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Divine Gratitude

Divine Gratitude

Opening the Gateway


When a soul possesses faith in divine love, gratitude takes on a new likeness. It becomes defined by divinity, thus divine. Divine gratitude opens the soul to the transformative light of the Spirit of Truth.

Each morning I begin with gratitude. Writing out what I’m sincerely grateful for brings my mind into a receptive state for communion with the Spirit of Truth as it honors the One who is orchestrating my life, and all of life.

Divine Gratitude

Divine gratitude lets in the living light (divine truth and love) of the Spirit of Truth into the soul. It opens the soul to the Spirit to receive whatever it needs to learn or know next. It coincides with humility, willingness to learn, and openness to see any part of the soul’s life that needs enlightenment. It causes the soul to set aside complaining and blaming that block learning, and embrace the Spirit’s counsel. In it the soul says, regardless of circumstance, I understand what is happening is for my highest good. Help me to learn and grow as I need to. In this, the soul is receptive to the instruction of the Spirit who in response infuses new levels of awareness of truth and divine love into the soul.

For everything we experience in our reality; situations, relationships, personality traits, etc., there are two ways we can view them; either in the light or in the dark. In the light, we view them from the perspective of divine love. This perspective translates what we experience in a way that promotes growth and soul advancement toward divinity. In the dark, we view them from the perspective of the absence of divine love. This viewpoint stunts growth and entraps us in a circuitous existence.

To commune with the Spirit, the soul’s mindfulness enters the sacred inner chamber of the soul. Divine gratitude moves the soul out of a darkened state of mind produced by the self-determined consciousness, and into this space. In this movement of soul, the soul opens up like a gateway for the living light to transmute its past, present and future. Thus, it alters its perception. This perspective of light brings new levels of awareness that promote its spiritual development, healing and regeneration. In this state, the soul experiences divine ascension as it winds upward toward divinity, instead of meandering wanderings through the same lessons that keep it stuck in the darkness of unawareness.

There are three areas of belief that construct the foundation of divine gratitude: perfect orchestration, ascension of the highest good, and the Creator’s workmanship. When these three truths are no longer just concepts, but the soul’s truth, divine gratitude is the natural response, and the gateway to the living light opens wide.

Perfect Orchestration

Like the mathematical perfection that underscores creation, underneath the seemingly erratic nature of our life stories is the perfect working of the Creator. Every event, happening, and circumstance is working for his purposes; which is the fulfillment of our own. Our ill judgments, misunderstandings, and lack of awareness prohibit us from seeing how everything in our soul thus life is being perfectly orchestrated to serve the highest purpose, which is to craft us into divine souls, thus into a oneness with our Creator.

Residing on top of this layer of perfection is our experience of “free-will” in which we experience the choice, yes or no. All our yes’s and no’s build our life stories. Though we experience freedom of choice, the sequence of responses lead us down certain paths that our Creator has programed to eventually lead us into His divine love. Understanding this perfection amidst imperfection is to perceive the sovereignty of God. If we don’t perceive this truth in our lives, it’s because we are only seeing a sliver of eternity and not the “big picture.” To see, we willingly step out beyond our limited perceptions with the Spirit, and he reveals a magnificent orchestration.

Though this perfect orchestration exists, we don’t take a lackadaisical attitude toward soulfully learning from the Spirit of Truth and desiring to walk in that truth by faith. Conversely, it compels us to be diligent students of his instruction and of our reality because it advances our path forward into a divine soul state instead of in traveling in circles within our self-determined consciousness.

The Highest Good

Not only is all perfectly orchestrated, but also all is serving the attainment of the highest good, which is the infiltration of divine love into every soul thus into all of creation. Every happening in our life is serving the highest good defined by divine love. For this good is the end of our journey through this wilderness of the soul and the beginning of it into immortality. Divine love is the answer to every question, situation, hurt, pain, suffering, and disharmonious occurrence. Thus, ultimately everything in our lives is serving this purpose.

