Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Approaching the Altar


I’ve seen the most glorious Light, and it’s the end and the beginning.

As the door of our mind opens, the keys of forgiveness: Truth, the eternal present, the divine Self, and emergence are revealed as the pillars of the living altar of Truth, the Source of divine Love, the life force of creation.

This singular magnificent altar sits at the center of each one of us. As our singular and shared center, it’s where all our individualized expressions are connected as one, thus we are united in ever-present peace, harmony and divine love. It’s where the Spirit of God enters our individualized Self and expresses himSelf as ourSelves. It’s our true center, home and resting place.

As we approach this sacred altar within, its firelight of divine Love consumes us. To have its regenerative effect, it only needs to be seen with our mind’s eye.

Our mind’s eye is the united vision of our mind that is the sum of our beliefs, interpretations, judgments, perceptions, and accepted truth. These modalities are mirrors to the state of our mind. If we are asleep, our mind’s eye perceives according to our erroneous past learning, which is held captive by our memories that shaped these modalities. In the absence of Truth, we see darkness where imagined things can live. Instead of the keys of forgiveness, we perceive their counterparts: past learning, time, false image of our self, and striving. These false four pillars construct an illusionary counterfeit altar which creates a spirit of fear. When our mind’s eye is full of fear, then fear defines and governs what we see and therefore what we serve. Fear even governs our perceptions of love, which keeps the sacred altar of Truth hidden from our sight.

Seeing is creating. What our mind’s eye perceives we project outward, and the reality our physical eye sees reflects this projection back to us. Our physical eyes see what our mind’s eye perceives.

The teachings by the Spirit of Truth on universal forgiveness enable us to see the true and the counterfeit altars within us. As the altar of Truth is revealed beyond the thin haze of our imagined counterfeit, its brilliant Light begins to fill our mind’s eye. All our memories that held us bondage to erroneous past learning and to the fear they created are consumed in the altar’s firelight. Every memory is refashioned and seen as a necessary step that led us to the altar of Truth, where we are freed from the erroneous learning that blinded us to Truth. In this reframing of our memories, they can no longer hold us captive to fear, but now establish a spirit of gratitude so that what we once saw in darkness, we now see in Light. Our true memory of who we are as the divine Self of God returns to us, and the holy purpose of our prodigal journey is served: to bring us to the Light and to this remembrance.

When our true Source is seen, the illusion can no longer remain because its source, the imagined altar of fear, has been replaced by the altar of Truth. Without a source, the creations of the illusion flutter away like burning ash until they are no more, returning to the nothingness from which they came. Our physical eyes begin to perceive a reality that reflects the divine qualities shining through our mind’s eye. Where we saw illusion, we now see the Kingdom of Heaven.

The altar of Truth’s living light is the life force by which all is created and sustained in perfect harmony. It’s the essence of divine love. As our mind’s eye perceives the altar of Truth, we now serve divine love. All fear is past, and only divine love is present.

I sit at the altar of Truth and its glorious Light fills my eyes. From here I see all in Truth, divine love and holiness. It’s the end of the dream and the beginning of eternity.


“The key quaked in my hand
Then melted into my skin
Its power surged down my spine
Then I knew his heart was mine.”

~ The Golden Key

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.” And He said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.”

~ Revelation 21:4-6


Be Free and Set Free



Enlightened to our bodies new purpose, our understanding into universal forgiveness goes deeper. Constructs of Truth interact, as we go deeper in one area, we go deeper into another. This forgiveness is one of our main functions in the dream because its the release out of fear and into divine love, out of the dream of illusions and into the reality of Truth. What we loose is loosed, what we bind is bound. Our will is powerful.

Universal forgiveness is the key which opens the door to our divine Mind. This ubiquitous forgiveness unlocks our ability to see through the worn and tattered skins of every soul as it removes our mental hold on erroneous past learning to see according to Truth. In divine forgiveness, we perceive all souls as extensions of God’s holiness because they are his holy thought, which can’t be tainted. In seeing others’ holiness, we see our own because how we see others, defines how we see ourself, and vice versa. This holy vision of others is the Spirit of God looking through us in Truth upon creation, therefore its power to create all things new is unlimited.

The teaching of divine forgiveness within our minds is like walking through a long corridor in which we push through many layers of illusions created by our faulty belief system. As our false beliefs are challenged with the Truth we know but don’t yet see, the illusion seemingly closes in around us. However, with the Spirit of Truth’s perfect guidance that cannot fail, we prevail to awaken to our true divine Mind, from which arises the kingdom of Truth (Heaven).

