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Thy Light Has Come

Thy Light Has Come

The Journey of a Soul of the Internal Light

(Part 12: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


The chord is cut. Thy light has come.

No longer is the soul bound to the shadows of darkness, but has entered the light of day.


Possessing the divine consciousness as well as being a part of the collective human soul, Jesus Christ, brought the potential for us to be connected to the divine consciousness. And, as he taught, we must be “born again” to become a part of this consciousness (the Kingdom of God).

For our soul to be divine, we embark upon a soul journey to prepare our soul for a oneness with the divine consciousness. There are many analogies that speak to this transition that all reveal different aspects of our journey. The analogies, whether of a marriage, a metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, or a seed maturing into a tree, build our awareness of the journey our soul goes through, thus guiding us on the paths we are called to traverse. One illustration full of symbolism is the birth of a child, thus Jesus’ reference to it. It’s a deep and rich analogy intended to guide us on the path to immortality.

Spiritual Womb

Our reality and our Creator’s reality are co-existing in a simulated state of separation. As we experience a self-determined existence, His spirit of love hovers over us as a loving Father. Thus, the erratic self-will resides within perfect cause. Everything is working for our highest good, for our Father loves us all.

The preparatory process we go through to become a divine soul is much like an embryo growing in a womb. Our divine soul grows in a spiritual womb that resides in a hidden and holy place untouched by the self-directed consciousness. This place lays dormant within us until we are connected to (fertilized by) our Father’s divine love through a sincere longing for this love. This desire compels us to connect through our spirit to his spirit. It’s through the spirit because his dimension lies just beyond this one so it’s only through the spirit that we can connect to him.

Like an umbilical chord, through this spirit connection to the divine consciousness, we gain the nourishment required for our divine self to start to form. In this connection, the mishaps of our self-directed consciousness start serving our highest good through the lessons and experiences it presents us. Through our increasing awareness, absolute truth and divine love become known in this sacred place in our soul, and a likeness of a divine soul begins to grow within. It’s within this holy place that the divine consciousness will flow into and regenerate our reality.

As these understandings of divine truth and love flow from the spirit realm, they structure the narrow way that becomes the long and winding road to freedom.

Along this narrow path of purifying truth, a soul element, which is beyond our soul yet can be a part of our soul becomes knit into our soul; the soul element of divine desire. Desire is the one aspect of our being that can be purified while we are still separate in a self-made soul, because desire exists beyond us, as well as being a part of us.

The narrow path is an arduous and euphoric journey of the Spirit of Truth teaching, instructing, prompting, impressing, convicting, encouraging, and training our soul in the ways of truth and divine love as the soul element of divine desire takes form. This element enables us to connect to the divine consciousness; thus no more separation, no more “death”. As I’ve mentioned, desire is what our soul wants to create; reactively or intentionally. Divine desire is a desire for only what is divine, thus of God’s desires for us as his creation. All contrary desires fade away as this element of soul is created. (This phase is symbolized in the number 40; days, weeks, years, time of trial and preparation)

When we gain the fullness of the soul element of divine desire, we come to “full term”. We are ready to leave the watery darkness and enter into the reality of light because through the creative element of divine desire we receive the divine consciousness that transforms and governs the remaining soul elements.

As we come full term, we begin our journey through the birth canal, which is symbolic of pushing through this reality’s atmosphere of separation. It’s tumultuous, trying, tiring and painful, as our previous reality governed by our self-driven consciousness is seen without blinders and is stripped away; which feels like a slow death. We are pressed and squeezed, constricted and suffocating, as the elements of our soul entrapped by the self-made will begin to break away as we move into our divine self. As we pass through the atmosphere we witness the layers of depravity that we created, our soul swells and breaks, as we continue to let go of all that we have been, until only a shell of the false self remains. It’s an unsettled and uprooted place of being caught between two realities, where we aren’t a part of this reality or the next. (Symbolic of the number 5; 5 layers of atmosphere)

As we pass over the infinite chasm between the shadow and the real, our frailty and dependence upon the love of our Father reaches its climax. We come to a point where all our hope and faith resides upon the One who taught us throughout the journey, the beloved Spirit of Truth, and nothing of what we see, because all we see is falling away as the new comes forth. Only in this pure faith crafted in us by the Spirit of Truth do we have the wings to pass over this chasm.

