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Feeling Christ Jesus’ Heart

Feeling Christ Jesus’ Heart


Most of us at some point have had a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse who acted in a manner toward the opposite sex that was only appropriate for us. When it happens the pain cuts deep. Looking back on my past experiences, I couldn’t understand logically why it hurt so much?

I asked God about these experiences and this is what He told me.

It isn’t just your pain you feel but a taste of mine that is why it is so intense.

I have taught you how the relationship between a man and a woman is symbolic of my relationship with you. It is only a shadow pointing to something much deeper. I am your husband and you are my bride. I use your relationships to show you how I feel. Becoming one with me means feeling what I feel.

When you feel the pain of a loved one giving affections to another that was meant for you it is similar to how I feel when my people look to others, trust them, go to them for truth, rely on them and not me.

And in these days my people are breaking my heart.

They trust in their pastors, teachers and leaders and look to them for truth and not me. Their priorities are upside down and as a result they are being led away from me. They go to them and not my Word as I have instructed them. They seek first the voice of man instead of my voice. They don’t believe me because they don’t follow me.  They follow their man made rules and codes of Christian behavior and all the while ignore me when all I want is to be with them. I want them to come to me, know me, talk with me, put me first, trust me, rely on me, and love me above all others like they would a husband. I desire a relationship not man-made religion. They have fooled themselves to thinking they are aligned with my will with their “good works”, but I see into their hearts, and I am not first. And that is what matters. Matthew 7:22-23

I have called them to love me as they would a husband, but most have turned their eyes to other concerns. They have left their first love. Revelation 2:3-4 I am a God who feels, cares and loves, but I will not let this situation continue on. The time is short. Judgment is upon my people. Today is the day to decide who they will follow; me and my truth or someone else’s interpretation of it. They are relying on the wrong thing, man instead of Me, and it will be their downfall.

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Women and Men: Church and Christ: Part IV

Women and Men: Church and Christ

Part IV


This is the fourth and final section. I hope you have found this article insightful and helpful to understanding your own relationships with God and others.

Drawing a parallel between the physical and spiritual, we can better understand the negative effects we experience when we aren’t in a right relationship with God. In each illustration above we can replace women with church and men with false images and see the outcome. Like the oppressive or passive woman, when the church replaces the role of Christ in individual lives or when the church has a negative influence, then souls are bound instead of free. There is one Good Shepherd, Teacher and Father. (John 10:14; Matt 23:8,9) We should be depending on Him for our spiritual nourishment, protection and growth.  It isn’t the church’s role. The confusion of roles becomes manifested in weak and afflicted souls. The church is to support, encourage, and remind us to depend on Christ not a man-made system. Like women emulating men, people often look to the church system to provide where it shouldn’t. We need to get back to who is who.

On the other hand, like the domineering or disengaged man, when God is perceived as either a wrathful tyrant or a passive leader, the false image robs us of freedom. We will live either in an unholy fear that paralyzes us from engaging with God or we become our personal dictator unyielding to His authority. In both scenarios we forfeit abundant life. We all come to God with warped images of Him. He understands our condition and surrounds us with tools to know the truth; His creation, His Word, and His Spirit. It is our part to diligently seek Him as He is. Believing a lie is just as bad as not believing.

Helping each other understand our roles is critical to a healthy person, physically and spiritually. When we live as God created us everyone benefits. We are to live as we are called and we each have our part. We can’t control others and we are responsible only for our actions in relationship with one another and with God, but we can seek and share the truth in love. There is much to understand about how we relate to God and thus to one another. He has provided ample material to learn from if we will look with spiritual minds and hearts.

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Women and Men: Equality is Not Sameness: Part III

Women and Men: Equality is Not Sameness

Part III

This is the third part of the essay I wrote with one more section to go. . . hope you are enjoying it . .

When people either abuse or neglect their respective roles, the ripple effect is vast and extends to future generations. Many men and women have fallen prey to power distortions and exploitation. The Women’s Liberation movement was born out of good intentions. But like many movements that start out in the right direction it went sideways. Understandably, it has left women trying to live at the helm. A man’s strength is honored in many societies and the woman’s is overlooked and suppressed. This oppression causes an over reaction in women.  To survive, some women try to fill man’s position; others have given up altogether and become passive. Many men have disengaged from the fact that women serve as a compass that they can’t accurately steer their ship without. Women are harming themselves by marginalizing the roles they were created to fulfill, and men are neglecting to act for the benefit of those under their care. In their blindness, both shatter the necessary function of women to the destruction of everyone’s wellbeing.

On the flip side, there has been a movement in recent years to make men more like women; to be sensitive, in touch with their emotions and to confide intimately in others. Although well intended, the direction of this trend is eroding the power of men as leaders. It is stealing the strength of many and creating weak captains who are unable to lead. They don’t protect, take responsibility, provide or act with the authority they have been given. Women complain that these men aren’t being leaders but they, the influencers, are sending mixed messages; be like us but be a man. In response to these messages, the man shuts down, lets her have her way, escapes to his haven of sports or work and all suffer. (Proverbs 21:19)

The underscoring lie is that equality is sameness. Equality means having comparable value, not being identical. In fulfilling our respective positions, we increase each other’s value. In neglecting them, we devalue everyone. Whether in the workplace, at home, in families, or in organizations, the power women and men possess needs to be recognized and honored.  Their powers are at work regardless of whether they are acknowledged. If they are suppressed or abused they negatively impact everyone. Men and women were created to work side by side as a team. Both are given what they have to serve the other.  Blinded by the world’s philosophies and dogmatic religions, they have lost sight of who they are. They need to find their way back for their survival.