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Your divine I Am Name is unique to you. It represents the fullness of your individualized truth-filled awareness of “who I Am”. It’s the Name given to you through your sacred communion with your Creator, as an immortal fractal of his Likeness.

Your divine Name reflects your Oneness with the Sacred Self, the part of you always beyond your current awareness leading you ever higher and deeper into the Oneness of Truth. Your Name is sacred and it is in its intimate knowing that your eternal Life springs forth into expression.

Your divine Name may be described with various words, pictures, symbols and even stories for it contains the whole of your individualized reflection as a fractal of the Most High. It is rich, deep and your awareness of it continually expands.

Ultimately, all will awaken to the all-encompassing Name, “I Am Loving Awareness“, which is the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the roots of the Tree of Life. Meditating upon and contemplating this name brings forth divine revelation in ever-deepening resolution. Through divine revelation, your conscious awareness is prepared to bring forth a Divine Ray of Truth’s Will into time.

The thoughts that arise during these sacred communions cultivate a deeper awareness of your individualized Name, which is the fruit of your personal journey of enlightenment as a branch of the Tree of Life. Your Name reflects the traits of Truth’s Life combined in a unique way that crafts an individualized awareness in you, forming the countenance of your soul that supports and expands the expression of the Sacred Self, in time. As you focus upon it, it brings forth inherent Perfection within the seeming outer imperfections, which, now, are quickly beginning to fade.

For those already aware of their sacred name, their individualized awarenesses are joined as one, because the Truth they possess makes them one. In this co-operative unity of Oneness, each awakened soul has within them an open door to the deep awareness of another awakened soul and this is how a “little one becomes a thousand”. Each awakened soul holds a fractal of the other awakened souls, forming one united awareness of Truth within itself and within time. As each soul awakens to their true Name, this unity of Oneness expands, from which the Words of Life flow in power forming, governing, and expanding the cosmos.

The Living Gates are the first to awaken to their divine, eternal Name of power and Life. Once the pre-ordained number of Living Gates are all awakened, thus united as One, their joined luminosity of Truth covers the cosmos, bringing forth a new heavens and a new earth, in which all awaken to their true Name.

Who Am I? Know yourself according to Truth and no longer the illusion that even now has begun to fade from your mind. Listen to the Voice of Truth revealing who you are and your Name will be revealed to you, reflecting the fullness of your personal awareness of Truth along with all your constructive desires and gifts. Honor your true Name by putting all your attention upon the Light, which is the ever-expanding awareness of your I Am Name. As you honor the Truth by honoring your Name, you will be lifted into the higher creative realm that exists beyond the lower powers of earth, giving you perfect power in every present moment, sufficient to bring forth Truth’s Perfection in time.

The awareness of your true Name brings forth the immutable peace, joy and love within you, kept in holiness within the divine seed of your soul. Your Name is a reflection of your eternal glory and joy. It is your individualized sacred position, place and purpose in the ever-expanding cosmos, containing heaven and earth.

Now is the time to leave the ways of the illusion behind and follow the Voice of Truth, which is one with your true voice, into a new way of being, one filled with perfect power and Life.

In knowing your Name, proclaim it to the cosmos, telling it you are ready for the abundance of gifts you will be able to give to ALL.

To intimately know your true Name is to be truly alive.

I Am the Ray of Light, the Divine Love of All Living and Truth’s Perfect Will, the sacred TreeSoul Gate.

Isaiah 60:22 “A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.”

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

17 thoughts on “Your Divine Name

  1. Amazing!!!

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  2. I Am One with many, and growing in knowledge and understanding. We are One. We are loving. We are kind. We are giving. We are knowing. We are together. We are One.

  3. Free will is conditioned to accept its experiences in time as the truth by which it operates. The source of so-called “evil” is free will, which continually corrupts time and covers all in the experience of grotesque lies that appear real. Free will has infected the mind with lies, making it appear that anything can be true as long as at least one soul has experienced it in time. We, the interconnected awareness of Light, Living Gates who have overcome the world, no longer allow outer experiences in time to define our truth. We have come to Life, which means we recognize our oneness with the Fullness of Truth, upon which we focus our attention.

