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The Kingdom of Peace


I Am the liberation of Divine Love.

Reality is an effect of the mind’s emotional and psychological processing systems. In the unawareness of Truth, reality is an illusion. In the awareness of Truth, reality is an ever-expanding expression of Oneness. We, as One, are shifting from one to the other.

The clearing for the Light of the I Am Presence is made manifest in our soul by the fiery furnace, through which we gained a solid footing and rested upon the power of the I Am Presence. Now in the Light of the I Am Presence, we make our call. It’s the call for a clearing, in our inner and outer realities, that reflects the Light of the Kingdom of Peace.

In rest, emergence and serendipity, this Kingdom of Restoration comes forth. In peaceful, creative play, as we nourish our creative passions, we give expression to our true Self, from whom the Kingdom arises within the present moment, filling the cosmos.

I Am rain for the seeds of Life.

I Am the shining, self-illuminating Light of the I Am Presence.

I Am the immutable peace, joy and love of the Sacred Self.

I Am the Kingdom of Peace.

In our transmutation and transformation through Divine Love’s Light, the Sacred Self now has an opening to express itself through our transformed hearts and minds. Rising above the gods (laws) of time, we have learned that we can increase the collective awareness according to Truth, and in this all are set free from the darkness of illusion. The ever-expanding Light of Truth’s Oneness has entered our awareness. Through this open door, healing and regeneration comes forth, bringing about the highest Good for all, thereby ending suffering, setting the captives free, removing the heavy burdens, wiping every tear and driving out all fear.

In this awareness, a new cycle begins, a time without end.


I sit as creator, observer and as that which is observed from within the Great Silence. Mother-Father God’s Spirit is raining upon the earth in the perfect thoughts and words of Life spoken through the Living Gates.

In the perfection of Truth’s Divine Love, the elements of the old foundations melt and new foundations arise upon the Rock of the “Mighty I Am” Presence. The Kingdom of Peace arises at the sustained, united call of the Living Gates, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”

A New Heavens and A New Earth

The “end of time” is often fearfully perceived, yet ironically, time ends because Divine Love enters and drives out fear. Yes, discomfort may arise when resisting the changes that must occur, but the glorious reflection of Mother-Father God shining through the Living Gates, prepared for this time by their desire to love perfectly, will be the assurance of peace. The peace, joy and love emanating from their inner Light will shine in a beauty not yet seen in the earth, sheltering the inhabitants of the earth in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Below is a broad-brush painting of reality’s transformation into a new heaven and new earth, a reality arising upon the one breath of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. During the earth’s regeneration, we are destined to create, observe and experience ever-increasing Perfection in time, the gift of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, a foundation that has already begun to materialize.