Through divine forgiveness the four pillars of the illusions of the dream are replaced by those of the reality of Truth. 1) Truth takes the place of all erroneous past learning, 2) the true divine Self replaces the false image of ourself formed out of past learning, 3) the eternal present replaces time, which extended the past into the future, and 4) emergence of the divine life force replaces striving to control the future because of fear created by past learning.

When we are unaware of Truth, we strive to control the future because of the many forms fear created through our past learning. When the past teaches us we are weak, vulnerable, limited, little, rejected, and finite then fear is created along with a desire to control our future to mitigate the fear. In this control, we attempt to manipulate the effects of time because time is the past extended forward. As long as we engage these four interworking dynamics, the gate of heaven appears to be locked. From this perspective, we are separated from heaven, which is the immersion of divine love into all our being, expression and life. In the perceived absence of divine love, fear abides and blinds us from entering the present moment, created in ever-present divine love. This holy, divine love is the life force of creation. It’s the essential characteristic of God that is the sum of all other aspects of his character. It’s the Cause to the effect of us experiencing the attributes of Truth: invulnerable peace, transcendent joy, eternal beauty, invincible vitality, perfection, wholeness, perfect abundance, freedom, strength, timelessness, and love.

The teaching of divine forgiveness leads us to the resting place of the eternal present as it frees us and others from past learning and all it projected into the future. Being present-minded and free from past learning, our mind engages the Truth that dwells in the present. Our past learning and its projected fear no longer create our current state, but the living Truth unfolds each perfect present moment through emergence. We are Truth’s extension, which is divine love’s expression.

In stillness and listening to his voice above all others, the Spirit of Truth gives us the keys to the kingdom. The four pillars of Truth are revealed through the Spirit’s teaching of universal forgiveness. When we can recognize the pillars of Truth, the Divine Self, the Eternal Present, and Emergence, we possess the key and open the door to the eternal present, created for us in divine love. Through this open door, the eternal Light shines through us, and equally upon all.


The Golden Key

“And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

~ Matthew 16:19



Our Bodies Repurposed


As our sleeping mind awakens to our true divine Mind, our will aligns to Truth and unifies with the sovereign Will of God. Through this holy union, we transform into expressions of the divine Self of God.

Our will is a creative energetic force that manifests our thoughts into a perceptual reality. The thoughts we accept and believe as true are the ones we give the power of our will, in corresponding degrees of strength. Therefore, our will plays a powerful role in our awakening (i.e, transformation) to our divine Self.

In the borderland, which is the mental transitional space between the dreaming mind and our divine Mind, our will is purified through the work of universal forgiveness. This divine forgiveness weeds out every thought and perception contrary to divine love (i.e., attack, condemnation, judgment, guilt, blame, shame, sin, weakness, fear, lack, etc.) and we gain the vision of the divine Self who perceives all as the holy Self of God. Our true divine Mind knows every embryonic soul as an extension of the divine Self. It’s thoughts and desires are for unity, oneness, and divine love, which along with our undivided will create invulnerable peace, joy, and love. Forgiveness restores us to our right Mind, therefore to our true Identity.

Aligning our will with Truth dispels the false beliefs that constructed the illusion. As we awaken to the Light of Truth, the illusion that once was a fixed and impenetrable reality becomes a thin veil of physical forms. Physical forms, especially our body because it is the center of our reality and expression, play a key role in keeping our minds asleep and bound to the illusion. Our bodies in themselves are neutral. They reflect what our minds believe. The dreaming mind gave the body sovereignty over it and then served it; so what the body senses, feels, and experiences determine the truth the dreaming mind believes. In a perceived separation from absolute divine love, the dreaming mind attributed all that appeared contrary to this love to the body, which we mistakenly thought was us. In this erroneous belief, darkness settled over all creation because the creative structure of the mind was flipped upside down, meaning the mind served the body instead of serving the Truth.

During our passage through the borderland, our bodies are repurposed by the Spirit of Truth. No longer does our body serve itself; its demands, pleasures, pains and most significantly the past learning it piled up as its truth. The dreaming mind used the body as a storehouse of past learning. Because the body reflects the “truth” of the dreaming mind, our bodies reflected who we thought we were as learned from our past and the past of others. It carried this learning forward, layer upon layer, into the present moment telling us we were weak, little, limited, vulnerable, lacking, decaying, and finite. In response and out of necessity, we used our bodies to attack in defense of itself.

