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Prismatic Souls


Prismatic Souls

Of Light Catchers 

(Part 4: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Pure desires possess a magnetic quality that attracts divine love.

In this dynamic fusion, the divine love of our Creator is drawn toward and into our soul and becomes a part of our soul. It’s another step in the journey of becoming a divine human soul.

The Prismatic Soul

Our kaleidoscope soul possesses a prism like quality. Initially our prismatic soul is muddled by erroneous desires. A false self-judging consciousness creates desires contrary to divine love and this manifests a soul that is unable to receive and give the divine light, or divine love of God.

The purifying of our desires, which brings them into alignment with the nature of divine love, creates a crystal clear prism, which possesses a refractive quality. Through this refinement of love-fire, our soul is prepared to receive and reflect the incoming light.

Love is a choice. It’s experienced when it is given and received, both voluntary actions. Thus, for us to experience an inflow of divine love, our souls have to fully desire to receive and give this sacred love. When we hunger and thirst for this love, we go through an intense preparation period that refines and aligns all our desires and longings in accordance to this love. After the dust has settled, we realize we’ve come to soul state of sincerely and utterly desiring with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength the divine love of God.

The Divine Light

God, as the Creator, is always beyond creation. As we express ourselves through the things we create, he expresses himself through his creations. How we experience God, who is always beyond creation, is how he chooses to manifest himself through creation. And for God, who is love, he creates a synergistic expression with and through our soul, an entity created to exude love. In this fusion, he expresses his infinite and limitless love through the innumerable and vast individualized expressions of divine human souls; Jesus Christ is an expression of this divine human soul.

In his essence, God is like a pure white light. His light consists of the harmonious unison of the characteristics of divine love. This pure white light holds limitless potentialities of expressions of divine love, unborn expressions of truth. Through the construction of our prismatic soul, which is able to receive and give his light and manifest these potentials, he is able to express himself in creation, as well as be an intimate and governing part of creation. It’s absolutely beautiful, complete, and perfect. This union is our salvation. Our divine human soul gives his light a venue for expression. And, when we are a part of him (receiving and giving his divine love) is when we truly know him. All the false images fade away and we experience the reality of his love, we love him in return, and we become a conduit of his love to others.

The Manifestation of a Divine Human Soul

Once we’ve come to a consuming desire, our souls are prepared for a synergetic union with his divine consciousness, light, through the law of attraction. Our aligned desires generate a magnetic pull upon the divine love energy of God. A place has been prepared in our soul for his love to find a home within us, because there is no more conflict stemming from contrary desires. Our soul attracts his love, for a dwelling has been made in us in which his divine love can be received, experienced and given, and thus he can be the governing entity of our soul. A match is made in heaven.

As we are pulled by this magnetism through the vortex from this reality of a “dead” soul and into his reality of a “divine” soul, we undergo an incredible transformation, likened to the experience of childbirth. After this incredibly intense transition of our soul that feels like a death and re-birth, His divine love flows into our soul as a pure light. As it unites to our soul, the potentials of divine love manifest through the creative elements of our soul and produce a beautiful array of expressions. A prismatic kaleidoscope divine soul casting a cornucopia of brilliant colors comes forth, a coat of many colors, and God is manifested through his creation. This is why Jesus said, “when you see me, you have seen the Father.” He is a pure prismatic soul reflecting the divine love of God; of which one day we will be too.

In this dynamic, we experience his love as if it was our own. Unlike natural “love” that we currently experience that is generated from our self, divine love flows through us from its Source, God. This channeling effect is how we are able to have divine consciousness, which enables us to give divine love. Divine consciousness (righteousness; which is thinking, speaking and acting in the perfect way for the situation at hand) comes from beyond us and through us, and thus not bound to our limitations. Through this dynamic fusion with our Creator, he is expressed through us and our utmost individuality is expressed.

