Living Light

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Vibrations of Living Light (Part II)

Vibrations of Living Light

Synching to Center (Part II)


When the soul vibrates with the divine energy, it shakes open the tomb of the false self and sets the metamorphic divine soul free. As the seven soul elements start to pulse at this higher frequency, they engage in a symphonic dance lifting the soul into a oneness with the divine consciousness, the Spirit of God.

Below are some of the changes the soul goes through within its consciousness as this inflow of this divine energy commences.

Divine Judgment 

Divine Judgment: Our evaluative capacity to manifest perfect cause.

The divine love exchange between the soul and the Creator creates a heightened energetic vibration, which enables the soul to assimilate into a oneness, thus possess the divine energy. This connection forms the root of the soul into the divine consciousness.

Rooted in the divine consciousness, all the soul’s judgments and expressions are determined by the divine consciousness. Divine judgment is like quantum processing versus the self-determined consciousness, which is like binary processing. Instead of the soul growing from the dynamic of cause and effect that is based on self-generated yes and no judgments (1,0), the soul grows by one moment layered upon the next in a perfection-beyond-perfection aptitude. (0 to infinity) In other words, the all-knowing Spirit of God governs the soul from within the soul to construct immortal harmony. Like the growth of a tree, this creates an ever-expanding present moment in perfection.

Divine Time

Divine Time: Our perceptual location in the eternal present.

The increased vibration accelerates the soul’s ability to perceive light (the time it takes for information to be perceived by the soul), thus the soul moves in synch with the present moment. In a lower vibration state, the soul lags behind the present moment from the delay in perception. This confines the soul to a past perspective that creates disharmony. It’s like always receiving essential information a little too late so that you can’t properly respond to a situation. As it perceives according to the true present, not a lagging past, it perceives what it needs to at the right time facilitating the creation of harmony. In this, the soul harmonizes with the rhythmic flow of creation. Creation supports the soul’s creative desires, which are directed by the divine consciousness, and the soul supports creation’s harmonic equanimity.

As a result, instead of living in a past and future mindset, the soul possesses an inherent present-mindedness. The fleeting present opens up into a vast dimension filled with the Spirit of God. In this present state of mind, the soul possesses the “eyes and ears” of the Spirit.

Divine Emotions

Divine Emotions: Our affective expressions of the sensational nuances of love.

With the increased energy, the soul experiences the emotional energy of divine love. Though all the elements work in unison, the emotional center sends out the vibrations of divine love energy through the soul and into creation.

This heightened state creates the varied emotional expressions of wellbeing, peace, joy, tranquility, equanimity, magnanimity, and love. These expressions, which flow from the Source and through the soul, create harmonious energetic patterns that are incorruptible and impenetrable by a lower frequency. This inherent preeminence enables the divine consciousness to expand until it is all in all. This expansion creates an emotional atmosphere of divine love that has a proportional impact on reality; the greater the divine energy the greater the impact, like an ever-brightening lamp.

Divine Desires

Divine Desire: Our creative intention or response of perfection beyond perfection.

With the root of divine love, the soul experiences the fulfillment of its consuming desire; oneness. Out of this oneness, flows every other desire, thus all the soul’s desires are directed by the divine consciousness. The soul is creatively governed in its present moments by these desires. In this, the soul experiences the beauty of individuality, continual growth, and an ever-expanding state of consciousness of a finite eternal being that can abide in a oneness with the infinite consciousness of God.

In this contentment, living trust, which attracted the divine love into the soul, gains a ubiquitous presence. It transitions from an effortful action into a restful state, like the unwavering trust a child. This state of being serves as the creative link for the divine energy, which is flowing from the divine consciousness into the soul, to create an eternally expanding divine reflection through the soul’s desires.

Divine Words

Divine Words: Our cognitive expressions creating living love.

With an increased energy, the vibrational tones of words (spoken and unspoken) resonate according to this energy. Everything is created by energetic relationships or interactions, thus words, a central creative outlet, at this higher frequency manifest a reality reflecting the attributes of divinity. The soul’s words are filled with the Spirit and truth, which reflect the will of God; therefore they manifest his will in creation. At this frequency, they are spirit and they are life.

