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The Portal of Divine Desire

The Portal of Divine Desire

Rising out of the Ashes

(Part 9: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


The soul element of divine desire is the gateway in our soul to the open door of Christ’s soul. Our doorway is opened once this desire is shaped into its fullness. In its fullness, it becomes a portal in our soul that the divine consciousness flows into and regenerates every other soul element until we are fully divine. It’s the connection point of our oneness with our eternal Father, for this desire comes into our being from beyond ourselves in the creative space of God. Thus, as our desires are aligned to his, oneness begins to form. Divine desire contains all the unborn divine potentials for a divine human soul. And within God is every unborn potential that expresses absolute truth and divine love.

Though the First Parents were perfect in their soul elements, they lacked this divine desire. The nature of this desire is born out of imperfection. To be intimately connected to God in a oneness with his governing sovereignty and divine love, a sincere desire for both, without any reservation, needed to be created in the human soul. This soul journey into a dream-like state where we experience a likeness of a soul state and corresponding reality absent of his divine love and divine consciousness serves the purpose to create this eternal portal. Love is a choice, thus first comes as a desire. And, the imperfections we experience create the awareness and the longing to be utterly consumed by his sovereignty. God can only exist where he is God, and God is love. Thus, we must desire not only a oneness in divine love, but also a full governance of his divine consciousness.

The Creation of Divine Desire

Our soul journey entails learning from the fabricated self, shedding it, and becoming a divine self. It’s one of increasing awareness, divine desire, letting go (repentance), faith in divine love, and refined patience. The analogies: a birth of a child, a bride and bridegroom, a metamorphosis of a butterfly, and a growing seed all reveal integral aspects of this transformative journey into a new creation.

Divine desire is birthed from the imperfection created by a single rebellious thought. Symbolized by the one erroneous thought of Eve that led to our current reality. This rebellious thought was used to create this necessary soul element. Living out this rebellious thought teaches us all what one little contrary thought can create. It teaches that apart from our Father’s governance in the most infinitesimal way, we create disharmony thus destruction. It teaches the extent that we need God’s governance; to the extent of possessing his divine consciousness. Thus, it teaches us the degree to which we need to let go of our self-made consciousness.

This contrary thought multiplied and spread to create the imperfect finite self, our false-fabricated self. It manifests the state in which all our seven soul elements are driven by our self-determined consciousness, thus it negates the possibility of harmony. All of us together, as reflective of the human soul, are expressions of the many potentials created by a self-directed consciousness. Likewise, we will all be expressions of the much more extensive potentials of the divine consciousness.

By traversing this soul journey, we are able to become a perfection beyond perfection infinite divine soul. By witnessing and suffering the corruption it created, we come to yearn for a divine consciousness. In response to this longing, God creates a oneness with our soul that transforms us into a limitless divine soul in which He can dwell. In a union with him, we become an ever-expanding soul, thus growing into perfection beyond perfection; for in him we are without limit.

Letting Go

Thus, the flipside of divine desire is a deep repentance. This depth of repentance means wanting to let go of everything of our selves and our reality that are contrary to the nature of divine love, thus we turn toward everything that is divine love. But the final letting go or dissolving of this self transpires when we become a new creation of his workmanship.

When we are mindful of the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, our disillusions about any “goodness” we may have begins to fade. Our awareness heightens to what our false fabricated self truly creates. Our awareness continues to increase until we despise even an infinitesimal quark of the self-directed consciousness. In this awareness, our desire for divine love is ignited, which expands into our desire for the divine consciousness. For along the way we learn, we can’t give divine love without the divine consciousness; they operate as one.

Because the Spirit of Truth brought us to this point of awareness, we also perceive our potential for a divine soul state of ever-expanding beauty. It’s a soul condition of while reflecting our individuality to the utmost; we are also reflecting God’s. To be our own god is the ultimate prison because of our limited finite mind. For God to be our God is the ultimate freedom because of our access to his limitless pool of divine potentials that can flow through us.

As divine desire comes into its fullness, we experience an all-consuming soul demolition of our fabricated self until there is a complete release of all aspiration of our expedient driving will or power. We become as ash. In this state, we feel weak and powerless in our self, for we’ve given up our ambitions to create anything from our self-determined consciousness.

In this growing contrast between the two soul states, divine desire is manifested and intensified. It’s a long and winding journey for our soul as we learn what is of this love and what isn’t. We see by contrasts. If we don’t fully perceive our depravity to our point of origin, we don’t fully desire with all our being the divinity of God. We can’t possess a full awareness of one, without the other.