This rainbow soul exuding divine love from the divine consciousness is the fulfillment of the promise reflected in the story of Noah. This reality isn’t going to end with a flood of bitter waters, but it is to be transformed by a flood of light through our prismatic souls. In this the power of our Creator’s love is experienced and known. And in this metamorphosis all creation is regenerated through immortal harmony created by divine love. And this creates life, everlasting.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

21 thoughts on “Prismatic Souls

  1. We see Jesus laying
    down the law of
    attraction in order to be in
    obedience to His Father.
    We never see Jesus teaching
    attraction for personal benefit,
    but we see him teaching obedience.
    Examine, how speaking with Jesus
    daily can submerge, the idea of
    attraction to self into service for
    a King.
    The coat of many colors was washed
    in the blood of an animal, it’s owner
    sold into slavery, then thrown into
    prison. Through all these circumstances
    the owner of the coat remained obedient
    to the Lord.
    When Joseph was made Prime Minister,
    he told his brethren, all these things
    happened to me, so that I could bring
    you deliverance.
    None of these circumstances were
    revealed to Joseph in his original dream.
    But obedience to the Lord caused him
    to be honored by one greater than
    Cause and effect has to do with
    Obedience has to do with a King.
    Examine, how obedience relates to
    the mystery of reality.

    • In obeying love’s commands to our hearts, its beauty and perfection are revealed to us, then obedience transitions into desire. The ways of divine love are the ways of God, who is love, and his Christ who taught us this higher love. To desire love .. to desire to follow and obey its promptings to our hearts is to desire to want to be in our Father’s likeness and the one who reflected his likeness.

      Wether it is in what I eat, wear, how I present myself, or what I watch or listen to. Whether it is learning how to give this sacred love to my spouse or how I respond to others or myself in a myriad of circumstances, when we obey and follow the commands of love our desire increases for its governance over us.

      As glorious as the ways of love are, following its promptings can be trying, sometimes very trying, as we come up against our fears, insecurities, pride, “rightness” in thinking we know best for ourselves or another. We have to lay all this down and continue to push into love however it leads us. To push with a faith knowing that it isn’t our efforts, but our efforts simply reveal the sincerity of our desire, and know that one day we will bear its likeness, for divine love never fails to deliver its promises. This love is a collection of promises fulfilled. In this process we learn, we can’t give this love without oneness to our Creator, and it is his utmost desire to give us his love.

      • Your words are pure.
        You seek love purely.
        I see one weakness in your
        approach, which manifests in the idea,
        concerning rightness.
        In approaching love through purity
        and through desire, this will never push
        you away from “rightness” in thinking.
        It should bring you closer and closer to
        rightness. Because we are not the authors
        of this rightness we are not in danger of
        seeking wrongly when we proclaim this
        The idea that love will make you personally
        unstable, and unsure, when you proclaim
        what is right or when you are dealing with,
        the terminology that expresses this realm,
        is a danger that comes from seeking to
        see love, sheerly objectively.
        Love is subjective to the Father.
        So when you find His love, you also find
        rightness, and the obedience to proclaim
        that and His authority, is given to proclaim it.
        So this becomes the area of insecurity.
        Do you feel insecure when someone proclaims
        If so, you cannot recognize a servant of God.
        When you become servant, your subjection
        to God, releases you, from this insecurity
        concerning rightness.
        David said, the righteous are bold as Lions.
        So to have faith, you must be bold.
        Bold against those insecure about rightness.
        Here, in the paradigm the Father is trusting you,
        not just you trusting the Father.
        Here, you will have opposition to rightness.
        But the Father knows those who are His.
        So have no insecurity but don’t be insecure,
        This is the difference between love theoretically
        examined, and love allowed to be played out.
        For love to be played out, and not just expected
        to be experienced, it has to be right.
        Right cannot be insecure.

      • umm I’m not sure what you mean exactly … can you express it another way?

      • Rightness is not just
        about God, but it is about
        who we are and what we become
        through Him.
        Therefore, the idea or subject of rightness
        is important in identifying who we are.
        When we understand this, rightness is
        In actuality to understand this means, we
        can communicate rightness through our
        life as a representative.
        We have to trust what, we know, is right.
        Not mistrust, what we know is right.
        The distinction between truth and error,
        is within the spirit, born out by the fact
        that we have a conscience.
        This is how we know right from wrong.

