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All is created through our self and nothing exists that isn’t created through us. This is our god-like power.

A fundamental law of creation is who we believe ourselves to be, right now, we energetically project outward, creating reality. The energetic frequency contained within the attributes we believe we possess charge reality, shaping substance in endless variations of forms, appearances, and experiences. This power inherent in our state of being is our god-like power. Whatever we believe ourselves to be we create.

When we believe ourselves to be what we are not, we are spiritually asleep. In this sleep, through a dreamworld we experience a likeness of our god-like power in which we create a reality according to our beliefs. Because a sleeping soul believes they are opposite of their true attributes as defined by Truth; it believes it is powerless. Ironically, in our inherent god-like power we create an illusion of being powerless. As long as we hold this faulty belief, we remain spiritually asleep, represented by a state of death and a dream of suffering.

As we come to know and accept our true SELF, our god-like power shifts to manifest our transformed belief, giving “life” to our true expression as the SELF of God. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, we go through a metamorphic transformation from a sleeping to a waking state, from mortal to immortality, from corruption to incorruption, from death to a life of eternal growth.

In our inherent god-like power, we possess this metamorphic potential now, in this lifetime prior to passing through death’s wide gate. Understanding this ever-present potential is essential, because if physical death remains our accepted belief, then we remain spiritually asleep or in a conscious state of awakening, but never fully awake. We enter into this dream to awaken, not individually but as one, the only way we can truly awaken.

Realizing we awaken as one united SELF is a key understanding to our individual awakening. If we don’t transform in this lifetime from mortality to immortality, Truth has no witness upon the earth, and the earth remains a consciousness realm of sleeping souls. Because we are all united as fractals of the expressed SELF of God, if some sleep, then our true united SELF remains unexpressed. The true SELF is only expressed in Oneness, because God is One. Therefore, we desire to use our god-like power to express our true SELF in the midst of the illusion, giving witness to the Truth, so this reality can awaken and transform into the Kingdom of Heaven, ending the sleep of death for all of Creation. This means we put on immortality in the midst of mortality (as reflected in Jesus’ transfiguration).

Our ultimate victory is the end of physical death, because now Truth’s reflection, in which there is no death, is witnessed in the earth. Our victory entails going through a metamorphic transformation (transfiguration) from mortal to immortality in this earth life. So we persist up the primordial steps of Truth, reasoning with the Spirit of Truth, while holding this vision of victory as possible within a lifetime. We push through the inner battles as our mind struggles to loosen its belief in death and the illusion of hell it created, and give its god-like power to the REALITY of our true SELF in which there is no likeness of death, that death may end.

Creation’s freedom comes through the expressed being of our true SELF. Awakening to this understanding is the purpose of this blog. In oneness, every revelation we receive and share is for the spiritual awakening of all. To transform this dream of suffering (hell) and awaken all into the Reality of Eternal Peace (heaven) is the only way ALL of Creation is set free. True freedom encompasses the peace of ALL. If one dies and leaves suffering behind, true Peace has not been attainted. Since death perpetuates continual suffering, it stands in the way of true Peace. Therefore, the belief in death must be defeated.

This vision of victory is the vision of our true SELF (the Christ). To a mind darkened by belief in the false self, this purpose seems fantastical and out of reach because its “truth” proclaims death is real. The Spirit of Truth calls us to awaken out of the belief in death and into the knowledge of Life.

All illusions must end, likewise the illusion of death. We will awaken, so that the seed becomes the majestic tree. The linchpin is who we believe ourselves to be. What we believe, we give our god-like power to. If we believe we are destined to die, death remains. If we believe in the true nature of our being, then life will bloom. We can’t believe in both, for belief in one negates the other. Truth can’t oppose itself; it is not both life and death.

As a creator what we are conscious of being, we create, this is the Law of Creation. In the knowledge that our mind accepts what it believes, we seek to know and accept our true SELF, that we may give freedom to ALL of Creation. 

So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”  ~ 1 Corinthians 15:54

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “Victory Through Being

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  2. As I read your lines, I correlate what you say as mortal man must put on immortality and as the carnal man removing his filthy rags (of vanity and putting on the fine linen of Christ, His righteousness. Some orders are required to put these garments ( of character) of Christ on, on this side of the natural grave. God chose our orders before the instruments of time were created. In other words we were destined for our calling before time and before being subjected to our carnal vanity. Understanding God’s plan in this light it changes our whole perspective of good and evil. This is because all created “good and evil” was foreordained as only a good and holy thing. Being clothed in mortality is like a person not being able to afford the garments of His white linen simply because they have not yet put in the “time” to be able to pay the price. The sacrifice has not yet been made in taking off the man of sin and putting on Christ…both within in our hearts and minds…

