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The Final Four Leading to

The Land of Milk and Honey


One of the first lucid messages I heard from the Spirit of Truth was: life is a game. At the time, I had no idea of the depth of meaning of that statement, but even with a simplistic understanding it was a powerful moment, for everything in my life began to be reframed by this construct.

The game-like nature to this reality doesn’t take the seriousness out of it, but it does put everything in a more accurate perspective. Through my years of seeking for absolute truth and divine love, I came to learn that this life is a projection of our soul and its self-determined consciousness, which science has shown to be the case. It’s a simulation, a training ground for our developing soul. It’s an altered state of consciousness (like a dream-state), thus it isn’t real but a fabricated state in order for the soul to learn and grow, which I’ve shared throughout my blog.

The object of the game is to learn from this dream-like state, which is the shadow of death, in order to abide in eternal life. Thus, to wake up or resurrect out of the death state and into life (as revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ). It’s to learn from the shadow state of the self and its life, and then end the potentials of death we experienced in all its many manifestations. In other words, it’s designed to manifest a sublime oneness with the Spirit of God, thus his divine consciousness, which is life.

The Final Four

This past week, I entered a new depth of clarity in my soul journey. The words may not be new as to what I experienced, but the depth was. Everything that I had judged in my life as “wrong” was exactly what was needed, thus it was right. My mistakes and errors came out  of divine love because they all led me to divine love. Thus my mistakes were necessary and perfect. Everything brought me to the final four soul qualities that usher in life: divine gratitude, divine desire, divine faith, and divine trust. When each is shaped in the soul by the Spirit of Truth, they produce a magnetic pull into the divine love energy of our Creator. Because we are in a dream state, it isn’t that we possess these qualities, but through the instruction of the Spirit of Truth our intention in each quality is pure, lucid and genuine. All we can have is intention in this dream-state, for without being awake in oneness we can do nothing, we’re asleep. John 15:5

In seeing this perfection in everything (every mistake and error), the soul perceives the sovereignty of God that was working in its life all along. Among the seeming randomness and chaos of life, he was creating the most beautiful harmony. If the soul progresses far enough down the path of enlightenment, this awareness is gained. As the soul draws near to the light; it perceives things as they truly are. In this light, all mistakes and errors are perfection creating a perfection beyond perfection. Perfection beyond perfection is an eternal state of growing and expanding while in the harmony of truth and divine love (symbolized as “the land of milk and honey”). Without the soul journey of mistakes, divine love wouldn’t exist in the soul. The mistakes create and manifest the fullness of divine love in all its beauty. However, to remain in this suffering state isn’t our eternal state, for it’s of the unreal simulated state. Thus, it ends.

Peace Surpassing Understanding

This awareness of the workings of perfection among imperfection creates a peace that surpasses all understanding. Phil 4:6-7 Peace doesn’t exist in imperfection. Imperfection causes fear, pain, suffering, and heartache and all the soul states that steal peace. Yet, in this depth of trust in this perfection, a peace comes to reside in the soul in spite of the imperfections. It’s a peace in the face of whatever happens; because the soul knows whatever is happening is what is suppose to occur for the glorious manifestation of oneness. It doesn’t mean the soul is in truth, but everything that it does and all that happens to it is to craft the soul into the truth of divine love.

This understanding shepherds in the transition of the soul’s trust becoming a child-like trust. It flips the soul’s reality from darkness to light by switching on the light (truth) within the soul’s perception. What was once judged by the soul as wrong or bad in the darkness, from light’s perspective the soul perceives as purposeful and serving the highest good. This new perspective frees the soul from the prison bars of inferiority, fear, shame and guilt that its ill judgments manifested. Instead of these four core destroyers, divine gratitude, desire, faith and trust fill this space in the soul, which begins to transform the soul into life.