      • the person who hide their self… is deliberately being disparaging, sending confusing messages, filling them with false sincerity and is meant to try and create drama. I know because sadly, I have seen this before, it is sins.

        I’ve read in multiple articles, the characteristics I applied, to his messages. I’ve read that, any method or technique that lowers a person’s energy level or vitality will make the person more susceptible to mind manipulation methods; For example, radiation, sleep deprivation, torture, malnutrition, viruses, chemical toxins, lying and confusing others will all decrease a person’s vitality to a degree.

        brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values”.

        Common methods of influencing a person include:
        1. Discouragement and negativity. Any time that anyone intentionally sets out to disparage, discourage, depress or upset another, it is a form of manipulation and control.

        Lying. This is a form of basic brainwashing that consists of teaching incorrect information to people, as though it is the truth. I have expose good amount of this person logical contradictions, fallacies and lies.

        website info used from: -Lawrence Wilson, MD
        the man is secular, but even him have an idea on demon possession, I only took which I thought was relevant… and true, base on what I have experienced and read.

        Ultimately all this is sins.
        “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16″You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”- Matthew 7:15

        I really want the best for your blog, beloved of the LORD.

      • I wish I could like this comment, I will have to respond to it, so I could come back to it more quickly.

        Hmmmi think I would need a reply though, for it to pop up at the interface.

  2. Let me see if I can help:

    Rachel, there is boldness about standing in God’s righteousness and there is an arrogance in standing in self righteousness. This is the confusion in the above comment. What he is saying is that he sees insecurity in you so you cannot be bold in your standing since you are ” insecure”….in his “subjective sense “therefore he is righteous and you are unrighteous… by “legal” definition… He is saying since you do not recognize “his” righteousness being a servant of God himself, you have feelings of insecurity when in fact your relationship with God has nothing to do with another…yes, including myself. “For we each stand or fall to God, not to another.”

    In my revealing to his contradictory and “subjective” statements I see much confusion even in what “subjectiveness” is in opposition to “objectivity.” He says to seek love objectively is wrong, that God is subjective. God is both objective and subjective because He is truth and cannot lie. We are not to see “subjectively” for that is “our” self righteous views. We are to see “objectively” meaning we are not to see from our own point of a subjective view but His ways. To look at something objectively means to look at it from another view who h is God’s view…again not our subjective you. Wanting to be heard and claiming righteousness by unrighteous means is why you cannot understand rambling, incoherrent sentences.

    Unlike natural “love” that we currently experience that is generated from our self, divine love flows through us from its Source, God.

    He evidently does not understand what we are to be bold about, for boldness is living the word of God and not merely “knowing” some bible verses and claiming this as truth. We stand in love and reject arrogance which some call boldness, as is in the heart of people with legal learning.

    He starts out trying to be nice by using the psychology he so disdains by saying your words are pure and then goes on to contradict himself by going on to say your words are not pure in that you are misdirected. Both statements are directly contradictory as usual.

    He asked you if you feel insecure when someone proclaims rightness and if you feel insecure when “he” approaches you with “his” subjective righteousness. So by your insecurity he “senses” in your articles of sharing you do not recognize that he is a servant of God therefore you cannot see that “he” is righteous and should be listening to him.

    I have been patient with this one as you know for awhile. He takes the religious things of man and attributes them to having righteousness. In revelation such a one takes and preaches in arrogance calling it righteous boldness, judging instead of showing compassion and mercy, finding fault in what others write and say instead of being respectful to others views…showing restraint, called “long suffering ” in scripture. A carnal minded man, being religious in studying the scripture “legally”, takes all the commandments and looks at others and sees fault in others while denying the fault in themselves. This “is” the difference in the righteous and the unrighteous. When we take the weakness of the law and preach it’s righteousness and maintain it as our own “righteousness” instead of seeking the truth which is the ways of Christ and living “in” them we are poor and blind and naked. We need to be clothed with righteousness.