    As you speak of us “now” being creators, it is that this was our calling from before time that was given to us in eternity and our reality and consciousness is just lost to us momentarily in this dream state we call life. When we fully awake from our natural dream state of mind this is the same as saying we have now put on Christ, His righteousness, His likeness and His full character. There are many different spiritual orders just like there is natural orders on this earth and each of us has a place in one of them. Truth can be revealed to us in so many ways, however as you point out in so many variable ways, it is when we take on His attributes that we are fully awake. While all will be perfected, it is the timing of the perfection ( now or later) which establishes our calling and order. Some will have sold all that they have (spiritually speaking) and will have purchased (again spiritually speaking) the likeness of our Lord. Speaking of the sacrifices we must make to be clothed upon as He is, who would not want to sacrifice all of our fears for all of His love? What are we sacrificing but the carnal nature we pray so earnestly to be removed from us anyway? It is not to our benefit to obey. Is not, that all that we do and sacrifice for is for our own benefit first? If we are not made whole first how can we see to help make another whole?

    As we see and understand the inclusivity of all people in the plan of God and as we see and understand the different orders are for different people’s in different times we can rejoice in knowing that we will “all” stand before God in oneness with absolutely no jealousy of the calling and order of another…or their present understanding.

    We’re all as a tumbler of stones being tumbled together having our rough edges worn away, first grumbling about the different and sharp edges ( Words of another) however as we struggle as the worm in the cocoon, (carnally speaking) we know from our Father‘S parables that we will just as assuredly rise above our lowly nature of our carnal mind.

    We all have a vision of completeness in all of it’s various forms and beliefs however It is the vision of seeing all as one which will deliver us fo His likeness and to His character. We would worry absolutely about nothing if we could only see this plan in it’s completion as it was intended to be before the world was. God does things in succession to succeed in His plan therefore there can be no loss. What kind of Father would we have if we believed He could fail in any way? It is inconceivable to think that our Father is not smart enough to succeed in anything He sets His mind to. We were all perfected before time in eternity.

    We have been given everything, even that in which we are to return in kind. We can only reflect that in which we are in whatever measure and state we are in in the present. So we wait…for as we have born the image of the earthly or carnal we will most definitely likewise bear the image of the eternal..our Father.

  3. Why did Jesus say he came to bring a sword?

    It is because in the last days, when Truth enters the illusion, its immutable light creates an “edge” in the darkness. As this “edge” expands, it presses ever outward, deeper into the darkness which increasingly concentrates the shadows of illusion. The darkness becomes thicker, so to speak, so thick that it can be “experienced” physically by those who sleep.

    There is a growing separation between the truth and the illusion of truth, between power and the illusion of power. The sleeping mind believes it knows truth, but it does not. Instead it holds an illusion of truth, which in turn creates the experience of POWERLESSNESS.

    Consider that this illusion is created because the self sleeps in the CORE BELIEF that it is separate from the creator’s attributes, and therefore separate from God’s strength. Without realizing it, the self has accepted the lie of its own HELPLESSNESS as truth, and this lie settles in their holy place and becomes a LIVING EXPERIENCE.

    This core belief in separation from God’s attributes becomes “truth” in the minds of those who sleep, which then creates a “veil” concealing the knowledge of one’s creative power. In short, the sleeping mind believes it knows truth, yet exists in a reality it unknowingly created that is “separate” from Truth. This is why the sleeping mind can not be “awakened” to the knowledge of Truth by anything (including words, whether spoken or written) in the outer reality. Though the mind believes the outer reality is real, it is “illusion”, and Truth can not be found there.

    However, this is changing because Christ has come.

    Those who sleep can not know Christ in truth because they have placed their illusion of truth (that they are separate from God’s attributes) in their holy place. Since the holy place is a lamp, projecting the truth that stands within into existence, the illusion of truth has become their reality. Since ALL SERVE TRUTH, those who are asleep serve the outer reality because they believe it to be true. This is why it has been said that those who sleep unknowingly worship only what they can see (or expect to see) in their physical, outer world. The sleepers worship their outer reality as their source of truth, which is then used to define who and what they they believe they are.

    Those in Christ have come to know the Truth of Self because they have received it by inner revelation, directly from the Spirit of Truth. Their veil has been dissolved and their LIGHT now goes forth, projecting Truth into existence. Those who sleep in darkness can not comprehend that the increasing shaking that surrounds them is being caused by the light. For to them it appears their outer reality is crumbling, as all they’ve come to depend upon in the outer world is gradually stripped away. They believe it is “other selves” that threaten their peace because they do not understand what is transpiring within. Unlike illusions, The Light of Truth affects the mind as one, and this has a profound creative impact on the outer reality of ALL. Because reflections of Truth are being projected into the illusion, the outer world can now be used to awaken others and lead them to the inner source of its Light. Because Light will be evident in the physical expression of those in Truth, their words will be able to carry light into the minds of those in darkness.