Through it all, God is using everything for our highest good. In mercy, he creates the perfect balance to sustain us in this finite soul state, and yet allows this temporal reality to have its intended effect upon our soul; to create divine desire.

Through this transition state, our new soul reflection, which has been formed by the truths of divine love, struggles to come alive; pushing through the dirt of our false self. As our new soul comes forth, we feel the intensity like a plant breaking out of the soil, or a child coming out of the womb, or a butterfly out of a cocoon. But, the struggle is part of shedding the old so that the new may come forth. And through it all as we listen, we “hear” the deep meaning of the encouraging and enlightening messages of Christ: “Repent the kingdom is at hand”, “you must be born again”, “enter by the narrow gate”.

When we come to a place of utterly fully and completely wanting nothing of our fabricated self then we’ve let go of the false self. And this awareness creates the desire to be utterly, fully and completely consumed with the divine consciousness. In this cognizance, we desire for every soul element to be divine, thus our desire becomes divine. This depth of awareness prepares us to establish a oneness with God in love. Thus, the purpose of the experience of our fabricated self is fulfilled and it’s no longer needed. Though we desire nothing of it, we are immensely grateful for the lessons it taught us that we couldn’t have learned any other way. It enabled a true oneness with our divine Father; that otherwise couldn’t have happened. Yet, now it becomes dust in the wind and a new soul reflection, pure and divine, rises out of the ashes.




Into Our Father’s House

 Moving Into Our Father’s House

(Part 8: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Passing through the open doors, we move into our Father’s house.

As we enter into a soul connection (open doors) with the divine human soul, Jesus Christ, we enter our Father’s house. God’s spirit moves into and consumes our soul, thus making it his expression. In this union, our individuality is fulfilled and heightened. Each one of us is created to manifest a unique set of potentials so that when we assemble into a harmonious unit as one, we reflect our Creator from whom we came.

Thus, our soul journey into a divine human soul isn’t just about us. Much more importantly, it’s about God intimately integrating himself as a part of this creation in divine love.

God, as Creator, is always beyond his creations. Because his expression is love, our soul journey entails intimately bringing a part of his essence into creation, so an exchange of love can exist between him and us. In this way, his nature of divinity and love can be known, experienced, and expressed. God constructed our soul in all its attributes to be a creation that could partake in his infinite spirit, governance, and likeness. In this fusion of his spirit into our own, his likeness in this creation blooms from a oneness with our soul.

Creative Dynamic of Love

God is love. There are two intertwined aspects within his essence enabling a exchange of love that creates his divine love attribute. The soul-mate relationship between a feminine and a masculine soul and their corresponding spirits provides a glimpse into this dynamic of divine love. Thus, as revealed in the First Parents from which we all flow and are a part of, it’s in this likeness that he manifests himself in this particular creation, creating a trifold union.

In the symbolic formation of female and male as one he expresses: everything he is and isn’t, complementary components that create ever expanding harmonic growth, the creative dynamic of love, and multifaceted expressions of depth and richness of his nature and character. This relationship reveals his reflection, thus it can possess a part of him. Further, each soul, who is a child that is part male and female, possesses the potential of a unique soul connection with him that reveals his love to us, individually, and to others through us.

Expressions of Limitless Divine Potentials

The essence and shape of our eternal spiritual form that expresses uniqueness and individuality give expression to God, who is an entity of limitless divine potentials, which become manifested in his creations. Together as feminine and masculine along with the infinite number of expressions through our individuality, we glimpse into the magnitude of our Creator’s reflection. Through all of us functioning as one, he manifests himself in this creation as he desires to reveal himself to us, which above all is an entity of divine love.

Preparing for Oneness

However, God is holy and infinite. Thus, his likeness isn’t found in perfect finiteness (the pre-sleep state of the First Parents; the limited perfect self), or not in imperfect finiteness (the sleep state that the First Parents and we all experience; the false-fabricated self), but in the perfection beyond perfection infiniteness (the immortal state of the divine self). The previous two states were necessary to create the final state that bears his reflection.

To be one with God we must be holy as he is holy, and infinite as he is infinite. But we can’t be either without him. To be holy and infinite is to be divine in all our soul elements.

