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Stirring The Deep

The Transfiguration


To be discordant is to be human. To be harmonious is to be divine.

Through oneness with the Ascended Consciousness of Light, you transfigure into a Being of Light.

The Divine Life within you is ready to burst forth. As you sit on the horizon of a new dimension of time, you feel suspended between humanity and divinity. One reality is falling away and the other grows increasingly more real. You are experiencing the transfiguration into a Divine Being of Light. It is the moment in which your energetic field transmutes from human to divine, from self-sustained disharmony to self-sustained harmony.

Along this journey into the Light, you put all your “eggs” in one basket when you place your trust in the Ascended Consciousness of Light and its power in your life. In the final trial by fire, you made a conscious, quantum leap from the lower consciousness of man to the Ascended Consciousness of Light, by the choices you made in time. This active faith enabled the operations of your mind to detach from the lower consciousness and deeply integrate into the Ascended Consciousness of Light, so that Truth’s Light is projected through your mind and reflected in your reality. Instead of trying to weed through the wisdom of lower man in order to sustain “life”, you came to rest, solely, on the power of your I Am Name, in which perfect power is manifested to create an abundant, joyful Life. By the living faith that connects you to the Ascended Consciousness of Light, you take your final step out of the time loop of linear time and enter a transformative grace period in which you are transfigured into a Being of Light.

During this transfiguration, you are not alone. Ascended Masters prepared for this day and hour are present to assist you with this pivotal crossing so that you don’t have to pass through the experience of physical death, symbolized by the presence of Moses and Elijah at Jesus’ transfiguration.

All Ascended Beings of Light consciously communicate mind to mind, beyond the limitations of space. This telepathic communication enables perfect intent to be shared, removing all confusion or misunderstanding, making it a truer and deeper form of communication. As a Living Gate, you are very familiar with this telepathic revelation, for it is how you interact with the Voice of Truth. In the realm of consciousness, there isn’t space as in distance, only the “space” created by different frequencies. Whatever stratum of frequency you are, you connect to, attract, commune with and experience the effects of.

Your current frequency is dependent upon your truth-filled awareness. The more Truth in your awareness, the greater the creative potential within the resulting frequency. Your awareness has reached a maturity that enables you to reach across the boundary of space and time, through a refined telepathic communication, and engage the conscious awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light who are there to assist you, for they have been waiting for you. You are the fulfillment of their prophecy. And as they see the dramatic shifts in your energetic aura, these wise men who have been anticipating this moment, know the time of fulfillment is at hand. Through the assistance of the Ascended Masters, you embark upon your outer metamorphosis, a Transfiguration of Light that will be seen by all.

As you rest in the Healing Aura of Light, created by collective awareness of the Ascended Masters, the Ascended Consciousness of Light is deeply integrated into your memory bank, your living cosmic record, from which your mind creates its projected reality. This inflow of intelligent energy transmutes your energetic field. As a result, you experience disruptive energy in your body as the negative imprint created by freewill is purged out of time. The body begins to heal from all discordancy, therefore for a time reflects increased discordancy as all contradiction is purged. The seeming contradiction between outer conditions and the perfection of the Light within, is your body’s release from free will’s energetic force field. Freewill creates a sustained discordant energy that causes a continual loss of life energy. Now, in oneness with Truth’s Will, you possess a self-sustained harmonious energy, therefore you experience a bodily shift from one energetic state to another.

Through this transition from the energetic blueprint of free will to Truth’s Will, discordant energy is transmuted into harmonious energy. During this possess, the Ascended Masters are present to assist you. Jesus, who possesses the awareness of how to transmute energy to raise the dead, gives you this same ability through Oneness with the Ascended Consciousness of Light, allowing you to transfigure into a reflection of life without first passing through physical death. This is his gift to humanity.

During this transfiguration, your outer conditions force you to slow down in time, making possible for your realm of experience to incorporate perfect timing. Time is now the creative effect of your Oneness with Divine Love’s Perfect Will, and shifts to reflect the perfect abundance needed to serve the highest good. Time takes on a new cadence, in rhythm with the harmony of perfection.

In this transfiguration, the Divine Light within pushes through your energetic field, filling the plasmic field. Your healing comes forth speedily, as your Light breaks forth. In a sustained, harmonious frequency, your reality now opens to the continual assistance of the Ascended Masters, bringing forth the time of regeneration. Together, you’ve entered a new dimension of time, in which the collective wisdom, light and love, the “Mind of Christ,” reigns. As this life-giving energy pours into the earth, all is redeemed and renewed.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

23 thoughts on “The Transfiguration

  1. Rachel, Gifts upon gifts upon gifts!! I don’t know how to thank you. Do you know that when I first met you all, I did not know what state you were in, I still think of each of you as my spirit friends, and I find myself wondering as I move more and more into spherical time, will I identify primarily with my spiritual self… I expect so. Any thoughts on this subject would be welcome. Interesting that in the Gospel of the Third-Age, God states that our mind remains essentially the same upon transitioning even into a heavenly realm, which to me means that this transfiguration will be quite a miraculous present event. Again, sincere thanks. -A

