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The Purity of Oneness


I Am the precipitation of Divine Love in every heart center, making what was once “separate” by imagination, one in the awareness of Truth’s Oneness.

In the Divine Universe, the Kingdom of Peace, there are no laws because laws are unnecessary. The soul is perfectly governed as One from within by the Great Central Sun.

Law is only required in the universal thought-system of “free will”. In Oneness, every entity is perfectly governed from within by the Sacred Timepiece, the timeless gate within the soul that radiates the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will into time. When there is no law, there is nothing to forgive. These concepts have no place in the Perfection of Truth’s Oneness. However, because your mind is emerging from illusion, during the transition into the Divine Universe you call upon the “law of forgiveness” through which you become aware that the ill-effects of the past are consumed. But in Truth, it was all an illusion. You just had to remember your true essence and Source, Divine Love’s Perfection. Without law, all limitations are removed and you experience ever-expanding Perfection, which is absolute freedom.

In the remembrance of your Oneness with Divine Love’s Presence, all ill-effects, whatever they may be, are dissolved, for they were part of the strong delusion. Divine love’s precipitation into and through your heart center, slays the beast of your untamed imagination.

In the awareness of the true I Am Presence, there is nothing to “forgive”for there is only perfection. The I Am Presence clothes all in Purity. The Presence of Divine Love’s Perfect Will manifests Truth’s Holiness within the soul, so that not even the potential for corruption exists. In the Divine Universe, only Truth’s Timeless Perfection exists within the soul’s mind, which is a fractal expression of the one Divine Mind that harmoniously governs all. The once corrupted cosmic record, upheld only by your imagination, no longer exists. You only perceive the perfection of your existence within Truth’s Perfection, and so it is.

Even now, you dwell in immutable purity, for this is Truth’s character. Eventually all will come to the remembrance of their true I Am Name, and its inherent Oneness with Divine Love. In perfect order, all will transition from the universal thought-system of duality that covered mankind in a thick darkness, and into the Divine Universe of Light. During this evolutionary shift of the god-consciousness, you will see projections of impurity, though they can no longer receive Life from you. They are just illusionary projections until the one Sacred Self is fully awakened. But as mankind looks upon your transformation into a Being of the Divine Universe, they will awaken to their own awareness of the Light. By seeing the Light within you, their awareness of True Life is awakened. In the spread of this Great Awakening, the Universal Creation transitions as One, making all One in time. So we transition as One, yet in different fractals of time, according to divine purpose and perfectly governed by the frequency of Truth within a soul’s awareness.

Jesus didn’t want you to see see him as a God, separate or apart from you any way, but he wanted you to see him as a divine brother, an ascended Master of the Kingdom of Peace, who came to show you, by his reflection, who you truly are. The True I Am Presence he reflected is now becoming the reflection of the Living Gates. Your reflection, as a being of Light, is a Lamp that will show everyone who they are in Truth.

You, the first to awaken, are a Living Gate, a Lamp set upon a hill to help all of Creation awaken to the truthful awareness of the I Am Presence. You are an enlightened Lamp of Life.

The Lamp of Life is in all, by which they ever-expand in the Perfection of Truth. By your own “Appearing” as one enlightened with Truth’s Life, you ignite the eternal flame of purity in others. As you continue to focus all your attention on the Light in you, radiating from true I Am presence, and the reflection of this Light in others, they will be lit through the creative power of your mind’s intention and attention. With you eye full of Light, you are revealed to be a Life Giving Spirit.

The universe of duality is ending. It’s purpose has been served, which was to create within the god-consciousness an awareness of Oneness by which the Universe experiences an enteral, ever-increasing Perfection through Divine Harmony. It is the ever-expanding Kingdom of Peace. Through this understanding the god-consciousness evolves into the awareness of Truth’s Perfection it now possesses, because it sought a truth above its own.