    Remember it say’s the law was not written for the righteous but the unrighteous. So…the law…or knowing the law has nothing to do with righteousness because God pours His righteousness into our very being, thereby not needing to be taught by others…for hHe is within…guiding us into all truth. The foolish of preaching as described in scripture means it is foolish for one person to “have” to tell another how to live…since all they have to do is listen to that “inward” voice and obey it. We don’t need to be taught to not steal, it is in our conciousness not to do so as all other respectful behaviors toward others. When people base “their” righteousness in the law they do understand that as it says in scripture the law is not written to the righteous, but to the unrighteous. Ritualism is doing this and not doing that…love is loving in spite of a other’s belief. We can teach…and preach the word to the unlearned and immature but it does not make us one to follow…we point all to God. When we seek to be recognized as a servant of God, correcting others, we do not approach others with the right attitude, perspective, and love. This recognition is from the one who seeks to sit on the throne of God, claiming to be as God. This is the carnal man pushing God aside and sitting himself up to be one to be looked to and have followers. Paul made it clear we are not to say we are of Paul or Apollos, or even Jesus ( the man Jesus) we are to follow in the ways of Christ meaning the anointing. Lot of difference.

    Many do not understand the difference between the carnal man sitting himself up as God and following the inward spirit of God. We denounce self and denounce desiring the place of God in another’s life. We should tread carefully “supposing” who we are.

    Yes it is confusing but I hope this helps.

  3. And by the way, although you and I do not see eye to eye on every subject and perspective, we do see the importance of respect, compassion, and patience in another while we grow. The respect and forebarence you show in your dialogue with another so far exceeds the righteousness of the Pharisees I continue to find it remarkable. You see that no matter what another believes, you see as I, that we are all a work in progress and when we are all finished we will stand in His likeness. By understanding this we see even in those who throw stones, thinking they are “saving” others we see all as future brothers in Christ. We know their end therefore we have patience with all, even when affronted, we as Paul “boldly” proclaim Christ, denouncing the carnal minded man that thinks religion is righteousness while it is nothing but exterior, ritualistic worship as under the law. We know the difference when we see that our love for the other trumps what another knows, for we know this type of knowledge will vanish and His likeness will remain.

    I see what you are saying and more importantly “HOW” you are saying what you share. No, not 100% factual or in complete agreement to some things I see but while we respect the other in our dialogue, we allow the other to see or not to see that we personally share…and when we do not agree we respect…knowing there is a priority in our relationships with others.

    While I may see fault and differences in our perspectives, I more importantly see the “priority” of respect and love for another in spite of our “present” understanding. We believe, in time, all will come to know the Lord and every knee “will” bow to the ways and will of God.

    So why should we not bless all others along the way, being patience with the perspectives of others? I do understand where your coming from , where you are, and where you are going…so while God is working on us…why should we not allow the work to progress? If we acknowledge we are His workmanship, then we by default acknowledge we have error in our life to be worked on, therefore we should let Him do His work in others without us getting between them. It matters not how much we may disagree, it is however important “how” we disagree. One way is mature and the other is immature. We know the difference.

  4. Food for thought:

    Many think the Old Testament as well as the new are ” history ” lessons about people, places and things in this natural world. To the carnal minded man this is all they are.


    When we begin to leave the realm of the natural and enter the understanding of the spiritual, we come to understand the bible testaments, old and new, and they are not just past tense situations but present day experiences. God wrote the testaments as guides for our spiritual maturing and not simply stories to entertain the carnal mind. The events written in the Old Testament as to persons, places and things all have a spiritual parallel to them. There is a deeper meaning in every chapter and verse, more than what is on the surface. It is love for God and our fellow man that is key to entering into the door (which is Christ) and understand the spiritual side of knowledge. Without a genuine love for God and our fellow man, and their development, we remain in the realm of understanding the Old Testament ( for example) only with carnal reasoning. There is the natural and there is the spiritual. In the natural there are many to stories to be read and many “moral” lessons to be learned however we can be moral and not spiritual.

