Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Divine Grace

As you decree it, so it is.

All the discordant energy you perceive, inwardly and outwardly, is a reflection of your soul’s cumulative past memory. It is a projection of your old, faulty thought-system and its corresponding reality. The time has come to transmute this energy through the loving Hand of Mother-Father God, Divine Grace.

Letting Go and Taking Hold

Divine Desire, which is the desire to love perfectly by holding only loving thoughts, is the bridge between timelessness and time. Between heaven and earth. Divine Desire is the portal between being human and being divine.

The desire to offer up your past baggage, the thought-system of relative truth and even your own personality, into the Holy Flame, is the origin of your true I Am Presence. The Holy Flame rests at the heart center of your light body, which reflects Mother-Father God and their Oneness in Spherical Time.

As you desire to release all into the Light of Truth, Divine Grace responds:

I give you abundant joy, in the midst of the fire. I keep you focused on your Sacred Heart’s Light Body (the Christ) by continually bringing to remembrance Divine Love’s Presence expanding within you. I bring to mind the words Life, those needed to create the understanding of Light sufficient to dissolve your lingering clouds fear and doubt. I never leave your side.

Upon hearing Divine Grace, you respond:

I open my Eye to Truth’s Brilliant Light, never to be deceived by what I feel or what I see.

I open my Heart to your abundant joy in the midst of the fire, to know joy and to give it.

I open my Mind to the words of Life, that free me from shadows of my own creation.

I open my Soul, that your Lifestream may flow through me and abundantly to ALL.

I open my Body to your timeless perfection, a perfect power beyond all force, able to transform all of Reality.

I open my Eye, Heart, Mind, Soul and Body, that together they may become a Living Gate for your Living Water. In the opening created through oneness, Truth’s Lifestream, Divine Love’s perfecting energy, spherically ripples out to all.

I rejoice in the abundance of your gifts, that I may give abundantly to ALL.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

I Am the Awakening Soul.


Light Body Activation

These are the transformative days of salvation’s evolutionary movement. The Intelligent Awareness entering into creation by this Light body activation, will consume all you are presently aware of.

In my well-documented, 27 year spiritual journey, I’ve never received such depth and clarity of Vision with just as deep understanding and revelation, and I have never received it so quickly. Energy is shifting in the cosmos. Time is speeding up. Cause and effect are closing in upon each other.

Since my last post, I’ve gained great riches from Truth’s ever-expanding awareness. It has resulted in a very deep alignment between the soul’s awareness of timelessness and time. These treasures stored in heaven, from which their bounty unceasingly flows to all, manifests the soul as a Living Gate between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and Time, manifesting Spherical Time. This connection is transfiguring physical forms so that they reflect the Light of Truth’s Perfection. It is the resurrection, which is the transfiguration of our current body to reflect its true Light Body.

Light Body Activation

As the soul’s awareness of Absolute Truth penetrates time, which is the reflection of its Spherical Self, it alters the atomic structure of all matter. For Absolute Truth to be outwardly reflected, the soul’s comprehensive body (spirit, mental, emotional and physical body) has to be able to extend energetic waves of a sustained higher vibration. This frequency manifests divine potentials that reflect Divine Love’s Presence in the experience of time, creating an ever-expanding Kingdom of Immutable Peace.

The awareness reflected in these 12 pairs of posts (each separated by about 7 years), reflects the activation of 12 Light Patterns that function like energetic DNA encoding. When activated, 12 Solar Rays of Living Light illuminate our Light Body’s full expression through the experience of Spherical Time. The harmonious balance of our Self-awareness aligns our etheric, astral, mental, and physical bodies with Intelligent Awareness. The first post in each pairing is from a series of twelve that I wrote seven years ago, called Mysteries Revealed. The second post in each pairing comes from a recent series called the 12 Gifts of Christmas. Together they form a summary of the information that ignites a particular Light Pattern of our Light Body.

I am currently on Day 5, so that Day 12-13 ends on April 8-9. This exercise has been so impactful I wanted to share them even before I was finished. As I proceed through each day, I will add what each Light Pattern is activating, signified by the palm branches: 🌱.

If you feel the call to join me, welcome. There is nothing more powerful that you could be doing right now than activating your Light Body, and yes it is amazing me that I am writing these words, for they appear to me as living light. As these twelve layers of understanding converge to form a 12-fold Light Pattern, their cumulative energy transfigures the outer appearance of space-time.

“Let there be Light”, and now the Light expresses True Life through the Light Being.

The 12 Light Patterns of Truth’s Light


🌱 Connection to Ascended Consciousness of Light 🌱

Muddy Puddles

Vision of Light


🌱The Soul’s Comprehensive Loving Awareness Activated. 🌱

Reflective Realities

Eye of Perfection


🌱 The Fulfillment of Divine Desire🌱

Light Catchers



🌱Divine Oneness Between Every Light Being 🌱

Prismatic Souls

The Call


🌱Harmonizing Light’s Frequency 🌱

Our Link to Divinity

Returning to the Light


🌱 The Eternal Spring of Life-Giving Energy🌱

A Divine Human Soul

Children of Light


🌱 Ever-Expanding Sphere of Divine Love’s Light🌱

The Soul’s Expressive Elements

The Shining Garments


🌱The Sacred Soulmates Perfect Power 🌱

Into Our Father’s House

The Sacred Soulmate


🌱 Eternally Emerging Perfect Present Moment🌱

The Portal of Divine Desire

Age of Divine Emergence


🌱 Living Planetary Grid of Eternal Ascension🌱

The First Parents

Quantum Leap


🌱 Harmonizing the Present Moment🌱

Arise and Shine

All is One


🌱Living Light Body 🌱

Thy Light Has Come

The Perfect Gift


🌱🌱Galatic Embrace🌱🌱

Living Light

Divine Love Mediation