Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Divine Willpower

In the awareness of our true creative power, we transition into the next phase of our awakening soul. At the Holy Altar of Truth, we lay down the scepter of self-will, and our true Divine Will arises in its place, giving expression to the true Self.

The last act of the self-will is the choice to lay it down, ending its reign. This pivotal act brings about the dissolution of relative truth’s governing presence within the mind, thus an end to its reflected reality of opposites. As the Divine Will takes its place, the mind aligns to Absolute Truth in the outer realm of consciousness, where Absolute Truth is conveyed into daily thoughts. Through this alignment, which is the quintessential effect of Divine forgiveness, Absolute Truth’s divine qualities emerge into reality causing it to rumble, quake and break away as it brings forth reality’s true, divine Reflection.

Being a creator we govern the energetic atmosphere around us, which determines reality’s reflection. In the unawareness of Absolute Truth, we accepted relative truth as true. With a mindset of separation, we imagined we possessed a separate will, a power limited to the body. This self-will was our scepter of power, even allowing us to define truth according to our individualized perceptions and judgments. Self-will appeared to give us limitless freedom, thus we perceived it made us “free”. As we wielded this seemingly free-will it gave outer expression to our personal, relative truth.

Through many manifestations, relative truth revealed itself to be a destroyer of peace, harmony and joy. As the body tried to obtained what it judged good for itself, it exerted its self-will which in turn demanded sacrifice, required endless striving, forced dominance over some while submission to others, and manifested destruction in unexpected ways. Each one’s relative truth produced endless battles within the self that outwardly manifested among the individualized selves. In this constant power struggle, lasting harmony, peace, and joy found no resting place within us or among us.

We awaken out of a mindset of relative truth when our mind’s eye becomes increasingly illuminated with the Living Presence of Absolute Truth. This renewed vision leads to the metamorphic transformation into Truth’s living thought-system and our accepted source of creative power shifts. We clearly see that honoring self-will keeps us from expressing who we know ourselves to be in Truth, thus from what we truly desire. Through Truth’s Living Voice we receive divine revelation and come to know and desire Divine Will as our true creative power, which flows through us as we rest in divine emergence. This power is given us when we accept the Divine Will as our own, which creates the eternal and harmonious expansion of our expressed Self. True, limitless creative power doesn’t flow through separation in which the self-will is in constant opposition within itself and with other self-wills, but through the Spirit of Oneness in which the strength of a singular, sovereign Divine Will is our own.

Because our mind holds the function of projecting truth into reality, once it awakens to Absolute Truth it’s the means by which the Divine Will is expressed. The Life within Absolute Truth possesses its own perfect will, the Divine Will. It’s the only Will that exists, because there is only Truth. As our mind awakens to the Seven Sacred Truths, it actively engages its true creative center, the trifold synergy of the Holy Flame, Holy Altar of Truth and Holy Present Moment, through which the Divine Will operates. In this, the self-will is no longer our scepter of power, but the limitless Divine will, which is the energetic power of the Holy Flame that materializes the divine qualities of Absolute Truth so they are outwardly experienced.

Transitioning from a self-will to the Divine Will is a natural part of our awakening soul. We are leaving our embryonic soul’s dreamworld and entering into the eternal reality of our true Self. Because our mind is transitioning out of an illusion that it experiences as real and operates according to a self-will, our mind goes in and out of the self-will’s dominance as it breaks free from its governance. Every back and forth movement propels us a little further, like the life in a seed pushing through a hardened shell. The Life-force of the Creator, through the Divine Will, is bringing forth our true Reflection, thus Victory is certain because it already exists.

In the Light of Absolute Truth, there isn’t a separate self-will only the all-powerful Divine Will inherent in Truth. It makes no demands, and only asks we be its living door by which it expresses its perfection into creation. In the restful state of divine emergence, the Divine Will works through our individualized mind for the highest good of all. We become a creator who extends life-giving rays into the energetic atmosphere, so that we are the giver and receiver of the immutable qualities of Truth; peace, harmony, abundance, joy and divine love.