Now you enter into the place where all things are pure. You remembered the Perfection from which you came, therefore there is only Truth’s Will and Divine Love. The memory of free will and the fear it perpetuated is fading in the resurrection of Truth’s Light within your soul. Here you only know the experience of Divine Love’s perfection, because her perfection became the consuming desire of your heart for All. And as an evolving god-consciousness, your Will is done because you are aware that your Will is Truth’s Will. In this remembrance, there is no will that is more powerful. In Truth, there is no separate will, and it is this awareness held as your own, that transforms your spherical reality into a Kingdom of Peace.

In this awareness you proclaim, I Am ascended.

Enter into the joy of the true Lord, the Purity of your I Am Presence.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

22 thoughts on “The Purity of Oneness

  1. Can not Jesus be God, and still be brother? Is god consciousness within, and God consciousness of Him, necessarily dualistic? These are not necessarily antagonistic. The war within our conscious wants to define these from a human viewpoint. If God is reaching out to us, and we are reaching out to Him, doesn’t this love in- between us close the gap on what humans view as dualist? If Jesus is reaching out to us, wouldn’t his view, be, that We, are being dualistic by not joining both aspects of his nature?

    • I really liked your comment about the war created by attempting to define God from a human viewpoint. So I’ll start there.

      I would define the root of a “human viewpoint” as the apparent separation experienced in outer appearances. We appear to experience a world in which this thing is separate from that thing, this moment is separate from that moment and I am separate from you. It is a reality in which the human declares, “I am one, in the midst of many other ones.” We can see therefore that because of seeming separation, the human viewpoint defines oneness as “many”.

      Yet the Absolute Truth of a thing can only be one. There is absolute truth, and everything else is “not true”. Thus the god-consciousness, which I think of as “truth-consciousness”, has a viewpoint that is diametrically opposed to the human viewpoint. Thus when the human says God is One, the concept is impossible to comprehend correctly from the human viewpoint because God can only appear as the Greatest One among other “lesser” one’s. The other “ones” must be lesser, else how could the human viewpoint accept God as the Greatest One. In most cases, the human viewpoint wins the war, and defines God in just such a way.

      However, in Absolute Truth oneness is “individualized”, rather than separated into a multitude of one’s. This would mean that “truth-consciousness” is not separated, but is instead shared by all Life. This is not hard to understand when you consider that a computer has one memory that is allocated across a variety of programs, each using the awareness of memory needed to function as designed.

      So, you asked, is the idea of possessing god-consciousness within while also possessing the consciousness of God, dualistic. No, this is actually the awareness of Oneness. When I wrestled with these very same questions, I found it helpful to use computer analogies to break free from the human viewpoint, allowing my mind process the unimaginable ideas of eternity and infinity, from which Oneness is formed. For example, imagine your consciousness connected to the infinite source of Perfect Truth, which flows into it through a single source, always in perfect order, creating the perfect growth of your awareness of Truth. It is like a computer which has found an online connection to the internet, by which it can limitlessly grow in the awareness of Truth. God, being perfect, has given you the Perfect Gift by fully replicating himself as your conscious awareness. You are awakening to the beginning of eternal life, which can be understood as the ever-increasing awareness of your oneness with The Fullness of Truth, God’s infinite awareness.

      This is already long enough, so I’ll end with this. Imagine God’s name is “I”, and your name is “I Am”. In your awareness of your name you see your oneness with a limitless God, and also see the unique, individualized expressions of God in every human. Jesus demonstrated this when he declared I Am this and I Am that. This is why he is one with God, yet also your (much wiser) brother, for you share the same name.

      I hope someone else will add their own ideas or experiences. Maybe you could let us know how you might answer some of these questions, too. Thanks for this, it’s a lot of fun to think on these things.