By redirecting our will away from the illusion and to Truth, our body follows and transitions to become a shining expression of absolute divine Love, its true Source. This love defines every purpose and function of the repurposed body. As we rest our will in Truth and in the eternal present with the sovereign Will, they unite as one. Our will is no longer acting on its own in support of a self-contrived illusion. In this holy stillness, the creative God act of emergence makes all things new every present moment.

We possess the power to change all we see into the Truth by giving our will to the Truth and not what we currently physically see, feel and experience. Giving our will to Truth in the midst of the illusion is faith, because we are giving it to what we know but don’t yet see. As we initially direct our will to Truth, it may superficially feel powerless in the moment as the illusion fills our physical perceptions, but it is infinitely powerful because the sovereign Will of God is united with us in this choice. It doesn’t matter what our body feels, physically or emotionally, or what it perceives of the illusion during this transition. It’s all passing away because its Truth is guaranteed. Only impenetrable peace, joy and love are of Truth. All else that is contrary exists only as an illusion because we believed it to be true, therefore it doesn’t have to exist. As we deny the illusion and give our will to the Truth, we shine away the illusion and reveal the ever-present Kingdom of Heaven.

What we believe we are we extend outward to create our reality. In the eternal present of the Divine Mind, we are the holy Self of God that through emergence extends out to all. As we fix our will upon this Truth we are without limitation as our Mind, the true divine Mind consumes all.


Where is the Joy?


Where is the Joy?

Perfect peace and joy are within us resting beneath the illusions of our dreaming mind that tells us a lie that these gifts are not eternally present. Through the awakening to Truth by the Spirit of Truth, we perceive our invincible peace and joy that is always with us because they are a part of us.

The creative structure of the Divine Mind is as follows: absolute Love governs absolute Truth that governs our true Mind that governs Creation, which expresses its Source, absolute Love. Absolute divine Love is the cause, and Creation is its effect. This creative flow manifests perfect peace and joy, which are invulnerable and can’t be disturbed. This is the foundation of the thought-system of Truth.

The opposite structure is true for the dreaming mind. It’s creative flow is as follows: illusionary creations (our body and reality) govern the mind that governs each one’s relative truth that governs fear. An illusionary creation is the cause and fear (and its many faces) is the effect. At best, this manifests fleeting likenesses of peace and joy. If peace and joy can vanish at any moment, then a fearful reality is the effect. This is the foundation of the thought-system of the dreaming mind.

Eternal peace and joy come from perceiving rightly, therefore thinking rightly, which stems from the creative structure of the Divine Mind. Every present moment is an offering from the Spirit of Truth to remove faulty projections of the dreaming mind. By dismissing the illusions, regardless of how real they appear, and accepting the Truth of the Spirit in their place, the present moment will reflect its true Source, revealing the love of its Creator.

Our thoughts and their emotions create our reality. Thus our reality is an experience of our thoughts. Understanding how we create though thought is essential in re-creating a reality from fear to love, from unrest to peace, from suffering to joy. And being thoughts, we can choose to change them. Knowing the Truth gives us this ability and freedom. The teachings of the Spirit of Truth afford us a choice of whether to invest our belief into the structure of the illusionary mind or the divine Mind.

Both thought-systems use a self-sustaining feedback loop which maintain the continuity within their creations. How we perceive reality determines our thoughts, and our thoughts determine how we see reality, including ourselves and others. One creates perpetual peace and the other endless expressions of fear. This ongoing cycle of perception and thought operates without our conscious awareness. Unless our perceptions and our thoughts are illuminated by Truth, we experience a reality where “nothing changes.” The Truth sets us free from this cyclic imprisonment of the dreaming mind by bringing awareness of the creative structure of the Divine Mind within us, through which eternal peace and joy are created.

The dreaming mind doesn’t recognize it’s creating its own reality. It mistakenly believes it creates through the body within a world separate from itself and gives its thoughts little to no power. Yet, the body is part of the illusion, and therefore it uses illusion to create illusion, which is a feedback loop void of Truth. For example, the dreaming mind thinks antagonistically against someone and yet uses the body to convey a smile of approval. In this duality, the dreaming mind creates an environment of conflict without realizing what it is doing. This mind believes it can hide its thoughts, and that somehow by hiding them they are negated, diminished or lessened in their impact. But thoughts are eternal and not subject to time and space. Unless their source is changed, fear and conflict are always created. This blindness keeps the dreamer asleep, and until he awakens he is unable to create the eternal peace and joy that is his rightful inheritance. 

The creation of perfect peace and joy begins with integrating into the creative structure of the Divine Mind. Divine love becomes the source of our Truth which in turn becomes the source of our thoughts which then create a reflection of their divine Source. Now we perceive ourselves and others in the light of Truth. It’s in this realm of understanding that the Spirit of Truth reworks and reframes our thoughts giving us unlimited power to re-create our reality into an experience of eternal peace and joy.