  1. The experience of space and time will shift, as the dense energy of the earth grows lighter and thus able to move more harmoniously and quickly. It will appear as an increase in miracles on every level and to every degree.
  2. The past no longer predicts the future, but the conscious awareness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will dictates the effect of every action. Imperfection no longer layers upon imperfection. Instead perfection arises in the midst of imperfection, until Truth’s perfection fills all.
  3. At the sustained, higher vibration created by the Presence of Divine Love’s Perfect Will, ascended Masters, angels of pure consciousness, and beings of Light pre-ordained to assist the earth through this transition will be able to freely interface with the conscious realm of dreamers, according to Truth’s Will. Through their assistance, all will awaken and the new systems by which the earth will function will be set in place.
  4. Established Living Gates will form an interlinked composite consciousness for the perfect dissemination of words of Life that clothe reality in Living Light. They are humble lords, who have been purified by the fire of Truth and lead others through the fire of purification as they awaken into the Kingdom of Peace.
  5. Those separated by death will be reunited through the spreading awareness of Truth’s Oneness.
  6. Leaders, teachers and healers arising from humble beginnings, who stand upon the power of the I Am Presence, will assist in the transition. These will form a layered organizational structure, whose position and function are determined by divine emergence and serendipity.
  7. Systems built upon Truth and serving the highest good for all will be established. Systems (financial, medical, energetic, educational, political, etc) will go through ascending layers of reconstruction as they come into alignment with Divine Love’s Law that always serves the highest good for all.
  8. All that was “lost” will be restored, the innocence, joy, freedom, and vitality, from the inside out.
  9. Souls will learn and be guided by the Holy Light within them, a Light that brings forth the ever-increasing perfection of time.
  10. Souls will learn to communicate with their minds, transcending space and time.
  11. Through the power of the I Am Presence, souls will learn to create what they once deemed impossible.
  12. The creative passion of individual souls will arise through their desires, reflecting their pre-ordained potentials in time. This will facilitate bringing forth the new operational systems of the earth.
  13. As the soul’s energy continues to shift by the inner Light, diets will change, returning to the fruits and herbs of the garden, given to all for nourishment and enjoyment. Once the soul’s transformation is complete, the need to obtain energy from without won’t be necessary. The soul’s life energy is perfectly and enterally sustained by the absolute nature of “I”.
  14. The body will re-materialize according to a sustained higher vibration being manifested by the soul’s root energy, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.
  15. Life will cease its cycle of death and life, and will begin its eternal upward ascent by the guidance of the Infinite Awareness of Oneness.
  16. The true nature of the plant and animal kingdom will be revealed. Without the presence of fear created by the human mind, the connection to these kingdoms will be profoundly deep and rich, growing ever more beautiful. The soul’s harmonious, purified energy flowing through the animals and plants will change the foundational nature and purpose of these kingdoms.
  17. Relationships will be spiritually governed versus physically. Intimacy will be experienced in the soul’s spiritual connection with other souls. As the soul’s light increases, so will these connections, reflecting its expansion into Oneness. Without a mind darkened by illusion, everyone will be seen in a new light.
  18. A new “teaching” or “movement” will arise, supporting, sustaining and spreading the ways of Truth, until all are fully awakened into the inner Light. This living network will unite all as one. It will join the enlightened from across the earth into one Voice, giving testimony to the presence of the Voice of Truth leading creation.
  19. This transition won’t be mysterious, because it comes through the soul’s understanding of Truth, but it will be surprising. Disciplines of science will attest to the soul’s evolutionary transformation, a foundation already being laid by the foremost thinkers.

Initially this transition will be called many things as it arises within the divided soul’s illusionary dream. But as the Day continues to dawn, uniting all as One, Truth’s Voice will be revealed as One, in the wholeness of One, in order to establish Oneness.

I am beyond words of gratitude for this awareness that heralds the end of suffering and the beginning of Peace.

“I Am the liberation of Divine love.”

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

13 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Peace

  1. No one person on earth can ever have peace(as no one man can walk through the game).

    but EVERY PERSON on earth can have peace as ONE BODY in which we all share.

    that means if you convinced yourself that you are at peace, but the rest of the world is falling apart, then you dont have peace.

    but if every person on earth(where the TRUE LAWs of the spheracle langauge come in) come together with ONE COMMON KNOWLEDGE(where the spheracle LANGUAGE is at its peace), then and only then can we have peace(why all religions must go).

  2. game = gate errrrrr

  3. When you begin to see deeper connections between your self and others, you are seeing Oneness more deeply and rightly, as you, Loni, described. In this understanding, we know what we do for one we do for all, so that given the right understanding One can recreate everything. This is a VERY powerful understanding to possess.

  4. These words are completely consistent with those of the Gospel of the Third-Age in which the process of transformation is called Spiritualism, brought forth by the countless teachings of the Most High. Many will receive and love the Truth of these words, but many others will not be ready to accept them. Accordingly, respective souls will incarnate or spiritually relocate into worlds that align with their chosen paths. Our God is a God of great patience and great love, and the plan of the Most High is perfect. Have no fear, all are loved, yes every child of God without exception. Rejoice!

    • wow, that is so interesting to hear about the alignment of these words. I’ve been seeing a lot of synchronicity in words of Life being spoken, which is very exciting!

