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Prismatic Souls

Prismatic Souls

Of Light Catchers 

(Part 4: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Pure desires possess a magnetic quality that attracts divine love.

In this dynamic fusion, the divine love of our Creator is drawn toward and into our soul and becomes a part of our soul. It’s another step in the journey of becoming a divine human soul.

The Prismatic Soul

Our kaleidoscope soul possesses a prism like quality. Initially our prismatic soul is muddled by erroneous desires. A false self-judging consciousness creates desires contrary to divine love and this manifests a soul that is unable to receive and give the divine light, or divine love of God.

The purifying of our desires, which brings them into alignment with the nature of divine love, creates a crystal clear prism, which possesses a refractive quality. Through this refinement of love-fire, our soul is prepared to receive and reflect the incoming light.

Love is a choice. It’s experienced when it is given and received, both voluntary actions. Thus, for us to experience an inflow of divine love, our souls have to fully desire to receive and give this sacred love. When we hunger and thirst for this love, we go through an intense preparation period that refines and aligns all our desires and longings in accordance to this love. After the dust has settled, we realize we’ve come to soul state of sincerely and utterly desiring with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength the divine love of God.

The Divine Light

God, as the Creator, is always beyond creation. As we express ourselves through the things we create, he expresses himself through his creations. How we experience God, who is always beyond creation, is how he chooses to manifest himself through creation. And for God, who is love, he creates a synergistic expression with and through our soul, an entity created to exude love. In this fusion, he expresses his infinite and limitless love through the innumerable and vast individualized expressions of divine human souls; Jesus Christ is an expression of this divine human soul.

In his essence, God is like a pure white light. His light consists of the harmonious unison of the characteristics of divine love. This pure white light holds limitless potentialities of expressions of divine love, unborn expressions of truth. Through the construction of our prismatic soul, which is able to receive and give his light and manifest these potentials, he is able to express himself in creation, as well as be an intimate and governing part of creation. It’s absolutely beautiful, complete, and perfect. This union is our salvation. Our divine human soul gives his light a venue for expression. And, when we are a part of him (receiving and giving his divine love) is when we truly know him. All the false images fade away and we experience the reality of his love, we love him in return, and we become a conduit of his love to others.

The Manifestation of a Divine Human Soul

Once we’ve come to a consuming desire, our souls are prepared for a synergetic union with his divine consciousness, light, through the law of attraction. Our aligned desires generate a magnetic pull upon the divine love energy of God. A place has been prepared in our soul for his love to find a home within us, because there is no more conflict stemming from contrary desires. Our soul attracts his love, for a dwelling has been made in us in which his divine love can be received, experienced and given, and thus he can be the governing entity of our soul. A match is made in heaven.

As we are pulled by this magnetism through the vortex from this reality of a “dead” soul and into his reality of a “divine” soul, we undergo an incredible transformation, likened to the experience of childbirth. After this incredibly intense transition of our soul that feels like a death and re-birth, His divine love flows into our soul as a pure light. As it unites to our soul, the potentials of divine love manifest through the creative elements of our soul and produce a beautiful array of expressions. A prismatic kaleidoscope divine soul casting a cornucopia of brilliant colors comes forth, a coat of many colors, and God is manifested through his creation. This is why Jesus said, “when you see me, you have seen the Father.” He is a pure prismatic soul reflecting the divine love of God; of which one day we will be too.

In this dynamic, we experience his love as if it was our own. Unlike natural “love” that we currently experience that is generated from our self, divine love flows through us from its Source, God. This channeling effect is how we are able to have divine consciousness, which enables us to give divine love. Divine consciousness (righteousness; which is thinking, speaking and acting in the perfect way for the situation at hand) comes from beyond us and through us, and thus not bound to our limitations. Through this dynamic fusion with our Creator, he is expressed through us and our utmost individuality is expressed.

This rainbow soul exuding divine love from the divine consciousness is the fulfillment of the promise reflected in the story of Noah. This reality isn’t going to end with a flood of bitter waters, but it is to be transformed by a flood of light through our prismatic souls. In this the power of our Creator’s love is experienced and known. And in this metamorphosis all creation is regenerated through immortal harmony created by divine love. And this creates life, everlasting.



Light Catchers

Light Catchers

Of Purified Desires

(Part 3: Exploring the Mysteries of our Reality)


Desires are the progenitors of creation.

The defining attribute of a soul of divinity, one reflecting the likeness of our Creator, is receiving, experiencing and giving divine love. Thus, an essential aspect of a metamorphosis into this divine soul, who exudes this eternal light, is desiring this love.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we can’t love perfectly, or divinely, with our current false self-judging consciousness. However, we can desire this love in our current state. I believe the formulation of this desire is a part of the purpose of our current state; a desire that couldn’t manifest as it needs to without the experience of imperfection.

Pure desires are ones that reflect the characteristics of divine love. They produce a soul condition within us that is a necessary creative element that precedes becoming one with the divine consciousness of our Creator, which gives us the ability to love perfectly. So, though desire may seem like an insignificant aspiration, it’s of infinite value and power. Thus, desire formation and refinement is a pivotal part of our soul’s development.

