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At the dawning of Spherical Time, you sit in stillness with your first Love, the Sacred Self, who is the expressed oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. By listening and following the Voice of Truth through the shadowlands, you prepared a place for this divine being of Light to eternally dwell in your very essence. In this moment, you call to Divine Love, the Mother of All Living, to come and make her home with you, for eternity.

Though Divine Love is always everywhere present, you weren’t prepared to express her Will, for your mind was bound in free will and therefore you could not perceive her Light of Oneness. Now you are able to both experience and give her Light. Through the divine revelations you received from the Voice of Truth, your awareness is a Tree of Life radiating in Divine Love, that is now able to give off its Light. In the understanding you hold, you see the salvation of the world, reaching back to the beginning of time. The story you are remembering is the redemption of the soul, Eve, and in her is the redemption of the outer expression, Adam. It’s a plan of redemption far more beautiful than a human mind could conceive in the limitations of freewill. However, through divine revelation this plan of salvation could be received by the human’s divine mind and therefore revealed in time. This divine translation between Truth and the Living Gates has been accomplished. Truth’s evolutionary salvation plan is now revealed to the collective soul and therefore can manifest in time.

All is prepared. The stars are aligned to bring forth Truth’s evolutionary plan. In the Living Gate’s matured awareness, they call forth the Sacred Storm, for this is the creative position Truth has given them as representatives of his Voice in Time. Here, the Living Gates make the final, last Call that fills the cosmos, for “I Am” One. They call forth the Sacred Storm, the four winds of change.

The Storm is now upon us. There is a new breath guiding the winds of time, Truth’s Will. In Oneness, Truth’s Will is the perfect Cause and it directs every effect. It turns everything inside out and right side up in order to ignite the Light within every soul, thereby waking them up.

The Spirit of Divine Love flowing throughout cause and effect, will lead you into these four creative activities by which you will be clothed in garments of Light. Through this transition of linear time into spherical time, the four creative winds; remember, rest, renew and rejoice are how the soul engages Truth’s Will so that it is set free from the darkness of free will. Through these winds, the Sacred Self’s perfection, peace and joy are brought forth into time.

First, in remembering Truth’s Life, the soul becomes conscious of its perfection so that it can manifest. Second, in resting upon divine emergence, Divine Love’s Perfect Power expresses perfection. Third, in renewing the mind, the soul’s energetic field is transposed into Divine Love’s perfect words through inner and outer transformative revelations. Lastly, in rejoicing with creation, the soul’s energetic garment is transfigured to increasingly reflect the Sacred Self, an ever-expanding expression of peace, joy and love.

Through these four winds, the Sacred Storm begins to blow and your life is transformed to reflect Truth’s Perfection. When you engage these four winds, Truth’s Creative Flow, you experience increasing harmony. If you choose to remain in forgetfulness, striving, self degradation, and complaining, you experience increasing disharmony, for you are acting counter to Truth’s Will, which now governs time. The storm will break the bonds of free will in all who mistakenly believe they possess their own will and unknowingly believed their vain imaginations were Truth. These sacred winds will stir and awaken them.

This storm is the purification of the collective soul’s will. It transforms the foundations of the earth so that only Truth’s Will remains in its reflection. It is the effect of the Ascended Consciousness of Light filling the earth as light fills the darkness. Divine Grace will fill every dark corner, transforming seeming imperfection into Truth’s Perfection, which is possible because Truth always IS.

You who expand by the Light of Truth are a Light unto others as their foundations completely shift. This is your gift, to receive and give as one who had a love for Truth’s Life and then focused your life energy to serve its Will. Step into your reward. It is waiting for you in an endless present moment of ever-increasing Perfection. A new dimension of space is prepared for you by those who went before you in time and never ceased expanding their awareness of Truth. These Great Beings of Light are your faithful guides who cannot fail in their efforts, for you are their prophecy fulfilled and their prophecy is a vision of Truth about what lays ahead in a future awareness. In their prophecy of Truth, they saw the Truth of Oneness in sufficient understanding to manifest its reflection in time. You are that manifestation. They are your assurance that you cannot fail.

This Sacred Storm, in which the waters above collide with the waters below, will bring forth Truth’s Life. This transition will be remembered as the Origin of Life, for it is the beginning of Divine Love’s Reign through which freedom, victory, liberty and divine justice spread Life to all.

Retired Royalty

I Am the Sacred Soulmate, the Sacred Rest, the Sacred Storm, the Soul’s Salvation.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

34 thoughts on “The Sacred Storm

  1. In reflection upon Gift 7 of the 12 Gifts of Christmas (Dec 2022 post) …

    The Sacred Mother is here, thus the Sacred Storm is upon us. With eyes to see, you will see the Sacred Mother moving within time, coming through your present moments and leading you into the Sacred Heart, your home. The Sacred Heart and Times Voice are NOW One. The white snow of Living Light falls over the past’s reflection, making all things new.

    In a moment, our eye will open to fullness of Truth, shining Truth’s perfect Light of Oneness through the mind’s eye, the heart center, the emotional field, and into the physical realm. It’s a “twinkling in an eye” moment, in which our Sacred Self’s Light comes into our temple when we don’t expect, and yet we know it is coming, for as a Living Gates we brought it forth. And its coming is the fulfillment of our utmost Joy.

