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The Compass of Unconditional Love

The Compass of Unconditional Love


In the land of the unreal, the real is a dream.

In the land of the real, the unreal is a dream. 

Wake me from my dream that I may live my dream

To be Unconditional Love.



The Choice

The Choice exists for our soul, because love is a choice. The Choice is between life or death; to live upon the rock or the shifting sands, to possess the divine consciousness or the self-directed consciousness, and to give and receive unconditional divine love or conditioned human love. These are all the same choice.

Divine love consists of many beautiful characteristics that give it its expression. Some I listed in my post Light Catchers: It’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous and without fear 5. honoring of all 6. constant, consuming, and all-encompassing 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It loves perfectly at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through us from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It is the Light; the power of our Source and Center, our Creator.

Therefore, to grow in the awareness of the characteristics of divine love is to begin to know our Creator. Otherwise, we hold a false image and reside in a darkened mind. Thus, to choose this love is to choose to connect to Him; for he is found in this love. Thus, this love with each of its attributes is our compass down the path of enlightenment and into oneness with the Light.

Unconditional Love

Lately, one particular characteristic of this love has been highlighted in my journey; its unconditional nature. It’s given and received without condition; a trait unknown in the shifting sands of conditioned human love. It’s unwavering, constant, consistent, and unfailing. It’s always present in harmony, purity, and perfection. It’s a rock. Thus, its unconditional nature serves as an important part of our life compass.

Though, unconditional love is given and received without condition, because it’s love the recipient must receive it and the giver must choose to give it. In this choice to give and receive is where all the conditions reside in conditional love. We judge ourselves worthy or not to receive it, and we judge others worthy or not to give it to; both for a myriad of reasons. When we possess faith in unconditional love we skip this judgment and reside as an open fount while maintaining honor, integrity, and purity of intent.

This pivot point of choice is where our voyaging becomes much more difficult. Once we choose unconditional love, a multitude of conditions from our soul surface to teach us what this choice means. Along this leg of our journey, our choice is refined into one of integrity and sincerity.

Choosing unconditional love elucidates the areas of our soul’s difficulties extending back to our childhood. Our pains, betrayals, hurts, wounds, fear, and all their protective gear; our judgments, self-righteousness, pride, ego, isolation, anger, selfishness, are unearthed and exposed. Our protective gear forms a multi-layered barrier around our soul center; the outlet of love. This heart-wall stands like Jericho and prohibits us from a sincere choice to give unconditional love because we chose our protective gear instead.

Yet, as we continue to grow in awareness, we gain new perspectives that reframe these painful areas. For example, we no longer see past decisions that led to pain or harm to others and ourselves in disdain, but we realize it was part of our shadow self presenting opportunities to grow by. In the lucidity of truth that comes to us in layer upon layer, we find a release for our walled-in difficulties, and assimilate the wisdom they provided to our eternal spirit mind. As these hurts are loosed, the protective gear falls away, and our soul opens to receive and give love in faith. Our self-imposed conditions are consumed by the awareness that this divine love is needed to heal and restore our soul and all those we’ve impacted along the way, thus we come to desire it above all else.

Inner to Outer Love

Through this exposition of our souls, we come to realize we give what we have; whether in faith or substance. A divine love isn’t self-consumed or self-generated. It flows from the Source through us to others. It is received into our soul, and then it is given from our soul. Thus, if we don’t desire or understand the need for an internal love, honor, and respect for our own soul then we can’t progress in giving it to others, for it flows through us and to others. The internal love we possess is the love we express.

Thus, the degree of love we have toward ourselves is the degree of love we have toward others. If we claim to have a love for others and not ourselves, we have not love, but attachment. If we claim to have a love for ourselves and not for others, we have not love, but disillusioned ego.

This inner love is one of the hardest lessons we face. Our shadow self challenges us with personal weaknesses to teach us how to receive a love without condition for ourselves. This is part of its purpose. But we get hung up on the conditions instead of realizing they are present to teach us about unconditional love.

To love without condition is understood when there are conditions to overcome. The more conditions, the more expansive our understanding of this love becomes. Thus, in the midst of imperfections, weaknesses, and afflictions, and all sorts of conditions, we are able to learn of this divine love’s magnificence, depth and vastness. How it covers, heals, and restores. We are given ample opportunities to learn of this divine love, thus the nature of our Creator that we may sincerely choose oneness with him, as a part of his divine consciousness.

Faith Then Substance

Again, the ability to give unconditional divine love in substance is gained through a oneness with the divine consciousness, when we no longer reside in the reflection of our shadow self, but as our true divine self. Because faith precedes substance, the Spirit of Truth crafts a living faith in divine love, which the substance fills our soul at our awakening. Experiencing our shadow self creates the faith that leads to the manifestation of our true divine self.

Importance of Faith

The growing awareness of this love driven by our CHOICE create neuro-pathways of the ways of God within our eternal spirit mind of our true self. This is the formation of our faith. These prepare us for the inflow of the energy of the divine consciousness. If our understandings and desires are in contradiction to this consciousness, there is no synergistic fit, for love is a choice. It’s like two magnets repelling one another instead of pulling toward each other. A sincere longing for this divine love with all its attributes creates an inlet and outlet for the divine consciousness to flow through our soul to others.

As the awareness of unconditional love grows in our own soul, then we are able to extend it to others in faith, which again precedes the substance. If we are unwilling to give this unconditional love, then the door to our soul remains closed. However, even in this state, if we continue to seek truth and divine love; our unwillingness will change to willingness as we learn divine love with all its characteristics is the answer and fulfillment to all we seek. Unconditional divine love is eternal life, immortality, power, harmony, freedom, peace, joy and rest for our souls and streams of living water for others through us.








