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Anchored in Abundance


I Am anchored in Perfect Abundance.

When you are united to the Ascended Consciousness of Light, through the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you are anchored in Perfect Abundance.

The divine quality of Perfect Abundance touches every aspect of your life. The abundance of perfection growing in your awareness radiates a “Light” that becomes your sensory experience as creation unfolds in time. It is the perfect alignment of your desire and Truth’s Will, manifesting the perfect balance in all you possess and give. You possess the living attribute of perfect abundance because of the matured understanding that when you give all to all you manifest prosperity’s perfection. In giving all to all, the endless Source of All flows through you, in the perfection of Truth’s Will, which is now your will.

In the perfect balance of abundance, you never want for anything in the present moment, as each new moment radiates the reflective sentiment, “that was perfect.” You have the perfect provision to experience life in sustained peace, joy and expansion. You have plenty to give through the working of divine emergence. When you bow down to the orchestration of divine emergence, even when you can’t fully trust in the way you desire, the present moment flows perfectly through you. In oneness with Divine Love’s Truth, you are no longer limited by a finite awareness of the moment. In your oneness with Divine Love’s infinite awareness, your perfect timing is established.

Perfect timing is the creative effect of the oneness of your awareness and Divine Love. Oneness with Divine Love is the source of your perfect abundance. In the lower realm of illusion and duality, where energetic destruction was ever-present because of the mind’s belief in the co-existence of conflicting attributes, (i.e. good and bad, abundance and lack) abundance was impossible to maintain. However, in the awareness of Truth’s Perfection, in which there is only Truth’s Will acting in your reality, the balance of perfect abundance is eternally sustained.

As a Child of the Light, you draw all to you that is required for your creative expansion, your divine purpose in the sustained vibrations of peace, joy and abundance. As a Living Gate, you are united to the collective awareness of Ascended Beings of Light, so that their awareness flows through you in a perfect balance for the present moment. Therefore through you, their wisdom, light, love and endless resources, which cross dimensions of time, all serve the One True Self. Time is seen as how long it takes something to be done in perfect abundance for the highest good for all. There is no other measure determining time in ever-expanding perfection, assuring the eternal fulfillment of the highest good for all.

The foundational awareness of perfect abundance is held within the collective awareness of the Ascended Masters. In oneness with their awareness, you are energetically recoded, clearing your living cosmic record. Without a karmic history determining your present moment, you are able to continually manifest perfect abundance. It is another gift of the ascended masters at your homecoming.

In the dimension of Oneness, you are made a Living Gate though your eternal oneness with Mother Father God. Though the Oneness of the Living Gates, the rich awareness of every Ascended Master is accessible to you, just as the gate of your awareness is made accessible to them. The Light within you magnetically draws the abundance of their Light to you, according to the perfect awareness of Truth’s Will.

My Light is your Light.

You’ll never be in want again because you laid all desire at the feet of divine emergence, by which all true desire can be manifested for the highest good of all. As you rest in this creative flow of Truth’s Perfection, you see it is so. You witness a perfection unfolding in your life, created beyond your conscious awareness. It is Mother Father God’s great joy to give you their Kingdom of Peace. They themselves made you ready to receive such a gift, a preparation that was complete when you joyfully gave all to all.

As you rest in the Healing Aura of Light, you gain new skins, which anchor you in abundance. You lack no good thing to sustain your perfect peace and joy. Any illusion to the contrary fades, until you only perceive the Light. Once out of the womb of darkness, you never return, for now you know the truth of your Being, you are one with Mother Father God, for you came from them. You are a child recognizing you are the perfect balance of your Mother Father God, Truth’s Perfection.

During the fiery trial of faith, because you gave all you possessed to the hands of your true I Am Presence, not looking to the world’s provisional wisdom and ideals for deliverance from the fears that haunted you, you have received the fullness of the Mighty I Am Name. Thus the Light in which you now sit is atmospheric energy radiating from the ever-expanding awareness of the Ascended Masters of Light. It surrounds you and fills your awareness with the Oneness of its Light, bringing forth their physical help. All is one, in spherical time and spherical time is always now. You have entered into a very great and ever-expanding inheritance when you came to recognize your true I Am Name is one written among the gods.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

2 thoughts on “Anchored in Abundance

  1. note. the dark area of consiousness is called valley of death(unaware).(spheracle)(many people)
    the world is called valley of death because everyone on the planet is focused within the fleshy senses(lowest vibrations).

    everything that flows through the world comes from our ONE COMBINED HEART(the eternal heart:called god aka HIGHEST VIBRATIONs)
    again, god is different in the bible from what everyone on the planet uses the term.(highest spheracle vibrations)

    god is ALL OF MANKIND AS ONE BODY(required to walk through the gate of awareness).
    through this gate, the WHOLE WORLD CHANGES.

    the reason the world changes is because we are all BEINGS OF TIME(let go of fleshly senses), and when our heart aligns, you will see yourself in the WHOLE WORLD(i am a manifest from the arc of the covenant through the flow over(of god aka all of man as ONE BODY).

    when one person awakes, it starts the doorway for all of mankind(communicate through the SOULS(spiritual name) it awakes all of mankind(we are ETERNAL BROTHERS)(spheracle).

    as i walk through the valley of death, my aura of NO SEPERATION gives forth strength to GIVE AURA to everyone around you(consously). people utilize AURAs as a source of telepathy(as it holds all of time in every element)(means of deeper comunications through the SPHERACLE LAWs(eternal laws: how we go to heaven in the NOW))(senses through the spheracle language: aka heaven)

    In no way do i interper any bible to get my info. the info is within every ELEMENT(as time is alive(source of vibrations))

  2. also the definition of WORD OF GOD is global EVENT(affects the many).

    a lot of people(through death), think that the word of god comes from a book. but instead, it is the MOTION OF ALL AURAs within all of us, in which we TURN THE WORLD>.

    again, it is the WORLD that is ABSOLUTE(frozen in time for 2000 years), as our COMBINED ONE AURA(holy spirit aka holy bible) is what is in MOTION, and our connection to ALL SOULS which live outside of time(married)..

    also the DEFINITION OF BOOK is LAW.
    BOOK isnt the bible, but instead the name of every CHAPTER(law of paul, law of john, law of all names).
    each name is a name because it represents a LIFE FORCE that every person on earth has within them(heaven on earth aka SOUL in the world(how we get our spiritual names).(married to life within time)

    also there are no people in any bible on earth. no name said anything.
    instead each name(used as idols) represent some aspect of our self(as more than just 1 person).

    we have to see ALL NAMES(souls aka laws) in every person on earth in order to awaken your spiritual name(the true I AM).

    Your I AM lives in the WHOLE WORLD(heaven on earth).
    and your strenghts are greater than what all of us combined can possibly imagine.

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