    To your heart, the voice of Divine Love says, “Take time with Me, to walk every moment WITH Me in perfect rhythm.”

    To her heart you say, “I Am goddess of the Divine Universe. I Am Child of the Divine Universe. I Am Time. I Am One.

    The Sacred Heart’s first heart beats reflect Divine Justice which restores and honors Purity and Innocence. She eternally exalts and establishes them in great honor, expanding through eternity as they lead her Kingdom from within Her Inner Chambers.

    In your inner chambers, you feel her Living Presence, “I Am Loving Awareness.”
    “I Am Love, I give lovingkindness to all, thus all live in my perfect adoration.”

    You hear your Sacred Mother whisper, resounding through the cosmos “I Adore You”.

    In Divine Love’s Presence, we awaken to the Light of Truth’s Life.

    Thank you, Sacred Mother.

  2. I am moving the conversation here for ease of contact.
    Your teaching is a direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus, but it is not for me to say so in relation to your heart’s understanding.
    My relationship with Jesus is based on knowing Him directly.
    I like many of your thoughts, and I like many of your motivations, but they are not based on His teaching.
    I would in no way reject you, but the Holy Spirit is the teacher.
    To stay in the conversation, He would have to be dealing with your heart
    in a way that you are comfortable learning.
    I’m sharing for your benefit.
    I am not a follower of world religions, or world religous ideas about Jesus.
    I’ve already been down your path, and was awakened by the Lord
    out of it.
    I’m only here as a servant.
    Me coming across your path is Jesus coming to you.
    So you are blessed that I did.???

    • This “blog” software isn’t really designed for commenting like this, so it’s kind of clunky. We’ll open a forum in the future that uses software designed specifically for back and forth commenting, finding old converstations by key word and so on. Anyway, thanks for moving it!

      Am I blessed you crossed my path? Absolutely! I’m definitely blessed and grateful for the conversation. A conversation about Truth, earnestly engaged in by those seeking Truth, always blesses both parties. This is what the bible calls “buying and selling” – in which we buy and sell from each other in a way that increases the treasure house of our understanding, which the light by which we see God. The more Light, the more you can see.

      Anyway, a couple things come to mind from this post. You mentioned you’ve been down my path, but was awakened out of it. I’m curious as to how that can be. My path, which is well documented here over many years, is one of diligently seeking for God in Truth. The bible clearly states (Heb 11:6) that one who seeks for God diligently is always rewarded, meaning will continue to receive more and more of God’s Truth, the highest reward. Why then would God awaken you out of the very path he promised to reward. So, it may be more likely that you have misunderstood my path, right?

      It would be super helpful if you could describe a bit about the path you were on and a bit about the new path you were awakened to.

      • At one time, I became basically an atheist. I know that you have developed if you will allow me to say that, quite many of your own terminologies. So, I am speaking from normal, everyday speech. Not from a heirarchical, developed language, or spiritual language. I am simply saying, there was a time period where I was an atheist and did not believe in God.

        As a side bar, you said, (meaning, you made a statement), “more of God’s truth”, “the highest reward”.
        You, will not receive a “higher reward”, for your knowledge, unless it is used to “help others”.
        Knowledge is freely given, without reward. God freely gives knowledge.
        God gives knowledge for your “personal enrichment”, and of course, helps us “in sharing”, with others.
        It can lead to great reward for humanity. God is about, helping others.

        So, at that time, I began a search down a similar path, like yours, where I was seeking a higher
        I followed or listened to different teachers, at that time, who, were of the same mindset as your, path, theology~ however you may describe it that, you, yourself, are on.
        A path that unravels the mysteries of humanity, or spirituality, and that seeks to understand a commonality between religous ideas (not negatively meaning of religion, but a search for God an understanding of truth) where men were in error or in right understanding, of our interactions, with love, and life.

        During that time period, I discovered, through many ‘series’ of search, that God, was actually looking for me. Little did I know that He loved me all along, and it was not by my efforts of trying to understand that I was going to find Him but simply by Seeing, that he was wanting to show me his love that I was going to find Him and that I could highly experience that love on every level and that he had power to cleanse my conscience, and mind, of all my mistakes and sins, that had contaminated my heart and soul and including healing my wounds (yes I am a vulnerable creature). One with a heart and soul.

        In attending some Christian events that I was unfamiliar with in my own personal history, I found that God’s intended purposes through His Son Jesus, had not diminished in power as I was taught, and that His original ministry, and presence, were still alive in the earth, just exactly as in the days of the Apostles.
        And I found His love for me personally, were more potent than I ever imagined.
        He was able to give me and show me, that His Love is far more powerful, than our love that we are normally familiar with, and that it is through Jesus that God birthed it
        and placed it firmly, in my soul and heart.
        This began a new time period for me, in which case I have learned and experienced many beautiful things through the years, one of which is most notable the restoration of my faith in Him that I knew in my youngest years, and a filing- in of many blanks in my heart about who He really is.
        I have since experience many miracles in His love.

