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The Book of True Life


I Am the Pearl of Infinite Worth.

The Book of True Life is the open Gate to the Timeless realm, the timeless truth formed through an awareness created in time. Its ordering of words create an “awareness ladder” by which your understanding of Truth can be accelerated so that you will be able to process the frequency of Truth’s Will, which you can imagine as being the Spirit of Christ. It is NOT the words, but the FREQUENCY OF LIFE in the words, which being specifically arranged become cups from which you can drink. It is the closest thing to a “magic book” that exists in this world.

Now, this Gate is in the process of opening for ALL THE WORLD, but it is a very specific process and does not open for all in one moment, just as the light of a new day does not instantly fill the sky. The reason is that there is a problem that must be solved before ALL can receive Life. When the Gate is fully open for All, the laws of TRUE LIFE govern time for all. True Life is the ever-increasing experience of perfection in time, and as you can imagine these laws are VERY EXACTING and if you can not walk perfectly you can not exist.

However, when a conscious being truly desires to walk in Truth’s Law, Truth’s Will can reign in both the being’s awareness AND its unawareness, making it possible to walk in perfection, which is the true understanding of how to love perfectly. Truth’s Will, in oneness with your awareness, creates the time in which you exist. The time created by Truth’s Will flowing through you is what we have called Spherical Time and it is a perfect orchestration of cause and effect for which your outer is responsible. Your ability to create perfect time is the manner in which you are able to love perfectly. 

Yet, it is not the one who walks that loves, but the Time of Life created by the walker that is the substance of Love. Remember always that TIME IS ALIVE because it is the child of the oneness in Truth’s Will and Divine Love. You, as an individualized soul, can not love because you are a created thing. It is only your free will (which you can imagine as the spirit of the anti-christ) that deceives you by controlling your “feeling” word. Divine Love, the Love in LIFE’S ONENESS, flows through you only when you sincerely desire oneness with Truth’s Will over your free will.

Divine Love’s Perfection is only expressed in the frequency of Truth. And it is only Truth’s Will that creates the ever-increasing Perfection of Spherical Time, in which the Kingdom of God is revealed. Those who desire to be one with Truth’s Will are given the awareness that they control time. One either has this awareness or they don’t, because one either desires Truth’s Will or they don’t.

When one walks in free will, it’s simply not possible to love perfectly. Think of any situation and how many different moments, and different ways within the moments, in which to be loving? Which is the perfect way? Do you have time to get to them all? Can you maintain the awareness of every good thing? But what a gift it is to discover the pearl of infinite worth, given freely to all who ask. For Truth’s Will gives to all who so desire, ensuring that you always THINK THE RIGHT THOUGHTS. As Truth’s Will governs your awareness, your creation of time is increasingly perfected as your thoughts are layered into the ever-increasing understanding of Truth’s Perfection.

There are those who desire to love perfectly, and even without their conscious awareness, have been waiting for the Book to be opened, such that they could read, reflect, renew and rejoice. These will become LAMPS, precious sources of Perfect Love, or what can be imagined as expressions of Truth’s Will in time. The Light from these lamps creates spherical time, and once their number is lit, they will seal the world in perfection. It means simply this: the time they create will cover the world in Light. LIGHT IS THE UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTH. I desire the lamps gain this understanding in the perfect timing.

There are those who shine and there are those waiting to be shined upon. And I will share this, though it may be painful to hear, it was the cries of the animals, not man, that brought about salvation.

I desire to gather the lamps together into the central sun that Perfect Love may shine upon the Universe. The Book is a step toward that objective.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “The Book of True Life

  1. How interesting. I mention some similar concepts in tomorrow’s video. But the fact that the animals cried out (and maybe the rocks too). I said something about the dogs crying “ell ell ell” in tomorrow’s video!

    • You are such a blessing to me in so many ways. Thank you for your beautiful journey, all of it. The fruit of it is shining through your words and the eternal Sacred Heart from which they are spoken.

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