    Sleeping minds do not understand they create their own terrors. Because Truth is WHOLE, its Light serves these sleeping minds by creating an outer experience that reveals helplessness is self created, projecting from the sleeper’s belief that it is SEPARATE from God. As the light increasingly reflects TRUTH into the outer world, it creates an expanding experience of unshakable PEACE for awakened minds that can be discerned and desired by sleeping minds. As peace expands in the awakened mind of Christ, it simultaneously increases the experience of UNREST in the mind of those who sleep because the light increasingly exposes their hidden belief in helplessness.

    By the increasing contrast between REST AND UNREST in the OUTER WORLD, the sleepers will come to understand there is a TRUTH about themselves beyond what they currently believe. The growing desire for peace will, of itself, tear down idols erected in the hope of peace, that they know Truth as it is.

    And Living Light will fill their holy place such that they too will discover they are made in God’s image, perfect in LOVE and imbued with the power to create unshakable peace.

    • incredible understanding of this Sword of Light …

      As I reflect on your words, the altar (holy place) is where we worship, what we worship is what we serve, bow down to as our truth. If our truth is defined by a false image of the self because we trusted the outer reflection as our source of truth instead of the Holy Spirit of Truth, then we “bow down” to it, by serving this image with our lives. However, if the Spirit of Truth is our Source of truth, then our true Self (the Christ, the SELF of God) is our truth, and this is what we serve, “bow down” to as we submit our mind and lives to it.

    • All good points….so true. In replying many times to “add to” or to confirm what I read, sometimes it just doesn’t need anything.

  4. I felt a urge to share this video I posted in June 2014, along with two blogs around the same time so here they are …

    • I agree, we can only give to the degree we have been given, therefore we accept all including ourselves as a work in progress. Also, when we speak or write we do so in the hope of becoming what is opened before us. If we could only measure up to the vision of the completeness that we describe. I think Paul said it well when He spoke of maybe missing the mark himself after teaching it to others. This shows us just because we may have knowledge of “the way” and how we should be does not necessarily make us an overcomer. It is forever a humbling experience to be reaching for that we are not yet. It is important to not claim prematurely what we yet don’t have. It is a blessing to see and to understand many of the things that we do, but I would trade all of the knowing for all of the being.

      • All that the tree is, is held within the seed, and there are many varying reflections of what it is as it grows. We are our true SELF now, because only Truth is. It’s our conscious awakening to who we are in Truth that makes it our outer reflection.

  5. Yes, once we understand that life began so long ago before this experience, we also learn that we have always been who we are. I think it will be a nice awakening once this night is over.

  6. If all is governed in Truth, then our conscious mind does NOT govern, for it is finite and always unaware of Truth’s limitless expanse. The mind comprehends its conscious awareness of truth about itself, yet never how this truth will be experienced. Since Truth is life and therefore seeks is own expression, the source of the Self’s experience is always ABOVE the conscious mind, existing in Truth’s infinite realm.

    Our conscious mind (which is all we currently comprehend about ourself and our reality), inadvertently interferes with Truth’s expression by tainting it with erroneous expectations. When we elevate our expectations above Truth’s perfect expression we “create” judgment that never fails to breed inner feelings of conflict within the mind.

    The conscious mind is ensnared in a relentless experience of conflict for ONE REASON: it continually complains against its current expression. While this may appear harsh, it is nevertheless accurate to say that in so doing the conscious mind judges its Self “bad” (evil). This false and blasphemous self-judgment gives “birth” to the consciousness of sin and requisite need for attack/defense against the experiential reality that results. The consciousness of sin is the better understanding of the Son of Perdition because this consciousness is the offspring of an EVIL SELF, which was created when the mind believed it judged the Self in truth.

    But could truth be evil?

    Yes, to a sleeping mind that believes it is able to truthfully judge the Self’s experiences as either good or bad. For the mind that judges must also believe it knows the truth about that which it so judges. Therefore, when a mind judges the Self’s experience as bad, it unknowingly taints its truth about itself with evil. It is for this reason, and only this reason, that it is possible for the mind to believe that its Self is “evil”, and therefore under constant threat. It is mind’s judgment that makes it so. Because of this false-belief that the self creates evil, the Self experiences a false reality (dream) of ever-present conflict.

    As the conscious mind awakens it begins to comprehend its own holiness, which exists above itself, yet one with itself. Rather than a “closed system”, the mind comprehends that the consciousness mind is like an open gate, experiencing Truth as it flows through it from the higher realm of infinity. It begins to understand that Truth flows through the Self like a limitless “river of life”, rather than being confined within the conscious mind like a stagnant pond. This is a very difficult transition for the mind because it must accept that its real Self is altogether opposite of what it previously believed its Self to be. Instead of judgment, the mind must now accept that its reality is created in the perfection of Truth and can no longer complain against it. It is an internal struggle as the mind learns to let go of the “steering wheel” so to speak, and walk in a reality that emerges from Truth. As it does so, the reality of experience increasing reflects the truth of its source.