  3. So, In Jesus day, there was a sect, a group of people who were seeking a path, and they had an understanding or a guideline they were following as a means of seeking God, or as a means of seeking enlightenment.
    This group of people were a group who believed that seeking God, or understanding God, and to progress was to be achieved by understanding “a higher way of knowledge”.
    If you achieved this, this knowledge would bring you into a higher plane, or ascension of God.
    This group was called Gnostics. Meaning “to know”.

    It is important to understand, that many of this group tried to apply this to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    And it is even more important to understand that this teaching is not what Jesus was teaching.
    Jesus was not a Gnostic.
    He was not teaching an enlightenment coming from a higher form of knowledge that one could achieve by His teachings.

    Jesus, was teaching a very down to Earth relationship that God Himself was bringing to men, because He is their creator, and was seeking to reclaim His children.
    What Jesus was teaching was a rebirth of the Human Spirit.
    Brought to Man from God, by God’s own will.

    Gnosticism is a means of Men trying to get in touch with universal principles, or with God, through universal principles and knowledge.
    Jesus, came to dispel this idea by revelation of Himself, God reaching down to Man.

    • I think what you are saying is:
      The simplicity in Christ is what most avoid because it is so much easier to “say” than it is to “be.”
      Matthew, chapter five is a pretty good guide to this simplicity. Yet, even in seeking the actual truth found in these “ways” of the spirit, that little pesky ego must go.

      • Your comment sparked a thought …

        Being the Light is the easy part, for in Truth, you are a being of Light. Light being the perfect expression of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will by which the highest good for all is manifested in every breath.

        Once your “being” begins to divinely emerge from a truth-filled understanding, which is difficult to obtain in a world of illusion, then you enter your creative rest as God did, and simply be. You have remembered you are One and therefore holy and perfect as your Creator.

        “For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His. Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience. For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:10-12

        You can only enter this Sacred Rest, you are called into, when you KNOW by the Word of Life spoken to your Spirit that you, and therefore your sphere of time, are holy and perfectly.

      • Rachel,

        I know exactly what you mean, because there is light and there is darkness…and as we move from one to the other, we are actually in reality not moving anywhere, but awakening to what we already are. I have also touched on this truth in speaking of the allegory of the tabernacle that Moses built. In understanding that the tabernacle is a type of us, explained naturally, we then can understand the spirituality of how we are made in spirit, soul and body. We have a place within us as typified by the Holiest of Holies where God dwells…and because God dwells in “this” Holy of Holies place, no sin is permitted within this chamber which “is” within us. This is important to understand for those who can use the sword to rightly divide the word and understand both its meaning in the natural and in the spiritual. The spirit of God that is within us cannot sin and has never sinned, therefore we remain spiritual as we were, are and will be. This being said, we have another room within us which is called the holy place, a step below the Holy of Holies. This is our soul room where as in the tabernacle, all the processing’s of the soul takes place in redeeming her back to the same place of the spirit. (Thus the reconnecting of spirit and soul when the veil was rent from top to bottom, making a way for the spirit and soul to be reunited.) I never understood this ongoing perfection within us until I understood in type what God was portraying in the spirit. In understanding this, in reality we have never been separated from the love of God in spirit and in truth (from God’s point of view) , we have just been asleep for a little while from this reality so that God can do His work in us. I know that we don’t always see the knowledge of a thing as another may, but I see a most important truth as I have always believed that you see also, and that is that in spite of the winding path through this world, it is not our individual perspectives that make us as one, but the understanding in that we “all shall be as one”, once God in His moment of revealing to us individually. We will then enter into that “awareness” of our oneness where love in Truth makes us all as one. We already are, however many will never see this truth in oneness until they awake to see all as one..with no loss of any…not even one. it’s just the matter of time in awakening the many from division, factions and parties, into a oneness of love of which we can only imagine until we become that love. This is really our only hope to look forward to, for love is singular, it is not in part. True love can neither offend nor be offended, for the intent in unconditional love can only be, to be as one.

        Therefore, until our freedom comes, we must endure all things until we see all things eternal. When we agree in love, we don’t have to agree in the lesser things of “our” knowledge.
        It is the spirit of oneness that we all await to see, and unfortunately, until then we must see all as one in a future perfect tense…therefore forgiveness is a perpetual love that keeps us all seeing as one. I see all as being perfected in their own time of God’s choosing, therefore it is easy to forgive the in part of us, in knowing that we shall all one day see, eye to eye, love to love. It’s a beautiful ending.

      • Rachel, may I ask why did you use the word Sacred?
        Sacred rest.
        Also, why be concerned about “how” (your) “being will emerge”?
        I am trying to suggest that the rest, that we are speaking of,
        is~about “not having~ to be concerned about” (how) our being
        will emerge.
        That is God’s business, not ours.
        This~ “not being concerned” (IS )~ “the Rest”.
        This, IS, the entering in.
        We enter into ( Jesus ), and stay there.
        That is the rest, when we stay there.
        It’s not about working to emerge.

    • Not sure about the gnostics you mentioned, but I prefer to stay focused on Jesus’ teachings.