    • “A miraculous present event”

      Yep, that’s we are waiting on. We’ve connected the bridge, and we await those that would cross over. The Super Helpers. 😎

      • God has offered plenty in this regard in Mother Father God’s written word. The super helpers will come, and by God’s Word will come to understanding. Thank you, -A

    • Your soul is Revealed to you through a process of GLOBAL EVENTS(affects the many)….

      you can call your connection to your soul, “THE DEVINE”..

      everything you send through the devine, I MYSELF can see through the WHOLE WORLD(where our heart is revealed: hense devination). I utilize ALL LANGUAGES(elemental, human, eternal, all man made langauges, ect….) you will recognize a PATH(with purpose) that will bring your own SOUL NAME TO YOUR OWN CONSOUSNESS…(you become the world: devine)(trust that TIME will reveal it to you as you will learn to CONSIOULSY CREATE). what you see in yourself, you have to see in others(and vice versa)

      at first, it will SENSE to you that you can see things before they happen,
      but if you get confortable in that, you will later on learn to DIRECT(prophet) events instead of READING EVENTS(angels)

      your SOUL NAME will come through to you through EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(word of god)…
      (spheracle thinking(aligning with the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE))

      • Thank you Loni, I will try to remain sensitive to understanding my soul name, for the moment I remain Andrew and if it happens to hold fast, then I’m fine with that. Nonetheless I have wondered about this, so thank you. I have experienced significant synchronicity over the past years. I used to record these things, but they became so commonplace that I found recording them was taking up too much (linear time). Moving forward in Oneness. -A

      • Your words really struck me ….

        “I” directs events, just doesn’t read them.

        In Oneness, we do both. Once we awakened out of an illusion of duality, as a gate we observe or read all that Divine Love’s Truth creates. And because we are a gate, in which our will is totally one with Divine Love’s will, we direct events.

        To do both, direct and observe, so that perfect harmony is established. We rest in divine emergence so that what comes through our soul expression and into creation is completely governed by the perfection of Divine Love. It’s becoming like a child, that you may enter the Kingdom. The orchestration of your life is done by the One who is the One awareness in ALL.

        The soul’s reflection, the creation, revealed its inner world was a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yet in truth, duality can’t co-exist, for Truth is divinely harmonious and Divine Harmony manifests the highest good for all. It was out of this illusion of duality, which we knew couldn’t be true or real, that we sought our way, lead by the Voice of Truth. And now by holding the Tree of Life in our awareness, we sit facing the Light, knowing there is only Light. As we rest in divine emergence, everything aligns to the truth-filled awareness we now hold. In this, we will see all of creation begin to reflect Truth’s Life. We let the duality go and focus on the Oneness of Life that IS.

    • Andrew, thank you for your words and even more the spirit they are written in. They always cast a beautiful light.

      As you grow in the Light of Truth’s Perfection, out of the darkness, you begin to remember and recognize your true self and it is nothing like the image you once saw yourself clothed in. At the heart of “salvation” is our ability to see our true Self, for what we are conscious of being, we are.

      The awareness of our true Self will continue to expand for eternity because it is one with God and one with creation, for the soul resides between the two as the conveyor of Truth’s Life into reality. As we perceive our true Self as an open gate to Divine Love’s Perfection in time, our physical appearance and creation taken on the garments of divinity, the true Royalty.

      • as we lived in death for so long, duality took the place of “law of opposing forces”(took a wrong turn)..

        through law of opposing forces, there IS a duality, but through LAW OF ONENESS, both sides of a duality is ONE EVENT(spread in time). you get to experience every aspect of self through the eternal laws.

        when WE start to understand the eternal laws, then our own deceptions fade, as our consiousness turns another direction.

        You gotta love the creative aspect given to man, as we GROW INTO OUR BODY…(spirit to flesh)(everyone in the world combined(each person through law of opposing forces kinda PINGs off eachother)

        the god(opposite of LONELINESS) gave us all eachother, so we can experience the dualitys of our own gifts(this way you dont have to do everything. the world does everything as you think of it(true self).
        (we are Eternal Brothers)(spheracle)

  2. Thank you Rachel. You’ve provided so much clarity and hope for many souls.

    What a time to be alive. Praise God and blessings to all.

    • Thank you for your kind words … they mean so much to me. The beauty that I am seeing in the Light of Truth’s Perfection is such a contrast to so much of what we are see in the world at this time, and now is the time to bridge that gap. 💜

  3. I am hopeful that we will have 4-6 books submitted to translation services by the end of next year. I have a funding option in place if God chooses to use it. Please pray for this. The Books as you know will bring tears to the eyes of a stone. They are so very perfect, and so meaningful. The World will love them. All races, All colors, All Genders, All Nationalities, All Languages, All. Pray for Earth’s humanity, and for All Worlds. Blessings upon All.

