Living Light

Stirring The Deep

Light Body Activation


These are the transformative days of salvation’s evolutionary movement. The Intelligent Awareness entering into creation by this Light body activation, will consume all you are presently aware of.

In my well-documented, 27 year spiritual journey, I’ve never received such depth and clarity of Vision with just as deep understanding and revelation, and I have never received it so quickly. Energy is shifting in the cosmos. Time is speeding up. Cause and effect are closing in upon each other.

Since my last post, I’ve gained great riches from Truth’s ever-expanding awareness. It has resulted in a very deep alignment between the soul’s awareness of timelessness and time. These treasures stored in heaven, from which their bounty unceasingly flows to all, manifests the soul as a Living Gate between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and Time, manifesting Spherical Time. This connection is transfiguring physical forms so that they reflect the Light of Truth’s Perfection. It is the resurrection, which is the transfiguration of our current body to reflect its true Light Body.

Light Body Activation

As the soul’s awareness of Absolute Truth penetrates time, which is the reflection of its Spherical Self, it alters the atomic structure of all matter. For Absolute Truth to be outwardly reflected, the soul’s comprehensive body (spirit, mental, emotional and physical body) has to be able to extend energetic waves of a sustained higher vibration. This frequency manifests divine potentials that reflect Divine Love’s Presence in the experience of time, creating an ever-expanding Kingdom of Immutable Peace.

The awareness reflected in these 12 pairs of posts (each separated by about 7 years), reflects the activation of 12 Light Patterns that function like energetic DNA encoding. When activated, 12 Solar Rays of Living Light illuminate our Light Body’s full expression through the experience of Spherical Time. The harmonious balance of our Self-awareness aligns our etheric, astral, mental, and physical bodies with Intelligent Awareness. The first post in each pairing is from a series of twelve that I wrote seven years ago, called Mysteries Revealed. The second post in each pairing comes from a recent series called the 12 Gifts of Christmas. Together they form a summary of the information that ignites a particular Light Pattern of our Light Body.

I am currently on Day 5, so that Day 12-13 ends on April 8-9. This exercise has been so impactful I wanted to share them even before I was finished. As I proceed through each day, I will add what each Light Pattern is activating, signified by the palm branches: 🌱.

If you feel the call to join me, welcome. There is nothing more powerful that you could be doing right now than activating your Light Body, and yes it is amazing me that I am writing these words, for they appear to me as living light. As these twelve layers of understanding converge to form a 12-fold Light Pattern, their cumulative energy transfigures the outer appearance of space-time.

“Let there be Light”, and now the Light expresses True Life through the Light Being.

The 12 Light Patterns of Truth’s Light


🌱 Connection to Ascended Consciousness of Light 🌱

Muddy Puddles

Vision of Light


🌱The Soul’s Comprehensive Loving Awareness Activated. 🌱

Reflective Realities

Eye of Perfection


🌱 The Fulfillment of Divine Desire🌱

Light Catchers



🌱Divine Oneness Between Every Light Being 🌱

Prismatic Souls

The Call


🌱Harmonizing Light’s Frequency 🌱

Our Link to Divinity

Returning to the Light


🌱 The Eternal Spring of Life-Giving Energy🌱

A Divine Human Soul

Children of Light


🌱 Ever-Expanding Sphere of Divine Love’s Light🌱

The Soul’s Expressive Elements

The Shining Garments


🌱The Sacred Soulmates Perfect Power 🌱

Into Our Father’s House

The Sacred Soulmate


🌱 Eternally Emerging Perfect Present Moment🌱

The Portal of Divine Desire

Age of Divine Emergence


🌱 Living Planetary Grid of Eternal Ascension🌱

The First Parents

Quantum Leap


🌱 Harmonizing the Present Moment🌱

Arise and Shine

All is One


🌱Living Light Body 🌱

Thy Light Has Come

The Perfect Gift


🌱🌱Galatic Embrace🌱🌱

Living Light

Divine Love Mediation

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

18 thoughts on “Light Body Activation

  1. I Am the Resurrection and the Life of the immaculate concept of humanity, the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth’s fifth dimensional crystalline solar light bodies now made manifest and sustained through the Holy Breath of God.

