Living Light

Stirring The Deep


A Star is Born


I saw a star, shining in the night sky. And God spoke to the star saying “Be still and know that I am God. Rest in me and know that I am your Light.”

The star was not aware that it was shining, for it had not yet developed self awareness. Instead it dreamed a dream in which it wondered to itself, “Be still? Why should I limit myself when I could move about the universe in infinite ways? Surely it is better to move about and explore the wonders of God’s creation.”

So the star dreamed of moving through a world of time and space. It dreamed of space so that it would be able to move. And it created time such that it could recall where it had been and conceive where it might go. In its dream it wandered infinitely far from the place where God said it should remain.

Soon the star realized that no matter where it moved, it always experienced fear and lack. Every move created the same dark experience. “How can this be?”, the star wondered. “Surely it is because I have wandered away from the place God said I should be. I have violated God’s will to ‘be still’, and I have sinned against him.” The star’s dream became a nightmare in which it was “guilty” before God. And it created death in order to relieve its guilt.

God looked at the dreaming star, shining brightly and resting comfortably in the place where he had placed it. God could see into the star’s dream of guilt and knew it signaled the awakening of the star into self-awareness. For how could the star understand that its light would always shine in accordance with God’s will to “be still”, unless it dreamed it could find its own light by moving away. For God used the dream to create a star-son with self-awareness of its oneness with God’s will.

And with that the star awakened and understood its Self. Never had it moved, never had it done anything it believed itself to do. Instead it understood it had always rested comfortably, forever shining its light and creating the perfect reflection of its Creator.


A Dreamer’s Awakening



The dreamers awaken and bring with them the gifts of eternal life.

We all dream together, and we all awaken together. Once the Light dawns in one individualized mind that is part of the One, it dawns on all because all is One.

As an embryonic divine Self, our spiritual eyes are closed being not fully formed. As we sleep, we dream. Dreams are illusions in the mind. They convey a “reality” that is opposite of the Truth, which is why they are unreal, yet the Spirit uses them to reveal the Truth to us; as light is known for what it is by the darkness that surrounds it.

Foundation to our dreams is our false belief about ourself. How we perceive ourselves is how we perceive others, reality and God. In unawareness, we don’t realize we are the dreamer and create the image we perceive of ourselves, and the “reality” it projects upon the screen of our minds. We believe we are the character in our dreams, who was born into a world separate from ourself, and that we are the dream. We are at one with a lie. All we “see” are fractals of our beliefs and the world serves as a witness to our illusions. We unknowingly create our “reality”, then respond to it as something separate from ourselves and in this cyclical effect we remain in a deep sleep. Our beliefs create and foster our dreaming mind. But when beliefs are replaced with the knowing of Truth, we awaken.

Our minds are not bound to this world of illusions. Because their Source is God’s living Thought of us, we can always engage this Source of Light within our true Being. We’ve always been connected to it, only unaware of it until we sincerely “look” for it. And being a Light, we will perceive it through our darkened mind if we seek in sincerity for Truth. In the quietness of stillness, we perceive it through the cracks in our false beliefs. The Light inherent in the Truth enters our minds in sovereignty over our false beliefs, and little by little It grows until all our mind is illuminated.

As Truth expands, we release the concept of the false self we created and embrace the Truth that we are God’s holy Thought, which guarantees our holiness and perfection. As we remember who we are in Truth, fear fades, thus all sense of lack, attack, defense, guilt, sin, littleness, weakness, and all the other attributes our minds dreamed up. We are Truth and can only be Truth; only in an illusion can we imagine we are something we are not. In our expanding awareness, we begin to act and respond according to Truth and not our previously held beliefs, thus ending the dream.

All of creation will be revealed for what it is – a holy expression of God. The illusion will fade when its purpose is complete, and it has already begun as we are beginning to see it for what it is. We are no longer blinded into thinking what is unreal is real, which opens our minds to the Truth. The illusion doesn’t last. Only Truth is eternal.

We are not who we thought we were in the dream, but we are the sleeping holy Son of God who is now awakening and bringing all the gifts of eternity with Him.


Know YourSELF



Know YourSELF

We are the living Thought of God. We can’t be separated from our Source or His perfect eternal and unchanging Thought of us. As an extension of Him and His likeness, when we awaken to the Truth from the dream of illusions (which is created by the belief that Truth is not), we perceive our united true Selves as His Self (the Christ).

Truth is … we are peace and peacemakers. We are abundant and manifest perfect abundance. We are eternal beauty and reflect eternal beauty. We are joy and givers of joy. We are divine love and givers of eternal divine love. We are strength and reflect power in gentleness. We are holy and reflect innocence. We are magnificent and are magnified. We are limitless and free as we are only governed by divine love of which we are. We are timeless and abide in the eternal present. We are eternal Life.

There is only Truth. Anything that opposes Truth, which has no living opposite, is an illusion. As our maturing sleeping mind awakens to Truth, our childish dreams which conveyed an opposite reflection of our true Self (which was used to mature our minds in Truth), dissolve into nothingness from which they came.

Truth is known by looking beyond the veil of the illusionary body (we mistakenly think is us), its world and reality (we mistakenly believe is real and true), and time (which keeps us bound to both). Our bodies, the world, and our “reality” reflect our beliefs, not Truth. As our source of truth shifts from the external to the eternal, Truth begins to take the place of illusions and our reality begins to reflect this shift. As our soul awakens by the Light of Truth from the dream of illusions, we begin to reflect the attributes of our Father’s likeness.

In Truth, the means and the end are the same, we create through being. All we are and ever will be is within our true Self in this present moment. Through being in an awakened state, all that we are in Truth is expressed through us as the glorious Light of God.



The Living Thought System

There is a singular, single Thought – God’s complete divine Thought – of which I am. This Thought flows through me and creates the reflection I see and my experience, thus I am the expression of God’s Thought. I am all I need to be in every present moment.

This one living divine Thought runs through all of creation from the Source. Our thoughts are fractal aspects of this Thought. We mistakenly believed we had separate thoughts, but separation is impossible. Because it is impossible, what we believed and created was only an illusion, a dream.