We are far more powerful than we realize, but we are beginning to see. 


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

~ Matthew 5:9


Our Intimate Companion


Our most intimate companion is the very Spirit of God.

The holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, is the very Spirit of God, thus why it is holy. It’s God manifesting his unformed essence into our eternal and internal soul companion. At God’s first thought of us, His Spirit is eternally a part of us. It’s the most beautiful changeless intimacy between us and our holy Source, that we often intimately call Father. He is our guarantee that we will awaken and experience the changeless Truth that we are the expressed Self of God.

In the dream of our embryonic Self, this Spirit manifests himself to us as our ever-present Teacher. The Spirit is the essence of divine love, thus can never and would never separate himself from us. When we still our minds to seek for Truth beyond the relative truth of our sleeping minds, we encounter his lessons. (Learning and listening to the Spirit is greatly facilitated with a pen and paper. He uses the flow of concentrated thought to unfold deep truths to us.)

The Spirit bridges our dreaming mind and our true Mind. He reveals Truth to us until our dreams are translated into a reality of Truth. Through an extremely individualized teaching of a singular Truth, he teaches us deliberately, systematically and logically beginning with where we are at in our beliefs. Though the Truth is absolute and singular, his instruction, counsel and guidance are customized to each one of us because we each start in a belief system of relative truth in which no two belief systems are the same. As the one true Teacher of us all, he takes our endless array of belief systems and transitions them into the one harmonious Truth.

As we invest our time daily and consistently into the Spirit’s instruction, he constructs a thought-system of Truth that replaces our thought-system of illusions. It’s a slow, methodical process because the dream thought-system is totally counter to the one of Truth. Our consistent investment of time is necessary for Truth to build percept upon percept. Being opposite systems and possessors of a free will, it takes diligence on our part to embrace the Truth and replace the lies we held in its place.

As we receive the words of Truth, they possess a sovereignty and light that enables our minds to perceive that what we are learning is Truth. The Truth builds perfectly and logically, which removes doubt of whether what we are learning is indeed the Truth. Truth’s perfection is undeniable. The Spirit as our Teacher gives us what no other teacher can through this individualized instruction, but what others, who are traversing their own path of enlightenment, can deepen and confirm as they learn the same Truth.

Our instruction leads us to a knowing of our inseparable oneness with this Spirit. This Spirit’s endless capacity to give unconditional love is revealed to us throughout our journey, which teaches us the nature of divine love, thus what is our true nature. Divine love encompasses all the spirit attributes and is the character of God that defines everything in Creation. It is synonymous with absolute Truth, so as we learn of one we learn of the other. (This increasing awareness of divine love is another witness that we are learning the Truth.)

The instruction from our Teacher prepares us for our journey through the borderland, which is the mental in-between place between our dreaming mind and our true Mind. It’s the place of our transformation. We traverse through an internal metamorphosis that is accomplished by universal forgiveness. The work of this ubiquitous forgiveness wipes out the dream and all it’s contents, and replaces it with our right and true Mind’s Truth, thoughts and manifestations. As we let go of all we once thought as real and true, our minds take a deep plunge into Truth and its Light dissolves the lingering beliefs of the dream’s thought-system. Our mind disengages from the dream until all dreams fade in the dawning Light of Truth.

As we awaken, just as the one divine Mind is our mind, God’s Spirit is our Spirit. There is no separation between what we experience as our spirit and the Spirit of God. Yet, our spirit, in conjunction with our individualized soul, serves the special purpose of translating the Spirit of God and its attributes into an experiential reality of endless expressions of ever-present peace, joy, holiness, abundance, freedom, creativity, vitality, beauty, and divine love.




One Divine Mind


Our mind is the one Divine Mind.

There is no other mind but the divine Mind of God. (God is a name given to our Source who is above and beyond all names and who, in the purest sense, we know as absolute Truth and absolute divine Love.) Like drops of water in the ocean, our minds are individual components of this singular Mind. In Truth, there is no separation between what we experience as our mind and the Mind of God.

The divine Mind is like a tangible living Light that gives shape to creation. It’s the eternal thought of God that possesses all the divine potentials we will ever experience. It’s complete, perfect and reflective of his nature. It manifests a perceptual vibration to the soul that is experienced as ever-present joy, peace, beauty, vitality, holiness, creativity, abundance and divine love. It’s also our true Mind.