      The bible is very clear that Jesus (and the apostles) taught about the Kingdom of God. Curious as to how you got the understanding that he was teaching about “a very down to earth relationship”. The bible infers that Jesus taught about attaining oneness with God, which certainly isn’t an earthly relationship.

      Since Jesus taught the Kingdom of God, I’m sure you’d agree we should seek to know and understand the Truth of these things.

      • Thank you for commenting in a fashion where I can enter in. Let me express it this way. “God” knows who you are, already. You and I, are not a mystery to Him.
        Jesus is not saying that we are to try and attain oneness with Him or God.
        He died to~~~ “Give” us the oneness.
        It is through His death.
        The kingdom principles that Jesus mentioned, are simply the way to “Live” In, the kingdom.
        We are not trying to “attain” anything. We have it.
        Oneness is not “attaining” anything “IN God”. By following these principles we have the privilidge of Knowing Him better!
        Oneness comes “only” from being in union with His~~ sacrificial death.
        Yes, I used the word death, because, He took “your” death, On The Cross.
        And He gives you, His Life.
        That is the oneness, we do not achieve it.

      • These are your beliefs. Mine are different.

        For me, Jesus proved there no death, because he never died. He could not die, how could he? He was one with the Father! But he could walk through the outer experience of the death in the flesh.

        He reveals this when he says I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

        If I believe that Jesus died, then I would make Jesus a liar. I believe he is as he said, The LIFE.

        When we see his Life (resurrection), rather than his death, we see our Oneness with the Father.

        Our oneness with the Father is they WAY in which the Truth-filled Kingdom of the Mother/Father can be projected into the realm of time. The kingdom is being created now, even through our very dialog.

        The kingdom is created in Oneness, and is lovingly given to all who got lost on the way. The Kingdom can be imagined as the Father gathering all into himself.

        In the Light of the Kingdom, which is Oneness with the Father, which oneness Jesus has given to All so that all will come to remember their Truth; man and god are one. Since free will has been righteously overcome, God’s Will can govern man and man can rest in God. This is the rest we enter for all eternity, ever expanding in our understanding of God’s Love. Oh, the glory of God’s perfect love! Imagine the love for God these lost ones will feel when they realize the love God has poured out on them!

        Souls have only forgotten the truth of their glory, they are not the mortal flesh they think themselves to be.

        There are people you believe to be real, who are but “astral projections” and will be dissolved. This reality is not real, it only seems real. The Kingdom is coming and what IS real will become increasingly apparent.

        The Kingdom is Real Life. This place, where death lives and suffering fills all in all, will dissolve because minds will no longer believe in it. Without belief, there is nothing upheld. But only understanding, being higher than belief, can uphold the Truth.

        Again…grateful for our dialog because of the words it inspires me to write.

    • When you say:
      “This group of people were a group who believed that seeking God, or understanding God, and to progress was to be achieved by understanding “a higher way of knowledge”.” E.q.

      I see this as a phase that we all must pass through in order that God may teach us the difference in what is an acceptable way and what is not. Is not what you are pointing out the parable of the five foolish in them thinking that having all the knowledge they had and in propping it all up with the gifts of prophecy, etc., was them erroneously thinking that they had “the righteousness” of God? But these were sorely mistaken as they left out what they should have said, “Did we not love our fellow man as ourselves, and pray for their release from the vices of their carnal nature as we pray for our release from own carnal nature?” Is this not why they were considered foolish? In taking the knowledge of God and adding the spirit of man (ego) to it and proclaiming a righteousness from it which cannot exist in Truth. Saying the words, God, Christ, Truth, and Love and shouting them from the roof tops is quiet different from living them in a quiet and humble spirit.

      Yes, there is an ongoing transition from self proclaiming the gospel seen as without, and the Christ humbly establishing the love of Himself within hearts. It is quiet a transition from the natural to the spiritual. And what we all must remember is that it is God who designed and created this journey through the valley of the shadow of death experience for each to experience both the good and the evil (the tree). In this journey we see by experiencing our “evil” mistakes and learning from them, we learn what “good” is. It’s a tough and harsh course, yet there is no evil intent in any of God’s creation because He is the author of our salvation through “it all.” It is a perfect plan when we understand this journey through the unconditional love of God. This is accomplished at our crossing over from the knowledgeable realm to the spiritual realm. And as assuredly as we were as babes in Christ in the market place, selling our wares (the five foolish), we shall become the children of God where all we have to sell is the unleavened bread of God which has no self (leavening in it) in it. Love in it’s purity. Knowledge is good for we must first have the vision that it affords to get us to the place of the love of God ( our promised land), and as you say let us not worship and praise the knowledge of love but love itself.

      • I think all of the things you are mentioning Sonny are part of the journey and that there is not a transition necessarily but it is an ongoing process. For the first group I was mentioning it was not a part of a process it was an erroneous belief system. Both proclaiming life and growing are all a part of being human and all are apart of life. All these things are acceptable. All of these things are God working in our life. He loves us as we love Him.