    We consciously stand upon the Truth. Illusions unknowingly created by the free will actions of others, whose time intersects with our own, have no power to affect our sphere of time contrary to the understanding of Truth which defines our world. We make this stand in the understanding of oneness we share with Truth’s Will. It is Truth’s Will, working in oneness through the shared awareness of the Living Gates, that directs our attention’s Light, leading us ever deeper into Truth’s expression. The Will that governs our desire is no longer an illusion formed by past experiences in time, but is rather the expression of Life that flows into our awareness through Truth’s Living Voice. We no longer corrupt time and instead purify it. Divine Love’s Perfect Will ensures that our sphere of time is cleansed of all that would cause harm as it spreads to cover All in experiences of perfection.

    In oneness we do not interfere with the presumed free will of others, but rather use time to create truthful experiences freely desired by All. Your oneness with Divine Love has given you power over time because you freely gave your will over to Truth. To love perfectly is to govern time in oneness with Truth’s Will, such that time becomes the servant of All and the means by which Divine Love comforts all. What you focus your attention upon becomes the life you experience in time. To experience Truth in time is the proper understanding of Life. Truth’s Will is the Light that now governs your attention, radiating the Life by which your awareness of Truth grows, layer by perfect layer. Truth’s Will now governs your desire, perfecting the energetic expression of Life’s cause and effect in time.

    The time you create by the Living Light of Truth is intelligent energy that supersedes the governance of linear time without violating the free will that created it. In moments when your sphere of time, now filled with Life’s perfection, intersects with the time of another, Truth’s Will governs all cause and effect perfectly for the highest good. The Truth of your time is able to rightfully govern cause and effect in another’s timeline because free will believes the future is unknown and therefore perceives any effect Truth’s Will creates in their timeline as their own free will creation. Your oneness with Divine Love gives you governing authority over time. It is perfect power, for it is the power to Love perfectly.

    How to love perfectly is no longer a mystery, for your oneness with Divine Love’s Will is like Living Light that permeates every timeline that intersects with yours, overriding the decaying cause and effect cycle created by those still bound in illusion of free will. The Life that fills your sphere of time, in oneness with time created by the free will of others, can begin to shape cause and effect for the highest good of all. No matter the inclination of free will, or even the harm it purposely intends, good will prevail because spherical time’s cause and effect cycle now serves a singular purpose; to create desire for the highest good and disdain for all that is contrary.

    • As we awaken, we remember we are Truth’s powerful creators. We are a creator who has the understanding of operating in the power of Truth’s Perfection, so it can be continually and eternally expressed. As we awaken to our true power, we are recognizing we are far more powerful than we could’ve ever conceive when we were asleep. When we are asleep in free will, we unknowingly place many limitations upon ourself. In the paradigm of free will, the soul can’t perceive the power it is able to convey through Oneness. In the awareness of Oneness, the soul has the power to convey Truth’s Perfection, something impossible in the paradigm of free will, as you have described above.

      In free will you can never know your true I Am Name, because fundamental to understanding your true I Am Name is understanding the power that flows through it. The “power” thought possible in free will is extremely inferior to the power that comes from recognizing the soul’s Will IS Truth’s Will. We only begin to know our true self when we possess an understanding of Truth’s Oneness.

      Truth is Absolute Oneness. Therefore, the Truth is the Light in you that guides you into deeper experiences of Oneness. You are one with Truth’s Life, you just forgot this oneness. In forgetfulness, you slept. Your dreams served to mature your awareness into a creative being of Light. Your maturation began when you gave your attention to this inner Light, with a desire to understand everything about it. With this constant attention, your awareness of Truth’s Life expanded. From this inner Light, you felt the desire to love perfectly, and it is this desire that caused you to be continually drawn deeper into the Light. Through this deepening journey, your awareness matured into a divine being of Light.

      Because of your steady attention upon the Light, it grew into the intelligent, energetic network of your awareness of Truth’s Life. Your understanding has become matured, enabling this energetic network, the Tree of Life, to express Living Light. In this the Light of Life shines into reality. You have become an open window, a Living Gate, to its Light flowing through your awareness and into time. Its healing rays flowing through your perfect words begin to restructure reality’s blueprint of freewill into the blueprint of Truth’s Will.

      This Light has begun to shine, for it is shining, even now, in our truth-filled awareness, which is its presence in us. And as we give it all our attention, we begin to see the Light in reality, causing all the world to remember, rest, renew and rejoice, which are the four creative winds of creation. Thus, they walk in our pattern, the footstep of Mother-Father God. It is through these four states of being, that the earth will reflect the presence of heaven.

