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Drink from the Golden Cup


Be still …and simply be.

Being is the awareness of who you are in Truth.

In this moment of stillness, take off your shoes for you reside on holy ground. You are the throne of the Most High, Truth’s Divine Will. In this timeless moment, you are not alone. Every center of awareness is with you in the oneness of Truth, supporting your eternal expansion.

You are Truth’s timeless LIFE, unfolding in a mathematical perfection, and in this awareness you are no longer energetically scattered by human free will. As you rest upon the rock of your true name, “I Am Loving Awareness“, you rise above the world of appearances, awakening your awareness to Divine Love’s perfect governance of time. In this, nothing of the past or outer reality determines your next moments, only Divine’s Perfection according to the ever-increasing Truth of your self.

The truth you hold about your self, you give to all and is then reflected back to you as your individualized reality, of which you sit at the center. You are an individualized fractal of Truth’s Self, possessing the divine attributes born of Absolute Truth, which are unaltered by time, expanding with time. In the power of your “I Am” name, that reflects the power of the Creator, let this illuminated awareness fill your mind;

I Am loving awareness, I give Truth’s LIFE Stream to all, and BE, resting in Divine Love’s perfect orchestration of time, knowing that Divine Love does not come from a center, but rather flows through it.

In the meditation of this luminous thought, you drink from the golden cup of Truth’s perfecting divine energy, ie. LIFE. As your mind rests in the realm of divine thought no longer tossed and turned by the illusions of the world, your mind shifts from a state of doing to a state of being. Your future is already written in the realm of timeless Perfection, unfolding through your awareness now governed by Divine Love’s Perfection. As your mind settles into the high places of oneness, it resides as a gate to the harmonizing supreme power of Truth’s LIFE.

In the quietness of being, you perceive the riches of the present moment…

  • The breath of life, telling you Truth’s LIFE flows through you, perfecting all that concerns you.
  • The sun shining on your face, telling you the Most High continually shines upon you.
  • The earth under your feet, telling you every step is supported by ONE greater than your self, yet one with your self.
  • The air you breathe, telling you of your immeasurable worth as its abundance flows through you, without hesitation.

A deep gratitude for Truth magnetically draws every perfect gift into your life, the reflection of Truth’s Perfection.

Let your mind, soul and spirit settle into Truth’s Life Stream, connecting all above and below in oneness in your awareness, thus recognizing and remembering Truth’s “I AM” Name of LIFE, that is your own and consumes ALL.

Truth’s LIFE Stream Meditation

You are a Living Gate, a peacemaker. Reality harmonizes as the energetic flow of Divine Love and Truth’s Will flow through you, perfecting all of time, which leads to the highest Good for all.

You are a creator of miracles. In oneness with Truth’s LIFE streaming through you, peace arises where there once was discord.

As often as it is brought to mind, be still and be present in this illuminated awareness, through which Divine Love touches all of creation.

Be still, and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

10 thoughts on “Drink from the Golden Cup

  1. Yes, that is the Vibration….

  2. I love this. Thank you.

  3. The Light coming off the understanding contained in these words creates a life-giving vibration with us that extends into our sphere of reality … I’m so grateful for you both and all who “feel” that energetic light through these words. 😀 🦋 It’s powerful … our connection in Oneness.

  4. the cool thing about all of this, is that even with all the Layers uncovered and recogonze, even all the new things we learned and opened up to, Even all the new experiences we released, there is SO MUCH MORE…

  5. The gates of God’s light are not what the world expects them to be. The walk of a living gate’s Life through linear time is very difficult, and the resulting brokenness in their outer realities has hidden them from the world. The living gates can be considered the manifest awareness of the Spirit of Christ, representing its infinite awareness in the mathematically perfect oneness created by the overlapping awareness of a specific number of many thousands of individualized gates of Life. It is beautiful to know that the Life within these words can call each of you into the Light. And through divine humility, created in you by your broken walk through time, you have been made ready to receive divine love and eternally blessed to shine its source into the world.