Nearing the doorway of the veil of flesh, we see a glimmer of light. It’s in this doorway that we encounter Jesus’ outreaching divine love that gives us entry into the Father’s bosom.

Once we pass through the doorway, the spiritual chord is cut. It’s the chord that connects our soul to our self-determined consciousness, thus it’s the root of this consciousness. It’s what keeps us waking up day after day in this dream-state (womb-state); whether in this life or in the next. When it’s cut, the dream is over. It’s similar to the umbilical chord being cut at our physical birth. We no longer wake up in the womb, are fed in the womb, or attached to the womb. We no longer abide in darkness or grow in darkness. We are released into the world of light to continue our growth in its blissful radiance.

As the divine consciousness enters our soul, its fire-like nature severs the old root of our fabricated self and establishes itself as the new root bringing to life our divine self. This severance is a “death” or end to our false fabricated self, and it is life to our true divine self. After the severance during a transitory period, the false self fades away as an illusionary dream, and our true self awakens as a dawning day. (Symbolic of the number of 3; resurrection period) We shine ever brighter as the divine seven elements of the kaleidoscopic rainbow soul of divinity are manifested. It’s a resurrection of our divine soul coming forth from the holy place it’s been crafted in as it’s infused with the divine consciousness. Its divine energy regenerates our reality from the shadow to the real, from the dark to the light. In this, our reflective reality of the self-determined consciousness diminishes as a new reflection of a divine soul begins to shine. It’s our end and our beginning. It’s the awakening out of the dream-state and into the reality of our Father’s divine love.

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Arise and Shine

Arise and Shine


Be Shined Upon


(Part 11: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Deep in our soul, his voice calls to us … Wake Up.

The dream is over.

Our soul is in a very deep sleep. This sleep state commenced with the First Parents. As their offspring, we are born into this state. We’ve never been awake.

In this deep sleep, we are under the governance of the self-determined consciousness similar to when we are dreaming, we experience another state of consciousness. This consciousness is separate from the divine consciousness, which is the only true consciousness. Thus, this self-directed consciousness is a “simulated” state much like a dream. It’s unreal and temporary, yet extremely purposeful in creating our divine souls. It’s a state of consciousness before we are truly alive, that’s why we die.

“Dream” Consciousness

When we have a night dream, we enter another state of mind that while we are experiencing it, it can be just as real as our waking consciousness. One reason we dream is to reveal that we are living in a type of dream state.

God is absolute truth and love. In him, there is no absence of these attributes. Thus to be able to choose love and his governing sovereignty, we entered a simulated state of the absence of these attributes so that we may choose them; the soul state of the self-directed consciousness. Because true separation is impossible in divine love, it’s a simulated separation, thus like a dream.

As I mentioned in my last post, when the necessary potentials are fulfilled to bring in the divine consciousness, we will awaken out of this dream and into the only true consciousness, the divine consciousness.


For the collective human soul to awaken, the root of creation first awakens, the similitude of the First Parents. Then, all that was created from this original source follows. Thus, as the divine consciousness awakens the root by entering the soul equivalence of the First Parents, it begins to awaken the entire human soul. This resurrection is the soul waking up out of the deep sleep, a likeness of death, where it was governed by the self-directed consciousness, and the soul becoming conscious as it’s governed by the only true consciousness; the divine consciousness.

We awaken by love into love, for God is love. However, some will awaken by the internal light; the divine consciousness flowing through their soul. Others will awaken to the external light; the divine consciousness that flows from those with the internal light.

Awakening to the Internal Light

All the souls prepared by the Spirit of Truth awaken from within by the entrance of the divine consciousness into their souls. Thus, in their soul resurrection, they will reflect the characteristics of the Father.