  4. again, religons only see FAULT(there is NO ENEMY)..
    people live in storys through misintertations of misinterpertations of misinterpertations,
    preachers and such have been doing MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD, as they only see how to CREATE FAULT IN OTHERS so their IDOL(such as jesus) has all the value) and do not live through the knowledge(eternal/spheracle language).

    the VALUE of jesus can only be seen through the eyes of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(as one spirit(time) as VIBRATIONS that BIND all things together(love being the smallest element in all of time)).

    prophets and angels are creaturs of time(that live in individual bodys).

    todays’s prophets and angels are seen as psychics, tarot readers, ghost hunters, mediums(its only through religions, in which we see FAULT(steal value of life, and give it to an idols).

    Having eternal knowledge, and not being able to share to the minds that are PRISONERS of their IDOLS(storys) should even make u sad. so im going by HEART(where truth lives in ALL OF US).

    as you want for me, i want for you.
    we all want peace, but as long as we are PRISONERS of our BACKSTORYS, you end up missing out on HEAVEN all together.

    all the people whom have died, never got to experience HEAVEN(which is in part of your life in EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE).
    this heaven is shared within all peoples(we are all prophets and angels), not individuals).

    i will put down every religion, and i am not afraid to call the BLUFF.. because i can see BEYOND TIME, and know the outcome. all religons will perish(which includes christianity)….

    everyone on the planet is listening, and they are doing the things they think that they are suppose to do, but the result is, that there is SOMETHING MISSING IN THEIR SOUL. (emptyness).

    because everyone believes in this emptysness, the world manifests our truest beliefs(every person is part of ARC OF THE COVENANT).

    people are losing faith, because they will no longer see faith in IDOLS, but in the TRUE SPIRIT, that is all around us all the time.

    there is no jesus, only christ within ALL OF US AS ONE BODY(spirit).

    this force isnt just an idea, but ALIGNS deeper to an ELEMENTAL FORCE(love being the smallest element in all of time and space that binds all moments in time and space together).

    it is only within the LANGUAGE of jesus christ as a christian, that we see the words of every bible t hrough the DARK VIBRATION of our own hearts(not living in the spirit, but in the flesh(HIGH VIBRATION vs LOW VIBRATION)

    time is what holds it all together, love isnt in some name, its in the ELEMENTAL FORCE, that bind our HEART to time(there is more to life).

    • You always know more than you think you know without being aware of it. You always remember best what has hurt most. Memory is a reflex of the pain. Knowledge is the memory of the pain combined with the unconsciousness which we ‘rationalize’ via dreams or by means of reading literature. It is impossible to learn from someone else’s experience unless we don’t assume this experience as our own, which we can achieve only by living it anew. We cannot live our lives at someone else’s expense. Only life fraught with dangers and risks and lived as your own deserves its name. Only selfish people do not live their lives as if they do not belong entirely to them. Cowardice equals a life that you refuse to live at its fullest and at its most dangerous. You must no longer be afraid of those you hate. You have crucified your mind with bitter
      ness. You have lost faith in your idol’s mind. And now you must be carried away within yourself your mind has circled until drained, a crazy, you crave, barren, bald bird in the trees. May you find sanity, may you find wholeness, may you experience Christmas. May you love others. You must find God.

    • Very interesting, especially the part about “prisoners of our backstories”. That is a very deep statement.

      I also thought your comment about language was eye opening. It by “language of jesus christ” that Christ is recognized in both the speaker and the hearer. When this language is spoken, you can be sure that the speaker desires to love perfectly, which is to create as God creates. Without a truthful understanding of Christ, this language can not be understood, let alone spoken.

      The human mind has no concept of the power of words formulated by the divine mind. All words formed in the understanding of Oneness are purposeful and highly creative. The purity of timelessness has pierced the veil of time and is already pouring forth, doing its work.

      Fun times ahead.

      • Yes, to run a thought by you. If you, or one person tries to quantify when someone is loving perfectly, are you indicating that you know that? You know when they’re loving perfectly? I think that is a burden. It’s a form of binding the person to a standard, that one cannot achieve in reality. I don’t think that is a freedom, but a burden, or a legalism, to an ideal? We need God, Jesus to fill that position for us?
        Meditate on what I am saying.

      • Well, the way I would think of loving perfectly would be, as Sonny said earlier and what you do very well, is by simply “being”. Meaning, not trying to be something other than doing your best to see the good in all. To love perfectly is not something you can ever do except through faith. You see, in order to love perfectly, one would have to know all things so that you could understand how your actions would ripple into the future and affect creation. Obviously, as finite minds, we can never know how to love perfectly, but we can DESIRE to love perfectly. And in faith, we desire to see the good in ALL creation, then God can work things through us for good of all creation, and in this way we love perfectly.

  5. Yes, and two things, in doing this when we fail, when we see that our actions are “not right”, or not performing in the way we would have liked, or we become selfish or bound by our flesh, or even misinterpreted by other’s judgments, we can always change and make that right, and start again, so I don’t think of it as perfection, but more of acceptance. You know, I accept the love you do give, and I accept the love that I can give. But we don’t want to be in a paranoid state about it’s delivery. Like, never a cross word shall I speak, I don’t think is realistic. It’s realism that we are after as well. You know, be real. If one is not in a state of good will, just see it as it is and work on that. And then also, please be reminded it is not just the ripple effect, but God Himself will reward you, for your acts, because he is intimately moved by our motives.