  1. Divine Judgment: Our evaluative capacity to manifest perfect cause.
  2. Divine Time: Our perceptual location in the eternal present.
  3. Divine Emotions: Our affective expressions of the sensational nuances of love.
  4. Divine Desire: Our creative intention or response of perfection beyond perfection.
  5. Divine Words: Our cognitive expressions creating living love.
  6. Divine Perception: Our level of awareness derived from the Internal Light.
  7. Divine Will: Our internal combustion to manifest immortal harmony.

Of the seven elements of our soul, desire is the one that is formed beyond our self. Desire is what proceeds creation. Because it’s beyond us and before us, it’s the one element that can be purified and refashioned while we are in our fabricated soul state. And because desire is the progenitor of creation, when this desire becomes divine our oneness with our Father starts to form, as he fills and governs each soul element.

To create a oneness with us, he created our soul that could hold his spirit. Thus to this particular creation, when he unites with this creation, he is Soul. But God is also far beyond this soul creation and by no means limited to it. In the final reflection, he enters creation and acquires the names Father and Son, as the root and the offspring. In this intimacy within our soul, he becomes our perfect Father, a root, for we take on his likeness and his consciousness governs ours from our point of origin. But also in this union, he becomes a Son, an offspring, for his soul is born into this creation out of a oneness with ours. Another significant lesson revealed and taught by Jesus Christ.

In the divine human soul, God infuses his divinity into our seven soul elements. His nature becomes expressed through our individual soul. In this metamorphosis that begins with divine desire, God makes his way into his beloved creation. For it’s in the soul, our constructs of unseen truths, that love is known, and it’s through the soul that the spirit of love is expressed. With a union so pervasive and deep, he governs all as he is the smallest point and yet expands into all of creation. He fills all that we are, and all of creation.

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. John 14:2-3


The Soul’s Expressive Elements

Intermingling Souls &

The Soul’s Expressive Elements

 (Part 7: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


The quintessence of Jesus’ teachings has withstood the vicissitudes of time and reveal how we become a divine human soul, as he is. Listening throughout the ages, we hear enlightened souls echoing in parts and pieces similitudes of his words regarding this divine transformation.

The word pictures Jesus Christ painted; the narrow path, the narrow gate, the mustard seed, new birth, the two commandments, the washing of the word, I am the way, truth and life, the truth sanctifies, and many more, when interlaced provide us with enigmatic counsel to the way into our Father’s bosom, thus oneness with him. The Spirit of Truth, who flows from the Father, details and explains these truths through our experiences, quite meditations and progressive soul journey. It’s by following the truths these word pictures portray and the instructions of the Spirit of Truth that our soul is prepared and transformed to receive and give divine love, thus to be united to the Father. In this joining, we ascend to immortality.

Because Jesus’ soul is an extension of the Father’s divinity, it’s through a brotherly oneness with his soul, whether directly or through one connected to him, that we are connected to the Father and dwell together as one within the divine consciousness. In this synergistic connection, one soul is joined to the other and oneness is established. We step into “the kingdom of God” and the Kingdom moves into us.

Being of divine love, Jesus is readily available to connect with us (like an open door); however, our soul has to be prepared to receive and give this kind of love. To be intermingled at this depth with divine love means we give divine love. Because of our corrupted soul state, we’re called to embark upon a transformative journey to accomplish this union, like a bride preparing to marry her groom. We are “called” because love is always a choice. We can experience divine love externally, but for it to be a part of us so that it enters our soul and flows through us, we have to be a soul that can receive and give this love.

Jesus Christ brought to us the incredible potential to be divine love, and then he taught us how to be transformed that we may actualize this potential and become a divine human soul.

Intermingling of Souls

Being a part of a collective human soul, we can connect to specific souls on a variety of levels. To connect to Jesus, a pure soul, in a oneness so that he is in us and we in him, thus we are a part of the Father, is the deepest of connections that is fashioned in and by love.

In sincere love, our souls can intermingle in such a way that creates an inseparable bond. A sincere love contains only pure desires and intentions, though unlike divine love, its expressions aren’t yet perfect. But it’s a step along the journey prior to divine love. This love always seeks unity and unity is created when this love is given and received by both parties. It forms an unbreakable bond that even death can’t sever. Through my beloved brother John, I understood how two souls fashioned in this way remain linked across dimensions, and how impactful this cross-dimensional bond can be.

Further, for this type of intermingling of souls we must personally know the other person; not an image of them like a movie star, not abstractly like an ideal spouse, or not in theory like how we might conceptualize them to be. We know them personally and intimately like we would in a marriage or a close friendship. Finally, when this bond is established, we care about what and whom they care about. It’s through these types of soul connections that divine love spreads soul to soul.

