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Life’s energetic essence powers creation. As a creator within the Creator, an individualized soul in oneness with Divine Will commands this mighty force, giving the soul perfect power.

Life’s energetic essence flows from Absolute Truth’s harmonious, timeless realm. It’s the unexpressed Life force of the Creator, which when it engages a soul gate becomes like electricity that powers Creation, expressing Life in infinite arrays of beauty, harmony, and perfection.

This energetic essence is individualized and expressed as the soul’s energetic field. The soul directs this energetic essence within its field via the will, generating individualized power. The will translates the mind’s understanding into defined energetic waveforms (i.e. emotional energy), which determine the condition of the material world. The individualized soul is a powerful and creative being, governing its personalized portion of the one Life force according to its understanding.

With the soul’s first awareness as an individualized I Am presence, it possesses the Creator’s Life force, but like a seed that Life is not yet expressed. In this dormant state, it senses its power to create, express, and expand, yet in the duality of being aware of life, but existing in a state of lifelessness, it also senses powerlessness. Without understanding, this sense of powerlessness drives the mind to seek for its power outside itself, taking it from its outer reality. The slumbering mind imagines it possesses its own self-directed will by which it obtains power and wields that power for its own purposes and desires, which it arbitrarily determines are good. This “taking” mentality and the misuse of will creates a reality of discord, destruction, and decay. The misunderstood feeling of powerlessness is the root of the ten discordant energetic states, which cause the soul’s energetic field to become imbued with disharmony, prohibiting its expansion.

As the soul awakens to the understanding of its creative power, it perceives the Creator’s Life as its own. In this awareness, it recognizes power isn’t gathered from outside itself, but flows from within through the gate of understanding. Within this Life flows the power of Divine Will, thus as the soul awakens it recognizes the Divine Will as its own. In this awakening the mind grows in the understanding of Life’s Truth, and as a result the soul’s desires reflect the light of its increasing awareness. The soul’s desires no longer serve duality, but instead serve the Divine Will’s perfect orchestration. This metamorphic awakening liberates the soul’s energetic field from discordancy, instilling a state of harmony and rejuvenating the soul’s reality and eternal expansion, i.e. expressed Life. The soul begins to exercise its inherent and immutable power, dispelling all sense of powerlessness.

As the soul engages its inherent power, it leaves a state of doing and enters into a state of being, becoming a living gate through which this mighty power flows. It settles into its eternal rest through divine emergence, by which the Divine Will is perfectly expressed. It no longer strives to obtain power outside itself. Instead in Oneness, the soul perceives that the Life within it is the source of all things to which the Divine Will gives perfect expression.

The Divine Will manifests the soul’s divine reflection into the finite reality of time by bringing forth the next perfect moment according to the soul’s preordained manuscript held in timeless perfection. As the soul rests in divine emergence, the Divine Will works through the soul’s individualized desires, creating emergent expected and unexpected occurrences. These outcomes always exceed the soul’s initial desires, which leads to reality’s harmonious expansion. Unlike the illusionary reality of the slumbering mind, there isn’t an array of potentials for any one moment, but only the perfect potential exists. Because the completed masterpiece of the soul’s life already exists in timelessness, there is a predetermined potential to be expressed for every moment. This level of divine orchestration reveals Life’s timeless and immutable peace, abundance, joy, and etc. throughout creation.

Because the Divine Will is expressed through the soul’s desires, the soul experiences the creative power of bringing forth its reality, giving the soul the joy of creating. The Divine Will expresses Divine Love by creating the perfect moment that serves the highest good for all. It fulfills the soul’s utmost desires and exceeds its highest expectations. Therefore, the soul not only experiences the joy of creating, but it’s the venue by which Divine Love is experienced throughout creation. The soul experiences perfect power, as its own.

Author: Rachel

Contemplating the oneness of Truth while guided by the Voice of Truth produces the evolution or maturation of the soul, spirit and mind, so reality can begin to reflect Truth's immutable, divine attributes, which manifest the highest good for all. This blog reflects an ever-deepening understanding of the Truth a soul gains as its mind is renewed by Truth's pure Light.

