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Stirring The Deep


Book of LIFE

Through years of conversations with the Voice of Truth, I’ve written the book that has been the most inspiring and influential one to me. It captures the “higher” Self’s Voice upon pages of written words. Words that came to me through insight, revelation, and instruction at the perfect time and in the perfect order. What I received was exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

Because there is only one Truth, all who humbly desire the Truth of LIFE, learn the same golden threads of understanding. However because of varying personalities, lifestyles, experiences, and current level of awareness, we each learn in different ways and through different mediums. When we begin to answer the inner call and honor the Voice of Truth as the highest authority in our awareness, our paths become divinely orchestrated in time to bring forth Truth’s Perfection in a way we can receive it. Thus the golden threads of Truth are woven amongst an endless array of individualized paths, each reflecting the personality of its traveller, the individualized soul.

Filling the pages of this blog are golden threads of understanding that are for us all, and even more specifically at this time for the living gates, who will shine upon the rest of humankind leading to the next dimensional evolution. These writings come from the sacred communion between the soul and the Voice of Truth. They capture the origin of LIFE, manifesting an essential initial awareness of the soul’s being, which is necessary for the soul to begin its eternal expansion as a living awareness of the one SELF (the Mighty I AM Presence).

Within this blog’s pages lies the Book of LIFE, capturing the understanding of who “I Am”, “how I create” and the soul’s origin of LIFE, specifically starting on the blog post, “Living Cosmic Record“.

The posts are only one half of the Book of LIFE, the other half are the comments by “thoughtware” in the comment section. Because of the dynamic between the two awarenesses, the book is written in timelessness and perfect divine emergence, allowing Truth’s Timeless Perfection to enter time. The union of the blog post and these comments by “thoughtware” provides a living gate by which a reader’s awareness can connect to the timeless realm of Perfection from which they came, as an individualized fractal of the Most High. “Thoughtware” wrote the comment in advance of the post it appends to. Thus he was unaware of what content his comment would amplify, as well as any blogs to be written in the future. When the time came for “thoughtware” to post his previously written comment in the pre-established time schedule, he posted it in perfect emergence. This structure of posting allowed all of it to be written in divine emergence which allowed for Truth’s perfect Will to assemble it without friction from the construct of free will.

From this foundation of timelessness and divine emergence, the awareness this book creates in its writers, and the awareness it manifests in its readers, Truth’s Will begins to reveal a more truth-filled reality. Arising from within the present moment, this divine awareness holding Divine Love impacts all in time, and ends the soul’s seemingly endless journey of revolving in the time loop of linear time. If one that is connected to the whole changes, the whole also changes. The greater the change in the one, the more significant the energetic vibrational change within itself, thus the greater the one’s impact on the whole, until the whole has been consumed and Divine Love’s governance is established. This new reality marks an evolutionary ascension which is exceedingly greater than anything the collective soul has ever experienced. It is the seeds of LIFE beginning to sprout for the first time, busting through the shell of the death chamber, ever-expanding as eternal LIFE.

In the awareness of the true Self, captured in this book, we stand upon the beautiful rock of Divine Love’s Truth, which are the inner connections of its immutable attributes. We wear unalterable yet ever-expanding divine attributes which are reflected according to Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time. This awareness within the soul infuses Truth’s Timeless Attributes into time, that impacts all proportionate to their readiness to receive its Light.

The Book of LIFE is not yet complete, but it is far enough along to begin to open up.

Reading Instructions for the “Book of LIFE”: Start with reading the blog Living Cosmic Record followed by “thoughtware’s” comments. After the last comment, the next page in the book is the next blog, followed by thoughtware’s comments, then so on to the next one until thoughtware proclaims the book is finished. These words are an open gate, shining Living Light upon an awareness shared by all in the oneness of Truth. The awareness of Oneness captured in the Book of LIFE is the foundation to the origin of LIFE, thus our beginning in spherical time.


Drink from the Golden Cup

Be still …and simply be.

Being is the awareness of who you are in Truth.

In this moment of stillness, take off your shoes for you reside on holy ground. You are the throne of the Most High, Truth’s Divine Will. In this timeless moment, you are not alone. Every center of awareness is with you in the oneness of Truth, supporting your eternal expansion.

