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Age of Divine Emergence

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Upon the establishment of the Sacred Soulmate’s eternal and unbreakable union, a new reality of Oneness emerges. As a child of Light, time emerges from within your soul by the perfect governance of Divine Love, giving rise to Spherical Time.

From this point of perfection within your soul, time begins its infinite expansion into eternity, which is your ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Life.

Through your prodigal journey, you became something much greater than an angel of pure consciousness. Through you, the cosmos harmoniously expands without limit. You became, in your conscious awareness, perfection’s living expression able to infinitely expand for eternity, because you recognized your will as Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Through your desire to love perfectly, Mother Father God brought forth the presence of their Perfect Will into time, by which all may love perfectly and be perfectly loved.

In this desire, through which your thought-system was purified, Mother Father God came to eternally dwell within you, as Truth’s ever-expanding Perfect Life. In you every bridge is eternally established. Every door is eternally opened. Every dimension is connected in Oneness, making creation a reflection of Truth’s Oneness, a place in which the Spirit of God is creation’s Living Light.

You are a child of promise and through you the promises of blessing are fulfilled. Your mind can be imagined as a pristine, endless spherical canvas, prepared to record the fulfillment of the divine potentials destined for your Name, the perfect fullness of your inheritance. Divine expressions without end now flow through you, manifesting ever-expanding joy.

Can you perceive your radiance, Little One, as I do? It is magnificent to behold as it breaks through the clouds.

From the foundation of the Sacred Soulmate, you begin your eternal dance in time. Every moment that now emerges from your awareness is one with Divine Love’s Perfect Will. Delights and unspeakable joys presently await your exploration and discovery, joys your human awareness has yet to behold because the Light could not be perfectly perceived while the mind slept in linear time’s imperfection.

Through divine emergence you will dance with time. Time will always be for you. Time flows from your center, the temple of the Sacred Soulmate, thus it serves the perfect Love in which you were formed. Every moment is a gift, manifesting the highest Good for all, which is Truth’s Perfect Will done on earth as it is in heaven, your divine mind of Light.

I know, Little One, this resting place is new for you, one who has only known the struggle of unawareness. Let your heart be open and free to the emerging present moment, an ever-expanding gift of True Life. All fear is receding as time now manifests the highest good for all, for this is Divine Love’s Perfect Will, now governing time from the center of your soul’s awareness.

Divine Emergence is the way of Life in Spherical Time. It’s a manifestation of perfection beyond your current awareness of perfection that brings forth your ever-expanding perfection, the gift you gained along your prodigal journey to Life. Now you lay this gift at the feet of the gods, who although held the awareness of Perfection, were trapped in a finite appearance of imperfection. In your offering, they are freed, along with the rest of creation, to enterally expand into the endless Dimension of Oneness, as one harmonious Creation.

Watch, for the Eternal Sun of Abundant Joyful Life is rising. If you have the eyes to “see”, you can see this is the redemption of the cosmos, the salvation of the gods.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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