Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Perfect Power

Life’s energetic essence powers creation. As a creator within the Creator, an individualized soul in oneness with Divine Will commands this mighty force, giving the soul perfect power.

Life’s energetic essence flows from Absolute Truth’s harmonious, timeless realm. It’s the unexpressed Life force of the Creator, which when it engages a soul gate becomes like electricity that powers Creation, expressing Life in infinite arrays of beauty, harmony, and perfection.

This energetic essence is individualized and expressed as the soul’s energetic field. The soul directs this energetic essence within its field via the will, generating individualized power. The will translates the mind’s understanding into defined energetic waveforms (i.e. emotional energy), which determine the condition of the material world. The individualized soul is a powerful and creative being, governing its personalized portion of the one Life force according to its understanding.

With the soul’s first awareness as an individualized I Am presence, it possesses the Creator’s Life force, but like a seed that Life is not yet expressed. In this dormant state, it senses its power to create, express, and expand, yet in the duality of being aware of life, but existing in a state of lifelessness, it also senses powerlessness. Without understanding, this sense of powerlessness drives the mind to seek for its power outside itself, taking it from its outer reality. The slumbering mind imagines it possesses its own self-directed will by which it obtains power and wields that power for its own purposes and desires, which it arbitrarily determines are good. This “taking” mentality and the misuse of will creates a reality of discord, destruction, and decay. The misunderstood feeling of powerlessness is the root of the ten discordant energetic states, which cause the soul’s energetic field to become imbued with disharmony, prohibiting its expansion.

As the soul awakens to the understanding of its creative power, it perceives the Creator’s Life as its own. In this awareness, it recognizes power isn’t gathered from outside itself, but flows from within through the gate of understanding. Within this Life flows the power of Divine Will, thus as the soul awakens it recognizes the Divine Will as its own. In this awakening the mind grows in the understanding of Life’s Truth, and as a result the soul’s desires reflect the light of its increasing awareness. The soul’s desires no longer serve duality, but instead serve the Divine Will’s perfect orchestration. This metamorphic awakening liberates the soul’s energetic field from discordancy, instilling a state of harmony and rejuvenating the soul’s reality and eternal expansion, i.e. expressed Life. The soul begins to exercise its inherent and immutable power, dispelling all sense of powerlessness.

As the soul engages its inherent power, it leaves a state of doing and enters into a state of being, becoming a living gate through which this mighty power flows. It settles into its eternal rest through divine emergence, by which the Divine Will is perfectly expressed. It no longer strives to obtain power outside itself. Instead in Oneness, the soul perceives that the Life within it is the source of all things to which the Divine Will gives perfect expression.

The Divine Will manifests the soul’s divine reflection into the finite reality of time by bringing forth the next perfect moment according to the soul’s preordained manuscript held in timeless perfection. As the soul rests in divine emergence, the Divine Will works through the soul’s individualized desires, creating emergent expected and unexpected occurrences. These outcomes always exceed the soul’s initial desires, which leads to reality’s harmonious expansion. Unlike the illusionary reality of the slumbering mind, there isn’t an array of potentials for any one moment, but only the perfect potential exists. Because the completed masterpiece of the soul’s life already exists in timelessness, there is a predetermined potential to be expressed for every moment. This level of divine orchestration reveals Life’s timeless and immutable peace, abundance, joy, and etc. throughout creation.

Because the Divine Will is expressed through the soul’s desires, the soul experiences the creative power of bringing forth its reality, giving the soul the joy of creating. The Divine Will expresses Divine Love by creating the perfect moment that serves the highest good for all. It fulfills the soul’s utmost desires and exceeds its highest expectations. Therefore, the soul not only experiences the joy of creating, but it’s the venue by which Divine Love is experienced throughout creation. The soul experiences perfect power, as its own.