21 thoughts on “Perfect Power

  1. It has been said that the way that leads to Life is narrow and found by few. In contrast, the way that leads to the darkness of death is wide, easily traveled and found by many. The meaning of this is as follows: The pathway of understanding is the revelation of God by the Living Voice of Truth and is a sacred calling, which a soul believes it has chosen seemingly of its own free will, to follow Truth no matter where it leads. Those who instead desire to follow in the way of belief, choosing to accept the teaching of the many who profess a knowledge of God, lack the light of understanding and are consumed in the darkness of death.

    Life comes only by the living light of Truth’s understanding, which is the meaning of faith. Understanding is not attained, but rather grows as Truth’s living voice circulates through the mind. What is believed to be true, despite a lack of understanding, is not true because this type of “so called” truth is obtained from the precepts of men rather than Truth’s living voice. This also reveals that death is not true, but rather believed to be true because the world teaches that death is inevitable. The truth is that God is Life, and in Life there is no death.

    You can not die, but you can manifest your belief in death, even if it is without understanding. What is needed to defeat death’s rule is simply this, develop the understanding of Life and you will see its Truth. The light of Life’s Truth will overcome death because you will no longer believe that the shadow of death is light. These words reflect the life story of Jesus, who in the understanding of oneness revealed to all that death was an illusion. The second coming of his Life is for all, that in the understanding of Truth, darkness of death may be swallowed up by the shining of Truth’s Light from those who are called to give the gift of Life to the world.

    The way of understanding leads to the growth of your individualized Tree of Life, a living thought-system that bears the fruit of living light. When a mind’s understanding is full of Life and shines living light, it projects a Self that reflects the timelessness of Truth’s source, which shines like the sun, unmistakable and undeniable to all who yet remain in the darkness of time. To these you will appear to have overcome every limitation of time and space, radiating agelessness, invulnerability and a beauty beyond any quality ever imagined in time’s reality. You will walk in the midst of time, yet in the power of timeless Life. All will be drawn to you that they also may come to understand Life as you do.

    By the shining of your new garments, others will desire to hear you, and your words will burn away their heavy garments of false belief by which they unknowingly covered themselves in darkness. You will have the joy of giving them Life, and the eternal blessing of knowing they received it from the Life you found within. You will be to them as an open window in a dark room, and by the light you shine upon them they will understand that only Life exists, and darkness was but the false belief that death is inevitable.

    And as the understanding of Life grows in the minds of those who desire to receive its harmony, these too will become lights for others and Life will spread to all.

    • Let me see if I understand this? So, ~ according to Thoughtwares belief system ~ “IF YOU KNOW GOD, YOU DON’T KNOW GOD”. and “IF YOU DON’T KNOW GOD, YOU KNOW GOD”?
      “If you know God and profess to know God, those people are dead.” but “Those that don’t know God, and rely on themselves as God, these people possess Light?

      You are really making a lot of sense Thoughtware.

      I pray you will re examine what you mean by Light? Because that is complete unreality.

    • you used the PERFECT WORDS to reflect understanding in heart. you saved me a lot of work, and this work is never done, as is radiates through time and touches everyone as ONE BODY(no judgements whatsoever onto eachother).

      what we see in others, reflect ourselves, as that is what the god in self(through the eternal self(father), is revealed to us(through the WHOLE WORLD).(we eather all rise together, or turn against eachother… that means that we all want the same thing

      • oh, and the message above was for thoughtware 🙂

      • These things you have said cannot be true because you have judged the Heavenly Father, and certainly Jesus, you have judged people as religious, and all these things you have reflected from yourself. One cannot have a Whole World of hypocrisy and hypocritical teaching and be having a sane outlook on their world. You have turned against so many, and yet we continue to love and pray that love will invade your world. May love encompass your environment today but Jesus I pray especially for his heart. As this little child has been corrupted by the devil’s laws, and by others, I pray that He would want the same thing you want Lord, give Him your presence to drive out the Whole World, and let him have all of the Heavenly Father.

    • As we have said, the sleeping mind believes it possesses free will, separate from the reality it experiences. Consequently the mind creates a reality of separation in which it experiences events that seemingly occur spontaneously, as if created by a foreign will. Those who sleep suffer no end of accidents, illnesses and misfortune because they believe they are helpless against this foreign/separate will, and this simply because they lack the understanding of Life.

