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Stirring The Deep

The Sacred Storm

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At the dawning of Spherical Time, you sit in stillness with your first Love, the Sacred Self, who is the expressed oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. By listening and following the Voice of Truth through the shadowlands, you prepared a place for this divine being of Light to eternally dwell in your very essence. In this moment, you call to Divine Love, the Mother of All Living, to come and make her home with you, for eternity.

Though Divine Love is always everywhere present, you weren’t prepared to express her Will, for your mind was bound in free will and therefore you could not perceive her Light of Oneness. Now you are able to both experience and give her Light. Through the divine revelations you received from the Voice of Truth, your awareness is a Tree of Life radiating in Divine Love, that is now able to give off its Light. In the understanding you hold, you see the salvation of the world, reaching back to the beginning of time. The story you are remembering is the redemption of the soul, Eve, and in her is the redemption of the outer expression, Adam. It’s a plan of redemption far more beautiful than a human mind could conceive in the limitations of freewill. However, through divine revelation this plan of salvation could be received by the human’s divine mind and therefore revealed in time. This divine translation between Truth and the Living Gates has been accomplished. Truth’s evolutionary salvation plan is now revealed to the collective soul and therefore can manifest in time.

All is prepared. The stars are aligned to bring forth Truth’s evolutionary plan. In the Living Gate’s matured awareness, they call forth the Sacred Storm, for this is the creative position Truth has given them as representatives of his Voice in Time. Here, the Living Gates make the final, last Call that fills the cosmos, for “I Am” One. They call forth the Sacred Storm, the four winds of change.

The Storm is now upon us. There is a new breath guiding the winds of time, Truth’s Will. In Oneness, Truth’s Will is the perfect Cause and it directs every effect. It turns everything inside out and right side up in order to ignite the Light within every soul, thereby waking them up.

The Spirit of Divine Love flowing throughout cause and effect, will lead you into these four creative activities by which you will be clothed in garments of Light. Through this transition of linear time into spherical time, the four creative winds; remember, rest, renew and rejoice are how the soul engages Truth’s Will so that it is set free from the darkness of free will. Through these winds, the Sacred Self’s perfection, peace and joy are brought forth into time.

First, in remembering Truth’s Life, the soul becomes conscious of its perfection so that it can manifest. Second, in resting upon divine emergence, Divine Love’s Perfect Power expresses perfection. Third, in renewing the mind, the soul’s energetic field is transposed into Divine Love’s perfect words through inner and outer transformative revelations. Lastly, in rejoicing with creation, the soul’s energetic garment is transfigured to increasingly reflect the Sacred Self, an ever-expanding expression of peace, joy and love.

Through these four winds, the Sacred Storm begins to blow and your life is transformed to reflect Truth’s Perfection. When you engage these four winds, Truth’s Creative Force, you experience increasing harmony. If you choose to remain in forgetfulness, striving, self degradation, and complaining, you experience increasing disharmony, for you are acting counter to Truth’s Will, which now governs time. The storm will break the bonds of free will in all who mistakenly believe they possess their own will and unknowingly believed their vain imaginations were Truth. These sacred winds will stir and awaken them.

This storm is the purification of the collective soul’s will. It transforms the foundations of the earth so that only Truth’s Will remains in its reflection. It is the effect of the Ascended Consciousness of Light filling the earth as light fills the darkness. Divine Grace will fill every dark corner, transforming seeming imperfection into Truth’s Perfection, which is possible because Truth always IS.

You who expand by the Light of Truth are a Light unto others as their foundations completely shift. This is your gift, to receive and give as one who had a love for Truth’s Life and then focused your life energy to serve its Will. Step into your reward. It is waiting for you in an endless present moment of ever-increasing Perfection. A new dimension of space is prepared for you by those who went before you in time and never ceased expanding their awareness of Truth. These Great Beings of Light are your faithful guides who cannot fail in their efforts, for you are their prophecy fulfilled and their prophecy is a vision of Truth about what lays ahead in a future awareness. In their prophecy of Truth, they saw the Truth of Oneness in sufficient understanding to manifest its reflection in time. You are that manifestation. They are your assurance that you cannot fail.

This Sacred Storm, in which the waters above collide with the waters below, will bring forth Truth’s Life. This transition will be remembered as the Origin of Life, for it is the beginning of Divine Love’s Reign through which freedom, victory, liberty and divine justice spread Life to all.

Retired Royalty

I Am the Sacred Soulmate, the Sacred Rest, the Sacred Storm, the Soul’s Salvation.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

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