These souls gained the awareness of their non-repairable depravity as an individual governed by a self-directed consciousness. While traversing this soul journey through this simulated state and heeding the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, an alternate framework of a soul, one of truth and divine love, was crafted within them. This alternate soul is housed within their false fabricated self, which encases this transformed soul like a shell. Their awakening is like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

They learned of their inherent lack of righteousness and goodness, and therefore sought and desired to have the only true righteousness of the Father as their own down to every infinitesimal thought. They’ve gone through the transformative preparation that constructed this alternate soul framework, which functions in accordance to the divine consciousness. It was a soul journey of gaining heightened awareness, divine desire, deep repentance (letting go of self-directed consciousness), faith in divine love, and refined patience. Because the Spirit of Truth’s preparation of their souls, they are able to receive the divine consciousness into their soul at their awakening. These will be revealed as the sons/daughters of the Father, for they will reflect his attributes, which together yield divine love.

Awakening to the External Light

Those who awaken to the divine consciousness outside of them are the ones who have not yet gone through this transformative preparation. Therefore, there is no place for the divine consciousness to enter into their soul. They are like a caterpillar waking up from a deep sleep.

However, in contrast to the divine consciousness and the divine love coming from those who possess the internal light, they will be made aware of their true soul condition. In this awareness, they will begin the journey of becoming a transformed soul, assisted by those with the internal light.

God is love. Where he is, love is. We are all treated equally according to his perfect divine love. We all go through this transformative process so that all can be united to him in divine love. This regeneration of the collective human soul will continue until God is all in all.

Deceptive Soul States

To awaken with the internal light, we are in a soul condition of desiring nothing of our self-directed consciousness and only his righteousness, which is the only true righteousness. Righteousness is creating perfect cause and effect, something only possible with the divine consciousness. And through this perfection, divine love is expressed.

Thus, the most deceptive self-determined state of mind we can possess is to believe we are good or righteousness in our current consciousness. If we believe this then we won’t be in the soul state of completely desiring to let go of the self-directed consciousness, thus our soul isn’t prepared to receive the governance of the divine consciousness, which comes in divine love, thus in accordance to our divine desire for it.

This self-righteous mentality greatly misleads those who possess it or desire to achieve it. (It’s the most cunning of states, what Eve succumbed to.) Good intentions of a self-directed consciousness may reflect a soul is learning, but they don’t produce truly good results. Only the divine consciousness creates immortal goodness, which is truly good for all. However, the sincere desire isn’t insignificant. This desire to love perfectly prepares our soul for the divine consciousness that allows us to give the divine love we long to give.

So though we grow in the desire to act in a pure divine love, any truly good results aren’t of us, but only by the mercy of God. The non self-righteousness person understands this truth.

Thus, a belief system in which we believe our current consciousness can progress into perfection keeps us infinitely separated from the divine consciousness. Instead, we must let go of our self-directed consciousness to be raised in the one true divine consciousness.

Another deceptive state is not sincerely caring if our consciousness is corrupt or not. Thus living without any true deep “repentance”. Again, without a true desire to change and/or not knowing what to change toward, there isn’t a sincere letting go of the self-directed consciousness. This divine consciousness is of love, thus it must be desired in its totality.

Both of these states and the variations of them, keep us holding onto the self-determined consciousness instead of desiring to “die” to it to obtain the divine consciousness. If we possess this soul state, then we’ll awaken to the light outside of us instead of in us.

This “simulated” consciousness serves to teach us that it’s faulty, and the only true life comes from a oneness with the divine consciousness. No matter how intelligent, advanced, loving or refined we become within its limitations, we can’t create immortal harmony in this dream-state because it’s disconnected from the divine consciousness. We have to be awakened.


The First Parents

The First Parents

Coming Full Circle

(Part 10: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Jesus Christ unveiled the potential of being connected to our Creator in a oneness so that the divine consciousness governs us and no longer our self-determined consciousness. He also teaches us the way to its fulfillment. This potential still resides as a potential. Thus, we remain in our faith. When this potential manifests, a new heavens and a new earth will form as one harmonious unit.

The manifestation of this potential’s fulfillment goes back to the beginning where it all started, the First Parents. As their offspring, we are extensions of their spirits. We are living the potentials of their original creation of the self-determined consciousness. When the potentials are fulfilled the circle of life will be complete, and the eternal light of life will be created within the human soul. Then, we will live out the potentials of the divine consciousness.