When we see our lives from this vantage point, reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness trickle into our soul and bring healing and freedom. This truth is extremely powerful in what it can reveal to us as why we have experienced and endured what we have. It opens our mind to truth. It gives concrete purpose and meaning to everything. And in this vision of light, our natural response is gratitude for the perfection of our Creator’s ways.

Divine Workmanship

Finally, we are our Creator’s workmanship, thus magnificent. When we begin to see him, we see this truth. However, what sometimes causes us pause in owning this belief is this temporary experience of our very imperfect self-determination that can cause us to feel anything but magnificent. Yet, this state of consciousness is serving the high purpose of making us into ever expanding divine souls. We are divine creations of his workmanship cloaked in the imperfections of our false self to learn, and to create a thirst for his divine love, thus his governing divine consciousness.

Though temporarily cloaked in imperfection, when we honor the divine soul we are being crafted into, we honor his workmanship. This belief removes self-pity that can spawn from our weakness, and counters this honor. Each frailty, weakness, and shortcoming is intended to draw us into him and to desire his consuming divine love. When we see from this perspective of light, then we are grateful for all – especially our imperfections because they create the hunger for his divine consciousness, thus consuming governance. This doesn’t necessary lessen the weight of feeling our depravity and need, but a peace underscores our frailties as we trust in his workmanship, a work without error, especially in making us to experience error. Gratitude amidst imperfection transforms our imperfections to become tools to manifest living light in our souls.

When our soul possesses these truths, then a divine exchange is made. We set aside our complaining and blaming, and enter into a deep sincere inner gratitude; the essence of praise. This soulful awareness honors our Creator, his creative plan for us as divine souls, our own journey, and the journeys of others. Thus, this sincere praise opens the soul to let in the divine light. This gratitude creates harmonious ripple effects in our lives, thus alters what our reality reflects back to us in a multitude of ways.

Divine gratitude is our response to perceiving our Creator’s perfect love for us. It’s a gift to ourselves as we honor our own necessary soul journey, and it’s a gift to others as we honor theirs. It’s the working of a spiritual law that allows the living light of the Spirit of Truth to stream into our soul and carry us along the path toward our eternal soul state as divine souls.

May every day be one of Divine Gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving.


The Divine Exchange

The Divine Exchange

Preparation for Oneness


In preparation for oneness, in faith the soul exchanges elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine. These elements shape the spiritual blueprint of consciousness and the spiritual laws of that govern consciousness.

Oneness with our Creator is crafted through love; for love is the foundation and nature of our eternal relationship with him. The Spirit of Truth is bringing me to place of love in every area of my soul to prepare me for this oneness. This place isn’t in the likeness of my self-generated love, but of his divine love. Thus, I’m learning of this love and will continue to until I am fully aware, open, and responsive to its nature. This soul journey entails addressing the multitude of areas that form the blueprint of my consciousness. All these areas need to be enlightened with divine love before divine love can be possessed. The divine consciousness, which manifests divine love, is all consuming, so the soul has to be prepared for its total governance at its first drop.

How are these areas that form the consciousness being revealed to me?

Necessity of Weakness

Weakness. Normally weaknesses are the bane of our existence. But when journeying into the realm of divinity, they become a form of strength.

My weaknesses are playing an essential role in this transformative process. Not only do they reveal what to let go of in relation to my self-determination, but also they give me the overwhelming desire to do so. Thus, they are a necessary and formative part of this process. Because of the proportional relationship between awareness of weakness and awareness of divinity, the further I progress on this journey, the greater the experience of my weaknesses.

Because consciousness is all consuming, nothing of my soul is left untouched by the divine light; thus, weakness is felt in every aspect of my being. Facing the immensity of my frailties can be trying and unsettling. Yet, it’s in this season of the soul that the foundation of faith established over the years by the Spirit of Truth rises to the occasion and carries me through. Though I’m losing myself, there is only gain. When this divine exchange for the elements of the self-determined consciousness for those of the divine is soulfully understood, letting go becomes an overwhelming desire. In exchange for letting go is the attainment of the elements of divinity in faith. It’s an evolutionary process of letting go of the false self of illusions, to embrace faith in the divine, which brings in the substance of divinity.

