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10 Day Reset Meditation


Written, January 11, 2023

The purpose of meditation, a mindful reflection that engages our feeling world, is to manifest the soul’s inner vision into reality. Taking time to mindfully reflect on the understanding you’ve gained allows that awareness to deeply integrate into your creative mind and feeling world. When the mind actively deepens its awareness while engaging its feeling world, it engages in a powerful creative act that permanently alters its overall frequency, creating a frequency reset. It is how your increased awareness of Truth is established in time so it can transfigure your experiential reality. This creative act of mindful reflection is how you create what you see inwardly, into an outer expression.

As you mindfully reflect on these three meditations, your overall frequency will align to Divine Love’s Living Presence within you, and thereby revealing Truth’s Perfection in your reality. For the next 10 Days, sit with the following three meditations. Their energetic impact builds upon one another, so I suggest reading them in order, whether you read them all each day or spread it out over 10 days.

These three meditations prepare your heart, mind, and soul as One Light to shine the radiance of Truth’s Perfection into your sphere of time. Through the understanding held within these three meditations, and the creative engagement of your understanding within a mindful meditation, the Kingdom of Peace emerges from within you, in its eternal expansion.

Holy Flame Meditation

Holy Altar Meditation

Present Moment Meditation

As you begin your journey, take a moment to open your heart, prepare your mind, and set your intention to receive the inflow of Truth’s Perfection that divinely orders every moment in Divine Love’s Perfection.

Written, January 11, 2021


In the Language of Oneness, I speak as One.

For the next 10 days I focus my heart center and mind on the inner awareness of Divine Love’s Perfect Ordering of my being and reality, for the Highest Good of All. I focus on seeing this Perfection in others, as myself.

In this Holy Present Moment between what was and what will be, I AM present. In the expanse of my mind that is clear of all judgment so that it is a gateway to divine expression, I sit at the Living Holy Altar of Truth. My life source is the Holy Flame upon this altar that is the individualized I Am Presence in total oneness with the Mighty I Am Presence of Living Absolute Truth. This Sacred Fire, possessing all the divine attributes, is the holy vibration of Truth, divine love. Its Light shines through my individualized mind giving expression to the divine Self through the synergy of the four living Truths: divine emergence, a timelessness mind, a life-giving spirit of abundance, and a creator within the Creator, bringing forth the eternal Holy Present Moment.

To every outer shadow I perceive in my reality and feeling world I say: I am Victory, for I Am Light.

The Four Sacred Winds of Regeneration

Remember. Be Still and Know I Am God.

Renew. Be Still and Love Life.

Rejoice. Be Still and Be Grateful.

Rest. Be Still and Be.


Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

46 thoughts on “10 Day Reset Meditation

  1. So beautiful hard to read thro my tears, bringing joy to my heart and peace to my soul. GOD bless.

  2. when u truly understand the true nature of the HOLY spirit(why bible is called holy bible), u truly understand how and why prayers work. they truely are a manifest(of heart, with mind supporting the heart)… if you ask for a prayer, but no heart(logic) behind it, ur heart will still be shown as a manifest, but other people(as eternal brothers) will be stronger and more affective in your life instead of the other way around. giving life through the holy spirit(from praying) to ALL of mankind on earth, the GOD(eternal heart) within has so much strength(affecting the lives of others).

    again, christ is a law, and only through that law(with all the other laws), can a prayer be manifested.
    to do things through christ is to see the whole world(past/present/future) without any judgements(know ur eternal life)

    in pain, the holy spirit will reveal that pain within the whole world(such as a virus or wars).
    in peace(no judgement within the world), your vibrations to manifest prayers becomes stronger and stronger(as you believe it more in time)..

    try a real prayer as the one above. and pray every day for new things. the creative energy will be shown in the whole world(past is altered to manifest the present)..
    the more GLOBAL ur prayers are(afects more people), the stronger ur heart will be revealed…

    • This is a powerful understanding, our prayers become limitless in their power when our individualized “free” will gives freely to ALL, ALL the divine attributes (as we are aware of them), like the sun shining upon all of creation. What is truly Divine is a reflection of absolute Truth, which is singular, one, complete, ever-present and perfect. When we give according to this oneness by energetically conveying all the divine attributes to all, Truth’s reflections (joy, peace, harmony, strength, abundance, lovingkindness, etc) are reflected back to us in our sphere of reality. If we give in part, we uphold relative truth in the place of Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth can’t be expressed in part, so that it is for some and not others or at times and not other times, because then it isn’t absolute. This division and separation is the result of relative truth. If we hold onto relative truth, we hold onto division and that is what we will outwardly experience. What we uphold as true is what appears as “real” in our reality. If it is relative truth, then our reality is an illusion (what isn’t real presenting itself as real). If it is absolute Truth, then we begin to awaken out of our slumber into ever-increasing reflections of the divine attributes.

  3. heaven on earth. when we understand the LIFE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW, we can see that EVERTHING IS ALIVE. even the empty space between planets , and the forces between the elements are bound to our consiousness…

    the true LANGUAGE of our being becomes into TUNE with our awareness.
    even when an consious element believe it is dead, and lives in blackness, there will always be GLIMPSES and strange events to awaken all elements out of death(and into realitys:heaven on earth(all worlds take up the same space).

    and in this deeper awareness(away from religious that live in seperation), we all become that consiousness(prayers are like a glimpse(connect with ur father/and my father). not a real father, but in a great langauge.

    • It’s a provoking thought that when all is energy, then animate, inanimate and the “space” in between, which is an energetic atmosphere, possesses the potential to reflect the living energy of divine Harmony which produces the reflections of Life. We, who through our thoughts can convey the Divine Harmony of Truth or the disharmony of relative truth, by the use of our will determine the energetic reflections of everything around us. As we awaken, our thoughts are consumed with the Light of Absolute Truth which manifests Divine harmony in our sphere of reality. It’s a powerful understanding to perceive.