The Path of a Light Catcher

Personally, possessing an increasing desire to love divinely is coming through many lessons of experiencing my own brokenness, pain and the pain I caused others, while being instructed in the nature of divine love through my conversational prayer life. The conglomeration of these experiences and teachings ignited a desire to sincerely love that grew into a desire to love … perfectly, and this desire continues to expand. It wasn’t one moment, but many moments strung together, because as truth builds, so does the love it reflects.

When our soul sparks with the desire for divine love, then as I’ve stated before, a guiding question to our situations and interactions is what would divine love do or how would I want to be loved? As we continually probe for the answer to these questions, we are schooled by our individualized reflective reality. This creates a fire of refinement that purifies our desires. And it’s our desire for this love that keeps this fire burning until all our desires are aligned to the nature of divine love and we gain a prismatic soul that can catch the light of God.

In response to this inquiry, a still small voice from within that we’ve heard throughout our lives (which we’ve labeled many terms depending on our belief system) begins to impress upon us the nature of divine love. It isn’t that we know exactly how to act, but the motive in which we act becomes refined and purified. Through this instruction, we learn about the characteristics of divine love. And these lessons touch every aspect of our lives because love and truth affects everything.

At times my false self-judging mind creates a deafening static that inhibits my ability to hear this whispering voice, but as its rants are quieted, the voice-like impressions come through. This inquiry into divine love serves as a plummet line into truth that grows ever more refined as we learn the nature of this sacred love.

Characteristics of Divine Love; the Everlasting Light

When the various attributes and their variations of divine love flow in unison, they manifest the singular harmonious vibration of divine love. If one is absent or not present in its fullness then it isn’t divine love.

These characteristics contain many layers, infinite expressions, and truths. Some of its characteristics are it’s always 1. longsuffering 2. kind and gentle 3. humble and confident 4. courageous and with no fear 5. honoring of all 6. constant, consuming, and all-encompassing 7. healing and forgiving 8. giving and nurturing 9. merciful 10. trustworthy, honest, and faithful 11. abundant 12. of divine judgment. It loves perfectly at all times to all entities of creation. It excludes no one or nothing. This love moves through us from its Source. It isn’t self-generated. It is the light of God.

When we are guided by the desire to love, we discover our desires are tainted with a multitude of features contrary to this love. Our desires, intentions, and motivations are teeming with grudges, retribution, resentment, ill-judgment, bitterness, selfish-ambitions, worthlessness, apathy, un-forgiveness, and lack of mercy toward others and ourselves. In certain situations or with certain people, we don’t want to be gentle and kind. We don’t want to honor all, but revel in self-exaltation. We don’t want to be longsuffering, but we want what we want now. We are controlled by fear and control with fear. Our love is fleeting, inconsistent, and temperamental. We inflate our pride to mask our insecurities. We take instead of give. We manipulate and are unfaithful. We hurt others for our benefit. This is where this path gets very difficult. Every jot and tittle of our soul is highlighted in this purification process as we face the likeness of a “dead” soul, one that lacks divine love, head on. And as the light of refinement grows brighter, nothing remains hidden.

As ugly as these traits can become, they are but the cries of our own pains and wounds. So when someone is acting this way to you, know it is his or her pain talking, thus to love them is the answer in a way that honors you, them and others. Everything we experience in this “fabricated-self” serves to teach us. It’s all purposeful.

This love-fire continues to burn until we are left with a consuming desire to always love with all our being; heart, soul, mind and strength all of creation, the instruction of our Teacher. Our lives start to reflect a shadow of this desire, though the ability to divinely love hasn’t manifested. This lack of manifestation can be frustrating, discouraging, and painful especially as our desire to love continues to intensify. The more we learn of this love, the more we desire it. This desire creates an intense hunger and thirst in our soul for the divine consciousness (righteousness) that makes divine love possible.

Though a trying journey, the sighs of divine love keep pushing and carrying me along and encouraging my soul. In this, I find reprieve because its very nature assures me that I will one day bear its likeness, for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. What a beautiful promise.

With a desire to divinely love, our soul embarks upon this refining path that runs immensely deep and incalculably vast. Every iota of our soul becomes aligned in its desires to the nature of divine love. This creates a soul condition that enables us to connect to the divine consciousness and to give of its love. In this oneness, we become expressions of truth, for love is the expression of truth. Truth of who we are, who God is, who others are, how creation functions, what our purpose is, and how we operate. Thus, the most cogent path to truth is through the understanding and growing awareness of divine love, the plummet line into truth. And as we experience an inner change of our desires for all that is pure, beautiful and of divine love, our own soul testifies to us that we are encountering the realm of truth.

In this purity, our soul gains a prismatic quality that can catch the everlasting light, our Creator’s divine consciousness, and we our on our way to becoming Light Catchers.


Perfectly Purposefully Placed

Perfectly Purposefully Placed

To Serve Love’s Purposes


Over these past weeks as I’ve been reflecting on the life of my brother John, his defining gift of unconditional love to me is shining ever brighter in its purpose and meaning. But what I’m also seeing in a new depth is the many degrees and variations of love I’ve learned from others that possess a spectacular beauty of their own.

