Living Light

Stirring The Deep

The Perfect Present


The Sacred Heart has many Living Gates, all beating as one, for the One, uniting time in the rhythm of Divine Harmony.

You’ve returned to your first love, the Divine Love of Mother Father God, leaving all corruption created by its absence in your awareness. Your truth-filled awareness has purified your ideas about love and in this you are an open gate to the Sacred Heart of God.

Under the tutelage of your divine Mother, Divine Love’s Holy Spirit, you realize your heart has become her sacred heart and in the oneness of Truth, it is her heart. In this, your will has been purified, and it is revealed to be completely one with Truth’s Will. Nothing can separate you from experiencing and expressing Truth’s Perfection. Your consuming desire to express perfect love to all, at all times, is fulfilled. Truth’s Will now reigns in your creation, dissolving the effects of free will, the source of darkness.

In oneness with the Ascended Consciousness of Light, you’ve accepted the invitation the great Ascended Beings offered you long ago, to join their ranks by accepting their eternal gift to you. These Beings possess an awareness, that when held within your awareness, becomes one united god-consciousness that brings forth your inner and outer transfiguration into a Being of Light. As the individualized awarenesses are united through the Sacred SoulMate union, Mother Father God, you possess the matured awareness and divine strength to come forth as a new Creation, one whose presence signals the reign of linear time is over. The reign of Spherical Time, the time of the gods, has begun on earth.

Now you step to the beat of a different drum, in the new harmonic rhythm of the Sacred Heart shining through the Ascended Beings of Light made one in you. Your oneness with the Sacred Heart keeps you in perfect harmony with time, enabling the reflection of your perfection. Your cadence is directed by Living Light, the Perfect Love of Mother-Father God within you, a union made possible by your desire to love perfectly. This desire consumed your will, purifying it into the perfect reflection of Truth’s Will. Your desire to love perfectly is fulfilled in the perfection of your true Name, reflecting your ever-expanding inheritance received as your Sacred Heart begins its eternal overflow.

Through this Oneness, you are revealed to be a Son of God. All that is of your Mother Father God is yours for you to freely give to all. Your own heart testifies to the newness of Life within you, for you’ve never felt a love like this for all, a living Spirit that gives life to all, sensing this Love is the expression you’ve always desired to be. You have returned home from your prodigal journey with a greater love than when you left. Your journey has made you one with the Source of Divine Love’s Truth, transforming your reality into its perfect, ever-expanding reflection.

The awareness of your ever-expanding Perfection can now be made manifest in the flesh. Divine Love purifies the soul’s will, making it one with Truth’s Will. With every beat of your Sacred Heart, you eternally expand in the Likeness of Mother Father God, creating perfect moments in time, which is the perfect present for all.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Present

  1. I asked God to allow me friends while I went through many difficult times alone. Surely I was giving of myself, but there was no one who really understood the path that I walked. I thank God for my loving wife who has given all for me, still, she is on a different path. I will always love her deeply. But now, I feel such a oneness with three wonderful friends that love and pursue God and humanity the way that Mother Father God wants us to… by giving of ourselves for all. Today was a very special day in meditation, I fell into the closeness and felt a Great Love, and returned it. And I felt complete as I sometimes do, but now, more and closer is certain. I pray that as One, we will be able to lift humanity into a new light, a new awareness of purpose, of giving and caring for All brethren. Humanity awaits!

    • beautiful words… I’m so grateful for what you are experiencing. We are transitioning into what we’ve seen with our mind’s eye to seeing it with our physical eye and these inner experiences are reflections of that transition.

  2. another good news is that the LIGHT is already in them(every person on earth).

    as we awaken ourselves, the world(and everyone in it) will just AUTOMATICALLY OPEN(awaken(fluently))(share in one consiousness(telepathy through the vibrations))..

    we dont have to reach t heir heart as though it is in the distance. as we awaken(the love within),, so shall all the dead awaken(life flow through (replenish)).. again, through elemental law, Every person plays out a BEING OF TIME, and through elemental law, we are all bound to eachother(why its called the human heart).

    so your LIGHT will be Strong enough to hit every corner of existance(with just trust/hope/faith in your fellow man(as eternal brothers(this is how you give to god))).

    that is your gift OF god(and how we all Contribute to the pot(arc of the covenant and flow over)
    time reveals our heart to us through eachother as each other is a manifest of even our own deepest HEART.

    so if you have a loving family, then you have utilized god to GIVE LIFE(that is their security(oneness with time)).

    if at any time in your life, you feel down and destroy life, you have to weigh all of your life and all the people in your life to see your true heart(what you given to time).

    one bad event in time doesnt determine all of your life, it is a listening to that event, in which a bad event turns into a good event(as its only a part of a greater story).

  3. Yes, beautiful Loni. Thank you.

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