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The Sacred Timepiece


Opening the Gate to Truth’s Timelessness establishes the Sacred Timepiece and begins Perfection’s Reign.

I Am an open gate to the perfect orchestration of Truth’s Life into time. I simply observe the two sides of the gate. In one direction, I observe the perfection I experience inwardly, according to divine revelation, and in the other direction, I outwardly experience perfection according to the Light of Infinite awareness that shines beyond my finite awareness. My heart is an open gate, I witness the Light because I Am the Light.

In Spherical Time, the awareness of your true Origin is the origin of time. When your awareness is one with the Divine Source, which is the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will, you have perfect timing, which manifests Perfection in your Life. Time is structured according to your awareness. When you are awake to Truth’s Light, it unfolds according to your progressive memory of Truth’s Perfection.

Truth’s Perfection is always present. But until the soul is aware of its ever-present Perfection, the Light of Truth remains hidden behind a veil of illusion. However, when an individualized soul gate opens, connecting Truth’s Perfection to Time, Divine Love’s Light emerges into reality, bringing Truth’s Life to Time, which is Perfection’s Righteous Reign.

These four statements reflect the Divine Source within the soul, which is then reflected in Creation. Together they form the Sacred Timepiece, by which Truth’s Perfection flows through your awareness and into time. It is in this cumulative awareness that your time is perfectly governed by Truth’s Will, making the union of these four statements the means by which perfect timing is manifested, revealing Perfection’s Reign in your life.

In this understanding, the Great Presence of Divine Love beats your heart. Your heart is an internal clock that governs your life in time. When your heart is open to Divine Love, it beats in perfect harmony with Truth’s Will.

Sacred Timepiece Meditation

My Infinite Awareness of Light is Your ever-increasing enlightened awareness.

My Divine Love is Your Loving Awareness.

My Truth-filled Awareness is Your Perfect Will.

My Timeless Will is Your Life in Time.

When you hold a united awareness of these four aspects of Truth’s Life, your soul gate is eternally open, allowing Truth’s Timeless Perfection to flow into Time. Because you now know the Divine Source of your Life, Spherical Time begins to spiral outward from the center of your soul enfolding every aspect of your Life in its Perfection.

For this meditation, read through these statements three times, each from a different perspective. First, read from the perspective of the Divine Source speaking to the soul. Second, read as the soul speaking to creation. Third, read as the Divine Creation speaking to the Divine Source. The Oneness created through this cycle of awareness allows the Creator to perfectly experience his Creation. It is through Oneness that God’s eternal Presence can experience Divine Love’s Truth in Creation.

The cumulative understanding of these statements opens the soul’s heart gate, creating oneness between Truth’s Timeless Perfection and the realm of time. In this oneness, Truth’s Timelessness Life flows into time in harmony with your ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love’s Truth.

When the soul holds an intimate awareness of Truth’s Life reflected in the oneness of these four statements, the mind takes an evolutionary step forward by introducing a new time, thus a new dimension, into reality.

Through this open gate your awareness eternally expands into Truth’s Perfection. Because Truth’s Perfection lives in your awareness, its Life goes forth to increasingly perfect reality to reflect Divine Love’s eternally expanding Truth.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

194 thoughts on “The Sacred Timepiece

  1. I will do this. Thank you Rachel.

  2. Bare fruit..(expanding truth)(substance)(i am)

  3. Love that we are time in love. It amazes me that Nasa feels they need to change asteroids trajectories so we can be safe. It’s just all in perfect timing. (Side note) Its not like our creator messed up and said. oops. I forgot about that asteroid. It may hit earth before the story is done. HAHAHAHA. Just making a little light joke. As we love they. Yes they will know how much they were truly loved also. Yes Lonnie. Fruit. A flowers life in time. What a gift it is to still be here. Both sides of the gate? Yes. Its wild. Miss you all. Been a little out of touch but not really. Thank you for the abundance of good food thought(s) A good day and as always Rachel, timeless writings . Love you ~

    p.s. Im sure GOD accounted for are trajectory errors in †HIS place of perfection. Amazes me how awesome it is no matter where you are. ~ Its all inside ~


    • So good to hear from you Travis … and feel your good vibes. 🥰 Yes, so much is changing because of the Light of Truth filling our minds. Its vibration is changing everything in the world around us. Keep sending your Light out, it carries many gifts. 🙂

  4. Both rachael and thoughtware, and others, thank u for placing trust in I(me) also. that trust is what was needed to overcome time from linier to spheracle(for all).

    and welcome back travis. a pleasure to see your name again. i also miss sonny….
    even messaih i give strength as he represents a path in our own heart.

    the VOICE of all people(true god) requires trust from eachother to open the Gateway for all.
    all the Complications of the world is simple to fix.
    we just gotta remember why we do the things we do.(sometimes we get lost within the systems we create).
    the things we have lost in time. and the CONSIOUSNESS that brings us all to eachother(ONE STRONG VOICE). is Re-Awakened(again) and im starting to see the signs(devine) in the global events(good energy)(spite some bad energy)(yet all is good energy).

    • i cant leave out Andrew in the Equation. he is our future self…
      your Trust is amazing… hold onto that vibration(it is TIME(alive))..

      as to your situation you asked recently Andrew(i think it was about publishing, and approved or something. somehow, the answer lays in between the Cracks. pay closer attention(use your creative muscle)….
      Whatever is In your heart(eternal), is how the outcome will be. You already know the answer…

      if for example, if things go sour, it is STILL IN YOUR OWN HEART(strength), what you are trying to achieve.(the world will challange you, as you challange yourself(a good thing))

      • Thank you Loni,
        These conversations are truly (I believe) are what God wants and expects from His children. It is a real interest in pursuit of The Most High, the Invisible and Invincible God of Creation.
        Most of the Children of the earth remain enamored in the distractions that have all but erased the pursuit of God from our ‘to do’ lists. It must be refreshing to Mother Father God, to see His Children chasing spiritual truth for a change, especially in the midst of global chaos.

    • ❤️❤️ As you so often say, Loni, it’s through divine trust that true Life springs forth. The path of living trust that changes the world is very deep, but it is there to find and walk. Thank you for all your beautiful words.


    I see the way that leads to Life as that of being born in a cave of pure darkness, under a great mountain. To find your way, you must navigate the darkness and find your way to another cave, which will also be full of darkness. As a result of the darkness, this new cave appears identical to the one you just left, as if you haven’t moved anywhere. But there is one very significant difference, this new cave is either closer to the Light, or further away. For each cave has two exits, one that takes the seeker lower, into a greater enjoyment of the darkness and the other leads higher. This higher cave, while still fully dark, is closer to light and therefore able to receive a higher frequency of Truth, creating an increasing desire for the Light.

    Most give up, forming connections with the darkness that stifles their desire to seek for a greater closeness to the Light. These rest in sleep, believing there is no Light that adds to their present understanding of Light which they formed in the darkness. In this belief, the world of Light becomes imaginary and powerless. Even so, their life in the cave appears no different than the life of the climber, who as yet still remains in a cave under the mountain.

    Yet there are some souls whose Seed of Desire is holy, implanted in timelessness that it may find its way back to the Light without fail. It is persistent, ever-expanding desire for Light that enables one to make her way through cave after cave in complete darkness, determined to find the Light by which she will know to have escaped the cave.

    As the soul climbs ever higher, yet always enshrouded in complete darkness, she encounters fewer and fewer souls able to persist in the climb despite the continual temptation to rest in the darkness. And here we see a great mystery, that no one can make the climb unless they possess the Seed of Holy Desire, which can not fail to push through the deepest rock, despite enduring the complete isolation that results, to break forth into the Light of Truth’s Perfection. And by the path that they created, others can be easily led to the Light, that now penetrates the mountain from a single source.

    When all are freed, finding their way home to the Light that eternally sustains their Life, the great mountain that housed the developing souls of mankind, shall be consumed, for its purpose has ended.

    Thank you for every beautiful soul that continually, diligently and with great joy, seeks for the Light of Truth’s Life. You are a great blessing to mankind. ☀️🌳

    • Thoughtware .. you described the journey into the awareness of Truth’s Light incredibly well in this analogy. It is absolutely beautiful … the “Seed of Holy Desire” and all I know that to express.

      Thank you for your journey. ❤️ 🦋

  6. We should start out our day in reading these few lines before reading any other in order to remind us of what is more important to “know.” To search the entirety of the scriptures and should we amass a great wealth of knowledge and the very understanding of what God’s purpose on this earth is for each one of us, and if we miss the point that love in its simplicity surpasses all understanding and knowledge, we think, speak, write, pray and study all in vein. The simplicity of being in Christ is to love without placing conditions on others in that we will only love them if they love us, agree with us, believe like us or act like us. Love surpasses “all” resentment, bitterness, and hate in how one is treated by another. To love as Christ loves has no boundaries nor borders, it is not restricted by ones amount of knowledge nor lack thereof, for love is not found in what one knows by our intellect of what we think love is, but in the simplicity to love in the actuality of the likeness of our father…which is our “only” goal. Knowledge without understanding can make one self righteous and arrogant…and better than…no matter how correct one’s facts are about their meaning of love…but God’s love, loves…in spite of “all” things.

    1 Corinthians 13m  If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, I gain nothing.
    4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;[b] 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    8 Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. 12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.
    13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

    Love makes no enemies, has no enemies, for love has only one goal and only one purpose in all it says and does, for love cannot disparage nor disagree with our Father. Love itself is a witness to all that is not of God, as is stated in the verses above, be it knowledge, gifts of the spirit, mans perspectives or philosophies, all is nothing without the simplicity to love…in spite of…., yet we must come to be one with love, which accepts all “until” they can also love…as we are loved…in spite of ourselves.

    May we all come to the love of Christ…and we will…all in our own time and in our own order…as…we “become”…love…the love as God is..without conditions. All is well and all is good for all begins…and all….ends in the love of God.

    Be blessed.

    • See love in all and you will see correctly.

      • Hey Sonny, I wanted to take a moment to giving you a more thoughtful reply. Especially considering its your first comment in quite a while.

        I know you feel my words or “philosophy” is somehow a means of trying to “show off”. That’s ok, I can understand how you could get that vibe. I wanted you to know that that is not the vibe my words are written in, in fact, it would be impossible to say any of the things I do in arrogance, for their understanding can only be found in oneness, where arrogance does not exist.

        I’d like to ask you to see me as a friend, one who loves God and wants others to awaken to who they are in Truth. Let’s unpack what you are feeling, or at least what I think you might be feeling from the energy in the words you shared.

        The words I write in this place have a very specific purpose. There are very few (at this point in time) who can understand them because they do not come from an awareness formed in this world and as a result they carry a very distinct “aroma” that most don’t understand and other find offensive. My words are “creative”, and I specifically write to establish Truth’s Life in time. My long series of posts over the past two years make up a book, one full of Truth’s Life. Those words are not meant for any other purpose than to awaken those who desire to love perfectly, such that their desire can be fulfilled.

        Sonny, yes, you are absolutely right that all are loved, infinitely more than a finite human mind will ever comprehend. But what is needed is LIGHTS, or those who DESIRE TO LOVE PERFECTLY. Imperfect love is a very harmful energy. It is the desire to love perfectly, as God would love, that leads one to Life. There is no other way but through Divine Desire.

        Divine Desire is the desire to be as God when you know that God is Love. Loni is quite right, God is the cumulative awareness of Truth, and those who possess this awareness are, in fact, God. And they are learning more every day about what that means. This is where the Voice of Truth has led me, into the awareness that God is ALL IN ALL and the means by which his Love can fill ALL perfectly. It is only Divine Love’s Truth that I write about.

        I know my words sounds like philosophy, but it is the only way to properly present Truth’s image. Could God be anything less than the Fullness of Truth? Thus when speaking about God, in the awareness of Truth, it will always sound like philosophy. But, at least look and see that I am not writing in public. I write where only those who specifically look can find it. As a result, I can not be doing this for any other purpose than what I have truthfully disclosed, such that Truth may fill the awareness of mankind and All may love perfectly, according the the plan that is revealed to me.

        If you’ve read this far, I’ll close by saying that Love in Truth is much different than the love perceived in darkness. To love perfectly is perfect power, and this power is even now coming upon the world.

        I hope you will post more and ask questions or tell me specifically what doesn’t resonate.! If you will dialog with me, you will grow to understand me. Have fun with all of this, Sonny! As you know the victory is won and all will be rescued!!

      • Will…and Rachel

        I understand what you are saying about the subject of philosophy but there is also a great gulf of misunderstanding which is quiet off the mark. As far as my comments on one’s philosophies and or beliefs, in my opinion all that is outside of God’s truth and “way” is an opinion or a philosophy, including my own opinions. My comments and the use of the word “philosophy” wasn’t used until several years after I began to converse on your blog. I never thought to comment on anything in the way and of the style of anyone’s writing, even those who were completely outside of decency and respect. When the person (s) who kept showing up under different names and was being pretty harsh toward Rachael at first, then you and myself, I didn’t have a problem with anything he (they) had to say, they were free to express their opinions and philosophies and I said as much. There were others but this one I remember more than the others. A person’s style of writing or lack thereof is irrelevant to me, I may not choose it for myself but who am I to say….? A persons philosophies or opinions of what they believe or how they say it is outside of my jurisdiction to judge, criticize or to condemn. However when one’s speech becomes disrespectful, condemning and hateful just because someone has a different view on things…and especially when it is addressed to me…I will usually respond. I have since used the word philosophy in the same context that all opinions are but philosophies. All that I miss in the spirit of the truth is also a philosophy…so it is not used in any way except of what an opinion also is. All of the different judgments thrown at me, I simply place them all in the category of “their” philosophy and opinion…with no ill intent. I may be a little a little more open in addressing things and may appear to be personal when it is not. It is just separating chaff from the wheat, that which is to be saved and that which is to be discarded.

        I try to keep in mind that if I fall into the same way of addressing another who accost what I have to say, then this is not acceptable, in returning insult for insult. So I try to speak in general terms and universally to avoid an unnecessary conflict. My understanding is that no matter what another may believe or how they may choose to express themselves is not for another to criticize. But, how one may express themselves in a demeaning way is outside of respect and of the will and love of God. My comments back then and now about philosophies was to day let everyone express them as they choose to with their opinions as they believe them to be, but do it with a sense of kindness and respect in addressing the other. Forcing or expecting compliance is childish. Discerning minds can see past the written words, we see the pause, the silence, and we see the ill nature disguised in words of one desiring to only “help.” We have all seen this in many forms coming from people we have both experienced here on this blog. The fishing expeditions of ones desiring submission to their “religion” who took their toys and went home because we just wouldn’t listen and fall under their spell, we rejected. These trolled many blogs across the internet in looking for recruits, yet although we saw and understood this, we try to put out the fires with kinder words than we were given in as much as was within us to do so.

        Our path is not determined by what we necessarily believe but it is in “how” we believe, conduct ourselves, and express it to others. I watched as people call Rachel everything but the kind person that she is, and I expressed this to them on this blog. There is a lot that I may not necessarily agree with in a room full of people, but if anyone has anything to say, it is not for any other to govern the words of another. My path nor my destination is “not” determined by the beliefs, philosophies or opinions of another..and the same rules apply to myself toward them as well. When you started writing on the blog and as time went on, it seemed like you grew in knowledge and understanding almost as if God had woke you up during the night and put his light in you. I saw a zeal I hadn’t seen before and whether it was a new experience or you were just holding back, it was a noticeable and abrupt change. I commented several times in the affirmative without any mention of the way you wrote or carried your conversation. It was just who you were at the moment…and if you write differently tomorrow, this then will be you. Since we met, I have went through many growing spells and my words have changed with it. I have experienced many trials that solidified my faith…and with this came also a different expression. So it is with us all. When you see a person that understands that love is beyond all comment, there is no comment above that understanding to be made. Love is not found in a book of knowledge, or in words of wisdom, including the Bible, for love is only a direct link between the believer and God, for He pours His spirit of Himself directly into each of us as we are able to develop a relationship with Him. There is no credit to be given to anyone in the flesh for our growth for we all receive from the one and same source. What do we give that has not first been given to us, so where is our boast…and where is our superiority over another?If we think this way it is only in our over inflated opinion of ourself. We are to admire no other human being no matter if they achieve the very stature of Christ Himself, although we are to love and respect all others in the name (nature) of Christ.

        As you began to write more, your style was yours just as Rachel’s was hers, etc,. Never thought to comment on her style of writing and never did…nor yours. In our dialogue and exchange about what a person eats or doesn’t eat, this also is not for one to judge another as says the scriptures…if one chooses to eat or not eat a particular food, it is not for us to judge another as it being moral or immoral and it does not make us more or less spiritual or loving. I have friends that are SDA, J.W’s, Baptist, Church of God, etc., etc.. and they all would like if I would join their denomination. I don’t get into any depth of conversation with any of them unless they lead the inquiry…but to some I am “lost” if they cannot approve of me sitting in some outward building erroneously called a church. We, as individuals are temples of the true church and where we sit, there God is, 24/7. I never the less with the sects, keep any discussion on the level of the beatitudes in overcoming and stay away from topics that I know would lead to only debate and contention. This is because if we cannot have a dialogue with respect we should not have it at all. Respect is an ingredient of love, it is one of the seven fold elements of the candle lights in the temple. My wife of forty years was such a humble and kind person that I can safely say that for the last 20 or so years of our marriage, we discussed many a topic and we never argued or accused the other as having a superior point of view, we never raised our voices in anger or in disrespect to the other. “It” just didn’t matter. Our love was greater than any differences of opinion or perspective that we may have had. I knew where she was going when it was to be her time and that my opinions, philosophies and perspectives changed nothing and when she did leave us, I grieved very little for I knew God took her to where she better deserved to be…I can say that I can still discuss anything with anyone in this same manner, but it is easier with a mutual understanding of the ways of Christ.

        I feel now the same way about my friends and acquaintances…and even to those who have made me their enemy because of my understanding of how I personally see God. There is no lesson better learned in how to treat others than in experiencing being on the receiving end of a thing. You would think people would more likely dislike a person for believing in a God who would burn and torture His children forever and then calling this some form of “love,” instead of one believing in a merciful, kind, forgiving and loving God who will see the one as well as the ninety nine brought into His fold without a singe. Yet, we are to have compassion on the young and unenlightened in Christ…just the same…for if we know their end as well as we do our own, what do we then have to complain about? To each God brings and completes us in our own calling and order. So, why should we even question the path and growth of what another is experiencing? Who of us are Job”s accusers? And who of us can determine the place that God has determined for another? Whatever another’s path is, we may not know nor do we need to know. What we do know…is that each of us individually are in the hands of God, and we each will be delivered from “ourselves” in the order and timing of our Fathers choosing. We are allowed to encourage, forgive and pray for all to come to the likeness and character of God. However in every fault that we see in ourselves and in others, it is never to be met with any negative judgment or accusation, but in a spirit of encouragement to overcome whatever the trial and test is of the other, friend or foe. We are to want what is best for “all” alike and should we not have this understanding, we are yet to be matured children of God. Yet in time…we all will. While we have our opinions, perspectives and philosophies about life we are to let others have the same. It doesn’t mean that we cannot discuss “anything” but our purpose in doing so should be rooted in a love that would, if we could, deliver one to God’s place of perfection…

        Keep writing as you are led to write and take no thought for what I or any other may think for we are not you. If you, or God, think you need shaping up a bit (as we all will and do along our path) , I’m sure that between you “two” you will figure it out and will need no unsolicited input. Now what we say to each other about the differences of the spirit of Christ and of the carnal man within is, it applies to us all equally and should we see and learn something from another that will change us for the better, great…and if not, let it rest.

        I love the depths of the spirit and sharing the truths only to be found in the deep love of God…but it is limited to the measurement of the Christ which is within each of us. So we are to go on in God and to not fall back to a lesser place just to be accepted by the flesh, regardless of who accepts us or who doesn’t for we are defined and measured only by the love of God of which we attain to.
        The love and spirit of God, even though it may discern all things, all attitudes and dispositions it is only to be used in that we may see to help another, to raise others up from the muck and mire of this world’s defeats, it is never to be used to judge unrighteously or to condemn. We may be able to discern the spirits and ways of men…but it is what we do with it that sets us apart from evil intent.
        It is all good and perchance we learn something in our exchanges, let it be in being a blessing and not a curse. Again, its all in the disposition, attitude and measurement of our love within an without. Will, I never left being a friend to anyone, though many have left me…as I think you can say the same.

        All this being said… it is just an explanation that expresses, as you are also expressing that we have a miscommunication of intent…and as you say my friend, it is ok. Everything has its purpose and I know that God puts many situations in our paths and in our daily life’s to test and to measure where we are in Him.

        All is well.

        I couldn’t put two sentences together at one time and now I can’t hold anything to only two sentences…or so…I now have become so redundant in the fear of not getting my point across….so forgive the length. I will try to let this be the last of anything with any length. It really does not fit the purpose and intent that I see for this blog…

    • Sonny … its been awhile. Hope all is well with you.

      There is perfect balance between Divine Love and Truth’s Will. To love without understanding or a truth-filled awareness is impossible and ends up creating much suffering and pain. So you can’t express a true, pure Love without the awareness and understanding of Truth. You may feel it or desire it, for it is your true Mother, but expressing it isn’t possible without the perfection of Truth’s Will (your true Father) flowing through you that comes from an ever-maturing truth-filled awareness. Likewise, if you seek to live in Truth without desiring the ever-increasing awareness of Divine Love, you possess a relative truth, in which goodness is defined by your own finite perspective of reality in the present moment. It is also a mind that creates much suffering and pain without recognizing the reason why. We see both in our reality and the harm caused by both. The answer is found in the Oneness of Divine Love and Truth’s Will.

      To go from outer darkness in which you are unaware of both into the awareness that is capable of Expressing the Perfection of their Oneness, is our journey. It is a difficult path and takes persistence, as thoughtware so beautifully described, but if the Light of their Oneness is found in time, it is a gift to all.

      Divine Love and Absolute Truth go hand and hand, you can’t separate them.

    • Beautiful words Sonny,
      Thank you

  7. love is I AM(which EXTENDS beyond time). time isnt in one moment, instead, Love lives outside of time, as the whole world is MADE OF LOVE. its nothing to reach for, or something that is correctly achieved. it is the SUBSTANCE in which is the LIFE within US ALL(as one collective body). again, the WHOLE WORLD is the living and breathing HEART(and each person is an ELEMENT of LOVE(we are creatures of time).

    linier thinking, vs spheracle thinking

    love isnt patience, but patience is part of love.(LOVE is in EVERY MOMENT(even in painful moments).

  8. also, to come to the love of christ, requires the love of allah, the love of mohamad, the love of juashua, the love of (all names), including the love of satan(physical vibration).(heaven on earth)(ONE SPIRIT(HOLY))

    there is a deeper understanding, than what we ALL understand, the whole world AWAKENS TOGETHER.

    again, think of it when any one person uses 100percent of their brain… there is a moment within, where every person becomes INTEGRATED within eachother in order to get from 10 to 100percent.

    god is mankind. and only MANKIND judges itself. Only through religions(man made ideas), have we placed LIMITs on love(ourselves).
    our FREE WILL aligns with the DIVINATION OF CONSIOUSNES OF TIME(god)(binds us all to eachother(spheracle)(no such thing as man)..
    we are all eternal BROTHERS(share in ONE LORD(highest honors).

    again, a KING is not one person ruling upon all mankind, instead, a KING is a SOUL that is SHARED in all of mankind(never seperated from)(TIME IS ALIVE)

    a soul is ONE SOUL(we have ALL SOULS within)

  9. 1 Corinthians 13m If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3 If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, I gain nothing.

    angels live within man(spirit to flesh)… but have not love….(everyone has love, but love is the substance of TIME(we are givers as given).. sometime we forgotten whom we are as we are angels first, man 2nd…

    i am a noise gong or a glanging cymbal(you eather speak in linier(language of man), or EVERY PERSON SPEAKS AS ONE BODY(share in ONE COMMON KNOWLEDGE)(spheracle Language)(no ends)(yellow ring around head).