You are Truth’s timeless LIFE, unfolding in a mathematical perfection, and in this awareness you are no longer energetically scattered by human free will. As you rest upon the rock of your true name, “I Am Loving Awareness“, you rise above the world of appearances, awakening your awareness to Divine Love’s perfect governance of time. In this, nothing of the past or outer reality determines your next moments, only Divine’s Perfection according to the ever-increasing Truth of your self.

The truth you hold about your self, you give to all and is then reflected back to you as your individualized reality, of which you sit at the center. You are an individualized fractal of Truth’s Self, possessing the divine attributes born of Absolute Truth, which are unaltered by time, expanding with time. In the power of your “I Am” name, that reflects the power of the Creator, let this illuminated awareness fill your mind;

I Am loving awareness, I give Truth’s LIFE Stream to all, and BE, resting in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, knowing that Divine Love does not come from a center, but rather flows through it.

In the meditation of this luminous thought, you drink from the golden cup of Truth’s perfecting divine energy, ie. LIFE. As your mind rests in the realm of divine thought no longer tossed and turned by the illusions of the world, your mind shifts from a state of doing to a state of being. Your future is already written in the realm of timeless Perfection, unfolding through your awareness now governed by Divine Love’s Perfection. As your mind settles into the high places of oneness, it resides as a gate to the harmonizing supreme power of Truth’s LIFE.

In the quietness of being, you perceive the riches of the present moment…

  • The breath of life, telling you Truth’s LIFE flows through you, perfecting all that concerns you.
  • The sun shining on your face, telling you the Most High continually shines upon you.
  • The earth under your feet, telling you every step is supported by ONE greater than your self, yet one with your self.
  • The air you breathe, telling you of your immeasurable worth as its abundance flows through you, without hesitation.

A deep gratitude for Truth magnetically draws every perfect gift into your life, the reflection of Truth’s Perfection.

Let your mind, soul and spirit settle into Truth’s Life Stream, connecting all above and below in oneness in your awareness, thus recognizing and remembering Truth’s “I AM” Name of LIFE, that is your own and consumes ALL.

Truth’s LIFE Stream Meditation

You are a Living Gate, a peacemaker. Reality harmonizes as the energetic flow of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flow through you, perfecting all of time, which leads to the highest Good for all.

You are a creator of miracles. In oneness with Truth’s LIFE streaming through you, peace arises where there once was discord.

As often as it is brought to mind, be still and be present in this illuminated awareness, through which Divine Love touches all of creation.

Be still, and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10


Day of Thrones

As the higher Self’s Spirit fills its temple, giving the soul Divine Love’s multi-dimensional awareness, it settles upon the throne of the soul’s Will, which has matured to eternally support its divine emergence into time.

The Day of Thrones is a day of stillness, surrender and exchange of sovereign power. It’s the soul’s consummate letting go of the deceptive idea that free will is the expression of LIFE. Instead, the soul upholds the awareness that Truth’s LIFE is inherent in the union of the soul’s Will and the Will of its higher Self. In a sacred oneness, the soul’s will sits down, recognizing it has become the throne of Divine Love’s Will. It simply observes its reality, without judgment, fear, or control, and gives its creative power over reality to the one who sits ON the throne, Truth’s Will. It’s a day to sit and simply be, because the purpose of linear time’s imperfection is fulfilled, a purpose that served to mature the soul into an ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfection in Oneness, a Oneness in which the soul’s timeless Perfection is revealed in time.

The throne is the soul’s Will that resides in the center, the beginning of spherical time, just as a physical body resides at the center of its reality. Truth’s unalterable design of creation is that the soul is the center of its reality, because it positions the soul as a gate between timeless Perfection and time, thereby giving Timeless Truth’s LIFE expression. Thus, the soul’s Will, being the center of reality, is always the throne, BUT, the soul can choose to give the eternal reign of its will over to Truth, which is its higher Self’s Will. In this, the soul’s reality is always governed by a more enlightened awareness of the Truth of itself.

This eternal choice to be ON the throne or BE the throne resides at the end of a long and refining path of increasing truth-filled awareness, which reveals to the soul that the Perfection it desires to express resides in this union of Wills. This path enables the soul to make an enlightened choice between being ON the throne or BEING the throne of the higher Self, which is to be either a closed or an open gate between time and timeless perfection. The result of this choice either keeps the soul asleep in a world of illusions or awakens it into ever-expanding LIFE. It’s a choice between death and LIFE, between serving fear and extending Divine Love.