    If the Old Testament for example is just a history book with facts that one can memorize, quote, argue and debate about with their fellow man, this one is indeed poor and blind and naked to the “truths” of God. This is because things are o my seen with the natural mind and eye. The spiritual, when enlightened, only see the present and all teaching whether old or new as understandings for the present journey. There is only now, the present, this is why it is recorded that “I AM” is not past, present or future for these are natural terms. The “I Am” is always the same and when we are matured we also will be in the same condition as Christ Jesus, our example.

    In summary let us learn that all we have is now, the past is gone, and the future is but a present “now”. We must come to that place in spirit where we have entered in to the “I Am” realm where we just are.

    In the Hebrew Old Testament language there is not a word meaning “history”. Why do you think this is? It is because everything that was written was and is to be understood in the present tense for the person receiving the revelation. It is the revelation of the nature of Christ in our very being, in our hearts…now…that matters. History lessons are for the person who worships God “somewhere else”, in an “exterior” way with words of knowledge only, while the spiritul understands all things recorded and written are for the present development of the soul this no “history” is past tense.

    We then see the Old Testament journeys that are recorde are for our present journey in the spirit. The children of Israel confined to Egypt in the Old Testament represented us, today, of being restricted to the confines of the flesh (which Egypt represented). It does us little good, if any, to understand the story in the natural without understanding the present meaning of being released from our own carnal minded ways of the flesh, our Egypt. We are on a journey to the peomised “land” which is a spiritual place and not a natural one as in the bible. For us to walk in the spirit and love in the spirit we must leave the history lessons and live in the moment, in the presence of God as we now are, and where we now are.

    “Everything” is spiritual and to be spiritually understood. A complete “desire” to love others as one’s own self and to obey God in the present is the key to the Kingdom. We walk in the kingdom when we leave the natural realm of understanding, for neither heaven nor hell is a place off out there somewhere but a place of mind, a presence of having entered in. May we all continue to be matured by the presence of the spirit of God (our personal anointing) in our life today, for we are always in the present.


    • fire is not real, it’s only in your mind
      punishment is not real, it’s only in your mind
      chains are not real, they’re only in your mind
      damnation is not real, it’s only in your mind
      judgment is not real, it’s only in your mind
      quenched is not real, it’s only in your mind
      darkness is not real, it’s only in your mind
      blackness is not real, it’s only in your mind

      under the Earth is not real, it’s only in your mind

      what Jesus said is not real, it’s only in your mind

      God’s word is not real, it’s only in your mind

      History is not real, so why did God give you a mind?

      Your mind did not establish these things.

      God did.

      • He established them in our mind, the “outward” natural is only a picture of the “inward” spirit. All the natural does is explain the spiritual and yes it is all in the mind of God first and He gives us His mind…Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus. Christ got His mind from His Father and by Christ being our pattern and example we also will receive this like mind. God …gives…His likeness and character to us as we grow and obey that He previously has given us.

        Yes everything is spiritual in reality, wirhin and our mind is within and we are instructed to worship in spirit and in truth…not in outward observances and natural knowledge.

      • Christ was crucified on the Cross,
        as an outward observance.

        If the natural explains the spiritual,
        and then you have discounted natural
        these two statements are the antithesis
        of each other.
        Either one is true, or the other.
        They can’t both be true.
        It can’t be an explanation of the spiritual
        and then turn around and be despised.

        Natural knowledge does not discount
        the natural world, nor does it deny it.
        Nor does it deny the spiritual world,
        nor does it supersede mankind,
        because mankind is both in the natural
        world, and in the spiritual world.
        When God speaks to mankind through
        the Holy Spirit, He will not contradict
        the purpose and teaching of Jesus Christ.
        The revelation of Heaven and Hell,
        were spoken by Christ Jesus.
        This revelation came from Jesus Himself,
        not through the Holy Spirit to your mind.
        If your mind disagrees with this, you are
        following a spirit not from God but from

        When you deny this, the Bible says you
        are speaking from natural human reasoning.

