Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Sacred Winds

The thought energy of Truth creates eternal expansion within our being, manifesting eternal Life. This energy is the Breath of Life that awakens us from a sleeping seed state, giving Truth expression.

The purpose of our mind is to give Truth expression. As we grow in the awareness of Truth, our mind begins to fill with divine thought. These thoughts radiate divine energy which possess the infinite Intelligence of Truth. This Intelligence divinely orchestrates (divine emergence) every present moment so that it infinitely supports every other moment, manifesting divine harmony. Because there is no duality in Truth, only Goodness, there is nothing to oppose it. This singularity gives Truth its ultimate power that sustains its harmony. Immutable harmony enables creation to express timeless perfection so that it is perfect and complete, yet ever-expanding. Truth’s divine energy is experienced as divine love, which is the expression of the highest Good for ALL through each individual mind’s unfolding present moment.

The ever-expanding, self-sustained harmonic nature of Truth reveals its inherent life. When Truth enters the mind it creates a living vibration of divine energy within our being. This energy is the life force of the Mighty I AM of God moving through us, the Breath of Life, giving Truth SELF-expression through our being.

Our spiritual awakening into the awareness of our true SELF prepares the mind to convey the timeless and singular nature Truth and therefore extend its life-giving energy into creation. Every moment is a conveyor of Truth’s divine gifts when our mind is prepared to receive and give them. When sufficiently prepared through divine revelation, the sacred wind of Truth flows through us and into our sphere of reality imbuing it with its life-giving presence.

The mind is continually creating. It creates what it believes is true, centered around its concept of self. In its sleep state, the mind is unaware that its true Self is an expression of absolute Truth. Without the Light of Truth, the mind fills the void with its own relative truth about itself through its individualized judgments of good and bad or right and wrong. As a result, it experiences a reality of duality in which each individualized mind sits as judge, shaping an illusionary concept of self. However, the mind can only accept opposites as true when they are separated by time, otherwise they cancel each other out creating nothingness (i.e. illusion).

The slumbering mind mistakenly accepts that time, duality and their resulting illusionary effect, are aspects of absolute truth. As a result, the illusionary reality becomes the mind’s source of truth, blinding it to the true Source, the Mighty I Am Presence (the Self of Truth), which the self engages through its own I Am presence. In its blindness, duality and the self’s role as subjective judge are upheld as true. As a result, the mind projects a reality of opposites that can’t exist in Truth, nor can Truth exist in it, i.e. an illusion. The mind imprisoned by the beliefs it declares to be absolute truth, becomes encased in a world of darkness in which all it creates is canceled out by its opposite. This inhibits its creative expansion, fostering a seed state.

In the dream of time all that is created is destroyed, thus eternal life appears beyond reality. However, in Truth, it is already here. Truth is ever-present, therefore so is eternal Life, which is the effect of Truth’s thought energy. We experience this Life when our mind is able to receive and give divine Truth so its life-giving energy is expressed through us and into reality.

As we grow in the Self-awareness that we are Truth’s timeless expression, our mind is lifted out of the construct of time. When the singularity of Truth illuminates the mind, we recognize only Good (which incorporates every divine attribute) exists, negating duality thus a mind-set of judgment. As divine thought supplants individualized judgments, a reality of immutable harmony is manifested, allowing the eternal, ever-expanding SELF to be expressed.

Reality is the reflection of our current self-awareness. Because there is no duality in Truth, as our mind is illuminated with Truth, we mentally enter the timeless realm of knowing what was, is and will be as one perfect whole. Concepts of duality are replaced by the Truth of oneness, and time is replaced with timelessness. Without duality and our corresponding judgments which continually foster discordant energies, our mind transmits the divine, harmonious energy of Truth into reality. This sacred energy gives the One SELF a living expression, Life, and the corrupted image of the self born out of judgment (the shell) falls away.

By giving expression to Truth, we are life-giving spirits. As we receive and give the divine Breath of Life, it flows through us touching all of creation with divine power, divine harmony, infinite intelligence, and timeless perfection, which together express the perfection of divine love. Because reality reflects our current self-awareness, reality follows our inner awakening, expressing timeless Truth in which there are no opposites, only Goodness.



As creators, we are the writers of our life’s story. Our programming language (ethereal pen) is our inner vision comprised of thought energy, which our mind projects upon the screen of reality, creating a living narrative.

Every moment has a backstory that tells how that moment came to be. Backstories wrap each present moment in a story of time that connect it to the past and future. They are the mechanism by which a timeless mind creates coherency in an illusionary world of time and space.

The past doesn’t exist but as a story within our mind, so the cause to our present moments isn’t a non-existent past, but the frequency of our thought energy (thoughts and the energetic structures they create). Our thought energy charges our reality with certain qualities (i.e., gratitude or complaining) and then our mind constructs a story of time reflecting those qualities connecting the past and future. Therefore, backstories are dynamically created moment to moment according to the present energy we are extending into reality. As a result, our life can change in a moment in desirable and undesirable ways. It’s also why when we energetically hold onto past grievances some things never seem to change.

When we are unaware of how we create, backstories hide our mind’s creative prowess and power. The past appears to hold the cause to our present experience, so that we don’t recognize it’s the present energy we are extending into reality that creatively effects reality. When the effect is mis-named as the cause, the true cause of how reality is created remains unknown. This misunderstanding of the true cause to the present moment entraps us in a world of suffering we unknowingly create, while blinding us to our ability to create a reality of peace and joy.