  4. Hello all.

    It being true that as in Adam, all died, so in Christ these same all will be brought back alive (to the spirit) through the resurrection and redeeming spirit of Christ, so how can we not pray for all things and all people alike? I agree that our prayers must become universal for all, in line with the will of God in knowing that every knee will come to bow to the love of God when we all will see Him as He is. This universal awakening will come in orders, first of the first fruits and then those as Christ appears within our hearts at His appearing. This is the resurrection.

    It is true, that when our prayers become as one with God’s will for all of mankind alike do we move into that oneness with all and with God. When we step into this spiritual realm where we see that “all” are being completed as one, we do not see others, regardless of their present condition and belief, as being less or more than ourselves…but another child of God in the making. Our prayers must be universal and also include even the lowly atheist from the other side of the world which hasn’t any knowledge that God even exist…or has ever heard the name of Christ. When it is their time to come forth and to be made whole, they will stand along with all others who have also been made in the same image and likeness of our Father, as we have with no respect of person.

    When we begin to pray where we see no sin as an obstacle to and for any, we begin our crossing over from sin and death to the promised land…and that land is where the true temple abides…and that is within each of us. Can sweet and bitter water come forth from the same fountain in which we each are that fountain? It cannot, so the sweet waters of universal love is what will make us all as one. We must all come to pray this prayer together to be included in the light and love of God’s oneness, where only God’s love for all alike exist..for death is no longer even a thought, for when our reality comes…only life lay before us all.

    It’s a wonderful thought to have for it rest in truth, which is love, which is God…in us, eventually in all alike. In reality, nothing but the likeness of God exist. Seeing this universal speech being more and more spoken of it validates our hope and faith in seeing reality coming in its brightness. As we pray and desire the same love and peace for “the least of these” this is when we receive it for ourselves for we receive what we give. There is only good in God’s reality…therefore we pray for all to awaken unto Him…to see Him as He is.

  5. i need to fix a thought that is not right in all of us.
    its refering to whats known as an ATHIEST.
    we all got the wrong idea.
    athiest now isnt what an athiest was was back in time.

    a true athiest was more in alignement with truth far more than we are today.
    it isnt until christianity was born, that we stirred the concepts of atheist in a bad way.

    the conflict is that when an athiest says he doesnt believe in god, he really does. its just that his LANGUAGE is different.
    such as i may reject the concept of god out of religion, and replace it with ETERNAL HEART, so does an ahtiest believe in the ETERNAL HEART(we all see live in eachtother through god for the eternal heart.).

    when an atheist tries to describe the eternal heart, he sees god as i do, as something that we all possesss, while a christian sees god as seperate from eachother. so when an athiest tries to describe the eternal heart, he puts down god(word wise only), which confuses a christian. it is the christian that didnt believe in god(the eternal heart), cause they are imprissioned within a religion.

    in this case, the athiest is the good guy, and the christian is the bad guy.
    what we all need to learn from this, is to look outside the words, and listen to the true heart in every person, as we SHARE in that heart(we are eternal/replaced by god, so when we speak of god, we are not aligned with what the bible means when it refers to god.

    an athiest sees every person as possessing the light, but describes it differently. a christian already seeing a threat within their religion automatically assumes that they are rejecting the god, when they truely are not.

    now in the future in our own timeline, we tend to shape and size our own concepts, where we think that if ur an athiest , they or we dont believe, but we believe MORE(you have to trust in everyone)… NO LABELS.. labels have judgements…
    we are all ETERNAL BROTHERS(a langauge where we ALL UNDERSTAND EACHOATHER).

    • I think you made my point, it does not matter who another is or thinks they are or are not, it is God that knows our end even if we do not, therefore we do not condemn another regardless if they are a believer or not, but see them equal with ourselves…when we all stand before our Father…being one. The point is not of a philosophical perspective or argument, the point is to love all, as all will eventually get “there.” How a person uses a word in context is what defines the word, whether it is to prove a negative…or a positive point. However I do get your point from your perspective. 🙂

    • Labels of human qualification are limiting to our increasing awareness, whether we place them upon ourselves or another. Not only are they limiting, but they hold a creative power, because what we profess our I Am to be, we express and what we profess of another individualized presence, we experience them to be.

      When we truly listen to another, we don’t get caught up in the physical words they use, but we listen to what they are trying to use those words to communicate at a deeper level beyond words. If we truly want to hear another’s heart, then we don’t judge them by their choice of words, as you described.

      Our expanding awareness of Absolute Truth can be described in many ways, and it is described in countless ways because it is communicated through individualized minds. How Truth is described doesn’t alter it, but simply reflects the individuality of the communicator. When one seeks for Truth from within from the Source of Absolute Truth, the Voice of Truth conveys Truth to each individualized mind in words, pictures, analogies, etc, which that particular mind can understand. These symbols aren’t anything of themselves, but only are used to point to Truth that is beyond all outer appearances.

      However, organized religions are caught up in physical words and symbols because they focus on the outer reality as their source of Truth. Religion, by its very structure, calls people to look outwardly to know the Truth instead of within from the Source of Truth because they are defining for others what Truth is and what it is not. In this, symbols become their Truth, instead of the deeper truths symbols are intended to reflect, thus they lack awareness of Absolute Truth.

      • These are references to what we call Unbelievers. Because you have no faith in the testimony of others and what they have told you concerning their experiences with Jesus Christ.
        It’s not the words that lack reality, it’s because you have no belief in the testimony of others, and are not in touch with the Father’s love. If you knew love you would believe in the testimony of love. Love is within, there is no reference to love being outside. That was your own perception. I am assuming if your house is organized, that means you are devoid of Truth? An unbeliever is someone who does not believe a testimony. So your labels are telling you that you cannot believe the testimony of love. Inside, you believe in yourself, but not in the testimony of others concerning Jesus Christ. That is exactly what Jesus came to dispel.
        There is nowhere in the teachings of Jesus that tell us to look to outer reality as their source of truth. If that were true you couldn’t believe in Him. Belief is in the heart.