Divine Elements

There are four particular elements of consciousness that overlap and affect the soul’s ability to be a conduit of divine love. Thus, the Spirit of Truth directs the soul to make a divine exchange in these areas.

The interrelated elements of love, judgment, justice, and forgiveness possess a self-determined nature that through a soul’s preparation for divinity are exchanged for the divine nature. Divine elements do what the self-determined ones cannot. They produce eternal life, regeneration of the human soul thus all of creation, harmony, unity, endless growth, eternal peace, rest, joy and freedom.

Divine love is creating the highest good for all, in every situation, all the time. Divine love’s characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous 5. honoring of all 6. constant and consuming 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It perfectly loves at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through the soul from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It’s the light of God. It’s the cornerstone of truth.

This element is the foundation to the divine consciousness. Once the soul understands the nature of divine love to a degree where it experiences the desire to perfectly love all creation at all times, then the understanding of the other elements flows into the soul’s awareness. Each element is received into the soul in conjunction with the soul’s willingness to give to others according to its nature.

Since divine love is all consuming, prior to its substance filling the soul, the soul must completely desire it along with its corresponding divine elements that play a role in manifesting that love; particularly divine judgment, divine justice and divine forgiveness.

Divine judgment is determining all souls, regardless of soul condition, at all times worthy of divine love. The solution to every ailment of the soul that causes harm and pain is divine love. It’s the answer to every situation. When the soul sincerely wants to give this love, which means embracing and giving all of its characteristics, then the answers come as to how to respond to each situation and relationship. This judgment doesn’t assess the past or future, but resides in the present; a state of timelessness, where all of creation is deemed worthy and needing of divine love. The lies and illusions that caused the harm and pain are dismissed, and the truth is honored and cultivated. When a soul embraces this divine element it willingly extends divine love, thus judges in harmony with the Spirit of Truth.

Judgment, which is how a soul sees a person or situation, precedes justice, which is how a soul responds to a person or situation. Thus, how the soul judges determines how the soul administers justice.

Divine justice is allocating to every soul, regardless of their soul state, divine love. Divine love heals and regenerates the soul into eternal life. It creates goodness out of every ill act. Thus, when one causes harm the response of divine justice is to sincerely desire and do what is for their highest good, which is what cultivates divine love in their soul. Therefore, the intention in divine justice is to love and increase love, nothing else. This intention brings about the corresponding responsive action.

If one suffers for any reason, all suffer. Thus, what is desired is what heals suffering. And as one begins to heal, all begin to heal. The fulfillment of divine justice is the Creator bringing his love into every soul and making it his reflection. If there is one, even one, without his reflection, then divine justice is not complete.

Divine forgiveness is severing a soul from its past so it has no ill effects on the present. It’s the working mechanism of divine justice. It transitions every act of the past to bring about the highest good for all. It’s an act of complete liberation of the soul, thus the keys to the kingdom. In divine love, divine forgiveness is a constant. This forgiveness is activated in the soul when it is received in truth and love into the soul from the giver. Thus, when the receiving soul accepts this element into its beliefs thus its soul, then the transformative work of divine forgiveness commences.

These divine elements are of the Creator’s Spirit. Thus when the soul engages them through faith, the soul is far more powerful than when engaging these elements through the self-determined consciousness. As the soul employs them in faith and prayer, a link from the soul to the Creator is established. This connection brings a new set of potentials, which are anchored in divinity, into the soul’s reality.

Our Creator’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. My journey has been one of letting go of my self-determined ways and embracing his in faith as the Spirit of Truth reveals them to my soul. And as I am learning, this divine exchange prepares my soul for oneness, which is the fulfillment of every desire, hope, and promise.