As a collective human soul; it took two to manifest the governance of the self-determined consciousness, and it takes two to manifest the governance of the divine consciousness. Though we all play a part, in this creation there are two who serve as the connection point to the Father in the likeness of First Parents. It’s the bookends of creation. They connect this realm of disharmony, where the self-directed consciousness governs, and the realm of harmony where the divine consciousness governs. Thus, they function like a gate. Therefore, there will be two who fulfill the final set of potentials completing the human soul journey. They will possess the relationship reflected in the First Parents: a certain relationship to one another, to the Father, and to creation.

This First Parent soul journey is symbolized in the two cherubimtwo olives trees, two anointed ones, two witnessestwo on the right and left hand of Christ, among other places. Their soul journey is written throughout the Bible in many types, forms, stories, and analogies.

Birthing a creation of divine human souls from two was and still is the Creator’s perfect design. Immortal harmony grows from one perfect seed, from one perfect point. This point of perfection is where the human soul realm and the realm of God meet; which is our point of origin. God is always beyond creation. So his realm of perfect unborn potentials of divine love and truth is always beyond his creations, which express those potentials. As a point, harmony is created. Following one star in the night sky keeps us on track. This singular touch point between this creation and God’s eternal realm enables perfect governance of this realm. As everything grows out from this singular point, everything is in harmony with it. This point of God connects to the origin of the soul. When he resides at our point of origin, we are in him and he is in us, which enables his perfect governance through our individuality.

As I shared in a recent comment, the kingdom of God comes within. God’s regenerative spirit (kingship) is coming within us, not outside of us. This is the only way immortal harmony and our individuality can exist. Right now his internal light does not govern us. We each have our own point of reference so we create disharmony; as we are our own “kings”. We are under his absolute governance, yet experiencing a soul state in which we are governed by our own self-directed consciousness, thus disharmony is created. When his kingdom comes within, he is governing within us as he does in Christ Jesus. This is how immortal harmony is created among so many individuals. This will create our oneness with him, with Christ Jesus, and with each other. This internal governance creates a oneness in which we bear the likeness of his spirit attributes, which all together can be summed up in divine love. Because he comes from within us and flows through us, his spirit expresses itself through our individuality. When Christ Jesus says when you see me, you see the Father; we see the likeness of the character of the Father through the individuality of Christ Jesus. Thus, God resides at our point of origin to create immortal harmony. And, his point of origin to the collective human soul is found in the likeness of the First parents from which we all came, and are connected to.

This collective human soul point resides in the divine love space between the First Parents, like the point in the middle of the infinity symbol. This point doesn’t reside in just one or the other, but in the space between them where their souls interconnect in divine love, for God is love. This is how God is in them and yet beyond them. This is how he can be in creation, yet beyond creation. This type of connection is a life-giving connection, as taught in a creation of a child. Through this point, his spirit flows to the rest of the human soul.

Initially, the First Parents “birthed” the opposite of this divine consciousness; the self-determined consciousness. This served to create divine desire so that the human soul could manifest a soul state that could partake of God’s Spirit. Therefore, they entered into a dream-state, which we are born into. We are living out the potentials they created in manifesting a self-directed consciousness as we traverse the wasteland of a self-determined will and experience all it created. In this awareness, divine desire is created in the collective human soul. We are all connected, what we do as one and for one, we do for all.

In a divine soul state, united as male and female the First Parents represent the characteristics and likeness of God. As two parts of a whole, they represent the oneness of God in the divine love that exists between them; for God is love. The unity of their spirits as one represents his life-giving spirit. Because of the nature of their likeness to the Creator’s characteristics, through their point of connection in divine love, in which he can connect, his liquid light of life can enter and spread into the entire human soul.

As the final potentials of this journey are fulfilled, we regenerate into divine souls by the inflow of the Spirit of God through their regenerated soul. The divine consciousness is “birthed” into this realm, replacing the self-directed consciousness. Their souls reside as a singular purified prismatic soul connecting to the point of perfection in which the substance of divine love, thus divine consciousness, can flow into creation. As this Spirit is poured upon the children of the human soul and the creation they impact, all are regenerated into a harmonious whole. In this, God is all in all.