  6. As we look at the world around us and men’s hearts are failing them for fear of the unknown of what’s “coming” it is because they have not a faith and a belief that God is sovereign and nothing escapes His notice. Does not God say that he knows the number of our hairs and even if a sparrow falls?

    If this is so, and to the believer it is, then why do we fear what God has under his sovereign control? Does it not say He directs our steps even if we choose our own path, meaning He will direct us back to His way…in time? We must begin and end each day knowing that all is well from God’s perspective and if we want the peace and contentment that God has available to us, we must study and meditate to learn life only from His perspective.

    Trying times are upon us, however as a sparrow falls to its end, so does each day close as it was written before the world was.

    We have a Father in heaven which is in complete control of our every step and breath whether we rebel or are obedient to Him. Whichever way we are to Him in the moment, it is but for the moment for He is continually maturing us to be ultimately as He is. His promise is to complete each of us in our own order in our own calling. Therefore we will trust…and have faith…that we will all stand as one when all of our varying differences are changed into His very likeness and character. Then…there will be nothing to dispute for all will be in agreement having overcome the disagreement of the carnal mind, the flesh, and the will of man. There is a peace in understanding the true goodness of God, our Father…for it is all very good.

    • The Word of God does not say that. Not in any way shape or form does it say that.

      • Proverbs 16:9 The mind of a person plans his way,
        But the LORD directs his steps.

        This is saying we may think we are in control and we may think to do this or to do that outside of the will of God, but even in our self will, He will eventually direct our mind and steps as He Himself so wills.

        God sets the boundaries for man and we can go no further than what He allows.

        A good example of this is but to look at the world around us and see how great a job the will of man has accomplished. Not so good. However God did say He sets the limits of our disobedience and we can go no further. He is very much in control of His creation. His meaning of control is to bring us back from our disobedience to obeying His spiritual laws…for He says of we love Him we will keep His commandments. One of His most important messages is to respect the views of others even if we don’t agree with them, to be tolerant and kind…as much as it is within us to do so. If a person’s “intent” is governed by the love of God, God’s mercy and grace covers our infractions until we are fully matured. 7×70 is a lot of forgiveness. We may not all agree along our path but if we can each see our destination and that it is the same as the other, we overlook our differences knowing better our likeness to come.

      • If the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.

        “So you, son of man, I have made a watchman for the house of Israel. Whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me. If I say to the wicked, O wicked one, you shall surely die, and you do not speak to warn the wicked to turn from his way, that wicked person shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand. But if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way, that person shall die in his iniquity, but you will have delivered your soul.

        God is saying here, that Rachel’s Blood Is On Your Hands

    • Hebrews 13: 20- 21
      20 Now may the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, 21 equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

      This has to be worked IN YOU. This isn’t God controlling you, or what you think.
      What you think has to lined up with what He said, or your doing your own thing.
      Then His main work is trying to find you.

  7. as long as u know that HE, and t he deeper I is one and the same. we are all children of our father, as we have within us, the father(time/space).

    each event on earth reveals the father(of our own heart). even as i speak these words, they will get sized and shaped in so manyways through the carnel world(creative aspect of the GOD in I AM). the awareness itself makes it happen, and that awareness was given before birth. and will remain after death…

    the father is the LANGUAGE(the program code within the program).
    each person is an variable of our deepest heart. when u look into the EYES of another person, you can see some aspects of yourself(takes up the same space/time). you are looking in a mirror of self.
    (spirit of heart(through god from eternal), to the GREATEST I AM(as u cannon escape your own heart).

    • The only savior is Jesus Christ. His language is love. There are no variables to love. Love is complete in Jesus Christ. In order to be delivered from self, you must turn to His love and look into His eyes. His eyes are the only eyes that will show you God.

      • to be saved by christ(using your terms), and be with love(ultimate frequency of I AM through the whole world), you have to see LOVE in the whole world, as that LOVE is I AM…
        christ is not the spirit, christ is a law(directed to the spirit(in ALL THINGS).

        christ is a doorway, and t he ETERNAL is the source of MANIFEST(spirit to carnel)..
        christ isnt christ without allah, and mohamand, and johova, and all other names(they are all part of eachother(on other side of doorway). CHRIST AND NAME is a GIVING, as we SEE(give), to the whole world)(peace in all).

        the ETERNAL is the consiousness that is within every element that makes up the whole world.
        to do things through christ is to see christ in all things. to see the world as evil, is to be against christ.

        do u get it? we are saying the same things, but throw away the expectations and physical beliefs(see through the spirit first aka see t hrough the ETERNAL(timeless)) first).

      • I didn’t say “to be saved by Christ”. I said to be saved by JESUS CHRIST.
        jesus said, My sheep know my voice, and the Voice of Another, They will NOT follow.

  8. to make it easier to understand, through the whole world, you have to FACE YOURSELF…(no detail left out)

  9. You say: “God is saying here, that Rachel’s Blood Is On Your Hands”

    In your description of the one who warns of the evil to come there is an element of truth to this for it is so stated. However for one to warn another of the evil to come they must have eyes to see what the warning is and where it truly lies. Evil can come from an outside source physically as in the analogy you presented or it can come from the heart and mind of another….or your enemy can come from within oneself to oneself. From the carnal to the spiritual man which is where we must start our cleansing.

    In sharing our “truths” with one another we in effect are warning others of any pending doom that may be coming to them. The enemy we most should be warning others about is the enemy from within our own selves, whether it raises it’s ugly head in your or my carnal reasoning mind; that condescending, fault finding, condemning spirit that one has for another. Many deliver their message from an intellectual philosophical standpoint of view, some from a natural perspective and others from a more spiritual perspective.