The Golden Key

The Golden Key


From my teacher’s open hand
I lifted a golden ring
From it dangled a transcendent key
Reflecting the end of my reign.

The key sparkled a lucid light
Shimmering in a crystalline glow
I marveled at the magnificent sight.
I wondered at its door.

“Crafted out of my divine love
It contains a glorious power
Not found in any other.”

“It’s the key to my heart
And I give it to you.
I am you and you are me
You are all and all is you.”

“I know your heart well
Its love for the weak and the small
For through our journey
My heart I sowed in you for all.”

“A heart to hold my key
In tenderness and harmony
To treat it with care and delight
To never shun its brilliant light.”

I slid it around my finger
That I might not lose it forever.

The key quaked in my hand
Then melted into my skin
Its power surged down my spine
Then I knew his heart was mine.

“A single key for a single door
To unlock the bound to be free
Once the door is open it can’t be shut
It will loose all above and below
Into a state which their souls did not sow.”

“It ends the past and releases the present.
It turns back time to the beginning.
It melts its chains and removes its pains.
It’s the substance of love again and again.”

“Dissolving scars, tears and stains
It sends eternal love pulsing through every vein.
It ends all strife
And brings new life.”

“It frees the soul from the past
Where all that is untrue is vast
Encroaching upon a tender mind
Enslaving it in endless binds.”

“Is this your desire?
To release all?
Justice isn’t found if one should fall.

“Justice is unearthed in divine love.
It protects, delivers, heals, and renews
And brings the vilest into the true.”

“Free one, free all
Bind one, bind all.
This key I place into your heart
And I know what you will do
Thus my gift to you.”

I raised the key to the light
To see a marking on its side
Engraved in pearly white
A word of life, forgiveness, showed bright.

I ran to the inner chamber
I slipped the key inside
I flung the door wide open
And fell upon my side.

A gentle breeze danced across my skin
My tattered garments became as nothing
A flash of light filled my eyes
I felt a change inside.

Many rainbows flooded my soul
of unparalleled delight
All was changed; all became bright.
Time stood still as if no more
Then my eyes fell upon the open door.

The wind travelled into the human soul.
Touching every creature great and small.
Though unknown from where it came
Hearts melted enraptured by its call.

Life began to bloom.
Exalted in joy I feel to my knees
And from deep within whispered,
All is one and one is all and we are all free.

~ Rachel

November 6, 2015


Letting Go and Embracing Life

Letting Go and Embracing Life

Emergence of a Divine Soul


My recent posts reveal the significance of letting go of the self-determined consciousness so that living faith may expand and strengthen.

As I progress down this path, I perceive deeper levels of letting go. And now I’m hearing the call … let go of all.

Transformative Shift

Nearing the end of this process of detachment from attachment, living faith prompts the soul to make a complete transformative shift, the ultimate letting go. It’s an inner transition in which all its being resides upon living faith in divine love. It’s a definitive exchange so that all that is within and without shifts from a platform of self-governance to one of divine governance; like a caterpillar hanging from a tree to begin metamorphosis. It’s a movement in the soul’s will from the corruption of the self-determined consciousness to the incorruption of the divine consciousness.

In this shift, the path of the soul rises out of the dark pit of the false self to a new echelon of light streaming through the divine self.

Bridging the Gap

How is a soul that is impure able to become pure? How is a soul that is corrupted through ill judgments, illusions, and lies that it believes is grounded in truth able to put on incorruption of absolute truth so that every element of the soul is pure? How is this possible in a reality of relative truth, which makes knowing truth impossible? The answer lies in the metamorphic work of the Spirit of Truth as he crafts living faith within the sacred inner chamber.

A Soul Within a Soul

Within the soul is a sacred inner chamber. It’s a pure portion of the soul because it exists before any creative expression of the soul. Because of its pre-creation purity, it’s the place where the self sits as observer, and where it communes with the Spirit of Truth. It’s where the soul connects to its Creator, though a veil resides between him and the forming soul. It’s the origin of living faith in the soul and where this faith is shaped and expanded.