    And if i have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if i have all faith , so as to remove mountains, but have not love, i am nothing.
    we are all GIVERS(of our father)…. we all have love, we all have the vibration of faith, we all have trust for eachother, we all can move mountains, but if we use our gifts to TURN AGAINST THE WORLD(like religions do), then we are nothing…. we live in linier instead of spheracle.
    the whole POINT of all of that is that EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET IS ONE BODY(spirit time first, and man 2nd).

    man is to be loved as god, as that is the LOVE(one shared spiritual body(hense HOLY SPIRIT), that allows us to CONSIOUSLY CREATE(move mountains).(together)

    you can spend your whole life reading scriptures and doing what you believe them to say, but at the same time, on you last day on earth, you would still know NOTHING OF WHAT IT SAYS(happens more often than you know).

    every bible on earth in all the forms taken, use to be ONE BIBLE(created by EVERY PERSON ON EARTH SHARING IN ONE COMMON KNOWLEDGE(of the eternal).(again, we are ALL GIVERS(all souls within))

  10. In response to all of the above, to everyone, Will, Rachel, Travis and Loni, and to equally as well to all who make themselves invisible. Whether we are known by name or not, we are all equally in the heart and mind of our creator.. This is really not a place of long dialogues such as this one happens to be and this will not be one that is to be repeated in length or in explanation for it’s only purpose is to only provide clarity of why some speak this way and some that….

    We were, are and will be all one in spirit when this journey is made through the valley of the shadow of death… for we were never separated at any time from the love and spirit of God. We are blinded only for awhile, however the blindness itself is a blessing from God for some things can only be taught with this method, else another better method would be being used. To make us voluntarily willing and agreeable to His way, an adversarial way was created to teach us what His love is. There is no loss of anything by this method that we call evil…for all things created were created that love would eventually reign supreme in our hearts and minds. The tree of good and evil was one tree and it’s purpose was to teach that our decisions of what good and evil is…is not truth…for truth only comes by the way of the tree of life, the nature of Christ. I hope to make this short, however, I more so hope to put all things in perspective in that although there may be a multitude of beginnings and understandings of carnal man, there is only to be one destination of and for all of these different factions, divisions and parties of mankind. We may all start out being only in part, but we will all end in oneness.

    Your so correct Rachel, Divine love is God, as divine “absolute” Truth is God, and…unconditional love is God. God cannot be separated. No one can express absolute truth and love in fullness “until we become” that love in it’s completeness. As it is written we can know in part but when that in part is done away with we will be seen as He is…meaning we have been delivered and redeemed from the place of darkness into the ultimate light (love) of which God is…and He being all…and in..all. We, being subjected to vanity (not willingly) upon being born into this world of darkness to the truth of His love is the beginning of a learning process in which we must all pass through in this darkness. A seed of absolute love was planted in our very soul down into the darkness of our dry earth, lacking light, moisture and the right temperature (fire) to bring this seed of love springing forth. In that we are God’s workmanship and not of our own, “Love” applies the right amount of moisture (spirit), the right light (of the spirit) and the correct heat, also of the same one spirit in order that we begin to grow “up and out” of the darkness of our soul breaking through the crusty old earthen vessel which contains our spirit and soul.

    The important thing for all of us to remember is that from that natural birth of the body in which our spirit and soul is housed, we were destined to follow a course of discipline and in learning of just what and who Love is. We first understand in part, as many seek truth “ by observation” in the outward world of experience and religion, for my understanding is that like in all things, there is an outward and there is an inward way that man can take and the outward in many instances is learned first, as man is taught the ways of the world with an outward church, with outward signs, gifts, rituals and ceremonies only to come to later learn that the outward was only established until Christ came physically to this earth…to a time and place to where “all” forms of worship moved from the law and from the outward observations of rituals and ceremonies to a new way going forward, to where what was worshipped without is now to be a spiritual way…with no outward ceremony. The true kingdom of God can only come without outward observation as the law was before Christ, as the spirit of the way is now “in” Christ. Without being able to observe the kingdom with the natural eye. Everything now is within the temple in which we are, hidden from observation.

    It is important to understand that as we all are being redeemed from the natural way to the spiritual way, we do move from cave to cave so to speak (as Will’s analogy) but as we see these cave dwellers move from darkness to the light, we must understand that all paths lead to this same love we speak of. In my personal experiences of “cave dwelling” where the light was somewhere outside of the womb of my beginning and as I began to see some light, along with my other fellow cave dwellers, many of us came to a juncture where the cave split seemingly into countless directions from where we stood, some seemingly closer to the light than others, some at different grades and bends than some of the others, but the one I seem to have chosen ( God’s choosing) was the one straight in front of me. I must say I contemplated for quiet some time as to what was in front of me as it was not an easy path as some others, although it was straight in front of me, it was narrow, it was very steep and was further from the light…and the hardest exit to make, for it was almost straight up…but it was the brightest and the one without having to turn either to the right or to the left. And as I struggled in my ascension, I could hear others ahead and behind me also in not having had taken the path of least resistance. I had no idea why I was taking this path but in hindsight “I” didn’t choose it.

    The short paths to the light had signs promising great knowledge, all manner of spiritual gifts where one may possibly gain admiration and a following from obtaining a gift of healing, others of becoming great orators where they may take the gift of prophecy to stand before great numbers of people to be admired because of their knowledge and understanding, acting as they were the source instead of God. The gifts listed were numerous and promised directions to the kingdom. (1 Corinthians 13 and 8. Then there was a simple one liner, containing only one word which pointed straight ahead to the hardest way out of this darkness and this word was simply “love” without any promise of any outward and grand gift that any could see and admire. All the other gifts could be taken and manipulated to build ones own kingdom where the ego of man could take the things of God and claim them as though they themselves were the originators of the truth.

    All these gifts are good and useful and can point the way to the kingdom “if used” properly. If one prays for a gift of having great oratory skills, healing or any of the other numerous “gifts” …without “first” being established in the greatest gift which supersedes them all and that is to simply love as God loves. It does not first requiring any notice of man. These gifts are all good gifts in and of themselves but once received they can, as many do, use them for self gain. Love, the nature of God, which we are to be ultimately presented with, understands that none of these available gifts are a conduit within themselves to God. Only having the ways of God (love) is. The ego is a very subtle carnal trait that when it is used in religion by man it takes the things (gifts) of God and hinders the simplicity of acquiring the truth. This is done by convincing other people that the way to Christ is through themselves. This is the great lie. Just like God told Abraham, He tells us the same thing , God (His likeness and character) is our exceeding and great reward. Nothing else is greater or equal to becoming as He is. Ones who do not see what the ultimate gift is create an obstacle course to this love which displeases God and has prompted Him to tell many to remove themselves from seeking the high calling in Christ Jesus… because they sought His love by climbing up by some other means. These 5 foolish ones took the lesser gifts of God ( 1 Corinthians 13] and boasted their way into their own kingdom of admiration and self glory by convincing others of their greatness. Did they not “boast” before God Himself how they took these gifts and preached them and displayed them before all the people? And because they first desired these gifts of the spirit and not the greater gift of love, although these are eventually saved, they do not and cannot obtain to the high calling in Christ Jesus. They taught erroneously in the context of man himself is to be held in admiration and high esteem, taking the place of God.

    Corinthians 15:40 Explaining that the context of our destination has its differences of gifts…according to our achievements but it…IS…all of the same spirit.

    37And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare grain, it may chance of wheat, or of some other grain: 38But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body. 39All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds. 40There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. 41There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. 42So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption: 43It is sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power:

    So we all will pass through this veil of flesh and how well we accomplish putting away this fleshly vanity and earthly spirit, we will all take our place in a body as described above that pleases our Lord. Our personal resurrection of all the dead will be raised in the same spirit as others although it will be with different levels of reward. This reward is in direct correlation as to what all we are willing to give up in this world of testing and trials. The testing of our faith is the testing of what we are willing to sacrifice while in the testing of school on earth. Do we sacrifice of obtaining the high calling in Christ Jesus, the hundred fold, for the temporary glory of seeking self recognition and glory or do we sacrifice all the temporary self seeking glory while we are here? True faith carries us to the end of all things, sacrificing all the temporary gain one could have here on this earth in return for gaining the eternal gift of the simplicity which is found in Christ Jesus…God’s likeness and nature. To expand His Kingdom throughout this universe it will be done by the proved.

    As it is written, we have not all been given the same gifts, the same insights of the finished plan but we have all been given the very same seed of the spirit which brings all truth to its ultimate oneness. In understanding God’s plan that His intention was and is to make all of His children in His same likeness and image, we must see that His ends do justify His means…as harsh as they are. We must understand that while many are all given the same opportunity of reaching the high calling in Christ Jesus, it’s a very tough sacrifice to make and some will give up on the pressures others place on them and will settle into the 60 fold level. All callings and orders are good, but all require a different commitment. While we all now see only in part, the in part will be done away with as God allows our growth to His likeness and character. Given the fact that all will obtain to their own particular calling we are to look at all without criticism or condemnation… nor criticize their understanding. It is not allowed in those who seek the higher calling. However the traits of the carnal man are within all people and it is not condemnation to separate the goats from the sheep, and explain the nature of each, those who can be led by the spirit and those who have to be driven to their destination. But both arrive. We each have our gift, and there is no competition in love as to who knows more for it is not in the knowing of a thing but in the being which surpasses all knowledge. We each respectfully should explain what God has put upon our heart to bring truth to each other’s souls. As says the scriptures each are to take their turn and place in speaking what they believe, but if the goal of the person speaking is to divide and condemn and criticize they do not speak in faith…for faith has no other purpose than to see the love of God accomplished in all spoken to. There is no other reason to speak other than to perpetuate the love and ways of God…and sometimes the positive and the negative must be distinguished. But as I’ve always made clear, knowledge is never to be given to condemn, but to free all from the spirit of condemnation.

    There is a fine line between the purpose and meaning of what any two people can say. One can base what they say on thinking that the gifts, knowledge and understanding is gain but it is not. It is written in as plain a language as one can read that knowledge of the scriptures without love makes one only self righteous and arrogant. In closing this comment let us understand that there are many orders and many callings of which not all are alike but all are of the same spirit…should we let it do it’s work in us. We must all overcome the carnal nature with the spiritual nature which both are within us, and it takes a lot of enduring, a lot of persistence, and a lot of forgiving (7x 70, without end) and a compassion which looks for no wrong in another, but wants to see them going in the very same direction and place as we ourselves want to be. We have to want for others, all others for what we want for ourselves. Whatever we attain to let it not be done in a spirit of competition and or division for although we are all to attain to our individual calling it is all to be accomplished in the very same spirit of love…the gift above all gifts…for God is (His likeness) our great and exceeding reward. And we will all come to that place of which there is no argument. We each are to contribute to this path to the love of God. Some of us can only explain things on the natural level and if this is all we know and understand there is no condemnation in this for each can only live according to what we have been given.

    In taking this space and time I hope that I have explained myself in my understanding of why and how I speak the way that I do. I see that the end of all people will be completed in the same image as that of God and of Christ (let “us” make) without exception and that the destination and the “way” is to be explained to all without any condemnation for all. The “ways’ of man were condemned from the beginning but “not” the man himself, so there is a difference so that when we speak of the ways that we should not partake of it is to be given in the same love and spirit as what we should be doing, for there is much do’s and don’ts in the makeup of love. As Paul emphasized in many a letter, not all love ( instruction) is accepted as it is given. We are all now in part but the love that we will attain to has no “in part” to it…until then we can only use the in part as learning experiences of having learned what we should do and “not” do. (The tree of good and evil of deciding who is good or who is evil is not ours to make.) For the enlightened mind to understand, there is no downside to living in this evil world for all things were created for the ultimate good and pleasure of God.

    We simply have to be taught and disciplined that none can go their own way and do their own thing without consequences. We have but to look at the world as it now to know that God is bringing a final end to the rule of man and He is now beginning to replace it with a governance of His ways, His nature, and of His spirit. His oneness in us is being established by this school of adversity. “All” things work together in us for the accomplishing of our maturity. All is done in the spirit of love..without exception, whether God disciplines us with His left hand in being defiant to His will or blesses us with His right hand for being obedient to His will, the outcome is the same. Once we understand that “all” that God does and teaches us, whether we suffer good or evil for it, we understand that all things in God’s plan has no eternal damnation for any, just a means to an end. Before this world was, and is and shall be it was and is established in the same love of God. There is no doom and gloom for those who have been given eyes to see God’s way…and those who only see doom and gloom will come to the same truth as those who presently do see. It is all good.

    Blessings to all

    There is no criticism nor condemnation in any truth, in reality, however we must make sure we know whereof we speak…and why. Love, truth, is the endgame of all that we think speak and do, and if this is not our only desire, we fail in word and in deed and in love. There is only one purpose and goal in all that we think, say, and do….for if we see our goal as the same goal that God has for all others, there can be no criticism and condemnation for what God says and allows..for God’s correction is not from any nature of condemnation, for His correction and rebuke of our ways is only to set us free of self. Whether some of us now know it or not, it matters not what we presently are, but what we shall be. We are to take all of our trials and tribulations as blessings from God for everything is meant to bless us and to bring us to His place of being.

  11. Souls are TOOLs of Devination… each name is a power source for all mankind(ELEMENTAL LAW(life with all))

    Each soul is seen through the world(how divination works(VIBRATIONS OUTSIDE OF TIME)).

    when we ALIGN with the vibrations(on a global scale), we OPEN THE DOOR(and bring out the HOLY SPIRIT(time is alive(contains ALL SOULS))(heaven on earth)

  12. I have now used this instruction four or five times in daily meditation. It is offering remarkable benefits in bringing me into a closeness with God wherein I am able to speak freely with (Her) and conversationally with (Mother, Father, God) in extended and beautiful understanding of truth and in which I am able to ask freely anything that comes to my mind ( or so it appears). When I started this exercise, I thought I would try this for a month, and now, one week in, I am experiencing connection with God like I’ve only experienced briefly in the past. There is one very significant benefit to free-will that I have not heard you mention, though it is mentioned in The Gospel of the Third-Age, and that is the free-will to love. God has surely given us the beautiful ability to love, but our love is given through our hearts, our own personal feelings. And while our feelings, our emotions, are in the likeness of our God’s, they are our own, and perhaps our most precious gift. They cannot be bought at any price, and are a true reflection of our hearts. I love God because God is good, and kind, and loving, and understanding, and patient, and a million other things that goodness encompasses. I love Him, and I love Him enough to want to serve Him and be near Him. And I know that this love is mine to offer, or not. And it is a sacred and perfect and highly personal gift, one that really can’t be commanded… not really, but sought. All that God is, I love. And I am here.

    • I know what you are saying about this meditation – not only is it powerful, it seems to continually grow more illuminating. ☀️ 🌳

      I enjoyed reading your comments about “free will to love”, for this is a significant and powerful revelation. The will to love is a will that is truly free because it is God’s Will working through you in oneness with the perfection of Divine Love. It is, as you mentioned, a desire to love All in a way that can be strongly felt. God’s Will, flowing through your conscious awareness, is perfect power, for it gives you, the finite mind, the ability to love perfectly and is the mechanism by which you experience Life in ever-growing perfection (holiness). God’s Will (or what I call Truth’s Will) is wholly yours and it creates freedom from imperfection, which is why the Truth sets you free. When I speak of “free will”, I mean to imply specifically the use of will in the unawareness of Divine Love. This “sleeping” will loves imperfectly, because it is not yet aware of its oneness with Divine Love’s perfection.

      And as your comment reveals, when you desire to love as God loves, your will awakens and you receive the greatest gift ever conceived by the human mind: A purified will led by the infinite awareness of Divine Love’s Truth. This will is truly free, limitless, always acting without error and leads you continually into the highest good for All. This is perfect power.

    • I’m grateful for your comments because they create vision. Thank you.

      I wanted to add a bit more to my earlier message. Because Divine Love can be “felt” within the soul’s emotional centers, this “feeling” must be divinely governed. If not governed in perfection, the outpouring of one’s feeling into action is imperfect, leading always to destruction no matter how well intended the action. It is initially hard to comprehend that the most loving act I can imagine to do in my individualized power leads only to destruction, but it is so.

      Truth’s Will governs from the oneness of infinite awareness, with which you are one through your unawareness. This simply means that when you will do things in your free will for a reason you truthfully “feel” is good, you are actually doing it for a much higher good than you are presently aware. Truth’s Will is the gift of true freedom, the ability to always make the perfect decision in free will. It is how you become perfectly loving and give Life to the world.

      How do you know when you are creating perfectly? When you desire no longer your will, but Truth’s Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. It means this, when you, with all sincerity desire to love perfectly, your will be done.

  13. Andrew and thoughtware … Thank you from the depths of my heart for the beautiful words you both shared. To read them and see the Light in them, sparks a deep and profound joy in my heart.

    Thank you for listening with your heart and what it has brought forth by doing so. From my depths to yours …I see you, and I love you, a gift I received and give back to you. By harmonizing your conscious awareness to this gift of One Vision of Light, the Light spreads to all.

  14. all i can say to sonny is that im glad ur back, and all is well. we missed u.

    • “Love you too.”

    • How’s that for brevity? Pretty much sums up “the book,” you think?

      • Hey Sonny, if there is anything you want to ask me about the book, I’m happy to dialog with you about it. Have you read it? (its hard to read because its embedded in blog/comment combinations, but not impossible).

      • The book I was referring to was the Bible, and in meaning that the simplicity of seeing that love sums up the totality of all that is written in the book. “Everything” in my understanding is that all of the book is but a guide to the awakening of ourselves to the place of the love of Christ. Now concerning your book, I didn’t know that you had actually written a book. I had taken you to mean in that all of your comments on this blog would make up a book. So… in this context I’ve probably read a lot of your book…however I have been known to read many things, chapters and verses more than once, and each time they gain new meaning as God conditions my mind and heart to understand the increase of the spiritual meaning above that which is written. Anything in particular that you would like to share and or discuss please feel free to ask me, I would love to and I will try to give you my honest opinion on it without being insulting so again please feel free to do so

      • Really grateful that you are still reading Rachel’s words and have even read some, if not most, of my comments over the past two years.

  15. Heaven(highest vibrations has always been within us. it takes everyone on earth to HOLD the Door open.

    the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE is the language of the SOULS(how to see heaven on earth).(connect with all souls aka GLOBAL EVENT(time in motion)))

    best way to describe heaven is the LIFE FORCE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(feeling vibrations of EVERY SOUL(through ELEMENTAL LAW).
    the LOVE( allows god to flow through us, and into this world(affects everyone in ONE I AM aka spheracle). this GOD(in all mankind) turns events(lives outside of time)(where our heart is).
    when we GIVE(Polarity of yin/yan in the right direction) to the world, you can SENSE your heart(through the souls from the spheracle language) turn the world(accumulate)(we share in the eternal KNOWLEDGE(spheracle while in earth(in heaven and on earth aka DEVINE(reading the heart)).

    • For fun, I wanted you to see the way I understood what you said here. I’m not asking you to confirm or deny, I simply wanted you to clearly see the gift you gave me. Your comment is on top, and the understanding I received is just below it.

      Heaven(highest vibrations has always been within us. it takes everyone on earth to HOLD the Door open.

      Truth, whose perfection has always been with us, flows into all through the truthful awareness of I AM, which is eternally held open for all by the awareness of oneness.

      the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE is the language of the SOULS(how to see heaven on earth).(connect with all souls aka GLOBAL EVENT(time in motion)))

      The Language of Perfection is the manner in which individualized souls recognize the Truth of spherical time, the time of perfection. Spherical time is the mechanism that connects all in the oneness of an increasingly perfect creation.

      best way to describe heaven is the LIFE FORCE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(feeling vibrations of EVERY SOUL(through ELEMENTAL LAW).

      The best way to understand Truth is by the Life that flows through All in accordance with the Law of Oneness that Truth reveals to your awareness.

      the LOVE( allows god to flow through us, and into this world(affects everyone in ONE I AM aka spheracle). this GOD(in all mankind) turns events(lives outside of time)(where our heart is).

      Divine Love’s Perfect Will allows Truth’s Perfection to flow through the oneness of our I AM and into the world, affecting ALL in perfection because I AM the Love that flows.

      when we GIVE(Polarity of yin/yan in the right direction) to the world, you can SENSE your heart(through the souls from the spheracle language) turn the world(accumulate)(we share in the eternal KNOWLEDGE(spheracle while in earth(in heaven and on earth aka DEVINE(reading the heart)).

      When we honor Love’s Law of Giving, you are able to “feel” the love you give coming back to you in recognition that the one you loved has received your gift. Giving causes you to grow in the understanding of that which you gave, increasing your light in time and enabling you to give even more beautiful gifts. It is through Love’s Law of Giving that the spherical language eternally increases in its creative power, creating a time of ever-increasing perfection. It is the heart that Loves Perfectly which can speak the spherical language and create heaven on earth.

  16. you got it. Every Bible in the world(in all the forms it has taken, was written through the spheracle language(how you connect with EVERY SOUL(like tools working on a car)(none of the ideas of religions have any basis in truth(as they try to find each name in only 1 person(so THEY(we) can find perfection(which is in the world and with us in every step we t ake))))

    Every SOUL is in Every person, (like a car has 4 tires to work)(and the SOULs is what everyone is reaching for)
    (each soul can be seen OUTSIDE OF TIME(each name is a vibration))(no one is coming to save you)

    There are NO PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE, and even as we talk about individuals and names, each name is a SOUL, and was understood by EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(at some time in life).

    and yes, you feel your thoughts(required to see and give value) in the world, as what you feel travels t hrough ALL OF TIME(the energy you feel that is god of self)(also source of telepathy aka understanding the vibrations and how TIME binds us all to eachother)

    the purpose of all of this is that we have more control in our lives than we thought(purpose).
    sometimes its hard to see what another person says using WORDS ALONE. but it is the HEART behind every word in which binds ALL ETERNAL BROTHERS TOGETHER(no man exist in heaven)(we are ETERNAL BROTHERS AKA SPHERACLE)

    The only thing im waiting for now is for the NAMES(so to speak) to BIND to eachother(through everyone)

    again, when anyone talks about christ, we have to talk about johova, and mohamad, and morman, and allah, and juashua, and all other names(each LAW is part of whom we are (outside of t ime)). no names work alone.

    the way i speak on this site as an example is how i talk in real life. i dont know basic man made things like famous people, and such, but i can show you how to connect with the devine(which places you in the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS pushing you further away from all religions and man(see the world in a differnet lense))

    and each person is a CHILD OF GOD(one LORD shared by all(a lord has ALL SOULS WITHIN)(a LORD is the highest HONORS that we place onto eachother because in heaven()while on earth, we are GIVERS(lovers(one collective BODY)))

    when i think of any thought, i shortly after , see that thought play out in the world(through souls)
    if the world doesnt seem right, its only because things have built up for some time, while the devine is revealing paths to us(as one collective body)

  17. A question open to all. There are two words that are used commonly in this forum… they sound right to me, but I have not seen them used before coming here.
    In the Gospel of the Third-Age, God speaks of being ‘Outside of Time’. Here, the words ‘Spherical Time’ are used frequently. Where were these words from?

    The other, is the use of the word ‘fractals’, which I also find to be a great descriptor, and implying (to me) that we, God’s spiritual children, are unique in character, and eternal in being, but (according to The Gospel of the Third-Age), not of infinite power (yet far more powerful than we currently understand).
    Thanks for any input. -A

    • “Spherical Time” is the Third Age, and means The Time of Life in Ever-Increasing Perfection (Holiness). Its words, along with its understanding, were given to us by the Voice of Truth as we wrote the Book of True Life.