      Life is perfect Will’s creative power flowing through your individualized mind. Saying this another way, the perfect power of the creator flows through you, that you may experience its Self though your individualized mind. Your “I Am” presence, the “you” that these words address, is Life experiencing an individualized Self expression. You are one with Life because you are an expression of its perfect Will.

      The experiences of Life do not just happen apart from your Will, for there is only one Will which gives Life to your Self. Yet, the world sleeps in a dream that the Will it possesses is its own, each individualized mind suffering the consequences of the chaos this creates. Do not be deceived by outer appearances of feigned joy and happiness, propped up with the illusion of peace granted by riches. All that sleep in the dream of separate wills suffer similarly, yet through different experiences. The mind’s belief in free will creates the kingdom of death, which results in suffering without end.

      How then will the world be saved from suffering? How will the filthy garments of unholy belief in free will be burned away that all may awaken to the realization of the one, perfect Will, freely given for the creation of peace and abundant joy? Those in darkness eternally wait for a savior to appear in their outer appearance world, that they might be rescued from conflicting wills with the sword of obedience. They look here and there, waiting for a separate, more powerful will to rise up and destroy all who would seemingly oppose their own will. Free will looks for salvation by conflict, and peace through war, for war and conflict are all it knows. But the Truth is this, salvation is but the awakening of sleeping minds to the understanding of Life’s perfect Will. And by the Light of understanding, all who awaken shall be as saviors to those who yet sleep, giving them what they desire and awakening them from the horrors created through the unholy belief in free will.

      The understanding of Life is salvation from every form of suffering. This is not an understanding gathered from intellectual assessment of reality, to be mentally assembled into that which stands for Truth. Life’s understanding can not be found in the world, because it does not come from the world. Instead it must be actively desired and consciously invited to fill your mind with its Light. Life’s understanding is the living nature of Truth, even the very presence of God. Your understanding of Life is ALIVE in the purest sense of the word. It is a living presence that takes root in your mind, becoming a living thought system capable of conveying Life though an ever-increasing network of interconnected, branching Truth.

      Understanding is like oil, which is never exhausted, igniting your thought system with Living Light that grows eternally brighter, allowing you to observe Life’s Truth and thereby create the Kingdom of Life in your reality. Your limitless creative power is the ability to observe Truth in the Light of Life’s understanding, which is rooted in your conscious awareness as an ever growing Tree of Life.

    • The understanding of Life begins with the conceptualization of oneness. It is the belief in separation that covers the mind in darkness, preventing it from seeing the truth of its reality. What your mind observes, be it the light of oneness or the darkness of separation, it experiences. This is your power.

      If your mind is full of darkness you are unable to see anything in the oneness of Truth and your reality reflects “nothingness” back to you. This nothingness appears real to you, which is why we label it “REAL-ity”, however do not be deceived, the outer appearance world is NOT real, and despite its strong delusion it is but a dream you can readily change in ways you currently do not believe possible. Yet change it you must, for this is your purpose and the sole reason the desire for understanding has arisen in you.

      We will speak more later about the creative purpose desire serves, but for now it is enough to know that your desire for understanding does not arise from your own will, which is an illusion, but rather from the singular Will of Life. This is Life’s way of getting your mind’s attention while it dreams about what Life might be and has not yet awakened to comprehend its language. It is a knock upon the door of timelessness, such that you may bid Life enter and fill you with Light. It is Life’s desire you feel, indicating it is ready to express its Self through you. Perhaps you have been waiting for Life to return in the form of a man and did not know it would instead appear humbly, as a gentle desire for Truth’s understanding within the darkness of your own false belief.

      The knocking you “hear” can, for some minds, be concerning. There is a clear indication that whatever is behind the door desires to make its home with you, even to speak with you. You can sense the presence of “life”, yet in the darkness you can not know whether this life is “good” or “bad”. In the darkness of relative truth you have never experienced the “oneness” of Truth and therefore the truth you know always has an opposite. If there is good, it means there is also bad. Consequently, whatever is behind the door may be either good or bad, for this is the nature of relative truth.

      The simple belief that the presence of Life could be bad creates “fear”, and can prevent you from opening the door because of the fear of being “possessed” by evil and led astray. This fear is normal because your mind is accustomed to darkness, which is fear’s domain. Darkness is only this: a lack of Truth’s understanding. In the darkness, without the understanding of Truth’s oneness, you have unknowingly held the belief that love is hateful, or in other words that both good and evil coexist.

