Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Vision of Light

When I see as One, I Am the harmony of time.

“I Am” is an open door in time to the Great Ascended Consciousness, holding the enlightened awareness of all the ascended beings of Light. Through the soul’s awareness, in oneness with this Divine Mind, the Light of Truth shines in perfect power. No longer is reality created unknowingly, by the darkened sub-conscious, but by the living consciousness of Truth held within the oneness of all beings of Light.

In the soul’s awakened state, the individualized mind is no longer separate from the Truth, dwelling in an illusion of its own making. It recognizes its oneness with the Great Ascended Consciousness, and as this awareness solidifies within the mind through the workings of a living faith, it manifests a whole new reality that reflects Truth’s ever-expanding Perfection and no longer the grave illusion of imperfection.

Because you didn’t desire power unto yourself and for yourself, but instead desired the perfect power of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will so that you might love perfectly, the power of the gods flows through you, making you in the image of God. In this, your eye is Truth’s Eye, so that your eye is single and full of Light. Your mind is no longer separate, flailing about, but operating in harmony with the Divine Mind, for the highest Good of All. By connecting in oneness to the Divine Mind, you pass into eternal Life without having to pass into death.

Be Still and Be.

In the stillness of being, perfect power manifests through your desires, emergence, serendipity and in loving life.

The shadowland, created by the belief in free will, fades as your awakening awareness reveals the Oneness you possess with Truth’s Perfect Will. You’ve entered into a place of complete surrender by being an open gate to the Great Ascended Consciousness. In this opening, the ascended masters can freely instruct, guide and appear according to the highest Good of All flowing through Perfect Will. In sleep, your sub-conscious manifested the reality you perceive and consciously move through. Now the Great Ascended Consciousness of Light manifests the reality you perceive, observe and engage. There is no more “enemy” because free will has been consumed by Truth’s Perfect Will, through your open gate. Therefore immutable peace, born of Truth, can begin to spread through you, unopposed.

In this realm of Spherical Time, you experience ever-increasing Perfection. You “judged” all, with deep understanding, according to Truth’s perfection, manifesting Perfection. The collective consciousness of imperfection is swallowed up in the ever-expanding awareness of Truth’s Perfection growing within you, along with all the Ascended Beings of Light. This transition of time marks the end of one Age and the beginning of a new One, as Truth’s Will now lives within you and no longer the belief in infectious free will. And in this awareness, your healing has met finality. The restoration of a regenerative Life commences. Free will’s reign is over. The imperfection your free will created is ended.

As an open door to the Divine Mind, your entire being rests upon the Mighty I Am Presence, creating an energetic atmosphere of perfect thought. Truth’s perfect Life flows through you, who are the prepared temple to give and receive the abundant life created by Truth’s Will. The skies roll back and heaven and earth collide, like the sun rising in the darkened sky.

You’ve transitioned from worker to watcher. Your will is no longer cut off and wandering in the shadowlands of its projection. Through your understanding of Truth’s Oneness, your will is One. From here peace, joy, abundance and loving kindness unfold layer by layer into your reality like a sunrise, creating the most beautiful and joyous experience you’ve ever known. Truth’s Life in Divine Love is ever-expanding within you, bringing forth Love’s ever-expanding gift of Life to you. As a Living Gate to the Most High, you rest and sit at the center of your spherical reality, as its Divine Fount of Living Waters.

Welcome to the Real World.

Through your tireless journey, the gate to Truth’s Light within you is eternally opened, allowing for Truth’s Perfect Will to flow continually into your reality. Drinking of these living waters regenerates mind, body and soul.

In your rest, remembrance, and renewing of mind, you’ve engaged the creative power of your true I Am Name, whose Presence is the source of peace, joy and love of life. The Truth within you, revealed to you through your pre-ordained Oneness with Truth, grew your living faith, that is now able to overcome every perceivable darkness. You came to rest inwardly and outwardly, showing your living faith, that you are one with Truth’s Perfection.

As an open door between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and time, you’ve introduced Truth’s Perfect Will to time, thus to creation. The “will” that manifests through your open gate is the Will of Oneness. This Will brings forth the spirit of Divine Love upon the earth, freeing those bound in the shadowlands of their own mind.