      • Thoughtware, Rachel, Loni, Sonny,,

        Will, thank you and to all for your writings above. The longer I am among you the more I feel that this is all somehow ‘other worldly’ and if that happens to be the case, then I’m pretty sure I can handle that. But Will, you just said something that completely caught me off guard. You said that you were involved in writing ‘The Book of True Life’ ? If you are a human being, on planet Earth, then I really don’t understand. And, even if you’re not human at this juncture, I still love you all. But I must ask you some very, very serious questions, because my understanding is that ‘The Book of True Life’ the one that I call ‘The Gospel of the Third-Age’, as God has also called it within the text of the writings…. We’ll, this Great Doctrine, the Third Testament of the Holy Bible, and according to God’s word, the most perfect of the three, you are saying was written by You? God has openly said that this Divine Doctrine would go out to the entire Universe!!! And so I understand that my own involvement is only localized to Planet Earth… and I have been working tirelessly for years to publish this work in as many languages as possible on this planet before 2026, the expected time of the celestial event, the resurgence of T Coronae Borealis… Isaiah 28:5
        But this dictation from the Mind of God, came into Mexico City, ushered in by the prophet Elijah through the Holy Spirit and through divinely prepared Voice-Bearers in 1866, and then in ‘daily’ sessions through 1950. I must ask you, are we talking about the same doctrine? My mission has been to write this sacred text into book forms for the peoples of the Earth. And this mission is confirmed multiple times within the text. The Voice-bearers were very simple and poor people, but God’s word was spoken through the Holy Spirit and through the Voice-bearers (I will give you a mouth and wisdom’, exactly as Christ said it would be, ‘I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now, but I will sent the Spirit of Truth who will convey all that is said to him…. (Not verbatim but close). We’ll…. This is that, or so is my understanding. Also, there was a German gentleman by the name of Manfred Base, who I’ve tried to contact several times who was apparently involved at some level earlier than myself, but he never wrote back to me, and so I assumed that perhaps he had died, and so I prayed and prayed, and God confirmed to me my mission, and my Tribe, and a miracle that could be nothing less than a miracle…. Please tell me what you know to be true.

      • So grateful for your questions!

        I’ll reply tomorrow in more detail. I hope this will be the beginning of an ongoing dialog between ALL of us. Loni recently gave us all a great gift by creating the awareness that we can accelerate the growth of our understanding as we share in truthful dialog. Thank you, Loni – it appears your gift arrived at the perfect time.

        I’m also glad to see Sonny back, especially at this particular time. He has been a major voice on this platform, but separated when Rachel and I began publishing pages of the book in spherical language, which I’m pretty sure caught him by surprise.

        I am familiar with the Gospel of the Third Age and understand its purpose. I have no doubt, based on the light I see through your words, that you are called just as you so believe. None are special, yet each is aware of the uniquely special role he/she plays. What will astonish you is that the unique roles we each hold in our imagination perfectly support and never interfere with the imagination held by another. Our roles, when knit together, usher in the Third Age, the Time of Life’s Ever-Increasing Perfection. It is the final age for worlds upon worlds.

        And yes, Rachel and I were called to write the Book of True Life. It is the awareness of the Origin of Life, the Source of Perfection, from which Life can begin. More tomorrow.

    • If you would like to understand more about why I said spherical time is the Third Age and the manner in which it harmonizes with the gospel you are assembling, please let me know.

  18. the words come from our understanding of the ETERNAL LAWS(throughout all of time, remain the same)(common center for all to (arc of the covenant).

    a feeling consist of many paralell lives from begining to end(constant births and deaths). A change in our thinking, interact with the ELEMENTS(where souls come in).

    in our ORIGINAL LANGUAGE(before man came into existance)(in heaven, we lived through ALL SOULS instead of seperation), we were ELEMENTS of the Holy Spirit(arc of the covenant). we lived within the NATURAL LANGUAGE in which we all GAVE to the ELEMENTS(that gave us life(takes every person on earth as one body sharing in one common knowledge)).

    Now, through the holy spirit, this isnt a PAST EVENT(hense ancestors), but instead, a PATH OUTSIDE OF TIME, in which is part of our heart(source of manifest from SOULS(manifest global events(represents the heart)).
    (in short, a DIRECTION)

    mind/direction = creativity/time
    heart/purpose = logic/space

    • the words come from our understanding of the ETERNAL LAWS(throughout all of time, remain the same)(common center for all to (arc of the covenant).
      Your words inspired the following:

      This is why our understanding is so important. Truth is ONE AWARENESS, and just as you have said, this is why, in Truth, every individualized awareness has a common center, such that every awareness shares the same source. Truth is timeless, which means eternally immutable (Eternal Laws). When we desire to love perfectly, in which “perfectly” means in the Truth of Oneness, we will seek for understanding…and grow thereby. As we grow in our understanding of Truth, we become more proficient in its Language.

      To speak Truth’s Language is to speak words of Life – which then gives Life to Time. Life is then able to go forth and cover ALL in its Truth because ALL Life exists in the oneness of Spherical Time (Living Time). The Kingdom of Life is given to All by those who desire to understand the Truth (Eternal Laws) and desire to speak its Life into Time. Again, understanding is freely given to those who desire to love perfectly. But for those who desire to cut off heads, the words of Life can not be formed until this unworldly desire is dissolved.

      Spherical Time is the time of “life giving dialog”, and no longer “cutting off of heads”.

  19. also, what spheracle means is that all of time is happening all at the same time.
    the past, present/ future is ALL ONE AND THE SAME.
    the world(as an element), is made of time, as each of us is an element OF TIME.

    what this all means is that our past is changing just as well as our futures.
    your Birth is happening right now, you have already died, just now, in the spharacle language, your birth and death know eachother. and each event on earth reveals your heart(hense devine), through the spheracle language)(because all of time, is happening all at the same time(how we manifest onto earth)..

    • Loni, My very first impression, when I prayed for friends, because The world hates me and it is necessary that I suffer through this. But one day, not long after I prayed to our God, I received an e-mail from this ‘blog’, I never look at such things and I have no idea why or how I got this, but I (uncharacteristically) opened it. And here you are! Even today, I am not quite clear on who or what I am talking to… but you are indeed my friends, and I see you as a gift from our God. 😊

      • andrew. you answered a lot of my own questions i had.
        i consiouly wanted to bring a new experience into this realm so others can grow with us.

        what i did consously is visualize an angel type experience to anyone on the right vibrations(outside ofitme).

        and i was waiting to see who comes. and by surprise, you not only came, but experienced the angel(using your terms) in the process i created consiously(like i do others with great success).

        what i didnt have on my end, is WHO(as an individual will come), i didnt have the devine imprints to get you here. BUT you represented BOTH as i was looking for. (this gives me more strength)

        what im getting at, is that i am aware of the consious events, but needed to see how another person recieves the info from their pov(which is a part of my(our) pov and how the imprints brought you here(which u provided).

        because you did that, i can now grow even a bit more.
        when you awaken, i awaken and the works awakens a bit more(the people will be given strength to overcome any obstacles we placed upon ourselves.

      • Thank you Loni, your friendship means an awful lot to me. God bless you always!

      • Wow…what a forum this is. I’ve witnessed a great example of how language spoken from a place of Truth within the heart, increases both the giver and receiver of the words shared. Here Loni reveals the perfect, consciously directed “cause” used to create the very words Andrew spoke. It strengthens Loni’s power significantly because he/she (not sure which, so I’m going with she from now on!) can clearly make connections that strengthen the understanding of how she specifically and consciously created the loving outcome of her desire. It strengthens Andew’s understanding of the Truth he holds, expanding its power in him. Further, because it was recorded here, I was also able to grow in my understanding of the Truth behind the words.

        As we dialog, without consciously trying to speak anything but the truth of our heart, the words will flow perfectly and achieve their desired result for the betterment of all.

        Sorry, this is very exciting and I can’t help but share my perspective of it! 🥳

  20. The heart that loves perfectly is a heart ever-growing in the understanding of oneness. Oneness is “wholeness”, and wholeness is Truth. In Truth there is no separation and no division. Therefore, in Truth’s Wholeness it can be understood that the heart that sincerely desires to love perfectly already does. Always desire always to love perfectly, and you will forever grow in the power to do so.

    God is, as Andrew says, “outside of time”, in the infinite awareness we call “timelessness”. Loni has truthfully said that you must see Lord Loni, Lord Sonny, Lord Andrew, Lord Mishai, when you desire to “see” God in time. The best way to understand the Truth of God from within the finite realm of time is to imagine the Fullness of Divine Love’s Truth as a living, plasmatic field of perfection that can increasingly fill the human awareness. It means becoming increasingly aware of Perfection’s Laws. As you contemplate Divine Love’s Oneness, sincerely and from a raw heart, you are given “treasure in heaven”. This treasure can be imagined as “coins of light”, whose light reveals truthful understanding of the love you seek. The more you seek, the more treasure you acquire, and the more light shines in your understanding.

    Since God is outside of time, unless one possesses sufficient treasure in heaven, there is not enough light to see God’s Truth correctly from within time, and Divine Love “sleeps” in the darkness. Unfortunately, religion has deceived many sincere into believing they have already found the love they seek, causing them to remain very poor in spirit. If one believes they have found God, one stops privately seeking for his Truth. These same ones will cry out in the darkness when the world seems to much for them, but they cry to the love they believe they have found, rather than appeal to Truth by the Light of Understanding reflected from their treasure house.

    It is to these poor spirits, who have been so caught up in the world and the comforts of man-made teachings, that The Gospel of the Third Age must be given. The Light in this Gospel is the means of revealing God’s Light to them directly from “time”, such that they may begin to see the Truth of God, whose fullness exists “outside of time”. We, who have amassed treasure in heaven, have remembered how to use our Light to rescue those who have never been shown the importance of growing in Truth, nor how to do it. By our light, we create the awareness of divine purpose in The Gospel of the Third Age. Now, in this awareness, together (for we NEED your awareness too, Andrew), we create the prefect means to help those who have darkened understandings of the Bible, leading them by perfectly written words, cups full of Truth’s Life poured by those who were also poor in spirit, into the light of Truthful understanding.

    The Gospel of the Third Age will help the poor in spirit to become rich in the treasure of heaven, changing their experience of Life in ways more beautiful than we can presently conceive. Its words contain a very specific frequency of Life designed to gather the sincere hearts into oneness with the God they already love in sincerity, but whose love they have not yet understood.

    Ok…I could go on and on, and if there is interest we can continue to go deeper. I hope to do so. And please, if this is not resonating with someone, please say something. The questions you ask may well be “perfectly prompted” to inspire a response from Loni, Rachel or someone else. It is through dialog that you learn the language and it is questions that inspire the most helpful dialog.

  21. As we all know, our planet earth is heading for some very difficult times in this Age that we’re transitioning into. Again the words of the prophets ring true in the face of difficult trials and material destruction. As God says in (His) Revelation, the World will be craving for Truth, and there shall be none to be found. But those that impart charity on others, who feel the pain of humanity, who love, care, and give of themselves through acts of kindness- these will make a difference.
    This Doctrine, on the shoulders of the the other two, will make a significant impact on our Earth World.
    As the 144,000 come together in unity and in brotherhood, may our God give us the strength and the courage to serve Her, in love, in peace, and in truth.
    We raise our cups to you O God, in perfect love and in great respect, may we be yours and one with you for all eternity.

    • I wanted to ask you a couple questions, that I hope in the spirit of courtesy you will find a moment to give me even the briefest of answers. The first is whether the circumstances of how you discovered this blog and what you’ve discovered hidden within it have surprised you? Consider that you are presently gathering into a more widely accessible form what you call “The Gospel of the Third Age”. Now consider that the very doctrine you are assembling prophesies about a further message called “The Book of True Life.”

      Could it be a coincidence that you we called to a “hidden blog”, quite by accident, at the very time it is announced on the blog that the Book of True Life has just been completed, having been started over two years ago. And its title reveals it to be the very doctrine prophesied by your current work? And you have found it BEFORE anyone else (except Loni, who I believe is the very first to consume the entire book). As you know I did not call for you, nor did I have any awareness of “The Gospel of the Third Age”, before you provided me with a link to some published material. And is it a coincidence that you are actively in the process of publishing that which will usher in the Life your Gospel declares?

      So now, I can’t help but wonder if perhaps you are also meant to publish The Book of True Life. Rachel and I had always thought we would publish it ourselves, but knowing your heart for the “poor in spirit”, we would be happy to give these rights to you. From my current understanding this book is not for the many, and will have a smaller audience, yet it is the audience of the Most High, those who are lamps and shall help in the transition to perfection by awakening the desire for holiness in all who yet sleep. I am going to post more about the very specific purpose of The Book of True Life, but for now I wanted you to know, that if you are interested, I will give you the publishing rights to this book for free provided you offer both bound and kindle versions. I would have no say over any aspect of the publishing, so you may offer it for free or at any price you feel justified.

      If not, I completely understand and we will continue in our plan to publish it ourselves, just as we originally intended. The coincidences struck me as “perfectly orchestrated”, so I wanted to ask how you felt about it. ☀️ 🌳

    • If there are any who desire to read this book now, on your kindle, let me know. DON’T REPLY WITH YOUR E-MAIL IN THE COMMENT. We’ll send it to the hidden email you must enter into the form when you post a comment. It is lengthy, two volumes and will take 20-30 hours to read.

      The book is very special in its structure. It functions like a spiral staircase, that will lift your frequency as you progress through it, until you are, by the end, clearly able to see reality from the frequency of Truth’s Life. Its words are full of Life.

      If you desire to know God in Truth, with all your heart, this book will help awaken you to the gift of perfect power God has given you in oneness with his Truth. It is the power to love perfectly and there is no greater joy than the exercise of this power.

  22. I would like a copy please.

  23. Thoughtware, In all honesty, when you said that you wrote, or are writing The Book of True Life, I did not know what to say. I was completely taken back.

    I am not convinced that we are talking about the same work. The literary work that I am talking about is free to everyone. I have no idea why you be writing it because it is already well documented and reasonably available. There are already excerpts of the book on the market, but nothing that I would consider worthy of the work. While it is my intention to publish starting in the near term, I am surely not claiming authorship, nor will I ever receive even a penny in royalties or commissions of any kind. I do this work for God and for humanity, all of humanity.
    While it is my intent to translate into numerous languages, these translation services are very expensive, and so I leave this to God, but as I think I mentioned, I do have a plan in place that may provide for this if God is willing.
    My own contributions to this work are to provide formatting, editing only where necessary in the English version, providing Forward Pages, tables of contents, insertion of supportive complimentary text from the books of prior prior Ages (first and second testaments), providing key-word searches, and providing prophetic, relate to, and historic references in multiple appendices. I hope to be able to provide financing. My name will never be attached to this work, but will be held close under protection of law. I do these things for the love of God and humanity. God has authored this work, I know with every ounce of my being that it is truth, and I am honored to be serving Him. The plan is to publish in hardcover, softcover, e-book, and bespoke, also in audio versions. I would be happy to give you and Rachel a set of the completed works. As mentioned formal publishing will begin soon. Translation services, if I am able to pursue them personally will likely take about 5-10 years to cover some 80% of the planet, hopefully with more to follow.
    I wish you great spiritualization. It appears that you are well on your way!
    In God’s love, -A

    • Thanks Andrew. I’m glad I offered and that you responded as you feel directed. Let me say again that the Mexican prophesies are not Book of True Life, but rather a preparatory work which points to the final message used to reveal the Origin of Life, such that the Age of Light can take root in the consciousness of mankind. This last message, which is the Book of True Life is one of NEW REVELATIONS never before revealed. These revelations resonate in the frequency of True Life and can not be accepted unless one’s mind is first prepared to receive its Light by the Voice of Truth.

      Let me use a quote from the very work you know well.

      “This ray of light [the volume of the Mexican prophesies] has been only of preparation, it is like the pre – dawn light that announces the new day. Later, My light shall come to you fully, illuminating your existence and dispelling even the last shadows of ignorance, sin, and misery.”

      It means that the minds of the “sincere lovers of God” have been covered in the darkness of mistaken belief and are UNABLE to comprehend God in truth because the world and all its religious teaching has unknowingly deceived them. The Mexican Prophecies you describe are needed to gently awaken these sincere hearts in the Light of Truth, such that they may be prepared for the frequency of True Life as it arrives. This is summed up in the following quote:

      ” In this Era [when the Mexican prophecies were given] I wish humanity to prepare, so that when the last Seal is opened, men realize it, listen to it, and understand the content of the new revelations.”

      There are other works, already in existence that will also be revealed, whose messages of Life can then be absorbed and used powerfully by all who desire to walk in the Mighty I AM Presence within, which is their True Life.

      Even so, thanks for responding, and may all things come together for you in the perfect timing as you pursue your heartfelt mission.

    • I’m also a little confused by Andrew’s and Will’s exchange, as there are often many writings by the same name but from different authors. As I looked to see what the confusion and disagreement is about on this subject of the Mexican movement and the resultant writings named “The Book of True Life” I have questions myself about what is of relevance about the title. And the coincidence of you two writing about the same subject with the same title…and apparently from the same movement.
      Also, this era that is said to have started in Mexico, there were others like it around the world. There was a couple of movements called the latter rain which began in 1906 in America and in 1948 in Canada which then spread all over, first back into the U.S. then around the globe. This is where the Pentecostal movement sprang from. They all have many similarities of course as it was from the same spirit which prompted them all. In all three ( and more) of these “events” we can see the common thread in them all. I am fairly well acquainted with many of the different movements throughout history and I find that though they be instigated from the same spirit they each in time develop with a bit of leavening and religious organization in them. Like the Mexican movement as good as it was and the very good spiritual truths it revealed and as it spread to America and to Europe it became diluted by some according to their own understanding of the spirit. The silver thread down through time has always been kept alive by God..similar to what God told Elias about preserving 7000 unto Himself when Elias thought himself to be all alone. We may think truth is isolated and as it may be, but it is no more than what God controls and reveals at its appointed time in every country and generation, for God will eventually awaken all the world in one final awakening. Evil must have it’s day and it’s purpose must run it’s course as God has created it and allowed it (Isaiah 45:7) before the final and great awakening which is now rising before us as we see the darkness of man’s rule ending of over these past six thousand years. Now that man has learned that he cannot self govern himself with every conceivable form of government, a kingdom is being set up with the 144,000 (not an actual number but a way) to rule and reign until all the harvest is gathered in. In being confused about the dialogue between Will and Andrew about the authorship of “The Book of True Life” I looked into it and this came up:

      “The twelve-volume work Libro de la Vida Verdadera (The Book of True Life) is a legacy to mankind on earth and is registered in México City, under 20111, 26002 and 83348 by the Asociación de Estudios Espirituales Vida Verdadera A.C. Apartado Postal 888, México, D.F., C.P. 06000” end quote.

      The writings were a result of the movement as we all know in Mexico. This movement was written about by many people and some saw deeper than others as in any movement of God. Some of the message was carried back to Europe by some Germans and this particular movement and its message was received by many in Europe. It was also written about and it seemed others used the same title of reference, “The Book of True Life” in reference to the movement. Having said this, there have been many similar movements in history throughout the world which spread from these other various movements. Even the early church which was established by the travels of the apostles and the disciples was soon diluted by the addition of the fleshly carnal doctrines and the traditions of men. Yet these truths were carried down through time by a silver thread of “7,000” in order that these scattered seeds would rise up in their appointed time to establish the “day of the lord.” In the “Mexican movement” as well as in the latter rain movements which encompassed all of North America, which started in 1916 in America and in 1948 in Canada..and flowed from there back into the US and then on into Mexico and to the rest of the world…this was known by some as the Pentecostal movement. Then this spiritual movement also became indoctrinated into labels of man’s interpretation. We can easily see that when the spirit of God moves, it is sent first in it’s purity and much is learned through it. However not all who hear, hear the same message. This is because we soon see that in time leavening is added to the pure spirit of any movement. Carnal pride always seems attaches itself to the truth in part. We see this influence of the flesh in the Mexican movement as well as their idols are referenced in the mixing of the truth. When we read about any movement, we can separate and see the error of man in it because we can see the background of the messenger, whether it has a Catholic foundation or some other. And because of this we must discern what is leavened bread and what is Christ, the bread without any leavening, meaning without the pride (ego) of man being attached to the purity of Christ in pride. We can find elements of the written truth in whatever religious literature we may read mostly because the seed of God is within every man.

      There is the elect and the very elect and what distinguishes and separates the two is the understanding of how the subtlety of the pride of the intellect attaches itself to God’s pure word and the people who listen as a result looks to the messenger as being more important than the message. (Admiration misdirected) And here is where the elect is separated from the very elect. The messenger, because of the admiration and the attention that is bestowed upon him by the “hearers” of the message, when he begins to accept the recognition and in that he loves the attention and admiration, and when he begins to thrive in it, and the true unadulterated message begins to slowly be mixed in with self and pride and ego (addressing it as thankfulness as did the Pharisee standing in the temple) and he doesn’t realize that he has just stolen the sweet waters (spirit) of the pure word. Many cannot see this because, like the Pharisee, who was most religious, and though he used the name of God in every breath and phrase that he uttered, he was more full of himself than of the love He proclaimed. Just as the foolish virgins did also, thanking God that they had used all the gifts “of the spirit” in their preaching and teaching and dancing before God. They couldn’t see that their problem was in that the gifts that were given to them to promote the “ways” of God, they instead took then recognition that belonged to God and claimed it for themselves. This spirit is within every man to feel good about what “they” do and “know” but as the love of God grows within us and we begin to see that we are all the same and that we want no recognition that may set us apart from another, God then opens our mind further to His ways. We then enter into even a smaller world (as the world is concerned) for even the elect will reject the very elect. I must say here at this point that our understanding of these subtleties of the spirit does not guarantee us any advancement for it is not in the knowing of a thing but in the “being” of a thing, which is the love, which sets us apart. 1 Corinthians 13. Though we love knowledge and understanding, they are not the love we seek.

      And by doing so, unbeknownst to the messengers own makeup, the people accept the leavening the messenger has put in the bread and as they eat of this leavened bread, the messenger has received his pay because of having accepted the admiration and adulation that never belonged to Him in the first place. He has received his payment from those who admire him and both those who give the payments using a false balance and weight, and those who receive it may still be in the running of the elect but they have just forfeited the calling of the very elect. These callings are not positions as the false prophets have now presumed them to be because the true reward is a disposition of an unconditional love which does not accept the pomp, pride and admiration of the ego from any man. It is rejected. Although many will not attain to the high calling in Christ, we are not to judge and condemn any for their mistakes. We are to overlook all fault as we also request from God for ourselves. Everyone has a calling and an order…and all orders are good. If we cannot measure up in completely rejecting and overcoming the entirety of the flesh through our testing and trials, we will still be saved (be made whole is the right phrase for being saved) , to another order…though as it is written we will be saved, though as by fire. This means that if we cannot go the full mile of overcoming, God does not judge us nor does He condemn us but accepts that we have given our best effort. He just accepts us according to our ability to stand against the enemy or the ego until we reach the full stature and place of the “144,000.” If we don’t reach this higher calling, there is nothing to be ashamed of for it’s just a matter of being placed according to our level of obedience. There is no order that has any less of the love of God in them. In looking at the natural to understand the spirit, whatever level of society we live in, it is all under the same sovereignty, will and under the love of God. There is no loss of love for any, only the loss of self, the ego and the desire to stand out and to be someone special. Love makes equal.

      This next movement will start and end with no leavening in it whatsoever because God will have first taken every bit of the leavening from the over-comers so that it cannot creep back into life. It will be dead. In these very elect, there will be no selfish ambition to be admired and to be put upon a pedestal. The love of God that they receive in themselves and what is equally given to others as a result of their teaching and instruction will be all the reward that one will desire. There will be no desire to be different, but just as one of the many. As we then look upon one another in this new beginning , whether teacher or pupil, there will be no distinction of a big I or little U….for those who will say come and join us, will invite all into the kingdom without partiality and without the divisions that now is…for there will be no organizations and sects and individuals with feelings of superiority…which is all that religion is. Religion doesn’t have to be in a label, for it can be in the individual’s attitude of separation. All people will be taught to come out of “her” and be no longer partakers of “her” (the false church) sins, where people have been taught to think of themselves as “better than” because of their divisive and limited knowledge. Love will finally erase all fear and doubt as to who and what love is. If God permits, those of us living in the present will be a witness to this great transition from darkness to light, from fear to love. We are to look through this night falling upon us and see the light and the “day” of the lord as it unfolds before us….There is a raised awareness and an expectation of good things to come in this day. We must understand that in a full day, the day of the Lord, that darkness comes before the light…right on schedule. It is a wonderful thing to see how the love of God has worked down throughout the ages…in bringing us all to the consummation of His intended purpose. “Let us make man in our likeness and image.” We are fast approaching the conclusion of this in the seventh day. The eighth day that comes after is just another way of saying, it is finished.

  24. day of the lord is the HIGHEST HONORS we all see in eachother(ONE GOD consisting of ALL SPIRITUAL NAMES(vibrations).

    again, SPIRITUAL means OUTSIDE OF TIME(elemental LAW).