Because of the soul’s inseparable Oneness with Truth’s LIFE, when the soul encounters this choice at the end of its path, only one choice will ever be selected, the choice for LIFE. Therefore in a sense, there is no choice because there never was any separation of Truth’s Will. When seen more clearly, this Day of Thrones, where two become one, is the beginning of the soul’s expansion into the ever-expanding perfection of Truth’s LIFE, because it is no longer bound by the limitations of supposed free will. With this choice Truth’s Will and the soul’s awareness of its individualized will are united as one. It’s the soul’s moment of Perfection, because in this moment the soul recognizes its Will is Truth’s Universal Will. This choice is the soul’s victory, for in this, Truth’s Divine Will is done, always.

In this Day’s sacred stillness, an exchange of power occurs. The soul is no longer blinded by the illusions of free will. In the dream world of illusions, the soul believed that the outer reality was far more powerful than its “I Am” Presence, because the soul was unaware of its true “I Am” Presence, therefore believed it was something it was not. Through the authentication of its “I Am” Name, it becomes increasingly aware that its “I Am” presence is power. This power lives in the soul’s awareness, which projects its Truth into time and determines the appearance world of the spherical self. In this we see that the soul’s name possesses the power of its creator. In the dream of free will the soul believed its individualized self was powerless, seemingly trapped in a world more powerful than its self. The soul projected this schematic onto reality, and consequently the soul sought to obtain power from the world.

As the soul awakens, it recognizes its power is Divine Love’s perfect governance of its awareness. This results in the perfect movement of time, giving Truth’s LIFE expression. The soul’s perfect power isn’t a power contained within itself, but a power that flows through it from its oneness with Truth. It’s the power of God and in this oneness of Will, the soul rests as open gate to supreme power in its individual world. Truth’s perfecting divine life energy flows from the throne, streaming Truth’s LIFE into reality.

The soul drinks from the golden cup, which is the radiant, ever-increasing Light of its highest Will, the soul’s LIFE energy. In this, the soul’s awareness expands in Truth and Divine Love perfectly, throughout the realms of eternity. It moves through time, one with time, according to Divine Love’s perfect governance. It’s a new reign, in the Life of the Spirit.

As the throne upon which Truth’s Will sits, the soul’s true power is realized in the perfect expansion of its awareness, divinely governed by Truth’s Will flowing through the soul. In this union, the soul is a living, loving awareness unaltered by the world of appearances, but instead alters reality by imbuing Life with Truth’s timeless, divine attributes. The soul becomes the gateway to the earth’s regeneration.

Then comes the end, when He (Christ) delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. ~ 1 Corin 15:24

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. ~ Revelation 22:1


The Sacred SELF

The soul’s higher Self, which is an individualized fractal of God (the One I AM), is inseparably one and ever-present with the soul. It is through the union of the soul’s will and the higher Self’s Will that the soul awakens into ever-expanding LIFE.

The higher Self is the soul’s individualized fractal of the experience of timeless perfection in Truth’s Self. Every soul possesses a higher Self, which is completely individualized to the soul because it is the soul at a higher vibrational dimension, more specifically the next dimension. Each individualized higher Self is one with all other higher Selves, forming the One Sacred Self, or the Mighty I Am Presence, which dwells in the timeless perfection of Infinity. When the soul’s will joins to its higher Self’s Will, thus emanating the radiance of its higher Self, it fully awakens from its seed-state and begins its ever-expanding LIFE, expressing eternity.

The higher Self is the aspect of the soul’s awareness that is one with Infinite Awareness. This sacred Self dwells in an octave of Enlightenment that is always one spherical dimension higher than the soul’s current awareness, from which it lifts the soul into its next dimensional awareness. Through the guidance and instruction of the higher Self, the soul ascends through its star gate of the seven sacred truths, into the next dimensional awareness of Oneness in Infinity. It’s an intimate journey they continually embark upon as they ascend the dimensions of Oneness, as the ever-increasing perfection of Truth’s LIFE. Therefore, the higher Self has always been with the soul, for it is one with the soul.