      Do not be deceived by the outer appearance world, or even your own darkened thoughts, for there is only ever-increasing goodness. Everything else is a dream. As Life causes the Light of Truth’s understanding to BLOOM in your awareness, anything that might tempt you to be fearful will gradually fade from your reality. There is NEVER anything to fear, and you will soon observe the reflection of this Truth in your reality. Fearful situations are but imaginary creations, shadows created by a mind whose understanding has not yet matured to shine Living Light, which happens easily and naturally as one begins to contemplate oneness.

      • Except ye become as children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.
        You must now learn about the One who calls your name.
        Without Him all things are vein.

    • Life’s true call to awaken is recognized when one feels the inner desire to end ALL suffering. When your individualized I AM presence, (the inner being identified when you say “I Am”), feels a growing desire to rescue all life from every misery, no matter how seemingly insignificant an individualized appearance of Life may seem to you, it is only because Life desires to take root in you.

      This is no small thing, but rather Life beginning to cleanse your reality of all darkness, illuminating your awareness with Light so that you may observe its Truth and reflect it in your world. Every experience of suffering, in any form of Life within your world, YOU HAVE CREATED. It is a projection of your own darkness, a reflection of your false belief that there exists both good and evil. It is but a dream that appears real in the darkness because Life’s understanding has not yet grown sufficiently to bear the fruit of Living Light. For when you observe Living Light, it goes forth of itself, to create according to its perfect will, dissolving every illusion of evil and reflecting back to you the Kingdom of Life’s ever-present goodness.

      You can not be deceived by Life’s call. The inner desire to rescue every form of Life, even that which appears to be the most insignificant, can not come through imagination. This desire comes only from Life knocking upon your soul’s door to its timeless realm. It is the call to awaken you to the reality of your true nature as the individualized mind Life uses to express its Self, for you are the Self of Life. It is a call to awaken and heed Truth’s living voice.

      Only the living voice of Truth can cause Life’s understanding to grow within you because Life is the presence of God in Truth, and only God can reveal the proper understanding of Life’s living light. In short, only the living presence of God can cultivate the truthful understanding that God is the presence of Life your Self experiences as “I AM”. The way that leads to Life is better understood as the manner in which the mind awakens to its oneness with God, which is its Life.

      Awakening is an actual transition of the Self from darkness to light, as when the eyes of one who sleeps are opened and filled with light. Yet, rather than eyes, it is the gate to timelessness that is opened, such that Life enters in and understanding takes root, filling the mind with living light. This transition from darkness to light is the mind’s revelation of oneness with God, caused when the living nature of Truth’s understanding flows through its thought system.

      A mind so aware is able to shine this living light into reality by the power of the timeless Life which it now observes circulating through its thoughts. What the mind observes, it shines into its world. The truly awakened mind has shaken off the sleep of powerlessness to arise in PERFECT POWER, gaining the limitless ability to create a self-expression that reflects the timeless nature of divine harmony.

      • What you must guard against is taking this power “without Jesus” living inside.
        Satan’s goal is to try to move you into a place where you believe your power will succeed without Jesus.
        Without Jesus there is no protection for your power.
        The only protection or grace for your life that you have is coming from Jesus.
        He is protecting you until you awaken to Him.
        Jesus said, “No man cometh unto the Father, except through me.”
        Father today I am praying for those who do not know that it is Jesus knocking on their door.
        Father, I pray that you will reveal who the power source is today.

      • Mishai, consider the possibility that we are saying the same things, in different ways.

        For example, Jesus did indeed say “no man comes to the Father, except through me.”. But just before this he said, “I am the way, the Truth and the LIFE.” He himself said he is the LIFE.

        Therefore, when I say it is Life knocking at the door, is this not the same as you saying Jesus is knocking at the door?

      • It is if you believe that Jesus is a living personality, and it is if you believe that “you” are not the source of Life. If you are saying that “you” are the source of life, you have misinterpreted Jesus message. This is why Jesus said, the Father must reveal it, which is another way of saying that “you” believe in the Father.
        I believe when “you” talk about Jesus, you are referring to a “thought wave”, and not a person. So you would have to fill in the blanks as to whether you can “speak to” Jesus and the
        Father, or whether you mean that “You” are Jesus and the Father.
        So I think now you can answer the question as to whether you are saying the same thing as Jesus? Take another look and see if I am being clear?

