Living Light

Stirring The Deep


Fractalizing Infinity

The perfection of Truth’s LIFE is expressed by the fractal division of one timeless moment into endless present moments via the soul.

Absolute Truth exists as one timeless, infinite moment, with no beginning and no end. The moment LIFE in Truth began to express itself, it separated this one infinite moment into a beginning and end with endless fractal, present moments in between, forming eternity.

These present moments can only exist if there is an observer that is aware of them, an observer who is able to see the finite in the infinite, thus an observer who is limited in awareness to some degree in any one moment. This observer is the soul. The soul is purposefully designed with an individualized awareness of Truth’s Universal Will that expands one present moment at a time. This eternal and incremental expansion is how the soul experiences the infinite present moments in-between the beginning and end. It is how the LIFE in Truth is expressed, therefore this movement is the soul’s Life.

Through the soul’s ever-increasing awareness, Truth’s Universal Will directs the energetic movement through and between present moments, creating the harmonious expansion of creation. The soul’s perfection is its awareness of the movement of Truth’s Will, therefore the soul’s inevitability to manifest its highest good in each moment.

The soul’s highest good is manifested by Truth’s Universal Will flowing from the timeless realm of Oneness through the soul, and uniting every moment into an endless stream of perfect cause and effect, which the soul experiences as its Life Stream. Truth’s Will originates in Oneness and ends at the same place, making cause and effect harmoniously one, yet individualized occurrences for the soul, which possesses an incremental state of awareness. Truth’s Will is the divinely orchestrated flow of the cause of one moment leading to the effect of the next, then that effect becoming the cause leading to the effect of the next moment and so on. It’s a continuous cycle of one finite moment ending and another beginning, and because every moment is held in the infinite awareness of Truth, every moment is one with every other moment. The soul experiences the movement of Truth’s Will as spherical time, in which each moment perfectly supports the next, expressing deeper and deeper layers of oneness. In this movement, the soul experiences LIFE’s perfection as its own.

The soul begins its eternal expansion when it rightly perceives its beginning, which is the moment it’s aware of itself as an individual in Oneness, and then rightly perceives its end, which is absolute Oneness. In this, the soul perceives its beginning and end are one and yet separated by an eternal array of potential present moments. The soul eternally expands, continually increasing its awareness of oneness, yet never reaching the infinite end of Absolute Oneness because its individuality would cease to be. If the soul knew its beginning and was able to reach the full awareness of its end, making them One, it would become one timeless, infinite moment.

When the soul perceives its an individual in Oneness, it recognizes its end is Life, which is the eternal progression into its own oneness. With the Truth-filled understanding of its beginning and end, the soul’s inherent perfection is made apparent to the mind, and expressed through spherical time. Because Truth’s LIFE is expressed into reality through the soul’s current awareness, when the soul rightly sees its perfection inherent in its beginning and end, it begins its eternal expansion into the Light. It is no longer a seed.

All that a tree is, is contained within its seed. A seed is a tree, in time. The growth of the seed is like the soul’s expanding awareness of what it is, LIFE. With a finite awareness of the infinite, the soul begins its journey at the very beginning of the continuum of awareness, which is utter unawareness or darkness, a seed state. It perceives itself as an “individual in separation”, not rightly perceiving its beginning or end, which is oneness. Based on its present awareness, its outer reflection is 180 degrees different than what it matures into as an “individual in Oneness”.

The initial awareness of separation gives the soul a sense of its own will, by which it perceives it’s an individual, giving it individualized awareness. Because the soul is a creative entity, during this turbulent stage of maturation in which it experiences a separate will, whatever the soul believes, thus “creates” is contained within a dream. The soul’s inherent perfection is unaffected by the mind’s beliefs as it matures into the understanding of Truth’s Universal Will.

Once the soul matures into the awareness that Truth’s Universal Will is its own, Life begins in the soul’s awareness, revealing its continual expansion into the dimensional awareness of Oneness. The soul becomes an observer of LIFE, therefore giving the perfection in Truth’s LIFE expression.

I AM Immutable, incorruptible and invulnerable.


Life Stream Meditation

Following the last post, let your mind settle into Truth’s Life Stream…

From our awakened SELF-awareness, we perceive our Creator in whose likeness we share. This illuminated awareness resets our energetic code to a divine harmonic vibration, charging reality with the energetic qualities of the Divine.

From the Eternal Light at the origin of our soul, this Living Life energy flows into every aspect of our being, so that all is filled with the Presence of LIFE (Spirit of God). In this Living Stream of LIFE we rest in divine emergence, embracing the perfect power of Truth’s Universal Will that moves through our soul, which is its sacred gate to reality. Everything in creation is touched by Divine Love’s creative presence causing every thought, word and deed to be divinely orchestrated for the highest good of ALL.

As the Life Stream continuously flows through the soul and into reality, it regenerates and renews, and by the soul’s luminous presence the collective awareness begins to perceive the Presence of Truth’s LIFE that is all in all.

What the mind believes “I AM” to be is what the soul experiences and what the soul proclaims in this belief it gives to creation (reflected in the I AM proclamations below). Each individualized I AM is a fractal of the Universal I, so that the timeless LIFE in Truth is individually revealed and experienced moment to moment.

