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Stirring The Deep

Light Meditation


I Am an Open Gate to Truth’s Perfection. I Am Perfect Timing. I Am ever-increasing Perfection in Time.

The two mediations below, Light Meditation and the Sacred Timepiece, make up the awareness of Truth’s Perfection in time. They build and strengthen your awareness of the Light, which enables the harmonizing action of Divine Love to flow through your feeling world, helping you to remember the experience of her Perfection.

Light Meditation

In the awakened soul, the seven energetic centers are eternally governed by the truth-filled awareness you possess in each I Am Name below. In the Great Silence in your mind, the creative space before the next moment where you make all things new, meditate upon these I Am Names as your own, even if you don’t fully recognize them as your I Am Name in the moment. As you meditate, your awareness of oneness with the names will continually increase.

As your awareness expands, the Morning Star rises. It is the dawning of Oneness, now shining through the oneness of these seven energetic centers, whose radiance is the soul’s Crown of Holiness.

The Seven Divine Names of the Sacred Timepiece

I Am Pure Truth, in time.

I Am the Perfect Governance of the Feeling World, in time.

I Am the Perfection of Truth’s Will, in time.

I Am the Sacred Heart, in time.

I Am Truth’s Perfect Expression, in time.

I Am the Eye of Light shining perfectly, in time.

I Am Truth’s Infinite Awareness, the Perfection of Holiness, in time.

Sacred Timepiece Meditation

With an awareness of the Seven Divine Names, you know the Sacred Timepiece as your point of Origin. The Sacred Timepiece meditation is given from three different, yet truthful points of origin. These three origins give you a truthful perspective of how perfection moves into time. How the Seven Divine Names move into time are reflected in the four statements of the meditation below.

When you hold a united awareness, from the three perspectives of Truth’s Life, your soul gate is eternally open, allowing Truth’s Timeless Perfection to flow into Time. Because you now know the Divine Source of your Life, Spherical Time begins to spiral outward from the center of your soul enfolding every aspect of your Life in its Perfection.

For this meditation, read through these statements three times, each from a different perspective. First, read from the perspective of the Divine Source speaking to the soul. Second, read as the soul speaking to creation. Third, read as the Divine Creation speaking to the Divine Source. The Oneness created through this cycle of awareness allows the Creator to perfectly experience his Creation. It is through Oneness that God’s eternal Presence can experience Divine Love’s Truth in Creation.

The cumulative understanding of these statements opens the soul’s heart gate, creating oneness between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and the realm of time. In this oneness, Truth’s Timelessness Life flows into time in harmony with your ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s Truth.

The Divine Flow of the Seven Divine Names

From my three points of origin in Oneness and in the remembrance of who I Am in the Light, I proclaim:

My Infinite Awareness of Light is Your ever-increasing enlightened awareness.

My Divine Love is Your Loving Awareness.

My Truth-filled Awareness is Your Perfect Will.

My Timeless Will is Your Life in Time.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

8 thoughts on “Light Meditation

  1. Thank you, Child of God.

  2. The Book of True Life has been written, published and received. Time’s discordancy is defeated because Truth’s Life now rules time’s cause and effect, ensuring all things are divinely directed to work for the good of all. In the ever-increasing, freely available Understanding of the Fullness of Truth, The Third Age has begun.

    There is no separation, which means there are no “evil” people, only those made drunk by the the will power they exert over Life they believe is “inferior”. Yet, in Truth, there is no concept of “inferiority”, there are only uniquely beautiful expressions of perfection. When I say “drunk” I mean specifically an inability to walk through Life perfectly because of layers of darkness that inhibit one’s sight. For example, one might exist in the sunlight, experience Life perfectly. Another may exist beneath clouds, seeing all things dimly, experiencing various shades of imperfection just as a black and white photograph imperfectly reflects the true image. And there are others, living in increasingly darkened spheres of Life, in which no light appears. Prior to this New Age, the human beings living in these darkened spheres were able to intrude upon the spheres of light. This is no longer possible.