Divine Perception

Divine Perception: Our level of awareness derived from the Internal Light.

With this inflow of divine energy, the perceptions of the soul alter in various ways including: becoming proportionally accurate to truth and love, becoming lucid and detailed, functioning without the negative impacts of past memories, and operating by the divine conceptual frameworks.

In the self-determined consciousness, the soul’s perceptions are like those of carnival mirrors. The limitations, errors, past pain, and ill judgments of this consciousness distort the soul’s perception. This causes the soul to overreact or under-react to its environment, and to misinterpret itself and reality that creates more error. As the soul’s perception resonates in divine energy, the soul experiences a change in its relative perception as it aligns to divine truth and love. It perceives according to divine love, thus it responds in divine love, which manifests a reality of love.

Second, when the perception lags because of a lower vibration, the soul loses clarity and specificity in its present moment. At a higher vibration that is in synch with the present, the soul receives more information that leads to more lucidity and a mindful awareness in the present moment.

Third, as the soul’s relative perceptions realign to truth, all that the self-determined consciousness created falls away like a dream in the morning light. The memory elucidates wisdom without ill effects. This releases the present moment from negative impacts from past perceptions, so the present can grow in truth and harmony.

Finally, the soul perceives according to divine conceptual frameworks, thus perceiving by the pre-creative dynamics of reality. Everything is created from the conceptual frameworks of the soul’s consciousness. When the soul operates by images, it creates all kinds of error because the images alone are misleading. When it operates by conceptual frameworks, it can function more effectively. It’s comparable to manipulating the code of a computer program, where the image on the screen can be truly transformed, versus moving the images around on the screen, which changes very little. When the conceptual frameworks are divine, the soul creates a divine reflective reality.

Divine Will

Divine Will: Our internal combustion to manifest immortal harmony.

In the increased energy, the soul finds fulfillment because it possesses all it will ever need in its eternal connection to the divine consciousness. In this, the soul experiences rest in movement.

This transition into rest is facilitated by the soul’s childlike nature of being in the present moment in a state of ubiquitous trust as it leaves the formation of its present moments, thus reality, to the Spirit. Its self-directed will is no longer active, thus it only does the will of God. In this restful state, the Spirit manifests its will in the soul to create the kingdom of God through and in the soul’s reality. Thus the soul enters into the kingdom of God from within out. The soul takes the position of a creative witness as it relinquishes the flow of life to the divine will of the Spirit, yet experiences the creation of that life through its desires and expressions.

Divine Photons

In the soul’s reality, this transformative vibrational energy flowing through the seven soul elements manifests divine photons; living light. The divine energy enters the soul moment by moment and creates divine photons, living light. As the living light flows through the soul elements and into the soul’s liquid reality, a reflection of living waters is created, like the light reflecting in water vapor to create a rainbow. Through this process, the soul is cleansed and purified (symbolized in baptism) from the aftermath of its trial through mortality and clothed in divine son-ship of oneness.


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Synching to Center: Part I

Synching to Center

(Part 1)


The divine consciousness consists of divine energy that is generated out of its divine love. This energy is the highest creative vibration of harmony and perfection. High vibrations are created by love. Low vibrations are created by an absence of love, i.e. fear.

As the soul gains the conceptual frameworks of divinity from the Spirit of Truth, this soul state is able to receive and give this divine energy. When this divine love energy enters into the soul, it causes a transformation of the soul’s consciousness into the divine because the divine energy increases the soul’s vibration to be in harmony with its own. With the increased energy, the soul begins to experience various gradual shifts in its consciousness, which I’ll mention in my next post.

It all comes down to love; divine love.

Through the dynamic of divine love, the door of the soul is opened to the open door of divinity as well as open to its reality in the present moment. (Opening the Door) In this ethereal alignment, the divine love energy streams in as a gentle sunrise of an awakening day. The seven soul elements begin to vibrate at a higher velocity that enables the divine constructs they contain to manifest. Thus, they become extensions of the divine consciousness.