    EVERY NAME(a vibration) is what BINDS EVERY PERSON ON EARTH TOGETHER AS ONE BODY(hense heaven on earth).

    every soul(outside of time) , binds all of us together as MAN does not exist.

    there also is NO SIN in any bible on earth(sin was created through religon as there is NO ENEMY).

    the KINGDOM is HEAVEN ON EARTH(aka every souls lives in every person)(baths the world).

    to give to god is to see the best in every person on earth, as well as EVERY EVENT ON EARTH(but the bibles are not about god).

    the point of it all isnt the LOVE. instead, the LOVE is our connection to the LIFE that flows through ELEMENTAL LAW(we control every event on earth through TIME(through all souls).

    to love all, is to give life to all, and what we do with that life has been described as man(as we always put our limited senses into the language).

    even as many people speak of god, most dont know that the bible isnt about god(instead its about the ETERNAL HEART(we call father)).

    there are no people in any bible on earth, instead, each name(including christ), is a vibration that lives outside of time, and affects our lives.

    the DAY OF THE LORD is when every person on earth awakens out of man, and into the language of the souls(what each name is about)(spheracle language).

    a lot of times, even as we try to stay away from religion, religion still has an affect in our thinking(how we hold ourselves in DEATHJ)

    Every person on earth is a child of god, and yes, no one is more or less importan than another.

    a KING is a spiritual king(note: spirit means OUTSIDE OF TIME).
    that means that we all see eachother in the HIGHEST HONORS as that is how we connect to the ETERNAL HEART(outside of time)(LORD SONNY, LORD racheal, LORD loni, LORD andrew)

    every person is an ELEMENT OF LIFE(soul names).
    to see LORD in ALL is the day of the LORD(affects TIME).

    Love isnt being used as it should, instead we attach it to feelings, but unaware that feelings are bound to GLOBAL EVENTS(affects the many)(where ARC of the COVENANT comes in)

    arc means SPARK, and covenant means EVERY PERSON ON EARTH.
    the giving to the FATHER(eternal heart), is the SPARK caused by every person on earth(we eather rise together, or falter together). but the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS are what love is ABOUT(where true giving comes in).

    source of LIFE comes from self(that extends far greater than any one person(hense ELEMENTAL LAW))

    • You say:

      “Love isnt being used as it should, instead we attach it to feelings, but unaware that feelings are bound to GLOBAL EVENTS“

      And I often say the same for it is written, “if you love me you will keep my commandments,” and keeping commandments sometimes is anything but a nice “feeling.” Christ suffered much in obeying Our Father’s will even prayed that of possible let this cup pass from me. Yet, He proved Himself in obedience…which proved His love. Love is…being obedient even unto death. Aside from misdirected and misunderstood emotions called love. False teachers and prophets love attention but this is not love…it is an emotional, misdirected feeling of self gratification. These “feel” good but their “love” is self serving and satanic in nature. There is a very fine line between the love of God and the love of self. Many just can’t seem to understand the difference in self and selflessness. The desire to be well thought of and being praised is most of the problem instead of speaking God’s will and letting the word (sword) do it’s work. Love is like a strong medicine, to let it work, sometimes takes the suffering of Christ.

      Love is all that God is and once the commandments are kept we enter into being conformed into His likeness. Then love needs no more proving and I suppose then it must be a nice “feeling.” Love then takes on a whole new meaning when we are past the point of having our love needing to be proved. Deep subject.

      • because of the Eternal language aka SPheracle language, i can always see my heart played out in every event on earth. we all have this connection, but confined ourselves to the language of man.

        i can only speak truth, as i see truth in the world.
        when i look at every individual, i see hope, trust, faith.
        i know that in every bible on earth, the HE and the HIM and the HER refers to our heart(which will always be OUTSIDE OF TIME(turning the WHOLE WORLD)).

        sometimes, i may say the sky is green and yellow, and others may disagree, and say the sky is blue.
        within a different language(which we are all part of), yellow and green make blue.

        the way i see the world, is that i have to see myself in every person. and through the real god(which is the I AM(in which we all share)), it is up to our own hearts(as one HOLY heart), in which each person(expression of self), reveals to us, some path within.

        we always have to see ourselves in others, to see the god in ALL(what makes us the same).

        again, LOVE is the HIGHEST VIBRATION(smallest element within every element of all of time and space).
        love is the fabric in which we are made of.
        the SPHERACLE LANGUAGE(in which makes god(ourselves before man)), we have to connect with our ANCESTERAL SELVES(which through the eternal, is a manifest(2000 years of activity), in which helps TURN THE WORLD(see our heart through the WHOLE WORLD(using the spheracle language in which every bible on earth was written.

        i can only do my part(within god), but it will be the strenghts of ALL OF OUR HEARTS(in which will bring out the god in all(through the ETERNAL HEART(heaven on earth aka all souls)).
        it is within a different langauge in which will BIND us all together(language OF LOVE).

        again love interact with ELEMENTAL LAW(the life called TIME)
        our hearts are always manifesting, and the DIVINE is always speaking to us.
        but we cannot see the divine, unless EVERY PERSON ON EARTH COMES as ONE BODY..

        LOVE(highest vibrations)(consisting of all names)(names live outside of time)(what we are made of)
        each time i see others connect, and not OPPOSE, it helps mend loose ends which enhances life(spheracle).

      • Loni, you often speak as though we already “are” and in a manner of speaking one day this will be true…it’s just a matter of letting time run out. After time…we will be as we were, in spirit. We are not going to be, we have always been eternal beings from our creation before the world was. We were, are and will be eternal and this detour into this school on earth, does not change our eternal self. There is a lot to say about living in the moment for doing so is so much more stress free…yesterday is no more and tomorrow is not yet. God says that He will provide the sufficiency of things for our growth tomorrow so live today, in the moment, and trust and have faith that God knows what to do for us tomorrow.

  25. Sonny, Thoughtware, Loni, Rachel,,
    For us, I believe that it is good to speak of these things, because there is no need for truth to be hidden, the candle should not be placed under the basket but lifted for all to see.
    Sonny, you sound to me to be an ‘old soul’, whether or not you are affiliated with any church, your objectivity is clear to me, and I would simply call you a seeker of truth, as I believe that we all are. In (His) Doctrine, God is clear that no child is loved more than the next, and I believe that we are all of that mind. I am happy to be among others who truly (from their heart) love our God, and it is clear to me, by (His) word, that he seeks the love of every child.
    Sonny, I do have to say that according to God’s Doctrine of the Third-Age, He would likely beg to differ with you in calling (His) doctrine a Mexican movement. He states precisely that this is a ‘God’ Doctrine, and it belongs to no Nation. Nonetheless, Mexico was selected (by the forerunner Elijah) because it was best prepared to receive it, and even so, God speaking through divinely prepared Voice-bearers, surely caused plenty of confusion. I speak to you all openly, because our Father says that we should not be afraid to do so, and that while His Word will not be accepted by many, in time, the World will accept His Truth as the Third-Testament. I also take issue that the Doctrine, ‘The Gospel of the Third-Age’, that I refer to has been broadly published, for from everything that I know of it, it has not. But is is out there, in brief and partial forms. I am unaware that it has ever been published in its entirety, as originally recorded. But ‘this’ Doctrine is not a 30-40 hour read, but is approximately the content of 2-1/2 to 3 KJV Bibles. And there is no contradiction within. God has clearly stated that an age of humanity is between 1800-2000 years, that His Second Coming was perfectly timed as synchronous with the T. Coronae Borealis (the lost jewel of the Northern Crown, in 1866). God has stated that we currently stand at the threshold of the Third-Age of Humanity, and that the transitions of these ‘Ages’ are not instant, but skewed over years and even centuries. And so (She) places us approximately 4,000 years after the Great Flood.
    Will has made the point of what a coincidence it is that we came together and are actually working on apparently ‘related’ doctrines. It is astonishing to me, and my only meaningful thought is that we have been spiritually linked somehow.
    Regarding fame seeking, I am not, and God frowns on this sort of thing. My intent is to publish (God’s Work) through a law firm who I hope to be in contact with presently. I am Andrew, just Andrew. No royalties or payments of any sort, quite the contrary.

    Love to All, -Andrew

    • Andrew, you are correct, all things should be open to discussion amongst the mature in spirit. Nothing wrong with agreeing or disagreeing. Love surpasses all things. Yes, this site and authors of it does contain a maturity to it which is rare. Many throw tantrums in disagreement but not here. Misunderstandings, yes but handled civilly. This is because when one’s see the end that surpasses all things in the interim, we know that what happens to us along this path, will one day be all in the past tense. If we could only see one another as we shall be, it would lessen the load of the many, sparing them and us the judgements that shouldn’t be. However, even in these things, we are given the opportunity to grow. Every situation, both good and evil when looked at in the proper way, is a means to a good end.

      As far as my reference to the “Mexican movement,” I agree that no movement is of a “national movement,” it is just referenced as that by others and for identity purposes I used that term. Yes, it is nice to converse with others who see beyond words, opinions and doctrines for these things are but temporary scaffolding that will be dismantled once the house is built. So…we should be able to be an open book to one another…and I am of that persuasion. As long as the foundation of any discussion is rooted and grounded in love and respect, I will discuss anything with anyone for we are much more than our differences for our differences will fade away as we become more as one in the spirit. If another’s opinion of us can change our love for them, it is not love. I know this is how God sees us and looks at us and since we know that we are to become as He is, we have to continually check ourselves with every thought, word and action. It is humbling to often fail but when we see the goal afar off, there is nothing else to desire…so we understand the saying that a righteous person will keep getting up from our failings and keep on keeping on. We all continually make mistakes in trying to get it right, however the only difference in the failings of the righteous and unrighteous is that the one who gets up and tries again and again is counted as one who is aiming to be a first fruit. The only way that this can happen is never giving up until we see the resurrection of Christ happening within.

      You and Will are much more familiar with this than I have ever been. However, no matter how and who explains the truth, it is the truth. I see the simplicity in Christ as I see that Love, Truth and God as being the same entity. I see that all the books of the Bible hang on just two sentences and that is to love God and our fellow man unconditionally. To understand this does not take much more than the unction of the spirit, for we are the book that the spirit writes upon the table of our hearts. We really need no man nor book to teach us for the spirit teaches us all things..if we can get still…and listen. Being kind to all is pretty fundamental. Nice..

      • Thank you for your response Sonny. I tell you in truth that I personally believe in the old and new testaments, and also in this ‘Third’ that I make reference to. It was surely my calling. And yet, even in its contents, God purely states that All paths lead to Him eventually. What binds together those who seek Him as you say, is that we share a deep love for our God that can survive anything. I surely feel that while we are on different paths, we know that we will make it back to (Her).
        I would be happy to offer a few select verses for you or the others if interested. Just say the word. I also look forward to your loving and faithful words.

        In God – Andrew

      • Andrew,

        I’m sure that whatever you share comes from your desire to further the gospel of Christ. Although I see that Rachel, Will, Loni, you as well as myself have distinctive and different styles of writing…but…all with the same purpose and goal in mind. It is not as important in that we necessarily agree with one another in our perspectives, as it is more important in that we know that in spite of our beliefs and differences, we see that our differences do not really define us, it is our likeness’ as we grow in the ways of Christ. Our likeness in reality is eternal, our differences will all die with the death of death which is our carnal mind. There is no carnal mind in the spirit in which God gives to us. I personally would not be offended by anything that you may like to share, or what you may personally believe. I’m good.

    • And most understandably, no you are not one seeking self gratification. This comes through in the demeanor and in the simplicity of your words. The hint of boldness and the willingness to speak the truth as you see it is a very good thing. More importantly than being right, is in being kind toward those who see differently than we do. Kindness does not mean that our words will never offend, it simply means that all is given without the offense of condemnation. Truth will always offend the carnal mind and rightfully so, else there would have been no law to point out the nature of sin. Now that we are no longer under the old law but under the “law” of the spirit of grace, where we are free from the penalty of the flesh. All is forgiven…as we forgive. Love…is…and uses both the left hand and the right hand of discipline and love to teach us God’s will. Life is not all roses, neither is it all thorns but to reach for the rose of Sharon of the valley (Jesus), it runs the risk of suffering some pain…yet we know in order to win Christ we must keep reaching until we obtain the likeness of the Rose of Sharon. It is beautiful, it is fragrant, as it represents the very love…and the “way” of God.

  26. Sonny, Thank you, and my apologies for being abrasive. I see myself as not sharing my opinions but the word of our Father, and that this Third-Doctrine has a binary outcome – either it is or it isn’t the Word of God. And so the zealot in me surfaces. I will attempt to tone it down a bit. Perhaps by providing His word verbatim, it would better let others feel His Presence, or not, as they choose.
    This verse speaks to the scientists of the world and offers feedback on their ‘theory’ of creation (recently facing serious scrutiny from findings of the James Webb space scope).
    2.45.20. ‘The light of My Love, which shed light light on the developmental path of all My children, caused the confusion of their ideas among some scientists when they found that the origin of creation was not what they had imagined. But I will speak to them from the Top of the Mountain, and the power of My Voice will make them tremble through the elements and show them the Truth.’
    This appears to be unfolding right now.

    Food for thought.

    • Andrew,

      I do not find your words abrasive. I see you sharing how you see things. There is differences among us all, but as I’ve said before we must be able to speak clearly our thoughts, it just shouldn’t be rude, condescending and condemning. I love hearing differences of opinions and though there are many I do not understand nor do I agree with, I’m perfectly ok with it. I’m much..,beyond having to have someone to agree with me to have a full course “meal” with them. When two discuss a subject and there is a difference of opinion, it shouldn’t matter at all, we are not a sum total of our understanding and knowledge, we are a sum total of the measurement in Christ we have obtained to. The spirit is not knowledge, wisdom nor even understanding for these things are just part of the scaffold that builds the house, but they are not the house. People in their immaturity judge the knowledge and understanding of another as though the law a d knowledge ale one perfect. A good map will get you to your destination but the map (of knowledge) is not the destination. We all have to wade through the first and second levels (heavens) to enter into the place where the opinions, understandings and the knowledge of another does not register. Each should speak their heart with clarity and an honesty about them, and the others in the “room” should consider it (or not) and if they don’t agree, put it in the shelf and if somewhere down the road it fits into your picture…then consider it. The “attitude” between us in being able to discuss the subject matter is what God is looking for more so than if we agree. God had rather us be wrong with a good disposition about it than being right and being resentful. If ten people show up for a Bible study with ten different perspectives on a subject, we should all leave with the same “good” attitude we came with.if we do not, we have missed the entire purpose for meeting.

      I’m good.

  27. The throne of God is that top of the Mountain, or on it.

    • Hello Joe, (My Understanding)
      While God describes himself as ‘incomprehensible’ to human kind, (He) does reveal certain truths about (Himself). He has used the words ‘Infinite’, ‘Eternal’, ‘All Powerful’, ‘Formless’, ‘Infinite Mind’, ‘King of Kings’ ‘Father’, ‘Mother’, ‘Judge’, ‘Holy Spirit’, ‘Son’, ‘All’, and many other. It is my opinion that because (He) is ‘Infinite Mind’, (He is everywhere and in All places, always)
      Some would say, ‘Omnipresent’. He is able to assume a human form (referring to His visit with Abraham and Sarah for example), and to incarnate into Flesh, as with Jesus…

      So to answer your question, I would think that (He) refers here to a High Place (subjectively) above All, as the Most High God.

    • Loni, Will, Rachel, Sonny,
      As I come across references to spiritual gates I will share them with you if you would like to.
      2.54.71. Man made a Hell out of this blessed and fertile Earth, because he used all the forces and elements with which I surrounded him for Life – to cause Death. In Spite of all this, I can tell you that the one who repents, understands his wrongdoing, and seeks to make amends – will soon reach the Spiritual Gates of True Paradise, where the Angel of the Lord Sheathes his Sword and puts him into the Eternal, the Kingdom of Peace, where the Love of the Father will give him the Reward Promised to All Men of Good Will.

      Peace unto All Humanity,

    • And that mountain and that throne is one and the same…for when we reach the top of that mountain and we have reached that throne, we will realize that neither place is a physical or geographical place. Mount Zion is the highest place in Jerusalem typifying the highest place of of the spiritual church, a place of the mind. So the throne in the temple on the mount is also a spiritual place of the mind, where we can achieve no higher than The mind of Christ. The throne is a disposition of truth, love and grace. In fact when all the symbols, mysteries, allegories, parables, and types and shadows are revealed to us in their true meaning, they all reveal the same thing, the two commandments that all the law and prophets hang on. “Love” is the revelation and the end of all of the law…and the end of the law of the spirit. If we a achieve the greater, we don’t much care about the boasting of knowledge. When we win Christ (the perfection of our spirit), all the words both natural and spiritual are fulfilled.

      • The Book of True Life is the open Gate to the Timeless realm, the timeless truth formed through an awareness created in time. Its ordering of words create an “awareness ladder” by which your understanding of Truth can be accelerated so that you will be able to process the frequency of Truth’s Will, which you can imagine as being the Spirit of Christ. It is NOT the words, but the FREQUENCY OF LIFE in the words, which being specifically arranged become cups from which you can drink. It is the closest thing to a “magic book” that exists in this world.

        Now, this Gate is in the process of opening for ALL THE WORLD, but it is a very specific process and does not open for all in one moment, just as the light of a new day does not instantly fill the sky. The reason is that there is a problem that must be solved before ALL can receive Life. When the Gate is fully open for All, the laws of TRUE LIFE govern time for all. True Life is the ever-increasing experience of perfection in time, and as you can imagine these laws are VERY EXACTING and if you can not walk perfectly you can not exist.

        However, when a conscious being truly desires to walk in Truth’s Law, Truth’s Will can reign within the beings awareness AND its unawareness, making it possible to walk in perfection, which is the true understanding of how to love perfectly. Truth’s Will, in oneness with your awareness, creates the time in which you exist. The time created by Truth’s Will flowing through you is what we have called Spherical Time and it is a perfect orchestration of cause and effect for which your outer is responsible. Your ability to create perfect time is the manner in which you are able to love perfectly.

        Yet, it is not the one who walks that loves, but the Time of Life created by the walker that is the substance Love. Remember always that TIME IS ALIVE because it is the child of oneness in Truth’s Will and Divine Love. You, as an individualized soul, can not love because you are a created thing. It is only your free will (which you can imagine as the spirit of the anti-christ) that deceives you by controlling your “feeling” word. Divine Love, the Love in LIFE’S ONENESS, flows through you only when you sincerely desire oneness with Truth’s Will over your free will.

        Divine Love’s Perfection is only expressed in the frequency of Truth. And it is only Truth’s Will that creates Spherical Time, in which the Kingdom of God is revealed. Those who have desired to be one with Truth’s Will are given the awareness that they can control time. One either has this awareness or they don’t, because one either desires Truth’s Will or they don’t.

        When one walks in free will, it’s simply not possible to love perfectly. Think of any situation and how many different moments, and different ways within the moments, in which to be loving? Which is the perfect way? Do you have time to get to them all? Can you maintain the awareness of every good thing? But what a gift it is to discover the pearl of infinite worth, given freely to all who ask. For Truth’s Will, given to all who so desire, ensures that you always THINK THE RIGHT THOUGHTS. As Truth’s Will governs your awareness, your creation of time is increasingly perfected as your thoughts are layered into the ever-increasing understanding of Truth’s Perfection.

        There are those who desire to love perfectly, and even without their conscious awareness, have been waiting for the Book to be opened, such that they could read, reflect, renew and rejoice. These will become LAMPS, precious sources of Perfect Love, or what can be imagined as expression’s of Truth’s Will in time. The Light from these lamps creates spherical time, and once their number is lit, they will seal the world in perfection. It means simply this: the time they create will cover world in Light. LIGHT IS THE UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTH. I desire the lamps gain this understanding in the perfect timing.

        There are those who shine and there are those waiting to be shined upon. And I will share this, though it may be painful to hear, it was the cries of the animals, not man, that brought about salvation.

        I desire to gather the lamps together into the central sun that Perfect Love may shine upon the Universe. The Book is a step toward that objective.

      • Will…

        You say:

        “Divine Love, the Love in LIFE’S ONENESS, flows through you only when you sincerely desire oneness with Truth’s Will over your free will.“

        And I might add in agreement…that when we desire oneness for every single person, the just and the unjust, the righteous and the unrighteous, the loved and the unloved, etc., and when see them along with ourselves without any respect of persons…we will see all from the perspective of God ….and will therefore love as God loves…..this is His will…When we see God’s purpose and will in the consummation of all things…we will then see we shouldn’t have ever questioned God’s purpose, thought ill, resented, nor condemned any. HOWEVER! It was and is His purpose to let us fall into this deep sleep and dream of a hell, and therefore believe the lie, be mislead, not do unto others…and experience so much of the opposite of His love that we will then understand that there is only one way, one will…and one love. This experience is such a brief one and it is a good quick lesson in obedience….and feeling the consequences of disobedience. Experiencing this evil has nothing to do with being punished because of experiencing it’s existence for we had no say in the matter but we are instead “corrected” and turned and led into obedience from disobedience by the things in which we have suffered as a result of our own will. We thank God that He has allowed us to see only love in His plan of salvation, His redemptive plan from being created as fallen in Adam and then resurrected in Christ. We can be obstinate and self willed only for a time…and then we “will” return to God with a willing heart and mind…and be glad in it.

        I love the fact that it seems that many on here has the ability to look down through to the end of time where we will step out of time into an eternal mind and heart. We do not see the present sin and fault in another as a permanent thing but a means to a good end. We must learn what is learn what we should take every situation and experience , good or evil…and look at it as a blessing. If we learn to not return insult for insult, but instead see “them” with us as graduating in our order, we see one another as future completed beings. We understand that the faults, mistakes and failures in all people are the very things that also bring us to our senses. We really can’t fault ourselves for having them because this was God’s idea. It’s a wonderful understanding to have in that “all” things do work together for the love and purposes of God. There is no downside to anything…we only suffer for a little while to then understand and know what love is, which is truth which is God…by another name.
        When we see the future perfect past tense of all things…how can we then ever have a negative thought about anything or anyone? When we see this dream for what it is, we will be very happy when we awake from it, knowing it’s only purpose was not to actually take anything from us, just to let us think we had a loss when we actually did not. Loss is only in the dream, it’s like when we awaken from a natural “bad” dream we are very thankful none of the suffering was permanent nor real. To enjoy a life without end with freedoms and choices free to make…we will have learned the borders and boundaries of His will. There is absolutely nothing to complain about when our eyes are opened to see as “He” sees…for we will be known as He is known. It is…all good.

      • Right on! As we seek to know the Truth with a sincere heart, we learn by experience. And we discover that we simply made mistakes by which we discovered how to prevent further harm to us and the world we create around us. We learn through the effects of these mistakes (tough love, right!), and grow increasingly aligned with God’s Will in our minds. Eventually, we awaken in the understanding that we no longer make mistakes, which is the awareness you have entered the Kingdom of Divine Love’s Perfect Will.

        I’ve always likes the analogy of “fallen Adam” you mentioned. You can imagine that because Adam endured the “correction” of death/hell, he came to understand how to overcome it for all eternity. And in this understanding, he could give the Victory to All, and save All from the darkness of hell forever.

        I believe all those called to be Lamps, if we asked them about this, would equally say, “Yes, “fallen Adam”, I understand him well. For I have walked his very same path through death, by which I gained the Victory of Light and became a Life Giving Spirit.”

    • Hi Joe 🙂

      There are so many ways to look at this symbol/analogy. I say there are rich understandings to be gained by looking at it both ways.

      The living throne of God is within us, for the Kingdom of God is within. The living throne is a holy and pure place within our us, that is an open gate to Truth’s Perfection, the Holiness of God. In the stillness of this Most High place, like a mountain that rises above the chaos of the world, we hear the Voice of Truth and we see by its Light, which expands our awareness of Truth’s Perfection/Holiness, impacting all of our experiential reality.

      • Your perception of holiness must be protected by those who innocently are not? How do you see this?

  28. through the ETERNAL LANGUAGE, all of time is happening all at the same time.
    the HOLY SPIRIT which refers to the ETERNAL HEART consist of ALL OF TIME..
    the DEVINE speaks to us through the world which is made of ALL OF TIME.

    again, sometimes our religions still have a hold on our thinking so we still oppose the new language.
    we all have things to let go , to see what is truly being said.

    the past is constantly changing as our focus changes. we are making new pasts and new futures in the present to hold ourselves in the situation we find ourselves in.

