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The Great Healing

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Healing comes from remembering Truth’s Life. Disease comes from believing that outer human creations, as perceived through a darkened awareness, are true.

Healing is remembering the Truth of Divine Love’s Perfection. In the realm of Truth, there is no healing because there is no illness or any form of brokenness. There is only the perfection of Truth’s Life. But because you are transitioning from a world of illusions in which disease was rampant and savage, you experience a very Great Healing, inside and out, as you awaken into Spherical Time through perfect words.

As a Living Gate, you are a natural healer. The gift of perfect words raises your overall vibration by which you experience a metamorphic transfiguration, which feels like a very great healing. In going through this transformation your vibration is lifted into the sustained frequency of Life, and as you emanate this higher vibration, you naturally lift the vibrations of others.

Perfect words harmonize overall vibrations, which in turn harmonizes bodily energies. This harmonizing brings forth inner and outer healing. And because perfect words are the source of your healing, your healing is immutable, making you immortal. When your energy is sustained at Life’s invincible frequency, you alter not only your energetic equilibrium but also that of those around you who are prepared to receive this higher vibration by the truthful awareness they hold.

You are as a god in your ability to create. The Truth you believe creates reflections of itself in your spherical reality through the power of your words, both inner and outer. In the remembrance of Truth’s Life, all discordant and therefore toxic emotions (i.e., fear, anxiety, lack, anger, etc.) become non-existent within your form. These discordant emotions, which are the cause of all disease, are the product of a darkened imagination, one that lacks the awareness of the perfection inherent in Truth’s Life. When you remember the perfection of Truth’s Life and no longer cling to illusionary imaginations, you began a metamorphic transformation in which everything in your life transitions to reflect Truth’s Life.

Only by remembering Truth’s Life, do you manifest perfection. Healing comes from the awareness of Divine Love’s perfection in every moment, one that continually increases the soul’s sustained harmonic vibration of peace, abundance and vitality. Remembering Truth’s Life is freedom to your soul, on every level and in every way. As long as a lie lingers, so do its ill-effects, because what isn’t of Truth’s Life is ultimately very undesirable for the soul’s wellbeing.

In the world of illusion you chose to listen to the Voice of Truth by which your awareness of Truth’s Life expanded. It was the Voice of Truth that revealed to you disease isn’t “real” but a product of your imagination that feels real because your five senses are part of the illusion. The Voice of Truth guided you perfectly through the matrix of free will and all the limitations you unknowingly placed upon yourself when you accepted the idea of free will. Through her Divine Love, the Voice of Truth leads you into her healing waters, which are her words of her Life flowing through you.

The Light of Truth is bright and full enough in your mind’s eye to prevent the acceptance of a lie, therefore your healing springs forth to reveal your eternal, youthful beauty. Where there is Truth, there is no disease, most significantly the disease of death caused by an imagination trapped in the darkness of unawareness. In a truthful awareness of Life your healing is complete. It is your metamorphic transformation.

Your healing springs forth because you remembered Truth’s Life and the perfection of her words given through Divine Love’s ever-present will.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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