The Root of Eternal Life

The core to this connection between the soul and the divine energy of the Creator is the energetic vibration of divine love that is exchanged between the two. All of creation consists of interactive energy patterns that form matter and give shape to all we see. This energetic love connection with the Creator is the core or root of the divine soul state, thus it’s the root to all of creation.

In this symbolic phrase, the root of David, we learn of the quintessential nature of the root of eternal life; a divine love exchange between us and our heavenly Father. David, at his core, was a man after God’s heart. When we become one after God’s heart, we step on the path of enlightenment that leads to this root of eternal life.

We don’t start out in this divine desire for his consuming love, for we don’t know him, or his love. Thus, Jesus Christ instructs us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, for this is the journey into oneness and this instruction serves as our guide. This love is our destination in this mortal realm and our beginning into the heavenly realm. His second instruction to love others as ourselves is the outcome of learning of the divine love of God, and desiring to sincerely love others helps us to learn of the characteristics of this love.

For me this journey into his divine love expediently began fifteen years ago. Through the collision of three factors in our consciousness, my husband and I became empowered to answer the distant call within every heart that beckons the soul to come home into the bosom of the Father; a cataclysmic upheaval of our life as we knew it, the desire for more than what we could do ourselves, and a sincere commitment to seek the truth, thus the essence of God. The Spirit began us on our journey out of the enslavement of the self-determined consciousness and onto the path of enlightenment. Drop-by-drop he filled our souls with the oil of his conceptual frameworks of truth that manifested a sincere love for him, thus a desire to love in all the dynamics of our lives. Because of the limitations of the self-determined consciousness, this awareness of divine love created a hunger and thirst for the substance of divine love, thus its energy through a oneness, which is the only way we could truly love according to the love we had learned.

Out of this soul journey, trust was cultivated in divine love. And this trust is a pivotal factor in connecting to the divine energy. When trust is active in a soul it raises it overall vibration. When trust is anchored in the concepts of divinity it raises it to such a degree that it acts like a magnet to the divine love energy and pulls it into itself. This energetic attraction bridges the infinite chasm separating the realities of the self-determined consciousness and the divine.

All About Love

In this dream-state of the self-determined consciousness, which is an expressed reality that is absent of the substance of divine love, along the path of enlightenment the Spirit of Truth begins constructing a relationship with the soul based on a divine love that far exceeds our self-generated love.

This dream-state serves a multitude of purposes that revolve around the creation of a divine love between the Creator and the soul. This exchange of love is the cornerstone to the ultimate love story, because it affects every other relationship. As the soul seeks the Creator in truth and spirit, beyond images and the soul itself yet from within itself, it begins to develop a connection to God’s heart based on His characteristics, not what he does for the soul, thus a sincere love. Divine love is unconditional. God loves unconditionally and as it’s his love that the soul returns back to him, the soul comes to love him unconditionally.

It’s through the soul journey down the narrow path of enlightenment that this type of love is shaped within the soul that it may form this energetic connection. Through this experience the soul comes to know the Creator as he is and it begins to fall in love with who he is and not what he does for the soul, thus without condition. To formulate this love so that the soul returns to him the substance of divine love as it receives it from him, it forms a relationship in the absence of the substance. The substance of divine love creates abundant abundance, which can shadow the love that manifests that abundance. In addition, in a soul state of imperfection, the soul learns of the many characteristics of love that it couldn’t otherwise like mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, and longsuffering. Thus in the absence of its substance, the soul gains an awareness of the nature of divine love.

When this energetic love connection matures to a point where it becomes an integral part of the soul’s foundation, the exchange of divine love begins to manifest between the soul and the Creator. This dynamic usurps the root of the self-determined consciousness that was crafted out of an absence of the substance of divine love, and begins to birth a divine soul of a Christ-like reflection.

So, it’s through love that the soul’s transformation begins, for love is its fundamental expression that is ubiquitous to every other expression.