    • Right, I think you get right at the heart of it when you say “God is intimately moved by our motives.” Like a child learning to walk, if we express ourselves, for whatever reason, in a way we may not want to do in the future, we can “change, make that right and start again”. As we keep seeking, contemplating, and growing more like the Love we desire to be. This, to me, is loving perfectly, because with each mistake we make, we are prompted to ask God questions in a genuine sincerity. Growing in our understanding of how to be holy (what I call “perfection”) is an eternal process that always begins right now.

      I think, when we see ourself and others in the Light, we can “rest” and simply be ourselves, trusting that God will perfect us because our heart desires to love all just exactly as he does. I like when people are genuine, and not trying to be “overly nice” because they think that’s what God expects. We do our best, trusting God for the rest – and that’s about as real as it could ever get. Nice post, Joe.

  6. If we continue to have hope in what we shall be, and have this same hope for another, we can only achieve this state of oneness by a perpetual hope for the other. Although we may be rejected by a weaker love, love can never reject any, as God is forever forgiving and accepting us as we are. When we understand this truth of who our Father is, we rest from an indecisive world. This plan of God is to perfect our thinking, speaking and actions from our disobedience to His will, and He will accomplish this. It is not a matter of God failing in His purpose, it’s just a matter of us coming to the same love and perspective that God has. There is no doubt that God will accomplish in us what He set out to do. It is His promise to us, that mankind doubts. It is good to be awake.

  7. i agree 🙂

    no enemy…

    • Makes sense. See no enemy and enemies no longer exist. That’s a significant victory.

      • Just as Christ saw no enemies in those who were putting him to death, He saw these in a future perfect tense. He saw these as loving, godly people with no “barbarian” left in them… “when” God would call…and then…justify them…and then perfect them, each in their own order. These were still in earth’s womb, not yet born of the spirit. How can we blame the unborn for not yet being born…of the spirit in Christ? It’s a wonderful plan that God came up with and it is created perfectly which includes everything we consider, both good and evil. “Everything” that was created by our Father, through Christ, was created to bring about a perfect love in each one of us. There is no suffering for suffering’s sake nor is there the slightest pain without a good and mature purpose in it. A child looks at correction as an evil thing and hates the “ punishment” however the mature endures the trials, tribulations and test because these overcoming ones know how love is established through the correction process in becoming obedient to our Father. This is because there is only an unconditional love in all of the means which justifies all of the ends of every person that God redeems. When God allows us to see our good end in using the instrumentality of using circumstances of evil to accomplish our perfection, we will see and know God in a perfect light. If in His love He lets us go by the way of the prodigal in knowing that we will, waits patiently in love while we get our fill of our worldly desires, and then lovingly forgives us in His mercy and grace of all disobedience, then cannot we see that love does conquer all? He simply sets His unconditional love in this allegory for us to see that the prodigal fall that we experience is just a temporary state of disobedience that we will all return from when we have been corrected in our way…however God will direct our steps back to His “house.” All things do work together for good. We should be able to see that love carries us in and out of all situations…for when we are taught by being subjected to vanity by the experience of the suffering , we are being formed into a new creature…this earthly journey is all just about learning to be disciplined in obedience. The gift of freedom comes with an instruction manual and when we learn to use it correctly, we will be corrected perfectly.

      • “The gift of freedom comes with an instruction manual and when we learn to use it correctly, we will be corrected perfectly.”

        That is said perfectly. Right there.

        Great comment.

  8. when we love perfecty, it shows in the world, when are trying to be something we are not, it shows in the world. sometimes our ideas behind our own words get twisted by others.
    sometimes i may say the sky is green, and u would say, no, the sky is blue and yellow, but in reality, blue and yelllow make green(the god in us all(I AM)).

    people(in the flesh(mass), is always trying to reach the state of god, but others may reject the god, because it doesnt follow their own idea of what god is. sometimes it takes ALL THE MOVING PARTS to let go of what we already know, so we can ALIGN(CROSS) with that of what we seek.

    the SPIRIT time, and TIME IS PERFECTION, not in an intity with a name, but the stuff we are made of.

    we all have to let go of our religions(which will be a challange to the world).

    again, psychics(whom also call themselves christians at time), and tarot readers(whom also calls themselves christians at times, and ghost hunters(whom also calls themselves christians at time, all also have the desire to BE THIS LOVE(BEING).

    it takes ALL OF US(no more oppsing forces:no more religions), to see this ONE GOD IN ALL(consisting of ALL NAMES)(I AM LOVE)(you are love).

    to be right, sometimes is to fail, and to be wrong, sometimes is to win.

    but what we win can only be WON, if EVERYONE WINS, not as being beings of MASS, but know the SPIRIT that we SHARE..

    HOLY isint about perfect, its about TIME.

    and time is perfect..(trust those others that are different, they may someday be relyed upon, and need your strenght in them)

    • So many sparks that lead to other sparks, which lead to other sparks…

      Loni, you say:

      “we all have to let go of our religions(which will be a challange to the world).
      again, psychics(whom also call themselves christians at time), and tarot readers(whom also calls themselves christians at times, and ghost hunters(whom also calls themselves christians at time, all also have the desire to BE THIS LOVE(BEING).” E.q.

