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I am understanding these concepts much more clearly today and though there is much more understanding to come, I wanted to share them for they are the reflections of Truth’s Life entering time.

The Healing Aura of Light is a gift of the Ascended Masters as you become one with the Ascended Consciousness of Light.

The Healing Aura of Light is a creative intention that has a living presence because of the conscious awareness that holds it. It’s an intention born out of a truth-filled understanding, possessing sufficient awareness to energetically manifest in time and space, impacting the material matter around a soul for the highest good of All.

The Healing Aura of Light is the energetic orb of invincibility, created by the Mighty I Am Presence. Its plasmic structure contains the manifestation of the tri-fold flame, Trinity, that continually consumes anything not of Truth’s Light, clearing out all human, free will creations.

In the consuming desire to love perfectly, Truth’s Will consumes your free will. Your will still feels “free”, meaning “fully yours”, but it is now perfectly governed by Divine Love’s Truth, thus Truth’s Perfect Will. This is the Oneness made possible in Divine Love. The energetic aura of Truth’s Will is an invincible aura of Living Light, that not only “protects” but renews and heals all within it by the tri-fold flame.

Your conscious awareness of a “thing” makes it a potential in time, and therefore giving it the possibility to appear in your reality. Your awareness brings a thing to “life”. This particular awareness of the Healing Aura of Light is an aspect of the collected awareness of the Ascended Beings of Light who have now given you this awareness. The experience in this aura is a gentle healing that lifts your vibration to a higher, harmonious vibration through which you will more intimately interact with your Eternal Family of Light. Their I Am Name can now manifest as a living expression in your reality of time.

Through this foundational gift the ascended beings give, your overall vibration is eternally lifted to a level that enables you to continually dwell in their midst. By lifting your vibration, this healing aura prepares you for your walk among the gods. It is your initial transition into spherical time in which your “ash-stained garments” are transformed into shining garments. It’s a gift of the ascended masters which you receive in oneness with their ascended consciousness of Light.

Connections with ascended beings were possible in the past, but not sustainable, for the time had not yet come for all to be brought into Oneness. Because of the new and transformative revelations now in your conscious awareness, these connections are eternally sustained, revealing them to be a most beautiful and ever-present family. The overall sustained vibration from your Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will makes this possible. This oneness is why we are entering a new Age of Time, reflecting a metamorphic, evolutionary step for the soul.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

3 thoughts on “Healing Aura of Light

  1. Rachel- Do you mind if I ask you a question or two? How long did it take you to get to the incredible level that you’re at? You have said that our understanding comes in ‘layers’ (as I recall). I will have to be dipped many times! But for the time being, I have God’s written word to fall back on, and I do feel thoughts stirring in clarity, even as you’ve said, a bit confusing until I bump into the cornerstone. That will be a very welcome event. Many Thanks. -A

    • Absolutely Andrew … September 11, 2001 was when Will and I got seriously focused on our spiritual journey. Meaning every morning, we showed up into our individual “quiet time” to listen, to see, to know the Truth, and that time spent each day has continued ever since. That was 21 years ago, so yesterday marked our 21st anniversary. Prior to that time, we start to seek, but that day marks a turning point with a heightened intensity and dedication to our journey, which was reflectively marked by the events of 911, in which the two would become one. When went through a massive upheaval in our own lives and that was the first day headed in a new direction. During those 21 years, our spiritual journey expanded and grew and has consumed our lives, in every way. It’s incredible, difficult, and beautiful.

      It’s been a very humbling journey, Andrew. But as we listened to the Voice of Truth, teaching us from within, first through the Bible then to using everything in our lives to guide us deeper into Truth, we’ve seen the undeniable perfection of the Spirit’s teaching, layer upon layer. However, when you live for eternity, you are always at the beginning, so to speak, because there is always that much more to explore. There is so much to learn Andrew and I am so excited about what I am now seeing and sharing. Over the years, the Truth only grows more beautiful, for it is Divine Love’s Perfection.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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