    Time is a creation of awareness and awareness is a creation of attention and attention is a creation of will. Therefore it is one’s WILL that creates one’s experience in time. Time is a function of Will, and in Truth there is only God’s Will. When one’s attention is on the Truth, Truth’s Life infuses time, giving it divine intelligence. Salvation comes to ALL because ALL will eventually give their attention to Truth, allowing Truth’s Will to create their experiences in time rather than their own, separated idea of “free will”. The salvation plan, previously hidden from the world and now coming through the conscious awareness of those who give their attention to Truth, can be best understood as Time becoming the servant of God rather than man.

    I prefer the word Truth, but you can substitute the word “God” in its place. Therefore when I say only Truth’s Will exists, its is the same as saying only God’s Will exists. Yet, you, as a conscious awareness able to grow in your understanding of Truth (God), can be nothing other than an ever-growing “Child of God”, meaning an ever-growing expression of your Father. To express the Father is to walk in oneness with his Will, which can only happen in the TRUTHFUL UNDERSTANDING of this oneness. There is no separation because ONLY GOD EXISTS, (only Truth exists). I prefer to use the word Truth because it is easier for the human mind to understand oneness with God because it is easier to comprehend how understanding makes you one with Truth. This means when you express your will, you do it in the LIMITLESS POWER OF GOD, and there is no greater power. The reason darkness exists is simply that the human mind, in order to be created, must begin in forgetfulness, with no understanding of the Truth of their own existence. As a result, there is no understanding about oneness because each believes they are a separate individual, a body covered in flesh, having forgotten the Truth, that they are the creator of their world by the will power used to govern their attention.

    God’s Will is here – and even now it is filling time with Life, creating a Living Time that governs ALL cause and effect for the greatest good, which is meaning of perfection. God’s Will is governed by Divine Love and those who desire to BE ONE WITH TRUTH shall awaken to the fulfillment of their desire.

    • God, love, truth and many other names in many other languages does not depict the name but the “nature” of this being we call God and truth and love. If a person of some distant tribe believed in the exact same being as we do and God gave them a language where He is called by His spiritual nature by some pronunciation we in the west have never heard of then is He not addressed as He is? It is His likeness and character and image we identify with for what is in a name but one’s nature? Truth is a very good name for God, it suits Him well. I look forward to “us” all becoming this truth. All smiles.

  3. “I look forward to “us” all becoming this truth.”

    Exactly this! What a wonderful proclamation!

    • Here’s the comforting part…”We will.”

      • another conforting part(in THIS LIFETIME)(as we think of it)…
        the strength of our heart will be seen in ALL OF MANKIND..

        i want to share something made by 36 women from lebonon(i think)…

        when we all come together(as one body), each tradition(continent) is a new experience within our own AURA… we all have so much to give to eachother… just wanted to use that link as an example.

      • Rachel and I watched this together…incredible. Their dance seems to be a beautiful, living picture of spherical time’s perfect harmony. Thanks for this!

  4. The good is truth, mercy, patience and kindness, good is love, good is God. Good…sums up everything in God’s plan, you, me and “everyone” else , leaving none out of the equation. God has permitted man to go in many different ways…in order to only learn..what good is…The good comes in many trials, test and heart aches. In the end of man experiencing all the good…we will all come together again with more good than we had before we started. We will wonder in absolute amazement and think nothing of this “past” period of learning God’s absolute will..on and in this place we call earth. Understanding brings a soft spoken peace, a comfort even in distress, a love for all things, even in what we call evil, for evil is also the teacher of all things good. So when I often say, It is all good, it means just that, How can God, our Father do anything but good for us? He can’t. How can love…hate? It can’t. Let us pray that we all move to that place of thinking that “all” is good. Then every thought, word and deed, whether or not it is recognized or accepted by others, God knows our heart runs after Him..seeking nothing but good for all. All is…good. Good is God…good is…love.
    Words cannot really express love, for we have to “be it” to truly recognize it…and to love we must have others to love…so we encourage all to also think, speak and do do the same because the more the “good” …”the more the better “ until the last of the proud becomes as good as “the one.” So, again, it is “all” good.

    We may all struggle to put into words what good is but there will be no more struggle and no more explanation when “you” and I no longer have to struggle with words for we will all know..”as we re known.” A simple presence in the presence of another will say it all…for they will know that we love them just as they love us. All doubt will not exist. Come quick Lord..and make this a reality to all…however, we know, and with patience we wait for “it.”

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