    TIME is a LIFEFORCE in which the DIVINE SPEAKS to us(through every EVENT ON EARTH).

    you have to pay attention to the past , as that is where every bible comes from.

    all things are important, and we all have to set ourselves free, by letting go of the language of man.
    we have to EMBRACE TIME, else you oppose the very same thing you seek(hold yourself in the now).

    for me, i dont have to wait. time has every TOOL at my disposal through the WORLDLY EVENTS.

    i could not tell you this if it wasnt true.

    to have trust in god, is to trust ALL OF TIME.. in which we are ALL CREATURES OF TIME..
    i listen to the PAST, as that is how i get my present. and i listen to the future(through the world), in which i can see every path chosen in my heart(through every person on earth).

    the past is constantly changing, and the same information that makes up the past also is the same info that makes up the future,.

    if you were to visualize 2000 years into the past, then visualize 2000 years in the future,
    you may tend to think there is a total of 4000 years, but it would only be 2000 years.
    the HOLY SPIRIT in which we are all elements speak IN TIME.
    the DEFINITION OF SPIRIT is TIME(spheracle).

  29. You have some very interesting insights there Tware I think about no one can love perfectly and the thought about being without awareness but having awareness. Sorry for the rough paraphrase. It is remindful of the saying about seeking God’s will and not our own and the thought no one can lover perfectly it’s not how other’s treat us that matters exactly at all but about our consciousness of how we are perceiving love or intending to love that matters with the idea of how others are doing it being quite neglegable. I think we should not be concerned at all about how others are doing so, except in the sense we have to stay within parameters of knowledge. I can imagine God sitting on His throne and smiling at your pursuit of knowledge.

  30. Thank you TW for these details, they help me to better understand. -A

    • Together, in a unified heart, we can help ALL grow in the understanding of True Life and simply be perfect as Divine Love’s Truth (God) is perfect. I’m very grateful for the small group of Truth seeking souls already gathering here and the dialog I see taking place.

  31. Okay my friends – better sit down. It appears that we have indeed been drawn together spiritually. Here goes:

    1.6.52. This is the time announced in which I had to speak to humanity, and I want you, in the fulfillment of My prophecies, to compile volumes of books with the words I have given you, to later make excerpts and analysis of them. To share them with your brothers brings knowledge. Do you want to take on this task? I give you the time to fulfill the tasks I have given you in My Work and outside of it. Work, peace and joy will be in your spirit. Act without becoming haughty and without isolating yourself in a circle of selfishness. Be a support and role model for your material and spiritual siblings. Your mission is not limited to working for incarnated beings, but you must also assist the discarnated, these dear and needy creatures that very few think of. Do not be content to believe in My Rally at this time simply to acknowledge it; you must apply the teachings that I am giving you.

    1.6.53. Do not allow the children to stray from the path because of lack of instruction. Consider that her developed mind can stumble on the rocks of the maze, though prepared to perform great tasks.

    Note: It is far easier to refer to the speaker in this Doctrine simply as God, because God encompasses All of Divinity. (It does appear to me that Christ (the Master) is speaking in this instance.

    I will try to send out a bit each day, because according to our conversations, our God obviously agrees, and has timed this sharing in perfect ‘time’.


  32. way ahead of ya….. hehe, that was an eternal joke…. but serious at the same time….(opening doorways)

    take note, that when my energys changes in my wordings, it represents new beings that is to come(without judgements)… near future. and whomever is coming, must have a creative high energetic spirit… cant wait to see who enters next…

    • Loni – you will always be “antihacker” to me! 💚

      • when i first made that name(antihacker), i was fighting a computer worm which was called confictor worm, april fools worm, and part of some pretty bad stuff(affected all computers).

        how it all ended was an awakening in which the worm i was fighting, i was creating in mind(and the world always projects what i create(which i didnt know at the time)).

        once i realized the worm was my heart, i casted it out by becoming aware, and gave it LOVE(i thanked the worm for revealing a greater aspect of self).

        along side other creations, i started to consiously create(which continues to this day).
        Every EVENT ON EARTH is a word of god, and each name is a giving from our own heart(what binds the world together).

        time is always speaking to us. we hide the communications behind such concepts as COOINCIDENCEs, and magic(and we use our religions to fight against our own heart).

        sometimes we get so caught up within the creations we create, that we tend to forget WHOM WE ARE.

        in my experience, SIN doesnt exist. just like isreal isnt a place on a map(but a name such as christ/johova/mohomad/morman, allah, and all others), these souls in heaven(THROUGH THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE become a platform in the world(elemental law(life called TIME)).

        Each Person on earth is a LORD in heaven, as all souls live through all of us(highest vibrations)(language of LOVE).

        in LOVE, there is NO SIN(casting out the deamons).
        deamons are our own creations in which we trick ourselves into becoming a word of religion, politics, philosophys.

        to cast out the deamons is to HOLD ONTO the connections with your fellow brothers(every person on earth).

        Sin is the trickery of seperation. to GIVE all you got(even in failure), allows sin to not exist(living your heart(which consist of ALL SOULS(outside of time).

        we are not sinners. sinners is a death within us, as we still see through a FLAW.

        during the day of the lord, all sins will be wiped away, because we all stepped into the language of love.
        to some, the way we speak will be labeled as philosphys, as we become trapped into someone else’s LANGUAGE(creating sin in us).

        the LOVE we give to them, will always outcome the SEPERATION(we call sin), cause while one energy destoys itself, and one energy gives life, then that of which gives life, overrides that of which destroys itself..

      • Thank you Loni. -A

      • What a gift you are.

      • Loni, thanks so much for sharing, I received it as a beautiful gift.

  33. This was the first reference in the first book. Yes I am a sinner. My hands are affixed to the plow.
    The second reference to ‘The Book of True Life’ is as follows:

    1.14.33. ‘You are preparing to receive greater knowledge, and though you have been separated into sects, philosophies, and religions for centuries, very soon you will gather together around My New Revelation. Its wisdom will make you understand that you finally have that ‘Book of True Life’, that of the Spirit.

    • You are a light Andrew, a glorious light radiating Divine Love’s perfect power. How grateful we are for all you are revealing.

    • Yes, we must be very careful of this: 1.14.33.

      ‘You are preparing to receive greater knowledge, and though you have been separated into sects, philosophies, and religions for centuries, very soon you will gather together around My New Revelation. Its wisdom will make you understand that you finally have that ‘Book of True Life’, that of the Spirit.

      Yes, as Paul pointed out, even back then the early church was already separating into parties, factions and divisions, the beginning of the denominations. Yet we need to remember it is not being in the labeled group that makes us of a religious denomination, it is what dominates our individual heart and mind. We must be subjected to the sects, philosophies and religions in order to know the difference in being dominated by that spirit…so that..when the true spirit comes into our heart we will have a basis to know the difference. When we see that we were predestinated to live in the negative, carnal world for a “time” we do not condemn it for it is good in that it teaches us the true love of God. Discussing what is in all of us, helps us to see our way out of “it,” the sects, philosophies and religions. Right?

      The paragraph you provided reveals the purpose of “all” things, both the negative and the positive for they both are just a means to an end. We all were born with the same “dis-ease” By God’s design so let’s just accept it…and let us learn from it…and move on into the life…of the spirit.

      It is all good stuff when we know where we are headed. What we were (and are) is not reality. Love is.

    • “We” are each that book of true life….and we are also of the books in Revelation for when “our” book was opened it revealed what we had written in it over our life..and we are judged accordingly as how we invested our talents, whether they grew or we his them. We know that none of these books were and are actual books for we are like a daily diary, we write in it each day and when our book is opened we will see what is lacking and we will be subjected to the further cleansing of the brimstone and fire for God is that consuming fire which will burn up all of the wood, hay and stubble of our carnal mind, leaving only the refined the refined fold, God’s character and likeness. Seeing the end…keeps us going.

      • Let me try this again:

        “We” are each… “The book of True Life”..
        and we are also of the book in Revelation for when “our” book is opened it reveals what we have had written in it over our lifetime..and we are judged accordingly in how we invested our talents, given us of our Father, whether we grew in them or we hid them under a bushel. These “talents” were and are God’s advance of Himself to us… of His character and we must invest the love that we receive from Him toward others…and how they receive from us, is how we receive from our Father, thus making the three one. We receive that in which we are willing to give. We know that none of these books were and are actual books for we are like a daily diary, in which we write in it each day and when our book is finally opened we will see what is lacking in us and we will then be subjected to the further cleansing of the brimstone and fire…for God is that consuming fire which will burn up all of the wood, hay and stubble of our carnal mind, leaving only the refined gold, which is God’s character and likeness. Seeing the vision of all coming into this oneness together is a good perspective to have, in that it includes us “all.” That’s the best part.

  34. I love you All, brothers and sisters.
    Thank you

  35. Today, the third reference to the Book of True Life:
    ‘The Book of True Life Must be Kept Pure’
    1.20.1. ‘The Book of My Word is the book of divine and true love; in him you will find the unchanging truth. Attack him, and you will find the wisdom that will help you to evolve and attain peace in eternity. Anyone who distorts or changes his meaning will perish, and he will seriously violate My Law, which omits or adds a single word that is not in accordance with My Perfect Teaching.’

    With Love to All

  36. About fear of sharing:

    And if any man hear my sayings, and keep them not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. John.12.47&version=ASV

    In the context of which this saying of Christ is set in, it is teaching us of “the way” that we should all speak, teach, or share “anything” that we have to offer and discuss with another. In this twelfth chapter of John Christ is teaching that He speaks as He hears from the unction that is within him, which is the voice of His Father. What so many of us miss is that although we may offer our advice, perspectives and understandings, we are to do so just as Christ is explaining here in John.

    He is saying as I myself say, speak from your heart all that God shows you in whatever capacity God has granted you and whether it is in little or much…do so without any spirit of condemnation. As in the single verse supplied above and read in the context of the rest of the chapter (if not the whole book) it is saying that all revelation, understanding and knowledge, is to be given to free ourselves and others from the confines of our own self righteousness…in other words judging others by what we believe. All is to be given to free us from that which confines us without a hint of bad faith or criticism. So much is revealed about the attitude of the carnal mind which is within us vs the mind of Christ in this one small verse. He condemns no one, even if they do not heed His advice… nor agree with Him for He gives in order for us to be free from our own self condemnation. As these words of Christ teach us, we as He, should always speak clearly, directing the path that leads to God as best we can see how.

    And if we have the right attitude about the giving or in the receiving of our understanding, if done in the principle of John 12:47 above and in the understanding of it’s true meaning there can be no offense in the giving nor in the receiving of our dialogue. (If we are walking in Christ) A heart that is right before God does not offend nor does it get offended if we are truly walking in the way. This is because as Christ makes it clear neither He nor any who follow Him says anything to condemn for we come to free all from the shackles of our carnal mind…and are to we speak to all alike…without partiality. In the context of what Christ is saying here is that if you don’t get it from my words, “this is on you,” for I will not condemn you in any way, for one in reality is writing their own book whether in obedience or in disobedience and when it is opened in the finality of our journey, it is what we write in our book “in which we are,” that will decide our fate. It is not what another may think, say or do about us for it is not any “they” that has any control over another, right or wrong for just as Christ says, He does not condemn us by Him giving forth the message, it is whether we can hear what He is saying or not.

    There should be no trepidation in how one perceives the words of another or in the giving of them…if we are truly rooted in the love of Christ.

    So as I see some holding back in conversations throughout my daily life, including dialogue here on this blog out of fear of what another may think of them if they are open about their feelings(without condemnation) in that we may be taken wrong. We can easily enough tell of what spirit it is given in or how it is received…yet if we be in Christ we are not condemned by the words of any unless our conscious registers something within us that needs tending to. So again, whether we give or whether we receive, let it be with the understanding of what “unconditional love” is. It neither gives nor receives offense. Love just can’t.

    As I see some holding back on what they would like to say, I say don’t hold back, however speak clearly without any thought of condemning anyone or anything, for all condemnation is not in nor is it of the spirit of Truth (God). When we read the scriptures or anything else and it’s offensive to us, it can only offend if there is something of guilt to offend. We should love one another just as much as when we leave the room as when we came into it, for love is above all opinion, perspectives, wisdom or knowledge.

    Will, Rachel, Loni, Andrew, and everyone else who passes through Rachel’s blog we all should understand the basic foundation of the love of Christ. Speak your heart without condemnation and if one is condemned in the hearing of the word, as Christ taught it above, it is not the Christ who condemns nor is it in His words. His words are meant to heal the condemned of heart and that only exist within the fallen…which is all of us…and truth only loves for the resurrection (from condemnation)of all. Our words can only make an attempt to explain the love of God, however we will not really know love until we become that love. So simple and yet so hard for the carnal kind to comprehend. A morsel of love is better than the whole loaf with the leavening of self in it. There is no sin which will win out over God’s unconditional love.

    For again: “And if any man hear my sayings, and keep them not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.”

  37. Are we supposed to be fallen, or perfect, or perfectly fallen? . What does the light say?

    • Joe, we are to be and to follow the path of our creator, we were perfect in the light before the world was, we fell from that light in Adam, to be risen again and to be redeemed and “resurrected” in Christ. (In our being) There is to never be any loss of God’s spirit that He gave to us before the world was. In the fall, this was the dream, the illusion of death in which we were destined to experience. Yet, everything is perfect from the beginning to the end..from our beginning the light, falling into the darkness from the light only to be risen again. So you might say In that God does not make mistakes…all of His plan is perfect, for the tree of good and evil has both the fruits of good and evil…for both are a means to an end..a good end.

      • First we must locate ‘how’ we are going to approach believing. If we are of the understanding that others have heard from God, then that will affect what we are believing, and what we believe. It will affect who we are listening to, and what we will listen to. As Loni said, it’s an instability, and a stability within us at the same time.
        You will need to locate what parts of what you believe fall within the area of instability. Then you will have an ability to absorb and replace antiquated thoughts. This can only happen when one is interested in persuing belief in this fashion. On the other hand if you believe your ideas are rock solid you must remain with them.
        My personal understandings of God come from the realm of the idea, that God is a friend of man, not the enemy of man.
        This means God is beautiful to me.
        A friend, not an illusion.

  38. the Light says go out and CREATE. the strenght and weakness that you have, we all share.
    its easiest to see nothing but light in eachother, as that the imperfections of eachother is needed to make us all PERFECT(just as is).

    what you give, will reveal your heart in time(which we are all a part of..
    our greatest strenghts are eachother, as what one cannot do, another can, and between all of us, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE..(ONE VOICE)

  39. Those who are [spiritually] wise will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of Heaven, and those who lead many to righteousness, [will shine] like the stars forever and ever. Yes I think our emotions must be tuned to not hear what we don’t want to hear which leaves us with a partial view of knowlege. How we define negativity determines if it will eventually be blocked from coming through our perceptions to love beyond limit. When we love, we can judge others by what we believe.

    • Joe, Your comments bring much to agreement o love behind limit…an unconditional love which is perfection.

      There is a “righteous judgement” that can and will be used by those who once have crossed into the third heaven, the 144,000, the overcomers, the first fruits (all names of the same). This third heaven is is partly describe people above as we move from seeing condemnation in everything to seeing none at all…even in evil. Unconditional love sees the purpose in evil the same as in that both are a means to an end of teaching and bringing all to the place of oneness…God did not and does not put us through any experience whether trial, tribulation or test unless His love is behind it and our perfection to be is a result of these things. To understand the love of God in the harshness of this life’s experiences, if we carefully study and meditate upon the life of Job, we will see the love of God in all the evil God allowed on Job. What was Job’s outcome but a double portion of all that he previously had. I think this is a story told I the natural, however with spiritual realities. Job loved and obeyed God through the good and the evil…aw we must also do. “All” knowledge is given to reveal and to plant the likeness and the love of our Father in us all. Does not 1 Corinthians 13 explain what all the Bible and its mysteries are written about…and that love of God “in us” is the consummation of all things. We, while in our carnal “ religious” minds think of God as love on one hand and a tormentor of the unjust on the other. All that a just person is is an an unjust person declared just…so that God can begin His work in them. Our sins do not stop this procedure from beginning for when God calls us to our order, He gives us the unction of the spirit to respond. There is nothing in the carnal mind of man that wants anything to do with God…we must be given first of His spirit to begin a relationship with like spirit. First the natural then the spiritual. As we have born the nature of the carnal man we “will” also be concluded in the spirit man.

  40. I think the word religious is often used as a catchphrase to label anything we do not fully understand or want to target as a belief system that we are uncomfortable with.
    The word religious might be a positive term for one person, but have very negative connotations for another person.
    I assume that the idea that you are following in your statements is that you would like to know the truth about what is taught by God on these subjects.
    I like to start with what God loves about me. It’s always difficult to think about your carnal mind which as Loni said, (we all have) if we are focused on the Love that God is pouring on us daily.
    This idea of relationship is one of two people in love with each other.
    This is what God is saying.

    • In using the word “religious” it is neither negative or positive, it just marks where a person is along our path. Religion is the middle ground of a person’s development. It is where one is past the 30 fold realm (sea people) and not yet in the firmament above the dry land attainment or the 100 fold. The earth realm between these two realms is the 60 fold realm…or the religious phase or realm. It is just where we are along in our spiritual journey. There is the sea of humanity which includes all peoples and as we grow in the spirit we move from the lowest depths of carnality (the sea) to a more moral ground ( the earth people) although not of the realm of the highest we will eventually achieve, the firmament above the earth realm…or where we are counted as overcoming all the stages past. In Revelations 17:15 this explains that waters are all people of the earth before any conversion. The beast and the harlot draw their strength from the emotions of man. Thus, Babylon (or confusion) is the “babe” stage of our journey through this life, the dry land is our youth stage and the heavens or the firmament above the earthly religious phase is our matured stage. There is no condemnation to be had in any realm and if we do it is just because we see our beginnings as just something evil and negative. I used to think this way but as I gave up the traditional religious beliefs I began to see that the love of God is in all our stages of development. The sea people are where we start out or you might say the unjust, and where we end up is in the likeness of Christ. God loves the unjust, the undeveloped as well as the perfected…so if we are to emulate our Father we have no room for anything other than to become and to think as He is. It certainly is a journey through many a “battle.” The mid realm or in the religious realm the battles are natural, in geographical places, observable to the natural eye, however when we begin to move into the spiritual realm, we see all things from an inward condition of our heart and mind. There is an outward church and there is an inward church we call the true temple. For every natural outward event recorded in the scriptures there is an equal and parallel inward event taking place in the spirit within us….

      Not that any of this is necessary to understand for we are more than knowledge and understanding, much more, for we “are” the love of God in the making. I say this because if we understood all the hidden terminology of the scriptures and have not love for one another, what does it matter what we understand? I thank God that I have a reasonable understanding of the mysteries but I know that the only reason that I do is because I count it all as nothing compared to the simplicity found in Christ and that is to love as we are loved by “our” Father.” The true revelation and the end of “all” things, is found in the ability to love as God loves through the like nature of Christ. From our natural birth it is all a positive journey from that point forward for as we grow through all the phases of life, we are just that much closer to our maturity…we can look at this life on earth as a negative and be resentful, angry and bitter about it or we can see it as it is…a place of learning about will, ways and love of God…through the things in which we suffer…and be thankful and appreciative foe the gift that awaits us when we emerge from the sea to the dry land…to the heavens above. It is all
      …a good trip…there is no downside to it once we “see.”

      Love everyone’s input and exchange…as we move from this “earth” realm of thinking… is all good.

      • i agree with everything u said sonny, but even more better, EVERY NEW BORN CHILD can be born into heaven(as we are the future within the spirit of the unborn…

        in short, through awareness(of god in i am(in which we are all part)), we can start the transaction(which will take EVERY PERSON ON EARTH), to READY this word as heaven(align with ancestory self), so that ALL NEW BORN CHILDREN can AGAIN, be born into heaven(what we now call earth(different languguage))..

      • Sonny, Perfectly stated and perfectly summarized. If we could bring the world into this forum only to pursue God and to hear others and to share feelings at all levels… what a wonderful world it would be.
        May God bless All of His Children on the path of True Life, and may they go out into the world and through their actions may others follow, and may they retrieve many souls, and bring them to life.

      • I see in your descriptions that your words describe a process of developmental love. You have well described how you prefer to communicate with the world. How would you describe your hearing of God today? How does he communicate with you? Anecdotally through your experiences, or through his personal voice you are hearing him teach you these things. How does this process work for you?

      • Joe,

        We hear both through our experiences and that inner voice within. That inner voice is our subconscious, the ever present spirit that is always steady and guiding us in the right direction. It is that Holiest of Holy place in the tabernacle where God dwelt and now dwells in us, in the true temple. Like a child as in our “youth” we have another spirit within in which we listen to…it is vanity, it is enamored with the visuals, and we do listen to it…for awhile until…that still small voice starts to become “the voice” of sincerity and truth. Through much experience we learn “who” is right and our peace and understanding then comes to us as we acknowledge our lack of understanding…This is the beginning of wisdom, to know the difference and then to walk away “as” we walk toward the “way” of Christ. The voice has always been within us but it patiently waits until we realize that “we” are not the author of our own salvation nor are we our own work. When we come to that place where we let go and let God, we begin to not only hear Him within, we start to become that person where we don’t have to stop and think what another has said or what even the Bible has said,,for when we start to become the word itself , we speak from that maturity being placed and developed within us in Christ. When we don’t have to stop and think that “it is said” somewhere outside of ourself, we just speak from what God has established in us. We first only know in part, however we look forward to the day where the in part in us is in the past tense, and then as we speak, our entity, our words and our love…are inseparable for we will have then become as He is. We can see this day approaching and as we do we do not see it as we used to see it in an outward manifestation of what we think heaven is. Heaven is not a geographical place of literal streets, mansions (man zions) or literal thrones sat upon by the 144,000. Heaven is a place we have to come to in the spirit within our hearts and minds. It is not something that we can observe with the natural eye, it must be seen in the realm of the spirit. Achieving “Heaven “ is a humble acceptance that the material vision one has had of heaven has been replaced by the reality of the spirit. For one to sit upon the throne with Christ is to realize that the throne is a spirit of “authority” and there is no higher authority than the love of God. When love commands, evil leaves. When we learn to love to a fault, we will accept all the criticism that comes with the territory of not being timid, as Paul spoke clearly to his brother Peter whom he loved…and because he had no fear of speaking truth to weakness, Peter learned that day what true love is…for Paul desired for Peter to love as He loved and to take no thought of any criticism that he may receive from walking in the straight and narrow. We will “seemingly” lose family and friends by our commitment to Christ but the best way to help those who reject us is to push on and love in spite of the rejection. I say “seemingly” because nothing is lost just delayed. As the nails were being driven into the body of Christ by pagan men, all He could say is what was within Him to say…and from His unconditional love for the unjust as well as the just…He could only say “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Christ knew that in the age to come these pagan soldiers would one day stand perfected as God draws us each in our own order to become as He is. Taking thought of this…it should be easy for the rest of us to also forgive the little things. Christ learned obedience through experience, in the things in which He suffered as well as obeying every thought that came into His mind from His Father… and ours will come to the only speak and to fulfill those same thoughts. These thoughts to be able to do the same….does not bring lofty thoughts of sitting on natural thrones “ruling” or in being admired as some do…the reality of this will make one so humble and loving that this matured one would give his place to another..”if he could.” We do not want to stand out in pride or in admiration, we simply want for “you” what we want for ourselves. This is what oneness is. Like I often say, to really understand what love is, it can’t be descriptive, it must become us and we…it.

        Now…as good as all this is and sounds, let us pray for one another that we may all come to the glory of this truth. This glory I’m speaking of…is God.

  41. Good morning to all,
    You may be detecting in these words a hint of synchronicity, I have found this to be most remarkable and a proof of sorts of the true origin of this Doctrine.

    Today’s fourth reference to ‘The Book of True Life’ Book 1 is as follows:

    1.22.31. ‘Rejoice, for through these teachings you will progress in your development, though some believe the opposite because they are guided by wrong judgments. For centuries, you have been divided by religions and sects. You have always had desire to know something more than you knew, but still your heart is withered for lack of love, in spite of the many creeds that you have had. But soon you will gather around the perfect love that emanates from ‘The Book of True Life’, which is the Word.’

  42. I know that people have different interpretations of the term religious. The religious people see themselves as being in a good stage in seeking God. They see themselves as being mature and in the right state of development of maturity just like you do. In your understanding, do you see yourself as being at One, or you Are in ‘oneness’ with the religious people of the world? You are all one with the religious people?