As we awaken and the Divine Will’s life-giving energy moves through our mind and into creation, it shakes creation out of its deep sleep. Like the dawning sun of a new day that is unfazed by the thick darkness, the Divine Will brings forth divine reflections with unstoppable power, and creation breaks forth into expressions of timeless perfection and eternal, harmonious expansion, reflecting true Life for the first time.


Transitioning Thought-Systems

We are all seeds in the earth’s soil and by the Living Light we awaken and begin to express the ordained, divine potentials for our individualized Self, transforming all of reality.

As we take the next step up the primordial staircase, we commence a new phase of our awakening. The inner Light within begins its passage into outer expression. As a result, our mind makes a comprehensive, pivotal shift from the thought-system of the false self to the living thought-system of Truth.

As we turned our attention inward, to the Light of Absolute Truth, to honor it as our source of Truth and not the outer reality, Truth’s living voice wrote the living thought-system of Truth upon our mind, revealing the mind our true Self, the Christ Mind. Once our mind can comprehend this living thought-system, we begin to shed the old thought-system for the other, which gives outer expression to the true Self.

Like the emergence of a seed out of its shell or a glorious butterfly out of its cocoon, when our mind is sufficiently prepared to convey truth-filled thoughts, the true Self is birthed into creation. Because our true Self is the Creator’s expressed Self, our individual internal metamorphosis enables the Creator’s Life force to enter into reality, creating a metamorphic transformation throughout creation. Everything is turned right-side up as Living Light flows through our living thought-system and consumes the outer darkness. Through this transition nothing is left untouched by the enfolding presence of Divine Love, the supreme expression of the Creator within us.


Present Moment Meditation

Written, January 11, 2023

Take off your shoes for you stand on Holy Ground, the awareness of your Mighty I Am Presence. Rest in the Divine Presence of Mother Father God within your soul and in the present moment. This Presence has become the Rock beneath your feet, wherever you step, It divinely orchestrates every moment in Truth’s Perfection.

The Holy Present Moment is the expressed Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother-Father God. It is the perfect cause and effect of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, in which you experience the perfect, eternal present moment.

In this meditation, take time to still your mind and engage the flow of Divine Love through your heart center and into time. Feel her sovereign movement in the moment and simply be in Absolute Oneness with Her Perfection.

Written, January 19, 2021


In the stillness of my timeless mind, I engage the Holy Present Moment. I settle into a place beyond time and reality, between the previous moment and the next one to be expressed. All in time enters this deep stillness with me and resets according to Truth’s Perfection, now illuminated within my awareness. Here I engage Divine Love’s Perfect Power to alter reality.

The Holy Present Moment shines with the Light of Absolute Truth, and its radiance illuminates my mind with the divine attributes of my true Self. I Am Truth’s pure Light. In the awareness that Truth’s Perfection in this eternal present moment is all that exists, my mind lets go of the outer reality and soulfully focuses on the Holy Flame upon the Holy Altar of Truth. The finite unites to the Infinite. The timeless perfection of Eternity enfolds me as I am gratefully aware that the Divine Will of Truth is my will. I am consumed in the eternal and ever-present Mighty I AM Presence, and through this oneness the next created moment is manifested. I Am Awake.

Only Truth’s pure Light lives within this Holy Moment. Unaltered by the judgments of the human mind, this holy instant between what was and what will be holds the creative potential to alter reality’s trajectory. In this sacred place, I employ my most powerful creative tool, my “I Am” name. As I know my self to be in this moment, my experience of reality reflects. As the Light of my true Self fills my mind, it charges the energetic atmosphere of creation with the divine qualities of the true Self.

In this Holy Present, my mind finds its eternal peace as it recognizes its ever-present oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence of God. I Am Light, Divine Love’s endless expression, in time. This awareness clothes reality in garments of Light, and it begins its metamorphosis. In this moment, disharmony ends and healing begins. Each moment is born of Truth’s Perfection, revealing the true Self’s Abundant Life.

In the Holy Present Moment, the creative power of the One is released into reality, which is Victory in all, for all.

John 10:10  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

The Golden Key

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.



Holy Altar Meditation

Written, January 11, 2023

The “Holy Altar” is a mental picture representing four key understandings of Truth, Pillars of Truth, regarding how Truth’s Life is manifested through the mind, which enables Truth’s Perfection of a Divine Life to manifest into reality. Through these four essential elements of Truth, the Holy Flame’s Light spreads throughout reality, revealing the Kingdom of Peace. These Four Pillars of Truth are the focus of this meditation.