        The Father sent Jesus to Earth, to save
        mankind, not in his mind, but to save his
        Spirit from eternal, judgment in Hell.

        John 3:16
        For God so loved the World that he gave
        His only begotten Son, that whosoever
        believeth in Him should not perish,
        but have Everlasting life.

        If perishing were in your mind, Jesus,
        dying on the Cross would never, have
        been involved.
        The Word says He bore our sins,
        in His own body, on the tree.

        That is the Natural World.

  5. We must be able to distinguish between the natural and the spiritual and be able to apply what we have learned, we are born natural and we are raised to the spiritual. We do not stay in the natural realm for it is only a temporary “prison sentence” to learn how to be.

    The following scriptures are some that I based my comments on. These same scriptures contradict your comment. Anon you have no foundation for your much speaking and arguing. Yes, you believe, but you believe in yourself as you do not follow God, or His Word who h in actuality is Christ.


    The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one.



    The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is from heaven. As was the man of dust, so also are those who are of the dust, and as is the man of heaven, so also are those who are of heaven. Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the man of heaven.

    My point exactly, the natural, carnal man as you uphold is what we wish to be rid of, for only then can the spirit rise to the level of worship in the spirit.
    We are subjected to the natural world but not to be of it, we pass through looking for a better place for it says we are to be in the world but not of it.

    Paul said he came not in wisdom of words or with eloquence of speech. He said He preached only Christ and Him crucified. He was not talking about the death on the natural wooden cross but the sacrifice of the carnal man within each of us so that the spiritual Christ likeness may come forth in our very being. It is the cross of His God given spirit “in us” crossing out the natural arguementitive, debating, religious man. When we “live” the spiritual cross we are canceling out the natural realm and we have left the realm of only seeing natural things.

    You say:

    This revelation came from Jesus Himself,
    not through the Holy Spirit to your mind.
    If your mind disagrees with this, you are
    following a spirit not from God but from

    My reply:

    Where do you get this nonsensical rubbish? To come from Jesus Himself it must come through the Holy Spirit for they are one and the same. Are we not instructed to “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”. The mind of Christ “is” the Holy Spirit which was given by God to Him and we are taught we will have the same mind.

    The mind of Satan is confusion, contrary, of little understanding, does not understand the purpose of the natural, then the spiritual, and just plain decent courtesy. And he accuses others of the blindness he is…and so do his followers which claim to know Christ but deny the power do you.

    I pray for you that God will take this blindness from your eyes, that you may see what you need to see so that you may not remain in darkness.

    • Whatever you base your
      comment’s on, and
      whatever you think, and whatever
      you have derived these statements on,
      it would probably be a lot smarter if,
      you would find agreement with Christian
      people, if that’s what path you want to
      follow. God isn’t playing games with you,
      that’s going to run out fast.

      8When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you will surely die,’ and you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require from your hand. 9But if you on your part warn a wicked man to turn from his way and he does not turn from his way, he will die in his iniquity, but you have delivered your life.

      • Which Christian people, the five wise or the five foolish? There are some to agree with and some to disagree with. I look to neither agree with any one nor to be accepted by anyone if it means being accepted by them just for friendship and fellowships sake. This is where the five foolish virgins went wrong thinking they would be heard and accepted (by others) for their much speaking. Looking for human and carnal support amongst the religious masses will get you in a group of like minds but not necessarily like minds with Christ. When one understands they are to have a direct relationship with God through Christ regardless of what others may think “Christian” or otherwise they do walk the straight and narrow Coe they are not swayed by what others say and do. They will grow in God’s likeness for they have sacrificed fleshly support, having forsaken the need for having others to agree like and with themselves

        Paul was ridiculed by many of the religious folk of the day in the church and many out of the church which were religious Pharisees. The religion he left was responsible for his demise, but never the less He followed the voice of Christ to the end of his natural life.