Through this heightened awareness, the soul becomes aware of the following four constructs: 1. It becomes divinely grateful for every error and mistake. In the sovereignty of God, the errors were used to unite the soul to him in a bond of divine love. 2. The imperfections created a consuming divine desire for his divine consciousness and nothing of the self-determined consciousness. 3. Through the lessons learned, the soul received a divine faith built and established by the Spirit of Truth. A faith vast and dense enough for the soul to solely stand upon and let go of all counter to it. 4. The imperfections propelled a divine trust, by which the soul can release all control (the strength of the self-will) and be governed by the divine will. These four qualities of soul are part of the soul’s condition prior to transitioning into life. They create the necessary energetic field that raises the soul’s vibration to embrace the divine energy of the Creator.

Severing the Chord

What keeps this self-determination active is the self-will’s generation of control. The opposite of this energetic force is divine trust. You feel the strength of the self-will when things don’t go your way, or when they don’t go as you expect. You feel it when they do. You feel it when you try to control others or yourself. You feel it when you feel controlled by another, for when you try to control then you are controlled. As within so is without. When the soul intentionally trusts, it forfeits the self-will (thus control) and embraces the divine will. This energetic exchange is the precursor to oneness.

Divine trust is powerful and significant. It’s abiding in the present moment in the spontaneous flow of life. The soul isn’t trying to govern the twists and turns, but instead flows through the present moments with a child-like trust. This trust is the highest honor the soul can give the Creator from within in a finite and limited soul state. Thus why it is so energetically powerful, and why it’s the predecessor to oneness. Divine trust (containing divine honor) enables the energetic divine love exchange between the soul and the Creator, thus establishing a manifested oneness.

As the soul releases all control by the counsel of the Spirit of Truth (the soul is blinded by its self-will thus doesn’t even recognize where or how it’s controlling until the Spirit reveals it), then the soul invites in the Spirit of God to sever the root of the self-determined consciousness and establish the divine consciousness as its new operating system.

Land of Milk and Honey

Through the wilderness of the self-determined consciousness, the soul grows by thorns and biers (mistakes and errors, thus pain and suffering). When the soul unites in a sublime oneness with the Spirit of God (no longer in a dream-like state), the soul still continues to expand or else it couldn’t contain the infinite Spirit of God. In oneness, it grows by comforts and nourishment of the Spirit (milk) and by what the Spirit manifests through the soul (honey).

The former state of growing by hardships was necessary to form oneness, but when it has served it purposes it ends. And, when this state ends, so does death. Game over. We wake up. Arise and Shine.


So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.
1 Corinthians 15:54


Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
Isaiah 60:1


The Resurrection of Joy

I wrote this July 30, 2013, yet never published it. I decided to publish it today.

The Resurrection of Joy


Our Father’s love returns us to our youthful glimmer.

Remember the carefree days of summer as a child? Lunging through the screen door and your mom telling you to slow down. Breathing in the fragrance of the freshly cut grass as the distant roar of a lawn mower filled your ears. Scaling up the tree in your front lawn, and reveling in your accomplishment. Wondering what you were going to do as your mind went swimming with possibilities, especially the possibility of swimming in your friend’s pool across the street. Oh, to be a child again.

What if we could live every moment in this youthful spirit? This gift of soul is one of many we experience as we move into the kingdom of our heavenly Father. To be under his governance of will is to be a soul of a youthful spirit like a child.

As the years pass, we “grow up” and lose our youthful spirit. Our self-made mind crafted in judgments, fears, and lack starts creating a different reality. We start judging ourselves in approving or disapproving ways. We enslave ourselves to unfulfilled expectations. We strive to achieve some likeness of “success” and “happiness”. At some point, we figure our wellbeing is up to us and we need to “take control”, so our striving and toiling begins and our youthful spirit ends. We may even strive to nourish our soul, but it seems to be like filling a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. We have moments of experiencing those carefree days, but what lingers beneath is the pending “realities of life” that keep the experience of a continual youthful glow beyond our reach.

Though those carefree days seem like the distant past, they actually are our birthright future. As we enter our Father’s realm, we become a child once again and our youthful spirit returns, though far more magnificent. And for those who didn’t experience the carefree delights of childhood, our Father is waiting to give you the childhood you never had, yet far better for he loves you perfectly, and his love is yours for eternity.

