Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Mind of Miracles


Methodically the Spirit of Truth integrates our mind into the divine Mind making all one. Our mind begins creating according to the Laws of Eternity and no longer the Laws of Time. In this change of governance, our mind transitions from the space-time continuum that ties us to the past to the eternal present moment that unites us to our true Source.

Time is experienced as the relational dynamic of cause-and-effect. We do something in the past (cause) and it has a future impact (effect). The space-time continuum is the framework of a reality that supports this dynamic, so that what occurs in the past determines the future. Space-time creates a delay between cause and effect, therefore the the link between the two isn’t always apparent, therefore when we understand the link we gain knowledge. Yet, it isn’t knowledge of the reality of Truth, but of the dream reality, thus it isn’t true knowledge, but a lower wisdom that ultimately keeps us in bondage to a past we can’t change.

This relational dynamic is how the dream reality is created. Our thoughts, which established our reality, are defined by our past learning which is based on our judgments according to cause-and-effect relationships. Our judgments reflect the wisdom we feel we’ve gained by understanding the connection between particular actions and their consequences. We can’t go back and change the past, we can only work within the outcomes the past projected forward. Therefore, we judge all we perceive in order to create desirable outcomes.

It’s impossible to free ourselves from judgments about our past and future in this structure of reality. We will always make judgments because this is how we create a future we desire, and try to avoid one we don’t want. It’s how we survive in the dream reality, but it is also how we create our own bondage. We are tied to the past.

Because the past is continually brought forward, destruction and decay are inevitable. The space-time continuum supports the belief in destruction as everything in time dies. If we want Peace, we must abandon this entire thought-system and learn a new way of creating from the Teacher of Peace, the Spirit of Truth.

We learn from the Spirit that the reality of Eternal Peace is structured differently. Within this spiritual realm there is only the present moment because the only Cause is the true Source that is ever-present. This Source, God (the Spirit of absolute Truth and Divine Love that we experience as the Holy Altar of Light within us) is the Cause to every experience and expression in this Reality. Every moment is new. The past supports it, but the past doesn’t define it.

Truth and Divine Love, which are ever-present, define the present moment. When the Cause is ever-present and the present moment is all there is of time, then the Cause and Effect are united in a singular present moment. There is no delay as in the space-time continuum. Therefore, Truth is instantly reflected in the moment. When the changeless Truth defines the present moment this singularity of Cause and Effect is possible. The underling expression of peace, joy, harmony always exists, the only differences are the many expressions and experiences it creates.

This transition from one creative dynamic to another is challenging. The mental metamorphosis requires letting go of worldly wisdom we spent years obtaining and overcoming reflections of an immutable past the dream reality gives witness to. However, as we rest in emergence, we engage the creative dynamic of eternal Peace. We no longer chose to submit our will to the past as our source and truth, but to the eternal present of our Perfect Cause. Being led by the Spirit of Truth, we cross over from one thought-system to another. We systematically let go of the lower wisdom we gained in the dream reality, and embrace the wisdom of eternity that comes from the supra-conscious Mind.

As our will aligns to our true Source, our mind becomes an open gate by which divine thoughts flow. Instead of our judgments based on past experiences defining our thoughts, our thoughts come from our true Source. Through emergence, divine thoughts are able to be translated through our minds and shape reality. Our mind is no longer spilt off into a dream reality, but is reunited to the Divine Mind.

Space-time with its dynamic of cause-and-effect taught us why there can only be one Cause, so that we would freely give our will to the manifestation of this one Cause and its magnificent expressions that are far beyond what we could create with a separate mind. This opening of our mind to the divine Mind brings the eternal into the finite, the light into the darkness, and creates a landscape of miracles, where the present moment overrides space-time, until time as we once knew it is no more.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. ~ Revelation 3:20


Return to the Light


We see with our mind. If we are asleep, we see a dream. If we are awake, we see the Truth. 

As a sleeping embryonic soul, our physical eyes are part of the image of our dream self, as is all our body. Therefore, our physical eyes don’t see truth, they see the dream our mind projects. Our physical eyes are simply the projectors of our mind’s thoughts. As a sleeping soul they see a dream, just like the image of our self in a night dream sees the dream and not us sleeping in a bed.

As we awaken from the dream, we recognize that all we’ve seen and thought was true, was only an illusion. True vision comes from within, where our mind’s eye is able to see the Truth beyond the illusionary reality. It’s here we perceive the Light by learning from the Spirit of Truth. As our mind awakens to the Light of Truth, how we perceive through our physical eyes changes. This change in vision brings about our metamorphosis from a sleeping embryonic soul to an awakened soul, a fount of living waters, a gate for the divine thoughts of God.

In this metamorphosis of mind, we begin to see the dream as unreal. As our mind’s eye fully opens to the Light, we begin to see reflections of peace as our physical eyes begin to project peace. We transition from darkness where what we see within and without is void of Truth, to the Light where what we see within and without is one with Truth.

Our individualized will determines what our mind’s eye sees.

The turning of our will from serving and manifesting the darkness of the dream (fearful thoughts) to serving and revealing the Light (divine thoughts) is central to the metamorphosis of our mind.

Our individualized will is the center of our thinking mind. It’s the decision maker our mind follows. It judges what is good and bad, right and wrong, true and false. According to its judgments, our mind projects and manifests the reality we see. It’s the realm of choice, and we chose what we see.

Our mind can be governed by fear or divine love, it’s the choice afforded by our free will. When it’s governed by fear, we walk in darkness unaware of truth. When it’s governed by divine love, we rest in emergence and experience the reflections of Truth.

As part of our development as an embryonic soul, we experience a dream of darkness that our will may know and freely chose divine love. As we return to the Light, we are simply becoming aware of who we are as one made in the likeness of God. We learn from the gentle voice of the Spirit of Truth that divine love resides in the present moment. As we rest in emergence, we can abide in the present moment and experience the peace it inherently possesses.

In emergence, we make a free will choice to become an observer to see all situations as divinely orchestrated. We no longer judge the present moment but greet each moment without complaining, welcoming instead the entrance of peace.

Emergence is a supra-conscious act of the divine Mind because it orchestrates our present moment for the highest good of all. This level of orchestration far exceeds anything an individualized mind could create. When the mind is full of the Light of Truth, it sees every present moment in the peace the Truth projects. The will no longer seeks to create a specific form based reality, instead it rests in the knowledge that the supra-conscious will create a reality of ever-present peace.

Initially, it’s a challenge to rest in emergence as we push through fear. Fear tempts us to judge our present in a negative light and seek to physically change it. But the Spirit constantly reminds us that our reality changes from within, not without. As we direct our will to no longer serve fear, our present moment is revealed for what it always has been; an intimate reflection of our Creator’s divine love. This perfection of orchestrated thought that creates harmony and peace for all only occurs when we rest in divine emergence, where we are a gate to divine thought. In this, we pass through the narrow gate of metamorphosis and return to the Light.

We followed your River of Life until we returned to the Light. This is the Righteous Reign. 


For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. ~ 1 Corinthians 15:53