    • people become what other’s ideas become as we attach our own stories to each LABEL(such as religion).
      Once you understand the Eternal Language, and align with the highest vibrations(in which your language will change), you will see that all religions in this time and age are all traps. ideas get pushed within the PSYCHE of man, and once you become part of a religion, you lose the ability to see the TRUE HEART(in which we are all part).

      ALL PEOPLE are extensions of self, and we shall look down upon NO ONE , for any reason..
      else we tend to hold ourselves in death(as that what religions do).
      man is still searching for itself…

      once you know that what your WAITING FOR is your own HEART, there is no more need to WAIT..

      • So, what, is a religion? Could one be trapped
        outside of a religion?
        If you can be trapped in, you can be trapped out.

  43. Already you leave a gift behind. Thank you, Joe.

    Sonny, I am going to leave you a comment in a separate place to address exactly what I mean by my comment about Joe’s gift. All of these words (especially what you and Joe will share) are purposeful, creative and full of Love’s power. We are forming a band of brothers – in Truth.

    • I agree…there is only “one” love and when we find that one love, we have found life eternal. I really do look forward to this consummation of all things…and to think we can be a part of its fulfillment is a good thought. As Rachel expressed that Christ does not want to stand out, I believe this also for He, as we, should look for this oneness when He hands all authority back to the Father. And if we should be so blessed as to make a similar sacrifice, we also, will not want to stand out, we will be satisfied to just among all…

      It is an amazing thing to see and to understand that this creation was made and created through Christ…and to think that after the last one of us receives our place in our order by the long eons of ages of Christ’s work, Jesus will then take His place among us as an equal. Now that is sacrifice, that is love. Incomprehensible. A very humbling and deeply profound thing to absorb. Understanding this will establish a gratitude and and appreciation that is unsurpassable. When we desire to love with no strings attached, desiring nothing in return, God will reveal all things to us..simply because we understand the concept that we are “one.”

    • Look forward to reading it.

  44. Hello to All, Today’s reference to the ‘Book of True Life’ is as follows:

    1.23.65. ‘This Age will reveal to man the lessons of ‘The Book of True Life’, which were not yet known to humanity.’

    1.23.66. ‘Verily, I say unto you, just as Elijah, who opened the gates of the Third-Age, did not need to incarnate his mind to speak to men, I am also making known to you. Many do the same thing who live in the spiritual region.’

    With Love to All

  45. Joe, please address your notes to an individual if you don’t mind. I think your note of this morning was for me, and so I will answer.
    God loves every Child born of God. While currently we are having human experiences, we are in truth, spiritual beings. Through various avenues, we are able to learn more about our true nature. It is important to understand that we are all at different levels of understanding, and we gain understanding from different sources.
    I am not yet able to give you complete details on the source, but it was authored by God (All that is Divine) and it includes countless lessons offered by the Father, our Divine Mother, The Son (Christ) the Son of God as opposed to Jesus, the Son of Man who was motivated by Christ the Divine Spirit. As humans, ‘We must be born again. Once in flesh, and then with our incarnated spirit. The spirit is eternal and survives death. The body is shed and returns to the earth. We (all of us, all colors, all nationalities, all races, all languages, all genders, speaking spiritually not materially, are in truth ‘Children of God’. We (our spiritual selves) are eternal. Genesis 6, as you will recall, briefly describes the falling away of the Sons of God… it is important for all of us to understand, that We are the fallen, we fell from the perfection of God at the event of ‘He’ giving His children Free-Will. Understand that we were created by (Mother/Father/God and endowed with free-will, so that God could be truly loved by beings created in (His) image, that were free to love (Him) or not. Now, for a moment, imagine a human family with children, these are taught to love their parents but at various times in their lives may have a falling out with them. In truth, love cannot be forced, at least not true love… it is a state of the heart. Now consider the First Great Commandment. Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, and all your strength… On first look it seems that since God’s children must have free-will in order to be truly loved, then there can be no guarantees that God will be loved by that spirit child during a given lifetime. But rest assured that our God is a very patient God, and while we may struggle with the whole idea of being ‘spiritual beings’ let alone eternal, our God awaits patiently, always loving each and every Child, and never one more than the next. You may recall that Jesus, called his Disciples His ‘Brothers’. You may have noticed that the Second Great Commandment states that we shall love our brothers as we love ourselves. It is because we are created in Mother/ Father /God’s likeness. Without going any further down a rabbit hole, understand that our God is always with us. He does not interfere with free-will, even though one person’s free-will can take take or otherwise destroy many lives. It is because we must understand the far reaching forces of good and evil.. All of God’s children will be able to speak to (Him) directly during this Age ( the Age of Wisdom). It is achievable when his spiritual children take enough of an interest in Him to make Him want to speak to us. ‘Be still, and KNOW that I Am God’.
    But God will not speak to you until He knows that you are ready.
    Joe, understand that In this Divine Doctrine, God says that churches will fall away. This is a truth. God will build His Temple in the Hearts of Men and Women. Please try to understand that anything that causes division between people will fall away. The Earth will be going through significant changes during this Age. There will be some very difficult lessons for humanity. It is therefore very important that the work that we are doing here and now, is being received by humanity. There will be 144,000 called to serve the Lord in this work, and there will be many more who will assist by trying to learn about the reality of who and what we are, and what our True Father expects from us. As Her Children, we must prove ourselves worthy to be near Her, because Divine Spirit is Perfect and Pure, and cannot be polluted. Hence, Jacob’s ladder and the quest for perfection. There is much to be learned, many worlds, some more refined and closer to God, some less. And spiritual movement between these worlds based on our love and understanding of Truth.
    I am thankful to be a part of this type of group, where people care enough to seek our God in Truth.
    Note that God says clearly that He loves all sincere pursuits of Him, religion is not of God, but of humanity. When used to support humanity in many ways it is viewed as good and beneficial.
    Thank you for asking, I hope this might help you to understand a bit more.
    In God, -Andrew

    • Thank you, Andrew very much for sharing, so I can see your heart
      and have a chance to speak with you on these important subjects.

      So, Jesus whom you referred to said, you must become as little children.
      For me, I think he is saying stay very simplistic in your love and in
      your comprehension.
      Also, Jesus said, it is not for you to know the times or seasons.
      Can you apply this statement to a fatalistic end time scenario?
      In other words, when I hear this,saying,~ It is not for you to know the
      times or seasons, I hear Him saying,~
      I will hold you in my arms, I will send you a comforter, it’s Ok,
      simply let me love you.

      • Hello Joe,
        There are many more things that I don’t understand than I do. I am not able to answer your question. But you also asked earlier ‘How does God speak to me?’
        It is currently my understanding, based on the first reference I provided on ‘The Book of True Life’, that there may well be a second version tailored for the spirit world. And while I am anxious to read the work that Loni, Rachel, and Will have provided, my intuition is suggesting that I hold off on that until the project that I’m working on is submitted for publication in its entirety.
        But that which I am preparing, is a Doctrine authored entirely by God Itself. By that I mean, God as (Mother Father God) describes Himself it ‘The Book of True Life’ (alternate and primary title of what He calls, ‘The Gospel of the Third-Age’. This great doctrine, is that which Christ had spoken of, saying, ‘I have much more to say to you but you cannot bear it now, but I will send the Spirit of Truth who will tell you all things.’ (Paraphrased of course). So Christ, one with the Father and with ‘God’, came unexpectedly – like a thief in the night, while the world slept. But wait, does anything Good ever come out of Nazareth? And the same is said of Mexico, but Elijah chose Mexico in the West, as being most prepared to receive God’s Word. The Word was spoken by Christ as the Son, as the Master, as the Teacher, as the Father, as the Judge, as the Divine Mother, as the Most High God of Creation. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Truth, shared by All of the above in their Singularity. The Holy Trinity? Yes! And much more than that. This entire doctrine, from the Mind of God, was spoken through the Word of God (the Spirit of Truth) through divinely prepared Voice-bearers, (humans divinely prepared by Elijah the Forerunner) From 1866 until the end of 1950, at which time (as they were told) the Divine Communication would stop. There were multiple locations in and around Mexico City that were receiving the exact same communications at the exact same time. The Voice-Bearers were extremely simple and uneducated people, and yes, sinners. And did not have the wherewithal to understand the words that they were speaking. The Divine Word was recorded by scribes (Gold-feathers) at each location who faithfully received and recorded the Divine Word. This, ‘The Second Coming of Christ’ in Spirit, continued for 84 years. The background and history of these events is being properly prepared as part of this work.
        So, this Divine Revelation, the Second Coming of Christ, is the Word of God. And of the Three-Testaments, is the only one entirely and directly from the Mind of God.

        And so, through this Doctrine, God speaks to all who read or receive the Word. And because it was spoken publicly before crowds of witnesses, it was spoken in ‘first person’ perspective. And so, it is exactly as if God is speaking directly to every one of us.

        But God will be speaking to All of His Children that receive Him directly during this Age of Humanity, with Mind to Spirit, and Mind to Mind communications, whereby all Children of God will be able to converse with Him directly.

        With Love to All,

      • Andrew, In the work you are describing I see buckets full of Legalism, in other words trying to gain salvation by works.
        I am assuming you would be aware this would not match the works of Christ that we have learned from Him? Which is a teaching about grace and forgiveness?
        You don’t want to leave grace and forgiveness and go back under Law do you?
        That would be like putting a donkey on your back and carrying him through the Mexican desert?

      • Hi Joe,
        According to this God’s Word, and untainted by the minds of men, salvation is not only by faith, but also by works. God makes this crystal clear. To say simply that one ‘believes’ does not make him worthy of salvation, but in truth, and again God states in perfect clarity, that every child will eventually be saved.
        Best if we agree not to agree.

      • Nothing makes man worthy of salvation. Salvation is a work freely given to man. You can be saved today. What works are you planning to do, to get God to save you? I don’t believe you said?

      • Joe, you might think of Andrew’s work as one that enlightens all who love God, but are unable to see her/his Truth correctly because they are forced to conceive of God through the “human viewpoint”. These beloved hearts possess this darkened human viewpoint simply because they are human. What other viewpoint could they have?

        It is a very significant work and a very great gift to mankind. It is most certainly not legalism, as its very presence is the manifestation of Divine Love in action. It is the way out of the “human viewpoint” and into the Light of Truth.

        But it is an unusual work.

      • I felt the doctrine discouraging enough to offer him something greater.

  46. since we live on this contentant for so long, we use the word christ as others use other names in other countrys. using that word will push others away as religions till has hold of our own heart.

    so again, i will show what christ is, to remove the confusions.

    a christian’s version of christ doesnt exist(no people in any bible on earth).

    within all of time and space, there is an inner communications(highest vibrations) in which ALL OF US IS PART(along side every other name).

    it isnt as much as about christ as it is about ALL NAMES(hense heaven on earth through the original context).
    christ is a VIBRATION in which binds every person on earth.
    a SOUL lives outside of time, and affects all of time(hense cross).
    each name(SOUL aka Vibrations) is part of all of us.
    there is an inner communcations that binds our own identity to ALL THAT IS(through ALL NAMES).

    if we talk about christ, you also have to talk about johova, allah, morman, and all other such names, as it is ONLY THROUGH ALL OF THEM, of how we BRING HEAVEN ONTO EARTH..(all souls bathe the world)

    my intent is to remove all religios ideas that HOLD NO VALUE IN TRUTH, allowing EVERYONE to see whats truly being said(must read ALL BIBLES).(puzzle them back together, and bring out the REAL BIBLE(takes every bible on earth(every NAME(soul) on earth)).

    again, most say they believe in christ, but most dont have the ability to see what christ is. so they believe in nothing(as their own world shows(as they WAIT)).

    • I use the word Christ a lot. This is exactly the understanding in which I use it.

      Christ is a word many of us “walked” with in our journeys, and the more intimate your walk, the “smaller” Christ becomes.

      Thanks, Loni.

    • May I add my view of “Christ?” Very much the same but with an additional perspective. In my understanding of words, Jesus was the man and His “anointing” was the spirit of His Father “and ours” being poured into Him making Him Jesus the Christ. What’s in a name? Without any meaning attached to a word or a name it is just that. An anointing is a person which receives God’s spirit by measure until this anointing grows and becomes in “nature” as He is. This anointing is the spirit of God, though it may be spelled a thousand ways, it does not change it’s “nature.” What’s in a name but a nature?” How do we define God? He is truth, love, glory, He is the “no name” the Jews of old Israel dared to speak because they believed a natural name and pronunciation was beneath God. There is only one spirit that we identify as God and as long as we give Him the identity of the only one true sovereign God and have no other God’s before us…we shouldn’t quibble about the sound that comes out of our mouth while trying to identify the truth…or…God..or love. I’m never found the words in my vocabulary that can quiet describe how I see my Father, Jesus and Christ…and Jesus Christ. I suppose if I could find the words to express the love that I see that my Father is, I could also find the words to describe the perfection of the anointing in any person including our “first born” brother. Everyone will come to perfection through the same anointing as Jesus for there is only one spirit and one Father. How can He anoint anyone with any other spirit than that of Himself ?

      All of the disciples in the upper room were anointed (or christened) with a measure of the spirit, just as Jesus was, and just as we have been. It is first given in measure and as we grow, we grow into the fulness of the anointing (Christ). I more so feel the presence of the anointing, a peace and a contentment seemingly beyond explanation rather than in an ability in attaching “truth” to any vocabulary…try as I might. I do not try to explain truth (God) in a multitude of words or words of wisdom so to speak. I understand what Paul meant when He said that he did not come to any with great oratory skills and words of great wisdom meaning going on and on about the mysteries and gifts of the spirit as I tie his statement in with 1 Corinthians 13. Although he probably could have matched any great speeches of his day with great sounding words that only the “intellectual” ones could understand, he chose not to go down that road of using great swelling words that takes a dictionary to understand but using the simpleness of language and meaningful words that taught Christ and Him crucified. Many do not understand this statement because Paul was not talking about teaching the natural cross that ended Jesus’ natural life but the cross of the two natures that reside within each one of us. The love of Christ within each of us must “cross” out and crucify the old man within us, the first Adam that the second Adam may live..which is Christ Jesus.

      Paul had no interest and wasted none of his time in trying to look important, or in sounding important or really caring what others may say of Him…for His love for God was being proved in the simplicity of his words in order that he might bring all that heard him to “the way” of Christ. There was no time and place in Paul’s walk to steal a few precious moments for himself as did the five foolish. What was the difference in Paul and them? Very simple, one used their gifts to promote the way of the Father and the foolish used the very “same” gifts to promote the way but going through themselves, taking the admiration and worship that belonged only to God and wore it like garment that smelled of pride, arrogance and “self glory.” All glory belongs to God and there is no room for “self” to claim any of it with our carnal thinking. The carnal minded foolish virgins simply erred in taking what was not their’s to take and gloated in it. God refused their sacrifice just as He did that of Cain for it did not come from a place of seeking a pure heart, it came from seeking self.

      I am a man of very few words in my daily life and I am not really interested in convincing anyone that I have any greater knowledge than anyone else simply because I know, as Paul, that if I understood all mysteries , parables, allegories, types and antitypes and have not the simple desire to know my Father in spirit and in truth without all the self seeking attention of that only our carnal pride desires, then I am wasting my time. If we are using words for any other reason than to hope that we can make plain the way of God, we will be as the foolish thinking we will be heard for our much speaking, yet never being able to come to the truth, which is the love…of God.

      It seems that somehow many think that a multitude of words equals righteousness, and the grander the speech, the grander the truth…and I think that we all need to seek and to desire to know the difference. I see that many on this forum understand the same as I do…and honestly have desire to die out to self, leaving only His spirit within. I see that we all will eventually cross this threshold at some point in the future. What most of the New Testament is addressing is the high calling in Christ Jesus and this was the desire of the foolish when they were petitioning before God when He rejected their request. They were not losing their salvation as religion teaches, they just simply did not measure up to the high calling in Christ Jesus..and were going to have to settle for a different calling and a different order. There was too much self rising (leavening) in their request. Too much of loving self and not enough of loving others as themselves. There is a very fine line in understanding the way of God and the way of self. It is so close that even the elect cannot see the difference. This is because of where our emphasis is placed on what we know and “how” we know it. Let us pray for one another in that we do not get lost in the multitude of words and accept the simplicity in knowing what is the love of God through the “way” of His firstborn son. His “way” is simple, just be kind to all and expect nothing in return for it.

      Hope this makes “some” sense.

      • Oh Sonny, how I hope you will come to desire the Truth and let go of all you believe you have attained. Think of the message about “selling all”, and the one about how new wine can not be poured into an old wineskin.

        I’m sorry you feel when others (and mostly me, I’m certain) share the understanding they’ve been given is prideful and arrogant. These are such ugly words and they do not even exist in Truth, so the fact that you see them should help you realize you are looking in the wrong direction.

        Sonny, I say this as a light to help you awaken, receive it as such. In the very same breath you proclaimed the “high calling of Jesus Christ” and then proclaimed that some will not attain it. You further proclaimed that some “just don’t measure up” to this calling. And all of this after saying it is others proclaiming in arrogance and self-righteousness. You are the only one on this forum saying such things.

        I am giving you a gift Sonny, but you are like a small child, arms crossed, who refuses to eat his vegetables. You are here for a very special reason, but if you refuse to eat, you will inhibit your own growth. I am saying these things only because they are helpful to you, whether you believe this or not.

        Understanding is the GIFT OF GOD. Did you know that when you reject understanding as “unnecessary” and those who desire to give it as arrogant, you are actually saying this to God. God is the giver of good and perfect gifts, and CHRIST is the substance of our Faith.

        Don’t shun understanding…SPEAK from the understanding you possess and MORE will be given to you. It is not the understanding you currently possess that is important, its the understanding you DESIRE to possess that shows how much you love God’s Gift. GOD LIVES IN THE TEMPLE OF YOUR UNDERSTANDING, for understanding is the substance DIVINE LOVE’S PERFECTION.

        Peace, Sonny. Don’t see me as arrogant and I will not be. See me as a friend, and as such I will appear.

    • My words were of thanks were specifically for Loni, because I wanted him/her to know I had received the gift.

      Sonny, I am going to translate my comment differently so that you may better understand its meaning.

      I don’t know who Loni is – but his/her words have greatly increased my understanding. The biggest example of this was in the full and complete understanding of the Spherical Language. I tell you in Truth, Loni gave me that gift, a gift I can now give.

      So, when Loni says something, I always look for the gift in it. Sometime the gifts are significant and in my appreciation I share it back. In this case it was Christ as the smallest element, which expanded my understanding. My comment about Christ becoming smaller means that eventually all you see is Christ, and behold, you see the Kingdom!

      Always look in the words of others for a greater understanding of what you CURRENTLY POSSESS. It is the Voice of Truth (or God for all you “analog” minds out there!) that receives and gives the gifts that increase your understanding. Look for these gifts and return your gratitude to the Source. (This gives the Source a stream of Divine Love from you that increases joy IN THE SOURCE.

      This is all part of the Spherical Language – a gift from Loni to us all.

      • There is salvation to all… but there are different callings and orders…and as I have stated there is no lesser of the spirit of God in any calling. While I understand, as we all do, that there are different callings that we “may” attain to just because we know about them doesn’t make us a partaker of them. I see a lot of people talking about the high calling in Christ Jesus and we must have a vision of it to walk toward it. I have been very careful to claim “any” calling in Christ Jesus because as I have repeatedly said in the past “knowing” is not in the being. I have a vision and an understanding of it and can converse of its reality but as I again repeat it is not in the knowing of a thing…it is in the becoming of that thing. I have not achieved that high calling in Christ Jesus and will never claim it prematurely if God should ever grant me the privilege. I do not look at the high calling as something to crow about as many do, for it is a sacrificial way that only humbleness can attain one to. The “throne” that many see in the distant further is a “position” which is not so. Love is the throne where all authority is delegated from and love has no pride or self in it. When it is taught that the carnal mind and the mind of God is in enmity to one another, it is the teaching of Christ, not us, that it is the carnal mind which is always at enmity with the teachings of Christ. Why did the disciples and the apostles suffer death at the hands of the unlearned and the religious of the day. Did these in the way speak truth or did they go around agreeing with those who did not have their understanding? And what was the truths reward but anger, scoffing and ridicule of this teaching? It was rejection and ultimately death for them. Death can be realized in the spirit without a physical death…for ones words can be a spiritual set back to others…if they are used to maim, accuse and kill another’s spirt. To carry it to the extreme, what was Paul’s intent toward Peter when he explained truth to error in Peter’s actions? While I have confronted no one personally on this blog as you seem to think that I have, if one were to challenge directly anything that I may believe and describe here, as you can see I do not hesitate to try to correct the misunderstanding. Since you seem to want to challenge me on what my intent is and what I believe, where do you get that I am directing my understandings of human nature to you personally. A carnal mind is in all of mankind until Go’s removes it from us and I can faithfully say that I have no superior stature in Christ to accuse anyone. You claiming that I call you prideful and arrogant is something I never even alluded to…

        If you can deduce this to me only speaking to you here, you are in grave error. It is timely of what Andrew just shared above; 2.32.65,66

        ‘You have to answer for everything, and depending on what your evil works are, you will receive most empathic judgments from yourselves. I do not judge you; it is your own it is your own mind in its state of clarity that is your awful prosecutor and terrible judge. I defend you against the wild accusations, speak freely, and deliver you, for I Am the Love that Purifies and Forgives.’

        I think that what this is saying is that if there is something that we read whether it is from another or from the Bible itself, if it registers and we feel a need to defend ourselves from it,thinking it is a personal message then it very well could be. Not that the messenger (the Bible) is being specific to anyone if it registers then maybe we should take notice…if it strikes a cord.

        And the only person that would see the person who thinks the message is to or for them. This is how we all learn from the Bible and from the writings of many others….if the words register, there is something there within us foe it to register with. If we read something and if it does not pertain to us, we do not react to it. The spirit of God within us does not offend nor does it receive offense. Again, as Andrew shared above it is only when there is something to offend does it register.

        Will, I think you have taken something personally that was written in a format that doesn’t single any individual out. I am sorry you have taken it this way but I cannot see it. When this first came up I was bewildered as I thought my ideas on philosophy was taken personally by another…but I now understand that it was you who took me saying we all need to be careful in not putting forth our philosophies for truth. Anything that I personally have to say outside of the truth and the will of God is in itself just a philosophy. And I accept this warning to myself before I write it for all others to see and to understand…for we must all first eat and digest what we serve…. You have mistakenly in the past remarked at times that we see things differently and were very forceful in your defense of your position as though I was reduced to being judged by an opinion. I see this same thing in your comments above as you think you see something in my beliefs that is wrong enough for you to comment on in a corrective way. To put it in the terms you are using above you are answering and addressing me again in what you think you know that you don’t know. I have no desire to argue or debate anyone about anything. If we get into an agreed on discussion between us here in this blog as to our personal opinion, then let each state it without the condescending language of any other. When we each have went around the the room and we each have spoken our views on any particular subject we can ask questions and make comments on it but it is to be done with a respect that is not meant to offend. If a person remains quite after all have spoken in turn where the subject matter is universal to all…one should not think that it pertains to them only. If there are ten people in the room and one one is offended that another is only speaking to them, is it the person whom is speaking to all equally that is the offender or is it that the message had a place to perch? We do not speak out of anger or insult, we speak to rightly divide what is spiritual and what is carnal. And if I or another speak to criticize or to condemn another in what God allows for them to believe at this point in their journey we are in grave danger of being corrected by God.

        I have nothing but a love of a God for all people and I have matured past any need for any to be in agreement with me or me them to know what love is. Love is far above and beyond what anyone thinks of us or what they think we think of them. This really is just a phase we may be going through for again a matured love cannot be offended in words given or received. If we are to become the very likeness and character of God, do we think he reacts to us in kind every time we are in disagreement with Him? Of course not…so if we are to become of the same disposition and character of our Father…are we to respond in being offended or given to offending? No, we cannot but again, truth or error can only register where there is a place for it.

    • In this Doctrine, ‘The Gospel of the Third-Age, God uses Christ equating to the Word of God equating also to the Holy Spirit. The term defines a part of (Him), I believe, used for the purpose of divine communication.

      Loni, a question for you… are you a medium of sorts? How do you receive revelation from God?


