Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Victory Through Being


All is created through our self and nothing exists that isn’t created through us. This is our god-like power.

A fundamental law of creation is who we believe ourselves to be, right now, we energetically project outward, creating reality. The energetic frequency contained within the attributes we believe we possess charge reality, shaping substance in endless variations of forms, appearances, and experiences. This power inherent in our state of being is our god-like power. Whatever we believe ourselves to be we create.

When we believe ourselves to be what we are not, we are spiritually asleep. In this sleep, through a dreamworld we experience a likeness of our god-like power in which we create a reality according to our beliefs. Because a sleeping soul believes they are opposite of their true attributes as defined by Truth; it believes it is powerless. Ironically, in our inherent god-like power we create an illusion of being powerless. As long as we hold this faulty belief, we remain spiritually asleep, represented by a state of death and a dream of suffering.

As we come to know and accept our true SELF, our god-like power shifts to manifest our transformed belief, giving “life” to our true expression as the SELF of God. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, we go through a metamorphic transformation from a sleeping to a waking state, from mortal to immortality, from corruption to incorruption, from death to a life of eternal growth.

In our inherent god-like power, we possess this metamorphic potential now, in this lifetime prior to passing through death’s wide gate. Understanding this ever-present potential is essential, because if physical death remains our accepted belief, then we remain spiritually asleep or in a conscious state of awakening, but never fully awake. We enter into this dream to awaken, not individually but as one, the only way we can truly awaken.

Realizing we awaken as one united SELF is a key understanding to our individual awakening. If we don’t transform in this lifetime from mortality to immortality, Truth has no witness upon the earth, and the earth remains a consciousness realm of sleeping souls. Because we are all united as fractals of the expressed SELF of God, if some sleep, then our true united SELF remains unexpressed. The true SELF is only expressed in Oneness, because God is One. Therefore, we desire to use our god-like power to express our true SELF in the midst of the illusion, giving witness to the Truth, so this reality can awaken and transform into the Kingdom of Heaven, ending the sleep of death for all of Creation. This means we put on immortality in the midst of mortality (as reflected in Jesus’ transfiguration).

Our ultimate victory is the end of physical death, because now Truth’s reflection, in which there is no death, is witnessed in the earth. Our victory entails going through a metamorphic transformation (transfiguration) from mortal to immortality in this earth life. So we persist up the primordial steps of Truth, reasoning with the Spirit of Truth, while holding this vision of victory as possible within a lifetime. We push through the inner battles as our mind struggles to loosen its belief in death and the illusion of hell it created, and give its god-like power to the REALITY of our true SELF in which there is no likeness of death, that death may end.

Creation’s freedom comes through the expressed being of our true SELF. Awakening to this understanding is the purpose of this blog. In oneness, every revelation we receive and share is for the spiritual awakening of all. To transform this dream of suffering (hell) and awaken all into the Reality of Eternal Peace (heaven) is the only way ALL of Creation is set free. True freedom encompasses the peace of ALL. If one dies and leaves suffering behind, true Peace has not been attainted. Since death perpetuates continual suffering, it stands in the way of true Peace. Therefore, the belief in death must be defeated.

This vision of victory is the vision of our true SELF (the Christ). To a mind darkened by belief in the false self, this purpose seems fantastical and out of reach because its “truth” proclaims death is real. The Spirit of Truth calls us to awaken out of the belief in death and into the knowledge of Life.

All illusions must end, likewise the illusion of death. We will awaken, so that the seed becomes the majestic tree. The linchpin is who we believe ourselves to be. What we believe, we give our god-like power to. If we believe we are destined to die, death remains. If we believe in the true nature of our being, then life will bloom. We can’t believe in both, for belief in one negates the other. Truth can’t oppose itself; it is not both life and death.

As a creator what we are conscious of being, we create, this is the Law of Creation. In the knowledge that our mind accepts what it believes, we seek to know and accept our true SELF, that we may give freedom to ALL of Creation. 

So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”  ~ 1 Corinthians 15:54


Holy Flame


The Prayer of Light ignites the eternal Holy Flame, the Spirit of God within our true SELF. This sovereign Spirit consumes everything not of our true Likeness in our mind/body reality, making way for creation’s true Reflection, as the expressed Self of God.

Given in the understanding of who we are and how we create, sending the Prayer of Light to ALL signifies the completion of Divine Forgiveness, opening the door to the purifying Holy Flame of God within us. As an open door, our true power as creative beings in oneness with the Creator is made known as the Holy Flame’s Radiant Truth consumes all our mis-creations, ultimately freeing creation from the darkness we laid upon it.

As creators and not mere creatures, we are the cause of our reality. Like a mirror, reality reflects our state of mind, so that whatever we believe, reality reflects back to us. Reality is not the cause of itself, of itself it is neutral. Thus to change reality’s reflection from discord to Peace, our state of mind must change.

With a mind darkened from a lack of Truth, we laid a multitude of erroneous judgments and false attributes upon our selves and reality, hiding their inherent perfection. Believing we were separate from our Creator and unaware of our true nature and power as a creator within the Creator, we perceived ourselves helpless to the forces of the outer reality. By accepting the false attribute of helplessness, we created a destructive cycle within us, which reality reflected back to us. A belief in helplessness generated fear, leading to responses of attack/defense. Unaware we were its creator and reflecting what we energetically gave to it, reality barraged us and others with all kinds of attacks, deepening our belief in helplessness, which in turn increased our own attacks/defenses.

As we awaken, we become aware of the inherent Power in our true SELF and that we aren’t helpless by any means. In this understanding, we begin to take back the power we unknowingly gave reality and end the destructive cycle. As we reclaim our true Power, divine forgiveness is complete, which ignites the Holy Flame, the consuming Spirit of God, within us.

