Living Light

Stirring The Deep


How Truth is Revealed

Our individuality is the created part of us. It “sits” like a garment atop a consciousness center, which is part of the immortal Mind of God dedicated to loving and ever-caring for our created individuality. The individuality must be prepared to receive the Mind of God so his Truth can be expressed through it, creating the individual’s experience of His reality. The embryonic individuality’s preparation begins in darkness.

God destined creation to reflect His perfect love back to our individuality through our seamless integration with his Mind. In so doing, God’s Mind extends itself throughout all of creation, where limitless manifestations reflect the attributes of His Truth back to the individuality. Through the KNOWLEDGE of Truth, the individuality observes and experiences continual manifestations that reflect perpetual joy, peace, happiness, growth, connection, and sense of worth, which are among the eternal attributes of God. These attributes possess permanence because Truth underlies their limitless manifestations.

Initially in darkness, the individuality defines Truth by extracting it from the expressions and manifestations it perceives externally. It “looks” outward attempting to discover Truth by asking, “What is the underlining Truth in the forms I perceive?” (For example, what is seen outwardly defines what brings joy, peace, health, purpose, etc.) By trying to extract Truth from an external form, it unknowingly creates an illusion of truth that is form-based, external, and grossly applied over one’s perceived reality. Truth initially seems hidden “outside” the individuality, where it must be discovered in a world wholly separate from itself. The developing individuality is thus encased in an illusionary reality of darkness (separation from God), which it believes reflects truth.

Darkness ultimately serves the individuality by introducing it to the light of Truth through the use of “opposites”. This concept enlightens the individuality to the idea that it resides in darkness where illusions of its apparent separation from God appear “real”, (such as experiences of “lack” or “want”). These illusions assume many forms, revealing a reality of suffering, sickness and decay, governed by the ever-present specters of fear and death. None of this is of God and therefore unreal (not Truth). However all illusions are purposely used to awaken the individuality.

God’s Truth has no opposite because only It exists. By realizing illusions (such as lack and want), are not always true, the idea of “opposites” forms in the darkened individuality and illuminates the first structures of Truth. When first perceived, Truth seems like a lie (unreal) because the individuality initially believes its opposite is true. (For example, when experiencing “lack” the idea of the promised “abundant life” seems unreal. The same applies for all opposites such as peace when perceiving attack, or joy when feeling sadness.) At this point, a conflict occurs within the individuality as to how the opposites it perceives can both be true.

Because of these “opposites” the diligent quest for Truth begins, and the outward-facing senses slowly stop dictating what the developing individuality believes is true. In darkness, the individuality used its senses to define truth by the forms it perceived. It judged which forms produced the “truth” of happiness, peace, satisfaction, purpose, etc., and pursued those forms in order to harvest their “truth”. But in so doing, the individuality quickly realizes that forms are fleeting, taking with them the “truths” they once reflected.

As these forms dissolve into the past and become unreal, the individual becomes conflicted by the idea of how the attributes of Truth can be replaced with an opposite. The individuality looks inward and seeks for Truth’s permanence by asking questions such as; “Where is happiness found in a more permanent way?, How can I experience sustained feelings of worth?, or How can I abide in satisfaction and peace?” These questions can lead a diligent seeker beyond the limits of its illusionary, form-based reality and into the Kingdom of Truth, where the individuality experiences the eternal attributes of God it has long sought for.


~ TreeSoul


Remembering I Am


The path into Truth is one of becoming ever more aware of who we truly are and always have been. We all begin this journey in the darkness of unawareness in which our misconstrued beliefs tell us and our “reality” convinces us that we are the opposite of who we truly are.

As we journey the path of enlightenment out of darkness, beliefs in the unreal are replaced with beliefs in the real. We discover we are nothing that we thought we were. It’s freeing and exhilarating, but also challenging as all we once knew begins to be undone making space for the new. Because we are going through a transformation of belief, not only does our transition occur precept upon precept (as we could not accept the Truth in fullness because we currently believe its opposite), but also our outward reality begins to unravel and unfold in accordance to our new beliefs.

This movement from the unreal to the real is the process by which our individual consciousness develops into an expressive and creative outlet for the Mind of God.

During this past year, I’ve become more aware of the real versus the unreal and the power to create what we truly want that is inherent in believing what is of Truth. As I share what I’m learning, to some it may seem unreal and untrue because the opposite is still held as true. But for others, it will be a beautiful and needed confirmation because most of the world is still in darkness. Though we are in various places, we are one. As we each become aware, we heighten the awareness of all.