As an open gate you didn’t desire the power of a lower consciousness that treads among the dust of the earth, but you desired the perfect power that flows through you, in a perfection of awareness greater than your own, so that every breath you take is for the highest Good of ALL. Your desire for perfect power to flow through you manifested your union with Divine Love’s Perfection. And in this perfect desire, you give Her Love to all perfectly.

What you continually give is received, manifesting an eternal flow of goodwill back to you.

Sit back and relax as you drift away from the illusion in which you once dwelt. All rests in Truth’s Perfect Will, the only power acting in your reality. In this Dimension of Oneness to which you are ascending, it is impossible to manifest anything contrary to Divine Love’s Perfect Will for an abundant, joyful Life.

Your reward awaits you.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

As you believe, so it is.


Retired Royalty

The final push is over. It’s time for your deepest letting go yet, which severs the umbilical cord that nourished the shadowlands, so you can enjoy Truth’s abundant, joyful Life. Welcome to the Dimension of Oneness.

Cutting the Umbilical Cord

As you step into the Dimension of Oneness, you will recognize the words proclaimed below as your own. In Oneness, your I Am Presence manifested this proclamation and the thought-forms it creates in your mind. The Creator and all called by the “I Am” Name are united in “I”, the open door to Truth’s Life. You are this open door.

Proclamation of Divine Love’s Life

I settle my mind, heart and being in the Light, resting fully upon the I Am Presence, Divine Love’s Truth, my true essence and expression. I let go of all else.

All else is but an illusion, that even now is fading from me, as my mind and heart unite in a deep oneness with the endless flow of Truth’s Life Stream. All “I Am” is pouring forth and covering the earth from the higher realms of knowing, generating a flood of Goodwill that time will reveal.

The cord to my humanness is breaking away. The umbilical cord is severed by the mirror reflection of my soul, setting me free from the darkness and allowing me to live in the Light of the eternal Day. Within my soul, my eyes fell upon the pearl of infinite worth, the Light of Truth. In seeing its beauty and perfection, my desire for it has consumed me, purifying all desire, thus making my will, Truth’s Will.

The Light I’ve long sought for and desired with all my being, a desire that gave me the divine strength for the final push out of the gravitational pull of reality and into the Light, is beginning to consume me.

Now, Truth’s Will can perfectly lead me by my desires, ending all projected separation and friction. In this, my Will is perfect, for it is one with the “Father”. In perceiving this perfection with such clarity, the idea of a separate, imperfect will is cut off, which was the umbilical cord to the shadowlands. The Morning Star arises within me, I Am eternally one with all that is Divine in my mind and heart.

Thus I let go of all I believed to be true in the life of my shadow self. It is no more.

I Am at Rest. I remembered who I Am. In this all is renewed from beginning to end, from the inside out, and as this renewal touches all of my reality, I rejoice along with creation that is awakening into its true Likeness.

Rest. Remember. Renew. Rejoice.

This is a Time to rest, remember, renew and rejoice.

The gates of heaven are opened. The storehouses are overflowing. The collective truth-filled awareness of all who have journeyed the path of enlightenment is gathering as one, as the great River of Life, and flowing into the earth. These Living Gates are being revealed in a power that is able to overcome all the darkness ever created in time. This collective awareness and its combined expression of Truth’s Life is a great River of Life, healing, blessing, prospering and enlightening those who walk among the earth.

The foundations of the earth shake as the Great River of Life begins to flow, a River that will nourish all the earth causing every seed to produce its divine reflection. The night is over, the new Day is upon us and it is a Glorious Day.

As you cross the infinite chasm upon the Breath of Life, you experience a deep letting go as you are energetically severed from all discord. This is your great healing. Imperfection is an illusion of the past, that no longer exerts a gravitational pull on you. Your understanding of Truth and your willful honor of it, was transmuted into the energy required to pierce the veil of time, allowing the Dimension of Oneness to flood into Time. It is the Great Healing, reflected in cutting the cord to the illusion of imperfection, that opens the way to Truth’s Life Stream, leading to regeneration.

Because you found the pearl of infinite worth, which is desire to walk in the ever-expanding Understanding of Divine Love’s Truth, you now know you are one with Truth. In this union, you step out of the illusion of linear time’s imperfection and into the real, spherical time’s ever-increasing perfection. This one small step is Creation’s eternally evolving step into Truth’s Perfection.