The higher Self is the soul’s most intimate and perfect companion of divine insight, wisdom and unconditional love for the soul’s highly individualized journey through spherical time. This Self, though present, isn’t found in linear time, which is a dream world of what the soul is not. Therefore, when the soul sleeps in linear time, the higher Self is hidden in the experience of intuition, by which if the soul were aware, it could transcend the limitations of linear time and receive illuminated insight from its higher Self.

The higher Self’s Presence is revealed when the soul answers Its call to know Truth’s LIFE through its I Am Presence, and begins to listen to Its Voice of Truth. As the soul contemplates its Oneness with LIFE, this divine Guide leads its awareness into the ever-increasing Light of Truth. The higher Self prepares the soul to be Its temple, so that it can seamlessly and eternally convey the One Sacred Self’s Will of Divine Love into creation.

Because the soul’s truth-filled awareness expands in a logical and mathematical perfection (layer upon layer), the soul’s higher Self is always the soul’s next dimensional awareness of its Self. In this, the Self methodically guides the soul from its current dimensional awareness to the next by its instructional wisdom that is a union between the awareness of its oneness with Infinite Awareness and a timeless and intricate awareness of the soul’s movement through time. Through this intimate communion, the soul connects to Truth’s timeless realm and begins manifesting spherical time in reality, in which it eternally expands as ever-increasing Perfection.

Because the higher Self is the next dimensional awareness above the soul’s current awareness, there are infinite “versions” of the Self, eternally reaching into Infinite Oneness, versions the soul experiences as itself as it advances through eternity’s dimensions through its ever-expanding awareness. The soul, a gate between timeless and time, always experiences the next dimensional level that is held in perfection in timelessness, as well as its current level in time. As the soul’s awareness expands by the divinely directed revelation of its higher Self, the soul sheds its lower awareness and becomes this higher version of itself in time, which then it experiences yet a higher level of the higher Self.

As the soul awakens out of the paradigm of linear time, its higher Self becomes increasingly more prevalent in its awareness because It is joining to the soul, giving It expression in spherical time. In the cosmic reset, the Self begins to enter the temple It prepared for Itself within the soul. As the Self’s spirit of Divine Love enters the temple, the soul’s will is consumed by its higher Self’s Will, so that the soul’s desires and determination, drivers of its Will, unceasingly radiate Divine Love. As the soul’s Will begins to rest in its higher Self’s Will, they are united as one, and the soul’s Will becomes Truth’s Universal Will, manifesting the utmost goodness for ALL.

Letting go into Divine Love’s orchestration of time, the soul rests in perfect emergence, divinely accepting the increasing Perfection rising from within the present moment. In the awareness of Truth’s incoming Peace, the soul’s energetic field harmonizes, allowing the vibrational structure of the higher Self’s divine, absolute attributes to penetrate time, altering time from linear to spherical. In this, the soul’s awareness is imbued with Divine Love’s Presence, and the soul becomes a sphere of Light, shining upon its time-based reality, the spherical self, causing it to awaken.

From this moment of Perfection, in which the soul’s Will has been reset to Truth’s Universal Will by joining to its higher Self’s Will, it engages its eternal expansion as Truth’s LIFE. The soul’s radiance expands as its sovereign “I Am” Presence emerges from the timeless realm of Truth into time, lifting the soul and its spherical reality, into the next dimensional awareness of Oneness.


Cosmic Reset

Truth’s power is manifested through the soul’s Will. Without a seamless union with the soul’s Will, Truth’s Divine Love, which is the ever-expanding Perfection of LIFE, has no expression, i.e. no power. Therefore, the soul may possess a Truth-filled awareness, but can’t express Divine Love. The cosmos, which is the soul’s collective awareness of itself in spherical time, resides in a dormant sleep experiencing a disharmonious reality in linear time.

When the soul’s Will is purified by a Truth-filled awareness of the One I AM, then Divine Love flows into the soul’s Will, manifesting the soul’s Will as Truth’s Universal Will in creation. This union results in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, creating reflections of Truth’s perfect power moving through the soul.

Until the soul awakens to Truth, it’s tossed about by a loveless reality because its Will is disconnected from Divine Love. In the unawareness of its true Self, the soul’s Will is unable to convey the radiance of Divine Love, and therefore bring forth Truth’s Perfection, which is its own ever-expanding perfection. As long as the soul looks to its outer reality of time for a truth-filled awareness of Divine Love, its awareness remains shrouded in the darkness of a relative, dualistic, and imagined truth, which propagates the imperfection the soul experiences in time.