As this divine connection begins to vibrate as one, it causes the soul elements to vibrate at a higher velocity that causes the soul to experience a change of consciousness; a change that results in a Christ-like consciousness, in which God and his creation function as one. So, the soul speaks as the Spirit speaks, it does as the Spirit does, and it only does the will of God, all as Christ Jesus demonstrated.

What once was an endless black hole spewing depravity into the soul now becomes the eternal open door to the divinity of God; the root of David. This door opens to the infinite limitless divine potentials of the divine consciousness to be expressed through the human divine soul. It’s the eternal morning star at the core of the soul governing all that the soul expresses through its individuality. As its light shines, the soul is awakened and all the shadows of darkness fade away.

In divine love energy, the consciousness of the soul is raised, thus the soul becomes more loving until it is synched with the divine love energy. When this energy has consumed the human soul, all suffering is extinguished because the low vibrations that created disharmony and fear no longer exist. The soul’s consciousness becomes one with the divine consciousness.




A Prayer of Oneness

A Prayer of Oneness


To our eternal Father, Source and Creator,

By transformative grace and in the likeness (name) of your Son,

  1. Let the “root of David” be our root, the root for all. (Judgment)
  2. Let us abide in the present moment with you. (Time)
  3. Let your divine love energy be the vibration of our mind-bodies. (Emotion)
  4. Let us be fully one; no more illusions. (Desire)
  5. Let us be a reflection of you and cast that reflection. (Words)
  6. Let us perceive by your conceptual frameworks and no longer by images. (Perception)
  7. Let us rest in this present moment as your creative witnesses. (Will)

Let it be done as you’ve given, revealed and taught.

 And whatever you ask in my name; that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13

If you abide in Me and My words abide in you; you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you. John 15:7 

What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I Corinthians 14:15 

In prayer, the circle of revelation is completed.


From January 21, 2015, Dream Weaver


I wrote this a year ago and it was fitting for this day and this post.

Woven into the fabric of my soul is the dream for all of creation to abide in immortal harmony, which is created by the governance of divine love.

The human soul suffers for a lack of divine love, thus all of creation suffers. This divine love is always present as a guide and counselor to our weary souls. But to BE this love, its likeness, it expression, and its very substance isn’t easily manifested, for it comes in unison with divine will (perfect judgment), which requires a relinquishing and nullifying of our self-driven “free”-will.

I long for all of us to be of divine love’s likeness; souls of divinity and not souls of depravity. And for me this hope lives for this realm, not for or only for the hereafter. I understand some of the essential reasons for our soul’s journey through this land of illusions in the shadows of death, but that doesn’t diminish my hope and pursuit of what this love promises for and to the human soul.

Divine love draws me continually closer to it, and gives me hope that its workings will accomplish what it set out to do. It will not fail. So, I keep preserving and persisting into the hope that has been knit into my soul’s perceptions; perceptions that have become more real to me than the reality I face each day.

To BE this love of divinity is the true freedom of the human soul, thus for all of creation.


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The Living Present Moment

Moving into the

Living Present Moment


As the consciousness shifts from being self-directed to the divine, the soul moves into the present moment; its new inventive space where it’s a creative witness to the Spirit of God.

Moment by moment like drops of water, our consciousness creates our reality. The past consists of a myriad of reflections of those accumulated drops, and our interpretations of those past reflections determine our future drops. Full of error, the self-determined consciousness creates muddled and disharmonious pools of water that are brimming with heartache, suffering, afflictions and pain. Bound in this destructive creation cycle, the soul continues to manifest error, thus suffering.

Governed by divine love and absolute truth, the divine consciousness creates harmonious drops that create eternal and ever-expanding joy, peace, rest, wisdom, and love. Each drop of this consciousness that is released into the present moment is in harmony with all the others because these drops are divinely governed from within. An ever-growing expression of a divine soul emerges as one moment perfectly supports all other moments. This dynamic creates the living and ever-expanding present moment.