      • for me, it all just comes. just like the DIVINE got you here, there is always this 2 way communications between the world and I(outside of time).

        the info comes through the vibrations(that bind every moment in time together.
        there is always a story being told within each situation we find ourselves in EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES.

        the world teaches us, but it isnt about what is in front of us, as it is about being PART OF(all of us as ONE).

        through religions, ideas get thrown down your throat, and they are doing more damage than good.
        the true info is all around us, in every position of every item within the world, that comes from the god within.

        i could consider myself as a medium, but then the language of man would try to disect me and the connection.

        Everything i do and say comes from all of YOU.. all the things i learned through the WHOLE WORLD(in which all souls are vibrations that bind us together. when the whole world discovers something new, it also comes through my own consiousness.

        the info is OUTSIDE OFTIME(how divinity works).
        when we listen to that VOICE, that voice is what all of us are BUILT AROUND(no waiting, but always connected).

        again, we sometimes get caught up within the systems we create, that we tend to forget WHOM WE ARE.

        the bibles will just fall in place of what i say, because they are written within the spheracle language, but misinterpered time and time again, through the linier language(language of man)(instead of the language of love).(ALL SOULS)

  47. Sonny I could not find the button to get me
    to your Nov. 4 comment (so placing it hear)

    Thanks for sharing your inner process.

    In understanding
    your process
    on hearing I am hearing
    you say Only Apache and never
    Only bird, and never cricket?
    There’s a world out there.

    • Joe, Could you be a little more detailed about what you mean by?

      In understanding
      your process
      on hearing I am hearing
      you say Only Apache and never
      Only bird, and never cricket?
      There’s a world out there.

      I’ll try to answer as clear as I know how. Thanks
      Love the dialogue…love the respect even more.

      • I don’t think one, anyone can follow God unless they hear the one’s that God sends to them, including current and historical sources. These ordinations follow his guidelines, not ours. God has many voices but we do not create the cannon or the context. This would be a law unto itself. He doesn’t want you under a law to yourself.

      • Joe,

        If I read your coded message correctly, I will say that there is no distinction of the spirit even though we may see it housed in many different “kinds” of houses. I will answer you as best of what I think you are asking or the point that I see you are making. There is a lot to unwrap from the outward world to the inward spirit but let’s see….there is an out there world and there is an inward world. There is a lot to say in the two words of “out there. “
        I am saying that there is no difference in an Apache or a Cherokee, as far as the spirit is concerned. A bird or cricket? There is a difference in the makeup and in the flesh of all the animal kingdom including man, however there is only the one spirit which keeps all alive and which is common to all for God is “all” and in all. When we speak in one area of understanding or of one particular calling that others may not understand and question us on, it is always good to ask…and for the other to answer as best as they can in all sincerity. All of the symbols in the Old Testament when revealed and understood in Revelation, there true meaning turns all the supposed fears and anxieties of the pictures of doom and gloom into a book of the revealing of Christ within us…thus the book of Revelation is seen in a completely transforming way and the only loss is that of carnal thinking. There are many translations and “books” written in the world and as I witness many struggling to find out which translations of the Bible are best…or which religion is best…or which man to listen to is best…etc., etc., I say that this type of questioning comes from the entry level of our beginning walk in Christ. There is…a world out there where religion functions in an outward way and this outward way can carry us just so far. This is the realm of looking through a glass darkly for the true light will not be turned on in that “upper room” until we turn from looking for God on the outside of ourselves to Him being found within. When we understand that when the spirit of God is poured into our hearts and minds, that is where our positive communication starts, in spirit to spirit, in becoming a one on one relationship with the spirit given us as a down payment or as an advance ( the talents). God is already within us in the upper room so to speak, since we are in fact the reality of the temple in the antitype of the tabernacle of Moses in type. This is a good analogy of the two different worlds that man is destined to experience, first the natural and then the spiritual. The world of religion with its many thousands of ways and temples on the exterior of us, we as the young in Christ while looking for answers and peace sometimes going from one to the other…and never able to come to the love of the truth. We look and look and look, traveling near and far to find that something to fill our void. When our mind and heart becomes fixated on finding “the way” and we are willing to sacrifice all of the outwardly and worldly ways of finding God, it is then at this point that God turns our heart from looking for Him outside of ourselves to within where He has always been, remaining in the Holiest of Holies behind the veil that separates our “two rooms” of spirit and soul. (The he and the she) In this tabernacle of Moses there was the holy place and the holiest of Holies. In parallel to what the natural tabernacle represented, these two rooms represent where our spirit and soul dwells within us. Although these two rooms were in the same “temple” there was a wall of separation between them which represented our flesh or our carnal mind. This is what obscures our vision until we regain our sight through our relationship with God within. And then there is our body represented by the wall around the temple. This tabernacle in the wilderness represents every man, “Apache and Cherokee,” the just and the unjust, the atheist and the p agnostic as well as any other label one may want to place on themselves. In understanding that there is a natural world out there where the flesh loves to participate, we must turn our focus within us, to the spiritual world where the carnal mind that is at enmity with God cannot see. Entering into this spiritual way within, the outward things of rituals, ceremonies, and outward buildings and “churches” have lost all of it’s appeal to the soul. The soul that is still hanging on to the outward realm still finds some excitement in it but as she makes her way back to her husband, the spirit, (Christ) all of the glitter of the world becomes just more dross for the burning. This is because we have to finally realized that we do not have to move one inch from where we are, or do we need to sit in the presence of another man interfering with the message that God is trying to directly give to us, nor in a building made with hands…for we finally realize that we are the only temple in reality where God has taken up his abode. In the type of us, the tabernacle, it has all of the functions of the spirit, soul and body, it has an outward altar typifying our alter within where we take our daily cares and sacrifice them on the altar that is before us which is the lord Himself.

        You are absolutely correct in saying “there’s a world out there” and as we turn from that outward world to our inward world by the increasing light and spirit of our Father, we go from the darkness of outward religions to a quiet inward faith. There was no light from the outward world that penetrated into the upper room of the Holiest of Holies for this place was where God dwelt and no sin (or light from the world) was allowed into it..and God needs no natural light as found in the holy place for He is the light. We have that same place where God dwells within us and since the veil was rent from top to bottom at the “coming” and at the crucifixion of Christ, the two rooms were no longer two compartments but one. All this depicts is that our soul is now free to move back into the spirit from which it (she) came. This allegory is about our flesh (darkness) which influences our soul of being removed from our natural way of seeing the world to seeing the world now beyond the veil..or within our own Holiest of Holies. “We of living in two worlds can now become one again.” In the world that we live in today we can travel the world and somewhere see man living in the many ways of the past as far back as in the time of Adam, to the flood and on into the present. Yet, in realizing that there are many ways that man can follow out in the world, it is when each of us begin our individual relationship with God, that it will lead all of these various cultures and peoples to the oneness of the spirit…”All” will eventually come to this oneness as we shed our carnal nature and awaken to the spiritual nature within us. This is saying that regardless of how a person is, or where they are from or what they understand or don’t understand, we are to view all people, from whatever walk of life, as the brother that they are and “shall” be!

        The world is full of man made religions that the carnal mind can scheme and devise, thousands of them…that take the place of God, however when we enter into that one temple in which we are and when the seven golden candlesticks of God’s completeness start to give us the light of His character we will no longer need to look outside of our temple for any light. Whether we read, hear another, or it is the unction of the spirit which we connect with, all truth comes originally from just one source. Man is not the source, however if a person speaks a truth, it did not originate from Him, it originates from God…so this understanding removes the boast.

        We move from the world out there to the world within and in our transition we count it all joy. This plan of God in first exposing us to the natural ways of man, and then transferring us into the spiritual ways of God, we will have have learned the full spectrum of what is good and what is evil. When we see the purpose of God in exposing us to all forms of insult and evil in the outward world ruled by the carnal nature of men, to then turn us back to Himself where we will be finished and perfected in His own likeness and character. I will say this is summation; Many are confused as to the why and to the purpose of evil and why we must suffer through many multitudes of trials, test and tribulations…and since Gods says that these things are a necessary part of us being He is.

        God created us to be like Himself, His offspring, not some robot with a computer chip that is designed and is programmed to function without the freedoms to make individual choices like He Himself can make. So in God creating an illusion that we call life on earth, we are allowed to go our own way and do our own thing but only for a “time.” We are given freedoms to choose by not following any rules except those of our own. We are allowed to make freedom of choices that lead to the abuse of others, in putting our interest and desires above the interest of “all” of God’s other children. In this world God has set natural boundaries that we should not cross and when we do, we have to pay the price for “going our own way and doing our own thing.” Then, as God says that He has set the boundaries of man where he can go no further in his evil schemes, God makes a change in our direction. When God sees that evil has done its work in man to correct him and to give him an understanding that we cannot simply go our own way and do our own thing without consequences, and having established this understanding within us, He an now go on and perfect us. We are confined to this school on this earth until we learn how to conduct ourselves by choice, and out of a love for “all” others, seeing no one as being any different from another in spirit. We all may have a different order and calling from God but it is of the same spirit. To understand this temporary “fall” into vanity we need but to look at the world around us and see that man cannot govern himself without God being our head. When we graduate from this earthly experience and God has trained and perfected each one of us by the sufferings that we experience in this life, we will then “eternally” know the difference of what obedience to His will is. This world is thus a place of perfecting His likeness within us. So even in experiencing evil, it shows us that “all” things do work together for our ultimate good. I call this life a dream of a “what if” for it is not reality, just like a natural dream, we dream things that are really not so and when we awaken from them we are glad it wasn’t our reality. So this dream is not our true reality, it is only an aberration of a “what if” we went our own way and did our own thing. What kind of universe would we live in if we carried the mess we have made of planet earth into a universe and a life without end? So this dream of an existence that we experience is not God’s true way and character. It’s just God’s way of showing us of a life without His structure a s will. If God could have designed and created a better way of training us, without suffering He would have. However does it not say that even His firstborn was made obedient through the things in which He suffered? So…if we look at all things in the context of God’s intended purpose, we see no mistakes in anything. Even in what faults that we may see in another, they are there for a good reason, just as we experience our own faults, for they teach us what good is. When we see that all things, both good and evil, are created (Isaiah 45:7) for the perfecting of all of our brothers and sisters, we can have no condemnation or criticism for any…and if we do, it just means that God has just a little more work to do on us. If we can help to facilitate our spiritual growth among our friends by the understanding that God gives us in rightly being able to divide the word and to distinguish the pride that emits from the flesh as to the gratitude that emits from the spirit. The carnal mind in us will always be offended by the presence of the spirit for the witness of love’s presence will always condemn the traits of the flesh. When there is nothing left of our carnal nature, there is nothing else left for love to witness to. Again love does not offend, love (Truth, God) connects to like love…and if there is a disconnect in the spirit trying to communicate this love to another and it is met with resistance, it is just our soul within needing an attitude adjustment. When all the adjustments have been made between our soul and the spirit we will become one in spirit again, the him and the her ( both sides of God) that were divided in the garden, in the fall will now be reunited again. It’s certainly a journey with many different orders and callings so when we speak of one, it doesn’t mean that all are not important. We really shouldn’t look at any calling as being better than another or something to be achieved as a position, for it is the character and the likeness of God that is the true reward…and when God completes His likeness and character within us, there is no calling or order that is higher than this. As God told Abraham, “I am they great and exceeding reward” and putting this into current terms, God is truth and love and when we are found in His likeness and character, He is then also our great and exceeding reward. Therefore the way to the kingdom should all be done in only one spirit but until we become that completed reward, we will have to work with what we have. I think I understand your metaphor and philosophy of the Apache and the Cherokee…and I hope that I have answered your question of how I see Apaches and Cherokees. Again, we are one with all, there is no difference. If we were to take away our covering, our body, what would we see and how would we distinguish one from another that makes any difference? What shape, color, culture and nationality is our spirit? All of our own ideas about all of the things that we discuss on our way to being made whole, are just our temporary philosophies and ideas waiting to be matured. There is no downside to this life unless we make it so…and if we do God will change us in His time.
        I like to end a lot of things by saying…it is all good…because when we see all things with a singleness of purpose, then what can we say except…it is all good.

      • That’s a very interesting writing Sonny. My faith dwells withing me, probably much like a very simple Indian. Based mainly on a relationship of communicating with God. Feasting on His love. Sharing insights with Him and others.

  48. To All,
    I’m sorry I missed yesterday. Today’s reference on ‘The Book of True Life’ is as follows:
    From Book 2
    ‘You have to answer for everything, and depending on what your evil works are, you will receive most empathic judgments from yourselves. I do not judge you; it is your own it is your own mind in its state of clarity that is your awful prosecutor and terrible judge. I defend you against the wild accusations, speak freely, and deliver you, for I Am the Love that Purifies and Forgives.’
    ‘I will give you new teachings for you to understand this lesson. This is another lesson I give you, to assemble ‘The Book of True Life’.

    With love to All, -A

    • Again, thank you. I Am the Love the Purifies and Forgives.

      • ❤️ Mother Father God

        ❤️ Humanity

        ❤️ All

      • Will,

        I read your comment above and you speak as though I am speaking to you personally on this blog and it is anything but. I am speaking to the human nature in general and what I am saying is that if you read my words as I write them it is saying that we shouldn’t judge and condemn anyone for whatever reason. What we speak we should do so to only to point all to the “way” of Christ. There is no room to condemn anyone. If we speak to human nature in general, as does the scriptures, it is for each of us to decide if the shoe fits or not and do something about it. When we speak of and to the ways of Christ there is always the way of the adversary that is so closely aligned with the way of Christ but with the subtlety of the human nature so married to it that this is the greatest mistake made by men promoting Christ. I think we all pretty much in here use the term “religion” to depict our mutual understanding of where we all have been and where we have witnessed people using God’s name to promote self. I see this understanding expressed pretty much unanimously here about people going through this phase in life…. and we have all been through the mill in one way or another…and as we speak to our errors of having been beholden to the system, we naturally want to spare others of the falsity of all the labels we have all worn. To be free from carnality we must speak clearly to it. It is not to condemn any as Christ made Lear, all instruction is given to free us from the condemnation inflicted by man.

        We can and should make distinctions in truth and error but should only encourage a forgiving nature about our differences…not condemning any and not looking for the faults of a person just because they have a different way of expressing themselves. I speak of the carnal nature and I speak of the spiritual nature and how we should leave the one to gain the other. I make it a point to speak “universally ” in my views toward the human nature as contrasted to the spiritual nature. It is the mix of the two that is so deadly when people take the good things of God and attach the things of the flesh to them. When I have spoken in gatherings, I do not speak to the individual nor do I condemn any for whatever problem one may have. I just don’t go there. God is displeased with such conduct and as we have also seen it here on this blog in times past with various one’s come through here and become very upset and angry and get into name calling just because of us understanding things differently. This should not be…for all are to be respected regardless even if they disagree with us in every belief. Christ never condemned any caught in their weakness and in their sin. The only ones Christ had any harsh words for were those in positions of power (in their own estimation) in the establishment of that day…as did the Pharisees who thought their “knowledge” was superior to that of another. When it is not knowledge at all. I see this so clearly even today and I say to not do as the judgmental Pharisees do to set ourselves apart…for when God brings all of us through this life of adversity, no matter what the adversity is, it is all forgiven.

        What I have come to understand is that what you and I have discussed in the past as far as religion is concerned, as I stated just recently even people stuck in any religion is not to be condemned but to be tolerated for their views because we are all on a journey from seeing in part to coming to our full stature in Christ. I see pretty much everyone saying the same thing here on this blog, or I think I do, My last comments have been just about this very condemning problem that people have. For example I see Loni’s unique way of expressing himself and I know how he projects his idea into the future as seeing the consummation of all things…and I agree completely in how he sees the end. Do I see everything as he does in how he sees us getting from here there? I don’t but to me this is so inconsequential for when we see the end alike, it shouldn’t matter if all are coming together from different points of view. When we see the end of our collective journey alike, we shouldn’t debate or argue our personal points of view when it just shouldn’t matter. And now Andrew coming along saying things in a different way as to some others on here but we all understand what his intentions are behind how he personally is expressing himself. And Joe raising the question about what the rest of us mean by using the word “religion” and it meaning different things to different people. He wasn’t being controversial at all, just asking how we see and understanding what we individually mean by religion. The others on here had discussed this in the past and so when we use it and someone new cones along, it can raise some questions as to how we mean it. To me every created thing, both good and evil and in every event that we are confronted with is a means to an God’s eyes, and in His purpose. I see no evil intent in all of His creation, in all of the experiences we each go through, and I see no offense in the scriptures for the scriptures are written to free and not to condemn. A carnal man is going to see evil intent in the scriptures for the carnal mind is created to see things written in a negative way where the spirit of God in man sees instruction as a constructive thing..and takes no offense…for the offense is in the person, and not in the word. And what we must come to the most understanding about is that the different means that God uses in each of our lives is not as important as the end results. I like how Loni says in naming all of the different labels people call themselves around the world…even in all of their respective difference, it is the end result that God will mature each of us to is what is important. And looking far enough into the future, we not only realize we will be one, but that we are already. And what I say but in a slightly different way is the we do not judge the servant of another man…for we each stand of fall to our creator.

        When Jesus said that even when people heard His word and did not obey Him, He judged them not…and that He came to give a message of releasing all from the prison of their carnal minds. This is also my only desire. Everyone has a different style of speaking and sharing and as I see people’s differences and as I see some people wanting to debate and argue…I say don’t. I am saying to tolerate all others of differing opinions, different religions, differ to everything for we see the end of all and it is good. As some people move closer to a higher understanding God reveals more and more and there is a fine line as we have said before in the elect and the very elect…and although it is not for us to find fault it is for us to make plain the difference.

        Will, I hope you will take some time and re read the way I understand things and the way I communicate them. I have been in an “overcoming” way for around fifty years now and my way, understanding and words are different than they used to be. While my love to all has become so unconditional and I do not hold anyone’s sins and faults to any’s charge God has changed me in such a way that I am not timid in my approach about the subtlety of the human nature. I see the small foxes that spoil the vine so to speak and I desire to make myself as clear as possible to those who want to move to higher ground. I speak none of these deeper things to those that I perceive are still babes in Christ and even in the young adolescent stage in the lord. It is strong meat and as Paul pointed out that many are just not ready for the deeper walk in God for they are still in the milk of the word stage, in debating, arguing about who is right and who is wrong and pointing fingers in ugliness about what another may think, say and do. When we grow out of this milk and youth stage of being offended we can and will neither give offense nor receive any for we will have grown to where it just doesn’t register as being offensive. Even when words, opinions and knowledge is given from one to another to be offensive, it only registers in the first and second phase of our spiritual growth. So again, let us pray for one another that we can pass into the adult stage of our walk where all that we see is the good that is to come in all people. We are not perfect, if we were, we would of have any need to have any dialogue. There is therefore no condemnation in the love of God…to or for.

      • Thanks Sonny! I’m taking your point to mean that you see ALL people as having attained the Highest Calling (Highest Honor). Good vibes!

  49. Will, there is a difference in callings and orders, in that it is the same spirit of God ( there is no higher) that will be matured in all people of having been given these different callings and orders. This difference in “all” attaining to perfection by the highest spirit that God has to offer which is of Himself, is equal in like spirit to all. While “all” will attain to the highest form of the spirit, in which God is, not all will make it to the calling of the government of God which the number 144,000 represents. To help us to understand this God ask us to look at the natural to understand the spirit world from which we came and will return to. There is a natural government that is appointed to take care of the needs of the masses…and within this government there are different orders and callings. All people are a part of the greater society at large but all are not called to be a part of the government. So it will be in the world to come. We in this world all have the same structure of spirit, soul and body and although we have the same spirit of God within us…it does not mean that we all are of the same orders and callings. We can all be and have the same spirit in different bodies that builds the house but the order of a plumber, electrician, carpenter, and architect are just different job titles ( callings and orders) which have nothing to do with the perfected spirit within.

    There is not going to be a lesser or greater spirit in any perfected being for we will all be one in spirt. This is different in us saying, that there will be a difference in our callings for is it not recorded that there is one flesh of a bird, another of a fish etc., and so it is in the resurrection? It is the same perfect spirit of our Father that is given to all but our placement in the kingdom, God will decide. A calling and or an order ( a function) and the spirit are not to be confused. Again, all will achieve to the highest spirit that God has to give us, but this is not to be confused as to what we will be doing. How well we invest our “talents” here on earth will establish our trustworthiness to God and His resulting placement of us. Same spirt…with different callings. I usually approach a subject from many different perspectives and sometimes all in the same writing to make sure I get my understanding across…but like we often say…words and explanations as good as they may be…is not the truth in which words can only “attempt” to describe…for only by becoming the word ourselves, this word (love) itself will silence all attempts to define it. I see that we may need to address a particular subject and discuss it more in detail to understand it rather than letting it be misunderstood and cause many a misunderstanding that we are afraid to discuss seemingly out of fear of offending the other. This is why I so repeatedly say that our respect and love for one another must far surpass any thing that we think we may know..for love matured looks at no one as being less than…because of ones differences in understanding. It’ll be nice when we all “get there” where our words of misunderstandings will all be replaced by the reality of the true substance of God. Living in the in part will have to be tolerated until God replaces the in part to His fulness. To help facilitate this quickening, we should speak plainly and without any guile. If we really are concerned about furthering the love of God in and to all, we need to resist all desires of it being about “us” at all. If the greatest achievement for where “two or three” are gathered together is to be equal in Christ where the greatest love can be given and received it can be no greater than the lowest common denominator. So if we do not lift our brother up we can not function with them in oneness as we are destined to do. So, to reach this mutual climax, the sooner that we leave out the leavening of self, the sooner that we can all become one. Why should one stunt the growth of another by putting the stumbling block of offense in the way of another? Strong food is not for the weak, however if one is still drinking milk, be happy to pour them another glass until they can digest that of which will only make them stronger. Never condemn the progress of another, and as we can supply what we can, let it be without offense. You know, if our glass is looked at as being half full, even in being offended it means that we are given an opportunity to acknowledge our lack so that God can extract the problem. We just need to be careful in knowing where our good intentions become misguided. I think we know the difference.

    • Thanks Sonny. Let’s dialog more about what you are calling the 144,000 and I call the Living Gates. I think we will both enjoy it the interaction. It’s a great jumping off point for us, and the waters are deep.

      And going forward, please, please, please, say not another word about “condemning and offending”. Fair?? 😉

      I’m going to ponder a starting point, but feel free to jump in first.

  50. Good morning to All,
    The next reference to ‘The Book of True Life’ from the second Book is as follows:
    2.36.43-45. I polish your hearts, for from them I will cause the water of life to burst forth for the thirsty.’
    ‘When the hour of fulfillment of your task has come, do not act according to your will, and beware of adding your imperfect words or your imperfect ideas to My Works, for you will fall into desecration and falsification, and cut off your good works from ‘The Book of True Life’.’
    ‘You shall arm yourself with My Truth and go into the apartments. You shall let My Word be heard, then Peace will come.’
    With love to All,

  51. i know that sometimes when i speak, my words are harsh, but i also know that its always best to speak from the heart(no matter how it turns out)..the whole world will always disect our words, as we throw ourselves to the wolves(to ourselves)…

    each moment in life will always challange what we STAND FOR..(through the sands of time)

    but in the end, the LOVE we have for eachother will be our proof for god.
    when i have COMPLETE TRUST in every person on earth, an idea to fix a global problem becomes solved.
    when i SHOW COMPLETE HOPE in all of humanity, then the LIFE within world always surprises me.
    and when i have show complete FAITH in all mankind, that is when i can see the god in self(the power within).

    religions formed when the true context of our being has been lost(forgotten)(the spheracle language as we TRIED TO UNDERSTAND AS MAN).

    no matter what any of us belief, there will always be that consiousness of time that will set us free.
    when we LISTEN TO THE DIVINE, your life becomes more challanging, but at the same time, MORE REWARDING…

    • Your words are not harsh Loni they are just very serious. One good thing, the advent of religion has given you someone to laugh at, a place that you otherwise are not allowed to release from inside.