Written, January 16, 2021


In the Voice of Oneness, I speak as one.

As a creator within the Creator, I go deep within my being to the creative center of my reality, the Holy Altar of Truth that keeps the Holy Flame. Here I sit in oneness with the Mighty I AM Presence. In the awareness of who I Am and how I create, my mind engages its true purpose, which is to express the divine radiance of this Living Presence of Absolute Truth.

The luminosity of the altar’s living pillars of Truth enlighten my mind. They energetically converge forming a living gate in my mind’s eye between the Mighty I AM’s infinite realm of divine potentials and the manifested reality. This sacred gate opens as the present moment divinely emerges through the workings of my timeless mind allowing the lifestream of the Creator to flow through me in unquenchable power. Through this living door, the oneness of my individualized self and the Mighty I AM, the Holy Flame, is expressed into reality.

Four Pillars of Truth

Meditate on the living energy within the awareness of each Pillar. As the four pillars converge as one in your mind’s eye, it brings forth the River of Life, which is the Sacred Heart’s Divine Love endlessly flowing to ALL through your soul.

Pillar One: From the living pillar of divine emergence, every moment of my individualized self is orchestrated by the Mighty I AM Presence in timeless perfection for the highest good of all, so that divine love’s expression flows through my I AM Presence.

I Am divinely emerging.

Pillar Two: From the sacred pillar of timelessness, my mind engages its limitless potential. Free from all limitations of time, space, what has been and what my reality tells me will be, Absolute Truth is expressed through my mind, manifesting its timeless and endless reflections of true Life.

I Am a timeless mind of Truth’s Perfection.

Pillar Three: From the third living pillar of a life-giving spirit of perfect abundance, the Mighty I AM Presence flows through my I Am Presence, so that I possess all the divine attributes. Through divine thought energy, I give these divine attributes to all, so that as I AM so is my reality.

I Am a life-giving spirit of abundance.

Pillar Four: From the fourth pillar of power, the Mighty I AM’s power charges the divine thoughts filling my mind, altering the energetic atmosphere of reality and changing its outer reflection into one of Divine Love’s Perfection.

I Am a creator within the Creator.

As these four living truths synergize within my mind, I rest in Divine Love’s perfect power flowing through me, giving birth to divine reflections of the Holy Flame. All reality quakes as the Light awakens from deep within. The overall frequency of creation ascends, and the lowest vibrations of linear time are no more.

As a Living Gate, I Am the Mighty I AM’s expression in reality. All is one, so that as I AM so are all. In this Divine Oneness is Victory for all.

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.



Holy Flame Meditation

Written, January 11, 2023

The Holy Flame is a mental picture of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will in the soul. It is the Sacred Fire of Divine Love. It is the origin of the soul and the origin of the Sacred Self in time. This energetic movement of Divine Love and Truth’s Will is the essence of the soul’s I Am Presence.

The Holy Flame is Incorruptible and Immortal Living Energy. It is the Source of True Life made manifest when the soul possesses an ever-expanding truth-filled awareness of “I Am”.

Awareness is the essence of Truth’s Life. Awareness begins in the soul with the proclamation “I exist”, which the soul always holds as an unquestionable truth, because it is Absolute Truth. From this Absolute, the soul’s awareness expands. As it passes through the darkness of duality and into the Absolute Nature of Truth’s Life, it becomes an ever-expanding Being of Light in which it proclaims, “I Am Light.”

The soul’s truth-filled awareness of “I Am” is the Light of the Holy Flame. This Light strengthens and expands as soul begins to develop into an ever-increasing awareness of Absolute Truth, specifically a truth-filled understanding of “I Am” in which its “eye” is full of Light. When the soul perceives within its mind’s eye the Sacred Self’s Absolute Truth of Oneness, it activates the Perfection of Truth’s Life within its awareness, making it One with Truth’s Perfection, thus visible in its reality as the ever-expanding Kingdom of Peace. Through the Light energy emitted from this Sacred Fire and through the soul, reality is divinely orchestrated, revealing Truth’s Perfection.