      While we claim to be a people of a party, faction, or division (Galatians 5:20) as you list above some who do claim this “separating spirit, ” in reality these people in trying to find their oneness with God “and with others” actually through ignorance of not knowing any better are cut off from this oneness we all seek. How can we become one people if we “faction” ourselves off, In becoming a “party” or being divisive one toward another instead of respecting and loving one another in spite of our present beliefs and differences? In order to see and to become this oneness we must come out of all of “her” and be not partakers of her plagues and sins. We know who the “her” is because she is divided into thousands of divisions, factions and parties in which we call denominations today. The true “church” do not see themselves as being fragmented and separated from anyone having these differences of beliefs and doctrines. Difference from God’s oneness establishes one of these denominations. To come out of her is to enter on to the path of oneness which includes all people, nations and tongues, whether they presently remain in temporary blindness or not…for although the true church can see their “coming” oneness, they temporarily cannot. This is why we cannot not judge nor condemn any for we know that their release from the harlot systems “will come” in their appointed time. Therefore the true church continues to grow and to allow God to prepare within themselves a “way” and a “place” for the masses to come out to. Among these “came out ones” are the 144,000, the first fruits, the over-comers, the gates of heaven (all names of the same). No one can teach the “way” clearly until they have been through the coming out experience themselves in order to see by experience. However, the elect of the elect will begin to see that it is not enough to come out of the “outward her” until we have subdued the “inward her” of our soul. Whether inward or outward the “her” is referring to the blindness that exist whether it exist inwardly or outwardly. The “her” within us must regain her strength and her spiritual sight in order to think, speak and act the same as before her fall as in being separated from her husband, the spirit. When this reuniting, redeeming this resurrecting of Christ takes place within us, it is then that the outward world can be taught to follow suit so that they also can be transformed from a separatist into the all inclusive love of oneness. So, yes even if we exist in any of these separatist mindsets, God planted that seed of Christ deep within every child that can only grow, when activated by God’s actions upward and away from the earthiness, tracing for and growing toward the light above. In knowing that all will eventually come to the oneness of God we speak of, how can any see another as being separate from themselves? Immaturity, which is only a seed that has not been germinated and properly allowed all of the right conditions to grow from its beginning. All the seeds of Christ will all mature in the same field (world), it’s just that some will ripen and be harvested first (the first fruits) but these first fruits are not better than the rest of the harvest, they will just show what all the rest of the harvest will be like. All the harvest will be as one. The beauty of understanding any allegory, parable, mystery, type or shadow is that once any one of them is revealed they all reveal the very same love and likeness of God. The oneness we seek. So we are not to condemn any but are to pray that all come speedily to this same love of God that we seek for ourselves. It is a very good plan, and there is no loss in it. Imagined loss is not loss. But that’s just part of the mystery, for when we gain the mystery of the Christ within us, the only loss is that of our self nature which the love of God displaces…when we accept Him as us and us as Him. One.

      • the answer is the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE(stepping out of the LINIER(human senses), and step into the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE(which involes TIME). the IMPORTANCE OF TIME(the rising star), is that past/present/future is happening all at the same time(hense HOLY SPIRIT).
        this LANGUAGE is built into our DNA.

        andthrough this language, you speak through the SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE(again TIME).
        IT TAKES EVERY PERSON ON EARTH, because we all consist of EVERY NAME(every law).

        letting go of christ/johova, mohomad, allah, and all backstorys of all names, and know the LAWS that BIND EVERY PERSON ON EARTH TOGETHER THROUGH THE LANGUAGE OF TIME(spheracle), we all step out of our religions, and see EVERY NAME(soul), in ALL OF US(share in this spiritual lanagugae in the NOW(heaven on earth, the kingdom, human sacrafice, WE ALL ARE PART OF THE HEART(all names).

        the language is WRITTEN within OUR DNA..
        the rest is TRUST. can you trust what i say, can i trust what you say, what would make us say the SAME..
        this is why the spheracle langauge is IMPORTANT(the langauge that ALL BIBLES were written in.

        think of it is a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE… and that PERSPECTIVE is ALIVE…(in your soul)(where we share).
        no matter what differences we all can see, there are things within us that are the SAME(one god).
        ELEMENTAL LANGUAGE(names not as men, but as laws).

  9. “When” we love perfectly, we will love especially those who resent and hate us the most. For when others are doing this we know that they know not what they do, for if they did they would be praying for you us as we pray for them. So it is better and a blessing to be on the side of the one being “abused” than on the side of the abuser. We should count it all joy that we have the privilege of learning to love the most…by being tested the most. Which means the trials of Job… It does end well.

