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Resting Into Oneness


I Am God, as I Am, so it is.

Be still and know I Am God. There is no other. I fill all in all. I Am the Source of all.

Know yourself as one with the one “I”, for in truth you are one. It was only an illusion of your mind that caused you to believe you were separate. “I” is the essence of all. It’s the essential life-energy of your Name that gives it movement in time.

There is a sacred Rest that carries you into the dimension of Oneness, the experience of eternal Life. This rest manifests the power of God within your being, giving it the expression of eternal Life. It is a rest in the power of your true I Am Name, given to you by the Creator before time began.

This rest is ceasing from your works as God did from his, for you are made in his Likeness. It’s ceasing from striving through your willpower to obtain the embrace of Divine Love. It’s stopping and being in her embrace, that is ever-present.

This rest aligns you fully to the perfect power of your true I Am that brings forth your inherent perfection. Through this perfect power your perfection materializes through your I Am Name, because you no longer attach imperfection to what is perfect in Oneness, the holy, I Am Presence. In this power, you are set free.

It is rest from striving to obtain what you think you don’t possess from outside of you, to settling into the knowing you possess all things through the power of your I Am Name. It’s a deep letting go of all the old ways of being, where you thought you were separate, alone and limited by outer appearances. In this sacred rest in which you awaken to the oneness and power of your true I Am Name, you find within you dwells the open gate of everything you will ever need or desire, because “I” is the Source of all you energetically experience.

It’s a rest without end. It begins in the midst of the final trial brought upon the earth to purify it from the illusion it once clung to in its unawareness of Truth’s Life. This rest is possible because of your living Faith, that enabled you to rest upon the power of your I Am Name in the middle of the whirlwind, which is the galactic push that moves the collective soul out of the illusion’s gravitational deception into the Truth of Oneness.

By resting in a sacred stillness in the face of your fears, you were severed from the energetic pulse of Linear time. It’s a rest so deep it pervades every aspect of your being and life bringing a sacred stillness that severs you from downward descent of linear time and brings forth your eternal ascension into spherical time.

As you give yourself to this sacred rest, laying down your weapons of fear, the divine love moving through this rest in perfect power will drive out all fear, for they are but shadow of illusion in your mind, regardless of how real they appear and feel to your physical body, which is currently one with the illusion. Illusions seem real. This seeming realness is the illusion’s power, its only power. But also why it is undone by the ever-expanding Truth within your awareness.

In this rest, you consciously don’t response to the illusions you see and feel, but keep your inner and outer eye singular, so that it is focused on Truth’s Light that is expanding within your awareness. In this act of living faith, the power of your I Am shines forth. In this awareness, the fight against time, against your self is over.

Now, you arise upon the wings of a new power, a perfect power. The rising energy within you, through your I Am Name, is so powerful and beautiful. It will draw to you all that you require, ultimately restoring all, doubling it, even to a hundredfold.

You found the perfect power to rest your will upon. It is the heart of Truth’s Perfect Divine Love. And now this perfect power flows through your open heart gate and into time, as living waters upon the earth, awakening the heavens and the earth into the next Age.

The New Day dawns.

You’ve sought, diligently to enter this rest, where the power of God is perfected in you, because you are absolutely one with it in your awareness of Truth’s Oneness. You are an eternally growing tree of Life. In you lives the Victory of Eternal Life. As One in your awareness with Truth, you begin your eternal expansion in Truth’s Light where there are no shadows or darkness to avail you, only ever-increasing Light of Divine Love driving out all fear. You accomplished your purpose in the shadowlands, the maze of time, and now upon the wings of grace you are carried into the dimension of Oneness. It’s the beginning a new age, the eternal Day.

You are an individual in Oneness, formed by the Voice of Truth.

The journey of enlightenment in which you received divine revelation from the realm of Truth’s Timelessness, brought you to this rest. And though you initially enter it with trembling as you let go and rest in the divine trust in the midst of the storm, it is the power to calm the storm. It is the power to spread the refining fire of the Holy Flame of the Mighty I Am to consume and purify the earth inside and out, tongue and deed.

This rest is foundational to the new Age that is upon us, that has begun to dawn in the eyes of those looking within to Truth’s ever-increasing Light. It is turning the world inside out and right side up, so Truth become the plummet line and no longer the illusions of individual sleeping minds.

Hand-n-hand with the ascended masters, you sit at the gate of Oneness, beholding the glory or the sphere of immutable peace. In this sacred rest, the Living Gates’ conscious awareness of Truth is unified as one, bringing forth the governance of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will within the minds of humankind. It’s the great Rest of the Living Gates that manifests the Great Reset of the Cosmos, in which Truth reigns through their Words of Life, flowing like living waters throughout the universes.

Stop striving, Little One, who is the reflection of a thousand suns. Rest and let My power flow through you in divine emergence and serendipity, bringing forth the garden of Eden. You are perfect in your generation.

Rest awhile and gaze upon the eternal Day breaking forth, manifesting Truth’s happiness and joy. Rest as an open gate to Oneness and oneness is what you experience.