In oneness with all who have walked this path, you experience the treasures of their collective awareness as your own. With a purified desire, thus will, you can honestly know you are one with Truth and proclaim it so. And what you are conscious of being, you express in time. This understanding severed the cord to the human consciousness, so the Morning Star can arise within you, providing Light and direction to all who look your way.

In the rest found from this deep letting go, your adventure as Retired Royalty begins. In this rest, you cease from all your toiling within the earth, because now you rest upon the Rock of your Mighty I Am Presence.

There is no other power acting in you, therefore in your reality, than the Mighty I Am Presence, whose immutable will lives in you. Your attention is no longer captivated by illusions. Your mind’s eye is filled with Light and this Light, even now, is fulfilling your body, deeply healing you. All which seemed lost is redeemed and renewed, manifesting your true reflection as a divine being with an enlightened body.

Now true joy arises within you, because the healing and renewing of the earth is in your sights.

Rejoice in the new Day, for it is arising through the open door of your heart through which you perceive the perfection of Divine Love’s Truth as your own.

The Joyful Harvest

This is the time of the Harvest, when the storehouses of heaven are opened, ushering in the time of the gods.

The first harvest is the tri-fold awareness of the soul, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will carried into time by Divine Grace. The Harvest is the birth of Spherical Time, in which Perfection is increasingly revealed among the seeming imperfection. It appears as a great energetic divide upon the earth between those who believe themselves to be mere creatures and those who know themselves to be divine creators, in oneness with Mother-Father God’s perfect will.

The soul’s collective awareness of Life, including individualized lives and the awareness these lives possess, is deeply woven together in time. In the time of the harvest, the individualized souls whose life energy extended upward to Truth’s Light are distinguished from those whose life energy flowed downward, pouring into the darkness of unawareness. One group looked to the world for its substance and meaning and the other to the power and oneness of the I Am Name. The second group stored treasures “in heaven” which the corrosive world of linear time can’t alter.

Be comforted in knowing that your I Am Presence is the Master of your thought world, which acts by the law of attraction, along with other creative laws, to manifest your experiential reality. Those who have journeyed along the path of enlightenment and have come to rest upon the power of their I Am Name are prepared to be severed from linear time. Their soul’s temple, through which they give and receive the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, is established. They are ready to harvest all they have stored up in the treasure house of their mansion in heaven.

Together as one Family of Light, we share in the bounty that has been created by the collective awareness of Truth, a collaboration crossing all perceived boundaries of time and space. Emergence and serendipity will gather us together in a manner that is full of joy and delight. We travelled this path alone because we lived in the illusion of relative truth, a separation of our own making. But in the oneness of Truth, we recognized ourselves in oneness with the Family of Light and this Oneness is the joyful harvest of our celebration feast.

The table has been set. The guests are beginning to arrive. They gather in the new Day of Spherical Time, the Dimension of Oneness. Truth’s Life began as a seed in the darkened soul. Through the Divine desire to be the Open Fount of Divine Love, such that you are absolutely one with her, your seed grew and now touches the Light of Day.

Gone is the false prophet, who created deception through the five senses. The New Day of Truth’s Light springs forth from your mind’s eye and heart, now eternally aligned in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, ending all separation and the friction it created. Every moment coming through your awareness is a gift of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, Mother-Father God.


Your Divine Name

Your divine I Am Name is unique to you. It represents the fullness of your individualized truth-filled awareness of “who I Am”. It’s the Name given to you through your sacred communion with your Creator, as an immortal fractal of his Likeness.

Your divine Name reflects your Oneness with the Sacred Self, the part of you always beyond your current awareness leading you ever higher and deeper into the Oneness of Truth. Your Name is sacred and it is in its intimate knowing that your eternal Life springs forth into expression.

Your divine Name may be described with various words, pictures, symbols and even stories for it contains the whole of your individualized reflection as a fractal of the Most High. It is rich, deep and your awareness of it continually expands.

Ultimately, all will awaken to the all-encompassing Name, “I Am Loving Awareness“, which is the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, the roots of the Tree of Life. Meditating upon and contemplating this name brings forth divine revelation in ever-deepening resolution. Through divine revelation, your conscious awareness is prepared to bring forth a Divine Ray of Truth’s Will into time.