Because our soul is bound by the self-determined consciousness, we go through a transformation that enables us to unite to the divine consciousness of our Father. It’s a process of shedding one consciousness and obtaining another, that manifests a new soul, a divine soul. And because we are a living entity with individuality, the transformation our soul undergoes is a metamorphosis like a worm to a butterfly.

The detachment of our soul from a self-determined consciousness (death to self) is done while we are alive or we would cease to exist and loose all individuality. To continue to live as a soul, an alternate framework of soul has to be fashioned while the old framework slowly fades. The new is built along with the old, and when the new is ready the old is totally removed, like the butterfly analogy. Another example, as our soul is compared to a temple, is of a church that rebuilt their sanctuary this way. They built the new sanctuary around the old one and when the new one was ready, they tore the old one down. This way they could continue on with their services. Our soul goes through a similar process. A new soul is built alongside our old soul so we maintain our individuality, yet become a new creation, a new soul. Since soul consists of the construct of truths we hold, this process entails building a new framework of truth within us and when the fullness of our time comes, then the old one is fully removed.

The soul experience of this imperfect mortality serves many purposes. However, we aren’t intended to stay in this soul condition as Jesus so adamantly teaches. We are to seek to become a new creation rising up out of the ashes of our self-driven soul, ashes being a key word.

Soul’s Expressive Elements

The soul is beautifully complex and yet simple. Here is one perspective of an aspect of the soul that I’m learning according to my purposes. The soul is comprised of seven expressive elements. These elements create a sensory interpretation of the truths we hold. The output is our emanating spirit or our individualized energetic formation (aura). The interworking of all these elements manifests our consciousness. A divine soul projects the fulfilled promise of immortality represented by the energetic vibration of the seven colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV).

The seven expressive elements of our soul:

  1. Judgment. Our evaluative capacity to make a decision.
  2. Time. Our perceptual location in the time and space dimension.
  3. Emotions. Our affective expression of our assimilated truths.
  4. Desire. Our creative intention or response to our current awareness.
  5. Words. Our cognitive expression of our assimilate truths.
  6. Perception. Our level of comprehension based on level of awareness.
  7. Will. Our internal combustion to create.

Each element is integrated and affects the others. These seven elements are self-driven or divinely driven. We begin our soul journey with them self-driven and darkened. When we embark upon the path of metamorphosis, they become divinely driven as they are lit by the eternal fire.

These seven elements fuse together to create our spirit. Thus, our spirit can be of the dark or of the light. Our spirit’s energy resides upon a continuum of love. The highest form of love is divine love, eternal light. The lowest form of love is the absence of love, which wears the multifaceted visage of fear, outer darkness. Where we reside upon this continuum depends upon the truths we possess and our ability to express them. The less truth, the less love (more fear). The more truth, the more love. Our journey is one of moving out of the dark and into the eternal light. We regenerate in soul, spirit and body from the inside out and the metamorphosis begins with the development of divine desire along the narrow path.



A Divine Human Soul: Part 2

A Divine Human Soul

Coming to know the Man of Divinity (Part 2)

(Part 6: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)



There is one who in his soul holds the most precious gift. Through his soul our divine Father extends his hand across the infinite chasm to pull us out of the pit of the self-determined consciousness and into his divine consciousness.

Though the word love has lost its substance, when we regain its truth by engaging the teachings of the Spirit of truth, we learn there is nothing greater or more powerful. For it is love, a divine love, which is the highest form of love, that connects us to the soul of our Father, for he is love. As I’ve learned about this divine love, it is through this love that my soul encounters this pure soul, who some know as Jesus Christ, who is the outreached hand of our Father. We each possess our own unique perspective on the relationships we hold. Here is a glimpse of my ever-expanding awareness of the beloved soul of Jesus Christ.

Soul is the cumulative unseen truths within an individual that interact in a particular way. Spirit is the energetic atmosphere those truths manifest. Our Father’s truths manifest love. And for this creation, Jesus’s soul is an extension of our Father’s soul characteristics, and thus emanates a likeness of his spirit.

While we are born out of the generational spirit of separation, which flows from the First Parents, Jesus’ soul purposefully entered this realm of the human soul through an inlet of purity. He possessed a purity of soul and spirit that manifested his intimate relationship to the Father. This connection was symbolized in his baptism in the Jordan, where metaphorically the two dimensions meet, and more fully manifested at his resurrection, which reveals his immortality. With this connection, he is a trans-spherical soul connecting this dimension and our Father’s. Being born a part of the human soul he is connected to all of us, and being a pure soul, he is connected to the Father. He is a divine human soul who resides as a doorway into the realm of the Father.

