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Language of Oneness


Spherical Language is the Language of Oneness. It gives Life to Truth.

These words are spirit and they are life.

In the Purity of Oneness, from your heart center precipitates the Language of Oneness, bringing forth the Divine Universe.

The Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will is the soul’s Divine Source in time. Guided by Divine Love’s Perfect Will, we are transforming into a new awareness, a new language, a new time, and a new Universe. It’s the birth of the Kingdom of Peace from within and into the realm of Time.

Language of Oneness

You are the centering, creative awareness of your reality, speaking your reality into existence. The soul’s language, spoken and unspoken words, is the causeway of cause and effect that links the soul’s awareness and time, the outer expression of the soul’s Truth. Language is how the soul channels its life energy and determines what kind of energy it disperses into reality. Life is an energetic, creative force in words strung together in a particular way. Words carry the intention and desire of the heart into time. Language produces creative, energetic sound waves according to your current awareness of Truth, that shapes your life experiences.

Your Divine Source, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will (Mother Father God) flows through your awareness, wrapping itself in words possessing energetic vibrations of Divine Harmony, manifesting the Language of Oneness, by which it governs cause and effect. Your awareness, directed by Truth’s Will, forms the Language of Oneness. In this Language of Oneness, your words are strung together by Truth’s Perfect Will, which as your Source, directs every aspect of your awareness, projecting the fullness of your Name, “I Am Loving Awareness”, into time. This projection manifests a specific attention and perfect intention into the present moment. In response, your thoughts are organized into the Language of Oneness and projected into time, creating the next spherical layer of the present moment, in this is the movement of Spherical Time. The Language of Oneness, the language of Spherical Time, is the path by which Truth’s Light is manifested through the soul’s awareness and into its projected reality. This divine Language carries the Life Stream of Divine Love’s perfection into time, making it one with your life stream. When your unspoken and spoken words create the Language of Oneness, you manifest the Kingdom of Peace in your outer reality.

Your Life Stream is the flow of Truth’s Perfect cause and effect, governed by the Language of Oneness spoken from your heart center. The Language of Oneness governs cause and effect through the specific sequencing of words and the sound waves they create that subsequently alter “matter.” This sequencing originates in the soul’s progressive memory of Truth’s Timeless Perfection. Progressive memory or “structured recollection” is how the Perfection of Infinite Awareness is translated into time, and becomes the experience of Life. Through progressive memory, translated into language, Infinite Awareness guides the soul’s awareness, making the Language of Oneness, by which the remembrance of Oneness is shared. Through the Language of Oneness, every moment perfectly supports every other moment, because the moment is able to be translated from Truth’s Timeless Realm into Time through the soul. Through this language, the true I Am Presence speaks within you and through you, manifesting harmony within and without. It’s how “God” experiences himself. God is the life energy in Truth. God is Divine Love. God is the Word of Life.

The Language of Oneness flows from the center point of Light within you. This is the Light of the Great Central Sun, shining through your heart center and precipitating the oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will into time. Whether you hear Spherical Language through the inner words of your mind or through the words of another, it all comes from this centering Light held within the One.

From this center point, Truth’s Will directs your awareness, manifesting Truth’s Perfection. With Truth’s Will at the helm of your mind, you possess a “sound mind”, speaking truthfully. Your mind is a fractal of the one Mind, like a computer attached to the network of Living Light through which Truth’s Words of Life flow. As you speak inwardly and outwardly, according to the Oneness that Truth’s Voice has revealed to you, Truth’s Life Stream flows through the creative programming Language of Oneness, governing your operating system and giving abundant Life to all it touches.