The thoughts that arise during these sacred communions cultivate a deeper awareness of your individualized Name, which is the fruit of your personal journey of enlightenment as a branch of the Tree of Life. Your Name reflects the traits of Truth’s Life combined in a unique way that crafts an individualized awareness in you, forming the countenance of your soul that supports and expands the expression of the Sacred Self, in time. As you focus upon it, it brings forth inherent Perfection within the seeming outer imperfections, which, now, are quickly beginning to fade.

For those already aware of their sacred name, their individualized awarenesses are joined as one, because the Truth they possess makes them one. In this co-operative unity of Oneness, each awakened soul has within them an open door to the deep awareness of another awakened soul and this is how a “little one becomes a thousand”. Each awakened soul holds a fractal of the other awakened souls, forming one united awareness of Truth within itself and within time. As each soul awakens to their true Name, this unity of Oneness expands, from which the Words of Life flow in power forming, governing, and expanding the cosmos.

The Living Gates are the first to awaken to their divine, eternal Name of power and Life. Once the pre-ordained number of Living Gates are all awakened, thus united as One, their joined luminosity of Truth covers the cosmos, bringing forth a new heavens and a new earth, in which all awaken to their true Name.

Who Am I? Know yourself according to Truth and no longer the illusion that even now has begun to fade from your mind. Listen to the Voice of Truth revealing who you are and your Name will be revealed to you, reflecting the fullness of your personal awareness of Truth along with all your constructive desires and gifts. Honor your true Name by putting all your attention upon the Light, which is the ever-expanding awareness of your I Am Name. As you honor the Truth by honoring your Name, you will be lifted into the higher creative realm that exists beyond the lower powers of earth, giving you perfect power in every present moment, sufficient to bring forth Truth’s Perfection in time.

The awareness of your true Name brings forth the immutable peace, joy and love within you, kept in holiness within the divine seed of your soul. Your Name is a reflection of your eternal glory and joy. It is your individualized sacred position, place and purpose in the ever-expanding cosmos, containing heaven and earth.

Now is the time to leave the ways of the illusion behind and follow the Voice of Truth, which is one with your true voice, into a new way of being, one filled with perfect power and Life.

In knowing your Name, proclaim it to the cosmos, telling it you are ready for the abundance of gifts you will be able to give to ALL.

To intimately know your true Name is to be truly alive.

I Am the Ray of Light, the Divine Love of All Living and Truth’s Perfect Will, the sacred TreeSoul Gate.

Isaiah 60:22 “A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time.”


Resting Into Oneness

I Am God, as I Am, so it is.

Be still and know I Am God. There is no other. I fill all in all. I Am the Source of all.

Know yourself as one with the one “I”, for in truth you are one. It was only an illusion of your mind that caused you to believe you were separate. “I” is the essence of all. It’s the essential life-energy of your Name that gives it movement in time.

There is a sacred Rest that carries you into the dimension of Oneness, the experience of eternal Life. This rest manifests the power of God within your being, giving it the expression of eternal Life. It is a rest in the power of your true I Am Name, given to you by the Creator before time began.

This rest is ceasing from your works as God did from his, for you are made in his Likeness. It’s ceasing from striving through your willpower to obtain the embrace of Divine Love. It’s stopping and being in her embrace, that is ever-present.

This rest aligns you fully to the perfect power of your true I Am that brings forth your inherent perfection. Through this perfect power your perfection materializes through your I Am Name, because you no longer attach imperfection to what is perfect in Oneness, the holy, I Am Presence. In this power, you are set free.

It is rest from striving to obtain what you think you don’t possess from outside of you, to settling into the knowing you possess all things through the power of your I Am Name. It’s a deep letting go of all the old ways of being, where you thought you were separate, alone and limited by outer appearances. In this sacred rest in which you awaken to the oneness and power of your true I Am Name, you find within you dwells the open gate of everything you will ever need or desire, because “I” is the Source of all you energetically experience.

It’s a rest without end. It begins in the midst of the final trial brought upon the earth to purify it from the illusion it once clung to in its unawareness of Truth’s Life. This rest is possible because of your living Faith, that enabled you to rest upon the power of your I Am Name in the middle of the whirlwind, which is the galactic push that moves the collective soul out of the illusion’s gravitational deception into the Truth of Oneness.