    As there is a sea, dry land, and that which is above the firmament realm of existence, so is it in the spiritual, in other words there is a gradual revealing more and more of God’s light in understanding as we grow from the “sea” to the earth, to the heavenly realm of our mind. In our discussions here for example we have a mixture in microcosm of the world at large for we are all on a journey from the sea to the heavens. 30, 60, 100 fold. The sea is the mass of humanity where we all have our beginning from birth, the dry land is the intermediate world or where religion exist, and the firmament above the land is the third heaven experience where we see all things from God’s perspective looking back to where we “have” been.

    As we observe one’s usage of language we know from whereof they speak…and why. Is it to be seen as an intellectual one where they believe their knowledge is superior to another and it gives them permission to put the other in a lessor position in relation to God as did the Pharisee standing in the temple thanking God he is was not like other people. Warnings are not to be given in a manner which is hateful and condescending, warnings are to be given in a spirit which corrects one’s attitude and ways in a compassionate way…and yes they can be misconstrued from the level of the sea and dry land classes of people, the ungodly and the middle religious ground of humanity. The religious mind that has not progressed into the 100 fold realm of thinking, seeing and doing, although they may mean well, judgement by the law is the best they have to offer. We all are a mixture of each realm or have been for as we move about this earth we are touched by these different natural places…so it is of the spirit.

    Warning in love is one thing, a spiritual thing , where warning from a legal carnal religious point of view is quiet another thing. A very good example of this difference is in the attitude of the Pharisee standing in the temple, intellectualizing of his superior knowledge and understanding of the law and using it to condemn the publican sinner close by. He was of the most “superior” sect of the religious order of his day. The problem was, his righteousness was according to the rituals in and of the law. He did not participate in the spiritual law of love and grace and conduct himself according to the third realm principles of the firmament above the religious realm he was so imprisoned to. He had knowledge of many things (1Corinthians 13) but he had not love for those he considered beneath him according to his own limited knowledge of God.

    When the false prophets of religion teach a hell that doesn’t exist and a person believes it to be so, and their life is in shambles and in ruin because of these unenlightened ones, the one who is doing the “false” warning is the one who has the blood on their hands. As it is written, if the trumpeter does not send a clear and concise message to others, how are they to know how to defend themselves from the enemy?

    All of Christ’s teachings and conversion came from one place and that was from the heart of His Father. He spoke gently, lovingly and kindly to all people alike with one purpose and that was to convey the love of God to others. However those who opposed Him and the truth, He elevated His speech “with a stronger warning” as He did to the Pharisees so far as to call them a generation of vipers and their father being of the devil. This elevated speech to the self righteous can only be given from the same place as His gentle message to those caught in sin. When one is corrected in love they are thankful and go about their way having accepted the truth. The Pharisee not so for he stood one his tradition of knowing the law while he called good evil, and evil good.

    There is a fine line between our choice of words and how we use them and how they are perceived and received, but even if another does not understand, we do. Therefore strong and direct speech may sometimes be necessary as it was with Christ toward the ungodly religious, but we should not use this freedom to do harm…but only warn to turn one to the truth. Animosity and a hateful and self righteous spirit can never conquer love, however love will conquer all things.

    As we all grow through our stages in life, and accomplish more of God’s will in our life, we do so more and more from a compassionate and forgiving attitude rather than judging by and of the cold letter of the law. The “appointed” guard that was to warn the people of the coming evil was in a different calling than the lay people who were not in the position of the guard “tower.” A person who only speaks from a position of love and not of warning others may not be called at this time in their journey to warn others. We do not all have the same gifts so we should not judge another with another gift.

    In knowing where we shall all end, our words have to match our intent and our intent must be rooted in God’s love for “all.” The just and the unjust. To be responsible for the blood of another, one must have the calling by God and have the right information to do so. We all do not have the same calling although we all may share what we have been given…thus far. The Pharisee was authoritative in the natural word, however he was far from being authoritative in the spiritual word which is to be found in the list and description of beatitudes of Christ.
    We must ask each of ourselves when we speak to others; want is our intent and purpose. It must be of “one.”

    • Awesome Sonny. thanks for that position in consiousness. sometimes we need eachother in order for all of us to stay above water.
      when one falls, we bring them back up.

      the Reason some things seem to be as a person instead of spirit, is caused the spirit has qualitys that is in ALL OF US.
      we GIVE A NAME to some element that we all share.
      we can easly see the chaos created within all the differneces that we all have. YET, on the positive side of all our differences, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

      one of our INTENTS os for all of us to keep growing and learning.
      we need knowledge for consiousness to grow. we cannot find weaknesses within our TOOLS(of self) as we are made in GOD@S IMAGE(i am).

      our body , your mind, our heart, our spirit is made in perfection. there is NO PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE, but it may appear as a person, only because there are things within the HUMAN HEART in which is in ALL OF US(true spirit)..

      • Thank You, and yes we are a person in the short term of time, however we are truly a spirit from which we came, are and will always be. There is too much emphasis placed on the short term of this temporary life of the carnal, for in truth we are one with the eternal spirit. Our misunderstanding, however is through no fault of our own, it is the will of God for He made us subject to this temporary “time” of vanity…and it is all good. There is nothing that can happen during this period of loss, blindness and time that can change the foreordained purpose of God in which was predestined, predetermined and established before this world and element of time began. Since we were with God before the world was..for we are all Job in the context of the natural story, defining the three phases of our development.

        Only maturity (perfection) can see the end of all things because the end of all things is you…and me…..and all who were ever created has the same continuation of life from their beginning to an endless life. Once we get this one truth of God fixed into our spiritual consciousness, and understand this “salvation” pertains to everyone alike, we should have no problem ever entertaining the thought of condemning anything or anyone again. This is because we have been given eyes to see that both good and evil were created for the same purpose…to teach…to train up a child in the way they should providing examples of the consequences of doing both good and evil. Living in this world can be and is..a challenging and taxing place, however it is but for a short duration of time as God said He would do a quick work.