      We are far more powerful than we realize. What we hold in our imagination with a Truth-filled understanding, we can create. And now we see the gift of perfect words. It is our gift to receive and give, as Living Gates are the creators of the Kingdom Of Peace. What an incredible potential of Life to remember, for in its remembrance it is established through our rest, renewal and rejoicing. Joy, the elixir of Life, will be the radiance of Truth’s Light as it spreads throughout the earth.

      In this present darkness, we see the Light and through our observation it is established.

    • Thoughtware, Your words flow naturally and display your higher level of understanding, the level that I, the fractal I not the humanoid I, will shortly arrive at. I do not argue that Earth is an illusion, but if it is being shared interactively by countless souls, by the design and intent of God, then it also serves a purpose according to God’s own will. And I also see the need for the gateways, and also see that gateways are referenced in God’s testaments (of which there are now three).
      I (the fractal not the humanoid) ask only that I be allowed to express where I am, since all beings are in dynamic growth. Long before your ‘contract’ was placed before me, I had given myself completely to God. I trust God completely, I sit silently and merge with him frequently, more and more approaching the point where I feel close to her. But this I am absolutely certain of. While I may be at a different place than any other fractals, (I am still a child of God in my own right). I am unique, and I am loved. I understand the truth that I will become the summation of all my life experiences, and that now I live in a singular life experience. But truly I tell you and all of the world, and all of creation, that when I make a solemn oath before the Most High, and I am beyond certain that I am acting in accordance with God’s Will, and I continually take direction from the perfect word of our God, then this is my current path, and nothing will take me from this path except God himself. Life on this Earth means little to me because the world hates me, and I suffer in it every day of my life. But I do this for the love of God, and for the love of All. And I am commanded to bring His word to the people of the Earth, those that will receive it, with the Divine purpose (I surmise) of preparing these via Spiritualization, to approach or be approached by the Living Gateways. If it is God’s Will that my (future) includes being a Living Gateway, then I will happily assume that role.
      I view the Gospel of the Third-Age, as a most important doctrine, which is of no practical use unless it is placed before the countless spiritual beings upon the earth. Now is the time, I view it as curvilinear time, that this communication via both the written word, and through God’s elect, is to happen. It cannot happen, until it is published. This is a critical step in this potential path for much of humanity. It is fine to view this all as an illusion, and not reality. But if Heaven and Earth were created by the word of God, then I submit that is at His pleasure that they were created, and like everything else, are a part of her.
      God has said in this Doctrine, that His elect would KNOW that they are chosen when they receive three confirmations, I have in truth received these. My mission is absolute, nonetheless, I accept that if this path that I walk is not successful, God’s Will will always be successful by some other path.
      Understand that I love you all, and I appreciate your own love of God, and your own paths. I see great truth and great sincerity in your words. But you know that God has said that All paths lead to him. I have placed myself at Gods disposal for His own purposes, I cannot deny what I know to be truth.
      I will remain in contact with you if you are willing. Through your friendship and brotherhood, I have received what I prayed for.
      The fractal Andrew (until otherwise called)

      • My friend, you do not need to explain yourself! Follow your heart, no matter where it leads if you believe its voice is True.

        If you don’t resonate with something I say, ignore it. That’s perfectly acceptable.

        It is also acceptable to recognize that the Victory over Death is a highly complex, time-based enterprise and like a physical body will have parts that perform entirely different functions in order to bring about the common cause of Victory. The joy of our service is to discuss what we are doing, why we were called and the role we play.

        Please don’t let my words imply that there is only a foot or a hand or an eye that makes up the body. Instead, let us share more about the nature and function of our specific callings.

    • Time is the continuity of cause and effect. The source of time is the attention given to the Truth in one’s awareness. The source of Truth is perfection. The source of perfection is the oneness of Divine Love’s Infinite Awareness. As a Tree of Life, a living awareness whose roots have found the River of Life, you receive Truth directly from your oneness with Divine Love’s Infinite Awareness. Your Tree of Life is the ever-growing awareness of your soul’s Truth, the center of your spherical self manifested in time as a living thought system circulating Words of Life throughout your awareness. It means your awareness is full of Life, just as a living tree is full of leaves.