By resting in a sacred stillness in the face of your fears, you were severed from the energetic pulse of Linear time. It’s a rest so deep it pervades every aspect of your being and life bringing a sacred stillness that severs you from downward descent of linear time and brings forth your eternal ascension into spherical time.

As you give yourself to this sacred rest, laying down your weapons of fear, the divine love moving through this rest in perfect power will drive out all fear, for they are but shadow of illusion in your mind, regardless of how real they appear and feel to your physical body, which is currently one with the illusion. Illusions seem real. This seeming realness is the illusion’s power, its only power. But also why it is undone by the ever-expanding Truth within your awareness.

In this rest, you consciously don’t response to the illusions you see and feel, but keep your inner and outer eye singular, so that it is focused on Truth’s Light that is expanding within your awareness. In this act of living faith, the power of your I Am shines forth. In this awareness, the fight against time, against your self is over.

Now, you arise upon the wings of a new power, a perfect power. The rising energy within you, through your I Am Name, is so powerful and beautiful. It will draw to you all that you require, ultimately restoring all, doubling it, even to a hundredfold.

You found the perfect power to rest your will upon. It is the heart of Truth’s Perfect Divine Love. And now this perfect power flows through your open heart gate and into time, as living waters upon the earth, awakening the heavens and the earth into the next Age.

The New Day dawns.

You’ve sought, diligently to enter this rest, where the power of God is perfected in you, because you are absolutely one with it in your awareness of Truth’s Oneness. You are an eternally growing tree of Life. In you lives the Victory of Eternal Life. As One in your awareness with Truth, you begin your eternal expansion in Truth’s Light where there are no shadows or darkness to avail you, only ever-increasing Light of Divine Love driving out all fear. You accomplished your purpose in the shadowlands, the maze of time, and now upon the wings of grace you are carried into the dimension of Oneness. It’s the beginning a new age, the eternal Day.

You are an individual in Oneness, formed by the Voice of Truth.

The journey of enlightenment in which you received divine revelation from the realm of Truth’s Timelessness, brought you to this rest. And though you initially enter it with trembling as you let go and rest in the divine trust in the midst of the storm, it is the power to calm the storm. It is the power to spread the refining fire of the Holy Flame of the Mighty I Am to consume and purify the earth inside and out, tongue and deed.

This rest is foundational to the new Age that is upon us, that has begun to dawn in the eyes of those looking within to Truth’s ever-increasing Light. It is turning the world inside out and right side up, so Truth become the plummet line and no longer the illusions of individual sleeping minds.

Hand-n-hand with the ascended masters, you sit at the gate of Oneness, beholding the glory or the sphere of immutable peace. In this sacred rest, the Living Gates’ conscious awareness of Truth is unified as one, bringing forth the governance of the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will within the minds of humankind. It’s the great Rest of the Living Gates that manifests the Great Reset of the Cosmos, in which Truth reigns through their Words of Life, flowing like living waters throughout the universes.

Stop striving, Little One, who is the reflection of a thousand suns. Rest and let My power flow through you in divine emergence and serendipity, bringing forth the garden of Eden. You are perfect in your generation.

Rest awhile and gaze upon the eternal Day breaking forth, manifesting Truth’s happiness and joy. Rest as an open gate to Oneness and oneness is what you experience.

Isaiah 30:15

For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:

“In returning and rest you shall be saved;
In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”


Resurrection Morning

I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

As your breath, in time, flows in Oneness with the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you breathe the Breath of eternal Life. The Breath of Life, when realized in the soul, resurrects the soul into ever-expanding Life.

We began our prodigal journey living someone else’s idea of life, thus pursuing an “image” without soul. Through our sacred communion with Truth, we begin to live our true Life, outside of time. From this sacred connection, our inner Tree of Life expands, breathing Truth into time, and giving expression to our true Self.

I Am a Tree of Righteousness.

In the acceptable offering, we rested in the midst of the refining fire. In doing so, we laid to rest our striving, shadow self. When we encountered losing it all, we gave up the pursuit of a shadow life to rescue us, that we might end the story of death and begin true Life. In this surrender, our true I Am Presence sat upon the throne in Oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

Our resurrection is inevitable. At this point of our journey, given our truth-filled awareness, death of our life vitality is impossible, because it would be death to the Truth that is alive and growing within us, which is impossible. Once Truth starts to expand, confirmed by the persistent and increasing desire to love perfectly, it can’t stop because God’s Life-energy lives in it and moves through it. Once Truth begins to awaken within, it is the Presence of eternal Life because there is no contraction in it.