  2. Heavenly Father, I pray for this one who has chosen to see separations in his will. Whether he has chosen to experience his reality through emphasizing these separations, or whether he simply believes everything is against him until he makes this separation, every one who attempts to love him becomes an enemy he believes will provoke him in war. This predilection to select an antagonistic belief system is based on the same dualism that is inherent to any one who believes that an outside source controls his inner conflicts.
    In believing in the root structure of conflict there is a supposition made by the adherents that a philosophical approach to the universe will explain the birth of his desires in this conflict as apposed to his need constantly experience pleasure. This is philosophy of pleasure over contractual awareness.

    In seeking pleasure one creates the constant desire to fulfill self empowerment, when the will of self or the will of others suggests a conflict towards the end of that reality, a critical base theory is developed to analyze whether another self is either worthy or unworthy of the subject’s own theories about human frailty and juxtaposed in the same exact theory is the attitude concerning whether physical frailty is an embarrassment to their ego or whether super empowerment has become the ego’s method to inflate it’s self imposed superiority.

    The idea of superiority always creating a metaphysical wall which prevents scientific, philosophical, or spiritual investigation based on the ego’s attempt to secure itself from all insinuated failure. This one- sided approach to relational bias creates the illusion of shadows in the psychology of the adherent which is the basis of in-bred ego adulation and seclusionism.

    Definitions used in trail tracking these hypothetical coded illusinations can be un-decoded when investigating words such as life of truth. The cultish archives of these variants are easily distinguished when discussing whether they refer to the nature of what is pristeen, or whether they refer to ‘causal’ life? Every investigator will quickly see that these abstract terms can be made inherently subjective or objective based on their reference to the self as “superior” to those who are not privy to or who are considered to be ignorant of the ‘greater mind’ of the professionalized illusionist.

    This idea, of course will lend credence to the idea that ‘their will’ is somehow more intellectualized, than, and that those, who are somehow not resonating, or feeling the intensity of the illusion are somehow being distracted by shadows that the illusionist defines as sleep, or sleep paralysis, in which to be awake one must of course agree with the illusionist’s bases for self hypnosis.

    The understanding of gnosis is the skeleton key that keeps the leader cultising and births the psychological-shell protecting the adulterous nature of their explicit and shaman-like group think.
    As people expressing naturalistic, and humanistic awareness come forth the group will quickly see the bonds begin to break they pull into ‘silencing’.
    We can pray for an openess to come and with it a great healing to the concourse.

  3. in MISHAI’s point of view, he still sees everyone as seperate. he then takes the negative of seperation that he creates within his seperation and CREATEs FAULT in everyon in order to g ive VALUE to his IDOL. Now, in the bible, christ is not an idol, but a VIBRATIOBN in which each of us is part, but in MISHAI”s understanding that he refuses to let go, he will oppose everything that is not himself within TIME(linear)(whey he holds onto jesus as an IDOL). When we bring these things up, he takes his creation(OUR UNDERSTANDINGS aka GARMENTS), and then acts as through HE IS NOT PART OF HIS CREATION.

    he twists all things around in such a mean to destroy the very MIND OF GOD in which he seeks.

    we are always talking about EVERY ONE OF US. what we see in others, is in OURSELVES..

    so to look down upon the world, is to be that world.(heart being source).

    to see LIFe in us is to give him life.
    but he refuses to give life to us, unless christ is first as a man(even as he rejects man).

    now, the TRUE POWER OF ALL(arc of the covenant), gives strenght to what we call (POLARITY AKA YIN/YAN).

    when one SWITCH IS TURNED TO THE OTHER SIDE, it turns everyone and everything on.
    this switch(eternal language in which each and every one of is is part of), is turned by every person on earth, eather working as ONE BODY, or in our own BELIEFS(alone as an individual).

    when we speak, we are trying to bring out the ORIGINAL CONTEXT of the meaning of the bible, but since it will go against EVERY RELIGION ON EARTH, that is the only cause why people live in death(refuse to listen, but think they are doing their own idols good.

    • Very few can see what you see, which can, understandably, be frustrating especially considering how beautiful the vision is.