Our Father’s love is close as our next breath. Although his love is ever present, it feels beyond our reach, thus non-existent in our experiential reality. We may know it in faith, in fact so much so that we are overwhelmed by it at times. And I think he gives us these tastes of his love to keep us pushing forward on our journey. But the experiential reality of his love is fleeting. Thus, why we keep reminding ourselves of his love for us. This seesaw experience is because we know it through faith and not through a oneness with him. But, if we will continue on our journey into truth and divine love, we will find this oneness, because it is the desire of our Creator, our perfect Parent, and his will prevails. His love never fails.

Our Journey

We experience our soul-life either governed by the consciousness of humankind (limited consciousness lacking divine love) or the consciousness of our heavenly Father. When we are a part of the consciousness of humankind, the self-made mind (created by the self-directed will), governs our soul. When we are a part of the consciousness of our Father, the spirit-made mind (created by a God-directed will), governs our soul. We all start in the former and when we are ready, we start on the journey into a transformation of soul that transitions us into the latter. The choice is ours, once we realize we have a choice of course. While, our journey through the dark waters of the self-made mind is important (because it serves many purposes that enable us to be a child of his reflection), it’s not our final destination.

This process of soul development is expressed in many analogies: a narrow path through a narrow gate, the growth and birth of a baby, the seed in the soil, and a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The imagery of these analogies reveals why we are here, how our soul transforms, and our journey into oneness with the Source of life. Though these messages surround us, they often remain unheard because of the distractions of this reality. These images that our Creator put into creation are to help us to understand the process that our soul goes through as we experience this reality of contrasts, then leave it, and be united to him once again.

When we come out on the other side, we are a soul of light. We are a “soulbaby” growing in the reflection of our heavenly Father. This new reflection shines from his essence (or consciousness) that now governs our every breath, thought, expression, experience, everything. We have come to the end of one soul state in order to begin another, which is dwelling in our Father’s kingdom where his will reigns our soul.

Upon entrance into his kingdom, one of the first differences we notice is the glimmer of a child-like youthfulness in our spirit. At first, we are a little apprehensive of this new experience. Coming out of the torrents of birth pangs, and struggling out of the cocoon, we are a little hesitant as we come out of the billowing waves and upon the shore of a new land; the land of the promised soul and oneness with our heavenly Father. Yet in our soul, it feels like we are returning to the days of our youth, yet far superior, for this youthful spirit is a gift flowing from the eternal embrace of the divine love of our heavenly Father.

The youthful spirit is dim at first, but continues as a steady glow ever increasing. Like the dawning day, it starts faint and continues to expand filling every crevice of our awareness. As the light dawns, the darkness fades. The lingering grogginess passes, and we realize we are in our Father’s home and his home is now in us. A new joy and delight begins to underscore our days. Self-judgments dissolve and constraints once felt by our soul are replaced with increasing comforts and freedoms of expression. Fears are exchanged for courage and anticipation. Striving and toiling are exchanged for creativity, passion, and play.

We exit the rule of the consciousness of humankind and enter the governance of our heavenly Father’s perfect love. The dark waters below become a memory as we are enraptured into the eternal embrace of his love. This embrace sends a wave of release through our soul and we realize that the sufferings of the lower realm, though necessary for our soul formation, pale in comparison to the glories that await us.

Out the screen door we go soaking in the fragrance of life. What will the day hold? Who knows, it doesn’t matter for it will be wonderful. Our Father is here, and all that he creates is glorious! He is now the driver, not us.

Aren’t we glad we never gave up along that narrow path but kept pushing to the end through that narrow gate and into his kingdom?


The Highest Honor: Thrones of Trust

The Highest Honor:

Thrones of Trust


We honor our Creator when we trust him.

We trust him when our will is at rest.

We rest as we acquiescently sit on our thrones.