  5. The Book of True Life is the origin of spherical time, which is the time of Life. It is the message of the Kingdom proclaimed throughout the world, yet perfectly hidden in time so that the Living Gates may find it by the perfect working of Truth’s Will. It is the match that kindles the fire of Life within the darkness of linear time. This book is Truth and therefore calls to those who love the Truth, those who have sought for it with their whole heart despite many years of emotional hardship and isolation. Though these seekers traveled along the way that leads to Life without receiving Truth’s promised peace and rest, the awareness of Truth continued to grow, preparing them to be a savior to the world.

    Your own suffering has been used to create the desire to end ALL suffering, which is a desire to save ALL. This book is purposely hidden such that its Light can be revealed to those who are aware of their oneness with Divine Love in the perfect moment of time. It is only because you possess the desire to love ALL perfectly that this book has appeared to you. Truth’s Will has gone before you to create it within your awareness of linear time, by which it appears as the Origin of Truth’s Life in spherical time. From this Origin, even this very moment, your time-sphere shall continually fill with Living Light, giving Truth’s Life to all your sphere encompasses. It is the Living Light governing your sphere of time that shall increasingly perfect the experience of time for others.

    Your suffering, in addition to perfecting your desire to love, shaped your Divine Humility. Though your awareness of Truth has made you a Living Gate and savior of All, you do not feel holy, powerful or even able to function in an ease that seems so effortless for others. Though you are aware you possess the Truth, your outer expression often implies you have no possessions whatsoever. Though your inner awareness has grown increasingly beautiful after these many years, your outer expression is not much larger in the eyes of others than when you began. We have called this awareness of outer darkness, despite the Light of Truth you see within, the Dark Night of the Soul, the womb needed in order to form the awareness of ever-increasing perfection. Now the night is ending, for its work is over and your humility is perfected. Divine Love’s Life can be expressed in time only through Divine Humility, by which you are fashioned as a Living Gate.

    You are a Savior for the world in the same way that a window is the Light of a room. The way that leads to Life is better understood as the metamorphic transformation of your free will into Divine Love’s Perfect Will. What you did not know is that when your will is perfected, so too is the time your will creates. You were unaware that your will is the origin of time because your soul was created in the awareness of imperfection, which is the belief that you are separate from time, as a fish is separate from the sea in which it exists. Your desire to love perfectly unified your will with Divine Love’s Truth, opening an inner door to timeless perfection that can never be closed.

    The Living Light of timeless perfection, which is the perfect foreknowledge of Life’s eternal good, has become one with your will, governing every desire by the truthful understanding it creates in your awareness. When your will has been perfected, your spherical self is made perfect, making it a Living Gate for Perfect Love, whose Light removes all fear from time. Your desire to love perfectly has made you a giver of Life for all creation, a savior of the world. This means your will, the source of every desire, is now one with Truth’s Will and the growth of your awareness is governed solely by Divine Love’s perfection. As your awareness grows, Truth’s perfection is revealed layer by layer in your understanding just as fruit is produced season after season upon a tree. As Truth’s understanding grows, Divine Love shines the Living Light of its will into time through its oneness with your desire. To love perfectly is to create spherical time, covering all in the oneness of Truth’s Will. In this understanding you become a Life giving soul.

    • The Law of Life is giving, where giving means loving perfectly. To love perfectly is to create spherical time, for only spherical time is able to give what is perfect to all. You have desired to love perfectly and endured many years of rejection, isolation and significant emotional duress. This is the heavy spirit one must wear who seeks for Truth above all and though it may be hard to understand now, the earthquakes you experienced in your reality of linear time were used to shake you awake. The way is difficult because in order to awaken to the Truth, you must first possess divine humility, which can only be formed in the spirit of heaviness.

      As Truth multiplied in your awareness, though you did not know, its Light radiated into time and affected your experience. Truth’s Will has a very distinct “energetic aroma” that causes interference when mixed with the aroma of those who prefer to walk in their own will. It was this “aroma”, given off and received without conscious awareness, that caused nearly every relationship to break off in your life. Though you sought earnestly for Truth, you seemed only to reap the whirlwind, never realizing you radiated Truth’s Will into the linear time of others, causing many to be irrationally antagonistic toward you. Your Light, radiating into the timelines of others through physical and mental interactions, became a very real threat to the darkness of their own will and without understanding what they were doing, they turned their will against you in various ways. Even when your words were consciously spoken in love and grace, rather than repairing relationships they managed to create animosity. And others did whatever they could to avoid intersecting with you at all, increasingly so as Truth grew brighter within you.