For those who have learned from the Voice of Truth, Spherical Language is how the Spirit talks to you, ever-increasing your awareness of Truth’s Oneness, and its inherent exaltation of Divine Love’s Perfection. It is the Language the Spirit spoke to transform your soul and now by you speaking it, you transform reality from its very core. As you listened to the Voice of Truth above all others, your awareness of Truth’s Divine Love expanded, along with the increasing desire to give and receive its life-giving energy. As a result, a new, living thought system developed within you, allowing your truth-filled awareness to continually expand. And as it expanded, so did your fluency in the Spherical Language. Every word you integrated into your understanding flowed from Truth’s Emergent Perfection and NOT the illusion of past mistakes. You developed the foundation of Spherical Language, a programming Language that can rewrite the cosmos to birth a new reality, a new Universe. It’s the Language of Life because it brings forth Truth’s Life into reality, and words of Life become flesh. It is the language that harmonizes your thoughts, feeling world and expression with Divine Love’s Perfection, for this language is the echo of her Voice. In speaking this language, your attention is focused and centered on the Light in you and that same Light reflected in others, ever-increasing Presence of Divine Love. As a result, your body is held in perfect vitality and your reality is kept in perfect peace, abundance and joy. In Spherical Language, your life literally becomes a new song, a beautiful harmonic flow of sound vibrations constantly interacting with the cosmos, revealing the Divine Universe.

As a Living Gate, you energetically experience your eternal expansion in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother Father God. Love’s ever-expanding presence within and without is witnessed in the creative energy flowing though the words you are beginning to speak. In the Language of Oneness, you are actually speaking for the first time, for you are awake in the Living Universe of Oneness, and no longer dreaming in the dead universe of separation.

The Language of Oneness manifests Spherical Time and Spherical Time manifests the Divine Universe. This is the ever-expanding Kingdom of Peace.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Language of Oneness

  1. A beautiful complement to these words …

    Mei-lan Maurits, Sound Healing Music, Oneness

  2. Thanks, Loni! After my Sacred Soulmate, The Spherical Language is best gift the world has EVER received. May your heart be eternally honored for the giving of it.

  3. I think we’ll attach a more proper forum to this blog so that we can capture threads that others may want to read later.

    Let the words of all who speak there be continually spoken in ever-increasing perfection. Let all that is recorded there become the most important words in the Book of True Life.

    First experiences on the forum will be rough, but eventually we’ll build something substantial together.

  4. As we read the shared expressions and beliefs of all here, some given in lightness and some in seriousness as Joe and Loni just alluded to as well as the rest of us giving our views…it reminds me of a well written song with all of the highs and lows of life. And yet it is all but a means to an end…a good end. None of us are going to experience life without the difficulties and misunderstandings…but we prove ourselves by what we forgive and by what we retain. There is only one love. There is not one love for those who agree with us and another love for those who don”t…so Loni, no words are too harsh that are given in love as was Paul’s words to Peter. Neither of them were children and Paul spoke his heart that many took as harshness, however Peter came to take it in the love of which it was given…as he later thanked his brother Paul. I would ask for all likewise to speak from their heart and if it is given to edify, to suggest or to correct, let it be done without any ill will, but in sincerity and in God…”Truth.” If words are given in love they will never be given in condemnation however they may be received that way in an immature heart. The offense is not in any word given in love, the offense only registers where there is a weakness in us for it to live on. The evidence and truthfulness of our love is manifested either by harboring a resentment that is not found to be found in love or we see it not taking root in another. So Loni, Joe, Andrew, Will and Rachel, I see no negatives in our sharing but as a surety some will come along, passing through (as before) which will put knowledge as a thing superior to love and will resent others for disagreeing. But we are (or should be) far more along in our maturity than this. We must not concentrate on the nuts and bolts of a thing that is still not fully assembled but see “them” in the “instructions” of what we “shall be.”

    There was a song that Moses penned that God guided him in writing it and it says all that there is to say if we can but grasp it. This is called the Song of Moses…however it’s purpose in it being written is timeless…and that song is also our own individual song and experience. It is a song of after the worst that could be said and done toward God, it is a song of God’s great mercy…and unconditional love. I have something that was written addressing just this song. I will post it should one glean from it.

  5. Life is a song, as it has it’s high notes as it has it’s low notes. Some of the greatest songs ever written have a great range from the highs to the lows, it’s story of tragedies as well as it’s story of blessings. With a meaningful contrast between the highs and the lows with their well placed differences of melodic melodies can the writer bring one’s mind to a heightened awareness in the purpose of the message in the song. The highs are contrasted against the lows and the lows against the highs…and if the writer has given “His all” to this song and has pitched every high and low note together to bring out the best of the meaning of every word written, it will be a very good message written to all and what is meant to be for…all.