  10. also, our HEART lives outside of t ime(hense eternal heart).
    in that heart, every person on this planet(mass), represents EVERY INFINITY posibility of our own LANGUAGE,

    what any BAD that others do, we have done ourselves(spirit first, mass second).

    as preachers for example, look down upon those who are gay, or worship the same spirit they seek. these JUDGEMENTS play out in others(and ourselves).

    what we see in others(through our own GIVINGS), others do, and when we try to seperate from that SIN, in which is OUR OWN, it is in the NEEDING FOR CARE, as they would be doing, just the same things we would do in thier POSITION OF GOD…

    you cant seperate self from self, and when we ALIGN with these REAL LAWs, our lives become better, as RANDOMNESS and CHAOS becomes less and less.

    every event and person shows us what is within our own hearts(where TIME(holy bible) comes in.
    you see your heart in others instead of seeing sin in yourselves(yet it comes from the god within us and is the SAME(time)).

    • Lon, as you have, you have lived out the preachers sin, and so having put the christians sin upon yourself, you have found yourself unforgiving of the love they sought to share, and pushing your heart outside where they lay their prayers upon you, you will feel the power of God, (being responsible for your own emotions) you have turned to find God seeking you at every corner, not hiding from you are these who will shower their love upon you in the name of Christ, while seeing yourself in judgement they hold you in their arms for penance, giving you grace for any repentance, so all mercy comes unto you, you can look up to see His Spirit for in this time of glory you can turn from any story doing exactly what God wants, you can walk in time feeling completely Holy, for the time of Christmas holly, The Christmas Tree wil see you jolly, when you take His hand He dances in a Circle, for you will be saved and aligning to that chorus because you have chosen to forgive others, He then ceremoniously forgives your heart, like He does all others, there’s no way He doesn’t love you, you’ll never drink the devil’s poison when you see Christs full provision always having sin forgiven.

  11. “The Sacred Storm” brings so much to mind that this life was created in a mind of love and perfection. While we have not yet crossed over from death unto life…we see through a glass darkly, however when “enough” of self (the veil of our flesh), our ego has been diminished enough to let the light shine through our darkened soul, we will see nothing but a perfect plan as we “suffer” through it. The change that we are now experiencing through this valley of death experience is a change that was established for us before the world was. We were given eternal life before sin entered into us through no fault of our own. To get to this plateau of an increase in the “gift of life” it is necessary to walk through this valley of the “shadow” of death (shadows aren’t real) experience. It is a perfect plan, with all of it’s good and evil circumstances and experiences that we are exposed to, for this exposure to evil transforms us from angels (messengers) of darkness into angels of light. Without this experience of “death” we cannot be changed into the likeness and character of our Father.

    If there could have been an easier path of experiences that God could have created instead of this one, cannot we reason that “love” would have taken the kinder and gentler “way.” If we can think as such as mere mortals, how much greater is the love of God? However in understanding this plan better as we mature more into God’s love and likeness, we come to understand that in every intense pain and circumstance, this particular pressure is there to further awaken us into the love, likeness and character of our Father. When the experience and the pain of life is more behind us more so than what is left in front of us, we come to see better and therefore we begin entering into our rest in knowing that what has began in us “will” be finished within us. Faith, hope and love will bring all of us to our conclusion. Faith and hope will be no more once this love is established in us for love is the end of faith and hope. When we love all as God loves all, there is nothing left to hope for.

    Once we see, we can see nothing but perfection’s plan in all that we think, see and do…for even our failures and mistakes are nothing but a measuring rod of the Christ within us, which only reveals the level of maturity that has been established by our Father up until this point. Thus when we are lacking in “measuring up” to God’s love and His perfect will, He lovingly provides the corrective measures in which it will take to guide our steps back into His will from the choices in disobedience that we previously have made. Our soul’s (Eve’s) reasoning of a better life without God’s purpose and plan will only cause chaos in our eternal life for there would be as many plans as the carnal mind could devise, thus the purpose of our trials, test and tribulations. As we look around the planet today and see evil dominating every man made system whether it be economical, governmental, or religious and see how that’s man has sunken so low in esteeming self over God , we see even perfection in this imperfection for what better way to learn what love is, than in feeling the pains of disobedience and rebellion and being corrected from it? Every so called evil has it’s silver lining in it for when we suffer in our allotted time, we learn, as Christ, obedience through the things in which we suffer.

    The new wine that Christ said that He will drink with us in the kingdom to come will have been processed through the patient growing of the fruit, to it’s harvesting and gathering to its crushing of its flesh, to its release from it’s flesh into new “wineskins.” And with the “past” aging of this new wine, in our time, we will all come to understand that this plan that we have just experienced was and is a good and acceptable, perfect plan of God. One cannot possibly love God to the fullest, without the understanding that “all” things are of God and that “all” things have a purpose in bringing all to the same maturity in the love and likeness of our Father. If we do not include both the one and the ninety nine into our way of thinking and in our understanding in that “all” will one day come to love one another in the oneness of our Father’s likeness, it is impossible to “verbalize” love into existence if our love is divided by judgment and condemnation even for one…of the “least of these.” When we come to see nothing but perfection in it’s making in the usage of both good and evil in this journey, we will only then understand the oneness of our Father in using all things, both of the Tree of Life and in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That is why we must all come to see that this life we are now living is nothing but a part of the perfect plan, created by God, in that His way and His love may rule in the hearts and minds of all. When we see love in the making of all things created, we see our Father in reality… as He is. There is nothing left to see but a good end in the using of all means.

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