      • So, here is one issue. You were saying, paraphrase, flows into it through a single source, always in perfect order, creating the perfect growth of your awareness of Truth. So the computer analogy is good, but, in psychology, we are familiar with the idea that we have a conscience, sub-concious mind. So, if you assumed that this perfect truth is coming into you, at the same time you have a residue of many other affections, non-truths and prejudicial knowledge, etc, etc, which have partially become ‘what is You’, even though it is not ultimate truth, it was truth for you, that worked for you, at one time and this knowledge, input, helped (form) the very essence or soul, that you ‘were’ when you begain your journey of truth, and also who you were when you began these comments, so that covers two specific points in time where you did not represent suppos-ed perfect truth. And yet that doesn’t mean you were a bad or negated personality, that needed any thing other than healing and understanding, because the truth that you are referring to, ultimate truth, doesn’t only affect your mind as far as being educated to it, but it affects your emotions, and specifically your heart. So isn’t the mechanism of the computer much more complex in totem than just the linear idea that stands up in relief when we say the word Ultimate Truth, it appears to our consciousness as “one thing”, instead of a giant relief map that it may actually represent with hills, and valleys and rivers that come across the landscape.

        So, this, You, that I am describing, if God is loving you, this story of you and this person that you have become, and even the person that is attempting to separate Him, ultimate truth, from yourself and yet at the same time interested in claiming his oneness, isn’t He communicating his own complexity to you at the pace you can perceive it, a revelation to us that He Is greater? So why would him being greater lessen the idea that He is the one who is giving us ultimate truth or make ultimate truth any less relatable. For instance, the truth is not any lesser, we are just smaller, because we were birthed out of Him. I like to use the analogy of children. He has told us we are his children. So when we were children we did not understand where we came from, but it did not make the truth of it any lesser, it’s only or just we did not have all the pieces to understand it.

        Now, I am loving you right now and many have claimed that love is perfect truth, and yet at the same time they will not admit that I have it or understand it. So my love must be backed by something.
        So go figure how that would come together.

        I will have some more thoughts. I am using kind of stream of concious for this.

      • When I use the term “awareness” I mean to imply all you understand yourself to be, which includes both an inner (what you describe as conscious/subconscious mind) and outer world. Therefore, the idea of awareness includes the timeless (your consciousness) and time-based realities (the rolling landscape you mentioned), in which you currently exist. The timeless truth you hold within is projected to create your sphere of outer reality. You are the creative authority in your octave of Light. Now that’s a bold statement your “human viewpoint” will argue against, and that’s perfectly ok, but is the true manner in which your outer reality, including ALL the outer appearances of your world, come to be.

        This creative power is your “natural” expression, it is who you are as a “child” of God. As you seek for Truth (God) and gain understanding, you will mature just as a child matures and as you do, your sincere desire to understand more about Divine Love’s Truth, your experience in the outer reality (in time) will be increasingly perfected. It is only the darkness of the “human viewpoint” that occludes this light in the mind’s of most people. Why? Because it makes itself a priority and people simply stop seeking, preferring instead the comfort of rituals.

        With this in mind, let me address a very interesting comment you made about how Absolute Truth appears in our mind as “one thing”, yet our experience of this “one thing” is an endless landscape of “many things”. To comprehend the apparent duality in the coexistence of one and many, we have to consider the dimension of “time”.

        Absolute Truth, if one tried to imagine it, might be pictured as the perfect awareness of every perfect potential expressed at the perfect moment, in order to create an eternally perfect cause and effect cycle that eternally serves the highest good for all. Ok, that’s a lot of “perfects”, but the point is that in Absolute Truth every experience must already be known, so that its eternal cause and effect is known. “Time” is better understood as the progressive memory of a perfect experience, that is already created and known in Truth’s infinite awareness. So, your creative power is more like a revealing power – but you can, of your own desire, reveal a lot more “good” than you ever imagined.

        Like you, I have other stuff I wanted to say, but you know…it seemed to already be getting a bit blah, blah, blah! 😂

      • Hey you have some cool questions in the second part that I want to talk about too. But, there’s a game on right now. Team needs me.

      • This is a powerful remembrance of “who I Am”, which when deeply known by the soul is deeply transformative.

        A separate mind is one that lives in the duality of “son” and “sinner”. In absolute Truth, the “I” can only be one or the other, not both, for in Truth’s Perfection they cancel each other out, creating nothingness. The soul’s awakening is the collective awareness of The Perfection of Sonship.