        Again, seeing the end of this allotted time, and it’s purpose, we are to be grateful and appreciative to be taught the goodness of God by the knowledge of His goodness being blocked from our view for a season. When we desire a thing that we believe will make us happy in this world and have made many sacrifices to achieve and obtain it…when we do acquire it….we develop in the journey a satisfaction, an appreciation and a gratitude that we could have acquired no other way than the absence of the thing of value. This spiritual thing of value that is instilled deep within us by God Himself through Christ (the anointing) is nothing other than His true nature. So..once we have put in our time of this time of imprisonment and slavery to the flesh, we will all come forth, completed in the oneness of our Father, loving all as our Father loves all and thinking of the total creation as one.

        Let not this small space of time we are now living..define the eternal for it (time) was only put in place to enhance and make us aware, and amplify the love of God. We must be matured to see God, through Christ, as having only one agenda…and that is to see “all” in the future perfect tense. We can then look at the “least of these” as all our brethren equally in the eternal making. When oneness comes to the reality of our mind, there is no good and evil class…for we all will become that one God intends for us to be. When I want for “you” as much as I want for “myself”…then cometh the end… of self.

        I see us all coming to this “oneness” from a different place of heart and mind, using the talents that God gives to each of us. We must keep in mind that with the different gifts come a different perspective, a different understanding, and a different use of vocabulary. A person may not have any of the great gifts of the ministry, however if they have love one for the other they have the greatest gift of all that all are to obtain. We must all come to the place of having the same intent of seeing God’s consummation of all people according to His plan. We must not look at the temporariness of this natural dream but come to see all in the reality of spirituality. This suffering we experience by the confines of the flesh is the very thing that will bring us all to the obedience and to the will of “ONE.” Let us all rise to the maturity of being grateful for the one as for the other…realizing we are in fact all one and of one.

    • It sounds like your locked in a battle with your conscience. Trying to find your way to where you will end, trying to find the way to how you will feel if you went this way or that way, were you good enough today,
      do you need to do more penance, then you try to determine how much glass to crawl across to redeem your actions, then you psycho analyze your thought patterns, then you confusedly try to share all that distancing by looking at what you’ve been through, then you measure all that movement in yourself with some other psychiatrist, then you wonder if Jesus ever saved you as you meander back to some biblical quote that came to you dead center legally so you try to find another sainted reason to explain to someone who really cannot find you, and somehow you wonder if people are being honest because you often lie to yourself about what Jesus said, so if someone comes preaching like Jesus said, you feel hurtful because you want to rise up against them but you can’t because you know it would make you feel better if you were pampered, so you bring forth the psychology of your ultra humanism and you want to see yourself as a teacher and be perfect but if you do you can’t say the truth because it might hurt your feelings and your feelings are so important because it’s your only salvation, and if Jesus ever was perfect He couldn’t love you, because he would have to pet your head and lie to you and every time someone asks you if you know whats real, you always want to talk about politeness, so nobody ever knows what you’re believing, and you can’t ever go to church because you only need to feel an anti formal negated comfort that will leave you tricked into wanting to hear others so you can meditate on some other informal religions, and you can bring yourself together with a list of beatitific speeches without the other holy scriptures, and your intent and purpose is only partly accurate but Jesus always blesses the lowly stupid, so he wouldn’t hurt a fly even if he loved them and even if some one wants to really love you they can’t because your always fleecing every ones emotions to see if they want to hurt you, so the people all around you need to teach them what their mother already taught you, to be kink and gentle and to be holy, but don’t try to really understand the Bible just pontificate on it’s moderate justification.

  10. the TRUE ENEMY is always the SELF.
    and as that self grows into spirit(where we all become part of eachother(elemental LAW:consiousness that flows through those laws), the world MANIFEST into ur own heart.

    as man(seperation), you worship idols, as spirit, you see self in all things(through the spirit)(of christ means of the law). each name IS a law(part of)(a GIVING).

    if something comes into the world, and pushes u down below ur limits, that entity comes from your HEART(through spirit from eternal).

    again, CHRIST IS PART OF A LAW(the high end:the giving end) of the law of opposing forces. i do not imprission myself into any religion. i seeked the truth and have found it. it comes in the form of spirit OF TIME. I have so many gifts to prove it as i would not have this knowledge if i did not STEP INTO.
    christ is a law. you have to SEE(give) christ to the world in order for the HEARTS OF MAN to STEP INTO Christ/johova, mohamad, allah). there is no devil, no evil coming to get u(except ur own creation through ur own belief(manifest into spirit and affects ALL OFUS).

    what makes an idol, is speration . all men live in seperation, but we are the consiousness that flows through the ELEMENTS instead.
    all religions worships IDOLS, as they think christ is a MAN as an example.
    a christian would say that christ is not an IDOL, and they would be correct, but once religion hits christ, they turn christ into something that it is not.

    no one died on any cross for any sins, you have to translate the words into the spirutal langauge.

    NOTE: CROSS represents alignment of consiousness(to the eternal instead of individuals(you will see the world differently)>
    sins come from seperation. in spirit, we are all ONE.
    for any identity to die on a cross is a BAD THING. what it represents is a LOSS OF CONSIOUSNESs(as man we are dead, but through the eternal laws(CROSS), you see so much more in the world. it means WE ALL HAVE FALLEN(forgotten about the eternal spirit aka HOLY BIBLE aka SPIRIT OF CHRIST(through a law).

    it hurts to have to tell a christian that that what they taught themselves all their lives is wrong. but if i allow them to stay in their prison,t hen i become imprissioned myself(through the world).
    i have to be harsh to be true. it isnt for my benifit or beliefs. but i always trust the spirit.(i have many gifts as spirit is TIME)

    a preacher may see others as evil, as it will be t hat evil(from their own heart), that the world will consume that preacher.
    a preacher misses out on heaven all together as heaven is always in the NOW. all because they cant let go of a belief(or they fall prey to their trust/hope/faith/belief, their IDOL must be set free so they can be set free.