When a soul engages the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit crafts a divine framework of soul through divine truth and love within this inner chamber. Constructed by the Spirit of Truth and formed in a space beyond this reality yet connected to it, this inner working is somewhat beyond the bounds of relative truth that binds the soul in this reality to illusions. Full release from this relativity comes when the veil is removed between the soul and the Creator. As the soul diligently communes, follows, and embraces the Spirit’s teaching, counsel and guidance through the blinding matrix, the received concepts are integrated into the soul to an extent that a divine soul framework is fashioned. Thus, as truths relating to divine love are sown within this place, the likeness of a divine soul emerges.

As the soul takes on the divine constructs of a divine soul, it externally experiences its false self, while internally expands its true self. Thus there are two in one; like the blueprints of a butterfly that reside within the caterpillar. Within the outer likeness of a self-determined consciousness, the Spirit of Truth builds a new likeness of soul that is pure and thus able to connect in oneness to the divine consciousness. When this divine soul structure is complete, then the soul is ready to shed the old outer likeness to reveal the divine soul underneath. (Expressed in analogies of new birth, new creation, caterpillar metamorphosis, bride entering into marriage)

Transition of the Soul

Living faith is the means by which a soul transitions from the false self to the divine self. It’s the all-significant mechanism through which the divine consciousness unites to the inner divine soul to bring it to life.

Living faith is built on a mountain of truth supplied by the Spirit of Truth. All the understanding that is derived from a daily practice of listening and heeding the Spirit of Truth creates a vast interlocking web of understanding of divine thoughts, perceptions, desires, emotions, words, timelessness, and divine judgments; all expressive centers of the soul. The multitude of revelations, lessons, transformed beliefs, and instructions over the long and winding journey creates a foundation for a divine soul. This new soul structure is sacred, pure, uncorrupted, untainted, and holy. Thus, it’s a soul the divine consciousness can connect to; for what is pure can’t connect to what is impure.

Because the transformation is into love and by the workings of divine love, the soul’s awareness, willingness, desire, and acceptance to become what the Spirit is constructing is essential, thus, the substantial purpose and necessity of letting go or repentance. It can’t be fashioned without this willing acceptance on part of the soul, as the soul is being molded into a living creation of divine love. Thus, the requisite of a living faith that enables the soul to transition.

During the formation of the spiritual blueprint of consciousness for a divine consciousness, the soul enters a rigorous journey of refinement. Through the soul’s experiences in conjunction with the Spirit’s instruction, the soul from the inner chamber learns and embraces the ways of divine love in faith; the progressive act of manifesting the substance of a belief. The soul faces each part of its corruption in light of divine love ways. As it wholeheartedly chooses the ways of divine love, they become a part of its divine soul framework. Through this journey the self-determined consciousness is weakened and no longer depended upon, thus living faith is matured so that this complete shift from one foundation to another can be made.

When the instructional period is complete, so a divine spiritual blueprint of consciousness is constructed, the soul is tested. It’s challenged through its sensational reality by its false self’s weaknesses, doubts, reflective reality, and past-future mentality; all representing its soul elements. When the soul chooses the divine self, so the constructs of the divine self supersede the ones of the false self, then there is victory. Belief in and of the divine has been established in the soul; belief is the creative mechanism of consciousness to create an experiential reality. Then the soul is able through living faith to stand solo upon this new foundation and fully let go of the old. This is a monumental stage of transformation is made possible by living faith. In this, the soul reflects its preparation for the divine consciousness.

This complete movement through faith of the soul from the old foundation to the new is the precursor to oneness. A soul fully founded on faith in divine love is pure and complete, this soul state allows the divine soul structure to be infused with the divine consciousness while simultaneously letting the old fall away; like a butterfly sloughing its cocoon.

Living faith enables the movement of a soul from a soul of corruption into a soul of divinity. It’s the transformative power transitioning the content of faith into substance. Thus, through faith is the victory in which the Spirit of God enters the soul of humankind.