Life Stream Meditation

Focus on these attributes and deeply feel their energetic quality (emotion energy), letting your soul flow with Truth’s Life Stream, the I AM Presence of Oneness. Focus, feel and be free.

I AM Abundance, giving to all prosperity and generosity

I AM Harmony, giving to all beauty and unity

I AM Love, giving to all lovability and lovingkindness

I AM Infinite Intelligence, giving to all divine orchestration and wisdom

I AM Peace, giving to all tranquility and safety

I AM Honor, giving to all honor and respect

I AM Immutable, giving to all incorruption and perfection

I AM Perfect Power, giving to all divine emergence and divine strength

I AM Joy, giving to all contentment and happiness

I AM Present, giving to all timelessness and ever-increasing expansion

I AM Life, giving to all vitality and creative power

I AM Light, giving to all absolute Truth and utmost goodness


Triangulated Prism

Through the triangulated prism of Truth’s Universal Will, Divine Trust and Transformative Grace, the Divine Life Stream flows through the soul.

As Truth-filled understanding circulates through the mind, it forms an energetic triangulated prism of Truth’s Universal Will, Divine Trust and Transformative Grace. The truths that make up the fullness of the prism are sacred and sufficient to receive the frequency of God’s Life, which is like a blazing white light, and project the fullness of this Life into reality, like an infinite array of color. These three elemental energies transmute the Life in Truth into a stream of living light energy, filling the soul with the living presence of Absolute Truth, the “Spirit of God.” In the flow of this Life Stream, the soul returns to its Source, in the likeness of its Source.

When the soul inwardly perceives Truth’s endless Life through its I AM presence, thus one with its individualized life, it perceives the fullness of Truth or the “face of God” individualized within its very being. Face to face with this luminous inner presence, it recognizes the One Life that IS all and fills all. In this stream of living light energy, the soul’s energetic self begins its metamorphic transition into a Life-giving being.

The mind modulates its Life energy through its inner awareness, energetically coding everything of the self and its sphere of reality according to its construct of self. I AM proclamations encode attributes into energetic patterns or emotional frequencies. This energy flows throughout the nervous system, effecting the energetic quality of the body and its experiential reality. Because this energetic coding and its emotional signature mirror the mind’s concept of “I”, they underscore the soul’s experience of reality. Thus, the mind’s I AM proclamations are manifested throughout its spherical reality.

When the soul is first individualized, the mind lacks the Truth of who “I AM” and how “I” create and accepts it is an “individual in separation”. Therefore, its “I AM” is cloaked with attributes pertaining to separation. The soul experiences a state of being mentally, emotionally and physically separate from perfection, a perfection only known and experienced through the awareness that “I AM” an “individual in Oneness“.

In order for the “I” to know itself as an individualized gate to the fullness of Truth, it had to originate with belief in separation. However, believing itself bound to a state of separation and therefore imperfection, the soul experienced debilitating despondency stemming from a sense of degradation and isolation. Because “I” is the energetic center of an individualized sphere of reality, when the “I” proclaims imperfection, a degraded low frequency flows through its emotion system, giving rise to a corrupted self expression and reality. The soul experiences a continual depletion of life energy which it constantly seeks to replenish. This thirst is used to direct the soul’s awareness into Truth, which leads it into the dimension of Truth’s Oneness.

The soul’s initial response to this debilitating frequency is to bury it under emotional distractions, like self-righteousness, over achieving, fear, anxiety, anger, people pleasing, addictions, religious rituals, moral rigidness, vices, materialism, emotional traumas and dramas, etc. Despite the mind’s efforts to alter this frequency, when it’s governed by free will this low frequency is entangled in its energetic coding, making it a smoldering, silent destroyer to the soul’s self and reality.

However, the soul isn’t without the Truth that holds the assurance of its freedom, for it’s never separate from its Source, despite its original beliefs to the contrary. Through its perfect maturation, the mind is led up the primordial staircase as Truth guides it into the awareness of who “I AM” and how “I” create as a fractal of the universal “I”. When the mind is sufficiently prepared with Truth-filled understanding to convey Truth’s Universal Will, the soul embarks upon a metamorphic energetic transition through which its core vibration is energetically reset, impacting its entire energetic self and reality.

The mind’s Truth-filled understanding forms a triangulated prism of regeneration through which the soul energetically connects to its Source through Divine Trust and its Source responds with Transformative Grace, making Truth’s Universal Will the governing presence within the soul and its sphere of reality. Through this prism flows Truth’s Life stream into the soul disrupting its entire emotion system created by free will.

During this metamorphic transition, the mind goes through an intense, turbulent upheaval as its forlorn spirit is consumed by Truth’s Life Stream. Through this deep inner evolution, because the mind is filled with the Light of understanding, its attention stays upon its true I AM Presence and in divine trust releases all into the Life Stream. Transformative Grace completes its perfect, beautiful and regenerative work, and the soul’s energetic field becomes an unalterable state of equilibrium in the solidarity of Truth’s Universal Will.

As the soul’s frequency is energetically reset, its Life energy returns to its Source and the soul experiences Divine Love. The creative action of Divine Love flows through the soul’s nervous system, which the soul emotionally experiences as an endless fountain of joy. Through the soul, this divine frequency infuses reality, creating reflections of Life’s perfection, and the soul begins to perceive the face of God reflected throughout creation.

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