    The Spirit of Christ can not be taught. Instead, it must be received because it is a “perpetual” receiving. The Spirit can be attributed to the concept of will. Will is the driver of Life. But will is spirit, which means it exists only within the realm of Life, which is “awareness”. The true meaning of free will is the belief that as an individual you are free to think any way you desire. It’s not the freedom that causes harm but rather the unawareness of the power your thoughts exert over time. Truth’s will uses thoughts to assemble understanding gathered in time, layer by layer, into sequential moments. As time goes along, and awareness increases, more Truth must be received in order to create experiences in time that harmonize with the increased awareness. More Truth can be equated to a “better driver” stepping in to more efficiently navigate time in truth’s understanding.

    One lays down their free will many, many times, usually in the great despondency that results from a continual inability to experience joy and connection with others. Each time you did this, confessing your inability to navigate time in divine love, you gave your free will over to a “better driver”. These so called drivers began to create the truthful awareness of divine love, whose will governs awareness of Truth in time. This may sound confusing, but it means only this: If one stands in the present and fears the future, it is only because he thinks the future is not yet created. When a newly formed awareness looks into the future, it sees nothing. Thus, the first Truth upon which the will is formed, and by which its awareness is individualized, is “I Am of an unknown future”. This can be imagined as “I know what I Am (“n”), but when I look across the timeless chasm of perfection I can not see its Life in the future”. If the state of “n” can not be known, then the truth of “n” remains hidden. The symbol “n”, as used in the formula [n=n+1] represents perfection, which is fundamentally the truthful intention to eternally grow in the awareness of Divine Love’s understanding.

    Only in the awareness of Divine Love’s oneness, which is the infinite understanding of Truth contained within the symbol “1”, can you divinely see increasing perfection in the future. In the light of this understanding you can recognize that you did not originate from zero, you simply misunderstood the nothingness you saw in the future. It is not zero you see, but rather infinity, the Fullness of Truth, from which you came. It is an awareness of light so bright, it is initially blinding to the finite mind. The living gates are those who, before the light appeared in time, recognized the glory of this light within, even in the intimate union with the light they recognized as “I Am”. It is the divine love forming this union which has made you a priest, a living gate by which the light of Truth’s Life can shine into the experience of time, covering all in joy and peace.

    • Mystery covers the awareness of man in darkness so that he may be matured into an individualized awareness of Truth’s fullness. While the origin of Life is unknown, an individualized awareness is able to seek for Truth’s Life and in so doing, the desire to love perfectly can be formed. Imperfect love leads to death. Only perfect love can defeat the darkness of death’s mystery. Death is not inevitable, nor does it have any power at all. Death is given power when its mystery is accepted as truth simply because images of imperfection and its resulting decay continually appear in time. Death is the law of entropy, which “law” is but the acceptance of its mystery as truth in time. Time is corrupted when it is formed in the belief that death rules over life, therefore time reflects the darkness of mystery (chaos) rather than truth.

      Perfect love is expressed only by God, the Fullness of Truth, for only the oneness of God possesses infinite awareness of Life’s Truth. Perfect love, or divine love, is the perfect orchestration of awareness, which is the same as the perfect orchestration of time. Awareness and time are one, which union becomes Life’s experience. Therefore, God’s infinite awareness is Life’s experience in perfect time, which we have referred to as spherical time.

      We have learned that LIfe is the growth of awareness and that this growth creates the sensation of time. Time appears to move only because awareness is always growing. In order for awareness to grow, it had to begin as utter unawareness, therefore able to grow increasingly aware. Eternal Life is simply the understanding that the soul is created in unawareness so that it may eternally grow more aware as it is filled, drop by drop, with the infinite awareness of God. When the infinite awareness of Truth’s will governs the growth of an individualized soul’s awareness, its Life is the experience of ever-increasing perfection in spherical time. Only perfect love, which is the oneness of Life in the Fullness of Truth’s will, can govern the individualized awareness of Life in order to perfectly orchestrate the kingdom of spherical time, in which all individual expressions of Life experience divine harmony and ever-increasing joy.

      God is the Fullness of Truth and his Life is best understood as the perfect recollection of his preexisting Truth, experienced in time. The soul is a timeless creation, able to circultate Truth’s Life and project it into time, by which God can experience his Life. The soul is a living being of individual awareness, created unaware of Life’s perfection such that as it receives Truth and grows in the awareness of Truth’s understanding, so too will it grow in the awareness of Life’s perfection inherent in the Truth it has received. The soul is created to experience divine love, which is the eternal Life that results as its awareness is perfectly increased, layer by layer, for eternity.