As the soul learns from the Spirit of Truth, it begins to gain harmonious conceptual frameworks from the truth he imparts. So, within the soul’s experience of the dark disharmonious and chaotic waters of the self-determined consciousness, a harmonious bubble of truth methodically forms as a divine soul structure. The soul’s present moment is not only filled with its disharmonious waters, but also it’s pregnant with the conceptual frameworks of truth that are waiting for the breath of life of the divine consciousness to become active in the soul’s experiential reality.

When the necessary conceptual frameworks are gained so that this inner part of the soul can unite to the divine consciousness, then by transformative grace the Spirit fills the conceptual frameworks and brings the divine soul into the light as it manifests the light from within the soul. The light is created moment-by-moment as the drops of divine consciousness create a reality reflecting the Spirit of God. It’s the ever expanding living present moment. Like the rising sun, each moment layers upon the next in perfect harmony with all other moments, so that the present possesses an eternal living nature allowing it to become increasingly more glorious. In any one moment, the interwoven perfection of all the moments is seen. In this, the soul takes on an immortal reflection. The soul ascends to abide in the present moment where the Spirit of God dwells.

The Present Moment

The present moment is fleeting to the self-determined consciousness that is confined to mindsets dictated by the past and its future. But to the divine consciousness it is home.

As the soul begins to transform into a divine consciousness, so that the bubble of truth becomes filled with the Spirit of Divinity, it begins to enter into the present moment through shifts of awareness in its consciousness. The present that was always fleeting begins to open up and become the space in which the soul dwells, because it’s where the Spirit of God dwells.

The past is memory and the future is imagination. The only real moment is the present moment. This is the space where the Spirit of God encounters his created reality as his Spirit streams through the soul. Yet, in the self-determined consciousness this moment is ungraspable. It’s impossible for the soul to fully live in it, thus in oneness with the presence of God. However, with the divine consciousness that creates harmony between every moment, the present opens up to be a moment where the soul can abide with the Spirit of God.

Opening of the Present Moment

When the present moment opens as a dwelling place for the soul, the Spirit of God enters into the soul’s expressive reality. As the Spirit is divine love, the soul experiences divine love flooding into its essence, and out toward all of creation in one continuous movement; a love with the ability to end all suffering. These fluid and cohesive droplets of the divine consciousness begin to manifest reflections of the Spirit of God in reality. Thus the soul begins to experience living present moments, which create the eternal light.

There are various transformative conceptual frameworks at work within the consciousness as it shifts into the divine consciousness. The constructs below enable the quality of present-mindedness of the divine consciousness to exist within the soul, thus for the soul to exist in the present moment.

  1. Divine Forgiveness. Divine forgiveness is a characteristic of divine love that enables this love to always extend itself in its fullness when emotional pain, thus separation, has occurred, as if the pain never occurred. The grace that flows in this love produces a supernatural release of all pain so the soul can receive and give love as if that pain never existed. Thus, in the present moment the soul can divinely love in all wisdom. Emotional pain is manifested from the soul lacking divine love and truth. When the soul is full of divine love, then that pain can no longer be created. This forgiveness is the active ingredient of love that severs the negative affects of the past upon the present and makes it a non-active ingredient of the divine soul, which is essential in creating a harmonious present moment.
  1. Memories Refashioned. Related to divine forgiveness is the past being reframed by the divine consciousness so that instead of having a negative impact on the present, it has a positive. When the divine consciousness begins to take over a soul, all the soul’s past experiences are reframed and perceived from the framework of divine love and eternity, which is facilitated by the understandings mentioned in the previous post. This reframing enables harmony to be constructed within the present moment.
  1. Cycle of Restitution. As the soul fully desires to divinely love all creation at all times, its inward desires align to the will of God, thus to the divine consciousness. In desiring to live in this pure love, the soul realizes it can’t in its current state of consciousness, thus recognizes it can never be “good”. Recognizing this inability to receive and give divine love and yet desiring to, the soul is led to the door of the kingdom of God within its soul; the internal divine governance. The soul releases its willful drive of the self-determined mind, which enables its transition into the present moment where it’s divinely governed and all is restored and renewed. (True Repentance)
  1. Cultivated Trust. Reliance on the Spirit of Truth is cultivated along the path of enlightenment, which puts the soul in a state of being spirit-reliant versus self-reliant. For a soul to shift to the living present moment, it relinquishes all its expectations and ambitions of self-determination. Instead, the soul trusts in the workings of the Spirit of Truth to manifest its divine desires in its reality through the perfect orchestration of one present moment harmoniously supporting all others. This depth and level of trust manifests an immortal harmony that the soul can’t create on its own and that is necessary to fully abide in the present moment.
  1. Divine Governance. When the soul is governed by the divine consciousness, it’s governed from within by the divine attributes of the Sprit of God, which flow from the soul’s point of origin. These attributes dictate and motivate the soul’s decisions moment by moment. In this, the soul willingly releases all control and its various emotional tools it utilized to sedate the fear, pain and emotional imbalances, and moves into the fluid restorative movement of the present. Through this internal governance the soul resides in mindful awareness in the present moment, which enables it to harmoniously expand, versus remaining in the endless cycle of an erroneous past and its future manifestations.