Our Creator honors us as the weaker vessel who is dependent on his divine love. As our soul matures in his love, we return honor back to him in the form of a child-like trust. In this exchange, divine love, which encompasses honor at its core, is manifested between his Spirit and ours.

In oneness with our Creator, we reside in a co-creator dynamic with him. In this simulated reality, we are experiencing a reality manifested by our self-determined consciousness, which he covertly governs for our highest good. In the eternity of the real, we experience a reality manifested by his divine consciousness working through us in radiant glory. To obtain the latter, we first experience the former unreal state to learn many lessons.

One lesson, which is paramount to them all, is that we can’t breathe without creating harm and suffering, regardless of our intentions. This depth of awareness in conjunction with a growing awareness of divine love begins to manifest a divine trust within us. In this trust, we willingly relinquish our self-driven will, and desire our Creator to govern every iota of our being. In this trust, we draw near to him in genuineness, love and gratitude. Thus, we honor him above all because we trust and desire him above all.

Establishing Trust

Along the path of enlightenment, we grow in the awareness that at every turn in this reality, there is a pertinent reason to trust. It’s not a trust in anything of this world or of us, for there is nothing in either that can help with the depth of our need. It’s a foundational trust in the Creator.

To come to this state of trust, we first become acquainted with the Creator’s true reflection, otherwise our trust is in vain. In the wiles of the darkened mind, the likeness of the Creator has been obscured with many false images. When the soul sincerely seeks for his true likeness, the Spirit of Truth reveals it bit by bit. It’s revealed little by little, for in revealing the nature of the Creator, our soul is transformed.

The Creator is the essence of divine love and absolute truth, which holds every possible divine potential for a created reality. He is beyond images. Including, beyond the word “he.” As we commune with his Spirit of Truth in our sacred inner chamber, he reveals himself to us in spirit that only our soul can comprehend. Through this engagement we come to know him increasingly more intimately, according to our advancing divine soul state.

Through this ever-growing awareness, divine trust forms in us. Trust is the fruit of this sacred engagement. It can’t be manufactured outside of it. For trust to be authentic it has to be cultivated in the real; in the pre-creative space of our soul; the only real place we know in this simulated state.

Regarding this simulated state, true separation in divine love is impossible. Thus, we are in a simulated state that isn’t real that our Creator created for instructional purposes; like a training simulation. When we awake into the real, all our thoughts are one with the divine consciousness, the only way they truly can be, thus they always and only serve the manifestation of divine love. Until then, we learn through this dream-like state knowing all is serving this end.

Energetic Exchange

As this relationship grows, our trust matures through a fully repentant heart beyond the vicissitudes of vanity. We desire to fully relinquish our self-will and instead embrace the divine will, which we do through the sacred trust crafted in us by the Spirit of Truth. Being in this state of consuming trust is a pivotal state of consciousness that facilitates our will shifting from being self-driven to divinely driven.

This matured trust leads us into an energetic exchange with our Creator. Through a deep inner trust (a profoundly powerful energetic state) we lay down our self-directed will, and in doing so honor him. In response, his divine honor enters the core of our soul. This energy exchange forms divine love within us and transitions our trust into a child-like trust that leads to the materialization of the divine self. In this our “thrones of trust” are established in place of our “thrones of lust”, and the Spirit of God fully governs our lives from within our soul through our oneness with him.

At the Soul’s Edge

Our oneness with the Creator is fashioned over many exchanges between our soul and the Spirit of Truth along our soul journey through the wilderness of the self-determined consciousness. These exchanges reflect our oneness from the beginning. He calls, we seek. He teaches, we repent and follow. He crafts, we trust. He governs, we rest. It’s through these exchanges that divine love is formed between us.

At the close of our soul journey, we come to the edge of ourselves. In this place, we look upon the infinite chasm that separates us from unlimited divinity. This chasm is defined, created, and sustained by the possibility of one wayward thought. One thought not in accordance to divine love reveals a separation from the divine consciousness; thus a soul state of darkness.