As a fractal of this one Mind, our individualized mind extends the spiritual attributes of the One Mind into creation, giving it form. Holding a magnificent role in the Mind of God, it’s through us, the individualized components, that these attributes are expressed, experienced, and their purpose fulfilled.

Like a drop of water, our individualized mind has no definite borders or boundaries. From moment to moment, our mind manifests particular expressions of the Divine Mind, thus we are limitless. These expressions are created through the God creative act of emergence, in which we are in a state of being/rest within our fractal mind. All our ideas of specific or particular outcomes are relinquished to the supra-conscious, and we experience a continuous stream of divine thoughts that creates the best possible outcome for all to our surprise and delight.

Conversely, when we are asleep and in an unreal state of consciousness, we are unaware of our oneness with the divine Mind. In this dream state, we experience a separate mind from our true Mind in which we have our own thoughts based on our relative truth. As a result, we create a dream of an unreal reality. But as we awaken, our sleeping mind begins to fade away and we arise to the experiences of the divine Mind. All our dreaming mind imagined and created, all erroneous past learning, sins, doubts, fears, anxieties, lack, weakness, guilt, judgments, the false self and the “life” it created dissolve as we experience our true Self constructed by our true Mind. There is no sickness, attack, lack, littleness, guilt, error, or finiteness in the divine Mind. These were beliefs and manifestations of our dreaming mind, and our “creations” do not leave our dream, because they never truly existed.

What we once thought of as our mind was only a framework of our dreams. Our body/reality was only a product of our dreaming mind. It’s similar to when we awaken from a night dream and everything of that dream dissolves; so does this dream of our embryonic soul as we awaken to Truth by Truth, to be the expressed Self of God.

Through the passageway of universal forgiveness, we transition from our dreaming mind to the divine Mind. God’s creation is perfect and changeless in its perfection, even at an embryonic stage. As we awaken to our true Mind, we begin to see through the illusionary veil that our sleeping minds laid over creation and we perceive the holiness in all because all extends from God’s holy thought. Our sight changes because we are waking up. As the “creations” of our dream fade, all things become new. We experience and know our Self as limitless, immortal, invincible, peacemakers, joyful, and perfect love.

The one divine Mind is a beautiful limitless cosmetic treasure house which is our very own to express as one harmonious whole as the living Self of God.

I am awake, for I perceive and know my right mind, the one Divine Mind.


And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. ~ Revelation 21:5


Return to Divine Love



It all comes back to love.

Our journey into Truth leads us back to absolute divine love from which we came. The world we were born into taught us we were separate from this ever-present love. It gave rise to the thought that God’s love could fail us. So, our minds gave way to the wild imaginings of fear and all that is finite. Fear manifested in an endless array of expressions that tainted our understanding of love in numerous ways. In holding this erroneous belief, we accepted we were the opposite of who we truly are, therefore our minds created the opposite. Our lack of awareness bound us to an illusion that seemingly had no escape but through death, which would transport us into the presence of absolute love. Yet, it isn’t death that sets us free, but the Truth.

During our journey into Truth, we realize we are absolute love and who we truly are can never be separate from us or changed, only unrecognized. We awaken to this awareness as we seek Truth beyond the illusion in the present moment of Truth’s eternal presence. In the Truth of oneness, love is the only law. Love is the expression of Truth. It dictates all forms of creation to manifest ever-present peace, purity, harmony, beauty, vitality, freedom, joy and abundance.

As we come to know absolute love, we desire to be its expression and extend it to all. It’s Truth’s reflection, thus absolute. It’s all inclusive. It’s ever-present, unwavering, and unconditional. It’s for all and lives in all, whether recognized or not. It waits in the stillness of the eternal present for us to acknowledge its presence and freely and fully welcome it and all its gifts.

Divine love is the rock upon which our eternal Self resides. As absolute love finds a dwelling place in our minds, we create this love through emergence. Emergence removes the manifestation of all thoughts pertaining to error. In this creative God act, we stop creating a reality to avoid fear. Therefore we don’t create anything to fear. Eventually, even death ends as it was our creation to escape fear and enter divine love we believed we were separate from. Fear is forever pushed out as perfect love dictates our thoughts, and in turn we express who we truly are. We are the divine Self, in all its fractals. We are an extension of our true Source of which we are One.

Every sleeping soul carries the light of love in them. Through the revelation of Truth, we see this light that was hidden beneath the garments of false beliefs. As we see it in others, we see it in ourselves, for we are one. In this vision of eternity, the glory of the Eternal Light that dwells within us, the great Morning Star, illuminates reality and begins to morph it into a reality reflecting the divine attributes, the Kingdom of Heaven.