Isaiah 30:15

For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:

“In returning and rest you shall be saved;
In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

9 thoughts on “Resting Into Oneness

  1. I begin to feel that the earth is foreign to me, I begin to feel enlarged and pure, and one with All. I don’t miss it, I seek oneness. Nonetheless I have promised the Most High that I would succeed in my mission which will serve greatly to pave the paths of the sleeping, to shake and awaken them. I will succeed because I can not, I must not fail. I give myself gladly to the service of our God as He has commanded. With my love to All. Truth will be there, waiting patiently.

    • Succeed you will, my friend! We’re counting on you! ☀️🌳

    • You shine a beautiful heart Andrew.

      I found as you pour your heart and all your being into your deepest desire for wholeness and Oneness to be revealed in the earth, the the fullness of your true Name is revealed to you, layer by layer. In the awareness of your true name, you are alive, for you know your origin.

      The perfection of your purpose comes as you rest in the Perfect Power that is working through your true Name to bring it forth. It is not a rest from activity, but a rest in being who you truly are that makes what you do, the expression of perfect love.

  2. For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:

    “In returning and rest you shall be saved;
    In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

    for thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Isreal
    this line refers to a large group of people(as eternal brothers)(spheracle). again, GOD refers to all the things that Every Individual has that is the same with all other individuals.
    LORD refers to the HIGHEST HONORS(of one spirit that is in every person on earth) in which we see(give) onto eachother(hense one god).

    Holy One of Isreal: People dont know that Isreal is not a location on a map. instead, just like christ, it refers to part of a LAW(hense name)…

    HOLY ONE OF refers to a SOUL(that is in all the people).
    just like christ is part of whom we are and all other souls, so does the HOLY ONE be brought out of EVERYONE as the HOLY ONE(A SOUL) reins onto earth..

    In returning and rest you shall be saved;
    In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”
    a lot of times, people respond to the first thought that comes to mind. for me, i get the FULL RANGE. so if i did that, i would drive myself crazy. i have to filter out the low vibrations with the high vibrations. by doing that, we CALM THE MIND(so to speak). this lower vibrations response fades away, and you can listen to the MORE FINE VIBRATIONs. (the voice within the quietness).

    • This was one of my mom’s favorite verses. There is so much depth of Truth that is reflected in these words … so thank you for sharing your reflections and the beautiful instruction to focus on the higher vibrations echoing the Truth within, for what we focus on expands.

  3. Before you can understand how you create, keep in mind two prior foundations. First, there are no physical forms, there is only a plasmatic reflection of light which can be navigated as a physical world. You navigate this world from a center of awareness, which is your true essence. Second, time is the mechanism of law by which the experience of light’s plasma is realized. You, as a center of awareness, are also the source of your awareness, but only in the sense that a window is the source of a room’s natural light. As a Living Gate, you are like a window to the timeless realm of Truth’s Perfection because your journey has opened your awareness, creating oneness with Truth’s Life.

    We desire that you understand your Self as it is in Truth, for then you can become the Truth you understand. Again, we reiterate, there is no mystery in Truth and this means deception can not exist because Truth’s understanding can not be fabricated by the human mind, but rather flows into it from the timeless realm. When you know the Truth, it is because you already possess its Life, for Truth’s understanding can only be recognized in the Light of its Life.

    What then does it mean, to inherit all things? You can imagine it to mean you’ve become one with the Fullness of Truth, formed as an individualized awareness within the oneness of its infinite awareness. You are a newly awakened, beginning awareness and Divine Love can be imagined as infinite awareness, your perfected eternal end. Divine Love’s awareness now governs your Life because her perfect understanding governs the cause and effect of time in your finite awareness. She perfectly expands your awareness of Truth by using time to reflect your ever-increasing understanding of its perfection.

    Divine Love now governs your awareness in time and in doing so your will is made perfect. And we, the two made one, are able to give her creative power to the Living Gates, by which they create perfect time for All. It is the miracle of Light creation. It is the birth of Living Light flowing from you, the as yet unrevealed Living Gates which shall cover All in a reality governed by Divine Love’s Grace. Grace is the ability to transform perceived imperfection into an ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s perfection. Divine Love, in oneness with Truth’s Will, gives birth to Divine Grace in time, the singular source that creates the ever-increasing experience of time’s perfection. And so it is, by Grace you are saved, for in her oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, she is able to perfectly orchestrate the ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Life in time through the preordained network of Living Gates.

    We are not at liberty to speak more about the revelation of Divine Grace, for her Truth has a single source in time and we are not this source. But we can speak about the specific manner in which time has changed and how you received a perfected replica of free will. The replica differs from free will in that the set of potential choices available to you in time are now limited, having been pre-approved, so to speak, from a larger set of potential choices. You have a replica of free will because you can not perceive your will is constrained, however the options available to you are now pre-selected, ensuring any one you choose ultimately leads to an increasing awareness of Love’s perfection. Time is the continuity of cause and effect, which if intentionally constrained by perfect foreknowledge, ensures one remains on the eternal path into Truth’s ever-increasing perfection. This is true freedom, a freedom that covers all in Truth’s Life.