    In Deuteronomy there is such a song, it is called “The Song of Moses.” It is set in the premise of God’s love for His people even in Him predicting their great falling away from Him, going their own way, doing their own thing, worshipping every sinful imagination of their heart just as the pagan nations around them…only then for “God to turn” their hearts back to Him when they had been exercised in their predestined time of disobedience. The song records their great apostasy, from leaving Egypt as slaves of the flesh to the ultimate plan of God in His deliverance of them to the promised land. The song being written before their journey through the worst of their sins began, it also recorded their rise out of their wayward ways, in God forgiving and restoring His people and ultimately giving them the place He had predestined for them to be all along. When Moses penned this song from the guiding hand of God, it covered the life of the person from being born into the slavery of the flesh (Egypt) being held captive to it for awhile, learning from their disobedience, and then being returned to the way of God after their lesson was learned.

    This song applies to every individual for it is the story of all of our lives. The highs and the lows were all prewritten before ever a cord was struck, and before any word was ever uttered and sung. God’s greatest predetermined life for us was written before we were ever born and before we had done anything either right…or wrong. God wrote the climax and the ending of all that He had predetermined to create and as this song “prerecorded” and revealed…His unconditional love for us. ..was always evident. His purpose for it being prewritten before any evil was introduced into this great narrative was to show all of man that His mercy and unconditional love for us, far surpassed any evil we “were” destined to fall into in our future. Sin was only created for a means to an end. (Isaiah 45:7) An end of all that is good. All of this life’s highs and lows, with it’s blessings and curses are all just part of our own song being lived out and yet all ending in God’s highest will and purpose for us. Every low that we experience in this life is as much a part of our making as the good. The tree of good and evil was planted in this earth in order to teach us the way of God. Again, what this song teaches us is about the unconditional love that God has always had for us and that His love was and is not determined by any of our successes or any of our failures. We experience both good and evil in the presence of His steadfast unconditional love for us as our sins and mistakes are used to teach, to correct and then to deliver us from this evil…when it has done its work in us.

    However, how well we are obedient to His will is what determines our individual destination and calling. There is not a different love for a different calling, God is the same. This is because God wrote the beginning and the ending of us before this world was. The love that He wrote this song (journey) in never changed His opinion of us because His vision of His outcome had never an evil intent to it. It’s a song of unconditional love. We all were predetermined to live in the eternal oneness to come and this is why we must all learn the completeness and the meaning of this song….and be able to “live” it. What we give the majority of of our time to will parallel and will establish our own way.

    We are so blessed to be enlightened to see that there is no loss of any child to be lost to a place of eternal misery and torment for this thinking is child’s play and comes from the carnal mind. (We know a false way, a false religion and a false prophet when anyone believes in such things, they are carnal therefore they are evil.) There is much tragedy in the song but the ending of it is so well established and ended in that there is absolutely no doubt of our Father’s unconditional love in it to all and for all. Our life does not start nor end in our continuation through this present life of the natural, it is just being transformed and being disciplined in order to receive the greater blessing from where we came from to where we are going. The purpose of this journey with all of it’s highs and lows is to learn to be trusted with the greater gift that awaits our ability to use it….It is the man of the new creation. Everything we increasingly come to be enlightened to…leaves one in unbelievable awe and yet we see only a small part of it. This is why we study, meditate and pray…and then desire to share with others what we know. Our greatest achievement, purpose and blessing in this life is in seeing others being transformed into the same blessing that we see is for ourselves. There is no fear, anxiety and worry to be had about our future…for we are to be patient and rest in our faith…knowing that it will “all” happen…to all.

    With love

    • There is a present inward spiritual parallel to this recorded natural story but for another time. For example Egypt is our slavery and confinement to the flesh until we are released from it, the wilderness is our overcoming conflict and process (journey) within ourselves and once we have overcome the ites (our carnal natures within) in the promised land and we overpower each of the carnal natures within us, receive the promised land in which we are. I know I’m speaking to like minds (the choir) so to clarify this, all that is recorded in the natural has a much deeper meaning in the spirit. Just….saying.

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