As the divine consciousness fills the pregnant present moment containing the conceptual frameworks of truth within the soul, these five transformative understandings move the soul into the present moment to embrace a oneness with the Spirit of God. This metamorphosis of consciousness manifests the soul into an eternal finite being. So that even though at any given moment the soul is finite; at the same time it is eternally expanding and growing. In this formation, the Spirit of God, who is infinite, is able to abide within his creation in a beautiful harmonious oneness.

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Reinventing You

Reinventing You


Transformative Understanding


“The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” ~ John 6:63

When we receive the words of the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Christ, our soul becomes assimilated to that Spirit, the essence of eternal life. Words of this nature are the creative power of God acting upon creation. When received into the soul in spirit and truth, then the soul is transformed into the immortal spirit that those words reflect.

Intertwining conceptual frameworks initiate a shift of consciousness. When the Spirit of Truth constructs frameworks of immortality within the soul through his words to the soul, they lead to a shift from the self-determined consciousness to the divine consciousness. In this, the human disguise of the false self falls away and the divine self is revealed.

The Awakening Soul

As the soul’s perceptions begin to fill with greater intensities of awareness (light) bringing deeper revelations, the soul awakens from the dream of the self-determined consciousness and into the reality of its divine soul state.

During this awakening, the conceptual frameworks of the Spirit of Truth that the soul gained throughout its soul journey reenter its awareness in new depths of understanding that carry a regenerative power; transformative grace. Conceptual frameworks including: inherent divinity, impermanence, oneness, transcendent weaknesses, perfect cause, and eternal present mindedness.

By this grace, the soul’s state of consciousness is altered and forms an eternal integration into the divine consciousness. The false self falls away and the divine self emerges.

Inherent Divinity

As the soul awakens, it perceives the divinity it has always possessed. In the final stages of the soul’s dream state, it enters into the deepest darkness of its eternal pit created by the self-directed consciousness. Here the Spirit of Truth speaks words of life to the soul, and the pit begins to fade as the soul sees it was only an illusion of the self-directed consciousness. In this moment, the soul knows it was always divine for it was always connected to the Spirit of God.

There is no separation in divine love. It’s one of its glorious defining attributes. Thus, the soul, no matter its state, is always connected to the Creator, because of his attribute of divine love, like a child in its mother’s womb. The child came from her and always was a part of her even though his beginnings were an experience of darkness and perceived separation (for in actuality she completely enfolded him). Thus, in a heightened awareness, the soul perceives it was always a divine soul. Only its perception was darkened, for a moment in eternity, to learn what it couldn’t in the light; the attributes, power, depth, and vastness of divine love. In this transformative understanding, all the soul experienced that was created by the self-determined consciousness fades like a passing shadow as the eternal light of divinity awakens it from its laborious sleep.


Another transitional understanding the soul experiences is the inherent impermanence in all things, including death. Only one constant remains, which ironically the soul lacks in its self-expression until it’s born into the light, the divine love it is created in and will forever grow by.