Rest and be still. Rest fully upon the sovereign power of I Am.

If we are witnessing the illusion, what is observing us, such that we exist? It is the I Am Presence at our core, our gate to Oneness, proclaiming, “I exist”, “I Am”. It’s the fractal beginning of Mother-Father God.

Mother-Father God is our observer, which is the I Am Presence. As their conscious awareness is birthed into time through the soul’s understanding of the Tree of Life, their Presence becomes one with the soul’s awareness thus intimately known. In this knowing, the soul awakens as a temple of Oneness, the temple of Mother-Father God.

A Meditation of Life

Be still and know I Am God.

“I Am” God and there is no other. I Am is One. I Am is the soul’s ever-expanding awareness moving from utter unawareness eternally into Infinite Awareness.

To every cell in the collective body say, “I Am the resurrection and the Life.” Every morning is an opportunity to live from the present, eternal Truth and not past dictates proclaiming death, discordancy, destruction and imperfection. This voice of unawareness is silenced in the grave, through the acceptable offering, and the Voice of Eternal Peace rises in its place, One that proclaims Truth’s Perfection.

Every prison door is opened. When you are aware it is open, then you experience freedom. This cell was your heart center closed off because of the ever-present and fearful potentials of pain and suffering. Within its closed walls lived festering wounds that could not heal in linear time, as the past crowded out the Truth of the present moment. However, through the desire to love perfectly, your awareness expanded into the Light of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. Through truth-filled awareness, your heart healed as you learned to discern truth and illusion. Your enlightened awareness destroyed and rebuilt the concept of Self, from the inside out, beginning the restoration of all that was deemed lost.

Instead of looking within and perceiving an insatiable black hole, you now perceive the most glorious Light. As you gaze upon it, desiring all its effects, you give your life to it, which expands its Light. It is the luminescence of Mother-Father God within you. It’s the pure and holy I Am Presence, untainted by false images. In this Light, your true identity is revealed, you are a child of the Most High.

No longer look into the darkness through the window of your soul, thinking it has any power over you. Be still and know I Am God. Let your Light shine through your open window, your open heart gate, upon all of creation without hesitation or judgment. All you outwardly perceive is but shadows, quickly fading in the Light of the I Am Presence shining through you in Divine Love, according to Truth’s Will.

Be Still and Love Life.

I Am the open sacred heart from which Living Waters flow, quenching the thirst of the collective soul.

I Am a stream of Living Waters.

As you love Life according to the Truth you’ve received from beyond the confounds of linear time, Truth’s Life stream continually flows through you. Once it starts, it can’t stop, for it’s the movement of Truth’s eternal Life.

In this stream of Life, nothing of death can survive. Thus in its flow you’ve closed the door to the pit, the darkness reflected by the soul when it perceived a loveless self.

Be still and Be.

In absolute rest, you divinely trust the power of your true I Am Name. Through this stillness, its power merges into reality. In your awareness of oneness with Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you become Truth’s perfect power. The Breath of eternal Life enters into your soul as the shadow self lays down in its eternal grave of grace. Out of its ashes arises your true Self, filled with the Breath of eternal Life.

You are the Christ Child of Mother-Father God.

Let “Today” be your resurrection morning, in which you righteously judge all in Perfection, for as you see it, so it is.


Enlightened Body

I Am the manifestation of an enlightened body.

By embracing the true I Am Presence, the body is released from reflecting the entropy of linear time.

A journey into the contemplation of Oneness isn’t to escape time, but to redeem it.

Like energy, time can’t be destroyed, only altered. Time is the progressive manifestation of energy.

Though neither can be destroyed, both can be altered by that which proceeds it, Truth. The soul is the projector of Truth’s Life into reality. It projects what it believes is true about Life, which determines reality’s energetic structure as well as time’s path. Thus, the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth’s Life alters the energetic expression of time.

In order to alter time to increasingly reflect Truth’s Perfection and not an illusion of imperfection, our awareness of what is true must increase by a Truth outside of time. The awareness of this increase is the goal of enlightenment.