There is nothing of ourselves or of this world that can deliver us from this wayward thought, thus the infinite chasm. It’s in this state we, once again, face the depth of our need for the consuming nature of the divine consciousness to govern every aspect of our being. We can’t even trust as we should because of our contrary thoughts that discredit its purity. Yet knowing the nature of divine love, we trust that even our lack of trust is covered in the more than sufficient grace found in divine love. This trust is the highest honor we can give him from our current soul state.

As we gaze into this infinite chasm, our trust cascades over its precipice. It’s a pivotal moment in our transformation. As we face the depth of our depravity as we experience the darkness of our soul, we trust. We trust him with all we know and don’t know. All the journeying of the soul comes down to this moment. A moment where the soul has sold all, desired to turn from all that isn’t of divine love and is overwhelmed in its desire for oneness, and yet all it can do is trust. Yet trust is exactly what is required because it returns a sincere honor and love back to the Creator enabling a divine love exchange to occur, thus establish a root of divinity.

Child-Like Trust

Trust takes effort until we are sublimely one because we struggle against our self-determined consciousness that puts us in the throws of doubt, fear, and abandonment. When his divine consciousness reaches across that infinite chasm through his divine love, our trust becomes a ubiquitous knowing (a child-like trust) and we are awakened to a new day as a child of his likeness.




Wrapped “Presents”

Wrapped “Presents”


As the divine consciousness establishes its constructs in the soul, the past-future mindset of the soul is transitioned into a state of present-mindedness. In this, the ill effects of the past created by the false-self end, and the future becomes an infinite space of wrapped “presents”, which enable the soul to fully abide in the present moment. 

False-Self vs Divine-Self

The false-self grows out of the self-determined consciousness. Within this consciousness, all the soul’s experiences are dictated by its unreal imaginations. It can’t perceive what is unreal or real, what is false or true. Its judgments are all off. Once unreal imaginations (lies and illusions) are believed and acted upon they create the soul’s reflective reality, which further blinds the soul from the truth.

The false-self is a soul state based on the inherent separation created by the self-determined consciousness that in turn creates the core characteristics of inferiority (whose flip-side is pride), shame, guilt and fear (which drive the false self’s creative processes). Because these are at the soul’s core they affect every choice and decision to some degree, which in turn shapes the soul’s life.

However, along the path of enlightenment, the soul gains truth from the Spirit of Truth. These truths establish the frameworks of the divine-self; like an embryo forming in a womb. In these new frameworks, the soul no longer perceives just a false-self, but now a divine-self. While the false-self operates by the self-determined consciousness, the divine-self operates by the divine consciousness. It’s pure and without blemish, though in its embryonic state it was developed and matured by receiving wisdom from the lessons of the false-self.

End of the False-Self

The false-self ends its reign over reality, and the divine-self begins as the soul gains various transformative understandings. The two overlapping essential constructs that enable the divine self to materialize are 1. realizing that all the soul created in its false-self was based on its imaginations of the unreal, and 2. its need for divine honor that is inherent in divine love.

The false-self and divine-self dynamic is like dreaming. When you are dreaming you are in a different state of consciousness (false self). When you wake (divine self), you know it wasn’t real, but you can learn from your dreams.

As our dreams at night are products of our imagination, so is our false self, thus our entire experiential reality. None of it is truly real. When we begin to awake from this dream by gaining the new frameworks of the divine self, we realize our false self and all the reality it created wasn’t based on truth, but illusions and lies that created our suffering. Thus, the truth can set us free. We realize our divine-self, who the Spirit of Truth has been constructing and revealing to us, is who we truly are. In this, the false-self begins to lose its power over us little by little. As it loses its power, the soul begins to be set free from the bondage it created by its unreal imaginations. However, this awareness in itself isn’t sufficient to free the soul.

Divine Honor

Along with understanding that it has suffered and caused suffering due to its unreal imaginations, the soul needs the inherent quality of divine honor to replace its inferiority.

