Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Time to Remember


In the Peace created by the Light of Truth’s radiance, we remember who we are.

It’s time to remember the Truth of our Identity, whose Holy Light never left us since we were brought into being by the Creator’s first thought of us.

It’s time to remember who we are as the Creator’s expressed Self, united in a sacred brotherhood under one Creator, for in this remembrance Peace is found.

The Holy Light of our true Self can never leave us, it can only be temporarily hidden beneath a veil of false judgments based on a false identity, which we believed as an embryonic soul unknown to itself. In this forgetfulness of the Light within, we believed our vain imaginings and what their projections into reality reflected back to us. As a result, we accepted an illusionary dream in the place of knowing the Truth.

Unaware of our true Self, we wore faulty judgments like tattered garments covering our true Likeness as the Holy Self of God. These erroneous judgments hid our true Identity and kept us in bondage to limitation, fear, discord, and decay. They enslaved, imprisoned, and stole our joy, peace and unity. Yet, because we made these erroneous judgments, it’s our choice to remove them. As we awaken, we consciously choose to forsake all false judgments, and let the Truth we’ve received from the Spirit of Truth consume every thought, so that only our sacred and eternal Identity stands true in our mind.

As the false garments burn in the Holy flame of Truth, consuming everything not like Itself, the illumination of our true Self expands in its holiness and perfection, first in our mind, and then in our expression. As we release false judgments about ourself and others through divine forgiveness, we push through the veil of illusion that cloaks our mind.

Initially, it’s impossible to believe we are created in God’s perfect image because all we’ve ever believed, known, and experienced of ourselves has been imperfection. However, as we continue to focus on the Light of Truth within, our true Self makes itself known to us by the divine Peace it creates. The gentle power of the Great I Am begins to create ever-increasing Peace within our sphere of reality. As we witness this expanding Peace, knowing it is beyond any peace the world could offer, our true Identity as the Holy Self of God is revealed. In this, the belief in our emerging true SELF is accepted into our mind and begins to grow.

The Light of our true Self isn’t far off, it lives within us in the eternal present moment, which we perceive when our mind is free from faulty judgments. In Truth, we can be nothing but our true Self fashioned in the immutable Truth of perfection. Because Truth is all that exists, everything counter to it is an illusion of a dreaming mind.

During this transition from darkness to Light, we may feel overcome by the multitude of mis-creations formed by the false judgments of our darkened mind, but as we rest in the Presence of the Great I Am within, we are strengthened, encouraged, and enter into our true power in Oneness. As we choose to accept only the Voice of Truth and dismiss the illusion’s numerous voices that tell us we are something we are not, the Peace of our emerging true SELF brings an end to the illusion that hid our true Identity, even from ourselves. Without our mind accepting a false image, the illusion can’t stand and fades.

As the Light dawns upon our awakening mind, every thought that challenges our true Likeness, we objectively observe as no longer a part of us and let it go in the power of stillness and gratitude for the Truth. There is no battle when standing in the Light of Truth. We only feel the battle when we’ve accepted the darkness of illusion and gaze upon the Light as if it were far off.

It’s time to remember the Truth of who we in Oneness with our Creator, by which all of reality is renewed, healed and set free from what it is not. This begins with accepting our true Identity within our own mind. As we perceive every moment in the immutable and peaceful Light of Truth, we see our true Self in timeless perfection, fashioned in the Likeness of our Creator.

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” ~ Mark 10:27



Haven of Peace

rough colored ocean wave falling down at sunset time

As a reflection of our inner transformation, our outer reality goes through a complete metamorphosis from darkness to Light. As the foundations of the illusionary reality are overturned, a haven of peace surrounds us created by the Great I Am Presence within us.

At our center is the Great I Am Presence of God. Encircling this Holy Light is the mind of our individualized self. Encircling the mind is the outer reality the mind creates. As a dreamer, our individualized mind is darkened because we are unaware of our inner Holy Light, therefore we create a dream reality of destruction and death through our choices and beliefs that are void of the Light of Truth.

In the awakening of our true Self, our mind methodically merges with the Divine Mind of God, becoming completely one. Divine thoughts of peace replace illusionary thoughts of conflict, changing the energetic vibration that shapes our sphere of reality. As the Great I Am begins to extend into reality through our awakening mind, its energetic waves of Holy Light begin to flood the earth, dissolving everything unlike Itself. The lying thoughts upholding the illusion are revealed, and the darkened reality built upon the identity of the false self is systematically undone. This causes a massive transition which overturns everything the darkened mind established, and in its place a reality of Light arises created by our true SELF.

During this transition, we are the creators of peace in oneness with the Great I Am within, by which immutable peace is established for all. As a creator within the Creator, the Great I Am within leads us in paths of peace through divine emergence. As we consciously focus on extending our inner peace to all, the infinite all-knowing Mind of God, in which we all share, orchestrates our reality in ways beyond our conscious awareness to manifest an ever-expanding sphere of peace.

Immutable peace isn’t created by constructing defenses in the physical realm to protect ourselves. It’s the effect of the Holy Light within, as it is translated through divine emergence into our outer reality. As the storms of change surround us, if we are tempted to step out of emergence and gain our own peace by attacking what we fear and setting up defenses, we will experience continued unrest. In doing so we are energetically holding onto conflict and disharmony, therefore we experience this disruptive energy in our experiences. Further, by responding to the illusion as true, we keep it real in our mind thus our reality. The Light of Truth will reveal what we are actually creating through attacking/defending by their disruptive and destructive effects, so we can make a choice for Truth instead. What isn’t of Truth, isn’t of peace.

Outer peace is a reflection of inner peace. As we fix our attention on the Great I Am within, AND let this Holy Light of Divine Love extend to all (Prayer of Oneness) through emergence, we create a haven of peace around us. By not condemning, complaining, attacking, and defending, but instead divinely forgiving, accepting the Truth, extending loving kindness and giving gratitude, the inner Light flows through us and into reality creating immutable peace. To experience peace, we generously give our peace to all from within, for what we give we receive.

The storms of change will subside as the collective mind is filled with Light, and its reflective reality transitions from darkness to Light. Truth is one, and shines in oneness. As the Light shines in the minds of those awakening, it spreads like a fire through the collective mind with unquenchable power to renew all the earth.

During this transition, times of stillness in which we consciously rest in the Great I Am presence within are essential and very powerful. Don’t let the gentleness of this power tempt you to believe it lacks divine strength. Because Truth is, it needs no force. It only requires your mind’s recognition, the creative mechanism behind reality. As we continually focus on this Holy Presence, we bring the powerful energy of understanding, gratitude, and loving kindness into every situation, and in this inner outpouring we create immutable peace around us.

“To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death (illusion), to guide our feet into the way of peace.” ~ Luke 1:79

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” ~ John 14:27

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” ~ Luke 6:38