Link of Love

Our Father’s love has always been there for us, but for this part of our soul development, in which we learn by and from the darkness, his love exists outside of us like a spirit that hovers around us. But this separated state is ending. Jesus’ purpose is to bring about that end, thus a new beginning of living and growing by the light. Through him our Father introduced a new potential into the human soul; the potential for the divine love and consciousness of our Father to be within us and no longer outside of us. Thus we could be one with the Father, our Creator, and our Source.

Being linked together into one collective soul, we all affect one another to varying degrees based on our soul condition. We also possess the ability to create deeper soul connections between each other in a multitude of ways and depths. Our ability to deeply intermingle as souls is based upon our similitude. When our souls intermingle we share parts of our soul with another. I’ve learned this most beautifully through the soul-mate soul.

Jesus’ soul condition is that of divine love. When our soul element of desire is transformed into divine desire, then we possess a similitude with his soul that enables our souls to intermingle, thus for divine love to be received and given. Desire expresses what our soul wants to create; reactively or intentionally. Intentionally being the stronger of the two. Divine desire is a desire for only what is divine, thus of God’s desires for us as his creation. The formation of this divine desire is crafted along the narrow path that leads to the narrow gate; Jesus’ soul.

Stepping into the Home of His Soul

At the end of a very long and winding road, I came to the home of Jesus’ soul. At first my soul eyes seemed to be unable to open wide and he told me they simply had to adjust to the light. He told me to be patient like waiting for the dawning of a new day, and to settle in the moment and let every concern fall from my soul like leaves falling from a maple tree.

His inner beauty overwhelmed me as its familiarity from my visions transitioned into an experiential reality. A complexity filled the chambers of his soul from the numerous truths he had accumulated. Yet the complexity manifested a simplicity of atmosphere, which as it engulfed me I knew was the lucid substance of divine love. His soul enfolded me more gently than the soothing touch of a mother’s hand. Yet its inherit authority trumped all other power. Though his space seemed to consume mine, it heightened my own individuality.

The treasures that my soul eyes beheld are beyond what my stick-figure words can express. His likeness of the divine love I had come to know filled the air. With every breath, the vapor of this love filled my own soul until my breath seemed to become one with his. A love without limit or condition occupied every crevice of his soul so that nothing was untouched by it. His divine intelligence and wisdom possessed a methodical movement of expansion like the incoming tide upon the shore. Everything about him was magnificent, approachable, comfortable, and free. His stilling peace quieted the waters of my soul soothing every weary wave. His soul felt infinitely expansive and yet intimately engaging. My individual expanse was far smaller than his, like a younger sister in the presence of a much older brother. Though I was much smaller than he, his honor lifted me. No darkness of thought existed but only a pure light that gently consumed my own little light.

My soul swelled with the divine light, and every part of my being lifted to a higher frequency. In this higher atmosphere our souls found a unity that gave me entrance into the realm of our Father. In this space, I stood on the doorstep of my Father’s house. All separation had come to an end.

Divine Desire

Being of divine love, Jesus’ soul is open wide in love to each one of us, for divine love excludes no one for any reason. But being love, we must desire it for love is always a choice. And being divine love, we must desire divine love, God’s love, with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Divine desire creates an open door in our soul in which the divine consciousness of our Father flows in. Jesus Christ’s soul resides as the door into the realm of the Father. When both doors are open, oneness is imminent. Through him we return home, and home returns to us.



Welcome to the New Day

Welcome to the New Day


Hand Sunset

My soul silently waits with mounting anticipation to be revealed as a child of your vibration. I sit quietly in the closed walls that are wearing thin to be released once and for all from the prison within. Glory to be God in the Highest for his great love that redeems us from the deafening depths and distance.

Awake oh heavens! The time of your deliverance has come. Awake oh earth! To a newness of life never-ending. Open wide your hearts and souls and let the light of a new day flood in. Lay down your man-made images that his love may raise you in his likeness.

Rejoice above and below; for today, unity, harmony, abundance, rest, peace, joy, and love spring forth from the barren land creating the eternal glories of paradise far better than the beginning. Let every heart sing a new song; a sweet melody of life everlasting.

Welcome to the new day, the day our Lord has made.

~ Selah and Amen