Our inner vision is a perceiving/receiving as well as a projective mechanism of the mind. According to our accepted source of truth, whether it is the outer appearance world or Truth’s Living Voice (Spirit of Truth), our inner vision is correspondingly darkened (asleep) or illuminated (awake). Depending on the source, our inner vision energetically projects darkness or Light through the mind, which creates our present moment and its supporting backstories.

When our inner eye is closed, the mind sleeps. Without the Light of Truth, the sleeping mind’s individualized judgments based on the outer reality (relative truth) stand in the place of Truth. False judgments are based on past interpretations of experiences, which become the personalized meaning we give to things, and our accepted truth. Because judgments are based on the past, the past appears to be the cause to our present, therefore hiding the true cause, thought energy. When our judgments are the substance of our thoughts, then our inner vision is full of darkness (lack of Truth).

Without the light of Truth, the only way the sleeping mind can create is according to its judgments. These judgments, full of corrupted and erroneous thoughts, project an energetic field of disharmony. As a result, the mind creates backstories which support disharmony, and we experience conflict, suffering, and harm.

When we turn to Truth’s Living Voice, the Spirit of Truth, as our source of Truth, our inner eye begins to open. As Truth illuminates our inner vision, divine thoughts replace false judgments. Our subjective judgments become irrelevant and nullified because the Truth is clearly seen and known.

As our mind becomes an open gate to the Divine Mind so that it receives divine, revelatory thought, backstories are created by the Divine Mind in oneness with our awakened individualized mind. As our reality is energized with divine qualities, the backstories reflect these qualities so that we experience peace, joy, and perfect provision.

Understanding how the narrative of our life is written allows our mind to consciously create according to the ever-present Truth and no longer according to past judgments. As our inner vision is illuminated with Truth, the backstories enfolding the present reflect the most desirable and unexpected outcomes, creating a landscape of miracles.

“The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body (reality) also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.” ~ Luke 11:34


Seven Sacred Truths

As awakening dreamers, we witness the Light of Life dawning into reality. As we witness the Light, we know we are shining the Light.

Once our mind matures into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind so that it is able to receive Its divine thought, Truth goes forth like the shining of a lamp and Its Light is reflected in our reality.

There are seven mental constructs that prepare (mature) our mind to be a Living Gate so it can convey the holiness and timeless perfection of Truth. As these constructs converge in a harmonious integration within our mind, they create an eternally open door through which Truth flows allowing its Divine Radiance to be expressed in reality, so that we become the Light of the world. The harmonizing effect of these seven constructs is reflected in the seven musical notes and their illuminating presence is represented in the seven colors of the rainbow.

As our awareness increases in these seven constructs, our mind goes through a profound metamorphosis, which enables it to convey Truth’s holy and harmonious qualities into reality. Through this metamorphosis we transition from a counterfeit truth to Divine Truth. When we hold the counterfeit truth as true, the Truth is unknown. As the Truth becomes known, the counterfeit is made obsolete as it is clearly seen as a slumbering mind’s illusion. As a result, the mind is prepared to receive Divine thought, creating an inner feeling world of harmony, gratitude and peace that are outwardly experienced as healing miracles.

Our mind shifts from:

  1. Relative Truth to Absolute Truth
  2. Time to Timelessness
  3. Striving of Self-will to Emergence of Divine Will
  4. Judgment to Divine Forgiveness
  5. A Temporal Body of Lack to a Life-Giving Spirit of Abundance
  6. Creature to Creator
  7. Separation to Oneness

Transitioning out of a counterfeit truth which derived from a darkened mental space void of the Light of Truth, takes diligent and persistent attuning to the Spirit of Truth, Truth’s living voice. The mind bound in relative truth’s distortions can only receive the Truth drip by drip, like oil filling a lamp, because of the counterfeit truth it possesses in Truth’s place. When we believe something is our truth, we’ve assigned it the characteristic of immutability, thus to alter our truth is a methodical and diligent process. It’s only through our continual communion with the Spirit of Truth, who intimately knows our vast web of interlocking lies, that we break free from the illusions we exalted as true.

As our awareness increases, these overlapping and interconnected mental constructs reveal our true SELF, so that we come to understand who we are and how we create. Once our mind accepts the ever-present nature of these seven sacred constructs, then Truth flows through us, transforming reality by bringing forth the Light; which is the Righteous Reign of Absolute Goodness.

These seven constructs are deep and layered and their light fills the volume of this entire blog. Led by the Spirit of Truth, we ascend the primordial staircase and our awareness expands drip by drip until our mind is able to convey Truth. Our cumulative understanding transforms our mind into a Living Gate for the Divine Mind. Divine harmony and Divine love (Truth’s reflections) energize our lifestream, creating the highest good for all. The Divine Truth beyond us, flows through us, and into reality which reflects the Light of Life back to us. In this we witness ALL is ONE.

By shining the Truth into reality, the mind becomes a co-creator of miracles as the Living Light infuses the darkness with infinite intelligence and enfolding divine love bringing reflections of timeless perfection where shadows of death once dwelt. The ultimate miracle being the birth of our true SELF’s expression into reality.

And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I said, “I am looking, and there is a lampstand of solid gold with a bowl on top of it, and on the stand seven lamps with seven pipes to the seven lamps. ~ Zechariah 4:2