      The understanding of oneness does not originate in this dimension, and the only reason you can see it is because your awareness is now transitioning into a higher dimension. Consequently, what exists in the awareness of your mind’s higher dimension can not be seen by a mind at (as you would say) a lower vibration. To these, the idea of oneness appears very threatening. Mishai means no harm, although his comments are often course. He believes he is doing good – and therefore we can rightfully accept every word he speaks in the goodness of desired intentions.

      • i agree
        hes part of our family. sometimes i wanna spank him and put him in the corner for a time out. HEHE just kidden…

    • No one can create fault in someone else.
      Who you need to be opposing, is not people, but the devil.
      To look upon something does not make it so.
      No switch is turning anything on.
      There is no power of All.
      Separation does not imply anything negative.
      You should never let go of God.
      Every person on Earth needs Jesus.
      Jesus is the Idol breaker.

    • I do not come in my own name or my own cause. If I come to present my own context, my testimony is not true. I come to bring the context of the Father. I do not come to protect myself nor to promote self.
      We should never promote the cause of “ALL”, where many people are evil.
      You must see reality and not “Your point of View”.
      When you can find reality, you will be admitting to truth.
      Until then you will always fear separation. You must be able to separate yourself from Evil.
      This can come through Jesus. Jesus is Love.

  4. father is LIFE IN SELF… I AM. a lot of times, we say the same things, but the structure behind what we say is different. I AM THE LIFE. alot of things we say the bible says, it truely does not say.

    so in man, we are gay, or against, or see eachother as different. but in the HIGHER UNDERSTANDINGS(through the father that makes us devine beings, we ARE ALL THE SOURCE OF LIFE. and everyone is PRAISED

    even if you(we) disagree wordwise, we still speak from the ONE VOICE(even when we are against). to say we are not the life and the father is somethingthat we are not, is untrue. we ARE the father, as that is how we STEP INTO THE HIGHER LAWS that govern all of existance.

    it is again the misinterperations of religon in which we turn against eachother(unaware that we are all reaching to the same ending(consisting of many ends and many beginings).

    jesus does NOT EXIST, as SATAN DOES NOT EXIST. but as i said, LOVE IS THE SMALLEST ELEMENT THAT IS WITHIN EVERY ELEMENT OF TIME AND SPACE. (why i speak for myself through the devine(through every person as devine brothers). I AM NOT A MAN, AND NEITHER ARE YOU(everyone is a devine BROTHER)..

    the difference in what i may say and what you may say shows our langauges in which we speak.

    for example. mesiah talkes about father, and talks about jesus and god, but yet he still speaks from the point of view that even he says we shall not speak from.

    EVERY PERSON on the planet is doing the same thing.
    we over here for example are saying(god is good, god is great, those terrorst overseas are the devil(cutting off heads).
    now overseas, they are doing the same things we are doing with the same LOVE OF LIFE.
    overseas, they are saying, OUR GOD is good, our GOD IS GREAT, and those americans are the ultimate SATAN(as through our own religion, we are cutting off their heads(just not litterally, but through our own mind)). messiah says he speaks not for himself, but he does only speak for himself. he does not listen to god or christ(as he does not listen to EVERYONE). if he did, he would see that we are made of love, and each person in existance represents the GOD in self(as he manifest GARMENTS of satan onto everyone that is not a christian)..

    what we dont understand from the point of man is that the people overseas are only playing out the GARMENTS in which we create through the father(which is I AM). to be against them(outside of t ime), only gives them strenght to cut off heads.
    the devil we see in them is the same source of the SATAN they see in us(we have to face what we create in heart through the WHOLE WORLD).

    we all come from the same source. but to hold onto any religion is to go against truth. i only speak from the point of view of truth even as messiah is a manifest from the god in self(where i speak for the father in ALL).
    i come from my own name(through the devine in which all names come from self), cause my name is in all souls, and i speak through the devine for ALL SOULS.