As the Creator’s divine love enters the soul, inferiority is replaced by divine honor whose flip-side is true humility. By the Creator bestowing honor to the soul, (which is the weaker entity), the creation reaches equilibrium with the Creator, (which is the stronger). In this union of frequency, a pure exchange of divine love energy can occur. In receiving honor, the weaker entity returns honor to the stronger. Without this honor at the root, the soul can be aware that it is governed by lies and illusions, but it remains powerless to truly live in the truth until a substantive honor is received.

Like divine love, this honor is received into creation when it is given from one individual soul to another. Though it is the honor of the Creator, it is manifested in creation when it is exchanged between two souls. When the soul unites to the divine consciousness, the soul begins to pour out this love and honor and thus manifest it in its reality. By desiring to give honor to others, the soul is able to receive the divine honor from the Source and give it to others, thus receive it from others. Which is beautiful beyond words.

Future of Wrapped Presents

As the unreal imaginations come to an end, the soul experiences a shift in its perceptions of the future because the ill effects of the past are no longer in play.

When the soul is governed by the divine consciousness (the will of God), the future appears as an infinite bright white light full of infinite divine possibilities, and yet at the same time it appears as a vast unknown. If you look at a future with unwrapped presents, it looks full and desirable because you know what to look for. If you look into the future of wrapped presents, it looks like endless white space. So, unlike the predictive, controlled and planned outlook of the self-will, when in the will of God, the soul experiences a wide open space where anything could happen.

Initially when the soul begins to shift in this perspective, it experiences a certain doubt of what will happen. It’s like a butterfly taking flight for the first time. It’s a bit unsettling and exciting at the same time. But as each moment continues to unfold in growing beauty and harmony this questioning ends and the wonderment and excitement and of a child take its place. When the will of God is in control and the self-will isn’t, the soul never knows what a moment will bring.

So instead of the soul trying to control, it resides in a place of fluidity and trust. Trust is essential to be able to start operating in this new way. Yet, the soul is perfectly prepared as this level of trust was developed on its path of enlightenment. In trust, the soul rides the winds of the moment, as the sovereign will of God manifests through its seven soul elements. Though the soul doesn’t know what the future holds or how its desires will manifest, it knows who is in control and finds peace in this divine governance. Thus it enters its rest in the present moment with a beautiful child-like trust that honors the Creator above all.



Empowering the Soul

Empowering the Soul

To Create Divine Present Moments


Divine love empowers the soul to create a desirable reality.

Though the Spirit of the Creator enters creation in a singular present moment in a flash of divine light, in this moment the divine consciousness is established as a part of creation. The flash of light is the reflection that is created in reality when the divine consciousness unites to the core of the soul; the origin of all creation. Once established, it spreads to fill all in all, so that every present moment and all it contains becomes governed by the divine consciousness. Every moment builds harmoniously upon the next so that creation transforms into a divine reflection. So where the reflection of the Creator begins as a flash of light, it comes to fill all in all, so that everything, animate and inanimate, bears his likeness.

Each moment created through the soul by the divine consciousness creates a divine present moment. And in the Spirit of Oneness, all present moments are harmoniously linked together to create the eternal divine present moment – total oneness.

Empowering the Soul

This entrance of the divine light into creation transforms the soul into the following three elements: 1. to be present-minded, 2. possess the intention to divinely love all always, and 3. perceive all by the light of truth and divine love. When the soul abides in these three elements then it’s empowered to create desirable divine present moments, thus a desirable future.

1. Present-Mindedness

As the soul’s consciousness shifts to a divine consciousness it begins to function in a state of present-mindedness, which keeps the soul in the present moment and not a past-future mindset. Present-mindedness is the time and space where the soul connects and unites to the Spirit of God, where the vibration of his divine love energy exists, and it’s a state of fearlessness. Thus, from this space the divine love of God flows through the soul and manifests a reality that reflects this love.