        It is evident you do not understand my teaching and understanding and this is ok because our callings are different. However one should not be disrespectful just because they do not understand another. People who put their faith in the natural word only have a problem with seeing things spiritually and this is ok also. Some are ignorant of God’s spiritual ways And understanding and this is where we differ. I do not have a problem with what another believes as I have said many times. What I know is wrong is an attitude of one having beliefs and therefore judges all others by their own beliefs. They show little if any respect based on a very narrow view of who and what God is about. They do not understand that God’s purpose is to bring all to a completeness and likeness of Himself. He is forgiving of our mistakes to this carnal end of ourselves until He has formed Himself in ourselves. He corrects us in His mercy without end until we come to Him in completeness.

        When we see His love and mercy for all of His creation and understand that His plan was complete before anything was made and anyone had been born we see His plan complete and in the past tense we will have seen that every knee did bow to His will as His predetermined plan intended.

        God opens our mind and He closes our mind according to His purpose for us as individuals. We do not all have the same calling therefore we are not given the same understanding. We may all have knowledge of the natural in the Old Testament but not all understand the spiritual meaning of the law. God makes it clear it is not for all to understand for one is given according to His will.

        God is merciful, kind and understanding to all, whether they undedstand the deeper things of God or not, so we also must in His likeness learn to take on this same mind and spirit. We must leave the realm of the carnal and enter the mind of the spiritual man…then we understand greater things. This comes by a love and respect for all as much is possible.

  6. And I am asking you to turn from your disrespectful and “wicked” way as you are alluding to me in your comment above. You tread on dangerous ground.

  7. Rachel,
    I have more of a question than comment. In googling to see if anyone has experienced a phenomenon that happened to me, I came across your blog. In this article you talk about the crystal clear prism and prismatic soul. I believe myself to be on a twin flame/ascension spiritual journey. Last year I met a man and I literally saw right in front of his face another glorified, clear prismatic version of his face right in front of his physical face. I had never seen anything like it before and have not since. The twin flame journey is about stepping into divine, unconditional love and so I found your article to be meaningful because of this phenomenon. I took the experience as being a soul recognition, but do you think it was a literal manifestation or projection of the prismatic soul or divine light? Until now I haven’t even searched to see if anyone else has ever experienced this. Since I met him, my own spiritual ascension has been activated full force. Thank you for any thoughts you might have.

    • Pam, thanks so much for commenting!

      What you saw is absolutely beautiful!! ❤️ You were gifted with the sight of timeless Truth in time. Incredible and very powerful.

      You were seeing a far more real representation of your twin flame, than what his temporary time-based appearance revealed. It was a projection of your inner perception, but with a clarity that transcended the veil of linear time, which is unusual in this lower time-based frequency, but not impossible. So you were seeing very clearly. What an incredible gift to see his true likeness without being distorted by time, which certainly would help assuage any doubts about your connection to him at the time, which I am sure enabled you to more fully and quickly embrace your connection. What a gift!

      Everything we physically perceive is a projection of our inner awareness. Our reality is a projection of the conscious and subconscious mind in a combination and manner determined by the Laws of Creation, according to our present awareness of the “I Am” Presence. Our physical senses experience what we project, in a virtual reality kind of way. Usually our physical vision is distorted by the veil of time, but in this sacred moment your inner vision of Truth pierced through the veil, a divine gift, for a divine purpose.

      Thanks you for sharing. Our inner vision is often outwardly perceived as keen insight, intuition, etc. … but you took it further in your experience, which is very powerful. When we clearly see the spiritual reality, it gives us power of belief (seeing is believing) to transmute the frequency of substance into the divine … so very powerful. This clarity of vision, one no longer hindered by linear time, is going to be an expanding attribute for those looking into the Light, transmuting it and bringing Truth’s Light to this lower realm, raising its overall frequency that the Divine may be fully expressed.

      Thank you for sharing!! I received a great blessing of heightened vision from it. 😇


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