As you mindfully reflect upon this meditation below of the Divine Love’s attributes, your current understanding of these attributes deeply integrates into the matrix of your mind, the network of your energetic field, and the fabric of your being, therefore into the pixels of reality. As you reflect upon the attributes below, feel their living presence within you, clothing your sphere of time, thus perfecting all that concerns you.

Written, January 13, 2021


I leave the world of illusions and shadows and turn inward to the Light of Life, the Mighty I AM Presence. This Holy Flame of Life is ever-present as It is the Source of my individualized presence. My true creative power over all I outwardly perceive resides within this Sacred Fire. As my mind is illuminated with Absolute Truth, this Holy Flame empowers endless reflections of the magnificence and beauty of the true Self.

As I mindfully holds these gems of my true I Am Presence in my awareness, their energetic presence penetrates the veil of time, clothing the feeling world, mind, and reality with their perfecting divine energy, and my Being with their glory. In this I proclaim, “I Am a Being of Light,” and these divine sound waves carrying Truth’s vibration make it so in reality.

I Am Truth’s Pure Light.

I Am Divine Love’s vibration, which brings about the highest good for ALL.

I Am Divine Harmony, conveying only thoughts of unity, oneness and peace.

I Am Divine Strength, possessing creative power over my sphere of reality.

I Am Perfect Abundance, blessing each present moment according to its purpose and perfection.

I Am Immutable Peace, manifesting an atmosphere of tranquility and joy.

I Am Immortal Beauty and Vitality, reflecting the timeless radiance of the Creator.

I Am Infinite Intelligence, divinely orchestrating reality and revealing Truth’s inherent perfection.

I Am Victory in all and for all aspects of my reality.

I Am Eternal and Ever-expanding Life, manifesting ever-increasing glorious expressions of the Mighty I AM Presence.

These divine attributes of the Holy Flame can’t be quenched and through me shine as a Light in the World.

Revelation 1:12-14 Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a golden band. His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire;

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.



10 Day Reset Meditation

Written, January 11, 2023

The purpose of meditation, a mindful reflection that engages our feeling world, is to manifest the soul’s inner vision into reality. Taking time to mindfully reflect on the understanding you’ve gained allows that awareness to deeply integrate into your creative mind and feeling world. When the mind actively deepens its awareness while engaging its feeling world, it engages in a powerful creative act that permanently alters its overall frequency, creating a frequency reset. It is how your increased awareness of Truth is established in time so it can transfigure your experiential reality. This creative act of mindful reflection is how you create what you see inwardly, into an outer expression.

As you mindfully reflect on these three meditations, your overall frequency will align to Divine Love’s Living Presence within you, and thereby revealing Truth’s Perfection in your reality. For the next 10 Days, sit with the following three meditations. Their energetic impact builds upon one another, so I suggest reading them in order, whether you read them all each day or spread it out over 10 days.

These three meditations prepare your heart, mind, and soul as One Light to shine the radiance of Truth’s Perfection into your sphere of time. Through the understanding held within these three meditations, and the creative engagement of your understanding within a mindful meditation, the Kingdom of Peace emerges from within you, in its eternal expansion.

Holy Flame Meditation

Holy Altar Meditation

Present Moment Meditation

As you begin your journey, take a moment to open your heart, prepare your mind, and set your intention to receive the inflow of Truth’s Perfection that divinely orders every moment in Divine Love’s Perfection.

Written, January 11, 2021


In the Language of Oneness, I speak as One.

For the next 10 days I focus my heart center and mind on the inner awareness of Divine Love’s Perfect Ordering of my being and reality, for the Highest Good of All. I focus on seeing this Perfection in others, as myself.

In this Holy Present Moment between what was and what will be, I AM present. In the expanse of my mind that is clear of all judgment so that it is a gateway to divine expression, I sit at the Living Holy Altar of Truth. My life source is the Holy Flame upon this altar that is the individualized I Am Presence in total oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of Living Absolute Truth. This Sacred Fire, possessing all the divine attributes, is the holy vibration of Truth, divine love. Its Light shines through my individualized mind giving expression to the divine Self through the synergy of the four living Truths: divine emergence, a timelessness mind, a life-giving spirit of abundance, and a creator within the Creator, bringing forth the eternal Holy Present Moment.