Within this space, the soul begins to enter its rest. It’s now a conduit and no longer the creator. It isn’t in control, but the Creator governs the soul from the soul’s point of origin, so that the soul maintains a sense of “freewill”, thus the ability to love. In this, the soul rests in a state of TRUST knowing all its decisions are perfect because of the ubiquitous perfect orchestration of the divine consciousness. This understanding removes many layers of fear, which enable the soul to create divine present moments.

As the soul unites to the Spirit of God in this time and space, its vibration synchronizes with the vibration of the divine love energy. When the soul is functioning in this frequency, its only emotional response is within the array of divine love. Again, absent of fear, shame, guilt, and inferiority (all core creators of a lower vibration), the soul is able to create harmonious and desirable present moments.

2. Intentions of Divine Love 

In divine love, the soul desires to sincerely divinely love all; always. In this, it possesses an eternally open heart. Every encounter, action and thought manifests divine love energy. And, the divine love flowing from the soul creates a reality free of fear, thus free from harm.

Divine love empowers and protects the soul. It empowers the soul to always create a desirable present moment, thus protecting the soul from undesirable ones. If the soul possesses fear, then the reality manifests harm. If the soul possesses love, then the reality manifests harmony. Present moments layered in harmony are what the divine consciousness produces from the soul outward as the spark of divine light transforms the soul.

In divine love, the soul’s relationship is invaluable to the Creator, and equally so is its relationships with others through whom his love is manifested in creation. The soul’s intentions to divinely love others enable the Creator’s love to manifest in creation, by his grace. In oneness, the soul is a conduit of the Creator’s love. The soul can’t self-contain one drop of his love. It can only be a channel for it to abundantly flow through. Thus, divine love manifests when it resides in the infinite space between two individual souls, which unites them in oneness. Both the soul’s connection to the Creator and to others are necessary for divine love to exist in creation, so one can’t exist without the other. This dynamic is how what is eternally One is able to manifest love, which takes two, yet still remain one.

3. Divine Light

As the divine consciousness begins to take over the soul, the soul begins to perceive all in the light. In the light, the soul perceives all in love and truth. The soul connects to the divine seed in every other soul and the infinite value of every aspect of creation. From this perspective, all the soul’s responses and decisions flow from its Source.

In the light, there is no more blindness. Blindness comes from not being able to “connect the dots”; to see the oneness in all things thus their relation and impact on one another. This darkness leads to a myriad of ill judgments and error. The lucidity of vision created by the divine consciousness enables the soul to act in wisdom and thus make the right responses and decisions.

In the light, the soul resides in transparency. The soul lives in honesty and integrity with every intention driven by divine love. It feels no fear, shame, guilt, or inferiority, which causes it to withdraw into the darkness. Instead, it stands in freedom in the light, and in liberty in its individuality.

Understanding these conceptual frameworks of divinity is the forerunner to receiving the divine consciousness. Meditating on these truths is part of the process of the transformative shift into the divine consciousness. What priceless gems they are to the soul.


Windows to the Great “I AM”

Windows to the Great “I AM”


What we give reflects who we are. Who we are defines our reality.

In oneness, we give infinite value to all living things, thus we experience inherent infinite value.

In oneness, we unceasingly give divine love to all living creations, thus we experience endless divine love.

One for All, All for One

The collective human soul functions as a unit. Even in the multitude of expressions of separation created by the self-determined consciousness, there is a chord connecting our own and every soul, mind, body, spirit, and reflective reality. (This connectedness is why each of these components is an excellent teacher for our soul development.) This thread that connects all our being, and connects us to one another and all of creation is the Spirit of God who dwells in our present moments. In the present moment, His Spirit simultaneously resides in each of our realities closer to us than our own breath. From this space and time dimension he works all together for the highest good.

One in Separation

Like a night dream, intertwining this present moment of perfection is our self-determined consciousness that functions in the past-future mindset, which is dimensionally different than the present. In this space and time resides the disharmony created by the self-directed consciousness. As with all things spiritual, in this understanding there is the paradox of disharmony within harmony, separation within oneness, chaos within definitive purpose, and the unreal within the real.