    • After a long moonlight odyssey, our window is open. And now we sit upon the horizon of a New Moon, one that reflects the True Light. These words you shared testify to your open window. There is a Light in them that gives off a completely different radiance than those found upon the earth. Their Light carries Life in them, awakening souls to their True Story, thus giving that story Life. The story we have remembered is starting to come off the pages and out of our mind and into time. In this, the Light of Truth’s Will within transposes the outer reflection into ever-expanding perfection.

      This “miracle of Light” has been revealed as our story. It’s the most incredible reflection of the perfection of Truth’s Life.

      ❤️I’ve never see “Grace” in such a beautiful Light as I did today in your words.

      What an incredible remembrance of Truth you shared Today that takes “Resting into Oneness” into a greater Light. Thank you, for this has been our journey, one in which you take me higher than I could have gone my self, a height beyond the imagination of man.

    • To create spherical time means the ability to love perfectly. Yet, this ability manifests only through oneness with Divine Love’s Will, whose perfection is made one with your awareness. Perfect Love is best imagined as an infinitely complex, harmonic energy matrix expressed in time as the ongoing reflection of ever-increasing beauty. Now, take this imagined awareness of Love’s perfection and make it but a single pixel of information upon an infinite expanse. It means that all you currently understand Divine Love to be, despite all its imagined beauty and perfection, is always infinitely small in relation to what can be understood. Your awareness of Love is like the eternal beginning of perfection’s beauty, by which your experience in time is one of ever-increasing perfection. In perfect time your experience of Life, no matter how great its present joy, continually smiles upon you, eternally bearing witness that “the best is yet to come.”

      And for us, we are already overwhelmed to the point of many tears for the beauty we see in those who have come to the awareness of who they are and how they create. Our experience in death’s realm was needed, though we still feel the sting of its darkness. But the pain is ending, for salvation has been given to the world through Divine Grace. Divine Grace is the Law of Life revealed in the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, by which free will can be removed without violating its law of time. We are saved by Grace in the same way that a lamp is saved from darkness by plugging it into a powersource and turning it on.

      The time created in the awareness of Truth’s Light is enlivened with Truth’s Will and is like the shining of energetic plasma which permeates the time of all. The Living Gates are preordained and perfectly ordered in time by Divine Grace, whose law of Life declares that Truth’s Will be done in time and no longer free will. The combined awareness of the Living Gates covers all in a singular time-sphere governed by the higher laws of Truth’s Will, usurping and removing the presumed authority of free will for those still creating chaos in the darkness of linear time.

      Let us understand the Truth of these things. Imagine time is created as follows: One first contemplates what he believes to be true, creating the focused energy of “attention”. This energy radiates out from its source in what can be imagined as a plasmatic sphere of time in which all that is believed to be true manifests into experience, sometimes in your world, but most often in the world of others. Time is created by the radiation of “attention”, created by the will through an energetic blending of all that is believed to be true. Free will creates “attention energy” that lacks the Light of Truth’s understanding and therefore its experience in time is full of illusion, creating a reality of outer darkness.

      The free will can not perceive it exists in darkness since the time it creates always reflects that which it believes is true. Free will, by its very nature, always believes it experiences a truthful reality. If one’s free will consistently focuses its attention on protecting itself from the illusions of pain, loss and weakness, these illusions will nevertheless be experienced because they are believed true, else no protection would be needed. Illusions are believed to be true when they are first witnessed in the experiences of others. Without the awareness of Life, the moments of time experienced by others become the truth that free will accepts, regardless of whether it contradicts that which is presently believed. For this reason death can not be escaped in free will’s linear time, for when one dies, death becomes true and all will likewise die.

      Every soul is an individualized expression of will, that when separated from Truth corrupts the experience of time for all. What a single soul believes to be true is nevertheless witnessed by all in the oneness of time and accepted as truth by all. In unawareness of the Origin of Life, there is no understanding that the soul creates its own individualized sphere of time by the attention given to its beliefs. In fact, time is hardly noticed except as a witness to the potentials that may manifest in the future. In the darkness of free will it is not possible to recognize that only what is accepted as truth can enter one’s individual sphere of time. Therefore, what others believe is true, no matter how great a lie it may be, when experienced in time presents itself as truth to all. In the darkness of free will, time is the accepted witness to the light of truth. And here we see the means of salvation, for in the understanding that time is already an accepted witness to truth, the Living Gates will save all by using time to create a true and faithful witness.

  4. These words are so masterfully written.

    Now beautifully and perfectly expressed … “Time is created by the radiation of “attention”, created by the will through an energetic blending of all that is believed to be true. Free will creates “attention energy” that lacks the Light of Truth’s understanding and therefore its experience in time is full of illusion, creating a reality of outer darkness.”

    As our attention is on the light according Truth’s Will … Divine Love is expressed in time.

    And your description of perfect love .. “Perfect Love is best imagined as an infinitely complex, harmonic energy matrix expressed in time as the ongoing reflection of ever-increasing beauty.”

    … was again expressed with such a precision and beauty that the thought form it paints is incredible.


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