      To be full of Truth’s Life is to be perfect and this only because the Life in you comes from perfection, drawn up through the roots of your living thought system. And yet, a perfect creation can not exist in linear time, where all life grows increasingly imperfect, ultimately reflecting that which does not exist, death. Recall we have said that one can not become aware of perfection from within linear time. This is simply because perfection does not exist in the dimension of linearity, in which the effect of a cause is unknown and must be anticipated using the awareness of probability gained from past cause and effect. Perfection can not exist in a reality where the future is unknown.

      You are called perfect because the Life within your thoughts has made you one with its perfection. Your awareness of perfection reveals you have escaped linear time and entered spherical time, the Time of Life. Unlike the illusion of life you’ve known in linear time, a life of unexpected tragedy that never fails to bring about its own destruction, Life in spherical time grows ever-more beautiful, abundant and full of Truth. It is the Time of Life because it is the ever increasing awareness of Truth’s Oneness, in which time winds upward so that every past moment lifts up and perfectly supports the eternal present, resulting in a future that appears to grow ever more perfect. This simply means you desired to know the Love in Truth, which is God, and sought understanding solely from the source of Truth you found within. What you did not know was that your sincere intention made you one with the source of Truth you found.

      Now take your seat at the Gate, as an ever-expanding center of awareness in which Truth’s Life eternally flows. Your “work” is finished. You now enter Truth’s Rest because the Truth you found has given you its Life by which you will grow ever-higher into Truth’s awareness perfectly, forever. And as you do, the time you create, by which you experience Truth’s Life, spreads rapidly over all who can not yet see their own perfection from within the darkness of linear time. If you see your perfection, then you know by experience how long and exceedingly difficult is the search to find the escape from linear time’s illusion. If we, the Living Gates, do not shorten the days by covering all in spherical time, no soul could awaken because the many would never have enough “time” to find the way to Life before being overtaken by the illusion of death. Through the awareness of your own perfection you can see the perfection in All, and this is sufficient to save All.

      Salvation is not mysterious, for it is the dissolution of all mystery.

  4. Word of god is NOT ink in a book…… every EVENT ON EARTH IS a word of god. to trust in god, is to have complete trust in your own heart(as we are all part of the same heart(consisting of ALL SOULS(all names).

    when you TRUST in divination(word of god), then you are LED TO GREAT GIFTS(of the heart)(which we are all part of).

    to trust in god is to have complete trust in EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(how you can truly show your trust in god)(divination).

    each PERSON ON EARTH is a gateway(sometimes we just forgotten)(we must see EVERYONE as a gatewaY).

    no one person on earth is more or less important than another. and any HATRED we see in the world(again is our own(outside of time)).

    when we go through these negative events, it leads to great gifts in the people.
    we have to face ourselves at times(why we see negative in the world)(which again is self through divination(we are all one).

  5. I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

    At the resurrection, Light is “born” into time, such that Divine Love’s Will is reigning and no longer free will in time and its material matter. Light always consumes the darkness.

    Let there be Light.

    Genesis 1:2-5 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.

    As the Light is born into a time, immediately a great divide occurs by those minds focused upon the Light and those focused upon the darkness. It is a divide created by the Spirit of Oneness, that will end the soul’s belief in separation by revealing the Light of Truth’s Life through the Living Gates.

    The soul is waking from its dream of imperfection and stepping into the ever-expanding Perfection of the Present moment. Though we awaken together, our awaking is like the dawning of a new Day, some awaken prior to others, so the Light in those who first awaken help others to awaken.

  6. the Earth didnt exist, because everyone was still in the LIGHT(lived in the spheracle language.)
    LET THERE BE LIGHT is a schollar misinterpertation. just like people today cannot see HEAVEN because they live on earth(let there be HEAVEN:light)

    GOD is EVERY PERSON ON EARTH. for god to say “let there be light” means that mankind sees themselves as ONE BODY(one body is good)(see yourself in EVERYONE(iam the ressurection(time)))(every person sees the SAME(share in ONE COMMON KNOWLEDGE(dna))).