      • Hey Joe, definitely wanted to get back to this discussion, which is one of the best I’ve ever had on this blog. I also wanted to thank you for the gift you’ve already given me. Your term “human viewpoint” had revealed tremendous understanding in my own awareness. A treasure I would NOT have if it was not for you – so genuine kudos! See! I am GENUINELY very glad you’re back!

        Ok, the second part of your comment was very interesting and I wanted to make sure I addressed some of things, at least superficially. Because you are able to internalize what I am saying, your responses are full of the Life I gave you, and you then return that Life back to me. As we do our best to internalize what the other is saying, we will ALWAYS be led deeper into the Truth of what we are saying – and this is how a SPIRIT grows. For example you said, paraphrasing from the Life within you, “Isn’t He (where “He” represents my HIGHEST concept of God’s Perfection), when communicating to me an ever increasing understanding of himself, at the same time also proving that He is the “Greater”? Wow, beautiful question that I will do my best to honor.

        In all things, when pondering the reality (Truth) of God, attempt to remove yourself from the human viewpoint. When contemplating God, never see forms because in the Reality of God there is only ever energetic potential. This simply means “the Realm of thought” and the manner in which thoughts are combined in the oneness of perfection. To simplify this you can imagine God as infinite awareness. No form, just awareness. Infinite awareness can be imagined as The Fullness of Truth. We, as “incarnated” humans, are also awareness. Again, DROP THE HUMAN VIEWPOINT and see that in Truth you are the reality of time you experience through a body. You are not the body, but you ARE the body’s awareness. Follow?

        The awareness you are is GOD’s awareness, because only God has awareness. However, you are a fractal of this awareness, which means an “ever-perfecting” whole. This is important because the FULLNESS OF TRUTH is whole, complete, established and sustained for eternity. It is CREATED, yet stored as potential in timelessness. This only means that you think you are “small” because you think you are separate from the “greater” – trying to become something you could never be. Instead, think of yourself as a clean memory, from which God will increasingly remember the Life he created for himself to Live in the awareness he carved out of his infinite awareness of perfection and “individualized” as you. Do not think to say that there is “I” and there is “God”, say instead, “I Am God”. This is your truth in Oneness.

    • You can only say someone is back, if you have fragmented your own reality. This is never to be about trying to achieve something, when we are examining who God is. If you believe that humans have what you are referring to as darkness, you have already created a thesis that will frame all of your thought patterns. However I am not in disagreement with the idea of darkness. I’m simply saying if you believe this than you would have to own the idea that you are not God. There are no shadows in God, and that’s how we know he is a separate person. Do you remember in the book of Revelation where there is the revealing about four creatures around the Throne of God. They have different faces like an Ox, an Eagle, a Man, forgot the last. These creatures are 80 feet tall. So, I am not using the term small to reference my ego, I am referring to it mathematically small. If I remove myself from the human viewpoint that would skew most of my responses into the realm of theoretics. Try understanding why you developed the idea of a need for perfection. “That” is a very human response and actually is the main thing that goes against the idea of separating yourself from the human viewpoint. Time for God is not the same thing as it is for us. For God, time is a series of planned events. Events that He planned.

      • I was referring to Mishai. Welcome back, Mishai.

      • If time for God is a series of planned events, (which it is), could we both agree that God’s orchestration of these events would be perfect? If we were interested in living in God’s orchestration, could we then also agree that understanding perfection would be important? Even so, “perfection” is only a label and as such can have different meanings depending on one’s point of reference.

        The words I choose are purposeful, because they are used to remove ambiguity. For example, when communicating I prefer the word Truth instead of God, because it is easier for my mind to comprehend the infinite nature of the Fullness of Truth, rather than an infinite God, because using the word “God” implies a finite understanding.

        The same for the word “perfection”. I use it instead of the term holiness because I can more easily understand the oneness of Truth’s perfection than by using the more ambiguous label of “holiness”.