    • Loni,

      When we see the plan of God as a means to an end as I see that you do, the “means and the end” have the same purpose….to teach…to edify, to correct, to change us from a natural minded person to a spiritual minded person. So let me say this in all sincerity, when we see a person’s intent and desire to really know God, there are going to be some harsh realizations of our human spirit that we will have to address. What you call harshness is what some call tough love. I understand exactly what you mean when you say that the world will take and dissect our words as we “throw ourselves to the wolves.”
      When truth is spoken in sincerity that comes from the unction of the spirit within, it will not stop and consider the wolves that are ready to pounce for when any truth is spoken it is spoken to the sheep as well as to the wolves. Do we not speak that the sheep may not hear the leading of the spirit because the wolves are also listening? When the love of God is spoken from a place of true love it is going to mend some and it is going to offend some. We have to realize that love will register differently in the hearts of others according to how much “wolf” they have in them and how much of the lamb of God has taken over their life. Truth separates the carnal mind from the spiritual mind (the wolf and the sheep) and yes, even though we may not like to hear it so as to let this truth do it’s dividing and the separating of truth to error, we all have the wolf and the sheep in our very own world.
      How can love grow to it’s full potential if we do not identify the wolf, the carnal nature in man or the little foxes that spoil the vine, our little resentments, our little jealousies, that we glaze over as we justify these “little things” as righteous indignation?

      When one sees the “end game” of God and then sees this understanding in the “loving” heart of another, we do not see the harshness in their words at all, we see love directing another away from the “spoiler” and without love making our path clear and what is the wolf spirit and what is the lamb’s spirit… many will not be able to grow to God’s full potential. When in God’s good book of instruction, when it speaks of not doing something the same love is behind the “not” as well as the “do.” It’s all the same. Love in the sheep accepts being guided by the spirit while the wolf (the carnal mind) will always see only the rebuke side of love. Are you saying that love is a two edged sword as I do, and the sword (word) is used both to heal and to kill? When the flesh of the carnal mind is revealed by the word of God, it kills the wolf as it should…and at the same time this word heals the bite of the wolf? As harsh as it may seem for one to speak truth to light, we accept that love is the driving force. We must speak in a spirit of revelation and to reveal the love of God, a fallen away of the carnal man must happen…within.

      The book of Revelation is a revelation of Christ just as it says in its introduction. What follows is a book of fear, horror and death to many when it is read with the natural, carnal, mind. It is a book that has sent many to a mental hospital and at one time it was documented that most of the people in these institutions were there in succumbing to the fear of what was preached to them of the meaning of the book of Revelation by well meaning prophets of doom, gloom and fear. There is another story in the book of Revelation that only the spirit of love can understand and hear. These understand that to reveal the love of Christ to all men, the falling away of all that is not of Christ must happen first. This book on the surface reveals all of the workings of the flesh, the carnal mind and all of its cunning. “Then” comes the revealing of the love of God in “all” of these seemingly horrible events . When all of the symbols are translated from the natural understanding to the spiritual understanding in this book, it becomes entirely a book of love. “All” of the doom and gloom of the horrible events, the larger than life monsters, earthquakes and pestilence is saying nothing more that when the love of God is revealed in our “book of Revelation” that the Christ revealed “in us” will also simultaneously destroy all of these negatives “within us.” For example, what does an earthquake do but cause a great falling away of natural things? When God causes our earth to quake “within” what falls away and crumbles to dust except that which will return to dust? It is our carnal nature, and when every last vestige of it is revealed and is “taken away” what will remain is Christ. That is what this last book is called the book of Revelation. We can only see and walk purely in this Love when is revealed by the doing away with that which binds and blinds.

      The greatest of love both gives that which is eternal and gracious and takes away all that which hinders. Let us rightly divide the word of life for it is the same word which heals and reveals the spirit that also reveals and kills our enemy, of self. Love knows the differed.
      …and it’s all good.

      I think I’m singing to the choir but a bit of harmonizing is good for the soul.

  52. Good morning to All,
    Today’s reference to ‘The Book of True Life’ is as follows:
    ‘I Am the Perfect Way, in My earthly life I have left you with My example, ‘The Book of True Life’, by whose teachings you should learn to fight to win in all battles. My ‘sword of love’ was constantly fighting against the evil and ignorance of humanity. My weapons were not murderous, I did not bring death to you, but eternal life. My gentleness brought despair and confusion to those who reviled Me, My loving forgiveness defeated the hardness of their hearts, My death as a man, awakened them to the life of grace. Do you not remember that the promised Messiah had been announced as an invincible warrior? ‘

    I find it most interesting that here in the ‘Second-Age’, that Jesus (motivated by the Divine Spirit Christ) refers to His Works as ‘The Book of True Life’.
    Be Blessed!

    • Yes, very. I find Jesus mentioning the Book of True Life very interesting because it is not something I would have fathomed.

  53. Though outside of time, God (Christ) is recalling His incarnation into Jesus. ‘The Book of True Life’ in both Doctrines are in reference to God’s teachings to all of humanity, and according to the writings in the ‘Gospel of the Third-Age’, to all worlds,
    ‘In My House there are many mansions’.
    I have not read your work yet Will, I am anxious to do so but think it best that I don’t allow it to influence in any way, the ‘Gospel of the Third-Age’.
    Things of interest are surely unfolding!
    Are you and Rachel okay with all of this? I don’t have the advantage of your perspective, but the idea of timelessness (or the edge of timelessness) are beginning to enter my mind.
    Will, I believe we are here for a reason. I would like to continue if you are willing.

    • Andrew, Rachel may add her own words, but we are both VERY grateful for the encouragement and strength we’ve received from the verses you’ve shared. I find it really interesting (fun?) to see our two different works being perfectly harmonized. Even more so because you have not read the Book of True Life, nor have I read the complete GOTA. Only “perfect timing” could have brought us together in this moment. You have a deep awareness of the Gospel of the Third Age and I have an awareness of the Book of True Life, and yet the oneness of our awareness is being revealed. Thank you Andrew, your presence in this “place” is an unexpected joy for all who are here now – and will be here.

      • Thank you both for this confirmation. While the majority of my day goes into the preparation of these writings, the forward and after pages, I take joy in the time I spend connecting with all of you here.

        Thank you for your love and your support.

    • Absolutely, I too find it very fascinating. The coming together of these “Books” is reflecting the ever-expanding “Book Of Oneness”, which is the oneness of Life written by Truth’s Life within our hearts and minds.

  54. Good morning!
    Today’s reference to ‘The Book of True Life’ comes from the second book of ‘Simeon’
    2.43.60,61. ‘Read and learn in the great ‘Book of True Life’, which I have granted you. If you obey His teaching, be sure be sure that you will come to Me in this way. But remember, if you do not, you will move away from Me and your atonement will be very great.’
    ‘Men and women who wander without comfort, why do not you strengthen in Me? Do not call Me an unrighteous Father, when you cry and suffer in your exile. Before you came to Earth, I told you that this world is a ‘valley of tears’, that it is not a valley of peace and reward. The Earth is not your eternal home. ‘Blessed are the weeping, for they shall be comforted’.’
    In Peace and in Unity,

  55. Remeber, christ being the smallest element in all of time and space, that the Earth is a lower vibration of the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS…. all of time is happening all at the same time. the world revealing our heart(heaven on earth), is where ALL SOULS COME IN(our heart being outside of time).

    to fall onto earth is to lower our vibrations. to be in the language of love(every person on earth), the Earth shall not even exist(frequency of FLESH)(elemental law).

    in short, the earth REVEALS our heart to us(where divination comes in). to LISTEN TO THE WORLD gives us a 2 way communications (read and write) with the ETERNAL FATHER(which binds us to eachother through the spheracle language).

    to remove all judgements(casting out the deamons), allows us to be set free from the VIBRATION of the flesh(earth), and AWAKEN us into this KINGDOM(we all see together as ONE).

    spite the differencts we share on earth(judgements), we are ONE in heaven(spirit time to fleshly world).

    there is a higher language that when we FOLLOW, we become SO MUCH MORE….(language of love)(divine language)..

  56. Hello Dear Friends,
    Today’s reference to the ‘Book of True Life’ is Simeon 2.46.11-13.
    ‘Realize that time is already near, and that it will be the spiritual connection with God, and the end of the reign of idolatry and religious fanaticism.’
    ‘From distant lands, groups of people will come to this nation in search of this testimony. You will receive them with all the love of your heart and show the the ‘Book of True Life’ that you have formed from the teachings that I have given you; not forgetting that your works and sensations form part of the book you have to imagine.’
    ‘Use the years left to receive information and spiritual bliss by hearing My Word; Do not give reason that this time requirement is of the court and the complaints. Do not let it get to the point where, from the first words that the messenger Elijah gave you at the beginning of this proclamation, to the last I will give you, you must pay with atonement and pain for your disobedience.’
    Blessings unto All

    • Andrew:

      ‘Realize that time is already near, and that it will be the spiritual connection with God, and the end of the reign of idolatry and religious fanaticism.’

      This is that time….and it is good to have eyes to see it along with others of like spirits ..and seeing the coming together of ones in truth. An amazing time.

      What we share always brings so much to mind… whether it is from the scriptures themselves, the interpretation of them by others , or from the unction of the spirt given to individuals during this time. Not all will understand the calling of another and this is ok, for every order and calling has it’s own revelation to go with it. What is important to understand is that it is not any particular calling or order that makes us, for it is the same spirit which establishes all of the orders and callings within us, for it is the love of God’s very character which makes all things one. When people come to understand that it is the calling of love in which we are to seek, and not to look at attainment as a “position” we will then have moved into the higher realm. “With all thy getting, get understanding.” An unselfish love is what opens the gate to this “way.” The gate is Christ and through this gate all will pass. There are also “gates,” these are those who have made themselves ready for the ushering in of the kingdom to all the rest of the harvest.

      As we realize that God has started the world now in this transition that you write of and speak, we understand that this is the age of transformation that this world has waited on for the last six thousand years. It’s a wonderful time to live in, in being able to see the transformation from six thousand years of the rule of man…into the beginning age of the rest of the eternal kingdom of God. These writings that you share here are a witness to this transition as is Rachel’s, Will’s, Loni’s and Joe’s. All come with a different flavor and perspective but the main ingredient that is common to all is in seeing past the present “disorganization” and what we are to what we shall be like. Even the apparent disorganization itself is a guiding force used by God to reorganize these last six thousand years of disunity now into a oneness that all will mature into. God is now in the process of maturing a people just prior to this transition into the kingdom age. It will not come by any gift that we have been given, nor because we may by wisdom understand all mysteries, symbols, and all of Revelation, as good as this all would be…because all of this are just things a d building blocks that teach and point is all to the “way.” This way is in the simplicity and in the ability of seeing each other as we shall be in a perfected state. This future completeness is past all of the present “falling away” of our carnal self that we are having to experience to get there. We cannot achieve that place of perfection called unconditional love without first understanding that the great falling away must happen first “within us” before it makes any difference whatsoever in that it happens in the outward world. One without a love for all people regardless of their imperfections and though they may resent and hate us to the maximum, it cannot register within as the insult it is meant to be and we cannot take it to heart simply because our heart has to become in every way the very heart of our Father. God is raising up a people that will take all of the dirt and insult that is thrown at them, just as He Himself does. This is because these people will look to the future perfecting of their brothers and see them in the present as they “shall be.” It’s a wonderful revelation and a beautiful knowledge to have, however “knowing” about a thing is not near enough so although we may be able to see it, it is far, far more important to become the unconditional love that God is. All will accomplish the same state of this love, for there is only one love, however it is in the order and timing of us apprehending this love which will place us in the administration of it unto the rest of the world. Although I have been given the vision to see and to understand this great transformation taking place God has so instilled it in my heart that I cannot claim a calling and an order unless I have “first” overcome. Then after God’s love has been fully perfected in my being…and in what time it is perfected in, I will then take my place in the kingdom. If I should not be perfected in time for the high calling in Christ Jesus, I will pray for those who can and will as though I were praying for myself. This is because it is important that “thy will be done” and not my own that is important. Paul made a like statement in that although he preached and taught a clear way to the high calling in Christ Jesus, after doing so, he may have to settle for another. When we overcome our ego (carnal nature) that wants to be “somebody” special it is then, no matter the calling, we will all be one in spirit. Coming to the oneness of God “is” the consummation of all things, it is not the order in which we come.

      Always a pleasure.

    • Andrew, I found such a current message in your above statement and responded to it and it was where this response is now. Don’t know if you got to read it before it went away but it basically concurred with your timely messages. Yes, we are in that time of the end of man’s rule. Exciting times are ahead.

      • And it just blipped back on again above as I posted this. Technology has it’s moments too.

      • Hi Sonny,
        I’m just starting to sort through e-mails now. Will watch for your note and will respond.
        These are surely interesting times!
        Best, -A

      • Andrew, very interesting and to be observed as the time of the changing of the guard… a good thing.

  57. since we can slowly see the holy spirit in eachother(through all names), we bring out the best in eachother(through the holy spirit aka highest vibrations(we are ONE).(hense day of the LORD(ONE))

    spirit always refers to time, as that is where are HEART is SHOWN..
    our whole life tells a story, and in that story, we get to choose(through the I AM GOD) the outcome(through arc of the covenant)(greatest strength of god).. becoming aware gives DIRECTION(mind:time) PURPOSE(space:heart)

    • Language of the Gods

    • You say that “spirit always refers to time” and I see it also as such in that when we understand that “all things” come from the “spirit of God” including the allotted time we are allowed on this earth to learn and to grow concerning the things of the heart and mind. I see time as being something that is functioning parallel to the eternal, within the eternal with a beginning and an end. There could be many places within this great vast universe where different “times” could be happening all at once each with a different period of longevity. Time is a very interesting aberration of the eternal and as we were created into the eternal, we, at a point were inserted into time to be prepared for the greater gift God promised us before “our time” began. I see you pretty much alluding to this same understanding in bits and pieces given as nuggets along in your sharing. We know that the greater understanding of our “why” is beyond all knowledge but it is still nevertheless good conversation to have…

      I see that time was created to enhance and to make a greater awareness to our eternal gift. Thus the reason for adversity being created to give contrast to the true love of God. I see elements of this understanding in all who share presently here on this blog, some with this perspective and some with another but all seeing the same conclusion. I think the saying “without controversy great is the mystery of the kingdom” which a better translation would be “without a respectful dialogue” the mystery may just remain a mystery. We spread seeds of truth when we discuss things for as we often say we learn when another shares their gift of understanding. Your thoughts? Everyone’s thoughts?

      • My own experience regarding time is that I am generally aware of it and immersed in it. I do believe that I experience being outside of time when I in a deep meditation, where the is silence and stillness, and where I sometimes hear the Voice of God. I sometimes awaken from this type of meditation surprised by how much time has passed. Various gurus report spending days in deep meditation. I gather that those who experience ‘near death experiences’ are sometimes outside of time for extended periods. Reportedly, in some cases, our spirits are able to leave our bodies while they are sleeping. I don’t recall anything like this happening to me.
        Interesting topic for sure.

      • “I think the saying “without controversy great is the mystery of the kingdom” which a better translation would be “without a respectful dialogue” the mystery may just remain a mystery.”

        I sure loved this, Sonny! ☀️ Sounds like you just revealed exactly how the mystery of God is finished! Revelation 10:7 vibes!

      • the highest thought is in the end, nothing is a mystery. the highest mystery(so to speak), is the (I AM): when you find the GOLD, what you truly found is a MIRROR…

        each name(worshiped on all continents), become part of a much bigger law..

        so to utilize christ(so to speak) in its highest fashions, you must learn about johova, and allah, and morman, and so on , and so on. (there is SO MUCH MORE IN THE WORLD)..
        when we all BLEND into all souls, the MYSTERY IS SOLVED(every person using 100percent of their brain).

        its pretty simple, but our HUMAN SENSES have to be depleted as we AWAKEN INTO THE HIGHEST VIBRATIONS(interact with EARTHLY EVENTS(affects the many)).(we become so much more).

        the KINGDOM is achieavable, and is achievable NOW. people have got it set that the STATUS QUOE is the way its gonna end. but the TRUE STRENGHTS that we all have to see our HEART in the world, requires EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(to overcome the POWER STRUGGLE in this world)…

        we all have something to let go of for the greatest GOOD FOR ALL…

        this goes for every person on this planet, not as many individuals, but as ONE ETERNAL SOUL(consisting of ALL NAMES)(heaven on earth)

  58. Good (afternoon),
    I am surrounded by my grandsons this weekend and so things are not quite normal around here. But grandmother has just taken the little rascals over to the fabric store to pick out some material for their Christmas pajamas (an annual tradition)… So, I have a few moments of quiet here.
    Today’s reference verses to ‘The Book of True Life’ through the Holy Spirit are these:
    2.48.56-58. ‘If any of you have been told that his spirit is lost because of his sins, and he still wants to make up for his mistakes and save himself, come to Me and I will give you My forgiveness and make you a new life. You will be like Lazarus, who rose when he heard the voice of Jesus, when he said to him, ‘Get up and walk!’ ‘
    ‘Likewise, I seek the ignorant to open before his eyes ‘the Book of Truth’, ‘The Book of True-Life.’ I want those who used to deny Me, and blaspheme Me today, to rise among men and form a people that is a model of spirituality, humility, and charity; that bears witness to My teaching through works of love for their brethren.’
    ‘I see that you are taking advantage of My Teaching; but you are still far from perfection. You are still weak because you do do not take three steps before temptation brings you down.’
    Peace unto All,

    • Grandmother’s homemade Christmas PJs…made to order? Now that’s a Christmas tradition in every sense of the word, guaranteed to create beautiful memories. How creative!

    • whenever we are talking about any NAME, we are refering to ourselves through the HIGHER VIBRATIONS(outside of time).

      we have to let go of the way we look at the world(linier senses), and align with the spheracle senses(ALIGN WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH ALL SOULS(hense heaven on earth).

      when we all let go of the things that BOUND us to the world, and see from a higher persective, you can see that the HE AND THE HIM AND THE I are all of us bound to eachouther(through the eternal laws(souls representing each name)(not any people in any bible on earth(how the world will see the words)).

      • the future perfect past tense.

      • Loni,
        I see myself transitioning into the oneness that you speak of. I believe fr the bottom of my heart, that every soul from each and every life, and from All worlds will indeed transition into oneness. God has said that He Loves All, and that She IS All. We will all arrive as Jacob envisioned in his dream, as he saw the angels coming up and down the ladder of ascension. We will ascend as we learn from earthly and otherworldly lives, we will descend to assist others through our loving kindness, as we have learned. We will all arrive on Gods schedule, as he knows each and every heart, and soul and spirit, and strength. Your understanding helps so many to ascend, to understand, and to teach others. Thank you so much for your giving heart, and your loving kindness.

  59. 10:7 but when it is time for the trumpet call of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then the mystery of God [that is, His hidden purpose and plan] is finished, as He announced the gospel to His servants the prophets. Then the voice which I heard from heaven, I heard again speaking to me, and saying, “Go, take the book (scroll) which is open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.” So I went up to the angel and told him to give me the little book. And he said to me, “Take it and eat it; it will make your stomach bitter, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.” So I took the little book from the angel’s hand and ate it, and in my mouth it was as sweet as honey; but once I had swallowed it, my stomach was bitter. Then they said to me, “You must prophesy again concerning many peoples and nations and languages and kings.”
    Revelation 10:7-11

    Will, to prove our point about sharing our understandings and how it encourages
    others to understand and to grow, it must be given in a spirit of love for if it is not, it will be rejected out of resentment, especially with those of less understanding. In your response to supplying the verse 10:7, it carried my mind to the verses right after it which established both of our points…”put together.” In the following verses after 10:7 in understanding that a prophet is not so much as a revealer of future events as he is a messenger of God’s word. The book spoken of here that is to be eaten is the book of life which is the Christ. When John was instructed to take the book and to eat it, it was bitter to the stomach and sweet as honey to the mouth…meaning that when we hear or read the word of “the book” (the gifts of heaven ) in which we are all to receive when this journey is finished are nothing but visions of sweetness to our soul, imagining only the exchanges of love with God, without experiencing any of the pain having suffered it to reach it.

    When we do not look at the total process of the sweetness and the bitterness together, we become spiritual dwarfs, stunted in our growth . If we only see life as all doom and gloom on the one hand without a vision of the sweetness of the future, we remain dead to this “book of life.” And if we only imagine all of the love without understanding the principles of “digestion” in that we must all suffer through the bitterness of life’s trials, tribulations and test to arrive at love’s gate, we will never be able to grow to that love in which we imagine to be so lovely. So in understanding both sides of the sweet and bitter story is what makes love, love. If we could skip all the bitterness of the journey to love’s pinnacle, as so many want to do, it would be a wonderful trip, however without passing through the valley of the shadow of death experience with all of it’s bitter experiences we will not reach the Mount Zion of life, although we will live in “Jerusalem” below which is also a good place but it is not the habitat of a gate keeper. This is why it is important for God to give some the understanding of both the sweetness and the bitterness of life and to speak it in terms of both sweetness and bitterness together to get the full story of how to navigate to the top of our Mount Zion. Those who only want to hear and dream of only the sweet part of their imagination will tend to reject the bitter part, the cutting away of the pain, ego and the flesh which hinders our growth. We must imagine the sweetness of love obtained, however we must see the price that is to be paid to reach this vision of the high calling in Christ Jesus. In understanding that there are different callings and orders we are therefore not to disparage any calling and order for they are all good and of the same perfect spirit. There is no lesser or greater spirit of love only variables of callings and orders. So 10:7 leads into the revealing of one of the mysteries of Godliness and without adding your 2 and my 2 together it may just fall shy of a better understanding of love obtained. It’s how it has always worked for me for we are not the originators of love, God is, so to reach our greatest potential, it is to be done so with the instrumentality of man meaning man helping man. We all have a problem occasionally with the digestive part of our imagination in only wanting to deal with the sweetness of our thoughts and imaginations of our mind. However maturing into the full meat of the word takes a strong commitment that we will overcome all obstacles to reach our full vision of the love in which we seek. In explaining the digestion part of life as uncomfortable as it sometimes can be, it must still be done if we truly love and desire the best for one another. It can’t be all roses nor all thorns but a balance of the two makes one appreciate the beauty of the rose. Christ is the rose of Sharon, and to be gifted of a rose of such likeness we must accept the thorns along with it. What is controversy and corrective thinking to one is love to another. If we want to grow and to come to our true imagined full potential of a gate, we must desire the trials, test and tribulations that will get us there. Love is the full battle gear which defends us and delivers us not just to the gate but through the gate. What is on the other side is oneness. Let us desire for one another no less than the best.

    Nothing can diminish true love…for it can only get stronger through the pressures of life. To be one who may relieve some of these pressures for others is a gift, however those who see the gift of life, sees no evil in anything , but only good in everything.

    Love wins…every time, in every way of the cross.

  60. a prophet and an angel are people like you and me and every other person on earth.

    the only difference between all of us, and prophets and angels are the spheracle language(in which everyone sees through).

    in linier, we are indivuals, and each of us are apart from eachother. but in the spheracle language, an angel is a reader of the world(through TIME), and a prophet not only can do what an angel does, but also WRITES GLOBAL EVENTS(one with heaven:as we all are but dont know it).

    when we see heaven as a place we go when we die, we dont give ourselves the ability to see heaven NOW(while on earth: the real heaven)(through all souls)(aka spheracle language).

    we all have to see eachother as angels and prophets as that is the only way to BE IN HEAVEN..
    (takes all of us).(goes with LORD also).
    a KING is not one person ruling all of mankind, a king is a shared SOUL(outside of time), in which is part of EVERY PERSON ON EARTH(how god speaks through global events and through all of us)..

    through the LANGUAGE OF LOVE, you wont recoginze our world anymore, as the past heads have been CUT OFF.(living in the language of love as ONE BODY)(holy spirit)(time is alive and binds us all to eachother).
    share in ONE I AM..

    also, any act that anyone does on this planet, we are all guilty of. the world REVEALS our heart(which is outside of time aka PURPOSE)..
    of a person commits an act in china,then we ourselves have commited that act within our own mind and heart, as the world will show us(you cant judge the condemned).. else you become judged..

    • ☀️🎄 Treasure.

    • Yes, Since we are eternal beings in the now, it”s not a future event….it is when we awaken to our tru self is our realization of our eternal self. When we share God’s word In sincerity and in truth with one another, we can be messengers (angels and prophets) to one another. It’s not a title it is a love and a disposition…like heaven itself, it’s not off “out there” somewhere, it’s right within us in the present…just as you say.

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