The soul realizes all it experienced was a string of temporary experiences, created by its own soul state, to bring enlightenment; the necessary instruction to become a fully functioning divine soul. Only its belief in permanence made those faulty characteristics a part of its being. This conceptual framework enables the soul to let go and release all that was created by the self-determined consciousness. The fears, shame, dishonor, pain, suffering, selfishness, jealousies, suppression, affliction, sadness, anger, heartache, and tears are bathed in the righteous reign (rain) flowing from its center, now openly connected to the Divine, the Creator. The soul is cleansed from its blood stained garments (as in childbirth), and the divine soul manifested by the workmanship of the Spirit of Truth is revealed.


In the dawning light, the soul perceives a oneness that has always been there between itself, its reality and others. Separation was only an illusion created by the errors of the self-determined mind. Nothing is fixed or static, thus separate, but all is a continuous fluid movement governed by the dynamics of the soul and its consciousness. The soul begins to know its reality as an experience of energy flowing in a continuous interactive whole that constantly creates the inner and outer experiences of the soul. In this, the disharmonious energy of the soul and thus in the soul’s reality is reoriented into the crystalline perfection of the divine energy, which brings healing and regeneration to the soul thus to its reflective reality.

In oneness, every element serves its opposite. The darkness serves the eternal light. The blindness serves the eternal awakening. The weaknesses serve the eternal strengths. The separation serves the eternal oneness. The suffering serves the eternal love. There is no longer this or that, but an energetic interplay manifesting eternal oneness. There is only divine energy, and its opposite is but an illusion that is bound to a dream state to facilitate the formation of the developing soul.

When two “opposing” elements collide within the consciousness, they form the energy of divinity. The temporary serves the eternal as it was created by the eternal to serve its creative purposes. In the soul’s transformation the eternal quality consumes the temporary one and births an eternal individualized soul.

Transcendent Weaknesses

As the light fills the soul’s perceptions, the soul perceives that all its weaknesses are now the greatest strengths of its unique individuality. Its most challenging faults were related to its particular purpose predestined by the Creator. The frailties and struggles trained and prepared the soul to become what it is to be.

Out of the struggles with weaknesses came the ability to be a conduit of the power of God. They created the necessary sincere humility that is forever incorruptible, deep dependence on the power of the Creator versus the individualized soul, and eternal gratitude, for the soul inherently knows without oneness, it can do nothing … truly good, thus it can’t fulfill its purposes. Seeing the perfection of its weaknesses, the soul sheds them along with the false self and gains the power of the Spirit as a divine soul.

Perfect Cause

As the light highlights the soul’s journey, the soul perceives that the Creator sovereignly governed every detail of its existence, even when it was in the inescapable binds of self-determination. Perfect cause was always in play, as the Creator is always sovereign. In this perfect cause, the perceptions of the past and future are brought into a harmonious eternal present and liberated in the soul’s perception as a perfect orchestration from beginning to end.

Though the soul lived in error, the error was purposeful and meaningful. It was serving a divine purpose that couldn’t have been accomplished with out it. The soul experiences reconciliation and closure with all it experienced, which enables a release of all it once was that was counter to divinity.

Eternal Present Mindedness

Liberated from the womb of governance of the self-directing consciousness, only the present moment exists for the soul as everything is pulled into the eternal present through its learned trust. In this, its new reflection commences. The present moment is the new creative space by which the soul begins to exist through total trust in the divine rhythmic governance of the divine consciousness. In the present moment, all its expectations are set aside and the soul sits as a creative witness to the creations of the Spirit of God through its being. Moment upon moment brings everything into perfect alignment and harmony.

The limitlessness, present-mindedness, and holistic nature of the divine consciousness enable the soul to fully abide in these transformative understandings instead of passing in and out of awareness of them, which it does in the self-determined state. In these understandings, gratitude for every twist and turn of the journey in the darkened womb fills the soul, for this trying experience enabled it to be of the divine love in all its characteristics. It’s a divine gratitude to the Creator for his perfect orchestration, governance of all things in serving the highest good, and his perfect cause in error as well as in righteousness.

Happy New Year.