    This is awaking to truth is the beginning of freedom from death, which was the inevitable outcome of the mind’s false-belief in an “evil” Self. As the light of life dawns in the mind and it awakens to the understanding that it is an open gate by which Truth flows into expression from a higher source, it begins to mentally grasp its own incorruption. This new belief gives birth to the conscious awareness of a HOLY, INCORRUPTIBLE SELF, which in turn gives rise to an experience of perpetual peace.

    • This is so true and very well explained as we understand the mechanics of the spirit and the soul as they interrelate one with the other. If I understand you correctly, our spirit is constant within us and our “eternal” self, the spirit, is alive and well…and always will be.

      Looking at this natural world in helping to explain the spiritual when we dream one “night” in between two woke days, we are still the same person even while we were asleep in our dream. The dream we are living does not change the reality of who we really are. Some dreams are so clear the details of an object are as clear as when we are awake, yet the dream was and is only an illusion with no physical characteristics. It is because we are told to look at the natural to help us to understand the spiritual do we understand these things more clearly. This applies to everything created in the natural.

      Can a dream contain things about realities in life? They can as proved in Daniel’s interpretation of the five kingdoms to come where we learn important sequences about the ages and from the events revealed within them. On the other hand what we call our natural “reality” in which we are now living includes our natural dreams, nights and days. They are all part of our dream state apart from the true reality from which we came and will someday return to. This life we are now living is as a dream of which we can “now” awake from if God so allows us to do so. Many are waking up from this dream world steeped in carnality into the full likeness and character of our Heavenly Father. To put all of this in it’s simplest form, carnality is death and spirit is life. We must awake from carnal mortality and resurrect into our spiritual immortality. We must rise from the carnally dead mind into the resurrection of the mind of Christ.

      In Daniel’s dream, the image of the four kingdoms was about the dispensations of time up until the fifth kingdom which is the one we are now entering into. A dream is what lays in between two awakened realities. One “reality” is from a natural perspective and one is from a spiritual perspective. This life we live while on this earth is not true reality for it is the realm of the duality of the soul and spirit. Reality consist of one God, one spirit, in one way. Our eternal spirit has always been alive since our creation before the world was, and our spirit has actually “never” sinned. But by coming into this world a dream state took place, a deep sleep was placed upon the spirit of Adam making him now a double minded person of now possessing a carnal and a spiritual mind. As confusion and blindness came through one’s disobedience, we will regain all that was lost through one’s obedience in Christ. “As in Adam all die, so As in Christ all will be made alive, but every man in his own order, Christ the first fruits and then those as they are called.”

      To help to understand our two realms within, we simply need to look at the natural tabernacle in which Moses built. It is an exact replica of you and me with all of it’s parts and as it functioned in the natural so we function in the same way in the spirit. As the tabernacle had a “Holy of Holies” behind the veil where God dwelled so do we, and as it had a Holy place on the other side of rhe veil from the Holy of Holies, so do we also.

      There was and is no sin allowed in our Holy of Holies. As it is in the natural so it is in the spiritual. However the realm of our soul on the other side of the veil in our Holy place is subject to sin and error Unlike the Hol of Holies. This is the compartment of our soul where our processing takes place which will allow us to eventually enter into the realm of the Holy of Holies., “without restrictions.” When this happens, the carnal mind is no more, it is dead for we have become one again…in spirit.

      We must come from the outer court where the sacrifices were made and on through the place of the soul, the Holy place, to arrive while in the Holy of Holies. It’s an upward and progressive ascension. These two compartments within us are our conscious and sub conscious, spirit and soul, Christ and the bride, etc. as is also explained in many other parallels. As Eve was separated from Adam she became the weaker and wayward part of the two. Eve, representing our soul In being the weaker part of man was drawn away by the serpent as he enticed her carnal mind with the thoughts of being independent from God. This one event should show us what the fall is about, it is to set us on a course to show us that going our own way, doing our own thing will simply not work. We instead must be taught through experience what it is like to disobey and suffer the consequences of having done so. You cannot have billions and trillions of beings simply doing as they please. There must be an order and a oneness in which we all adhere to for the mutual and good benefit of all.

      This is a perfect created situation to teach us the ways of God. When Eve, our soul has experienced all that is intended for her to experience she will then awaken from her slumber and sleep and from her wayward and promiscuous ways and return to her first love…which is Christ…within us.

      With all of this being said it is summarized most simply in that we are all to awaken from our carnal mind into the likeness and character of our Father. To know what love is and to live it to it’s fullest is the reason for experiencing this journey with all of it’s adversities. God is in every detail of our life, in every circumstance to teach everyone of us of His kind and loving ways. We are a work in progress.

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