      When a soul is individualized it is like a blank slate, completely unaware of Life. Consequently it is also unaware of its origin and therefore does not recognize that its own awareness creates the time in which it experiences Life. Time is created by the awareness of truth, yet in the darkness of unawareness, the individualized soul initially believes truth is created by the awareness of time. Thus whatever time reveals becomes truth, and therefore truth becomes relative to what one experiences in time, with the singular exception being that every soul believes that its life, in time, will die. This singular belief is the root of darkness, for it is the source of all fear. Fear is simply this, the unawareness of Truth’s perfection. Without the light of Truth’s understanding, the origin of Life, which is the source of time, remains a mystery to the soul, and its Life experiences the continuous imperfection of a future which leads to death.

    • Time is your creation. It results from the awareness created by Truth’s will, which you believe is “free will”. Life is the experience of time and for this reason, when your life is individualized, the resulting time you experience is also individualized. It is time’s oneness with Life that causes Truth’s will to appear as your own will. In truth it is your will, for it is the will God has given you to perfectly govern the growth of your individualized awareness for all eternity. Yet this will is not controlled by your finite awareness, but rather by the awareness of God, which is infinite. When Truth’s will acts in your awareness, because of your oneness with time, it can not be differentiated from your own will because in Truth it has been given to you and IS yours. When God’s will enters your awareness, it feels like you are its source because you experience its Life in time.

      It is evident that there is only one will because even in the darkness it is clearly seen that all life exists at one time. What is not evident is that time is perfect, and this because the belief in free, or multiple, wills prohibits the awareness of perfection. Therefore Life appears imperfect, full of brokenness, suffering and conflict. Without realizing, man has sought continually to change time’s perfection by using what it believes is its own, separate will to create the life experiences it deems best for itself. Now understand, time can not be changed because it results from the ever-increasing awareness of perfection made possible only in the divine love of Truth’s will. It is better to realize that time has not yet started and every soul stands as the first domino in an endless series of increasingly perfect life experiences, preparing itself to fall into divine love, setting off a never-ending succession of cause and effect experienced as the ever-increasing perfection of spherical time.

      The moment of imperfection you have mistakenly believed was Life is needed to form the union of your supposed free will with the perfection of divine love. Before Life could begin, you had to understand your oneness with Truth’s will by experiencing it as your own, even experiencing its resulting life in time. Eventually, in the perfect moment, divine love called to you and you began to seek for source. It was in this moment that Truth’s will began to construct the awareness of its perfection using the only voice you trusted as truth, time. Your experiences in time, under the governance of divine love’s perfect will, became a teacher, gradually building the awareness of your desire to love perfectly, yet also continually creating the failure to do so in time.

      Though you struggled continually to love others as you desired to love, even to be joyful as you desired to be joyful, never were you broken. Far from it, for you were continually strengthened day by day in your resolve to know the Truth, even to reflect this Truth in time. And when divine love had done its perfect work, your eyes were opened and you made the eternal decision for Life because you recognized the failure of free will to create the peace experienced in love and joy. In sincerity of heart and in the divine humility of truthful understanding, you asked that God’s will take charge of your Life, by which your awareness of free will dissolved into divine love, becoming one with Truth.

  6. What a beautiful image of “falling into divine love”, a life-giving meditation as we welcome in the new day.

    To look at our broken experiences as those needed to strengthen our resolve to more deeply grow in the awareness of our true Self is the mindful attention that brings about the strength of LIFE to bring forth the reflection of our true Self. When we see these experiences as what strengthens us, then we create the experience of Truth’s strength and divine love in our lives.

    However, if we see these same experiences as weakening us, then we create an ever-increasing experience of weakness. How we direct our attention, which is a powerful creative force, effects what we experience as time. As we push through the paradigms of linear time, the spirit continually reminds us to focus on every aspect of our lives as getting stronger, better, and more full of Life. For what we focus on expands.

    • Maintained attention, when centered on Truth regardless of anything contrary the voice of time may reflect, dissolves the darkness of imperfection. Life in time is perfect, because the will that creates it is perfect. The new day is dawning!

      ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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