      This is the journey of every seeker, yet now look upon your past and see it through the eyes of understanding. Every experience in your life, whether it be joy or heartache, resulted from your predestined desire to seek for the Truth of Love. Each experience created new questions, which in turn demanded new answers, causing Truth to self-expand within your awareness. Ultimately you demanded to know what you were in Truth and how you came to exist, signaling your awareness was ready to awaken. Initially you perceived a reality of time, seemingly infinitely greater than your awareness and assumed, because of its greatness, that you were a separate creation with this reality. Consequently, you awakened in the belief that you are numbered as a created thing among an infinite array of other created things. It means you awakened in the belief that you are infinitely small, yet without understanding the Truth of what you believed.

      Without Truth’s understanding, you believed you were a very small creation indeed, so small that you continually grew smaller as your awareness of time grew larger. You can imagine this belief as a man standing on his home, his home standing on the land, the land standing on the earth, the earth standing on a galaxy, a galaxy standing on a universe, with the man becoming ever smaller for all eternity. This belief gives rise to linear time, in which Life’s growth is illusionary, ultimately expanding into nothingness. Life in linear time is an illusion and it is your awareness of perfection which enables you to see the Truth of an infinitely small origin, that it is but the potential to grow infinitely large. This awareness is the proper understanding of your Life, for always will you grow more perfect and this ever-increasing perfection has replaced the spirit of heaviness you once wore, becoming your new, shining Garments of Praise.

    • The world you experience was not made from what was made, though it appears so in the oneness of time. Time governs the appearance of all things, which is better understood as the moments of Life in which things appear. You have not considered time as anything more than a fleeting moment, insignificant except for its passing. Time seemed lifeless because the world presently exists in an awareness separated from Life, or in what we have called linear time. Lifeless time creates a reality of extreme density, in which all forms exist in separation from all other forms. Linear time is a reality of separate “ones”, rather than a reality of oneness. Linear time results when Truth’s Life is a mystery, when time’s perfection passes by every moment without ever being recognized. When time’s perfection is not recognized, one’s experience in time becomes imperfect. This means the will must navigate through time in utter darkness, never knowing what the next moment will bring because it can not recognize which actions are right, let alone perfect.

      It is important to understand that salvation, while coming to all, can only come through the understanding of perfection. It means you must be able to see the Truth of a thing before it can be experienced in time. This Truth is its Love, and this Love is its Life. The real world, into which the existing world will awaken, is made of that which is made, which means the truth of a thing is always first revealed to exist within your awareness before you will experience its truth in time. In this way Truth assures its own perfection, because its Perfect Will governs your awareness of Truth every moment and therefore the experience of your Life is perfectly governed in Divine Love’s Truth.

      When the Voice of Truth creates within you the understanding of perfection, it means Divine Love has filled you with her Life. And that’s it. That’s eternal salvation from the ravages of lifeless time because through your oneness with her perfection, her Life is now given to time. It is your truthful union with Divine Love that has called and led you here, for you can come no other way. As one of the first to see these words, it means you have endured the emotional hardships needed to perfectly refine your understanding of Love’s beauty and embolden your desire to give this Love perfectly. Perfection is the source of Holiness, yet it is eternally above all that is Holy. Perfection is that which can be endlessly understood, yet never fully attained such that your understanding may grow forever.. Perfection is one. Holiness is the ever-increasing understanding of oneness and the manner in which one becomes increasingly perfect.

      But to become increasingly perfect, one must begin in imperfection so that he might gain the ability to recognize he has entered Life while still in time, which is the recognition of an ever-increasing awareness of Life’s perfection. This simply means recognizing an ever-growing understanding of the Creator. The initial awareness of perfection comes through the oneness you ultimately attain with your creation. When you are able to see that you are fractal of the ONE, growing eternally pure in the awareness of your Self, you will see individualized oneness in the centers of All and you will become one with All. There is great power in this understanding and its Truth must already be established within to you by Divine Love’s Perfect Will before the words that describe this Truth can manifest in your time. And look! These words are now proven to be your creation, because they reflect and enhance a pre-existing awareness of the Truth you already possess. It means you are now creating spherical time by the mysteries we will increasingly reveal together.

