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The mind adheres to labels, the grouping of characteristics defining what it perceives as true. It’s how the mind quickly judges what it perceives so it knows how to respond. The labels we assign to creation, people, experiences and events, reflect our understanding and what is our accepted truth, when in actuality, labels are vibrations of self-fulfilling prophecies created by a mind.

The mind continually manifests reflections of the labels that it accepts as true. Initially, you absorb the characteristics the illusion placed upon you, therefore you became those characteristics. Those labels covered you and became your truth, and in them you were imprisoned by your own mind. But it isn’t who you are. It was a shadow of your self, distorted, dark and deceptive.

When you assign a label to water, its energetic frequency affects its crystalline structure. In the same way, what you assign to yourself and others determines what you see reflected back to you.

The labels you use to define the characteristics of human nature determine the reflections you see. What you believe, you manifest. In order to change the realities of thought, emotion and outer appearances for the highest good of all, you must change the beliefs you hold, because these assign life-energy to the labels you apply to yourself, others, and reality.

So why not label everything as good? Because with a mind unaware of Truth’s Perfection, we feel we are lying to ourself. So we accept what we don’t want, thinking this is being honest. In this blindness, we assign endless labels, full of duality, creating confusion and ignorance because everything is full of contradiction. As a result of our beliefs, we project a dream of nothingness, for everything cancels everything out. It’s time loop without end, yet sitting at the edge of eternity where the door to Life is found.

In seeking the Light, you became the Light. In pursuit of the Light, you’ve shed many false beliefs and their corresponding labels. As you turned to the Voice of Truth and followed down her path, you also turned from the many voices of an illusionary world, which taught you to believe the ultimate lie about yourself, that you are not perfect and therefore separate from God’s perfection. You are not of that world, for it is an illusion of your darkened mind. What that world presents as wisdom is foolishness, for it is disconnected from the Voice of Truth.

What has the Voice of Truth taught you? You are a Divine Seed, a Miracle of Perfection, a child of Light. The Voice of Truth revealed to you your true heritage as a Divine Seed, one formed in the image of Mother Father God. You are Miracle of Perfection because you are becoming what you didn’t see without, what no worldly label could ever proclaim you to be. You are a divine being of Light and in the reality of darkness only the Voice of Truth can proclaim you to be Light. As you awaken into Truth’s Light, you gaze into a much higher awareness of Truth, becoming aware that you are a Miracle of Perfection. In this enlightened awareness, the last vestiges of the labels you once accepted as true fall away.

Divine Love’s hand of Grace clothes you in a shining garment, in which you eternally expand into her immutable joy, peace, wisdom, light and love. You are a reflection of Divine Love’s glory, you are her pride and joy. Look into the mirror of her reflection and see your own. What do you see? Ever present harmony, beauty, lovingkindness, generosity, honor, wisdom and opulence. These are just some of the labels you now wear.

Finally your feet have been cleansed from the dust of your desert journey and now reflect Truth’s Perfect Will, revealing the inherent perfection of your true Self, a Being of Light. You can walk without stumbling, for you no longer trod a path darkened by shadows in your mind. Divine Love has driven out all fear, for in the awareness of Oneness, fear is a label that does not exist. Humans know fear, for their awareness lives in the dark. Divine beings do not know fear, for their awareness is full of Light. When you recognize Divine Love goes before you, her light drives out fear. When fear is removed from your experience in time, your divinity is revealed in time.

As you are clothed in the Truth’s labels, your awareness of Truth soars to new heights, one that pierces the barrier of linear time, bringing forth the time of the gods. In the awareness of your Oneness with Mother Father God in time, you are revealed as a Miracle of Perfection, a Life-giving Spirit of Divine Love. She is your true essence and in her Light, your form reflects her purity, the perfection of holiness.

You know your true Self as one fashioned in the likeness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, and you accept nothing else, therefore qualifying your mind and body with Truth’s Perfection, therefore eternal Life. You arise out of the waters below, having denied the illusion, you give all your life-energy to Truth’s Life. You are a reflection of Truth’s Life in time, a Miracle of Perfection.

For a moment you thought you were the shadow of yourself, but now, in the Light, you see your true form as an ever-expanding Tree of Righteousness. You’ve crossed the finish line, the energetic divide between illusion and truth, between the shadowlands and the Real. Divine Justice has been served.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

One thought on “The Shining Garments

  1. In reflection of the 12 Gifts of Christmas, a Dec 2022 post.

    Be Still and know I Am God.

    I Am Grateful …

    I Am a Goddess of Light. All I Am emanates Truth’s Light, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. This Oneness expressed in time is my consuming desire and I Am god of the universe, thus it is so. In this, every pixel of the Spherical Self is filled with Living Light, and its endless gifts creating ever-expanding Perfection.

    I Am a Child of Light.

    I love the Light, the shining perfection of the I Am Presence, which is one with all the IS, according to Infinite Awareness.

    I serve the Light as it consumes every moment’s effects and timing, shining forth Truth’s Perfection in the sphere of time.

    I live in the Light, it has consumed my inner world, thus it consumes the outer reality. I perceive all by the Light, transmuting All into ever-greater reflections of the Light’s Perfection.

    The Light protects, illumines, supplies and sustains the state of my being.

    I Am so grateful for the I Am Presence’s Light, a presence I adore. I adore All who hold its Sacred Flame deep in their heart, a possession that most have no idea they possess. Yet, the Sacred Mother knows of this hidden treasure in Her children, and as Her Divine Love perfectly governs time, She nurtures All in Creation to bring the Light forth in All so that All reflect her Shining Glory, Divine Love’s Perfection.

    Uplifted into its Radiance, I bless and send out the Light by honoring its Presence in every moment and accepting its ever-expanding expression of Perfection throughout my being, the Spherical Self.

    The Light is my ever-expanding Blissful Joy.

    Thank you, St. Germain and your Twin Ray


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