Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Dimensionality of Abundance

When we attribute power to darkness, darkness consumes our reality.

When we attribute power to the Light, Light consumes all.

There is no greater power than the Perfect Power we possess in Oneness with the Source of Life.

In Oneness with the Perfect Power of the Source of life, the mind leaves the dimensionality of lack and enters the dimensionality of abundance.

By returning and resting in immutable power, the mind transacts with the higher Laws of Life that guide, structure and manifest our eternal expansion as divine beings.

The Law of Life is how Truth is expressed through the mind at any particular stage of our development as divine beings. In a seed state or womb state, the Law imposes certain limitations upon the mind for the perfect maturation of Divine Will. In its immaturity when the mind experiences these edges, it mistakenly forms numerous false judgments and assumptions about its reality and its self.

Darkened by unawareness, the mind blindly accepts relative truth as the root of its existence. It clothes the self in degraded attributes caused by this truth’s inherent duality, one of the most significant is a sense of powerlessness. As a result, the self is ruled by fear, which creates endless reflections of lack in the forms of pain, degradation, stagnation, emptiness, suffering, etc. In response the soul uses its life energy to maintain defenses against the barrage of losses. It transacts with reality based on harsh judgments and manifests chains of discordant energies leading to destruction of the body and reality. Because the mind is a gateway between the uncreated and created, these discordant energies block Life’s harmonious flow. Consequently, the mind perceives the self as a degraded being instead of a divine being, and the mind serves the darkness rather than the Light, encasing the self in a diabolical dimension of powerlessness, lack, fear and death.

As the mind’s awareness of Truth matures, it perceives it isn’t bound by these edges, but it holds the potential and power to eternally expand beyond them. The mind possesses the ability to transcend out of the dimension of lack and into the dimension of abundance.

Through Truth-filled understanding, the mind advances in the Law of Life. In the awareness of the higher laws of harmony and oneness, the mind unlocks its potential to manifest perfect abundance, which is the framework for its eternal expansion. As the mind settles into the awareness of Perfect Power, the soul abundantly receives what it needs when it needs it, for its eternal growth.

Perfect power, which is Truth’s intelligent Life energy flowing through the soul, is like the breath of life to a dormant seed. This divine willpower activates the higher Laws of Life that bring forth the self’s external expansion. These laws of harmony and oneness align the soul’s individualized Life energy, mind, feeling world (energetic body), and physical body/reality with Absolute Truth and Absolute Goodness. This alignment allows endless abundance to be expressed from the Source of Life through the soul and into reality, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Through its oneness with Life’s power, the mind ceases transacting with reality based on a sense of powerlessness and therefore disengages from the lower laws of lack and separation. Instead, the mind transacts with reality through its oneness with Life’s power thereby operating in the higher laws of Life’s harmony and oneness. These transactions eradicate suffering and loss by bringing forth Life’s abundance and expansion. Through this power shift, the mind goes beyond its previously conceived limitations and the shell of finite boundaries breaks away, unveiling a spherical reality of perfect abundance and eternal expansion.

The soul isn’t the degraded image it perceives itself to be in its current awareness of truth. As Life’s understanding reveals a deeper awareness of truth, the soul recognizes itself as a divine being of tremendous power. This shift in perception occurs as the mind grows in Truth-filled understanding. Pulsing with living energy, this illuminated understanding not only awakens the mind to the true Self, but this Truth possess Life’s inherent power by which the self transitions out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundance.

In returning and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. ~ Isaiah 30:15

The Lord will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. ~ Isaiah 58:11

Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion,
Streaming to the goodness of the Lord —
For wheat and new wine and oil,
For the young of the flock and the herd;
Their souls shall be like a well-watered garden,
And they shall sorrow no more at all ~ Jeremiah 31:12

I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. ~ John 10:10


Energetic Garments

The energetic field surrounds our soul like a garment. This energetic garment holds all the emotionally charged stories, beliefs, memories and thought forms we possess, even going back generations as states of consciousness are passed down through the collective mind.

In the darkness of a seed state, our energetic garment is sown in the unawareness of who we are and how we create. As a result we are cloaked in a covering or filter of powerlessness by which we view ourselves and our relation to reality, manifesting discordant states of pain, suffering, decay and destruction. It’s like wearing dirty garments and therefore believing you are a pauper, therefore limiting yourself to a pauper’s suffering life.

Truth-filled understanding comes in like an expert Launderer and cleanses our energetic garments, returning us to the awareness of our one Self, which is a state of ever-present power, expressed as rest, joy, peace, harmony, abundance and divine love.

Truth-filled understanding, which is the “Living Spirit of God (Absolute Truth)”, produces a transformative shift in our consciousness from a sense of powerlessness to immutable power. As our self perspective makes this 180 degree turn, we perceive our true power as a divine being expressing Divine Will. The Divine Will directs our desires through which its inherent power leads to metamorphic changes in our expression. This immutable power fuels the divinely orchestrated movement of all energy, which begins to alter our entire energetic field, transitioning our outer expression from darkened garments of decay and destruction to light-filled garments of timeless expansion.

Truth-filled understanding energetically moves into our outer consciousness and impacts reality, through four mental processes. As the Living Life in Truth flows through us, it harmonizes discordant energy, thus reality.

  1. Awareness – First, by the Light of Truth-filled understanding, we become aware of faulty thoughts and beliefs, which reflect attributes of a false image of the self. This initial awareness begins to weaken and break apart the faulty thought-forms.
  2. Release and Replace – Second, we consciously release faulty thoughts and replace them with our Truth-filled understanding, which actively engages our inherent power to alter reality. We no longer blame or complain, but in our creative power choose to own and renew.
  3. Sending out Living Light – Third, we energetically send the Light of our understanding to others and situations that reflected these faulty thought-forms. In this, our outer consciousness engages a state of harmony, through which the Divine Will flows.
  4. Gratitude – Lastly, we express gratitude for our ever-increasing awareness, Truth-filled understanding and the rejuvenation of our reality. Gratitude’s vibratory action clears our energetic, creative pathways, making room for the flow of Divine Will’s expressed harmony.

Each time we become aware of a thought-form born of darkness, our mind engages this process infusing it with Light, which is utilizing our power. During this renewal of our mind, energetic field, and reality we aren’t concerned with how or when the physical reality will be altered (i.e, the body, relationships, situations). We leave this detailed reconstruction to the Divine Will’s infinite intelligence that is far beyond our knowing as every moment is divinely orchestrated to express Divine Love, which is the Highest Good of All. Instead, we watch in expectation to see a perfection that is beyond our ability to conceive.

Everything we observe with our bodily senses is a reflection of our understanding. The only perpetrator to our resting state of timeless perfection is our lack of awareness. Therefore, the renewing of our mind by Truth-filled understanding is needed to reconstruct our energetic field, which in turn rejuvenates our physical reality. Through this regeneration, we become doorways to the divine.