do not need the humiliating, painful trimming of the Father’s knife. Those who begin to eliminate their own weaknesses and traits that are selfish and evil will find instead of the pruning knife the loving hand of the Father extended in solicitous understanding. To those who fail to discipline themselves, or those who rigidly set themselves against the pruning knife of the Father, “the road of Holiness” will be forever closed. At least it will be impossible for them to cross over it until in time the complete humiliation of their bigotry and failures crumbles the little false idol of themselves into dust. If one is willing to permit this little ego-filled “self” to be thus humbled in shame, even though he has failed to accomplish the “righteousness” through self-discipline, it will still be possible for him to be reclaimed and redeemed, though his transgressions were the usurpation of the very powers of God.

    Any individual who mentally or verbally condemns or judges another is doing so in the pride of his own “self-righteousness.” Only proud self-righteousness ever places itself upon the judgment seat. And the law is, that: “As a man judges, so shall he be judged.” Such a one is only proving himself to be empty of love and compassion. He is revealing his own self-righteousness as he places himself in a category of unworthiness, becoming an accuser. Only the little mortal “self”, completely deceived and lost in arrogance and self-righteousness, could or would condemn his brother. If his love is great he would not even behold his faults. The truly righteous man sees only through the eyes of love — and in his love his brother can be healed. It is true, “That when one’s mind and lips have lost the power to hurt and wound his voice will be heard among the Gods.”

  246. It is only by deep love and praising devotion that one can blend his own life so perfectly with the mind and will of God that he becomes the expressor of the “Greatest”

  247. What is so wonderful to know…is that no matter how full of it we are…some day we will “all”
    be emptied of ourselves. Going from the carnal to the spiritual is most certainly challenging as the carnal nature of man will never accept the spiritual mind in man. One is enmity against the other. Understanding that the most foolish will also stand in the likeness of our Father…does give us be kind and patient toward our enemies..or those who oppose the Christ within us. This is how it has to be. How do we know which is of the false religious church and who are those of the church of the living Christ? Which ones are throwing stones and demeaning those who oppose them? Which ridicules, condescends and condemns and looks for fault first? The spirit reveals those who are His while the law of words only reveals pomp and pride.

    Be at peace with those who revile…and say all manner against us falsely, as much as is within us to do so….and love them as though they also see…for they will…someday..soon. But for the grace of God, there go I.

    Love you “all.”

  248. “Without vision the people perish.” Without understanding the powers of true vision and having a comprehension of the divine gift of imagination all mankind will perish as they follow the generations before them into the grave. It is the gift of vision, or the power to “image in” to the Spirit realm one’s high hopes and worthy ambitions, one’s aspirations and noble dreams that hold the keys of Life Eternal — that a man need not die. This divine gift of vision is first of all the power to BELIEVE.

    Do you believe in the divine promises Christ gave? Can you imagine yourself being possessed with such divinity as He holds out? If you have, or can develop the power to hold to that vision, it must be fulfilled in you. As your noble thoughts are held firmly in the focus of your attention until they grow into desires, they will be reflected, or “imaged in”, to the Spirit realm and gather to themselves the substance of the things you have hoped for. This is faith in action. And it is the power of fulfilling. It is the gift of creation as you begin to create with God to fulfill the perfection of Himself which He has implanted within you. You are His own imaging of complete perfection as you permit His vision of you to be fulfilled and brought forth.

    “And it shall come to pass that he that asketh in Spirit shall receive in Spirit. He that asketh in Spirit asketh according to the will of God, wherefore it is done even as he asketh.”