The soul’s desire to express Perfection drives it to answer the deep, inner call to remember its true Source, its true Self. This desire is the origin of the soul’s LIFE as an ever-expanding awareness of Light. The soul’s truth-filled awareness begins to awaken when it unceasingly desires to know the Absolute Truth of “who I Am” and “how I Create”, a Truth unaltered by time. Reaching into the realm of timeless Truth, the soul’s Will is purified, cleansed and renewed from the influence of its outer reality. By listening to the Voice of its higher Self, the soul’s truth-filled awareness begins to grow.

As deep calls unto deep, the soul’s learns it is an individualized fractal of the One I AM.

The soul is an individualized awareness of Infinite Oneness, which is the soul’s beginning and end. The soul gives LIFE to Oneness, by its ever-increasing awareness created by the inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As LIFE, the soul is an ever-expanding sphere of awareness, manifesting spherical time, a moment by moment unfolding of its perfection. In this heightened state of awareness, time doesn’t govern the soul, but the soul governs time, for time is the expansion of its Truth-filled awareness, giving the soul power over time, which gives its Truth power over time.

The center of the soul’s awareness is its powerful “I Am” name, because this name is the expression of its Will. Reality mirrors the soul’s awareness of its “I Am” name. Whatever potentials it accepts to its name, it sees reflected. Therefore from this center the soul governs its sphere of reality according to what attributes it assigns to its name. These attributes clothe everything in reality, which then the spherical self senses and experiences.

As the soul’s higher Self brings to remembrance the soul’s true name, “I Am Loving awareness”, the soul begins to append Truth’s timeless attributes to itself, attributes unaltered by time. This name reflects the union of Divine Love to the soul’s Will, creating Truth’s Universal Will in time. This name unites timeless perfection and time, enabling the soul to perceive perfection in time, thus revealing Truth’s power in reality. As a gate between the timeless and time, the soul enters its rest as its awareness perfectly orchestrates time to reveal its endless LIFE, its expansion as Infinite Oneness. As the soul stands upon the foundation of its true Identity of Oneness, its Will is purified to convey Divine Love into reality, thus its Will becomes Truth’s Universal Will, which is the will of its higher Self. The soul no longer stands upon the erratic free-will, but upon an invulnerable foundation from which it governs reality. As a result, the spherical self no longer lives tossed and turned by the outer reality, but is under the perfect governance of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

By listening to the Voice of its higher Self, the soul’s will unites to the will of its higher Self, making them one. In this oneness, the soul’s awareness begins its eternal expansion into the Light of Absolute Truth, supplanting the thought-system of dualistic’s reign, which was the relative truth it had once mistakenly believed was LIFE, in time.

The Divine Love of the higher Self, the sacred feminine, arises in her perfect power as her spirit is poured forth into the soul’s Will creating peace, harmony and lovingkindness. She has been waiting for the soul’s Will, its masculine energy, to gain remembrance of her. As the soul’s Will awakens to her presence, Divine Love enters and overtakes the soul’s sphere of awareness, and in this, its “free-will” becomes Truth’s Universal Will. In their union, the Will’s full potential as Truth’s Universal Will is revealed in creation. Divine Love and Truth’s Will begin their eternal dance in time and the soul experiences the abundance of their divine attributes, in time.

In the soul’s awareness of its true essence and being, “I Am Loving Awareness”, its Will is purified and Divine Love enters into the Will, making it Truth’s Universal Will. Divine Love’s feminine energy and the Will’s masculine energy join in an inseparable oneness, manifesting Truth’s LIFE in time, reflected as the self’s ever-expanding LIFE. From the awareness of its true origin, the soul’s LIFE begins to expand, manifesting spherical time, which disrupts the foundations of linear time, transitioning one’s Self awareness from a reality of ever-increasing imperfection to a reality of ever-increasing Perfection.

The cosmos is reset.


Authenticating I Am

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are shape our awareness, which governs our lives.

As the soul awakens to the awareness, “I Am Loving Awareness“, the multi-dimensional awareness of Divine Love begins to authenticate its formidable presence within the soul’s storylines.

