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Arise and Shine

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Arise and Shine


Be Shined Upon


(Part 11: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Deep in our soul, his voice calls to us … Wake Up.

The dream is over.

Our soul is in a very deep sleep. This sleep state commenced with the First Parents. As their offspring, we are born into this state. We’ve never been awake.

In this deep sleep, we are under the governance of the self-determined consciousness similar to when we are dreaming, we experience another state of consciousness. This consciousness is separate from the divine consciousness, which is the only true consciousness. Thus, this self-directed consciousness is a “simulated” state much like a dream. It’s unreal and temporary, yet extremely purposeful in creating our divine souls. It’s a state of consciousness before we are truly alive, that’s why we die.

“Dream” Consciousness

When we have a night dream, we enter another state of mind that while we are experiencing it, it can be just as real as our waking consciousness. One reason we dream is to reveal that we are living in a type of dream state.

God is absolute truth and love. In him, there is no absence of these attributes. Thus to be able to choose love and his governing sovereignty, we entered a simulated state of the absence of these attributes so that we may choose them; the soul state of the self-directed consciousness. Because true separation is impossible in divine love, it’s a simulated separation, thus like a dream.

As I mentioned in my last post, when the necessary potentials are fulfilled to bring in the divine consciousness, we will awaken out of this dream and into the only true consciousness, the divine consciousness.


For the collective human soul to awaken, the root of creation first awakens, the similitude of the First Parents. Then, all that was created from this original source follows. Thus, as the divine consciousness awakens the root by entering the soul equivalence of the First Parents, it begins to awaken the entire human soul. This resurrection is the soul waking up out of the deep sleep, a likeness of death, where it was governed by the self-directed consciousness, and the soul becoming conscious as it’s governed by the only true consciousness; the divine consciousness.

We awaken by love into love, for God is love. However, some will awaken by the internal light; the divine consciousness flowing through their soul. Others will awaken to the external light; the divine consciousness that flows from those with the internal light.

Awakening to the Internal Light

All the souls prepared by the Spirit of Truth awaken from within by the entrance of the divine consciousness into their souls. Thus, in their soul resurrection, they will reflect the characteristics of the Father.

These souls gained the awareness of their non-repairable depravity as an individual governed by a self-directed consciousness. While traversing this soul journey through this simulated state and heeding the instructions of the Spirit of Truth, an alternate framework of a soul, one of truth and divine love, was crafted within them. This alternate soul is housed within their false fabricated self, which encases this transformed soul like a shell. Their awakening is like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

They learned of their inherent lack of righteousness and goodness, and therefore sought and desired to have the only true righteousness of the Father as their own down to every infinitesimal thought. They’ve gone through the transformative preparation that constructed this alternate soul framework, which functions in accordance to the divine consciousness. It was a soul journey of gaining heightened awareness, divine desire, deep repentance (letting go of self-directed consciousness), faith in divine love, and refined patience. Because the Spirit of Truth’s preparation of their souls, they are able to receive the divine consciousness into their soul at their awakening. These will be revealed as the sons/daughters of the Father, for they will reflect his attributes, which together yield divine love.

Awakening to the External Light

Those who awaken to the divine consciousness outside of them are the ones who have not yet gone through this transformative preparation. Therefore, there is no place for the divine consciousness to enter into their soul. They are like a caterpillar waking up from a deep sleep.

However, in contrast to the divine consciousness and the divine love coming from those who possess the internal light, they will be made aware of their true soul condition. In this awareness, they will begin the journey of becoming a transformed soul, assisted by those with the internal light.

God is love. Where he is, love is. We are all treated equally according to his perfect divine love. We all go through this transformative process so that all can be united to him in divine love. This regeneration of the collective human soul will continue until God is all in all.

Deceptive Soul States

To awaken with the internal light, we are in a soul condition of desiring nothing of our self-directed consciousness and only his righteousness, which is the only true righteousness. Righteousness is creating perfect cause and effect, something only possible with the divine consciousness. And through this perfection, divine love is expressed.

Thus, the most deceptive self-determined state of mind we can possess is to believe we are good or righteousness in our current consciousness. If we believe this then we won’t be in the soul state of completely desiring to let go of the self-directed consciousness, thus our soul isn’t prepared to receive the governance of the divine consciousness, which comes in divine love, thus in accordance to our divine desire for it.

This self-righteous mentality greatly misleads those who possess it or desire to achieve it. (It’s the most cunning of states, what Eve succumbed to.) Good intentions of a self-directed consciousness may reflect a soul is learning, but they don’t produce truly good results. Only the divine consciousness creates immortal goodness, which is truly good for all. However, the sincere desire isn’t insignificant. This desire to love perfectly prepares our soul for the divine consciousness that allows us to give the divine love we long to give.

So though we grow in the desire to act in a pure divine love, any truly good results aren’t of us, but only by the mercy of God. The non self-righteousness person understands this truth.