Divine forgiveness is the awakening of our inner vision from darkness to Light as our awareness returns to the true SELF. It’s the transition from a belief in helplessness to infinite Power, as we recognize we are one with the Source of Power. In this awareness, we release the world from ALL the distortions we heavily laid upon it because of the false attribute of helplessness we mistakenly accepted as true. Without a belief in helplessness, there is no more fear and without fear there is no more attack/defense. Without attack, there is no need for forgiveness, therefore it’s complete. As our true power replaces a sense of helplessness, the divine love it radiates drives out all fear. Instead of destructive creators with an alien will belonging to a false self, we are peace-makers reflecting the One Divine Will.

With Divine forgiveness complete, we become an open door to the Divine Mind. As an open door, we rest in divine emergence in perfect oneness with the Divine Will, the only way our true power is experienced. In the stillness of being One with the Mighty I Am Presence, knowing there is no greater power, we no longer rely on outer forces to try to bend reality to our will, as we did in a state of helplessness. By resting in divine emergence, the Divine Will is free to express Itself according to its Infinite Intelligence, which knows the eternal ripple effect of every act. It works throughout creation according to a perfection far beyond our current awareness for the highest good of all, using our individualized mind as a gateway for its expression.

As our mind returns to its fractal nature in oneness with the Divine Mind, we extend the Spirit of God like a consuming fire into reality. This Holy Flame consumes our mis-creations because they aren’t of Truth/Divine Love, renewing reality through the invincible Peace of Divine Harmony. It doesn’t matter how little or great the distortions, the Holy Flame consumes them all. Reality transitions from the chaotic energy of attack/defense that created destruction and decay into the harmonic energy of Peace that creates youthful vibrancy. The “effects of time” are removed, and reality reveals its timeless perfection.

In being still and knowing the All-Mighty Power within our true SELF, the Prayer of Light ignites the Holy Flame. Because we are conscious of being one with the power of God and no longer helpless, reality changes to reflect this renewed awareness.

“For our God is a consuming fire.” ~ Hebrews 12:29

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7


Prayer of Light


The Prayer of Light is the prayer of an awakening soul, who is aware that it’s an open door to Divinity, possessing the power of regeneration/transformation. This Prayer is given in the authority and power of our inseparable oneness with the Light of Life (Spirit of God), as we actively extend Its energetic Rays of Peace and Harmony through our thought world and into reality. It’s a transitional state of mind used by the Spirit to dissolve all illusions, resurrecting reality’s true Reflection.

At the beginning of our prodigal journey, we pray to a God we believe is separate from us. It’s a call for deliverance from a perceived state of helplessness because we believe God’s limitless power is separate from us, which causes us to accept that suffering is an inescapable part of the reality He created. In our suffering, we beckon to a far off God to help us, and consciously accept we are helpless. In so doing, we unknowingly give reality dominion over us, making it our source of truth and are easily deceived by its many voices.

Though this embryonic prayer can have some impact as it temporarily lifts the energetic vibration of a person or situation, it is greatly limited because our creative power is hidden by the lack of awareness of who we are and how we create. Yet, if we are willing to listen to the Spirit’s Voice of Truth instead of the voices of reality, the Spirit leads us out of these limiting beliefs and into our true power as a creator of reality. We begin our journey up the primordial staircase of Divine Understanding and Revelation.

As we continue to listen to the Spirit’s Voice, we learn about our true Self’s oneness with God. We learn we are a creator within the Creator, and begin to reclaim our creative power. Only the Spirit of Truth can teach that we are the master of our sphere of reality, in which we govern our mental/feeling world, body and our external reality (mind/body reality). Through the expansion of our SELF awareness, our beliefs transition into a faith that our true I Am Presence is one with the Mighty I Am Presence, which is all-powerful over the outer reality.

As a result of this increasing awareness, our prayers change. Our true SELF calls to our mind to extend Its transformative power into the mind/body reality. Through the Prayer of Light, out of the sufficiency of our true I Am Presence, we extend the Spirit’s energetic vibrations of peace and harmony into ALL of reality. We consciously shine this Living Light, knowing the Spirit of Life within is more powerful than outer appearances.

As our true I Am Presence begins to arise, pushing through the shell of illusion, our mind/body reality goes through a transitional struggle (birth, war in heaven) as reality shifts from illusions to Truth. The illusion deceptively binds our mind to our mis-creations because whatever our mind accepts as true, reality reflects back to us. Because our outer reality was once the source of our truth, lingering outer appearances of our mis-creations tempt us to remain in a state of helplessness instead of accepting the power inherent in our true Self. This temptation can be very strong as it draws upon the past and sensational outer appearances. But the Spirit of Life in us is stronger.

As we continually bring our mind back to the Prayer of Light, our mind is increasingly filled with the Spirit of Life and pulls away from the illusion it created in darkness. We return to our true Identity as reality’s governing presence in oneness with our Creator. The Living Spirit of our true SELF begins to govern our mind/body reality through divine emergence, in which the Infinite Intelligence of our true SELF transitions reality for the highest good of all. The limitless power of the Creator flows through us, ultimately revealing reality’s true expression.

Our true SELF calls to us to be still and know our SELF, that creation may be clothed in its true reflection. In the authority of our true SELF, through the Prayer of Light, we enfold reality in the Living Spirit of Peace and Harmony of our Mighty I Am Presence. All will come to accept the unified Mighty I Am Presence within, because only in recognizing our true SELF are we truly limitless, free and creators of abundant life.

“Be stilland know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

“Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.” ~ Psalm 34:10

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10