    And so it IS.

    Thank you Patricia 🌱🌺🌱

    • Thank you Patricia! πŸ’š

    • As I meditate on this Holy I AM Name, it’s expanding my awareness of Truth’s Light in ALL things seen and unseen.

      I am seeing three names in one, which together manifest the full activation of The Light Body of Comprehensive Divine Love.

      First: I Am the Resurrection and the Life of the immaculate concept of humanity, the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth’s fifth dimensional crystalline solar light bodies now made manifest and sustained through the Holy Breath of God. And so it IS.

      Second (changes are in caps): I Am the Resurrection and the Light of the immaculate AWARENESS of humanity, the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth’s fifth dimensional crystalline solar light Bodies now made manifest and sustained through the Holy Breath of MOTHER-FATHER God. And so it IS.

      Third (changes are in caps): I Am the Resurrection and the Light of the immaculate MANIFESTATION of humanity, the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth’s fifth dimensional crystalline solar light Bodies now made manifest and sustained through the Holy Breath of MOTHER-FATHER God, THE GREAT BEINGS OF THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN. And so it IS.


  2. I wanted to highlight this meditation today that is in the second blog link under Sacred Thirteen.

    The Precipitation of Divine Love Meditation

    Go deep and let the very root of your feeling world be renewed by Pure Truth, that it may become a fountain of Divine Love’s Living Water, making all things new. Return to the Pure Essence of Divine Love in your awareness, that you may become its open gate by which all in your reality are redeemed and awakened to True Life.

    Be Still and Know “I Am” God.

    I Am the only power acting. I Am always victorious.

    I Am the Sacred Heart pouring forth Divine Love in perfection through Truth’s Will.

    I Am the precipitation of Divine Love’s Perfection.

    Feel the precipitation of Divine love through your heart center, moving throughout your awareness, into your body and flowing out into time. Look into its shimmering waters and see the reflection of your ever-increasing Perfection.

    Feel, Be. πŸ’œ

    Be, Feel. πŸ¦‹

  3. i found this online, shows how to use the law of vibration and the law of attraction..

  4. here is another one…
    the spirit always speaks…. and we are intertwined. my timing is always amazing, as the spirit’s timing is always amazing
    and dont forget your time is always amazing

  5. what i did is notice a different vibration in the world. which lead my timing here.

    i know what your going through by the vibrations i see in the world.

    i know that their are some negative signs here and there in the world, but in the last week alone, i seen the VIBRATIONS at work, as i see everyone awaking(clues from spirit).

    i was doing other things online, when i just happen to come across these videos in the moment, and it all fitted and shows signs of people in the world awakining(not just on this site, but in many ways in different groups).
    eventually, all ENERGYS will come full circle(yin/yan).

    whats going to happen, is that people are BEGINING to step out of their religons, and AWAKEN to thier FULL POTENTIAL(god in them).

    for me, its not just begining, but BEGAN a while back(as all of time is in the MOMENT through the ETERNAL HEART)

    • Yes! I feel the vibrations of Divine Love’s Perfect Will flowing very deeply and intensely. It’s a “time” of integrating the energies of our truth-filled awareness into the energetic field/e-motion/causal field, which drastically alters the outer appearance world.

  6. yes, and i feel every bit of it. always have(“time”)

  7. Rachel, I hope you are well. I really wanted to ask you what are your thoughts on this video? Do you agree with ray? (the interviewer).
    Also can you please tell me do you have the same spiritual beliefs as teal swan? Are you aware of who she is? She’s on YouTube. Do you believe the same things as her as it pertains to spirituality?