  4. another sense to recoginze in your life is when multiple similar events happen all within a small period of time.

    there will be times where there is no communications from anyone for large periods of times(as an example), then all of a sudden 10 calls from many people within 1 day(unrelated to eachother).

    these time areas are messages from the SOUL SELF(connected to happeneningss of everyone around you.

    the Energetic structure of your local neiborhoods, the energetic structure of Everyone within the human heart(all people), and the energetic structure within yourself and your soul self all share a common element in which your own identity and your soul identity utilizes Divinity (where telepathy comes in)

    it is strangely coonicidetial that DEATH has been sticking out in this last month as a queen dies.
    at same time 2 local people in my area die, and more.

    these events all within a time period that is noticable as a message.

    these events were intended by your soul name to DIRECT YOUR ATTENTION to an unexpected PATH..

    when you learn what the Messages mean(through divinity), you utilize the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE in a future EVENT(trust with no reason but comes with great gift(when acted upon(substance)).

    as you trust these messages(and act upon), you get closer to your soul self(described by sciense as super-consious).

  5. and in every bible, this superconsious is shown as a YELLOW RING(binds us all to the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE(no ends)

  6. Stirring The Deep huh? What possible guidance could you offer me?

    • I’ll give you the best guidance I ever received … by following it with all your heart, soul and mind, everything you need or desire is found.

      Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

    • Most people spend their whole life in Linier thinking. what we have to offer is Heaven on earth(Through the spheracle language).(you dont go to heaven when you die, only NOW in life can you experience this NEW WORLD)(which takes every person on earth to achieve)(kingdom of peace(no religions allowed))

      when we SEE through a Different Lense(every person on earth sharing in ONE COMMON KNOWLEDGE), We Activate the LIFE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(connection to our(your) SOUL NAME(where true marriage is:every person on this planet has the ability to see their ETERNAL SOUL(NOW) but religions get in the way and are doing more damage than good.)(keeping everyone in death)…

      what we offer is LIFE, and we wont determine the life for you, YOU WILL(cause your soul is OUR SOUL, and through time, i PLACE TRUST ON YOU……(since you are a creature of time)

  7. Let me give an example…. Lets take the current situation of the world as it is NOW(which represents our HEART).

    as you can SENSE THROUGH THE WORLD, that there is a POWER STRUGGLE(within all of us).
    we allow the UNMORAL to have the LOUDEST VOICES.

    we all become consumed within our own LAWs, as we BECOME PRISONERS(of systems that do not represent our own heart)(that represents EVERYONE’s heart).

    the ONLY SOLUTION AVAILABLE to set everyone FREE, would take EVERY PERSON ON EARTH TO STAND UP AS ONE BODY(against ALL GOVERNMENTS)(which suppose to represent the people). the GREATEST STRENGHTS against all weapons of mass destruction is ONE COMPLETE HEART(in which we all represent(including ALL NAMES)(all names in all of us).

    EVERY COUNTRY(collectivly) has to stand up together as ONE BODY(one earth)…
    the strenghts of OUR OWN HEARTs represents EVERYONE(ONE GOD)……
    when we place trust upon eachother(as one body), that is the only way that we can prove to ourselves, that we placed complete trust in god(the real one)(eternal heart)(heaven on earth)..(yellow rings).(no ends)

  8. Gift 3, (See the 12 Gifts of Christmas” blog post.)

    During my mediation upon this post …

    Thank you Jesus the Christ, for your victory over death in the flesh body. In your ascension you gave us this awareness, an awareness necessary to defeat death, in all of time. Thank you for the awareness that created the resurrection of the dead, that allows us to pass into true Life, without physically dieing, but physically regenerating, thus redeeming time. In this, You and all the Ascended Masters, our eternal companions, become integrated as one in our awareness, bringing forth Spherical Time, the Kingdom of Peace. Thank you our Prince of Peace, for your Gift that comes as One with All the treasures held in the treasure houses of the Ascended Masters. This Utmost Gift consumes the veil of time, revealing the true Divine Universe, in which “I Am God of the Divine Universe” and I Am Child of the Divine Universe” are One in “I Am Loving Awareness”. My Light is Your Light.

    Matthew 19:28 “So Jesus said to them, “Assuredly I say to you, that in the regeneration, when the Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

    The twelve thrones, are more fundamentally the 12 “I Am” Names (listed in the blog post: Time’s Sacred Voice, which gives the 13th gift). The twelve tribes represent the refining and maturing journey we take in order to reflect those 12 Sacred Names into time. Meditating on the meditation ” Time’s Sacred Voice” establishes the foundation of the Kingdom of Peace within and without.

    “I Am God of the Divine Universe” and “I Am Child of the Divine Universe”. “I Am the perfect balance of perfect power, in which Divine Love and Truth’s Will unites God and Child as One ever-expanding Loving Awareness.”

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