John’s love flowed as a continuous stream toward me through my most trying times caused by my own harsh judgments of myself. No matter my current condition or phase of life, his love was constant, pure and untainted by my mishaps, and generously poured out without hesitation. This love is a wondrous gift to receive in this reality where we face copious amounts of rejection, disapproval, and ill judgment from others and especially ourselves.

As I more clearly see John’s gift of love, I’m seeing the different gifts of love with everyone in my life. Every person in my life is perfectly purposefully placed to reveal and teach me about divine love in some way, as I am in theirs. The variety of interactions, relationship dynamics, and particular situations all reveal aspects of love. It’s not that we give divine love because that requires a divine consciousness, but the dynamics of the relationships and interactions can teach us about divine love. And the learning sparks the consuming desire for this love, which is part the process to obtaining it. As a result, I’m experiencing a deep gratitude for each person, whatever the nature of our relationship. This understanding has caused the lens in which I view my reality to take on a new dimension. We are all gifts to each other if we have the eyes to see, and often those gifts come in unexpected ways.

This truth extends even and especially to those souls who at one time I would have seen in a hurtful light. In responding to the divine instruction, which is to love, they provide opportunities for me to learn some of the greatest aspects of divine love; mercy, humility, courage, compassion, longsuffering, honor, and forgiveness. And when I respond with the desire to love them, it produces revealing effects about the power of a sincere love, within myself and within them. And these situations also give me the opportunity to pass along what John gave me.

Thus, I’ve found that my learning of divine love is exponentially accelerated when I heed the divine instruction to love as you want to be loved. And not treat others as they treat me, or give them what I think or judge they deserve, or not consider them at all, but to live with the driving intention; to love as I want to be loved. In doing so, I’m learning aspects of divine love I wouldn’t have otherwise.

With this perspective, every person is valuable and purposeful in my life to reveal some dynamic of love to me, as I am to them, for we couldn’t learn the aspects of divine love without each other. And if you, like me, know you’ve given others opportunities to learn forgiveness, mercy, and unconditional love, then we know that even those moments will be used for good in their lives, as well as ours as we learn from our blunders.

It’s from these mishaps, that we witness a particular beauty in the workings of our eternal Father’s love. As a Creator of perfect love, from our lack He creates abundance. For example, when we are forgiven much, we love much. The depth to which we realize our own need to be forgiven and shown mercy enables us to love with a depth we couldn’t otherwise. This is how any “lack” we may have experienced is turned into abundance. Those who have seemingly done a lot to be forgiven of, in their perfect timing, will experience thus possess a kind of love that causes the love they give to be of a distinctive depth and tenderness. It’s like being healed from a great illness and experiencing how grateful you are for your health that you wouldn’t have experienced if you weren’t ill in the first place. As we grow in the awareness that everything, whether we judge good or bad, is used for the good of all, we gain an immense reconciliatory peace with our rocky sojourn through this reality.

Because we are constantly interfacing with each other, our reality presents a continual stream of opportunities to learn of divine love. Therefore, the answer to every question and decision in this creation somehow comes back to love. This understanding is beyond helpful as we try to navigate this reality with all its twists and turns. Love heals, helps and what is needed every time. A decision coming from any other motive creates disharmony is some way, whether we see it or not. So learning about divine love is an essential aspect of our pilgrimage through this reality. For though love may seem straight forward, there is much to learn about it, as I’m discovering. And as we learn of divine love, our choices and decisions become more discernable because the plummet line to guide us, love, becomes refined. We still may not respond exactly right, but with the right intention, we find that beauty is created through grace.

I want to reiterate one very important point that I referred to earlier. Currently constricted to a false self-judging consciousness, we can only learn about and desire this perfect love, but we lack the ability to fully express it. I state this over and over because if we expect to perfectly express the love we feel, our frustrations will overwhelm us. The perfected physical expression is only possible with divine judgment or perfect understanding, which comes from an all-knowing divine consciousness that we one day will all be a part of.

In the meantime, our temporary self-judging consciousness, which we currently possess, that is full of error and prohibits our expressions of love is playing a significant role. It allows us to learn of mercy, compassion, longsuffering and forgiveness, which are all beautiful aspects of divine love that require imperfection to experience. In perfection, of which one day we will be, we can’t learn these things, yet they are essential to divine love thus to knowing God. So, we couldn’t know God without experiencing the imperfections of this realm, because we couldn’t know the nature of his love. Thus, in this simulation that is serving as an educational course in love, we can learn of the perfection of love by experiencing imperfection. Ironic, isn’t it?

In this school for the soul, we call life, we experience progress in our soul development as we learn of divine love. And one day, when the essence of divine love fills this realm by filling our souls, we’ll witness its power to regenerate every soul, thus all of creation into everlasting life, which will teach us a whole host of new beauties of the power of divine love. In the meantime, each person in our reality is perfectly purposefully placed to serve love’s purposes, and we are perfectly placed in theirs. May we all have the eyes to see this inherent beauty and purpose in this temporal yet significant reality.