Unearthing Our Shadow Side

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Unearthing Our Shadow Side


A mind connected to the light; perceives the light. Until we connect, all we see are illusions in the dark.

The view into our soul from the inner chamber isn’t all pleasantries. But as we align to the perspective of truth, all we see, including our shadow side (false fabricated self) is encapsulated in divine love.

From the inner chamber, we begin to see ourselves raw and real. As our awareness increases so does our vision of our current soul state. As an observer of our own soul, we witness the depths of our struggles, afflictions, depravities, brokenness, frailties and illusions of our soul. These can throw us into states of sadness, frustrations, and even hopelessness. However, as we continue to seek to expand in the awareness of truth and divine love, we begin to realize that they are serving a purpose; to prepare us to receive and give divine love.

As we move toward the light, we begin to face these aspects of ourselves that we’ve spent years running and hiding from. All that we’ve held in our soul is exposed. In the darkness of unawareness, these traits remain hidden or sketchily seen, though their pain can be intensely experienced. Thus, we go through life creating disharmonious ripple effects and clueless as to why. Thus, to see is a blessing, though it may not feel like it initially … or even for awhile.

What do we do when these adverse and painful reflections are exposed? The multifaceted qualities of co-dependency, damaging control, fear, criticalness, self-pity, victimization, self-doubt, ego, pride, greed, lust, selfishness, guilt, shame, degraded self-value, and so on?

We can either view our shadow side with despondency and hopelessness or as a means to grow in the awareness of divine love. The latter builds the constructs of truth that prepares us for the inflow of the divine consciousness.

We see these attributes for what they are because we are seeing their contrast; what our soul expression would be in divine love. We see what we see for our instruction; for our soul’s sake, others and as a part of our Creator’s workmanship in us. As we seek what we are to learn from these challenging traits, we grow in the awareness of truth and divine love. In time, we learn that everything in our lives is serving our highest good as we surrender from our rebellion.

Acknowledgment, Letting Go, and Building Truth

When we see the attributes of our shadow side from a perspective of growth, we acknowledge, let go, and enable truth to expand into our awareness.

  1. Acknowledgement. To receive new constructs of divine love, we first acknowledge and confess the ones not of divine love. This requires honesty and transparency with our inner and outer reflections. Blame, complaining, denial, and suppression, all block the learning that is purposed in these imperfections. We each have what we have to learn what we need to about divine love.
  1. Letting Go. Once we acknowledge the attribute, we desire to let it go. To utterly and completely forsake it. Much of our expanding awareness is a process of letting go. This level of letting go is an onion peeling process. We have a trait because it helped us in some way. Our anger, control, pride, withdrawal, or denial served to protect us in our youth when we didn’t know what else to do with what was handed to us. We are challenged as we mature to let go of our childish ways and embrace the ways of divine love. This doesn’t mean instant change by any means. It means a desire to sincerely let go of this trait that blocks divine love; because this desire to let go opens the pathways for truth to start building in its place. So the questions arise: Do we truly desire to let go of this attribute? Or does it feel empowering at times? Does it help us “survive”? Does fear keep us holding onto it? Over time as our awareness expands to the nature of divine love, we gain a sincere desire to want to let go of all that hinders this love.
  1. Building Truth: When we acknowledge and desire to let go, we are enabling the Spirit of Truth to mercifully build truth within our soul; the truth about the nature of divine love. Over time, bit by bit, as we embrace the truth instead of the lie, the footholds of these counter mindsets start to loosen. The more thoughts and beliefs we have supporting the lies, the more blinding the lies. The more thoughts and beliefs we have around the truth, the more lucid the truth. So we seek to cultivate truth and not the lie.

He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy. Proverbs 28:13


What follows from this process is very individual and purposeful.

After we’ve gone through this process, these challenging attributes often continue to linger.  To alter these deeply seeded habitual perspectives and responses is the work of the Spirit of Truth within us. We are our Creator’s workmanship. Often these traits linger, because they assist in the building of the truth. They keep us seeking, asking, praying, and going deeper, instead of lounging in the complacency of ignorance. Therefore, above all we are called to trust in his workmanship in us and not our own or what we think should be happening.

A particular “weakness” facilitates a deeper trust in our Source and Center. It empowers us to put our pride aside and possess a sincere humility. It teaches us the faithfulness of divine love in the midst of unfaithfulness. Weaknesses serve our growing awareness. There are many purposes to our lingering imperfections.

Over time as we expand our awareness, the weakness may be no longer needed, thus it’s removed. Regardless of the outcome, our purpose is to expand our awareness. Thus whatever we face is there for our instruction. When we focus on this purpose, we are focused on the light and we grow. If we succumb to self-pity or blame, we are focused on the dark and that stifles our heightening awareness. Our imperfections serve to teach us.

We are learning what a soul governed by a self-directed will, versus a divine all-knowing will manifests. When we face our dark shadows, we begin to see the illusions we constructed. With a self-directed consciousness we make constant erroneous judgments. These create a reality of illusions, which we translate into our truth, our reality, our life. Our harsh judgments about our imperfections make it a thousand times harder. When we look from the perspective that all is for our growth and we aren’t meant to be perfect, then our judgments lessen. Our judgments feed our fear and our fear our judgments. As the fear dissipates in the awareness of a divine love, our imperfections, struggles, hardships, and afflictions begin to serve us according to their intended purpose.

The Spirit of Truth is always present to teach us through everything we face. As we open our ears as a willing student to learn from whatever we may encounter in or outside of ourselves, for one is the reflection of the other, we become prepared for a oneness with our Creator, which is our deliverance and eternal rest. Only our Creator knows when our schooling is complete. As long as we are in our school uniforms, the self-directed consciousness, we are to learn, and our imperfections are part of the curriculum.

As we’re drawn toward the light, our illusions fade and we see all is working for our highest good.