Living Light

Stirring The Deep


An Individual in Oneness

As the soul emerges out of the dimensionality of lack and into the dimensionality of abundant life, it advances within the Sphere of Oneness. Within this dimension the self experiences its I Am Presence as Life’s eternal expansion.

The Life in Truth is birthed into reality through the trifold union of the Sphere of Oneness, the soul, and the self. The Sphere of Oneness enfolds all of Life, reflecting the fullness of Truth. It’s the timeless Mighty I Am Presence prior to any expression, containing all divine potentials to be expressed. From its genesis, the soul resides within this sphere, for it can’t be separate from its Source. The soul is a living gate connecting the timeless perfection within the Sphere of Oneness with the realm of creation, transducing the uncreated into the created. The self is the individualized soul’s reflection of the I Am Presence made visible.

The soul is Life’s energetic vibration. In accordance to the Law of Life, the soul’s energetic movement, which is directed by the mind’s self-awareness, materializes into the outer reflection of the self. The soul came into existence when the Source extended Itself as a fractal component, an individualized aspect of Oneness. The soul’s initial energetic existence is created by the interaction between its Life’s vibrational energy and its Source, like the movement of breath. This interaction is denoted by the soul’s first awareness, “I am an individual.” This neophyte understanding of its I Am name creates a vibration that has the potential to express Truth’s Life, yet it isn’t made visible until the soul’s awareness expands into knowing its inherent Oneness with Truth.

When the soul is only aware of the Truth, “I am an individual”, it’s in a seed state. With this initial awareness of existence, the soul believes it possesses a “free” will, fostering a perception of separation from everything, even its Source. Because the soul is not yet aware of Oneness enfolding its individuality, a self perception of isolation and opposition circulates through its mind, constructing a thought-system of duality. In duality, the soul’s projected creations are ultimately destroyed because every truth has an opposite. Every attribute the soul assigns to the self’s I Am name is always appended to its opposite, which creates continual conflict and destruction within the soul and in its reality. Thus the initial vibrational signature of the soul’s I Am name is energetically chaotic. The soul’s first awareness of its self and its reality reflect this dissonance with images of lack, fear and suffering.

From the driving desire for a different self expression and reality, the soul turns away from the outer disharmony and within to the Light of its I Am presence in order to know the Truth. Guided by Truth’s Living Voice, layer upon layer the soul’s mind expands into the living thought-system of oneness. As a result, the soul matures into the Truth-filled understanding, “I Am an individual in Oneness”.

Through its maturing self-awareness, the soul recognizes the Divine Will is its own, and the soul’s core, energetic vibration shifts from separation to oneness. The soul begins to interact with reality based on the Divine Will’s laws of harmony and oneness. These laws moving through the soul’s mind produce the energetic vibration of divine love, which is the perfecting and harmonizing energy of Truth. When divine love circulates through the soul/mind, the soul’s self and reality harmonizes, expressing perfect abundance, which pushes out fear, suffering, and death. In their place arises expressions of timelessness, perfection and eternal growth.

As a result, the soul’s I Am name sheds the false attributes of separation for attributes of oneness, changing its vibrational signature to divine love. The soul is energetically one with the Mighty I AM name, a name that is Life and expresses Life. With a newly expanded name, which has always been its name, the soul gives expression to the Mighty I Am Presence through its self and reality. The seed is no longer called a seed, but a thriving tree of life.

The soul as an “individual in oneness” possesses freedom in perfection, giving rise to it being a perfect creator within the Creator. The soul becomes a life-giving spirit, constantly extending into reality what it is, divine love, which is expressed as the highest good for all made possible by its inherent Oneness with the Fullness of Truth.

I Am an individual in Oneness.