Everything is connected and affects everything else. When we see this reality as it truly is, as energy and not static forms, this becomes much more apparent. Every nuance of our being impacts everything else. So, your very existence makes a huge difference. You are infinitely significant in your purpose and position whether you realize it or not and whether you intend to be or not.

Though we live in a separatist mentality created by the self-determined consciousness, we are all in a disharmonious state together. If one suffers we all suffer, thus, the significance of one. Matthew 18:12-14 As we help alleviate other’s suffering, we alleviate our own. Think of it this way, what you do for one, you do for all. What you do for all, you do for one. As we move toward alignment to the divine consciousness, our thoughts begin to take on these perspectives.

One in Oneness

In oneness, we are all in a harmonious state together. In this divine mindset, we think in oneness according to the functioning of the divine consciousness. Thus, we perceive the connectedness of all things and no longer see separation in anything. This perspective has a huge impact on how we respond to everything.

So if one possesses the substance of divine love energy, we all do. And our individual oneness with the Spirit of God is manifested when all of creation is one in him. This connectedness is why we each have a significant impact on each other and on the collective whole; an impact the self-determined consciousness blinds us to.


Each one us is infinitely valuable to our Creator and the collective whole. In oneness, we each experience a particular unique expression of the Spirit of God that only we can express. It’s what makes us totally distinctive, special, irreplaceable and yet one with the collective whole that is governed by the Spirit of God.

In this, each soul feels most honored, special, adored and the apple of the Creator’s eye. Every soul has this experience of his divine love and thus gives this depth of love to all others. What varies is our role in the harmonic whole and our unique expression of the Spirit of God flowing through our individuality crafted by his divine will operating within us.

The divine truth is every living creation is equally valuable. When we possess this mindset, we also hold no comparative judgments, self-exaltation, arrogance, haughtiness, jealousy, envy, inferiority, or ego, which are all derivative of the separatist mindset. All souls are divinely cherished in their purpose and position.

When we perceive these truths in lucidity so that they are our truths, we begin to see the nondiscriminatory worth of each soul. Then, we truly begin to perceive our personal infinite value. If we don’t see it in others, we can’t truly perceive it in ourselves.

Moving into Oneness

Thus from this understanding, prior to the receipt of divine love in our soul, it’s our soul’s desire to give this divine love and value to every living creation. The flip side is we desire for suffering to end for all, no matter their current condition. For the soul who knows this love knows this love, and only this love, can bring every soul to wholeness, righteousness, and a continual expansion of perfection and harmony.

Every soul will be consumed in the fire of divine love that burns away all fear, shame, suffering, pain, heartache, and discomfort. There is nothing more powerful than the divine love of our Creator. It’s what transforms us into his likeness.

A New Name

But by the grace of God, I am what I am.” 1 Corin 15:10

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And He said, “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” Exodus 3:14

In oneness, our name reflects our Creator’s name; thus I am I AM. He is our reflection and we are his.

A name reflects who we are. In oneness, the soul takes on the reflection of the Creator. We’re like a window into his divinity or a mirror of a unique array of his creativity and artistry. We gain a new name in our united oneness, because we are of a new reflection; a reflection of the Creator and no longer our erroneous self-determination. Thus, we are what we are by his grace, and the great I AM defines us.

I AM includes everything, and is limited by nothing. For eternity the soul is ever expanding in its likeness to the Creator, thus this name I AM includes all these endless possibilities and potentials. It’s timeless, limitless, and beautiful in what it communicates. This name reflects the unique and individual expression of each soul of their particular set of divine potentials of the Creator, as well as their unity with all of creation.

So when others gaze upon our soul, they see a distinctive expression of the Creator’s spirit that only our soul expresses, and all together we reflect the vastness of the Creator to one another. It’s the most incredible marriage of individuality and unity.

May all who gaze upon you see true, pure and divine beauty. (If they can see this beauty in you, then it is in them for you are their reflection in their reality.)