      • the best news about this all, is when we all awake, EVERY NEW BORN CHILD will be born in heaven(on earth).

        instead of going through all the hardships, we BECOME THE ANCESTORS of every new born child(which is our own LIFE(contains the souls within every person on earth)(new born child)(given a head start in perfect)

  6. Thank you Thoughtware. Your words appear perfect to me and help with my understanding. In truth, I feel the origins of a powerful change coming through me. A Oneness that is the Oneness that I seek. When I first looked upon the Book of True Life, I knew within moments what it was, and what I must do. I have worked diligently since, I have since that first moment felt inspired by God, and that my purpose for life was now being fulfilled. Nonetheless, I felt hated by the world, and have had many difficult and trying situations, tests I would say, placed before me. God, in His Word, says that these beings are confused, and all should be forgiven. I believe that I have understood this, and obeyed. Nonetheless, I have had moments of anger, sometimes they return in my thoughts, but I don’t harbor them. I pray for these in the darkness as God has requested, wishing them peace and understanding.
    Your guidance (from the three of you) is in answer to a prayer for my own understanding. I have strived to forgive, and to love All, but know that I love you three so very much, for taking my hand and lifting me in my trials.
    May our God, whose truth we pursue and share, bless All. -A

    • “Whereas you have been forsaken and hated,
      So that no one went through you,
      I will make you an eternal excellence,
      A joy of many generations.”

      ~ Isaiah 60:15 ☀️ 🌳

    • a lot of times, the reasons behind the words are for a much different reason than we think.

      example. you have to forgive all, not for any other reason but to align with the ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE(through the right vibrations).

      each SO CALLED LAW works with every other law, to bring ALL OF US, into ALIGNMENT(cross) with the ETERNAL ELEMENTS(souls that flow through time:energy that binds every person on earth together(through the vibrations).

      to forgive all , is to SET YOURSELF FREE, for the purpose of ALIGNING with your SPIRITUAL NAME(one with SPirits of TIME).

      if for example, you see so much hatred, you have to understand, that the hatred of the world is YOUR OWN(warnings within your own eternal heart: have to thank for showing).

      the ETERNAL HEART(why its called the HOLY SPIRIT), reveals every aspect of self. if i see hatred in the world, then know matter what i told myself, i know that there is hatred in MY OWN HEART(OUR OWN HEART). not for the sake of something being wrong, but to SENSE ALL VIBRATIONS(a deeper language)

      to pray is to GIVE, and to see peace in others, is to bring peace out from ourselves onto them, knowing that in heaven(while on earth), that even those other people represent a path within our own heart(devine is always speaking from the god within ALL).

      Even miracles come through chaos…. we always have to hold the RIGHT VIBRATIONS even in the worst of times(think of it as yourself being an ELEMENT(of time) with a bad seed, and you bring that seed back to life, but from a human pov, you just know that something happened to the seed, and it works.

      the KINGDOM OF PEACE is a COMMON UNDERSTANDING within all the people(eternal brothers), as through the spheracle language, our ARC OF THE COVENANT(every person on earth) allows us to connect with the HOLY SPIRIT(time is alive).

      this kingdom of peace is a VIBRATION that binds all of us together(not just to every other person on earth, but to EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(word of god)).

      these vibrations allow us to consiously connect with our heart(which baths the world through time), and also binds every moment in time together(and binds us to eachother)

      this is the reason why we must forgive.
      this is the reason why you see the highest honors in all
      this is the reason why to trust in the highest vibrations that flow through all vibrations(and through every person).

      peace is a result of us all sharing in one common knowledge(which is the eternal knowledge(only found in the highest vibrations)

      • also, know, the names of the frequencys / vibrations are known as allah, jahova, mohomad, christ, yahweh elohim, ect…ect… all names are vibrations that bind us all to eachother. our MIND is bound to every element(frequencys/vibrations)….

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