    HEAVEN and EARTH take up the same space. but one is within the devine(affects all of t ime through the laws), and one is within time which we seem to fall prey to our higher selves not yet aware of the FATHER which we ARE. when u are born, you are a child, and afather and a mother is given to you. and as you mature, you become the FATHER(as well as the mother)…

    in the bible, the FATHER is the ELEMENTS in which we are made of(through the laws of life),
    in the bible the MOTHER represents the EARTH as earth is mistaken as satan(still living through unawareness)..

    every religion on earth has to go. cause it is the only voice of man left that holds us in unawareness.
    christianity is just like every other religion, but within it, we do the things we say we dont do, and we fight against the most the things we seek the most, as even christianity does not speak from the truth of DEVINE, and only sees themselves as man(seperated from the father)(love being the smallest element in all of t ime and space(highest vibration). I AM

    i have to say what i say for the purpose of EVERYONE AWAKENING out of death and to be PART Of the father.

    when you speak from the point of view of the father, then gay does not exist, one man and one woman does not exist. the laws of the father is different, as ELEMENTAL LAW is more aligned with the father than our own consiousness.

    another factor is that if you say you live for christ only , but then see others as living for satan, you have to understand that through the father, each person shows you whom you are and you are the satan you see in others.
    in the father, you do not exist but seeing father in EVERYONE is how you live for christ(hense christlike)…

    a lot of people ignore parts of the bible t hat will go against what they create in mind(only to satisfiy their misinterpertation).

    also NAME is blown out of purportion.
    the NAMEs do not matter.
    in the name of for example means(I GIVE TO THEE).

    as the high end of the law, we are all GIVERS(but only one giver aka LORD aka OUR HIGHEST SELF THROUGH THE LAWs.

    i speak from the laws 24/7 yet the laws i speak may be degraded through christianity f rom others.
    how i speak here is how i speak everywhere in life. I only know these laws.

    i dont know famous people. i dont know names of songs. i dont know what the average people know.
    but i can tell you what time and space is, what god really is, and what each name represents.

    even as i speak here. it may seem wordwise that i may be against jesus, but i am not, i only speak the truth you demand of me, even as it is rejected.
    if you speak for father, there is no rejection as even the rejections we se in others, come from self.(any energy outputed, always comes back to the source(devine manifest)…(affects everyone on earth).

    through the world aka satan, we live as man(seperation), but if you truly speak for the father, then you would understand the ETERNAL LAWS in which i represent as i speak for the father, yet rejected as man…
    I AM NOT A MAN..

  5. Yes, it is rejected because their is no source for it. Your ideas about love do not make any sense at all. When you really begin to investigate love, and you look at where true love is coming from you will find out quickly that you have been deceived and do not understand love.
    If you want to ever know love, and know where you came from you will lay down all your philosophies and you will find the truth.
    All you are presenting here is what you want to believe. And what you want to believe has nothing to do with reality. And that’s the problem.
    Your words can easily be seen as unreality. The only sense it makes is that you want to believe things about life that are not true.
    But love is great enough to destroy all unreality, and you will find out that Jesus is who He said He is.
    One thing is for sure, either Jesus was lying or you are lying. Your lying to yourself.
    But love will show you which one is God. Without the source that Jesus said about Himself, you will never know reality. Never know who it is that is loving you. When you are honest and ask God to reveal himself to you He will. Until then you will be more and more deceived.
    And there is no need for it. Believe in Jesus or believe in self. He is the only source you will find.
    You only have two options.
    Jesus came and told you who He is, but you still cannot find it.
    You need God. You need God’s love.

  6. Heavenly Father, today I am praying for anti hacker. His spirit is trying to break free into an area of finding you but his mind has been indoctrinated to believe that you don’t exist. Father, he has probably never read the words of Jesus, or heard about the love that Jesus brought to the world. Jesus chose to lay down His life to redeem us from our wandering sinful spirits, and our broken identities and from the torments of Satan.
    Father, I too was once led astray by the worlds philosophies and worldly lies, and by unbelief and could not find you. I am asking today that you would reveal yourself to this searching spirit and please break the lies of the enemy, for satan has told him that ‘all things are the same every where’. But Heavenly Father you are so different from everything that he has ever experienced. Please bring forth your true calling for his life, and reveal the path that you have for him. Your are a God of precise love, and no one can block the ‘true searching soul’ from finding you.
    I pray that the wonderful spiritual experiences that I have received from you in the past several days could one day be his. How wonderful an experience of power, and love and anointing that you have for him . May he search with all his heart to find it. And may you reveal yourself to Him.

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