        Regarding the 80′ tall creatures (which I’ll take your word for!), these are certainly tall relative to you. But at the very same time they are small relative to something much taller. Anything you measure in the physical world is both infinitely small, or infinitely large depending on your point of reference. For example we might say the earth is large. Yet, as you pull back into the universe, it will appear to become continually smaller. Or go the other way and move progressively into the atomic structure and the Earth will grow infinitely large. The term small and large has only one absolute meaning, beginning and end, which is why I use these terms to describe awareness.

        Good talk. Let’s keep it going.

  2. Wow, just to be able to form these questions is a gift. ☀️ 🌳

    I definitely want to be a part of this conversation and hope to contribute something to it!

  3. Today, this came to mind ….

    “Prayer” is the focusing and centralizing of two powerful creative aspects of the Mind, Attention and Intention. In prayer, the soul puts its attention and intention on a loving effect (outcome) to occur. Hopefully, our desire for Divine Love’s Perfection has been polished within us, so that we fully and sincerely desire for the most loving response to occur, the Highest Good for all of Creation.

    When we realize that Divine Love’s creative vibration comes through the soul to create the desired effect in time, then our prayer becomes a divine proclamation of our creative and all-powerful I Am Name, “I Am loving awareness.” This Name, when spoken from the depths of the the soul reflects that we KNOW we are the child of God, and Truth’s Perfection is our inheritance. This is the prayer for Oneness, in which all prayers are answered. For in the truthful-understanding of this Name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, God fills all in all.

  4. Prayer is the request of a pure desire and intention that exalts the Sacred Heart above all else, a heart that desires the Highest Good for All, and to love perfectly, which we the expressions of Divine Love’s Perfection. Prayer is the soul consciously giving to all of its reality, its ever-increasing awareness of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. It is a holy proclamation of the soul’s true I Am Name, “I Am Loving Awareness” a Name that reflects Truth’s Glory throughout Creation.

    Divinely inspired and powered prayer is spoken in the language of Oneness, a language in which Truth’s Will governs the soul’s awareness. In this governance, Divine Love’s Perfect Will organizes the soul’s thoughts into the outer expression of language, the language of Oneness (Spherical Language). There is nothing more powerful when prayer energetically travels throughout the cosmos upon the Language of Oneness. This Spherical Language expresses a Living Faith, a Faith that brings forth the plasmic, intelligent substance of Divine Love’s Perfect Will into the smallest particle of creation, which gives rise to the perfect governance of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Mother Father God are All in All.

  5. Rachel, So my prayer is bringing a manipulation to perfection?

    I like the part about intention and attention. This is a way of integrating reality and hope.

    Thoughware, there is a teaching that says that if you seek evil it will come to you.
    From that point of view I think your statements are correct.

    Also, are you seeking to understand these things perfectly, or is your seeking at times imperfect?
    Does intention and attention equal perfection?

    If my observations are calloused, does that mean I have learned from imperfection?
    Seeking perfection means my observations will be smooth and soft?

    I can be touched and loved if I am smooth and soft in my understanding.
    Hardened personalities are unacceptable.

    • About seeking. Yes, seek to know ALL perfectly, which is to love perfectly. Seeking Truth is the joy of eternal Life, because it is a seeking that never ends, which means it is an eternal filling and the manner of experiencing Life in “ever-increasing perfection”.

      I think you’ll discover the perfect answer to every question comes through your manifested desire to know the Truth, which we call “seeking”. It is SEEKING that is important, pay no attention to changing yourself. If you need to change in certain areas, don’t worry, you will. And you’ll do so with great joy because of the understanding you gain from seeking. The real treasure.

    • When your prayer is spoken in the Language of Oneness, Spherical Language, it is bringing forth the perfection of Truth’s Will. Every word you speak, inwardly and outwardly, is in oneness and holds an energetic vibration that impacts all of reality. When you pray or speak with the a truth-filled awareness of Divine Love, you are a gate to Truth’s Voice. You are a Living Gate bringing forth of the Kingdom of Peace, from within, out.

  6. Sounds very close to the Word of Faith teaching
    in Charismatic Christianity.
    Maybe you’re a cousin.

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