    • I like that you address the “cross” in a true sense of reality. There is the natural and there is the spiritual in all events and analogies in the scriptures. I will “add to” and confirm this about the crucifixion of the cross. We all know the story in the natural of Christ dying on the natural cross but many do not see the true cross in the life of Jesus Christ. I say Jesus Christ because Jesus was His name and Christ was His anointing…the same anointing we are given.

      To become a living sacrifice we must learn to suffer the cross of life and live beyond our own crucifixion, spiritually speaking where we die spiritually to the carnal mind, and come to life spiritually by putting on the mind of Christ. This…is…the true cross, the crucifixion in reality. It is where our carnal will crosses the will of the spirit. Where these two “enemies” cross within our own consciousness is the ultimate meaning of the cross. Thus to live with Christ in our hearts is in fact crucifying the old man of the flesh. We must deny the one and live for the other.

      It is…all…good.

      • I’ve been reflecting on the “free-will” versus the Divine Will, and my reflections are reflected in your words about the deeper meaning of the cross. Interesting.

    • So, you’ve made up all this nonsense and completely confuse yourself every day. First your the enemy of yourself, and then you make yourself your own savior. then you say everyone that listens to the gospel is crazy because you’re smarter than all those people, and their all crazy because they cannot understand the salvation you could offer them, then you call Jesus a liar, and because anyone that has ever listened to Jesus and believed Him and what he wrote that they can’t find “you” as their savior, because your smarter than all other men that ever lived, and if they would see you as their savior they can be set free from imprisonment, and everything to you is ethereal, and if people would just worship you they could be free from their idols.
      Get Real, get real with yourself.

  11. I have often said if we were stranded alone on an island, we would be complete in having friend and foe with us…within ourself. If we never saw another human being nor conversed with them, we would still be in the company of our number one enemy. As we think on the island about life in the presence of self, it is no different from being in the presence of the many. This is because all of the fallen attributes of man is within us all…and that is where we must overcome…and fulfill the sacrifice of the cross.

  12. yes, sonny, you got it. when we become AWARE of the cross, we become AWARE of the laws that flow through us, and the ETERNAL HEART that is the I AM IN ALL. to love christ as misia worships is to be that love in all things. you cannot be one name without all others.

    REMEBER though, this is where we(every person) fight alot. we FORGET about the LAW OF OPPOSING FORCES in our knowledge.
    that means that when you are good, you also take on the bad. you are ALL POSSIBILITYS within LIFE ITSELF.

    FREE WILL allows u to connect to the spirot that flows through the whole world(DIVINATION). when u see urself through the knowledge of the eternal heart, the more u love each person, the more you know your own heart in t he eternal(affects all of time).
    the DEVINE is what BINDS all our tools together(inside and outside of time as an example).
    all of our heart is already written..
    to live in the now means that u can SEE t omorrow and yesterday. and every EVENT INBETWEEN…

    we all have to let go of our religions in order to align with free will(through the eternal laws)(new sight).
    it isnt just a passing idea, but a FORCE that allows u to see ur own heart(no such t hings as cooincidences)(heart plays outside and inside of t ime).

    for those who make the world evil, and our hearts evil, and each person evil, does not live through the eternal language.
    free will and devine is the relfection of the laws.
    to see our greater selves. and to know each peson u come across, because u know yourself.

    and yes, missia, i made it all up. i wont allow negativity to suppress my creative energy.
    you have to just trust me..

    • I thought you said before that your self makes the world evil. Now you’re saying other’s do that. So you believe that a positive mental attitude is your salvation, will save you from Hell.
      You believe that religion is a negative force.
      If you focus on Today alone, that will save you from Hell.
      Your free will, will save you from hell.
      So, the Buddist’s and Mohammad, and 90′ percent of religions, you believe you are one with them,
      even though the Muslim’s mutilate women’s sexual organs and murder them.
      And you are one with them and they believe in evil, and practice it, and that’s who your one with all them that make the world evil.
      Whereas Jesus taught ” do unto others, as you would have them do unto you “.
      And o yes, the Buddist’s and Muslim’s, and 90 percent of other religions that you claim to be One with,
      they all believe in and teach that their is a Hell.
      So, who ever you’re fighting with, turn to someone who fought for you, to keep you out of Hell.
      He laid down his life for you.
      Jesus, that’s the Cross extended to you to conquer your sins.

  13. About “our will.” We have a free will to choose a way or our way “until” God replaces our self will with His will through the redemptive process of salvation…or saving us from our self and temporary free will. As long as we choose our free will through the weakness of our flesh, we err and sin against God. When our free will is used to choose evil over good, our free will is disciplined by God and it is exchanged for a desire to will as God wills, then we have a will that is truly free. To be disobedient or obedient is a product of free will, so we are free to rebel but only until God says to come and turn ourselves away from our failed self will to His perfect will. As we journey to the promised land of perfection we gradually give up our “free”dom to choose evil over good.

    If “all” men are to be saved by and through God’s good will to do so…where is it said we have a free will to disagree and change the ultimate outcome of God’s plan of salvation for all people? We are simply given a free will to choose until we learn to choose righteously, freely and voluntarily, now knowing our free will was only slavery to the flesh. When we have been redeemed from the flesh we are now free to will rightly, in God’s character and likeness. God does want us to choose good over evil, this is why we have been subjected to a repetitive process of failures and successes. It is through our failures of being disobedient that we realize our self will is against God’s will. So you can say because of seeing our mistaken way, we begin to “freely” choose a better way, a kinder and gentler way, a will that is much better than we were previously free to choose.

    While we live as an unregenerate person we have a free will to do so (with limitations set) and when we are changed through the redemptive plan to have the mind of Christ, we will now have a new free will established in us to do so. as we freely chose then to do evil by choice, but now with the renewed mind of Christ, we now choose only life by choice. It is the journey through life which teaches us who’s will is best…and which one to choose. Again, free will is just part of the process of learning to choose which will is a will that is free.