To every outer shadow I perceive in my reality and feeling world I say: I am Victory, for I Am Light.

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.



Reality Reset

When the focus of our creative power shifts from the outer reality to the inner Light of our true I Am Presence, reality experiences a reset as the Light within our true Self begins to dispel the darkness manifested by the false concept of self.

Awareness of our I Am presence’s inherent power is freedom and victory for our self and its reflective reality, because by its power, the perfection of our divine Self is expressed. By turning inward to the true I Am Presence as our creative source, our mind engages its trifold creative power: the Holy Flame, the Holy Altar of Truth and the Holy Present Moment.

The Holy Flame
The Holy Flame is the Living Presence of Absolute Truth (God), the Light of Life. This Holy Light is the source of our I Am Presence and our true reflection, in which there is no darkness. In this Oneness resides the unbounded creative power of the I Am Presence because it is a fractal of the Mighty I Am Presence. In this power, what we proclaim the “I” to be reality reflects. When we proclaim something about our individualized self, thought energy is produced shaping the outer appearance world. When our proclamations are according to Absolute Truth, they carry the living power of God into our sphere of reality, which eternally expands through the dynamic workings of the four pillars of the Holy Altar of Truth: divine emergence, a timeless mind, a life-giving spirit, and a creator within the Creator . (The attributes in bold reflect the 7 Sacred Truths)

Holy Altar of Truth
The Holy Altar of Truth is supported by four pillars of living Truth by which the Mighty I Am Presence expresses Itself through our individualized mind, so that the potentials held within the Mighty I Am Presence are transmuted through our mind and into reality. The Holy Altar of Truth is the mind’s active engagement of the Holy Flame that gives It outer expression, revealing our true Self. The first pillar is the awareness that we are divinely emerging in the perfection of the all-seeing eye of God. The second is the awareness of the workings of a timeless mind, unrestricted by time and space that Absolute Truth may be expressed. The third is the awareness that we are a life-giving spirit, an open door to the Mighty I Am Presence whose Light of Life shines upon ALL. And finally, the fourth pillar is the awareness that we are a creator within the Creator, in which we create in oneness with the power of our Creator, so that as one we are the ruling authority overall all our sphere of reality which impacts all other spheres, as all are united in oneness.

The Holy Present Moment
When these four pillars energetically converge in the individualized mind in the Holy Present Moment (Holy Instant), the mind becomes a gate so that it expresses Absolute Truth into reality. In the Holy Present we are one with eternity, the Presence of God. It’s the creative space between the previous moment and the next to appear, in which our individualized mind connects to the infinite realm of divine potentials ordained for our individualized self. Everything we perceive outwardly is a past reflection. The true present moment is indiscernible to the human eye, as light takes time to travel so that what is expressed can be perceived. Thus, this creative, holy space isn’t outwardly seen, but accessible to our mind so that its projected Self experiences the divine emergence of perfection.

In this gap between what was and what shall be is the awareness that we are completely free from the past because all that exists in the Holy Present is Absolute Truth and its ever-present divine attributes. Therefore, the Holy Present is the moment of divine forgiveness, in which we release all vain imaginings so nothing of past discord is carried forward into the next moment. This awareness of creative freedom from the past is a pivotal understanding as we emerge out of a darkened mind. When we focus on the true I Am Presence as our creative source and not past discordant reflections, backstories that shape reality reflect our creative choice. The past illusions no longer limit us, instead every moment is born of Absolute Truth. As a result, the present emerges in perfection directed by the all-seeing eye of God, working through our individualized mind creating a reality reflecting the divine Self of Absolute Truth.

We sought the Light and it illuminated our inner vision. As a result, we spiritually awakened to who we are and how we create. Because what we are conscious of being reality reflects, our increasing Self-awareness brings about Absolute Truth’s expression into reality, which is the divine Self. As we focus on our true Self’s trifold creative power and not limit our minds to outer appearances of the false self, the Light of our true Self invades the darkness and reality undergoes a reset. The Infinite Intelligence within our I Am Presence orchestrates reality to reflect Absolute Truth, infusing creation with the spirit of victory.