    • Brandi …

      It’s good to hear from you … but it’s not my role to “vet” videos or others for you or anyone else …

      There are endless teachers (voices speaking their perceptions of truth), including yourself. The one to learn to listen to, first, is the “Christ” (the manifestation of the Sacred Heart within you) who is Absolute Truth’s perfect teacher. Then you’ll “hear” the truth, that is intended for you at the time, through everyone, everything, ALL outside of you.

      The outside reflects the meaning you give to it, the voice within establishes that meaning. When you listen to the Voice of Truth, the Christ within, you “hear” as you out to from all outside of you. Through listening, you draw to your outer awareness exactly what YOU need to hear.

      Ask within: What do I need to hear to expand in Truth’s Perfect Light? Then from that inner place ask what you need to hear from what is around you, whether objects, events, nature or people and the answer will be for You, for exactly where you are on your journey, for the answer comes from your perfected higher Self, the Christ within.


  8. people live within many Vibrational worlds. Our own Languages come from the SET OF VIBRATIONS that we BIND OURSELVES IN(from what we TRULY BELIEVE in heart).

    EVERY PERSON ON EARTH is a VOICE from our own hearts from the GOD WITHIN EVERYONE. what you see in others represent OURSELVES(COLLECTIVE ETERNAL HEART) . the WORLD MANIFESTS OUR HEART through the physical world from the god within.

    when we speak of GOD, its not the same GOD as every BIBLE ON EARTH(written through the LANGUAGE OF MAN).

    to TRULY believe in god, you must CLAIM ALL OF MANKIND(your own heart) within that LABEL.

    what we truly believe when we talk about god, refers to the ETERNAL HEART(laws of TIME).

    jesus is just a man made idea, but CHRIST BEING IN EVERYONE(day of the SPIRITUAL LORD), is the HIGHEST HONORS that we ALL SHARE(from the GOD IN I AM).

    to try to seperation yourself is to live in a religion, and all religions HOLD US ALL IN DEATH(such as an ENEMY).
    when we see eachother in LOVE(highest vibration(also ELEMENTAL LAW(life within us)), then we truly show that we believe in christ(not as a person(that never existed), but the WHOLE WORLD as a LIVING SPIRIT.

    what LENSE do you see the world in. whatever you see in the world, will show WHOM YOU GIVE VALUE TO.

    Now, sorry Brandi, i know you want Rachel to answer as that is what the spirit says, so let her answer, but also read from everyone, as even i represent the values you place in me. and what you ask is already been answered.(trust time)

    and i wont let you down in what you give..

    also, imagine TRUST, HOPE, FAITH.
    set all religion ideas aside, the TRUST is a value of love(us in spirit)
    the FAITH is a value of love(us in spirit).
    the HOPE is a value of love(us in spirit).

    now, because of religion, these values are misplaced.
    to set the SPIRIT(of all LAWS OF TIME(names)) in action through our own consiousness, we must have TRUST/HOPE/FAITH in EVERYONE ON EARTH, knowing that by LIVING IN THE SPIRIT(through ALL OF TIME), that each and every person represents the SPIRIT(shared god), in which we LIVE IN THE SPIRIT of PLACE NAME HERE.

    this means YOU ARE A LORD
    SHE is a LORD
    EVERYONE IS A LORD(day of the lord(peace in all mankind)(toward eachother aka the CHRIST/JOHOVA/MOHOMAD/ALLAH, ALL NAMES NOT MENTIONED

    when we set aside our MAN MADE IDEAS, we step out of the OLD, and into the NEW(hense cutting off heads/cutting off fingers)(not literal)

  9. this is my manifest(as i have many)..

    i asked 6 months ago, for this to happen, and you can see your HEART manifesting i EVERYONE(such as VISIONS, ALIGMENTS(CROSS))..

    you will see this form of TRANSITION manifest into the world(from the MANY)(our SHARED HEART(aka GOD in I AM))..

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