    • So, you never said anything about Jesus.
      The only Christ is Jesus.
      Jesus was not “following” Christ ~ Jesus is the Christ.
      The Word of God says that God gave Him a Name that is Higher than every Name Jesus,
      The Word says “there is no other Name whereby men may be saved”.
      One day all people will bow before Him, either to eternal punishment force,
      or today, by their will.
      The Cross is Jesus’ Cross.
      When you left out the Name of Jesus, instead you said, “Christ”.
      That’s when you became Unrenewed in your mind.
      You dropped the whole conversation on the floor.
      You lost everything you just said.
      Jesus is the Author and the finisher of one’s faith who believes in Him.
      Give your faith and worship to Jesus.
      There is no Christ except~~Jesus.
      And He loved you before you were born.
      You must be born again.

  14. “Jesus” was the son of man and His anointing from His Father made Him complete being Jesus the Christ… The word anointing means to be christened. When the oil was poured upon the head of ones in the scriptures they were anointed with a spiritual understanding. There is a lot to say about a person’s name in the scriptures for as Jacob’s name was changed to Israel it depicted a change to his “nature.” The word nature in Hebrew is translated to name. We must understand what’s in a name to understand its nature. A nature in a person is their level of spirit, whether it is carnal….or whether it is spiritually anointed from above.

  15. Jesus called Himself the son of man because He was incarnated in the Flesh, AS GOD. Jesus IS the Son of God. THERE IS ONLY ONE CHRIST, AND THAT IS THE SON OF GOD, JESUS. jESUS IS GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD, AND THE HEAVENLY FATHER IS GOD.

  16. Hope this helps.

    These facts about the word “anointing” etc. are very fundamental in knowledge and understanding. Provided are from a few searched references which establish correct understanding. Very basic and fundamental.

    “We find that the Hebrew word “Mashiyach” is translated both “Messiah” and “anointed” and that Messiah, does indeed, mean anointed. In conclusion, when these passages are diligently compared, we find that the English words “Messiah”, “Anointed”, and “Christ” all come from the same Hebrew word and, therefore, can and ought to be used interchangeably.” End quote

    So when people call Jesus the Messiah, even though it is used interchangeably, we who understand…understand.

    It is accepted as a rule in society when using the name “Christ” capitalized without any reference to another, we are addressing Jesus, the Messiah.

    Also many people have been anointed.

    “The term “anointed one” is used several times throughout the Bible and in several different situations. For that reason, we need to understand right off the bat that there isn’t a single “anointed one” in the Scriptures. Rather, the term applies to different people depending on the context in which it is used. 

    “In most cases, the “anointed one” being described is a regular person who has been specially set apart for God’s plan and purposes. However, there are other times when the “Anointed One” being described is God Himself — largely in connection with Jesus, the Messiah.” End quote

    Anointed People
    “Most often, the term “anointed one” is used in the Bible to refer to a person who has received a special calling from God. There are many such individuals in the Scriptures — most often notable public figures such as kings and prophets.

    King David, for example, is often described in the Old Testament as God’s “anointed one” (Psalm 28:8). David also used a similar expression, “the Lord’s anointed,” to describe King Saul on a number of occasions (1 Samuel 24:1-6). King Solomon, David’s son, used the same expression to refer to himself in 2 Chronicles 6:42.

    In each of these situations, the person described as “anointed” was chosen by God for a special purpose and a heavy responsibility — one that required a deeper connection with God Himself.

    There are also times when the entire assembly of the Israelites, God’s chosen people, are described as God’s “anointed ones.” For example, 1 Chronicles 16:19-22 is part of a poetic look at the Israelites’ journey as God’s people:” end quote.

  17. let me tell u what annointed refers to.
    within all that is happening within this world, we always seem to be exactly where we need to be.

    imagine someone getting robbed by a bunch of thugs. and at the very same time, u decide to wake up early one day and grab ur headphones, and take a nice job.

    as that person lays their all beat up and about to die, here u come around the corner.
    whereever u are in life, you were annointed to be there. the oil is the STAGE of reality, as there is always something coming around the corner, in the exact time it needsto be. when we pay attention to the SPIRIT that flows through all things, and know our consiousness within it, you become SO MUCH MORE, and even my identity will c ome from within yours.


  18. job = jog..

  19. also think of SON, as part of who we all are, the ONE everyone seeks isnt in the name alone, but qualitys that every one of us have that we need to bring out of eachother(spirit of christ, spirit of johova, spirit of allah, spirit of masaih, and so on and so on).

  20. another important note to make notice of, is that HEAVEN lives outside oftime, while CARNEL WORLD is within time(all of time is affected by heaven(source of souls))

  21. Rachel, as I share this, it is addressing:

    Why we have differences of opinion and why it is ok. Sorry it is so long but if life could be summed up in silence, we would all do much better…thank you for your tolerance and patience, and kindness…

    As we progress through life we leave one realm and enter another and the misunderstandings we encounter along the way is just part of the process of learning tolerance and patience…and not being persuaded to change our path just to please the people of the “sea.”

    When the angel (Christ) came down from heaven in Rev. 10 with his scroll in his hand and placed his right foot in the sea and his left upon dry land, He was addressing all the people’s of the earth and their position, relation and maturity level in Christ nature. This is also referenced in Rev. 20 where the earth and the sea give up their dead and whosever’s name was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (A good thing for God purifies by fire.)

    In referencing the above verses this touches on some of our confusion on the three levels of advancement from the sea, to the dry land to the heavens where the Angel came “down” from. This is not a geographical place, this is speaking of where we each are in our maturity, spiritually speaking. The sea is the condition of a person’s character where we all have had our earthly beginnings, our carnal, reasoning spirit depicted as the sea of “humanity.” The basest nature of mankind.