Thus, a belief system in which we believe our current consciousness can progress into perfection keeps us infinitely separated from the divine consciousness. Instead, we must let go of our self-directed consciousness to be raised in the one true divine consciousness.

Another deceptive state is not sincerely caring if our consciousness is corrupt or not. Thus living without any true deep “repentance”. Again, without a true desire to change and/or not knowing what to change toward, there isn’t a sincere letting go of the self-directed consciousness. This divine consciousness is of love, thus it must be desired in its totality.

Both of these states and the variations of them, keep us holding onto the self-determined consciousness instead of desiring to “die” to it to obtain the divine consciousness. If we possess this soul state, then we’ll awaken to the light outside of us instead of in us.

This “simulated” consciousness serves to teach us that it’s faulty, and the only true life comes from a oneness with the divine consciousness. No matter how intelligent, advanced, loving or refined we become within its limitations, we can’t create immortal harmony in this dream-state because it’s disconnected from the divine consciousness. We have to be awakened.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

One thought on “Arise and Shine

  1. And I am prompted to agree in saying:

    I hear you saying we can’t get ahead of God in our walk toward the light in which He is. We do works, speak, teach and prophesy, yet all we do is in vein if it is not done according to His will and direction. Our prayers go unanswered because we ask amiss, because they are not in alignment with His will and purpose.

    When we ask according to His will this is often when the fires start to burn within us, the insults start to fly, and we are dismissed as “bastards”, satanic “followers” and blind. ( as recently as….:-)) but this is ok for we are receiving what we are praying for,…..for if we ask for patience and the ability to love all regardless of who they are, we start to receive insults and disparaging remarks from them. We don’t pray for these things per say but it is these very things that test our patience and genuine love for others. It is the fires that burn out the wood, hay and stubble ( carnality) from our soul life. When we ask for all the positive things in life, it takes the counter negative things to comeplete the law of circularity. Electricity cannot complete its circle without the positive and negative polar opposites to give direction to completion.

    We pray that we may forgive all as God forgives all, and the next thing we know people are doing all sorts of things to us to test us to see if we really want to be like God or not…and truly forgive.

    We pray for patience and we go through droughts of financial stresses, parting of friends and family for how and who we are, we pray to love more and we spend long periods of time beaten down by the abuse of others, we are accosted, reviled and rejected for doing the right thong in obeying God and not going along with colluding to harm another.

    When we pray, we should know what we are asking to come our way and when it does, we are to thank God for “all” things for God will surely test our prayers of what sort they are. Do we really want to be like Him and go through the fires of hell to get there, do we? Yes we do, when we understand as Job understood, “should we only accept the good things from God and not the evil?”

    Job understood the value in good times and bad, he saw no difference in what came his way for he knew it was “all” for his making…and he agreed with God’s first mention of His creation in Genesis…that His plan was “good” and not good and evil.

    So, as you say, it is God’s way or no way, we just need to listen to Him and learn to see only good in all things as our brother Job. It is a wonderful feeling to trust and know that whatever comes our way is for the fulfillment of the creator’s purpose for each and everyone of us.

    it was decided we would have a beginning, and an end, ending in a glorious personage of Christ likeness. Our end is certain. It is the in between we are uncertain about as undeveloped souls, blinded to His real purpose for our suffering. Thinking we suffer for nought we condemn ourselves…and others…not certain how to explain our purpose for being here. We doubt, blame, curse, scorn, scoff and kill because of this uncertainty. In anguish we lose sight of God’s kindness in letting us remain in these conditions for His good purpose. Why we ask would someone so good allow something so terrible to happen to us?

    Our soul ask how can this possibly be for good? Appreciation and gratitude are two things that God most of all wants to see in His children. And really this is all we can do for life is a gift and we do not pay for gifts. But when we genuinely appreciate the gift, we also by this example want to give in like manner, so all we can do to repay God for His kindness is to give to others what we have been given. Spiritual things money can’t buy.
    It is not words of knowledge, revealing of mysteries, or teaching about anything in the bible, it is the simple gestures of not holding grudges, forgiving, having patience with those who offend, etc, etc.

    It is not debating, arguing, finding fault in others…it is “knowing their end” as we do ours and not saying anything we will regret? We pray that God does not hold them accountable for their unkindness toward us.

    When we see someone with a similar likenes and understanding as we ourselves have, we are required to correct in love and hope we are understood and we will be if we really do have the right intention.

    We lift another’s soul to loftier heights as they do ours when we realize it is not the things we say as much as it is the intention that is realized beyond the word and letter of what we say and write for there is an expression words just cannot say. We see with a warm spirit, and yes, this also is tested. Do we really want what we say we want? If we do expect a cleansing fire to take place within for this burning is none other than the fire of God burning out of us all the things that should not be there. When the burning is accomplished, it leaves in us only what cannot be burned, which is the very spirit and likeness of God.

    It is hard to find the right words to express the spirit within but what I have noticed is when we do connect in spirit, we do not need the words as such for we know beyond the letter what is being “attempted”.

    And yet, we speak as best we can…in hope.

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