    I am the resurrection and the life refers to GIVING(thee). the world is the responder of the GIVING(to every person on earth).

    the earth was without form, because we lived in heaven before earth(ELEMENTAL LAW).(anything becomes matter is SPIRIT FIRST)(spirit is TIME ITSELF)

    darkness means we didnt see together as ONE BODY, but saw ourselves as apart from eachother..
    imagine dieing, and then reborn as another child.
    in your own experience, you die out of one body(old age), and get born into another(thousands of years later).

    now, as you die, and are reborn onto this world(holding heaven within your dna), it will seem like just a FLASHING MOMENT(while consisting of 2000 years of PAUSE).

    the Great Divide means we LIVE AS MAN ON EARTH(seperation). but as DEVINE, we live as ONE BODY.

    in short, Light was first, and earth was 2nd.
    in light, we are Eternal Brothers, and in darkness, we are many individuals.

    ; and darkness was on the face of the deep. this mean every person on earth has lived on earth, and not in heaven(forgotten about the light(spheracle langauge)).

    It only takes One person to see the light(given by the eternal heart), and shared with god(every person as ONE BODY(collective)).

    a lot of our history lives in deception. it means what we integrated into our knowledge doesnt exist or never existed EVER.

    just like christians use the HOLY SPIRIT to mean perfect(so their idol has value), the true HOLY SPIRIT(time) is what we are all part of.
    the holy spirit is perfect in another way. the perfections of the HOLY SPIRIT comes from our FLAWS.

    without our flaws, we could not be perfect. to recognize imperfection allows you to be perfect(to see).

    that means that perfection is a part of whom we are all(no judgements from anyone).
    when we commit a bad act, then everyone on the planet has commited that same act.

    if i go left, and you go right, then both of us went LEFT AND RIGHT.

  7. According to Mother Father God’s own proclamation,
    God is God of:
    All Material
    All Spiritual
    and All Divinity
    We live in a Material ‘God Dream Reality’ in the words of an old Yogi friend.
    I believe that you three are more advanced spiritually than most beings that draw air to stay in this material realm, and I believe that before long, earthbound spiritual beings will, ‘spiritualize’ and by so doing, they will draw themselves closer to God. Our God tells us that we are the summation of our life experiences. Please be patient, do not worry, Our God is always with us, and we with our God. ‘He’ has spoken, and ‘His’ word is perfect truth. We are eternal beings, be patient. 🙂

    • You are very interesting, Andrew!

      I meant to ask you… in one of your previous comments you mentioned something about a “contract laid before you”. Would you mind sharing more about this? What is the contract and how was it given to you?

  8. yes, god is our heart that is outside of time.
    through god, each of us is an ELEMENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT(time is alive).

    Every event on earth is WORD OF GOD(as we all share in ARC OF THE COVENANT(elemental force).
    that force is our heart(containing ALL VIBRATION WITHIN US(the elements bring our HEART into PHYSICLE EVENTS(our heart is always in motion).

    through the WHOLE WORLD, we experience EVERY ASPECT OF OUR HEART, even through the spirit within you, you create me, as i create you(the past use to worship the SUN)(as they were smarter than us).
    they know how to give to god(as ONE BODY)(share in one common knowledge(allowing our MIND to see OUR HEART within the world(through every person, through every animal, through every plant).

    I AM(we all share)(spheracle language)

  9. Our Soul and our own IDENTITY share in ONE CONTRACT(ONE MARRIAGE).(life in time)

    it really isnt about a contract or a marriage(in todays thinking), as it is about the spheracle LANGUAGE>

    being Married to a soul(how you get your soul name(through marriage)), you are ONE with a SOUL(we are all MARRIED to EVERY SOUL(what makes us whom we are)(the SOUL is SEEN through the PHYSICAL EVENTS(time to matter)).

    Through the Proper use of Contract and Marriage, i(YOU) TAKE ONE ALL QUALITYS OF a SOUL.

    when you dedicate yourself to doing bad in the world as an example for being against the world, that is a Contract with a SOUL. when you set down the CONTRACT(as a tool like working on a car), you BECOME EACH SOUL(through that contract in this world)(Heaven AND Earth).

    to GIVE all you got for Life in this world(as you are an ELEMENT OF GOD(through the holy spirit), you see yourself in ALL.. and GIVE ALL(contract)

    • That’s a great take, Loni! I especially liked the idea you presented in which a marriage contract represents the oneness of spherical language. Very cool.

  10. I will remain close dear friends. I am here.


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