    The dry land is our progressive nature where we begin to move from our basest of nature of the sea to the beginning of our journey to a higher plane of spirituality through a wilderness of religion and false prophets ( spoken about and defined in Revelation) where there is the beginning of the heavenly realm where the Angel (messenger of God) came “down” from, spiritually speaking and had a firm “understanding” of the realm of people of the sea and the dry land realm. This means the messenger (angel) of God who’s mind was complete in the understanding of the sea and dry land realm of the mind because He himself had passed through these same realms to gain his perfected maturity. He was thus an overcomer of the realms now below him, within us.

    Also, in Revelation 20, if the people of the sea and the dry land realm had not advanced to the realm of where the Angel came down from (100 fold mind realm), since they had not given up their carnal state of mind and remained in the state of imperfection their names were not found in the book of life and were cast into the lake of fire. This is speaking of the sea (people) and the dry land (people) of giving up their dead (carnality). And if these people had not “yet” passed on to the upper heavenly place where their messenger (Angel) had came “down” from (in the mind of the spirit) to speak to them of the higher calling in Christ Jesus to “come up hither.” If their name (nature) would not have been recorded in the book of life “yet” because of their immature state of mind, they were cast into the lake of fire fo be further refined in the consuming fire of God’s presence and likeness. Does it not say God is a consuming fire and all of our carnality defined as wood, hay and stubble will be burned out of us, leaving only the refined gold of God’s perfected spirit?

    This explanation is given to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the masses. One cannot expect a person of the “sea” realm to understand the person of the “dry land” realm nor either of them to understand the realm of the messenger that came down from the heavenly realm. So as we each have been given understanding as we all pass through sea and dry land realms into the next overcoming realm of the spirit, our understanding of course is going to be only in that realm where God has allowed us to progress to.

    We all have a progressive knowledge as we move from the same mass of humanity as any other for we are all of the same sea of humanity, for this is us being born into being subject to vanity, and not willingly. From the time of our natural birth we start our progression to a higher and higher realm of progression through the sea and dry land experiences until we all stand in the likeness and character of our creator, the highest realm of our spiritual destination.

    As we move through these spiritual progressions of maturity our minds are being enlightened and conditioned to the attributes of the beatitudes where grace, mercy and forgiveness toward the sea and dry land people (of condemning spirits) from which we ourselves also came from. We all will now come to have only an attitude toward all others just as God Himself has toward all, showing only kindness and mercy to all…unconditionally.

    Knowing that we have journeyed through these two lower realms to now starting to become established in the higher calling in Christ Jesus, we can now also start behaving like our creator to love and to forgive all who the sea and the dry land have not yet given up. We know that those who now oppose these spiritual truths, will also one day come to embrace them because those who have been given up from the sea and dry land can now only have empathy for those from whose same ranks we have all came.

    In using the above referenced terminology from Revelation I do so to make a most significant point clarified in the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians, 1-13.

    “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And if I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profiteth me nothing. Love suffereth long, and is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not its own, is not provoked, taketh not account of evil; rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth with the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Love never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall be done away; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall be done away. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part; but when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child: now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things. For now we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known. But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.” End quote.

    This is my foundation and perspective from where our Lord has taught me to always reverence and to set my priorities in order by. And thus my prayers are guided by these sincere words of instruction. Since my early walk and studies this book and chapter has always kept me rooted and grounded in the “way” I should go. In using the the parables from Revelation, it is to show that even though God may so kindly reveal His greater knowledge of His mysteries and greater truths to us, and may give us the gifts of the Holy spirit, they mean absolutely nothing without what they all promote, point to and explain. And that is the love we should all have for the other and it should not be based on where another is in this present moment in time…whether of the sea, dry land or from even the heavens above.

    These three realms are but the level of a person’s character and spiritual relationship with our Father. As we grow from the lowest depths of the earth (the sea of carnality) and progress through the passage way (the dry land of factions, parties and divisions) on to a better place we call “Mount Zion,” figuratively speaking, the highest place of the promised land where the land kisses the heavens from where the Angel descended from…again another parable of our spiritual journey to heaven…

    It is therefore sometimes difficult to have a respectful conversation with many because we let our emotions of the lower realms speak for us, even though we know better. However if we keep our intent intact and desire to follow on to know the Lord and the messenger who came down from heaven placing one foot in the sea and the other on dry land thus signifying that these were conquered realms of our lower self and who He himself passed through. Yet though others of the lower masses may persecute by word and action many of these higher truths, let us not be moved from the fear of the enemy (carnality in all people) and what they may think of us by speaking our hearts and minds.

    If we have progressed in our spirit where we make our guide in Christ by following the chapter quoted above, we will do well to move on upward in our spiritual journey. We therefore cannot condemn any person in any realm they may presently be passing through…because we ourselves have also passed through this same sea and the dry land experience. As the old saying goes, “been there and done that.” And neither should we be jealous of the messenger which down from heaven to direct our path to where He now is or anyone becoming like Him. He is the one that has the book of life in His possession. Whether we look behind us or in front of us, in time, it is all the same… for all as to salvation. We cannot make our sharing of knowledge and our conversation about it a competitive thing, nor shun those who some may think may be stealing their pedestal for in reality there is no competition for if we speak in that mindset we are shown to be lacking in Godly wisdom. Though we may understand all things and have not love one for the other, by land or by sea, we still will have a ways to go. So therefore let us learn the message of what unconditional love is, and let no boundary of land or sea in another person’s heart be an obstacle to our love for them.

  22. You got it. one thing though that caught my eye. the word LORD…
    if u wanna know what lord truely stands for and represents, then try to understand what im about to say.

    LORD represents the HIGHEST HONORS in which we all see in eachother.
    when we see ourselves in others(through the laws), you can then see the source of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE>

    LORD is a label in whichwe all place upon eachother, as each person represents the BEST within ourselves.

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