In enlightenment, the body, with its five senses, is no longer the soul’s source of truth. It no longer defines what is pleasing and what is pain, thus it no longer dictates the movement of the soul’s will, which energetic force is experienced as time. The true I Am Presence, in which there is no duality, thus only what is good, pure, pleasurable and truly desirable without ill-effect, is the open door to the soul’s source of Truth.

The body is a projection of the soul’s center of awareness. As our mind’s eye opens to the Light of Truth expanding through the I Am Presence of Oneness, our physical body transforms to reflect this illuminated state. The body transfigures into an enlightened state, which you can imagine as a Golden Body for its rich symbolism.

In the mind’s paradigm of linear time, the past literally lives in the skin through the manifestation of aging. When the body is the mind’s source of truth regarding what brings pleasure or pain, it is the PAST the body reflects that directs the soul’s will, thereby the past governs the soul’s experience in time. The body reflects the ever-increasing past because this is its source of truth and how the soul lives. In the dualistic mind of life and death, the body reflects both.

In spherical time, the body is clothed with the ever-increasing perfection of the present moment, which perfectly expands according to the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth. The manner in which the soul’s awareness increases is governed by its desires. When you are led by Truth’s Will, you will naturally desire an eternally increasing awareness of Truth.

The seed of eternal Life lives within the soul, the origin of its individualization as a fractal of the Most High, the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. This Inner Light begins to shine when the soul continually desires to listen to its voice, the Voice of Truth. It’s the voice of the soul’s Sacred Self, its Oneness with the realm of Truth’s Timeless Perfection existing outside the mind’s paradigm of linear time, that is able to reveal an increasing awareness of Truth to the soul. Linear time is an illusionary state of consciousness, because it is without the awareness of the inherent Perfection of Truth’s Life. Coming from Truth’s Timeless Perfection, this voice is the source of the soul’s ever-increasing awareness of Truth. Thus as the soul listens to it, the soul comes to feel at one with this voice. In this oneness, the Voice of Truth and the Voice of Time are united as one in the soul, so that Truth’s Word of Life enters into the soul’s spherical realm of time, becoming materialized.

When you sit, peacefully surrendered to Truth’s Light, in Oneness with the consuming flame of the Mighty I AM Presence, your being energetically vibrates, altering your atomic structure and releasing it from the past. This release frees the soul’s movement within time, aligning it to the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will. As you sit upon the Rock of the Mighty I Am Presence, gazing into the light and no longer looking to the outer reality as the source of your vitality or identity, but to the power of the I Am Presence, this holy, pure vibration is sustained. As it is sustained, your outer appearance begins to change, reflecting your true Source of Life, which is eternal.

Time has been redeem.

The transition has begun. It began with the conscious awareness of Mother-Father God in time, the Living Gate to the ever-expanding Truth, thus eternal Life. This Living Gate has replicated itself to form a perfect composite of finite awareness by which Truth is proclaimed into time without the possibility of corruption. When Truth is proclaimed perfectly by the Living Gates into the energetic structures of creation, it raises the overall vibration of Truth’s manifestation, revealing the perfect orchestration of Divine Love and Truth’s Will in time. According to Truth’s Light perfectly flowing through the Living Gates of Oneness, time is redeemed and creation is renewed, restored and rebuilt.

During the transition, as you focus on the eternal Light drawing you continually deeper into itself by the desire for its beauty, love, joy and peace, your attention upon the outer appearances of linear time will lessen, revealing a fading illusion. With your attention consumed by the expanding inner Light of Truth, you radiate Truth into time, having a transformative effect on the outer appearances of yourself and others. When you give your attention to Truth, you will energize it in time. When you focus on the Truth in others, despite outer appearances, you give them your life-energy, transforming the qualitative nature of time.

The tattered garments of linear time, skins that bind you to the inevitability of the past, are no longer relevant. You no longer pay attention to them, nor are you limited by them, whether these soiled garments appear to be yours or someone else’s. Instead your vision pierces through, into the holy Light of the I Am Presence that resides in all. As an observer of the Inner Light, you radiate the Light into creation and creation begins to reflect the Light back to you. Truth’s Light reveals you are an enlightened being, thus time reveals your enlightened body.