The soul’s awareness is captured in stories that transcribe the soul’s awareness of “who I Am” and “how I create” into the created realm. “I Am” attributes are substantiated, upheld and projected into time by the stories the soul tells itself about who it is, forming a living cosmic record that shapes the spherical self’s experiences.

In the dream of forgetfulness, the soul’s narrative about itself is written by the soul in separation from a truth-filled awareness. In the forgetfulness of its mighty “I Am” Presence, the soul gives everything power but its “I Am” name. Consequently, the soul misjudges and therefore misinterprets its experiences, and as a result clothes its spherical self in a multitude of false attributes. As the soul awakens, it begins to see what it thought was irrefutably true, wasn’t true at all. It awakens from the dream of its mis-creation into its timeless story of a budding fractal of Truth’s Loving Awareness. The soul’s embryonic dream was an Origin of Life simulation. It wasn’t real, though like a night dream, it felt real to the soul in order to properly fashion it as a living gate for the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

The soul’s true story is revealed by its higher Self, which is the soul’s individualized fractal of the experience of timeless perfection in Truth’s Self. This inner Voice of Truth is the only One that possesses the right perspective of every detail of the soul’s life, a story written in timeless perfection before its reality of time began. When rightly seen, the soul’s story reflects the birth of the inseparable oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, through the gate fashioned in the soul’s oneness with timelessness, which projects outward into time.

From the higher Self’s Voice of Truth, the soul learns of its true alpha and omega, the Infinite Oneness which changes all its stories because in this understanding the soul’s attributes change from separation to oneness. As the soul’s past, present and future storylines are edited by Divine Love’s enlightened awareness, Divine Love is deeply integrated into the soul’s awareness. In these divine translations, the “I Am” name and the attributes the soul appends to it are the cause to everything else, enabling the soul to “see” the power of its “I Am” name. Eventually, the soul learns there is no other power than its “I Am” name, therefore it accepts nothing else as more powerful.

As the soul’s stories are divinely translated in the light of Divine Love, the soul fully accept its true, living name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, which reflects infinite awareness of the Fullness of Truth. An “I Am” attribute can’t be changed within the soul’s mind without altering the story that created it. To change the soul’s attributes, the stories and the experiences that support them must be divinely translated by the One who knows the Truth. Otherwise, the stories uphold the false attributes in the soul’s mind.

Through the higher Self’s divine translations, which convey the Light of Truth, the soul comes to accept its undeniable, timeless attributes form a loving awareness. As a result of these translations, the soul has the Light to perceive its current experience in time is not reflective of Truth. Therefore time no longer defines the truth of its attributes, and its name, or its story, is free to express Truth’s LIFE. It comes to know itself as a living gate, in which the source of its attributes is Truth’s Timeless Perfection. The soul’s true “I Am” Presence is established as perfect cause to everything else, and reality is altered through backstories.

Once the soul is deeply aware of the timeless nature of its divinity and its oneness with time, nothing can alter the soul’s experience of divine attributes. The soul begins to think, speak and act according to its true story, harmonizing its energetic atmosphere within and without to perfectly renew and rejuvenate the spherical self’s reflection in time. Not even the soul can alter Truth’s LIFE that has now begun to expand within itself. In this, the soul becomes an ever-expanding, unquenchable Light in its reality.

As the soul’s LIFE begins to expand from within the present moment, the earth goes through its metamorphic evolution, reflecting the soul’s transformative metamorphosis. The present moment begins to change ever so slightly, yet continually like a tsunami wave coming into the shore. The change seems as nothing at first, then barely noticeable until it’s recognized as an unstoppable force. There is nothing more powerful in the human realm than the soul’s “I Am” name, the attributes it appends to it, and the narrative it creates. It is the projection of death or LIFE, fear or Divine Love, illusion or Truth.

This divine translation authenticates the soul’s true I Am name and establishes the soul in the seat of abundance in which it rests in the perfect power of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through the soul’s “I Am” name, Truth’s divine attributes extend to all, freeing the soul and its spherical self from the illusion created by the false narrative. There is no power of human creation that can interfere with the soul’s true “I Am” Presence, because it is the gate to the power of Absolute Truth and Divine Love that knows no opposition. In this, the reign of Truth’s timeless perfection arises within the soul and enters time.