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When I see as One, I Am the harmony of time.

“I Am” is an open door in time to the Great Ascended Consciousness, holding the enlightened awareness of all the ascended beings of Light. Through the soul’s awareness, in oneness with this Divine Mind, the Light of Truth shines in perfect power. No longer is reality created unknowingly, by the darkened sub-conscious, but by the living consciousness of Truth held within the oneness of all beings of Light.

In the soul’s awakened state, the individualized mind is no longer separate from the Truth, dwelling in an illusion of its own making. It recognizes its oneness with the Great Ascended Consciousness, and as this awareness solidifies within the mind through the workings of a living faith, it manifests a whole new reality that reflects Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection and no longer the grave illusion of imperfection.

Because you didn’t desire power unto yourself and for yourself, but instead desired the perfect power of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will so that you might love perfectly, the power of the gods flows through you, making you in the image of God. In this, your eye is Truth’s Eye, so that your eye is single and full of Light. Your mind is no longer separate, flailing about, but operating in harmony with the Divine Mind, for the highest Good of All. By connecting in oneness to the Divine Mind, you pass into eternal Life without having to pass into death.

Be Still and Be.

In the stillness of being, perfect power manifests through your desires, emergence, serendipity and in loving life.

The shadowland, created by the belief in free will, fades as your awakening awareness reveals the Oneness you possess with Truth’s Perfect Will. You’ve entered into a place of complete surrender by being an open gate to the Great Ascended Consciousness. In this opening, the ascended masters can freely instruct, guide and appear according to the highest Good of All flowing through Perfect Will. In sleep, your sub-conscious manifested the reality you perceive and consciously move through. Now the Great Ascended Consciousness of Light manifests the reality you perceive, observe and engage. There is no more “enemy” because free will has been consumed by Truth’s Perfect Will, through your open gate. Therefore immutable peace, born of Truth, can begin to spread through you, unopposed.

In this realm of Spherical Time, you experience ever-increasing Perfection. You “judged” all, with deep understanding, according to Truth’s perfection, manifesting Perfection. The collective consciousness of imperfection is swallowed up in the ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfection growing within you, along with all the Ascended Beings of Light. This transition of time marks the end of one Age and the beginning of a new One, as Truth’s Will now lives within you and no longer the belief in infectious free will. And in this awareness, your healing has met finality. The restoration of a regenerative Life commences. Free will’s reign is over. The imperfection your free will created is ended.

As an open door to the Divine Mind, your entire being rests upon the Mighty I Am Presence, creating an energetic atmosphere of perfect thought. Truth’s perfect Life flows through you, who are the prepared temple to give and receive the abundant life created by Truth’s Will. The skies roll back and heaven and earth collide, like the sun rising in the darkened sky.

You’ve transitioned from worker to watcher. Your will is no longer cut off and wandering in the shadowlands of its projection. Through your understanding of Truth’s Oneness, your will is One. From here peace, joy, abundance and loving kindness unfold layer by layer into your reality like a sunrise, creating the most beautiful and joyous experience you’ve ever known. Truth’s Life in Divine Love is ever-expanding within you, bringing forth Love’s ever-expanding gift of Life to you. As a Living Gate to the Most High, you rest and sit at the center of your spherical reality, as its Divine Fount of Living Waters.

Welcome to the Real World.

Through your tireless journey, the gate to Truth’s Light within you is eternally opened, allowing for Truth’s Perfect Will to flow continually into your reality. Drinking of these living waters regenerates mind, body and soul.

In your rest, remembrance, and renewing of mind, you’ve engaged the creative power of your true I Am Name, whose Presence is the source of peace, joy and love of life. The Truth within you, revealed to you through your pre-ordained Oneness with Truth, grew your living faith, that is now able to overcome every perceivable darkness. You came to rest inwardly and outwardly, showing your living faith, that you are one with Truth’s Perfection.

As an open door between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and time, you’ve introduced Truth’s Perfect Will to time, thus to creation. The “will” that manifests through your open gate is the Will of Oneness. This Will brings forth the spirit of Divine Love upon the earth, freeing those bound in the shadowlands of their own mind.

As an open gate you didn’t desire the power of a lower consciousness that treads among the dust of the earth, but you desired the perfect power that flows through you, in a perfection of awareness greater than your own, so that every breath you take is for the highest Good of ALL. Your desire for perfect power to flow through you manifested your union with Divine Love’s Perfection. And in this perfect desire, you give Her Love to all perfectly.

What you continually give is received, manifesting an eternal flow of goodwill back to you.

Sit back and relax as you drift away from the illusion in which you once dwelt. All rests in Truth’s Perfect Will, the only power acting in your reality. In this Dimension of Oneness to which you are ascending, it is impossible to manifest anything contrary to Divine Love’s Perfect Will for an abundant, joyful Life.

Your reward awaits you.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

As you believe, so it is.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

3 thoughts on “Vision of Light

  1. Rachel,
    Again I thank you for your perfect words. While I remain bound to my mission that I have promised to God, it is not a mission of labor but of great joy. Your words regarding free-will are perfect truth, and I happily surrender it to serve both (He) and humanity. My time in meditative prayer is yielding a beautiful and crystal clear connection to All, like I have never experienced. I am home.
    Heartfelt thanks dear friend. -A

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